he stops trying to hide his emptiness

In the middle of the night, Jonathan wakes up to an empty bed and sniffling coming from the bathroom. Immediately he jumps up and makes his way quickly and haphazardly into the room, flipping on the light to find Gethin sweating profusely, leaned over the toilet. Cautiously, Jonathan approaches him and asks softly if he was crying. Gethin turns his head away, trying to hide his tears of pain because he is so embarrassed. Whenever he gets sick, he cries, and he can’t stop it. And he’s so much healthier than Jonathan, and he hates himself for complaining about his own health. “It’s okay, darling. You feel horrible. You are allowed to cry, you know.” Jonathan gets a cold cloth for Gethin’s neck stays by his side in the restroom, periodically cooling his neck and face, for the rest of the night.