he stuttered his words


Hey love your blog!! Could you please do a Kai imagine with him being all sweet and cute while trying to apologise to you (like he did to bonbon) you can choose why. And he gets all nervous and starts stuttering and tripping on his words. Thank you so much xxxx

The heat of the oven engulfed you as you bent over to retrieve the brownies. You nodded to the music that was currently playing in the background as you stuck a toothpick into the chocolaty goodness, checking it. They were perfect.

“Stress baking?” 

“Jesus!” You cursed, jumping in the air to see the one and only Kai Parker standing in your kitchen. His shoulders were somewhat tense, hands shoved into his pockets lazily. “What do you want Parker?” 

“I wanna say sorry.” You remained silent, stirring the mixture for the next batch of brownies. “I was an ass, okay?” Kai couldn’t take you not even looking at him. He had messed up and he knew it, he felt horrible. 

“You pushed me away.” You said, turning to face him. 

“I…I was scared. Okay, Y/N, I was scared? You… I don’t know. Dammit.” He fumbled, nervously rocking on the heels of his feet. “You mean so much to me and I was scared because I thought you would hurt me, so I hurt you before you could do that.”

“That makes no sense Kai, I love you. And I’m always there for you. I would never intentionally hurt you.”

Kai took two long strides towards you. “…I’m s-sorry, okay? I’m so sorry.” You grinned up at him, taking his hand. Kai gripped onto your hand, he wasn’t going to let you slip through his fingers again. “Will you forgive me? Please forgive me…” He rested his head on top of yours. 

“I forgive you.” You whispered as he began rocking the two of you side to side. 

Kai exhaled softly. “Feelings are hard.” You nodded in agreement. “Hey Y/N?”


“Can I have a brownie now?”

Dating Remus Lupin would include:
  •          The Marauders pushing him to ask you out.
  •          Him being all shy when he does.
  •          His cheeks all rosy as he stuttered the words out.
  •          Him being surprised when you say yes.
  •          Cute little dates.
  •          “C-can I kiss you?” “Of course you can”
  •          “did he just ask her if he could kiss her?” “Yup” “Unbelievable Prongs”
  •          The Marauders being like brothers for you.
  •          Spending evenings in The common room with hot chocolate.
  •          Lots of kisses
  •          Stealing his jumpers, that were way too big on you.
  •          Remus being very cuddly.
  •          You finding out that he’s a werewolf after 2 months of dating.
  •          “I’m a monster” “Oh please, Remus, don’t be so bloody stupid”
  •          Helping him after every full moon.
  •          Cute nicknames for each other.
  •          James and Sirius calling you ‘Mrs. Lupin’
  •          Teaching him about Muggles and Muggle habits.
  •          Him being all scared when he meets your parents.
  •          You meeting his parents.
  •          Them immediately loving you.
  •          Having small little arguments, but never something big.
  •         Except that one time.
  •          “HE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!”
  •          “oh …”
  •          Planning on moving in together after Hogwarts.
  •         “where could we live?” “a chocolate house” “Remus …” “what? We’re wizards, I’m pretty sure we could do that if we want”.        
  •         Him actually thinking he could live in a chocolate house.
  •         You saying nothing to him cause he looks so happy with his thought of an actual chocolate house.
  •          Remus finally feeling loved and accepted for who he is.

Eddie becoming slightly nervous and panicked when asked whether or not he found you to be attractive and possible girlfriend material with you sitting right next to him during an interview. His face flushing, turning all different shades of red, with a slight terror-stricken expression. Stuttering and tripping over his words because truthfully he found you to be exquisitely beautiful and more than girlfriend material. 


when yoongi found out jin’s mission (trans)

Her Finding Out He’s in the Mafia and Him Finding Out She’s an Assassin: BTS


He would think that his life was a lie, stuttering incomprehensible words as you took out your gun from under your vest. He couldn’t believe that you’d react so calmly to him coming out with what he does, but was struck absolutely speechless when you pulled out your own dark card.


His trust would be shattered and you’d have to be very, very careful of what you do, or say, next since he might just go ahead and explode in anger and frustration at being lied to. Unlike you who said that you worked in a normal office, YoonGi had always hinted to his own occupation.


He would pretend to be surprised by what you said, though when you turned away and continued on with your speech, he was smirking, nodding to himself to again confirm his gained knowledge. 

HoSeok was a careful man, so he knew about your occupation even before you two begun to date.

Rap Monster:

He. Would not. Be. Happy. Not at all. As the leader of his group, he had always needed to be on top of everything, knowing about everything, you included. He’d be so angry, but also feel so stupid and betrayed that he might ask to take a small break between you two.


He wouldn’t make it as obvious, since he still loved you a lot, but it was his top priority ti look up your actual background now that he knew your code name. While looking for your information, he would try and keep distance between you two.


He thought that he already knew everything about you, so that’s why he wanted to share with you his own `occupation`. However, after hearing your shocking words, his little world of pink and unicorns would shatter, leaving him in pure bewilderment.


Confused? Yeah. But more than that he would feel relief because:

1) You won’t leave him and that’s a 100% worth of fact;

2) You weren’t after his ass, so that meant that he wouldn’t need to hurt you.


Imagine Sam waiting for your reply to a text

4 hours.

4 long, daunting hours Sam had been waiting for your text.

He knew asking you out by text was risky, that for once he should have taken Dean’s advice; “grown a pair” and asked you face to face. But what if he messed it up? Choked on his words and stuttered his question? No, this way was much easier.

Only now here he was, finger fiddling with his phone and beyond anxious. What if you said no- worse, what if you didn’t reply at all? Would it ruin your friendship? Would you stop speaking to him all together?

He thought he’d read all the signs right. The subtle hints of flirting, the hugs that lasted a little longer, you even laughed at all his jokes. So why was it taking so long?

He was about to give up all hope, throwing his mobile down on the table and turning his back on it. And that’s when it vibrated, the sound making Sam move faster than he ever had before.

He laughed out loud once he’d scanned your reply, his smile growing.

“Sorry got caught up in a hunt but about damn time Winchester! Pick me up tomorrow at 7 x”

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Will You Marry Me? Dean Winchester - Day 1 of 25 days of Christmas ☆

I didn’t forget! It’s the first of December and so here is your first Christmas imagine! This was requested by anon :)


Dean had been on edge lately, stuttering and falling over his words whenever he saw me which was strange because he is usually most comfortable with me. It all started with Christmas decorations, we had been messing with the tree decorations and I picked up a tiny decorative wreath and put my ring finger through it and wiggled it near Dean, all he could do was push out a fake laugh and carry on with the lights.

I had just shrugged it off, ignoring it but then Dean started acting even stranger. Every time I walked into a room, he’d hush his conversation with Sam or Cas and then leave the room. I started to think that maybe my attempt at a joke a couple of days ago had gone wrong and instead of making him laugh, I made him want to run.

Christmas day was finally here and I got up early in an attempt to make a christmas dinner, my voice carried through the hallways, singing familiar christmas songs. I was just about to put the turkey in the oven when Dean’s hands laced around my body. I jumped slightly at the contact but calmed when he kissed my cheek. “Smells good, baby.” He said, his normal demeanour back. I smiled, glad that he was done with the strange behaviour.
“And it will smell even better when I actually cook it, Deano.” We laughed at each other, coming together in a hug and dancing stupidly around the kitchen.

“Never did I think I’d see this…” Sam said cockily from the doorframe. We looked at his towering figure and smiled.

“Come on, Sammy, we all know you love watching us look like idiots!” Dean said in his gruff voice.

“That I do, ‘Deano’.” He smirked and winked as Dean turned a shade of red.

“Yeah well at least I got a girl to give me nicknames…” He muttered under his breath like a child. He slapped Sam on the back of the head and he walked passed and then giving you a kiss he announced he had to go somewhere.

“What do you mean you have to go somewhere? It’s Christmas!” I said, the sadness evident in my voice.

Sam looked towards me and then to Dean, “He.. uh he has to pick up Cas!” He stuttered quickly. Dean nodding in approval.

“Oh…Okay then, I guess I’ll see you later.” I said deflated, turning back to the oven.

2 hours passed when Dean made his way though the door again, though Cas was no where to be seen. “Honey, I’m home!” He shouted in the most American way possible. I smiled fakely his way and carried on setting the table. Dean’s smile faltered as he nervously played with the ring box in his pocket. “You okay, baby?” He asked, concern in his voice, “This looks amazing!” He said, eyes wide with the anticipation of eating what you had made.

“Where’s Cas, Dean?” You asked, putting the plates down.

He looked confused, “Cas? -Oh…” his eyes widened once more.

“He’s in the kitchen. He had no idea you were ‘picking him up’ though.” I said, tears welling in my eyes. Dean noticed and rushed towards you,

“Baby no, don’t cry, this is your special day… this was supposed to be your happy day.” He said, wiping my eyes. I frowned,
“Where were you Dean?” I said, tired and upset.
“I-i…” He said, looking for an excuse before he finally closed his eyes and let out a quick breath. “I was out getting this…” He began to kneel down on the floor as he produced the little velvet box from his pocket.

“The truth is Y/N is that I love you so damn much. You’re my world, my whole world and I know you’ve dreamed of getting married for the longest time and well I thought that it would only be right to do it on your favourite day of the year and I know this didn’t exactly go to plan but… Will you marry me?” Dean finished, opening the little box to reveal a beautiful engagement ring. I paused, shock reigned over me until I saw his beautiful green eyes look to me for reassurance. With my mouth open I nodded fiercely, crying for an entirely different reason now.

“I thought I’d scared you off!” I cried, looking up from the ring that he’d placed carefully onto my finger.

“Wha-?! God no, never. I just had to keep it a secret.“  He said, his eyes crinkling into a smile. I brought his face closer and pulled him into a kiss, only breaking away when the cheers of Sam and Cas became obvious.

"Picking Cas up my ass…” I scoffed.
And they lived happily ever after.
Lol jks they’re hunters. They’ll die in a bloody, painful way. But it’s okay cause at least they’ll be together! Thanks for reading kiddos *finger guns*

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He looked up and there she was, on the other side of the room, mingling with other wedding guests, not far from Mrs. Hudson’s and Molly’s table.

She turned and gave him that enigmatic half-smile, and immediately – without consent from his brain – his heart began to pound.

His words stuttered as he finally approached the end of his best man’s speech, and his fumble caused him to reveal his unexpected deduction about Mary. He hurriedly covered his mistake by urging the guests to dance, finally bringing his speech to an end (hours after he had started its delivery, but well, public speaking tended to be second priority when there were murderous photographers to be dealt with).

He looked up again, trying to see her figure in the crowd, but she was nowhere to be seen. In the meantime, John and Mary were looking at him in confusion, and he knew that unlike the other guests, he would have to explain his little slip-up to them.

“All the signs are there… The signs of three.”

He watched as the expressions on his two friends’ faces ranged from shock to acceptance and finally to joy. And as John clapped him on the shoulder with a broad smile on his face and Mary beamed at him through shocked tears, he was momentarily distracted from the appearance of the Woman by the unexpected wave of emotion that swept through him as they stood in that little circle of three – well, four, if you counted the bundle of cells currently gestating in Mary’s uterus - in the middle of the dance floor.

It was a curious mixture of sadness mixed with happiness at the same time, melancholy and euphoria blending together. A sense of… belonging. He belonged to John and Mary, and they belonged to him.

How unfortunate that this feeling should come in this hour when he must surrender them to their domestic bliss. And yet, how fitting.

How very fitting for Sherlock Holmes.

Because even though he belonged to them, he was still apart from them. Sherlock Holmes was still a man like no other, and no matter how well he fit in with John and Mary, they were still different enough from him to almost be an entirely separate species.

In the end, there was really only one other person he could think of who was truly like him.

He searched for her in the crowd, but unsurprisingly, she was nowhere to be found. He donned his coat and walked out into the night.

He found her at the train station, standing with her back against him. She had been careful to avoid the cameras, but from this angle, she would be visible if she turned and so would he if he faced her. So he contented himself with standing behind her as they waited for the train to arrive.

“Who leaves a wedding early?”

He was careful not to stand too close. He couldn’t see her face, but he knew she was smiling. She didn’t turn to face him, but he could hear the smile in her voice 

“The best man, apparently.” She spoke in barely a murmur, but the languid tone of her voice – heard only in his mind palace for far too long – slid smoothly over him like silk. “Excellent speech, by the way. Trust Sherlock Holmes to solve an attempted murder in the middle of a wedding toast.”

“Well, I didn’t want to disappoint you.” He couldn’t help it. He leaned closer and inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of her perfume. Her neck arched slightly in response to his proximity. “It is the new sexy, after all.”

The cut of her dress kept her shoulders bare and her hairstyle, which he suspected she had planned specifically to tease him, exposed the long column of her neck to him. He was tempted to brush away the strands of hair that had escaped the knot and trace the curve of her neck and shoulders. He curled his hands into fists in his pockets to prevent them from acting on that particular impulse.

Too long. Far too long.

She was thinking the same thing, he could tell. Her breathing rate had increased slightly, and he didn’t have to take her pulse to know it was elevated, or see her face to know that her pupils were dilated.

“How long do we have?”

He huffed in impatience as the train began to slow to a stop in front of them.”John and Mary won’t miss me, but Mycroft will suspect. A day and a half. Two days at the most.”

The doors opened and they parted. She walked in casually, just another passenger. He followed, careful to keep distance between them, and the train began to fill.

He entered his compartment and had barely closed the door when she was on him and he found himself pushed against the wall. Her smile was wicked as she tugged off his Belstaff. 

“We’d better make it count then.”


By SorrowsFlower

Back when things weren’t fucked up.

Because I still believe that Irene was at the wedding. In my Irene and Mary as sisters AU, she went because she promised Mary long ago when they were kids that she would be at her wedding (‘cause Mary was that kind of little girl then, but Irene, unsurprisingly, wasn’t).

Also, because I frickin’ need Adlock!!!!!!!!!


His eyes never left you body. He couldn’t help himself, he was just so nervous around you. He would stutter, stumble upon his words, trip and fall on his feet and so on. What he didn’t know was that you found him and his nervous behaviour super adorable and you eventually fell for the clumsy wizard.

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Got7: Dating Youngjae

• You guys were probably playing with Coco when he asked you out
• Him getting really nervous and stuttering over his words to ask you out
• Cute little kisses on the cheek
• After your first kiss he just keeps kissing you bc he can’t resist
• Falling in love with his morning voice
• Asking to make his laugh your ringtone
• Constantly holding hands
• Like all the time y'all
• Helping him learn English (or learning English w/ him depending on your first language)
• Running your hands through his hair
• Him singing super loud to annoy you
• Walking Coco as an excuse to be by yourselves
• Fawning over Coco together
• Lots of nuzzling into shoulders
• Him getting really excited whenever you sing
• You running your hands through his hair
• Taking selcas together
• Nose kisses
• Counting his moles and freckles

Better Creatures (Ginny/Mike, NC-17)

Late night, last minute fic for Bawson Sinning Sundays! Forgive me, I was driving today.

Things are, well…awkward seems like too weak a word.

Tense as fuck. Earth-shifting. Walking on crates of dynamite while juggling lit torches.

Mike’s not sure how to deal with the fallout of their near-kiss, so he shuts down. He avoids unnecessary eye contact or small talk with Ginny, stops calling or checking in with her. It’s too much. Everything is too much to handle and there’s an instinct in him to protect them both.

He spends a lot of time thinking about the almosts and the maybes. He’s kept awake by the coulda, woulda, shouldas. If he had turned his phone off or ignored her plea to answer it when Oscar called. If he hadn’t stumbled and stuttered over his words before cracking a joke to lighten the mood. If he hadn’t waited for her to take the lead.

If he hadn’t called her out to the bar at all, and they wouldn’t be in this goddamn mess.

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Sebastian Aho #1

Requested by Anon: Hello! Could you write something about Sebastian Aho being v v shy and he has a major crush on the reader so he seeks help from some teammates and he tries to flirt and he kinda stumbles over his words and stutters and gets v embarrassed except the reader finds it adorable

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1819

Author’s Notes: Sorry this took so long to get up! I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed writing it so I hope you do too! <3

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The end of the season party was just kicking off. You were lucky that throughout the year you became close friends with all the families and girlfriends of the Carolina Hurricanes team. That’s why you were invited to this celebration. One of your close friends Chloe (who just happened to be dating Justin Faulk) was standing next to you making conversation. You weren’t really paying attention because a certain young Finnish player wearing a suit and tie walked in. “So what do you think?” Chloe asked. You turned to her and gave her a quizzical look, “Umm sorry what?” you tried to cover yourself. She just looked at you and laughed, “You heard nothing I just said, did you.” You sheepishly shook your head. “I’m sorry, I just got distracted,” you lamely defended yourself. Once again Chloe rolled her eyes at you, “You got distracted because you’ve been staring at the door for the past ten minutes waiting for Sebe to walk in,” she said as she looked over at the door and saw him, “ahhh and so he has arrived. When are you going to make a move?” She questioned you. 

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VIXX: dating Hongbin would include

▪ aw this cutie pie

 ▪ lots of shy glances from across the room 

▪ esp when you know he likes you but neither of you will do anything about it 

▪ except stare at each other while one isn’t looking, and hoping the other would say something

 ▪ you’d probably find out that he likes you from someone else cough cough Hyuk cough 

 ▪ (he would get beat up by Binnie ofc but it’s all worth it bc none of the members can stand the obvious tension between you two) 

▪ him stuttering over his words as he apologizes for that imbecile’s behavior, but he’d let you know that he really liked you for a long time

 ▪ always thinking of you while shopping and making sure to bring you back something from his travels 

▪ won’t be able to sleep if you’re not next to him, so Skype and FaceTime calls are vital to both of you 

▪ sends you random videos of Ravi or Hyuk doing ‘magic tricks’ as he’s laughing behind the camera 

 ▪ also telling you to check out their new dance routine… and he doesn’t know whether to blush or smirk as he sees you drooling over his sweaty body and heavy breathing 

 ▪ he does the latter, and pulls you into him while making sly remarks 

 ▪ “if you wanted to see me all sweaty and out of breath, you could’ve just asked" 

▪ but he’ll probably blush after bc he’s never this forward or flirtatious 

 ▪ you taking his offer, tho, and let’s just say neither of you are allowed to be in the dorms together anymore

 ▪ it’s ok bc anywhere with you is his favorite place

 ▪ dates with him are always spontaneous and never planned but super duper romantic 

 ▪ trips to the ice cream shop to get treats for the other members ends up with both of you eating all of it and hiding from their wrath 

 ▪ everyone picking on yall bc they’ve never seen a couple more perfect for each other 

 ▪ seeing you in his sweaters will make him melt and he’d be left with no choice but to cover your face with kisses 

▪ honestly so oblivious when someone hits on him. It’s when you grab his arm or become more touchy that he realizes something is off 

▪ won’t even tease you about it or care about the other person, he just loves the fact that you love him enough to get protective 

 ▪ loves to feel your body pressed to his when you’re in crowded places, he knows you get anxious and cling to him sometimes

 ▪ back hugs from Hongbin are the mf best 

 ▪ wraps you up completely in his big arms and presses his face against your neck 

▪ he’ll then proceed to pick you up and sit you down on his lap while watching movies 

 ▪ him always waking you up with gentle kisses “wake up, beautiful" 

▪ I can see him being handsy and touching you everywhere during make out times 

 ▪ but he’s so patient and takes his time with you, never doing anything that you’re hesitant to 

 ▪ so supportive of you and loves it when you support him through everything

 ▪ good luck kisses are his favorite kind of kisses 

▪ loves showing you off and honestly doesn’t care when other people compliment you or flirt with you, he knows you’re all his

 ▪ basically the definition of soul mates 💝

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It’s starting to get ridiculous, he’s ridiculous when he’s around her. Stuttering words and always the slight blush on his cheeks when he wants to talk to her.
He already asked Maggie and Glenn for advice what was almost as embarrassing as talking to her.

Speak with her… ask her over for dinner or play some video games together… try to find out if she likes you.”

Easier said than done.
In the past few days he even start to avoid it to look at her. She noticed it.
Of course she did and tried to speak with him and he became the master of hiding.
Ridiculous, like he said.

The face nearly hidden behind his father’s hat he goes back to their house. Carol, who just comes out of there, pats him on the shoulder with a little smile on the shoulder. He has no time to wonder as he walks inside and sees her, sitting on the kitchen table together with Michonne.
Michonne can’t hide a wide smile and jumps from her chair as he sends them a shy glare.
“I’ve to help Rick. You’ll look after Judith?” She asks and Carl can’t do anything else than giving her a nod.
Then they’re alone, a casserole standing on the table.
“You’re planning to stand there?” She asks while putting some noodles and tuna on their plates.
“No.. I, I..” Carl stutters, quickly sitting down before he could say something stupid.
It’s more than obviously what the women plan and for sure, she knows it too.
“Carl, relax. Just for a second, ok?” She takes his hand and instantly his heartbeat increases. “I like you. I like you very much.”
He looks at her a moment, speechless before a smile spreads over his face and he squeezes her hand. No words are needed as they start eating and spending the rest of the evening together.

Hotter Than Coffee

@hufflepuff-at-ilvermorny | AO3, from @dexterous-sinistrous

“So, is there a reason my son’s phone number is on my coffee, and he wants me to call him?” The Sheriff questioned as he looked up over his glasses at Derek.

Derek’s eyes widened as he looked at the Sheriff. “What?”

The Sheriff slowly spun his coffee cup around on the desk, the coffee shop’s logo coming into view very slowly.

Derek’s eyes were glued onto the coffee cup, terrified at seeing what the Sheriff was asking. His heart stuttered when he saw the beginning of the words written in Sharpie.

Call me if you want something a bit hotter, Stiles xoxox

“Good morning, Deputy,” Erica greeted Derek with a smirk as she leaned over the counter. “Catch any bad guys this lovely day?”

Derek arched his eyebrow at her, knowing that Erica was up to something. “Do I want to ask why you’re being so strange this morning?”

“I’m always strange,” Erica scoffed at him, as if it was an insult for him to think that today was anything different. “We have your order ready, per usual,” she continued, sliding off the counter to retrieve the tray of coffees.

“Thanks,” Derek answered, pulling his wallet out of his pocket.

“Would you stop that?” Erica huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, ready to turn her nose up at Derek. “You know Stiles’ policy.”

“Yeah, but—”

“No ifs, ands, or buts,” Erica answered. “Law enforcement gets free coffee in the mornings and nights. Stiles twisted my arm into memorizing that, so you’re going to abide by it.”

Derek sighed, slipping a five-dollar bill from his wallet to place in the tip jar before putting his wallet back.

“Ugh, you even tip obnoxiously,” Erica grimaced. “What’s wrong with you, Hale?” She playfully questioned.

Derek faintly smiled, lingering longer than usual as he waited for any sign of Stiles.

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Spencer Reid Imagine #37

Spencer Reid #37

#37 “Can we cuddle?”

(D/h)= dominant hand

There was no doubt the Spencer Reid was awkward, everyone could agree with that, but it wasn’t until they met her that anyone had ever seen him stutter or speechless. She seemed to change him in so many ways, and it was obvious to the whole team that he was falling hard. There were times when they just caught his staring at her with a look of complete admiration and adoration in his eyes. They just seemed to compliment each other perfectly. He could ramble on, stutter, mess up on his words or embarrass himself completely and she would just laugh softly with a kind of fondness in her eyes. He wasn’t used to her physical affection quite yet. It was so random, but comforting and sometimes he had trouble reciprocating and that’s what bothered him. He had never really been in a relationship unless you count Maeve, but he had never had the chance to be physically affectionate with her and Y/n, well she had experience. To him it seemed like she did, the way it was so casual for her and she didn’t have to hesitate before she acted. She could communicate with everyone so effortlessly and it wasn’t awkward. Her actions spoke volumes and she seemed so comfortable expressing herself. It took Spencer a while to realize exactly what he was feeling, he was feeling insecure. She made him feel things he had never felt before, things even stronger than Maeve and it terrified him. He knew he wasn’t as bad as he used to be, he definitely wasn’t like he used to be years ago when he joined the BAU, he had come a long way, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t terrified. He wasn’t like Morgan who was smooth and charming, able to flirt at any moment. He didn’t think he was that good. He feared screwing up. There would be times when he would ramble on about a theory or spew facts, only to stop and blush out of worry that she didn’t like it. Sometimes he had to be reminded by Morgan, or Y/n herself that she was with him for him and those babbling moments were a part of him.                                                                                                      
It wasn’t unusual for them to have to share a room while on a case, it had happened before and sometimes Morgan had shared with them. This time was different, there was two beds to share among the three of them. It had been a long day and the three of them were sent back to rest for the night, only to see the three beds. While, Y/n and Spencer had been dating for 8 months they hadn’t shared a bed before. It wasn’t just about the fear of rushing the relationship as it was about completely crossing the FBI unspoken rule. “Well I think its safe to say you two are sharing a bed. I’m going to hit the shower. Play safe.” Morgan was smirking as he winked heading into the bathroom. Y/n couldn’t help but laugh softly and shake her head despite the blush on her cheeks. There was no point in denying that she had thought of being with Spencer sexually. Spencer was standing there with heated cheeks looking at the door Morgan left through. Why did Morgan have to say that? He would never have the guts to act on such a suggestion. “It’s late so we might as well just get changed and go to sleep.” Y/n’s suggestion seemed to take Spencer by surprise. How could they get changed? They were in the same room right now. Morgan was in the bathroom, there was nowhere for the other person to go. “Here? Together?” His voice came out hesitant and confused. Y/n couldn’t help but smile slightly at his awkwardness. “Yes, if you’re comfortable with that Spence. We can just face opposite ways and get changed.” Spencer shifted his bag of his shoulder before nodding. They both turned around and started to change. Spencer didn’t have as much to change as he only took off his pants and shirt, only to pull on plaid pajama pants and a white shirt. He finished quickly only to realize there was a mirror in front of him. He could see Y/n slowly pulling down her jeans and kicking them to the side. He couldn’t help but gulp as he stared. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t tear his eyes away. Her long legs leading up to her black underwear and light blue t-shirt. Watching as her hands wrapped around herself holding onto the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it up slowly until it was over her head and on the floor. Spencer knew he should look away. He had so much respect for her, he  saw her as more then a sex object. He just couldn’t tear his eyes away, she was so beautiful to him. He watched as her hands reached behind her back, unhooking her bra and watching it fall to the floor. Y/n bent over stepping into the black pajama shorts before slowly pulling them up over her bum. Next he watched her pull grab a muscle shirt and pull it over her naked body. He couldn’t help but admire the way the fabric slid down her back.  These little actions were so intriguing. How she used her (d/h) to undo her bra and she took her time, yet was so confident. “You finished?” Y/n’s voice broke him out from his thoughts. “W-what?” “Are you finished getting ready?” “Uh. Yes.”                                         
Y/n and Spencer crawl into bed leaving space between them.  It was as though they didn’t want to over step the unspoken boundary. The silence was sickening as they laid there for what felt like forever, but what was only a few minutes. How could two people be so close but so far away? Yet there was this pull, they both wanted to be closer, they both yearned for each other. Spencer who had never wanted ached much for physical contact in his life just wanted to hold her. The boy who used to be so disturbed by human contact and the idea of germs being passed on through it just wanted to be held and wanted to hold. He wanted to be close to her. He wanted to be close to her and hold her in a way he had’t anyone else. “Y/n.” His voice was soft and gentle, but hesitant. “Spence?” “Ca- Can Can we” he stops and licks his lips as he takes a deep breath. “Can we cuddle?” A smile immediate broke out on Y/n’s face and she didn’t bother to respond before she snuggled into him with a sigh of relief. Something about Spencer Reid felt so sturdy to her, so safe and comfortable and she felt like she could lie there with him forever. She felt content, but he also gave her butterflies and sometimes she felt like a teenager again when she was with him. It was the most riveting feeling in the world. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest and it was a comforting feeling knowing that it was because of her, that it was the effect of having her close to him.  She made him feel different. She made him feel giddy and like a teenager, she accepted him and made him feel loved. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to drift off, despite the nightmares he had been having for months and it was so peaceful. With her he felt at peace. The nightmare couldn’t claim him when she was wrapped up in his arms. They seemed to drift off at the same time to the sound of each others heartbeat and steady breathing.

The bathroom door opened,  "Do either of you want to-“ Morgan cut himself off as he saw the two bodies entwined in the bed. He couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle. "I hope those two wrapped up.”

Got7 reaction when they go to kiss you but get interrupted

JB: *He’d be pretty annoyed with Youngjae when he walked in the room just as his lips were about to touch yours, he’d be straight with Youngjae and tell him to get out, but this would have ruined the moment for you two so he wouldn’t want to try again for a while and he’d have to try and set the mood again*

Yugyeom: *He’d go red when he was caught by Mark trying to kiss you and he’d go shy and he’d stutter his words and he’d find it difficult to find something to say to explain the situation, but Mark being Mark would get the message and would grin at him before leaving the two of you alone, it would take him a short while to get over the embarrassment and try again*

Youngjae: *He wouldn’t be impressed when JB walked through the doorway and he’d give him a look that hinted that he wanted him to leave JB would notice what he walked in on and quickly excuse himself leaving the two of you alone again, despite the intrusion this would not stop him from kissing you he’d been waiting for forever to kiss you and he wasn’t going to let it slip away that easily*

Jinyoung: *He’d be upset by Bambam’s sudden intrusion but he’d play it cool and wouldn’t flip out or anything like that, he’d deal with what bambam wanted very quickly so he could go back to being with you, the intrusion would probably make his kiss even better when you finally got it because he wouldn’t want to wait any longer*

Bambam: *When Jr walked in just as he was going to kiss you he’d be annoyed and probably flip out, he’d probably say something like ‘what the hell get out!’ and would try to get him out of the room as quickly as possible* 

Jackson: *His reaction would depend on how badly h wanted to kiss you, when Mark walks into the room he’d probably silently shoo him away without you even realising and would look at him with a look telling him to get out, but if he just couldn’t wait any longer he’d kiss you anyway even if Mark walked in the room he’d notice him but carry on kissing you in hopes that Mark would feel awkward and leave* 

Mark: *When Jackson walked in the room he’d give a light annoyed groan as his first indication to Jackson to get out but when he didn’t leave Mark would look at him with wide eyes and shifting them between Jackson and the door, this Jackson understood and gave a slight cocky chuckle while smirking at Mark before leaving the room, he’d turn back to face you and apologize on Jackson’s behalf before softly kissing you finally*