he stops trying to hide his emptiness

Scratching the Itch

Square Filled- Friends to lovers

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader, smut,

Word Count- 2300ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Hunting’s a total blast until you hit your heat. In between each cycle, you only know how much fun it is to catch a case, to get on the road and feel the rumble of Dean’s car beneath you, all open windows and loud music. The fights are always rough, but in the way that makes you feel strong, in a way that makes your muscles ache with anticipation just to think about it. And of course, there’s the feeling of knowing that you saved someone, that you stopped one small little evil and left the world a little better for it.

But then your heat hits, and you remember. Hunting is not ideal for an Omega.

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Part 1- Carter Baizen

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader
Part: 1/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Carter ride home in his limo after a gala. 
A/N: This is the first part in a series based on this post. Each part will be a different character and we’re starting off with Mr. Baizen. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,642

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“Mr. Baizen! Mr. Baizen!” the paparazzi were but a caucus of noise to Carter who was used to the attention by now. He shielded you and escorted you directly into the limo. You shifted your satin gown and sat back against the leather with a smile.

“Finally,” you shot Carter a smile who you could tell was thinking the same thing by the deep breath he let out.

“I thought it’d never end” Carter chuckled, running his hands through his hair before discarding his coat. The gala had run for hours and both of you were eager to leave so when Carter put his hand on the small of your back and whispered, “let’s get out of here” you both practically ran.

He leans back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh the high slit of your dress allowing the access. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asks his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

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Bts reaction to you being needy

‘Bts reaction to you being needy and teasing them in the middle of an award show ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡’

“While being on Backstage you’ll be touching his crotch when no one was looking letting him now your intentions”



He’ll be in Jungshook state looking at you making Sure no one was watching

‘Let’s Find a room available’ he grabs you by the wrist looking for an empty room

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‘Not right now, you are going to leave me a boner… stop’… seconds later when the boner appears.

‘You’ll be dealing with this tonight’ he’ll tell you leading your hand to his boner.

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‘Aysh why are you like this? Can you wait just a little bit?’ after a while he’ll be looking at you from his place just to let you know the problem he is dealing right now trying to hide his boner.

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‘My baby girl needs me? Daddy is here for you’ He’s going to lead you to the closes place no even care about the people.

‘If you make any noise I won’t let you cum, understood?’ you nod at him.

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‘Jagiya can’t wait? Let’s just wait 1 more hour’ he’ll say grabbing your hand and kissing it.

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‘What are you doing? People can see us, just wait for a couple minutes and you’ll have me the whole night’ he’ll say trying to avoid your eyes.

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‘Mhh… what’s up with you’ he’ll say almost whispering at you al red from his embarrassment ‘People is going to notice what are you doing’ after a seconds while you were talking to other people he grabs your hand and take you with him to the nearest room.

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SPN FanFic

~ You stumble home drunk one night with plans for the younger Winchester, but your stomach, and his feelings, have other ideas…~

Reader x Sam (ish), Dean

2,581 Words

Warnings: Excessive drinking, Cussing, A Wee Bit O'Angst, Vomit, Fluffy Finish.

A/N: This is my entry for Ang’s 1K Celebration! @atc74​ Congrats Ang! My prompt was a line from one of my fave songs, “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger. It’s in bold.

It was late. Or possibly it was early. It really depended on how you looked at it and on which side of sleep you found yourself. All you knew as you walked up the hill towards the Bunker entrance was, the sun hadn’t come up yet so there was a good chance you would find your friend tucked into a big, dusty book in the library.

The bar had been a bust. You’d gone out in search of a few drinks and a strapping lad to spend the night with. The drinks you had definitely found, in large quantity, but the choices on the male front had been less that appealing. After the fourth not so nice guy had grabbed your ass on the dance floor, you’d given up and set off back home. For some reason you couldn’t get your key to fit into the lock on your car, so you decided that walking was a better idea. It was a long walk back and most of it uphill, but the air was fresh and warm and you were drifting in a cloud of drunken happiness, swinging your arms and dancing most of the way home in the dark.

You were still feeling a little frisky though, and thoughts of the younger Winchester blossomed in your tequila soaked mind about all the ways you could release some tension with him. OK, so you’d never done more than flirt with Sam, but he was hot, and you were hot, maybe tonight you could be hot together. Hell, it was worth a shot.

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A Good Time (1/4)

SUMMARY. College AU. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. As a joke, your friends wrote your phone number on a graffiti wall for anyone who “wants to have a good time.” You didn’t expect someone to call. But someone did.

WARNINGS. Bucky Barnes x F!Reader. Slight Clintasha. Cursing / swearing. Don’t do this prank to any of your friends, kids!


AUTHOR’S NOTES. Finally, my first ever Bucky fanfic, all thanks to the AU writing challenge of @tatortot2701 (you may disregard this, while it’s still incomplete, if you like 😄), and inspired by seeing tons of phone numbers on a graffiti wall. It was supposed to be a (an?) one-shot, but then I got carried away, so it’s divided into four parts, lol. Enjoy!

#1: you are here // #2 // #3 // #4

Finals week was going to kill you.

A low groan erupted from your throat, hissing through your gritted teeth, as you pushed yourself off your seat. “I can’t take this anymore!” you said, stepping out of your room and crossing the hall to Natasha’s. Grabbing the doorknob, you swung the door open.

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Someday- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:
prompt: how about reader taking care of graves after a serious auror fight? no smut pls”

Warnings: None…just some fluff and good ol’ fashioned angst! xD

A/N: Ugh I really, really loved writing this one. I hope I managed to capture his character alright…it’ll get easier the more i do it. Just a side-note, I did make some things up for this just for the sake of the story. I have no idea how the laws work in the American wizarding world, but I made up some for the sake of the story, as well as some other slight magical elements that I wasn’t exactly sure of. Enjoy! Let me know what you think! 

I swayed slightly on my feet, bracing my hand against the nearest wall. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, waiting for the room to stop its tilting and the ground beneath my feet to steady. Apparating after a fight was always rough, as the adrenaline was slowly squeezed out of my bones and exhaustion seeped in to take its place.

“You alright?” a familiar voice asked.

My eyes fluttered open to see Dortman, a fellow auror, watching me with a scrutinizing expression. He adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose, a sheen of sweat coating his forehead. He looked just as weary as I felt, like my limbs were weighed down with lead. Though perhaps that was what happened after fighting a losing battle. We hadn’t lost one in a while.

Which just reminded me that Grindelwald and his followers were becoming more and more dangerous by the second.

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limerence | 0.1

pairing: exo x reader 
genre: college!au, series, fluff
summary: anything was interesting enough to distract from assignments, but sometimes those distractions are very attractive boys.

 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 01

A/N: MY TRICK ASS DID POST, DONT TRUST THIS FUGLY SLUT, the first 9 parts will be short but then the ACTUAL fic will start at 01 this is more like to get u in the mood

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For some reason, the silence irked you. It emphasised the beat of your frantic heart against your chest. Like it was mocking you and your giddy excitement. 

But you couldn’t help it. You really couldn’t.

Looking up once again, you briefly let yourself bask in the seemingly ethereal beauty of him. It seemed even ethereal wasn’t a beautiful enough word to capture the true extent of what he was. Desperately, you stared hoping it would help imprint his face into your brain. A face you were scared you would never see again. 

A dimple. Your heart fluttered. He had a dimple. You found yourself smiling at his sweet smile, how easy it was to fall for someone you knew nothing about. Nothing except a sweet smile, a dimple and dark brown eyes.


He was looking at you. Your eyes widened in both embarrassment and shock, how could you have let yourself get caught staring after having spent the previous 10 minutes undetected? Looking down, you cleared your throat, hoping it would remove the feeling of suffocation you felt yourself begin to drown in. 

He let out a breathless laugh, the sound of him flipping pages masking his disturbance to the silent library. He felt his heartbeat faster at the interaction, it wasn’t something he’d expected. But he had to admit it was cute, well….you were cute. The way you lowered yourself in the seat, trying to hide from him. The same person you were so eagerly stealing glances at, thinking he had no idea. 

If he was being honest, he hadn’t noticed. The pile of notes in front of him, the sleepiness seeping in and out of his pores, his hazy mind. He hadn’t noticed much, but that didn’t stop him from looking at you a few times. When you weren’t looking of course. The emptiness of the large space made it difficult to not notice you sat two tables away from him, flipping through notes carelessly, making him smile at your lack of interest. Your glazed over eyes flickering from the pages every few seconds, your tired look, the rubbing of your temples; it was very sweet to him. So when he spotted you looking right at him, with a gaze more intense than the one you should have for your notes, it made him smile.

Who knew early mornings brought out such sweet moments? 

Biting the inside of his lip, he starting closing his notebook. Piling in the spare pages that littered the table, warning anyone around him to not sit next to him.

Hearing the shuffle of pages, and seeing his movements from your focused stare at the table, disappointment filled you. He was leaving, the boy who you were sure you fell in love with was leaving because of you. How does one deal with a heartbreak so feeble? Ignore it would be the answer, but in this early morning, you strangely felt more hurt than you normally would.

Huffing to yourself, you placed your head on the table. Maybe not seeing him walk away would help you ignore the fact you may never see him again. It may also help you finally understand your notes but that was just a passing thought. You needed a distraction.

The chair beside you pulled out. The presence of another body filled up your space and you froze. A warm, welcoming scent dispersed with each movement and you guessed whoever it was was here to actually work and not fawn over a good looking boy. 

You felt a soft, cautious prod on your shoulder. God, did you pretend you were asleep to avoid all human life, or did you look up? Scrunching your eyebrows together, you pondered. But another tap disturbed you. 

“I know you’re not sleeping,” A soft whisper, with a lighthearted tone.

Forcing your head slightly off the table, you tilted your head to the right. You held your breath.

The sweet smile, the dimple, right next to you.


Zhang Yixing.

Scotch (Justin Foley x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, swearing, making-out, Bryce being kinda a dick, and my English still sucks. 
Word count: 2500.

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A/N: Here’s my third imagine, woo! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I’m gonna start working on a Jeff one and another Monty one; so let me know if you want me to post it! xx

You can also read my first Monty imagine here, and my Zach imagine here

Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the kind of person to host parties very often, but when she did – they were legendary.  Her parents were both businesspeople and were rarely home, which allowed her to do whatever she pleased whenever she wanted to. That’s why her boyfriend, Justin, practically lived with her by now – considering his situation at home. Most of the time the couple would spend time alone at Y/N’s place, invite friends over and sometimes, like today, organize parties.

The party was in full swing, sweaty bodies grinding against one another on the makeshift dancefloor in the living room, teenagers getting drunk in the voluminous kitchen the Y/L/N family owned, couples getting at it in the various guest rooms upstairs.

Y/N, however, was standing in the corner of her living room, a simple bottle of coke in her hand as she kept an eye on everyone from afar. Y/N never got drunk at her own parties – her parents would never forgive her if something valuable went missing, or was broken. She knew her friends wouldn’t cause her trouble, but she wasn’t so sure about the other fifty or so guests.

Her lips curved into a smile as she caught sight of her boyfriend who was making his way over to her, a half empty bottle of beer in his hand and a smirk plastered to his gorgeous face. Biting down on his lower lip, Justin slid his free arm around her waist once he reached her, bringing her to his side and placing a sweet kiss to her temple.

“Hi there, beautiful.” He purred in her ear, giving it a small bite as his grip on her tightened. Y/N giggled, pushing him away playfully. She could smell the alcohol on his breath but she didn’t mind. It was a party after all, and she was probably the only sober person there – as crazy as it sounds.

Justin swiftly drank the rest of his beer before putting the empty green bottle on a table nearby, his now free hand travelling up to cup Y/N’s cheek. His thumb softly grazed her cheekbone as his blue orbs stared into her E/C ones. He pressed his soft lips to hers in a loving kiss, which she reciprocated – her arms moving around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair.

Justin groaned, pressing his body to hers as his hands moved to rest on her hips, squeezing gently. He started nibbling on her lower lip, his leg making its way between her parted ones and his hands now running up and down her body. Y/N tugged at the little hairs at the base of his neck as the kiss turned rougher, making him groan loudly which in turn caused her to smile into the kiss. Justin was always very needy, but when drunk he needed even more attention than usual. Y/N didn’t mind though; she actually loved it. The couple seemed to have forgotten about the dozens of sweaty teenagers surrounding them until a loud crash interrupted their make-out session.

Y/N broke the kiss, leaving her boyfriend flustered and confused for a few seconds. Panic filled her eyes as she searched for the origin of the sound, soon spotting a couple of people picking up pieces of broken glass. The girl sighed in relief as she noticed that it was just a glass, nothing valuable.

“I have to go clean this up, go find the boys.” She gave him an apologetic smile and his hand a gentle squeeze as he nodded, pulling her into him to kiss her once more before letting her go.

Defeated, Justin made his way back to the kitchen – where he knew his friends would be. And that’s exactly where he found them. Zach, Montgomery and Marcus were chatting with a few girls, trying and miserably failing to impress them; while Bryce was going through the kitchen’s cupboards, a permanent frown visible on his face.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked, his voice filled with annoyance, making Bryce stop and turn around quickly, the frown replaced by a smirk.

“Looking for more booze.” The older boy explained calmly, as if rummaging through his friend’s girlfriend kitchen was an acceptable thing to do. He closed a cupboard and opened another one, groaning as he found nothing interesting inside.

“It’s all on the table, man.” Justin said, gesturing to the multiple bottles of alcohol standing on the table while giving his friend a stern look, not even trying to hide how irritated he was by his behaviour.

“Come on, brother. That’s shit, not booze.” Bryce scoffed, his eyes scanning the almost empty bottles. “Y/N must have something better hidden somewhere.” He continued, closing the last cupboard before joining the younger boy at the table. He nudged his friend gently with his elbow, a knowing look on his face. He was fully aware that Y/N’s father had a fine collection of liquor somewhere in the house, he just didn’t know where.  Justin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He had promised Y/N that he wouldn’t let anyone near her father’s liquor cabinet, especially not Bryce.

“Come on, just one bottle and just for us.” Bryce pleaded, determined to make Justin cave in.

“I don’t know, man… Y/N would kill me.” The blue-eyed boy said, looking back at his others friends to make sure that they weren’t listening. To his relief, they were too engulfed in their conversations with the girls to pay attention to what was happening right next to them.

“She won’t even notice.” Bryce reassured, his arm hanging lazily on Justin’s shoulders. A wide smile appeared on his face as his eyes met his friend’s – he knew he had convinced him.  

“Fuck, alright. But just one bottle.” The smile on the baseball player’s face widened, if it was even possible. He nodded, his hand resting on his friend’s back, pushing him gently towards the kitchen’s door.

Walking into the living room, Justin let out a long shaky breath as his girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. Guilt was eating at him from inside but he couldn’t find it in himself to say no to his best friend. But Bryce’s confident demeanour and the bold look he had in his eyes kind of reassured him. After all, Y/N will never find out and neither will her father, right? He owned way too many bottles to notice that one of them disappeared.  

The brown-haired boy led his older friend up the stairs, and into Mr.Y/L/N’s office. The average-sized room was dimly lit – the only source of light coming from the window that overlooked the garden, which was illuminated by small colourful paper lanterns. Justin glanced once more into the corridor to make sure that nobody has followed them before quietly closing the door behind them.

Bryce’s eyes immediately scanned the room in search of alcohol and soon enough, they landed on an old wooden cabinet standing in a corner. A wicked smile decorated his face as he quickly moved towards it, frantically trying to open it – to no avail. He groaned loudly as he pulled on the handle once more, but it didn’t budge. Frustrated, he went for a kick but Justin’s enraged voice held him back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He whispered-shouted, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched tightly.

“Trying to open that god damned thing!” Bryce chuckled looking back at his frantic friend standing near the door, clearly less stressed by the situation than Justin was.

“Just let me fucking do it.” The younger boy sighed, his face softening as he approached him. His hand searched behind the liquor cabinet, where he knew the key was. Y/N had showed him weeks ago, when they decided to spend a nice evening together. She thought that a glass of wine would perfectly pair with the diner she had prepared. But she made it clear that it was an exception, as her father would surely notice if more than one bottle went missing.

Bryce’s eyes lit up as the cabinet’s doors opened, revealing dozens of bottles from gin to tequila, from whiskey to rum. A few bottles of vodka lingered in the back, but what tempted him the most was the expensive-looking bottle of scotch. He grabbed the dark bottle and another one before quickly moving away with one bottle in each hand.

“What the fuck, Bryce. We said one bottle.” Justin hissed, his hand reaching to take a bottle from his friend. But the older boy was quicker, opening both bottles and taking a big sip from one of them. He chuckled at Justin’s petrified expression.

“Chill, dude. It’s just scotch and vodka. None will notice.” He said calmly, bringing the bottle of scotch to his lips once again and offering the vodka to his friend. Sighing, the boy accepted the beverage. The alcohol burned his throat as he swallowed big gulps, but it just felt so right.

“Let’s get out of here.” Justin said after a few seconds, afraid of getting caught in Mr.Y/L/N’s office. He locked the cabinet quickly, putting the key back in its place before leaving the room, Bryce hot on his heels.

The boys sat at the top of the stairs, deciding that it would be safer up there than downstairs, where Y/N could catch them. Sip after sip, Justin’s head felt lighter and lighter. He couldn’t even tell what the conversation he was having with Bryce was about. His head was spinning from the alcohol and his stomach was hurting from laughing. Everything the older boy said or did seemed to be the funniest thing on earth to an intoxicated Justin.

Suddenly, Bryce’s eyes widened but he quickly tried to cover it with a smirk – which once again caused Justin to burst in laughs. A loud gasp could be heard, his head shooting to where it came from. And there, at the bottom of the staircase, stood Y/N. She was fuming – her eyes wide with anger, her lips pursed in a tight line, her fists clenched. She was looking up at the boys, her breaths short and rapid as she walked up the stairs.

“Are you fucking serious?” She snapped, snatching the bottle of vodka from her boyfriend’s hand forcefully and examining it. She quickly recognized the bottle as one of her father’s.

“Hi babe!” Justin slurred, his eyes twinkling with joy as he watched his girlfriend lovingly.

“Don’t ‘hi, babe’ me, Jus!” She yelled, taking the other bottle from her boyfriend’s best friend. “Do you idiots even realise what you did?” She groaned, gaining the attention of a few guests – including some of her friends.

“Come on Pau, chill. It’s just two bottles of booze.” Bryce laughed it off, earning a glare from the girl, to what he raised his hands in surrender, shaking his head a little.

“Just two bottles of booze.” Y/N scoffed, her hands falling to her sides in defeat. “These bottles are worth six hundred dollars each, you morons.” She said, her voice low and threatening. The words that left Y/N’s mouth made Justin sober up instantly. His eyes doubled in size and his mouth fell open. He could see the disappointment and the hurt in her E/C eyes, and it broke his heart.

“Y/N, fuck, I’m so-” He started, but she interrupted him with a wave of her hand. She looked around, noticing a circle forming around them. All eyes were on them, and she hated it.

“Get out.” She mumbled, her head hanging low, hair falling into her eyes. She could heard them all chat around, whispering things she couldn’t even make out but knew were about them. “Get out!” She repeated, this time louder to make sure that everybody heard her. “All of you, out. Now.” She gestured to the front door.

She was enraged and disappointed. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend did the one thing she had begged him not to. But she was also afraid – afraid of how her father would react. Her father was a big fan and connoisseur of scotch, so she was more than certain that he would notice that one of his bottles is gone.

The house emptied itself slowly, her friends kicking drunk and moody teenagers out as she stood on the stairs immobile, her boyfriend right next to her. Her eyes were focused on a wall as she patiently waited for everyone to leave.

“What the fuck, Jus?” Y/N faced him once the front door was shut and they were the only ones left in the house. Justin’s gaze avoided hers, falling to the floor in shame. “I asked you not to go in there, especially with Bryce!” She continued, making vivid movements with her hands to express how annoyed she was. “You know how much my father loves his little liquor cabinet! For fuck’s sake, Justin. What were you thinking?” Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” The boy whispered as Y/N sat on a step, brushing away the few stray tears that had now escaped. “I wasn’t thinking, I just… Bryce wanted more booze, and…” He trailed off, realising that he had no idea how to justify what he did. He sat on the step next to her, leaving a good amount of space between them as he didn’t know if she wanted him close, or gone.

Justin played with his fingers while waiting for Y/N to do something, to say something. He knew he fucked up, and he hated himself for it. He regretted letting Bryce into the office, he regretted opening the liquor cabinet to him. But he couldn’t do anything to change what has been done.

After a few minutes of sitting in complete silence, Y/N moved closer to her boyfriend, taking him by surprise. Justin tensed as she rested her head on his shoulder, making her giggle softly. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he tentatively brought an arm around her shoulders, expecting her to shrug it off, but she didn’t. Instead, she snuggled closer to him, wrapping her arms around his stomach.

“You’re an idiot.” She mumbled into his neck, earning a chuckle from the boy.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He whispered back, nuzzling his nose into her soft hair and taking in her scent. He smiled, leaving a tender kiss at the top of her head. Y/N sighed, pulling away from him and looking into his eyes.

“You’re lucky that I love you.” Justin smiled slightly at her words, his arm bringing her closer to him.

“I am.” He breathed, his nose bumping into hers as he leaned in. “I love you too.”

“And you’re gonna have to make it up to me.” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at him, causing his smile to widen. The boy laughed, his hand cupping her cheek once more that night before crashing his lips into hers.

“I will.” He promised, pulling away from the kiss to take a breath before diving back in.

Well, that was embarrassingly cringy. The end was, once again, terrible. I’m gonna hide somewhere now, byeee.


anonymous asked:

Could you do a hc for a really shy s/o with shinsou, katsuki, and kirishima ? like where she hides behind them if she gets uncomfortable or flustered around others or in certain situations? If not that okay, thank you! i really like your blog >< ❤️

Thank you, I’m glad you like my blog! I’m perfectly fine with doing these, so I hope you like them. (Social anxiety is a pain, I know. I also need these three to help me with it, so thanks for the request XD)

Word count: 781.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • Here you have something similar ()
  • He doesn’t mind a shy s/o at all. In fact, he appreciates that she isn’t overly loud, and actually prefer quiet, indoors dates like he does. He loves taking them to cat cafés because they’re very silent and cute and relaxing and seeing her with cat ears is the cutest thing on Earth.
  • Will never complain about doing things that his s/o, out of shyness, doesn’t dare to do. Introducing herself, ordering at a café, making calls, etc. The only thing he needs in return is her grateful smile and he already feels like a hero.
  • Constantly tells her that everything is going to be okay if they find themselves in a situation that makes her uncomfortable. Hitoshi holds her hand and draws circles onto the back in hopes that it would soothe her, and he would try to talk on her behalf whenever it’s necessary.
  • Eager to help his s/o out about her shyness. He won’t force her and will only try to help her out of her shell only if she hints at it. He loves her just as she is and is more than happy being a part of her little world.

Bakugō Katsuki:

  • Would actually like a shy s/o too, but he doesn’t really mind. He loves teasing her every hour, every day, nonstop. Her whines are the cutest thing ever, and he never gets tired. Besides, he wants to see her snap someday.
  • Will never do something that would make her overly uncomfortable or could risk her having an anxiety attack. Would hate seeing her cry and have a terrible time in public, so always makes sure she is as comfortable as possible.
  • Finds it incredibly cute when she hides behind him, and teases her a lot about it afterwards. Never before other people because he knows she might hate it, but doesn’t give her a rest when they are alone. “The way you clung to me was so damn adorable, dumbass.”
  • I told you he doesn’t mind a shy s/o, but if there’s something he cannot stand, it’s stuttering. He isn’t asking her to be super straightforward with her words, but the least she can do is think of what she’s going to say instead of fidgeting with her words. He is not very patient.
  • The only times he does enjoy her stutters it’s when he causes them; when he embarrasses her, which has become a very entertaining hobby. He cannot help the sadistic smile whenever she struggles to let out his name in a warning.
  • Kinda the type who would push her to talk to the store clerk by himself. Not because he wants to see her suffer, but because he knows she needs to surpass that anxiety and discomfort. He will stay behind her always, though, if she needs emotional comfort, and will intervene is she is struggling too much.

Kirishima Eijirō:

  • He’s her knight in shiny armor, to be honest. The fact that she is so shy is so cute in his opinion and he feels the need to snuggle into her at all moments because he is such a fanboy and needs his s/o happy and adorable always.
  • Is worried about her wellbeing, though. Being shy is something that can block her happiness, so he subtly suggests if she wants him to help her with the issue. If she doesn’t want him to, she only needs to say it once for him to drop the subject, but that doesn’t mean he stops being concerned.
  • He’s the sweetest boy and is going to do everything for his s/o without ever asking for anything in return. He talks when she doesn’t dare to do so, he goes with her if there are any errands she has to run; it doesn’t even matter if he’s in the shower.
  • Soothingly caresses his s/o’s hand when she hides behind him. He excuses them both and goes away as soon as possible, taking her to the closest empty space and whispering soothing words, trying to calm her down.
  • He’s super patient with his s/o. Her comfort is his main priority, so if she needs to get away from a place, even if it’s a place in which he is having fun (such as hanging out with his friends one night and he invited his s/o to come), he will take her home and stay with her, watching a movie and cuddling.
  • Very much prefers outdoors dates, but hanging out indoors with her is something he would never change for anything. Moments with her are the most precious situations in his life, and the least he can do is assure they are great for them both.

anonymous asked:

Can you please write an imagine where the batkids find out that Batmom and Bruce met in a strip club where she was working back in uni?

I feel like I am on a roll with going through your requests, guys! Hope this was alright? I didn’t quite like how it turned out but this was probably the third version of what I came up with. Though this one is over 1k words.

Family dinner always happen on a Thursday night. You had enforced this rule when Bruce and you got together and drilled this rule in to all of your children’s heads. You never minded the fact that they may be busy on every other night but all you had asked from them was to try to make sure to get back home for dinner or supper on Thursday nights.

Which is why tonight, almost all of your children are seated and happily eating the food you had prepared with Alfred’s help. You had invited Alfred to eat with you too but Alfred always told you that he was already content with knowing that you can still have family dinners with them and he rather not disturb your time with them too.

“Ma, can you please give the recipe to me?” Dick says with a mouth full of mashed potatoes and you simply handed a tissue to him and he swallows before laughing sheepishly. “Sorry – but this is really good though!”

You smile. “Thank you, Dick; I will have Alfred give you the recipe before you leave. I perfected that recipe with his help so credits go to him too.” Honestly, when you first started dating Bruce, you were such a bad cook – you did not even know how to cook rice without burning it but under Alfred’s constant tutelage, you became better and now you can almost whip up anything you like (it also did not help that you take cooking and baking classes too, when you are not too busy worrying over your boyfriend then).

“You are too humble.” Bruce shakes his head at your dismissal. He knew as of late, you have stopped asking Alfred to help you prepare for family dinners and cooked for him instead. Alfred has always told him how good you were and if Alfred were to tell him years ago that he would end up getting married to you, Bruce would never have believed it but here you are. “You have gotten extremely better at cooking now.”

Damian wipes his mouth with his napkin before placing it on the table. “Mother.” He looks at you and once Damian deems he has all of your attention, he speaks once more. “It suddenly occurred to me that I have yet to know how you and father met.” He had been curious enough to even ask Drake about how the two of them met but when Drake came up empty, he simply decided to ask you though that had meant waiting for a few days because you had been busy.

You tilt your head before exchanging a lot with Bruce. He brought his glass of wine to his mouth to hide his smile and you almost roll your eyes at his antics before turning to look at Damian. Then you look at your other kids who, at this point, decided to stop eating to pay attention to the two of you.

“It was nothing special really.” You try to dismiss it because you can already feel your cheeks starting to burn.

“I also don’t even know how or when the two of you met?” Dick says but it sounded more like a question instead as he frowns and tries to think of a time where he has never seen you around Bruce. But to no avail, when he had trained under Bruce, you had always been around back then too. He was always calling you ‘Ma’ as well.

“Yeah – how did the Big Bats and you meet?” Jason finishes off his food before burping. “Excuse me.” He immediately said when you shot him a look. Manners at the table are still something you try to make sure your sons would have.

Bruce chuckles at how fluster you look like at that moment though he knows why you are too embarrassed to say. It was not his finest moments then too but if he had not done what he did all those years ago, he would not have married you.

“Well, if you must know,” Bruce places the glass back on the table. “I met your mother during her university years.”

Tim quickly picks up on that. “What do you mean by her university years? I have always thought the two of you went to the same university together.” He did recall seeing a photo of Bruce with you during both of your graduations.

Bruce nods his head. “You are not wrong.”

“What your dad is trying to say is,” You quickly take over the conversation. “I enrolled in to university a bit later – Bruce was my senior by a year by the time I enrolled. I had family problems you see and money was something I did not have.” You open up. Growing up, your family was not wealthy and the three of you lived by decently but when your father got in to a surgery, paying his medical bills caused your mom and you to almost lose the house. In the end, you had to work several different odd jobs and deferred from entering university to help your mom. But that was a story to be told at another time.

“The two of you are going around in this conversation: why is that?” Dick finally asks, tired of going round and round. You let out a small chuckle at how impatient Dick is.

“Well, if you must know, I met Bruce when I was working at a strip club.” You tell them nonchalantly and Damian who had been drinking his water, actually choked on it before he spat them out. “Dami, are you alright?” You are about to stand up to head towards your son when he shook his head, telling you that he is fine.

“A strip club?” Jason hums. “I never thought of you to be working at a strip club, ma.” Jason peers to look at you and you laugh.

“It was not a very fun job but it paid decently.” You tell them. “Bruce was a regular customer of mine.”

That was the moment Jason decided to laugh. “Oh my god, can’t believe this.” He shakes his head as he continues to laugh. Bruce sighs. Damian stares at the two of you before shaking his head.

“Is this why I could not find anything on you? I tried looking you up…” He trails off and you nod your head.

“Partly; the other reason was because I did not want people to pity me – and when we got together, Bruce decided to make sure that part of my past stayed hidden.” You said before standing up. “Anyone up for some desserts?”

Give me your hand!

A Buck x Reader as requested by an anon, with prompts: Now who the fuck took my skittles? It was you, wasn’t it, you smug little-.  BUDDY SYSTEM IS IMPORTANT, YOU MIGHT GET HURT! NOW GIMME YOUR HAND. About 500 words of fluffy and grumpy Buck. My requests are open so feel free to shoot one in. Enjoy!


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I ran around the corner and slid on my socks, sliding all the way to the island in the middle of the kitchen. “You’re going to hurt yourself if you keep doing that.” Bucky said looking up from his bowl of cereal. I shrugged and pushed off from the counter, gliding just far enough so that I came to a stop right in front of the snack cabinet. I pulled it open and rifled through the half open bags of candy. Pushing past the cheezits and goldfish, I glared at the empty space in the back corner of the dark cabinet. I frowned, using the wall to spin myself around. “Now who the fuck took my skittles? It was you, wasn’t it, you smug little-” I said sliding over to Bucky who put his hands up in self defense. “Listen” he began, taking small steps backwards. “I really wanted them?” he tried, biting his lip to try to hide the smile that was stretching over his lips. I opened my mouth to respond when Bucky’s eyes went wide and filled with panic. He flailed his arms wildly before crashing to the ground.

I doubled over, laughing. “Oh my god.” I said wheezed as my stomach began to cramp up. “It’s not funny.” Bucky said laying frozen on his stomach. I tired to respond, but I was laughing too hard. I straightened up before extending my hand to the super solider on the ground. He swatted it away. “Buck come on.”  I said tilting my head and offering my hand again. He glared at me and stuck out his bottom lip so he looked like a grumpy child. “Give me your hand. I’m trying to be nice and help you.” I said, massaging my sore cheeks with my free hand. Bucky gave me his best death glare and accepted my hand. I hauled him to his feet, before he yanked his hand out of mine. “Give me your hand.” I said crinkling my forehead.

“No.” he said gliding on his socks to the oven. I pushed off the kitchen island and slid over to Bucky, silently holding out my hand. “No.” he pouted sliding away. “BUDDY SYSTEM IS IMPORTANT, YOU MIGHT GET HURT! NOW GIMME YOUR HAND.” I yelled as I chased him around the kitchen. “Let me skate in peace!” he yelled as he pushed off from the oven and got the edge of the kitchen island embedded in his stomach. “SEE!” I shouted, as I slid over to him, but over shot my distance and wound up getting stabbed in the same way. “Ughhhh.” I groaned.

“This is why you had the waxers come today instead of tomorrow?” Sam said from the doorway, watching as I massaged my stomach, before chasing after Bucky again. Tony shoved another handful of popcorn in his mouth and nodded, snorting as I crashed into Bucky and pushed him to the ground.

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Prompt: 'I wish I was beside you' / ziam ❤️

Thank you for the prompt anon and sorry it took so long to fill it.

Liam was tossing and turning, not able to get comfortable even though the bed he was in was practically made to his form around his body perfectly. He was exhausted, his head and eyes aching. His day was busy, meetings and recording, basking in the sun of Los Angeles when he got a moment free to eat. All in all it was a productive and positive day. Now though, the clock on the bedside table was yelling at him, telling him that it was late and he should be sleeping. He couldn’t. Something felt off, not quite right. He’d slept alone plenty of times, especially on the tour bus and hotel rooms. Why couldn’t he sleep in his own bed? It was obviously a no brainer for Liam. Something was missing, someone was missing. Someone who was over five thousand miles away. Someone who was probably still sleeping or already waking up and starting their day. Liam sighed as he thought over his options.  

The first option was to head to the gym around the corner and work out until he fell asleep, he’d done it numerous times before. A couple of rounds of boxing or run a few miles on the treadmill usually tired him out. The people that worked the front desk knew him by now, knew that he was only there because he couldn’t sleep. They just smiled politely as he dragged himself in. Liam’s second option was swallowing his pride and pick up the phone and make the phone call he was avoiding. Not avoiding for bad reasons, just avoiding because he didn’t want to look desperate. But he was, he was desperate to sleep. He needed to hear the familiar voice that lulled him to sleep for close to seven years now. A voice that during the early years was filled with stories of home and hoped and dreams. A voice that eventually turned into a mans voice, who still spoke of home but now with sadness instead of joy. A voice that now isn’t sad about home anymore, not much anyway. His home was now Liam, anywhere that he was with Liam was home.

“Bloody embarrassing,” Liam muttered to himself as he blindly grabbed for his phone. The light from his phone temporarily blinded him as he punched in his passcode and pressed call on number that was simply saved under a heart emoji. “Such a child, Liam.”


“Hi,” Liam sighed after his call was picked up. “Umm were you sleeping?”

“Just woke up,” he replied with a well timed stifled yawn. “Got meetings and whatnot today, was told to get up early.”

“Good, good,” Liam responded, rather cold and calculated sounding. Shocking himself a little.

“Liam,” he sighed. “Babe, what’s wrong? Talk to me.”

“I can’t sleep, I miss you,” he easily gave in with a sigh. “It just doesn’t feel right without you, Zed.”

“I wish I was beside you,” Zayn whispered softly into the phone. He was still laying in bed himself, the ringing phone actually waking him up and not his alarm. He just didn’t have it in him to tell Liam the truth, especially after hearing his voice.

“Me too,” he sniffled, trying horribly to hide his emotion.

“Soon,” Zayn assured him. “Two more nights and then we’ll be together for weeks on end that you’ll get sick of me, babe. Promise.”

“Not possible,” Liam laughed. “I feel like a knob, calling you because I can’t sleep. It’s like asking my mum for a bedtime story at night.”

“Liam, stop being ridiculous,” he told him firmly, shuffling in their bed. Their bed. It just seemed so empty without Liam next to him, always did really. He could sympathize with Liam’s struggle, it was always hard to sleep without his love next to him. “We’ve been lucky to be next to each other for close to seven years, distance sucks.”

Liam shifted on the bed, trying to make himself as comfortable as possible. He had enough room to spread out but he chose to stick close to his side of the bed, leaving Zayn’s side practically untouched. “Tell me a story.”

“A story?” Zayn laughed. “Like once upon a time?”

“We use to stay up until the sun rose while on tour just talking,” Liam reminded him, stifling a yawn with the back of his hand that wasn’t holding the phone. “I miss that. I miss hearing stories about your life.”

“You know all about my life,” he playfully scoffed, but decided to pacify him anyway. “Did I ever tell you the story about when I first saw you?”

“At McDonald’s, yeah,” Liam answered.

“No,” he replied. “During 2008, your first try on the show.”

“You watched me?” Liam shrieked, half in embarrassment and the other half in horror.

“Babe, it was the biggest show on the earth and I was supposed to audition that year too. I wanted to scope out who I was gonna compete against,” he explained, sitting up against the headboard, his fingers dancing along the white comforter. “But I saw you and you blew me away. So young and so talented. I was glad I didn’t let my mum drag me down to audition.”

“You would’ve blown the judges away, Zed,” Liam told him confidently. “Your voice is bloody brilliant.”

“This isn’t about me,” he gently reminded Liam. “I saw you and just wanted to keep watching you. Mum and dad both looked at each other after you auditioned and nodded in agreement that you had what it took to win. Young but a powerful voice.”

“You remember all of this?” Liam asked in astonishment. Zayn was easily recalling events from almost nine years ago with such ease.

“I do. I remember thinking to myself I needed to find you after Simon let  you go,” Zayn continued with a sigh. “I wanted to protect you, tell you that everything was going to be okay and that you had nothing to fear.”

“I was gutted,” Liam recalled. “Absolutely gutted. Going back to school was rough and torture.”

“I wanted to go to Wolverhampton and find Liam Payne. The boy with an amazing voice but questionable fashion and hair choices,” Zayn laughed at Liam’s gasp of shock. “I wanted to find him and show him the world.”

“You didn’t have a passport until you joined the group,” Liam laughed.

“Semantics Liam, semantics,” Zayn scoffed at the comment. “I just wanted to tell that boy that everything was going to be okay. One bad outcome shouldn’t mold his future. Things were eventually going to be okay.”

“And two years later they were,” Liam sighed, stifling another yawn. He was finally fighting sleep, exhausted but not wanting to hang up on Zayn just yet. “Auditioned again and met you lot.”

“And the rest is history,” Zayn finished for him. “Got to meet the love of my life in bloody fast food restaurant.”

Liam smiled fondly at that memory. It was small group of the boys who auditioned grabbing a bite to eat in between rehearsals and whatnot. Aiden recognized Liam and invited him to sit with them. The rest was history. Zayn got lost in Liam, his stories and small smiles and blushes when someone complimented him or mentioned the series from two years before. The rest of the group and room was blur, Zayn and Liam getting lost in their own little world. Just talking on and on about music, comics, and life. It was the best unofficial first date of their entire lives.

“Go to sleep, love,” Zayn told him as Liam once again unsuccessfully tried to hide another yawn. “I got to get ready for the day anyway.”

“I love you, Zed,” Liam told him, his voice low and sleepy.

“I love you too,” he told him softly. “Two more days, babe. We can do this.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Goodnight my love.”

Dangerous Ties

Summary: The Mark of Cain is completely taking over Dean. You try to help save him from himself which leads to some disastrous consequences. [set during 10x22 + 11x23]

Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Amara, Chuck

Warnings: moc!Dean, blood, violence +  brief fighting, character death[s], angst, feels (idek, maybe have some tissues handy?)

Word count: 1.5k+

A/N: This is my entry for @mrs-squirrel-chester 4K celebration challenge & round 2 of the album challenge. I stuck with the album Night Visions by Imagine Dragons and their song ‘Bleeding Out’. I adore this song so much. This fic is pretty angsty but it’s what came to mind when I was listening to the song aha. Enjoy! xx

‘I’m bleeding out

Said if the last thing that I do, is to bring you down

I’ll bleed out for you

So I bear my skin and I count my sins

And I close my eyes and I take it in

And I’m bleeding out

I’m bleeding out for you’

It was eerily quiet as you walked down the stairs of the bunker, the silence only causing more dread and fear to build inside you. Ever since Dean received the Mark of Cain, you could see him changing- as much as you wanted to fight it and deny it, you were fighting a losing battle and you knew it. But you loved him. You couldn’t bare to lose your boyfriend, you couldn’t bare for Sam to lose his brother. You were going to save Dean Winchester, even if it was the last thing you were to do in this god forsaken world.

“Cas?” you felt your heart sink in your chest as you saw the angel, your friend, lying on the floor, his face bloody and beaten. Quickly rushing to his side, you knelt beside him, your eyes falling onto the angel blade that had been stabbed into a stack of books beside his head.

Letting out a pained sigh you surveyed the rest of the room, the whole place was a total mess, books everywhere, along with two bodies. One of them just a boy.

“Hey, you’re okay. Everything’s going to be okay,” after helping him to sit up, you pulled your phone from your jacket pocket about to call Sam when Cas held his hand over yours.

“D-dean,” he choked, blood running down his lips as he tried to speak, the sound of approaching footsteps now coming your way.

Dean was still here.

Giving him a small reassuring nod, you helped him rest back on the ground before grabbing the blade and placing your phone in his hand.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Y/N,” Dean’s voice gruff and emotionless as he spoke.

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What do you think would happen if Hana had a mental break down about her home and the Omnics in front of Lúcio?? (IM SORRY I JUST REALLY NEED SOME OTP COMFORT RN,,)

Don’t apologize doll! We all need a little comfort now and then

  • It was be after an entire night of staying away and trying to find an oasis in her video games that she finds she can’t ditch the nagging feeling in the back of her skull. Like an itch, or a whisper. 
  • Lucio sees how tired she is, but she refuses to go to bed, pacing and getting more agitated by the second. 
  • Trying to figure what’s going on with his girl, Lucio tries to get her to sit down and breathe deeply, but that only causes her to shove his touch away and for her strong, stone walls to finally crumble.
  • “My home is getting destroyed and my people are scared and even though I fight and fight and tell others to keep fighting I can’t make this stop.”
  • Its dead quiet, as they share only their irises, trying to see their souls. Lucio is gentle as he comes to her, not touching her, but saying that he knows. 
  • She screams at him, telling him he doesn’t. He doesn’t know, but he lets her get her anger out, before she becomes cold and empty. Numb to the fact her home is being terrorized by a giant omnic and she’s still here, not able to stop it. 
  • Falling against him, he takes her gently as they kneel on the ground. Her face hiding against his shirt as his hands softly stroke her hair. Murmuring soft things and telling her it will be alright.
  • She believes him, for just a moment, before she closes her eyes and rests against his dark skin. 
Chlonath Historical AU:

Nazi occupied France

Chloe’s father still owns a hotel, yeah? So he is forced to allow high officers to occupy the rooms and one officer takes–a rather keen interest in Chloe, asking about whether she has suitors, etc. She’s walking home one night with some food for the hotel when said soldier saunters out with several of his friends from the bar.

And he’s still… rather interested, let’s say. Goaded on by his friends, he stops her and grabs her arm, trying to persuade her into going back to his room with him, holding on tight enough for bruises, so drunk he can barely stand.

She drops the groceries and runs, knowing she is no match for five drunk soldiers, no matter how loud she screams. She runs down abandoned streets, buildings boarded up and marked with yellow stars and she just thinks about hiding. She’ll hide until morning and then tell her father what happened.

But when she breaks into one of the boarded up houses, it isn’t empty. A red-haired painter–Jewish, she knows, only because of his name. They don’t actually know each other well; his father had been commissioned for some paintings in the hotel, however, so she is familiar with him and his family.

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Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3

Reaction to You Setting the Stove on Fire…

[Here is the BTS Reaction >click, Here is the EXO Reaction >click]

A/N lollllllll this is hilarious. but of course I’ll do all of ‘em, I’m a sucker for all these bands, so, of course I’m gunna suffer for them. they will be three different posts though. hope that’s okay.

love you too babe! <3



You were trying to make pancakes that morning for your boyfriend. Things were going well, Jaebum was still asleep in bed, the batter was ready to be poured in the pan, and the stove top was warmed up to the supposed right temperature. You had turned your back for a moment to check the time on your phone, but when you turned around, you were face-to-face with a red flame in the pan that was supposed to be for the pancake batter. You froze for a moment, then quickly ran out of the kitchen and called for your boyfriend. You burst through the bedroom door and shave him awake.

Y/N: “Jae! Jae! Fire! There’s a fire on the stove!”

Jaebum quickly gets up and runs into the kitchen without hesitation. He looks at the situation, and pauses for a moment, then grabs your phone.

Y/N: “What’re you doing!? We gotta put it out!?”

Jaebum: “Well I don’t know how to put out a stove fire, so I’m looking up-salt.”

Y/N: “Huh?”

Jaebum: “We need salt.”

He speaks and grabs the salt and throws it on the fire and in no time the fire is out. You guys open the windows and Jaebum grabs your hand.

Jaebum: “You’re not hurt?”

You shake your head.

Jaebum: “Alright, that’s enough cooking for the day. Let’s go back to bed.”

He drags you back to the bedroom where you two cuddle and fall back to sleep.

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You both were in the kitchen, you were cooking dinner while chatting with your boyfriend. You hadn’t yet put anything in the pan, but you turn it on to heat it up at a low temperature. Jackson had distracted you with a ridiculous reply to your question and were laughing with him about it when his eyes widened and he was looking behind you.

Jackson: “Is that supposed to happen?”

You turn and see a fire coming out of the pan. You scream and put the pan under the faucet and the fire fizzles out. You turn to Jackson with wide eyes of astonishment.

Y/N: “How’d that even happen!? There was nothing in the pan!”

Jackson laughs at you out loud, not hiding his amusement.

Jackson: “You have some talent to set an empty pan on fire Y/N.”

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Jinyoung was helping you try to cook. Both standing side by side while you were getting the pan ready to cook the mixed veggies that Jinyoung was cutting for you. Suddenly the pan went up into flames. Jinyoung pulled you behind him quickly while backing up from away from the stove. He acted quickly and pulled out the salt from the cabinet and dumped it on the pan. Immediately stopping the flames. He turns to you.

Jinyoung: “You’re not hurt are you?”

He asks, pulling your hands into his and examining them.

Y/N: “No, I’m okay. Thanks Jinyounggie.”

You moved to go back to the stove, but instead Jinyoung pushes you out of the kitchen.

Jinyoung: “You’re not going near that stove for the rest of the week. We don’t need anymore miracle fires. I’ll do this and you watch something.”

Y/N: “I’ll help with the veggies then.”

Jinyoung: “No, no, no, you’ll find a way to set those on fire too. Out. Go sit down.”

And with that he kept his word and kept you out of the kitchen for the rest of the week and would scold you whenever he found you in the kitchen.

(Jinyoung kicking you out of the kitchen, but reminding you he still loves you, ‘cause he’s a sweetheart like that)

Originally posted by jypnior


Mark would prevent the fire from happening before it even happens. So there would be no problem. After he would probably do the same as Jinyoung and move you away from the stove so there are no more chances for you to start a fire or get hurt. He wouldn’t want to risk it. You getting hurt being the last thing he would want to happen.

Mark: “Alright, how about you… Pour us the drinks, okay? And I’ll continue cooking the eggs, okay?”

You pout but listen to him and pour two cups of juice for you and Mark.

(Mark being satisfied with himself after getting you out of harms way)

Originally posted by jypnior


Lmaoooo, omg, Yongjae would be a mess. He would scream and panic all at the same time while trying to fix the problem for you, but not knowing how. You would have to get your act together for him and find a way to get rid of the fire. Afterwards you would need to comfort poor little puppy Youngjae, talling him you’re alright and that the fire is out and he doesn’t need to keep panicking anymore. After he would probably feel bad for not “manning up” and in a way protecting you and putting out the fire for you. But you would reassure him that it’s fine and you still love him for himself and not for the “man” he’s supposed to be. He’s a man enough for you and that’s all you could ask for.

(ignore cute little bean Jinyoung and focus on the screaming Youngjae)

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BamBam would just be plain disappointed in you. Like you are BamBam’s girlfriend, you better know how to cook. The moment you started that fire with nothing in the pan, BamBam would take a moment to stand there and look at you like ‘you seriously went and started a fire on air?? tell me HOW’ kinda look. He would then heave a big sigh and grab the salt, go out of his way to look at you pointedly, and you’d be like ‘there’s a fire?? maybe we should put it out??’ then  BamBam would proceed to dump the salt of the fire. Without a word, push you gently out of the kitchen and go back to cooking. No words needed, your boyfriend is beyond shook.

(unamused BamBam trying to give you comfort, but just can’t find the ability to. you set fire on air, and it’s going to take some time for him to get over it. [you are Yugyeom])

Originally posted by yugyeompire


Yugeom would probably be amazed, not sarcastically, but like, genuinely amazed. You, his girlfriend, set fire to an empty pan. That takes talent. He would then of course act quickly and help you set the fire out. He would then comfort you after and offer that maybe you two just order take-out. He would give you more affection for the rest of the day to show that it doesn’t bother him that you may not be the best cook. He still loves you endlessly regardless. He would find it funny as well, and when you get pouty about it, he would assure you that he’s not laughing at you, but your cuteness.

Yugyeom: “It’s okay Jagi, want to just get take-out?”

Y/N: “Sure…”

Yugyeom: “Cheer up. I love you Jagi~”

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More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 1

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


There are five holiday breaks in Norway. During those breaks kids don’t have to go to school so even if for whatever reason you don’t celebrate those festivities you still don’t have class. That makes it a good chance to go somewhere else and relax, spend time with your family, maybe even make new friends.

Five holidays breaks that go along the year.

The summer break, the biggest of them all, starts on late June and ends on August. After that, the school year begins and it’s not until late September/early October when the autumn break comes, it only lasts a week but it’s something. Then Christmas arrives, 2 weeks without going to school, 2 weeks to relax. Just like autumn has its break, winter also has one, this one takes place on late February/early March and just like the previous season’s break it lasts a week. Then finally comes Easter, every April, kids, and also teenagers of course, have a free week.

As said before, these breaks give families the best chance to spend some time together, far away from the city.

For Yousef’s family that means going to the cabin in the woods. Every year, almost every holiday, they go there. The cabin in the woods is a pretty big house with four bedrooms, not that they need the four bedrooms, and two floors. Yousef always takes the room in the attic, he loves the views and the calm that comes with it. At first Yousef loved going to the cabin but as he grows up he starts to get bored, he rather spend his breaks back in Oslo with his friends. His family rents the house for the first month of summer, the autumn break, the second half of Christmas and the first 4 days of Easter. Someone would say that the Acar family are the best costumers for that cabin, but they aren’t actually the only ones who stay a big part of their year there.

Sana’s family started to rent that house for holiday breaks before Sana had even been born. As if they were taking turns with the Acar family, though they had never met and they wouldn’t for a really long time, the Bakkoush family would stay in that cabin during the second month of summer, the first week of Christmas, the winter break and finally the last 4 days of Easter. Sana had to fight a lot with her two brothers, Abdu and Elias, to let her take the attic room. Eventually she won the battle and the room was hers. She likes being there. She has never been a very social girl. Sure, she has friends but not as many as her brothers have. In fact, she has never taken any friend to the cabin, unlike her brothers who always have guests. That may be the reason why Sana starts to dread going to the cabin, she always feels alone there.


SUMMER 2011 (11 and 13 years old)

On the summer of 2011 as Yousef had been in that cabin for almost three weeks already, he was starting to get on his nerves. He kept pacing around the room trying to think about something entertaining to do. Of course, nothing came to his mind. He was about to give up when suddenly he tripped and almost fell. When he looked down to the floor to try to find out what had made him trip he realize that there was a loose slab. He kneeled to the floor and took the slab in his hands. In the spot it had left on the floor there was a gap, big enough to hide something. For a moment he got excited, what if someone had hid something there and he was about to discover it? But the hole was empty. He was a little disappointed at first but then an idea came to his mind. What if he was the one that would hide something there? But now the question was…what should he hide? It wasn’t like he had anything he wanted to get rid of. For 15 minutes he sat on the floor looking around the room trying to think about something good. His eyes stopped in the wooden wardrobe that had a broken door. He remembered how the first time he got there that summer, three weeks ago, as he was about to open the wardrobe, the door fell and hit him in the foot. In that moment he wished someone, a previous tenant, would’ve warned him. What if he did exactly that? What if he wrote a note for the next tenant warning them about the broken door, that was a good thing to do, right?

He stood up and grabbed a notebook and a pen.

“Hello there unknown person. If you’re reading this you’ve found the loose slab on the floor and just like me you’ve been curious enough to look in the hole hoping that you’d find something. Congratulations! You found me. Sorry if I’m not what you were waiting for. But I’m actually here with a good tip. Be careful when you open the wardrobe door. Unless it gets fixed after I leave next week (it’s July 2011, just in case you don’t see this until like a million years) if you try to open it too hard it’s going to fall on your feet and hurt you, trust me, it happened to me. I don’t really know what else to say, I’m actually feeling kind of stupid for writing this when no one is probably going to see it. I’ll feel like a complete dumbass when I get back here on autumn break and find this same piece of paper with no answer on it. Anyway, at least I’ve tried. Hope your stay here is more interesting than mine, but honestly, that wouldn’t be that difficult. Well, bye!”

He folded the paper and placed it in the hole. Then he took the slab and put it back in its place. Yousef knew that he probably wouldn’t get an answer, but at least now he had a reason to look forward to his next visit to the cabin.


Sana sighed, only three more days and she finally would be back in Oslo. Not that her life was that interesting back home, but at least she didn’t have to be in the same place for a month. She was sitting on the bed looking at the floor trying to think about something that would entertain her. From her room she could hear her brothers’ laughs, they had brought some friends and were playing outside. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t let her play with them. On the contrary, Abdu and Elias always asked her if she wanted to hang out with them, but the truth was that most of the time Sana just wanted to be left alone. As she was lost in her thoughts something caught her attention. There was a slab on the floor that seemed out of place. She hadn’t noticed it before. She frowned and kneeled down. Sana took the slab and found a hole under it, big enough to hide something there. Without even thinking about it, Sana introduced her hand in the hole and tried to find something. She was about to give up when her fingers touched a piece of paper. She took it and unfolded it eagerly. There was a message, a short message from a previous tenant, and they had been there almost at the same time as her –the note said it was July 2011 and now it was August-. She looked at her wounded foot as she read the part about the broken wardrobe door. It had fallen on her foot the first night there. As she finished reading she thought for a moment. Should she answer? What if it was a psychopath trying to get her attention? But it really didn’t look like it and she didn’t have to reveal any fact about herself to answer. Besides, that person had tried to warn her about the door, the polite thing to do was to say thanks, right?

She grabbed a pen from her desk and started writing.

“Hi! How are you? Well, I guess it doesn’t make much sense to ask you that. It’s August 2032 here, guess it’s been awhile since you wrote that letter…Kidding!! It’s August 2011 so just a few weeks after you left, I guess? I just wanted to thank you for the tip even though I read this note way too late. Me and my wounded foot say hi to you. Since you gave me a tip, I’ll give you another. I don’t know when you’ll be back, if you’ll be back, but a word of advice? Don’t sleep with your window opened in summer, the mosquitoes will kill you. I’ve been bitten so badly this summer and I only slept with my window opened one night. At least next time I’ll be here it’ll be during Christmas break so I won’t have to worry about them, right? Well, I guess that’s pretty much what I wanted to tell you. Thanks again for the tip and don’t feel stupid, you got your answer ;)”


AUTUMN 2011 (11 and 14 years old)

To say that Yousef had spent the rest of the summer thinking about the possibility of him finding an answer to his note when he’d come back to the cabin would be a lie. Being honest he had pretty much forgotten about it as soon as he had arrived back to Oslo.

But when September came and it was time for him to go back to the cabin he found himself thinking about that every day.

As soon as he stepped into the cabin that autumn the first thing he did was run to his bedroom and close the door. He sat on the floor and took a deep breath before taking the loose slab in his hands. His heart beat fast in his chest as he introduced his hand in the hole and picked up the paper. He unfolded and grinned widely when he saw that his handwriting wasn’t the only one in the paper, someone had answered.

He laughed a little while reading it and as soon as he ended he grabbed a pen and wrote an answer

“I’m sorry to hear about your foot! Hope it’s okay now. And yeah I got bitten by the mosquitoes too, guess our blood is really tasty hahah…Okay that was a lame joke. Sorry!. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a reply, I guess we all get bored here in the cabin, right? By the way, I’m also going to be back here for Christmas…hmmm…I wonder how that will work. Guess we’ll know in a few months. Thank you for your answer and I hope you have a good autumn!”


CHRISTMAS 2011 (12 and 14 years old)

“I’m always here the first week of Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas in my family so we like to get away from the city. But on the second week we go back and spend some time with the rest of the family. A word of advice? When you come here next week don’t sleep with your window opened, you won’t get bitten by mosquitoes but you will literally freeze. Oh and by the way, yeah your joke was kind of lame but I’ve heard them worse, so don’t worry”


“Oh, I see, I’m always here the second week of Christmas. It’s pretty much the same with my family but in reverse order. We spend the week with the family and then we come here for the second week and celebrate New Year’s Eve here, exciting…I know. And of course I won’t sleep with my window opened! It’s December, do you think I’m crazy??? Oh and thanks for being nice about the joke but you shouldn’t be that nice, you’ll make me think that it’s okay to say lame jokes and you’ll never hear the end of it. Happy New Year by the way! I guess this question doesn’t make much sense but…when do you come back?”


WINTER BREAK 2012  (12 and 14 years old)


Happy new year to you too!! I’m back here again! (it’s winter break, 2012) Well in that case I hate your lame jokes please don’t make one like that again! (jk, it wasn’t that bad). And hey, I was just trying to prevent you from getting frozen but okay…girl? Boy?…I just realized I don’t really know anything about you. Maybe you could tell me something, like your age for example? Please tell me you’re not a 40 years old man, that’d be creepy. I don’t want you to tell me your name though, I like the anonymous thing, it’s interesting and it feels safe, if you know what I mean. I’ll be back on the last four days of Easter, hope there’s an answer when I come back”


EASTER 2012  (12 and 14 years old)


“I’m not a 40 years old man!! I’m 38! Haha just kidding, another lame joke. I’m a 14 years old boy actually. And I agree with you with the anonymous thing, I think it’s better if we don’t know much about each other’s personal life, it’s more interesting this way. By the way I’m here for the first 4 days of Easter so I guess you’ll come back after I leave. It feels as if we were taking turns to be in the cabin hahah. Guess it was destiny that we would meet…well not meet, but talk.”


“Ufff, I feel a lot better now. I’m a 12 years old girl, yeah yeah, I’m a little kid whatever…I’m sure I’m more mature than you. I actually think that I saw your car leaving when I got here? A nice white car? You know what? Forget about it, we’re trying to be anonymous here, we can’t know which kind of car we have either…I guess? So I won’t be back until summer, will you be here like last year?? I pretty much come the same dates every year so I guess now you know when I’ll be here. What about you? Was this year an exception or is it the rule? And yes I guess destiny was trying to make us meet…write…whatever. I’ll read you on summer!”


Well this is the first chapter!! 

I really hope you’ve liked it

I’ll tag all the chapters with “more than words au” and I’ll also post it on ao3 in case someone prefers to read it there

Thank you so much for reading and I hope it wasn’t confusing with so many time jumps


Imagine getting drunk one night and confessing your true feelings for Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, language, drunk reader, fluff

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: I feel like this kind of sucks, but it was swimming around in my head and just had to get out. I thought about trying to make it fit into one of the challenges that I am in right now, but it would have been forced. So instead, tonight you just get a free Dean Imagine no strings attached. No challenge, no celebration, just Dean. This story might not make a lot of sense, but sometimes when you’re drunk, life doesn’t make a whole lot of sense! 

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bsidez  asked:

can we get a scenario with mirio on a first date!! I want over zealous (and embarrassing) mirio unknowingly soothing his dates' nerves with how excited he is to be out with them.

ahhhhHHHHHH he’s so damn CUTE that’s exactly what he would do

You’re nervous about your date with Mirio. You know you shouldn’t be, because you’ve been friends with him for years, but you’re still finding it hard to remain entirely calm. You’d had a crush on him for many of those years, as did a lot of other people, and you really want him to like you as more than a friend. The fact that he asked you out should be telling your overactive nerves that he does, but you still can’t help the doubt that forms at the back of your mind.

You take one last deep breath before you enter the restaurant you agreed to meet at, the bells above the door ringing and giving away your arrival. It’s a cute, casual place. A place you’d been with him many times before, just never alone and never on a date. You scan the crowd for Mirio’s familiar styled mess of blond hair, but come up empty. You don’t know if being there first makes you more or less nervous, but before you can decide it turns out that you’re not the first to show.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Robert's the type of dad that, when the twins have guests over for sleepovers, he opens the cracked door really wide and stares at them and goes "You kids doing anything illegal in here?" to which Craig's just screeching at him to stop and leave them alone, and Robert's just like "It's my protective dad instincts!" and then he leaves?

Idk maybe he’d egg them on about it. Like what kind of illegals do you need me to help you hide the body..Kids I got your back. Craig is just trying his hardest to get Robert back into bed with him. Cause it’s cold and empty without Robert. But ANYWAY, I feel like Robert if he was doing that would try to do something goofy or play along a story. Dunno just me tho.