he still should have won for a single man

To think that in 2015 (or January 2016 u know the drill) when Messi won his 5th ballon d'or I thought ‘that’s it… Cristiano will never catch up to him now’ and then 2016 happened (and i still have no idea how that season was actual a real thing that existed) and Cris won his 4th and now he’s pretty much got the 5th one in the bag…… How is it possible for this man to come back from a 4-1 disadvantage in 4 years at his age when he’s competing against a guy 3 years younger that should be hitting his individual peek right about now. Cris is the protagonist of the single greatest individual remontada in the history of football. He really doesn’t know any limits. I positively believe this man is capable of anything he puts his mind to. After everything he’s achieved, after every damn time he’s left me speechless over his career, he still manages to top himself in one way or another????? He’s always outdoing himself, finding strength within him that none of us believed he had (when we were all fools to think this guy is a mere human), reinventing himself as a player, proving he is literally the most complete player football has ever met. I am always in a constant permanent state of awe before this man. I wonder every day how far he can actually go. And i keep telling myself 'there’s no way’…. And he always proves me wrong. So, I just wanna say what an immense pleasure and privilege it is to follow him and to be his fan. Thank you, Cris, for completely reinventing football and making every game so exciting.

All That Glitters (1/?)

A/N: A couple weeks back I was hit with the inspiration for a CS AU based off my job as a ballroom instructor/competitor. It has officially ruined my life and will be consuming a large portion of my brain for the summer. This one’s for all my Dancing with the Stars fans as well as my fellow dancers (whatever style you do) and anyone else who just wants the tension that only CS can do. Welcome to my sparkly world, enjoy your stay ;)) P.S. If you have any questions, let me know! 

Words: 6,073
Rating: D is for Dancinggggggg

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Everyday she works, practicing and training and conditioning until her feet are swollen and her muscles are sore and her shirt is soaked in sweat. It’s habitual now to be that disciplined, having less to do with any actual drive or desire and more because it keeps her busy, keeps her mind distracted and her limbs strong and her technique in top form.

She stretches her arm out to hit a pose, keeping in time to the music, then abruptly takes off down the floor in measured, purposeful steps. It’s harder without a partner to dance this way with, especially because these dances are meant to be danced with someone, but it’s a common exercise professionals in her field practice. Coaches far and wide stand by the belief that the stronger you are by yourself, the stronger you’ll be with another person.

“Reach back with the toe,” a voice calls out. “Push from your supporting foot.”

The instruction draws her from the zoned out state of mind she can easily get to under such rigorous exercising. It doesn’t faze her though, she’s used to being drilled incessantly in the middle of dancing (especially by him) and adjusts immediately without missing a beat. Her legs eat up the ground, body swaying gracefully while she counts along with the beats of the song blasting from the speakers through the studio.

“That’s it,” he encourages as she continues to move around the room. “Atta girl! Push, push, push! Yes! Good, Emma!”

She digs deep, using that extra little bit of adrenaline that surges through her at his praise to power herself through the last bars of the song and the last steps of her choreography. She does three free spins at the end, arms extending out in presentation and curtsying at his round of applause. 

“Not bad, kid,” he tells her, smile wide and proud.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” she grins back, accepting the towel he tosses at her and patting at her face and neck. “What are you doing here?” She has a sneaking suspicion exactly what he’s doing here but she wants to give him the benefit of a doubt. “I thought you and Mom weren’t coming out from Maine until next month to judge a competition.”

He ignores her question, holding his arms out, waiting for her hug. “Is that any way to say ‘hi’ to your old man?”

She goes easily, kissing his cheek when his arms envelop her and squeeze her tight. “You don’t call, you don’t write…you don’t even give me time to make dinner.”

David tugs playfully at her pony tail. “You mean pick up take-out? I already ordered some. Besides, gotta keep you on your toes.”

“That turn into the corner is keeping me on my toes.”

“I saw,” he muses. “Keep your head left.” 

He hands her a water bottle but that’s all he says, blue eyes studying her intently. She sees that look cross his handsome features and resists the urge to roll her eyes while she chugs her drink. Oh yeah, she definitely knows what he’s doing here.

“It’s easier with a partner.” His face is neutral for once, but his tone is pointed.

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