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Diamond City’s littlest detectives

If Harry gets to host his own episode of SNL, I will spontaneously combust into a pile of rainbow glitter and ash then burst forth in my true form, a pink pegasus, and fly screaming directly onto the astral plane.

Captain Who

Timelords shouldn’t leave their TARDIS unattended or criminal masterminds steal them right from under their noses. And just like that, Carswell Thorne is flying through space and time, leading soap rebellions and fighting in intergalactic wars against evil queens.

Among his way, he finds the only mechanic that can repair a battered TARDIS, he’s sure of it. He is less sure about her being a lost princess though. And an emperor that absolutely needs a break from all his emperor-ing - who would be better for the job than Thorne? Wolf hybrids and farm girls, guards and princesses and androids  - everyone finds their place in the TARDIS (it’s a good thing that the TARDIS is “bigger on the inside”).

And finally, a damsel in distress he frees from captivity. A girl who has never been anywhere or seen anything and who dreams of deep soul connections and passionate kisses and daring escapades, not that she would tell him that. (But he knows.)

Being a true gentleman and hero in spe, Thorne takes her with him as his companion. It helps that she’s a sonic screwdriver in human form. A good thing to have by your side if you always get in trouble and have to run and escape. Which they do. A lot. If they are not too busy kissing that is.

But adventures can only last so long and eventually, after many, many journeys through time and space, they decide to stay on the planet that Cress loves better than any other they have visited so far - Earth.

The New Kid - 7 (Dean/Dad)

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Dean rolled over on the floor of the motel and stared at the bed. Your arm was hanging off the side of the bed. He squinted at all the bracelets are on your arm. How many did you need? You had like twenty on.

He sighed rolling onto his back. He’d been up half the night trying to figure out what his future self wanted him to find here. He came up empty.

He sat up cracking his neck before standing. He grabbed his stuff and walked into the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror for a long time before shaking his head. When he came back out he saw you sitting up on the bed going through your bag. You looked up at him and smiled a little.

Dean nodded to you whispering, “Did I wake you?”

You shook your head, “No…he…did.”

Dean looked at his brother. Sam’s mouth was hanging open. He winced apologetically at you, “Ooo, sorry it’s allergy season. I forget he becomes a lumberjack.”

“Well he only shook the room enough to wake me.” You started to get up off the bed.

Dean nodded before he asked casually, “I know the feeling, do you want to grab breakfast?”

You looked at him surprised and nodded, “Yeah, okay.”

You followed him out of the motel room. He looked at you seeing you chew something over in your mind. He was hoping you would talk to him, but he wasn’t going to make you,  “Uh I saw the diner just down the street, you mind walking?”

“That’s fine.” You pulled your coat closer to you feeling the crisp morning air bite into you. Everything felt really awkward since yesterday. You had opted not to talk to him until today. Now was good a time as any, “So…I’m sorry I got so angry yesterday…and that I said you weren’t my dad. I regret it…I have a real bad habit of just blurting out what I shouldn’t.”

Dean looked at you putting his hands in his pockets a small smile on his face. He understood that, “Yeah, well, I probably deserved it. I shouldn’t have been so pushy. I don’t have the right.”

You looked at him, “Why are you so cool about this?”

He stopped and looked at you, “What do you mean?” 

“You have the freaking Mark of Cain.” You told him your face falling into concern. He looked away from you, “You should be…well I really don’t know, you and Sam never talk about it, but I know you shouldn’t be this…calm.”

He set his jaw and looked down at you, “I’m not calm, Y/N.”

“You’re not?” You raised an eyebrow at him, “Because you’re coming off very pastoral.”

“Past what?” It was his turned to raise an eyebrow, “Y/N, I’m not a pastor…”


“Whatever…I’m not calm, I’m freaking out.” He told you. You had never seen your dad like this. He was always open with you and wore his heart on his sleeve. Having him so closed off was strange, “I am barely keeping everything together and I have no idea what I’m doing. Especially, with you.”

He kept going, “You’re…you’re so much like me. The way you were yesterday; I saw it your eyes, you like the fight. Don’t tell me you don’t crave it either because you’d be lying. You like to argue too. That conversation the car…I had it with my dad once…”

“So?” You shifted your weight to your right leg. You never knew he stole baby.

“So I never wanted this life for my kid!” He pointed at you his voice raising slightly, “I would never wish this life on you, which is why I am so pissed off at myself for letting it happen.”

“You didn’t have a choice.” You frowned, “Da…Dean, you can’t have been expected to drop everything to raise me.”

“Well I should have. I should have left the game and focused on you maybe then…” He stopped looking down at the ground.

“What? I wouldn’t be here?” You stared at him throwing your arms out at you questioned him, “Valefar maybe wouldn’t get to me? You can’t know that getting out the game would have stopped any of this.”

“I should have tried for you.” Dean looked at you with a mix of sadness and anger. There he was; trying so hard to show himself among the darkness he was fighting inside. There was your dad, “Nothing else should have mattered. I should have dropped everything as soon as I found out about you and helped your mom raise you.”

You took a deep breath in through your nose and looked down at the bracelet on your wrist. The one that had silver charms on it, “I…appreciate knowing that…but it won’t matter.”

“What do you mean?” Dean asked gruffly watching the wind move your hair.

You looked at him tears coming to your eyes. Even after twelve years it still hurt, “My mom dies when I’m seven…and you were the only family willing to take me.”

“…how? And what do you mean willing?” He squinted putting his hand on his hips. He didn’t like hearing this. Didn’t the world do enough to his family? Why did it have to take your mother away too?

“She…I…” You tossed it back and forth whether or not you should tell him, “She has a brain aneurysm…it ran in her dad’s side of the family I guess.”

Dean watched you turn from him. He wanted to comfort you, but he wasn’t sure what to do as you continued, “It was sudden…I was at school and when I came home she wasn’t outside like she normally was when I got off the bus…” You sighed shaking it off, “Anyways they called my grandparents, aunts, uncles…none of them wanted me. Then you came and picked me up.”

He didn’t understand. How could someone not want their family? So many questions with anger began to pile up inside of him. He took a big breath trying to calm down and sighed reaching out to touch your shoulder, “Let’s get something to eat…”

You smiled a little and nodded knowing that he was struggling to keep his comments to himself, “Yeah, let’s go.”

He put a small smile on his face patting your back a little. The smell inside the diner was heavenly, “Alright…this is more like it.”

You laughed a little watching him dive into the menu, “Let me guess triple meat, eggs, and toast.”

“Where do you see that at?” He looked at you and saw you didn’t have your menu open. You laughed more as he blushed some, “Am I really that easy to read?”

“No…that’s twelve years of seeing eat the same way when we’re out.” You smirked opening the menu, “But I’m sure it’s on here somewhere.”

“They wouldn’t be a good diner if they didn’t.” You said with him smirking when he glanced at you. He half laughed, “We go out a lot?”

“Yeah, you took some time off to figure some things out with me. Between you, Sam, and Cas I was always taken care of.” You looked at him getting strange sensation in the back of you head, “But it didn’t take me long to figure out how to sneak out once, after that I kinda became your miniature research assistant.”

“Is that where you learned what pastry meant?” He smirked at you.

“Pastoral, and yes believe it or not the research helped with school.” You told him as the sensation seemed to spread into your shoulders. It was becoming uncomfortable, “In fact, you made me apply to college and I got accepted.”

“You did?” He smiled at little, “Well that’s good, that’s great actually.”

The waitress finally came over and as Dean began to order that sensation weighed down on you. You glanced up looking behind him as he asked silly questions about the eggs. It felt like someone was drilling a hole in the center of your forehead.

Then you saw him. A young man staring at you. There was a pull between the two of you. Your heart began to speed up and your mouth went dry. His eyes were so familiar. You began going through all the people he could be. Was he the one you needed to find here? 

He cocked his head a little at you before looking back to the man he was with.

“Hello?” Dean waved a hand in front of your face, “You with me?”

You looked back at him, “Sorry…just…I’ll just have some scrambled eggs and white toast.” You looked back over when the waitress left, he was gone, “Never mind, I think I’m still adjusting from there to here…”

“It isn’t that.” Dean stared at you intently, “What did you see?”

You sighed forgetting your dad could read you like a book, “I saw a man over there…he, there was a strange feeling about him.”

Dean looked back over his shoulder to where you pointed. His eyes widened, “Crowley?”

The other man turned around, “Squirrel, what the hell are you doing here?”

Dean looked back at you as he pointed at him, “Is he the one you’re talking about?”

“It’s rude to point.” Crowley articulated as he walked over to you, “Who is this lovely specimen? Surely you’re not courting them this young now?”

Dean growled at him, “This…is…”

And here it was the moment of truth. You had been wondering how he was going to introduce you to everyone. You were going to suggest cousin to those who didn’t know them well, but Crowley was a different story.

“My kid.” Dean looked at you, “Y/N, this is-”

“Crowley, I know who he is. Still dashing I see.” Crowley was staring at you, “It’s rude to stare, you know.”

“Sorry, it’s just I’m still stuck on how you’re his daughter. How in blazes did you manage to produce off spring like this?” Crowley pointed at you making blush, “She must be taking after her mother.”

Dean sighed heavily, “What are you doing here Crowley?”

“What’s it to you? You didn’t answer my question, how did this happen and why does she have a curse on her?” Crowley stared at you, “Oh an it’s a big one dear, I don’t feel sorry for anyone but I wouldn’t even do this.”

“What are you talking about?” You looked at him, “You know what’s wrong?”

“You don’t?” Crowley questioned in disbelief, “Well it’s fuzzy and fading but I do know my curses. You’ve had this one since you were born love, you’re marked for life.”

“Can you get rid of it?” Crowley looked to Dean.

Crowley laughed, “Why would I do that? Even if I could give me one reason why I would help you?”

Dean gripped the table glaring at him, “Dad.” He stopped and looked at you as you turned to Crowley, “Could you just tell me what it does?…Please?”

Crowley looked down at you then to Dean before sighing, “Fine…scoot over, darling. I want to make sure you understand so I don’t get midnight booty calls for help.”


Goodbye, Kurt Hummel : [Week 1] The moment you fell in love with Kurt

[CUT TO: INT. HALLWAY - DAY. KURT walks up to the sign-up sheet
and writes down his name.]
[CUT TO: INT. AUDITORIUM - DAY. KURT is on stage.]
KURT: Hello, I’m Kurt Hummel, and I’ll be singing “Mr. Cellophane”.
[KURT sings “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago.]
Imagine being the human form of the impala

“Son of a bitch!” Dean screams as he walks up to where the impala was parked. “Where’s my baby!?” He looks around the car park, but the car is nowhere to be seen. Sam runs up after hearing his brother yelling, a beer in each of his hands. “Dean? What’s wrong?” He asks, passing a bottle to his older brother. Dean accepts the alcohol, he face full of anger. “Someone. Stole. My. Baby!” On that last word, Dean hurls the beer through the sky, the brown glass shattering by your black combats boots. “Hey!” You call out, walking into view from behind an old truck. The boys spin around, startled, Dean pulling his gun on you. You smirk. “Now, now, Deany boy. No need for hostility.” You giggle. “Who are you!? How do you know my name!?” Dean yells across the park, the barrel of his gun aimed at your head. You sigh and roll your eyes, knowing how stubborn he can be when you argue. You hold your hands up as if to surrender and began walking closer. Sam pulls his gun out. “Don’t.move.” He says intimidatingly. You loved the brothers, but damn the little one got on your nerves. “Jesus sammy! You should be thanking me!” You tease. “Hauling around your asses for 30 plus years hasn’t been the simplest of times for me you know!” You smile at their shocked and confused faces. Dean lowers his gun in realisation. It all adds up. The black leather jacket, the denim shorts, the silver belt, the small army man hanging from a necklace chain around your neck, the faint aroma of petrol and of course, if you look closely, the initials of both brothers tattooed on your arm, just like on- “Baby?” He asks. Your grin widens. “Hey darlin’.” You answer, lowering your hands to your hips. “No way…” You can hear Sam say, though he still keeps his gun pointed your direction. “But-but-” Dean stutters, tumbling over what words to use. “But how?” You offer. “It’s simple really. Starts with W, rhymes with Bitch.” Dean turns to Sam who has eventually decided to lower his weapon. “The damn witch hunt! That stupid whore turned my baby into a-” Dean began before you could cut him off. “I’m still your baby! Just, a human one, that is.” You explain. Sam shakes his head, not saying a word as his brother paces back and forth. Suddenly Dean stops, looking to you. “What about the-” he starts, but you already know what he’s going to say. You yank out a brown hex bag from your back pocket, dangling it in front of the boys. You nod in Dean’s direction as you chuck it over to him. He catches it easily, puzzling over its magic. You are impatient with his hesitation. “Well go on! Burn it!” You yell. He looks up at you, as if unsure for a moment, almost wanting to keep you human. You soften your tone. “It’s for the best darlin’.” He nods and pulls his lighter from his jacket, holding the bag above its non-existent flame. “See you boys soon.” You smirk. Dean flicks the small lighters fire to ignite the bag, and your world goes dark.

so today at school i got to bottle feed a three day old baby goat…safe to say it was a good day. (also it was tacky tourist day for spirit week, unfortunately i don’t dress like that all the time)

Mascot Lay’s “Lucky One” dance