he still thinks it's the funniest thing ever

kim and trini try to recreate the ‘back at it again at krispy kreme’ vine.

trini holds the camera while kim flips through the store but she still hasn’t totally gotten used to her ranger strength so when she kicks the sign it gets launched through the front window at 30mph.

my mum just told me abt the time my uncle (her older brother) was rushing to the footy after work in the rain, still in his suit, cutting through alleys and backyards, only stopping when he found a giant puddle in his way. “ill just run through it,” he thinks. its not a puddle. he stepped into a fucking pond and just got DUNKED up to his chin, still in his goddamn suit,

apparently they call the pond The John Davies Memorial Waters now in honour of the time he fucking died there

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stenbrough hcs: -bill plays with stan's curls a lot and thinks they're super cute -stan still gets butterflies looking at bill every time he sees him, even after they're fuckin married he just thinks he's the most beautiful person ever -stan is really ticklish and bill thinks it's the cutest/funniest thing ever and takes advantage of it often


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i called mo rielly daddy accidentally in front of my dad and he like did that thing where he looked at me really slowly and he was like "who do you think you're calling daddy? morgan rielly doesn't pay your bills. morgan rielly didn't dance with you at homecoming because your date threw up and had to go home. morgan RiElLy did not teach you how to drive" and he's been bitter about it for months and it's the funniest thing that ever happened to me i'm still yelling bc he doesn't understand

tell your dad that mo rielly was your miner husband from another lifetime

Haikyuu!! and social media
  • Kenma has a youtube chanel. He updates twice a month, and it consists of difficult walkthroughs and game reviews. He has nearly 5k subscribers, despite not speaking more than necessary and never showing his face.
  • Bokuto and Kuroo are vine famous, but a part of their fame came from Akaashi’s cameos.
  • Oikawa has 30k followers on instagram, but half of those came from Iwa’s guns and Hanamaki’s and Matsukawa’s funny faces in the background - which Oikawa always notices only a couple of days later.
  • Bokuto sends the funniest snapchats ever and his story always has 100+ seconds.
  • Suga is secretly tumblr famous because of his sports-related/healthy food/motivational quotes side blog.
  • Akaashi has a youtube chanel that he created back in 2005 and still hasn’t changed the username. He has like 100k subscribes despite only updating once every two months with  short videos of his violing playing.
  • Yamamoto, Noya and Tanaka sometimes post parkour videos on vine, but the videos are always blurry and the only thing you can hear is someone laughing.

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talking of frikey (which u know i love haha) have u heard this radio interview? (it's not letting me do the link so i'll submit it sorry) it's really funny and mikey's personality really comes out, i really recommend it! and as for frank and mikey's real life relationship i think they were close, frank said he was one of the funniest and most random people he'd ever met, and i like to think they're still in touch but i'm not sure. (but i could talk about frikey for years!)

here is the link to that interview! there are three parts and the whole thing is only like 10 or 15 minutes long.

Thanks a lot! I’ll have to check that out later, I love good Mikey interviews. There aren’t nearly enough. I think they’re still in touch, since they’ve sent each other some positive tweets, though I haven’t seen anything recently. Frank seemed especially supportive last year, which was probably what he needed. I hope they still talk…it’s sad to think of them being close at one time, but not now.

Chapter IV - His Second Choice

[ Other Chapters ]

Hana was sat on her study table staring out the window as she listened to her bestfriend cackle on the phone. The girl blinked in confusion on why on earth Kim Hyeri was laughing at the story she just told.

“That is the funniest thing ever!” Hyeri said, panting from laughter.

“Why?” Hana asked innocently.

“What? That wasn’t a joke?” Hyeri asked, obviously mocking her best friend.

Hana huffed; irritated, realizing her bestfriend was once again making fun of her. “Yah! Its true! Jungkook really did say he’d walk me to school tomorrow!” The girl on the other line scoffed. “Well, I’m still coming along! I’m not gonna let you be stood up by that boyfriend of yours.”

“What makes you think I’ll get stood up? He promised” Hana pouted

“One name and one name only, Park Yuri.”

 At the mention of the name Hana couldn’t help but sigh. “Oh right…yeah…” she mumbled under her breath. Hyeri felt bad between the silenced line. “Hana, you know I’m your best friend right? I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. Does it really take another boy beside you to get Jungkook’s attention? Wasn’t he supposed to be always by your side anyways because you’re his girlfriend instead of that girl he grew up with?”

Hana nodded even if Hyeri couldn’t see her. She knew Hyeri was just trying to look out for her; “I know…”

“I’ll walk with you tomorrow like always. I’ll behave if ever that boyfriend of yours does not bail out on you.” Hyeri reassured, making her best friend smile. “Thanks, Riri-yah~” Hana cooed

“No problem, Nana-yah~” Hyeri replied, in the same tone as her best friend—making the both of them giggle at their given nicknames to each other.


Morning arrived and the sun that had managed to peek through the curtains had been radiating its warmth on Hana’s face. Waking up from the sense of uneven temperature that touched her face, the girl yawned and stretched out her arms as a smile appeared on her profile.

She jumped off her bed and danced her way to her bathroom, ready to start her morning shenanigans. It didn’t took her long to get ready for school—humming her way downstairs her mother raised her eyebrows at her daughter.

“Morning mum!” Hana beamed as she jumped off the last step and gave her mum a peck on the cheek.

“Morning munchkin, looks like you had a goodnight” her mother, Soohyun smiled.

“I did~~~” the girl twirled in her skirt, giggling.

“I don’t know what happened but I’m happy my daughter’s in a good mood” Soohyun chuckled at her daughter’s silly mood as she swatted Hana’s hand when the girl offered her hand to dance. “Come let’s eat together” the older female urged as she lead the way in the kitchen.

“Uhm… I’m actually planning on eating in school mum, is that okay?”

Soohyun raised her eyebrows. “why?”

“I’m planning onto eating with Jungkook” the girl beamed, twirling once again. Soohyun could only roll her eyes to her daughter. “Sounds romantic” she commented, teasing her daughter.

“I know. Just every girl’s dream date” Hana agreed, playing along in her mum’s joke as they both laughed. “Well have fun in school kiddo,”  

Hana slung her bag on her shoulders, “Bye mum!” she shouted at the door and left. The moment she stepped out of their front door, Hana’s eyes did not disappoint when they landed on a certain red haired boy in uniform, bobbing his head whilst he listened to his music on his earphones.

She ran to his side and poked his cheeks, gaining his attention, the boy smiled at her as he took his earphones off. “Morning” he grinned then automatically grabbing her hand and interwined their fingers together. Hana smiled at this as she looked at their hands then to Jungkook. “Morning Kookie” she replied, supressing her wide smile. The boy brought his hand on the tip of his head and ruffled her hair—giggled escaped Hana’s lips. “Let’s go” Jungkook said.

The two started walking when a familiar voice was heard from behind.


She turned to look only to see her best friend running towards them. “Hyeri…” she whispered in herself and internally face palmed herself for forgetting. Jungkook on the other hand raised his eyebrows at Hyeri.

“Jesus Christ I need to exercise more” Hyeri, muttered as she huffed air to catch her breathe. Once she regained her debt in oxygen, she greeted her bestfriend but merely glared at the boy her bestfriend locked hands with.

“Hey Hyeri” Jungkook greeted but Hyeri merely nodded and linked arms with Hana— Silence engulfed the trio as they walk to school. Hana would occasionally look to her right to see Hyeri happily scrolling through her phone, still linked arms with her. But when she looked to her left it was as if on cue, Jungkook turned his head towards her as well; the two smiled at each other but did not exchanged words, the boy pulled his earphones out and placed one on Hana’s ear, one to his.

He played their favourite song together making Hana beamed “Ahhh I missed this song!” she exclaimed, making the boy chuckled.


When arrived in school Hana frowned when Jungkook suddenly excused himself. “I’ll see you later okay? I need to find—“

“Yuri” Hyeri blurted with an annoyed look, Hana nudged her best friend quiet.

Jungkook blinked before continuing, “She said she’s not feeling well. I’ll go look for her.” He said, trying to catch Hana’s gaze as she kept avoiding his. The boy clicked his tongue “Hana”


“It’s okay, your best friend needs you” she said reluctantly but urging him to go. Jungkook smiled at her and peck her cheek. “I’ll see you later.”

Hana watched Jungkook’s back as his head snapped from his left to right trying to look for the girl Nam Hana envies the most. At this state she get why the rumours of them splitting up was going around—Jungkook and Yuri looked more like the couple.  

“Yah Hana, are you really that surprised?” Hyeri nudged at her best friend who was blankly staring into space. Hana sighed and started walking towards her first lesson, “I’ll see you later Ri.” She mumbled. With slumped shoulders Hana let out another huffed of air— lost in her trance she did not hear a frantic shout of someone.

“Watch out!” someone called out

But it was too late when a football hit the side of her head. Hana gained her senses and blinked at the impact that the ball left as she stopped in her track. Wondering what was it that hit her suddenly.

“Hey. Are you okay?” someone called out again, when they reached her, their eyes widened. “Hana are you okay?!?”

Hana blinked at the boy in front of her. “Bambam” she whispered, dazed.

“Are you okay? You look really lost”

The girl nodded.

“Are you sure? Do you need to go to the nurse?”

Hana shook her head. “I’m okay. What was it that hit me anyway?”

Bambam raised his eyebrows at her. Was this girl really that clueless? What was it she was thinking about anyway, she seemed really lost in her thoughts? The boy saw the same glint of loneliness in her eyes, though today it looked like it’s more than a tinge. “Come on, let’s get you ice. It looked like you got hit pretty hard” Bambam said dismissing her question. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the nurse’s office.

Hana let him pull her away, still dazed—still unsure of what hit her. Once they reached the nurse’s office Bambam explained to the nurse what happened and asked Hana some questions regarding anything hurting or feeling nausea. Hana merely shook her head as she looked at the nurse blankly.

“Well it looks like she’s fine. I’ll give her an ice pack; she’s just a bit senseless at the moment, maybe because of the impact of the ball.” Bambam nodded as he kept glancing at the girl who was just staring blankly in the air. The nurse handed him the ice pack “I’ll excuse the both of you for the first lesson. Let her get some fresh air. I think she would need it.” the nurse commanded.

The boy tapped Hana’s shoulder, gaining her attention. “Let’s go” he said offering his hand. Hana blinked but took his hand regardless. The two left the nurse office and walked towards the school garden, they sat on one of the benches as Bambam handed her the ice pack. “Here.”

Hana looked at it and just looked at it. The boy beside her groaned, “Did the ball really hit you that hard?” he asked as he snatched the ice pack from her and placed it on the side of her head.

“No, I was just thinking of something else.” She mumbled quietly making Bambam raised his eyebrows, curious. “About what?”

She averted her gaze to the boy beside her. “Someone…” she answered.

Bambam gaped at her softly, his eyes once again explored her features. There was something in her that took him in, she intrigued him. This time though, Hana was not aware of the boy openly staring at her.  “You know when you smile you look a hundred times prettier.” He commented making her turn to him before she flashed a small smile.

“You really do love staring don’t you?”

He grinned, “Like I said only to pretty girls like you” he said and winked making Hana chuckled at his bold statement. “Does your pick up lines work sometimes?” she mocked.

“It worked on you yesterday” he smirked, referring at her flustered state from yesterday.

Hana hit his arm playfully “It did not!” she denied.

“Did to!”

“Did not!”

“Did to!”


“Look at that. Ugh!” he said gesturing around her face making her gasped in annoyance

“What? Do you have anything to say about it?” she challenged

“Yeah, It’s too beautiful!”