he still makes sure she knows how important she is

Hold me tight (don’t hold me back)

Summary: when a door closes, another one opens, but what happens when the door isn’t fully closed?

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

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It’s half an hour later, they are all settled around the kitchen table, eating some Chinese food takeaway because why not, when Taehyung mentions the word “date”. Y/n goes stiff, carefully glancing up from her food to look at Jungkook, who keeps eating but has a different aura around him. Taehyung is oblivious to all the tension that creates around him, he raises his chopsticks, eats a piece of chicken and points them to Jungkook “Did you know that this guy right here got himself a date with the girl he has been crushing on for more than three weeks?” Taehyung smiles proudly, probably happy about his best friend getting a date with his crush.

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To Speak

To my dearest Nonny, I hope you are smiling, I hope you find happiness- I am still here if you need me. All of us here are family you can count on. 


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The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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4 pleaase 😙❤️❤️

4. “Who gave you that black eye?”

“Perfect attendance Veronica.” Jughead repeated for the fifth time, his eyes wide as he threw his hands out frantically “perfect attendance!”

The raven haired beauty sighed
“Yes Jughead, I know she has perfect attendance. Or atleast had perfect attendance”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you! Something must be seriously wrong if she’s willing to give up her attendance record. I don’t understand why you’re not taking this seriously.”

Veronica couldn’t help the smile that crossed her lips at the very concerned boy in front of her. Jughead Jones was hopeless in every sense of the word.

“Jug, listen Betty’s a sixteen year old girl who took a day off of school. It really is no cause for panic, maybe she has a cold or maybe she’s playing hooky, either way you don’t have to freak out.”

The beanie wearing boy mumbled something under his breath, shoving his books in his bag and moving to leave the classroom.

“Where are you going?” Veronica asked, a perfectly manicured brow raised curiously although she was fairly certain she knew the answer.

“I’m going to see Betty, if she’s sick she’s gonna need some.. soup or something…I don’t know, I’m just gonna.. listen I just have to…” Jughead rubbed behind his neck in frustration, his sentence trailing off

“Finally tell her how you really feel about her?”

Jugheads head snapped up at the smirking brown eyed cheerleader

“Veronica! No! She’s my friend I’m just going to check on her.” He was blushing, he could feel the heat burning his cheeks.

“Mhmm, well you better get on that before the hall monitors hit the halls.” She filed her nails lazily, a knowing smile on her lips

Jughead was out of the classroom in seconds flat, thanking the lord his father had let him borrow his pickup truck.

He was tapping on the glass pane of Betty Coopers window just five minutes later. Jughead could see her honey blonde hair poking out from behind her closet door before her head popped out, the sight nearly made Jughead fall off of the ladder.

She looked beautiful, tiny blue cotton sleep shorts and perfectly pressed white tshirt, her bare feet showed off her adorably pink painted toes, but that wasn’t what caught his attention
It was the huge black and blue bruise circling the beautiful blondes right eye.

Betty Cooper had a black eye and Jughead Jones was not happy.

Letting him in through the window and into her soft cream room, Betty smiled lightly

“What are you doing here Juggie? I didn’t know it was take the day off of school day..”

Jugheads eyes were drawn entirely to the swollen part of her face, his fingers reaching out to brush across her eye lid, feather light against the sore skin.

“Who gave you that black eye.” His voice was monotone as he desperately tried to hide the emotion that was threatening to bubble through.

Betty sighed
“It’s not a big deal Jughead, I promise.”

Jughead moved his hand down to clutch her fingers, squeezing tightly

“You can tell me. I’ll make sure it never happens again. I can promise you that. I just need a name Betts, that’s all.” His voice was shaky now

“Jughead it’s not what you think.. I was… I was at a woman’s rights rally over the weekend and… some jerk who didn’t agree with my stance threw an elbow, it hit me in the eye. I didn’t even get his name. It hardly even hurts.”
She assured him softly, her own fingers resting on the protective boys face.

Jughead sighed, his anger still not in check

“Next time take me. You know I support you, everything you do. I can make sure no one hurts you. I can keep you safe” he knew he sounded pathetic, he was begging but he didn’t have it in him to care, she was too important to him.

“Okay, I promise Juggie. Next time.”

Jughead sighed, rolling onto his back and relaxing against the soft sheets.

“Good. Now that that’s settled, how are we gonna spend our day off?”

Betty beamed at her goofy best friend

“Together” she dropped down on the bed beside him.

Without You (Harry Styles Imagine) Part 1

Song: Highway Don’t Care (Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift)

“You just can’t do anything right, can you?!” he yelled.

A simple misunderstanding was all that started this commotion.

Harry had asked Y/N to pick up his sister from the airport for him, but she was too busy planning a birthday party for him to remember anything else. This led to right at the moment, when he was screaming his head off. It wasn’t a super big deal, but Gemma had waited at the airport for an hour before finally getting a taxi to her friend’s house. She had come for her friend’s graduation party, and later on she would help Y/N plan Harry’s birthday celebration. Y/N had apologized immensely to Gemma when she realized that she had forgotten the one job that her fiancé had asked her to do. Gemma understood, she knew that with all the pressure she was under, sometimes you even forget some important things. Harry, however, was another story. He was crazy mad at Y/N when he found out. But however it might look, his sour mood was already sponsored by the management, and the fact that Y/N kept disappearing for hours in a day. Little did he know, she was only trying her best to make sure that he had the best birthday of his life. Still, she knew that she had made a mistake. She should have told Harry, or at least she could have made up a reasonable excuse. Moreover, she knew how protective Harry is of his older sibling. She should have set a reminder for her to remember.

“I-I’m sorry Harry, I promise it just skipped my mind.“she said.

She didn’t want to make a huge deal about it, especially since it was his birthday in two days and she didn’t want the either of them to be unhappy just before his special day.

"Just - just leave.” he said, not even looking at her.

She was shocked to hear her always so loving and caring boyfriend say something like that to her, but she knew he was just angry, so she picked up her car keys and phone and walked out the door to give him some time to cool down, to think things over.

Tears blurred her eyes at the thought of losing him forever. She dreaded the moment when he would finally have had enough with her.

Continuing her way out of the house that she and Harry shared, she decided to go for a drive to pass time. As she sat in the car, she began to think what would happen if she actually lost him.

It was just a simple fight, but what if he thought that she was irresponsible and decided to breakup with her? Just the thought made her eyes water.

Her vision was blurred as she drove the car. She knew it was dangerous, but she didn’t want to stop and let the depressing thoughts take over her mind. Before she knew it, a big van came out of the road with the corner street and crashed into the side of her car, causing her upper body to move forward and smash in the front mirror.

She could feel the pain, the blood rushing out of the wounds on her body, and the voices of the paramedics around her. But she was too exhausted to stay awake, and before she knew it, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she blacked out.

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How would the crew react to the Pathfinder referring to them as a family member in a genuine, heartfelt way?


  • Is Ryder trying to make her cry? Because that’s exactly what she’s going to do. Or, she’ll pull herself back at the last moment, but they can totally see how glassy her eyes are as she lets out a very quiet, startled Thank you, and excuses herself from the room so she can have her emotional moment elsewhere. Her family is long gone, and it’s been ages since she’s even had someone she thought of as a friend. She would have been content to count Ryder as just that, but this? This means more to her than she could ever express.


  • Quietly touched, and like Cora, clearly getting a bit choked up but unwilling to actually get emotional. Afterall, it’s only been her and Sid for so long, and it’s been hard for her since becoming the sole adult for both of them to actually open up and trust someone. She’s happy, though, she really is, and every time she thinks about it (at least a hundred times that week alone) she’ll start smiling all over again. 


  • Probably the most startled out of the bunch, if we’re being honest. Sure, she’s gotten better at them, but emotional entanglements still freak her out quite a bit. So she, for once, doesn’t know what to say when Ryder tells her how important she is (they expected as much, with Peebee being Peebee). It takes her a few days o fully process it and understand, but once she does, she’s so on board, and makes sure Ryder knows that they’re equally as important to her. 


  • Well damn, Ryder, it took them long enough to come around. Drack just laughs and gives them a good-natured thump on the back. He cares about them too, after all, ever since they wormed their way into his old Krogan heart. They get invited to do a special family bonding activity, which in this case is actually just Drack sharing his own private recipe for making bathtub hooch. Still, it’s weirdly sweet in its own way, even if the fumes from the concoction threaten to burn Ryder’s eyebrows off.  


  • It’s kind of bittersweet in his case. He misses his family he left behind something fierce, but at the same time, he’s glad he can count Ryder among them now too, especially after all they’ve been through together. Expect a pure, genuine hug out of this man, followed by him completely denying that he’s getting sappy about it (he is). 


  • He’s thrilled. Romanced or not, Ryder is his friend, and Jaal loves his friends dearly. The fact that Ryder considers them family, though? He’s over the moon. Angara tend to love big families, and he’s no exception. Plus, he sort of knew that after meeting his mother she’d end up adopting his human anyway, so it totally works in his mind. His hug is almost crushing, and their feet get lifted off the ground, but Ryder can feel the pure joy radiating off him and that makes the bruised ribs worth it. 

Pairing: Peter parker x reader

Request: Hey I want to request a Peter Parker x reader with the reader having depression and whatnot and on an awful day Peter comes to comfort them and they just spend the day together and the reader kind of rambles on about their thoughts, some worse than others, but at the very end they feel better with him there. If that makes sense. I’m just having a really bad time and I don’t see many pics like this. - anon

word count: 1268

DISCLAIMER AND TRIGGER WARNINGS!: I tried to add things that I’ve experienced in the past when I myself was going through difficult times a year ago. I know not everybody’s depression it’s the same, so I apologize if this seems fake or so, but it’s just how I experienced it.. I also decided not to add a kiss in this because I felt like it would feel like Peter was taking advantage of the situation and we all now my son would never do that. My intention IS NOT TO ROMANTICIZE A MENTAL ILLNESS!!! If these triggers or offend anyone I’m really sorry, but this was an anonymous request and I just wanted to make this person feel a little bit better.

Just so everybody knows, if you are going through a rough patch you can always come and talk to me, anon or message it doesn’t matter, I’m here for each one of my people.


Anyways, hope you guys enjoy

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Peter was worried. He always worried. However today was different. He expected to see you by the lockers when he arrived to school as always, but you were not there today. He hoped to meet you at Spanish class, and wished for you to come to Math, however you didn’t show up.

The boy worried because it wasn’t likely of you to skip class. He had tried calling you and texting, however Y/n was not answering to any of their social media. By the end of the day he was anxious something bad might’ve happened to you, so he decided to pay you a little visit at your apartment before spiderwatch.

Y/n was probably just sick, so he stopped in a convenience store on his way, making sure to buy her favorite snacks. She always craved some chocolate whenever she felt ill. He payed for those and got back on track.

On the way there he couldn’t help but wonder what could’ve happened to you. Y/n and Peter had been best friends for a long time now, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.

He didn’t want to think that maybe she was in any sort of danger, but still, they told each other everything! If Y/n had been sick she would’ve called and demanded cuddles! Peter told himself not to worry too much, at least not until he arrived to yours.

A couple minutes after he finally made it. He climbed through the walls until he reached your bedroom’s window, and let himself in, like all those times he had done in the middle of the night for Y/n to patch him up.

He noticed a bulk hided under all the bed’s blankets. He couldn’t see your face, but he knew it was you.

“Y/n! Hey it’s me! What happened? Why you skipped class?

The boy made his way to the side of the bed, trying to get the covers from the girl, however she was holding tight to them.

What was Peter doing here? The girl felt as if her heart was going to explode. She did not need him there, and not at this precise moment! She probably looked like shit, but she couldn’t bring herself to care, what she didn’t want him to see was her actual state. He did not wanted him to think she was broken.

“Peter go away! I need to be alone”

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong, and also, I brought snacks, so get your ass off that bed”

Before the girl even noticed Peter stuck his hand under the covers, dragging her by her feet towards the end of the bed. The boy was laughing until he noticed the state of the girl.

Her eyes were puffy and red, probably from crying, and she had some big bags under her eyes, as if she hadn’t slept at all in days.

The boyed stared speechless until he noticed how embarrassed the girl seemed.

“Hey Y/n, I’m sorry, but what happened?”

The girl was torn. She wanted to tell Peter how she felt, how she had been feeling lately. How she had lost the motivation and energy to even get out of bed. But she didn’t want him to worry. God, he had to take care of the whole city! He did not need her stupid teenage drama as well!

She tried to think of something, anything to say, but as she tried harder nothing came from her mouth, instead, she felt her eyes starting to pick, with some tears she was trying to hold in them.

The boy looked as she struggled to find the words, before he approached her, holding her close to him, while she hided her face to his chest, this time really letting the tears roll down.

“You’re really worrying me”

“Peter don’t- I just- I don’t- It’s just something stupid, don’t worry about it”

The boy looked down at Y/n as he took her chin with his hand, making her look at him.

“Nothing that gets you this way is stupid okay? You can talk to me about it”

Y/n nodded as she hugged Peter once again, trying to stay close to his warm body. She started speaking really quickly, trying to muffle down her voice with Peter’s chest.

“ I’ve just felt- really off lately.Not entirely like myself. It’s just this thing I have- I just don’t know how to explain it.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you feel? ”

“It’s just that things have changed so much. I can’t find the energy to do anything at all. Most days I just want to sleep all day and never wake up. Other weeks I can barely sleep at all.

Stuff that used to make me so happy, and used to be so fun- it’s just- not anymore- and I don’t know how to fix it- or what to do

I don’t want to bother my mom or anyone with this stupid thoughts, but I’m jus really fuking tired of it. I want to laugh at stupid things again and feel like myself, not just so damn lost all the time”

Somewhere along the talk they had moved towards the couch in Y/n’s bedroom, still sitting near each other, as Peter played with the girl’s hair.

She felt safe, and at home. She felt loved and taken care of. She never wanted him to stop.

She felt like she could tell him everything. And she finally did. She let out most of her thoughts, not feeling much different, just slightly better.

However Peter was a completely different story. He felt so ashamed. Y/n had always been there for him, making sure he was alright, and the one time she had needed him Peter hadn’t even noticed how she felt. But he was going to make it up to her, one way or another.

“It’s still stupid and selfish. You have so many people that need you Peter, I should not be wasting your time.”

The girl tried to stood up and guide Peter towards the door, however the boy remained seated.

“You are more important. You are the most important person for me. And you need me right now. Everyone else can wait.

I want you to know that you can count on me, for everything you need. It’s not stupid how you feel. And I care about it, I want to help you”

Peter felt really embarrassed after his corny speech, however he meant every word. His face turned an ugly shade of scarlet before the girl talked again.

“ I heard you had brought snacks right? How bout we watch a movie? I just need something to distract myself”

The boy nodded as he got the chocolate out for her and she played a movie. They got together on bed under the covers, like many other Friday’s night they had done.

The girl cuddled next to Peter, placing her head on his chest as the boy speaked.

“You feeling better?”

This time, next to the boy she loved, a little warmer, she could feel herself different from days before.It didn’t have to do anything to do with the movie that was playing, or even the chocolate laid out in front of her. It was all thanks to Peter.

She felt herself nod before she realised. She wasn’t suddenly cured, however, curled up next to him she somehow knew that she could get through it. He really did make her feel a whole lot better.

Wedding Bells l Shawn Mendes Imagine

a/n: this idea really came out of the blue, so i hope you like it <3.

based on the song “Wedding Bells” by the Jonas Brothers.

Originally posted by dreamingbelle

He wanted to die when she first told him she was getting married.

They had broken up a long time ago, three years to be exact, and they had been together for the exact amount of time until everything felt so repetitive; he didn’t feel the need to take three flights just to see her, and she didn’t see the point on staying up for hours just to hear his voice and see his face through the laptop screen.

They both convinced themselves that it was for the best. He reassured himself that she deserved better, while she convinced herself that she wasn’t enough for someone like Shawn.

She got her college degree, and he buried himself in work. He didn’t hear from her in almost two years, when she reached out to him to tell him that she wanted to talk to him. 

A small part of him wanted to hear that she couldn’t live without him, that she just couldn’t get over him because he was the love of her life, and Shawn prepared himself to tell her that he felt the same way, that he was done trying to get over her because it was impossible.

Damn, was he wrong…

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I think people need to realise that Sansa is terrified for Jon’s life. As important as the Great War is, Jon is still in the “game”, whether he wants to be or not.

Sansa has seen what happened to people (i.e. Ned, Robb and Catelyn) who underestimated the Lannisters. Everything she did in 7x01 was her trying to make sure Jon doesn’t end up the same way.

(Not to mention she knows how dangerous Littlefinger is and that Jon inadvertently fucked his plans, but that they can’t afford to lose Littlefinger’s support, so there’s a threat that they can’t get rid of right in their damn home)

Preshow Sensate things

(This may have spoiler for those who haven’t seen season 2!!)

- The parents of each Sensate have all seen at least one foreign language being sung from their child’s mouth. When pressed the children didn’t know that they had been singing a Icelandic lullaby or a religious chant in Hindi. They were just singing what was in their head.

Once when Nomi was in a row with her parents, she yelled at them in Swahili for about ten minutes. She was locked in her room for being a ‘devil child’ not long after.

- Every Sensate aside from Sun was proficient with chopsticks as soon as they touched them. Didn’t even have to be shown how to use them, they just did with the ease of someone being raised on using them.

- Wolfgang once got dared to jump onstage at a club by Felix and mess around with the set up there. He proceeded to drop the sickest beats for several minutes before he was escorted off stage. He was offered a job there not long after but he declined as he didn’t know where to begin with DJ-ing.

- Lito was only in a fight once when he was younger, and he managed to break the kids’ arm with a ridiculous form of martial arts. The view of this super tough and manly boy persisted through the years, and is one of the reasons he was picked up for his first movie as an action role.

Lito has no idea what happened between the first punch and the kid crying at his feet, but he felt p o w e r f u l.

- Riley has broken out of handcuffs no more than five times despite never learning how to do so. She’s impressed a lot of people with that trick.

- The first time Capheus ever went on a computer, he shut down a large portion of the power grid with his 'messing around’. He still has no memory of being taught what internet explorer even was, but sometimes he dreams of long codes and in his sleep his fingers twitch against invisible keys.

- Though she has no idea how, Sun managed to pass her final chemistry test in high school with flying colours to secure her the grades needed for university/college. Her professor couldn’t explain how she’d done it as they’d already checked her for cheating, but Sun couldn’t even explain what possessed her to write several pages on parts of chemistry even her fellow students hadn’t known.

- Will became best friends with Diego after he proceeded to do some dope and fancy bar tending skills at a party they were both invited to. Despite the fact Will couldn’t hold the liquor he expertly poured and Diego was stuck holding him upright a few hours later, the latter knew that this boy was going to be his best friend, even if it only was for his fancy cocktails.

(Will claimed he has no idea how to make any of those fancy drinks, and Diego always thought he was holding out on him until he met Lito and kind of went “ahhhh…you’re the fancy bar dude.”)

- Kala won’t tell anyone how she managed to get an important business partner for her work from Korea, but even she’s not entirely sure how she apparently managed to seduce the young man with her dry humour and quick Korean. To this day Kala still doesn’t know what she did, but now most people at work go to her for business advice as she apparently has the know how??

- The sensates sometimes had moments when they were younger of almost dysphoria.

There were days when Nomi almost felt okay in her body prior to the surgery. She can almost feel phantom full hips and budding breasts, and for once she didn’t feel like she was wearing a false skin. She felt totally and completely female both outside and in, and not even her family could take that away on those days.

In contrast there were days where the others didn’t feel comfortable in their bodies. A crawling sensation on their skin as they were hyper aware of what made up their sex. Days where the boys found themselves almost looking longingly at skirts and flowing tops, and feeling uncomfortable with their scratchy stubble. On those days the other girls couldn’t help but feel oddly grateful in their bodies, and more self-confident than usual.

- Sexuality was another confusing aspect when the sensates grew up.

There were days where Will found himself looking at men with a sexual desire he had only ever felt towards women. He was straight (was being the key word here) but sometimes he found himself being turned off by the thought of full thighs and long hair wrapped around his hands.

Kala occasionally found herself gazing after the soft dark skin of girls walking by, immediately feeling ashamed after as that wasn’t something a proper Indian woman should do according to her family. But the older she got the more she grew accepting of the idea of loving both sexes. And when she finally connected with the others, she could feel acceptance within them.

Lito will always be a gay man. That’s who he is and always will be, but the lines of sexes blurs whenever he is with the sensates, and it reminds him of the feelings of his childhood where sometimes he didn’t even know who he was or what he liked.

(I’m sorry this is so long!!)

list of cute things about Jude Law (that nobody asked for and that got really long ‘cause I have no self-control and just really love this dork):

  • often spends the weekend on the couch reading and falling asleep a lot
  • reads an awful lot in general and often gives book recommendations in interviews
  • named his first daughter after his favorite author
  • writes entire essays about the characters he portrays
  • writes and paints in his freetime 
  • bought a lot of his sister’s paintings and hung them up at home because he loves and supports her
  • really loves food too (from pretty much every country)
  • uses his natural charm to make the people surrounding him feel secure
  • got a fandom tattoo at the age of 18
  • is a comic book nerd
  • often pulls faces in pictures
  • is currently trying to learn how to play the piano
  • thinks it’s important to be able to laugh about oneself (especially as an actor) and does so a lot
  • tries to hide his face when he gets embarrassed
  • when he is driving alone, he always turns on the radio channel his kids always listen to because it reminds him of them and makes him feel secure
  • said nothing makes more a man out of you than when your will gets broken by your 1-year-old daughter
  • bothers to learn the names of everyone on a film set and is totally willing to listen to them if they want to talk to him
  • randomly takes film crew members out for dinner
  • supports equal rights for everyone
  • and is really open-minded in general
  • wants to create a good peaceful future for everyone
  • is always up to date when it comes to things that matter like politics and theater but has absolutely no clue about internet/social media culture
  • gets really along with children in general
  • romance means an awful lot to him
  • jokingly got asked by a random woman if he could sponsor her in a charity run and he immediately said yes
  • always wanted to be known for his acting not his looks
  • wrote a letter to the WTO urging them to keep protecting baby seals
  • does a lot of charity stuff that either helps humanity or the environment
  • always has to picture the cardinal directions in order to remember them
  • was naive enough to think after having not ice skated for 30 years, he could still do it and ofc failed miserably but still had a lot of fun
  • said his crush is Judi Dench
  • when he became sexiest man alive, his friends gave him toilet seat with his picture printed on and he kept it
  • is interested in fashion but also keeps wearing the same things for like a decade
  • hates people who just throw their litter on the ground because that’s “disrespectful”
  • loves children literature
  • kept his favorite poem first on his fridge and then above his bed
  • likes to do yoga
  • uses his entire body while laughing
  • his voice sometimes breaks when he is laughing
  • always tries out new things while cooking
  • is always hard working
  • does tons of research for his roles
  • is always looking for a new challenge acting-wsie
  • he participated in a project where you pay the house for someone in an african country and as a reward get shown around the neighbourhood by the person you helped, however the teacher of a near by school heard Jude Law would come to visit the city so she asked him if he would be so kind to make an acting course for the children which he immediately said yes to
  • doesn’t give a damn about what’s considered “manly”
  • hates the word ‘bromance’
  • is really passionate
  • his excitement and enthusiasm is really childlike
  • is really nervous about his skills everytime he is at a new set so to distract himself he simply talks to everyone
  • always panics at first when joining a new project but eventually calms himself down and reminds himself to just do his best
  • stands up when a woman enters the room
  • spends as much time with his family as possible
  • even when he is in another country, he makes sure they can either fly to visit him or he can fly back home as much as he/they wants/want
  • loves the domestic life and being surrounded by kids, having to cook for them, getting them to school etc
  • loves cuddling them but respects if they don’t want to
  • respects other cultures and is always happy to try something new
  • thinks it’s important to use fame to get the media’s attention to important issues and helping to fix them
  • always tries to help in general
  • is incredibly positive and loving
  • once got asked how he manages to have a job and children and replied with “like every other working parent?”
  • when an interviewer tried to be funny and asked who he is, he thought he really just didn’t know and replied politely with his name and offerd him his hand
  • is the strict parent because it’s incredibly important for him that his kids have good manners and are polite
  • still makes sure they know how much he loves them
  • when asked if woman need to wear high heels to be attractive (in his opinion), he said that every woman is attractive when she is herself so it really doesn’t matter what she is wearing
  • when he had to choose a winner in a cooking contest, he felt so bad for the losers, he had to hug them
  • even when he was one of the best paid actors in the world, he still worked on films with smaller budgets that would have never been able to pay him the amount he could demand, because he always cared more about working on projects he cares about than making the most money out of it
  • when he got gifted a copy of the complete peanuts for his kids, he decided to keep it for himself because he really really loves the peanuts
  • he also has/had a snoopy jacket

TL;DR: Jude is a fucking gem, protect him.

title: take my heart and put it in your pocket (AO3)


The way Clarke sees it, there are only two ways to explain the situation; Clarke and Raven have the same secret admirer with remarkably bad taste, or Clarke and Raven have two separate secret admirers with similar, but remarkably bad tastes.


The one where Clarke is in love with her best friend and, also, someone is secretly giving her and Raven lame gifts that she kind of likes.

word count:  2588

A/N: This is really bad fluff. Not even in a self-deprecating way. Like, I think I just needed to write this much fluff for some reason. It was almost therapeutic. Anyway, there’s some background sea mechanic, if that’s your thing.

The way Clarke sees it, there are only two ways to explain the situation; Clarke and Raven have the same secret admirer with remarkably bad taste, or Clarke and Raven have two separate secret admirers with similar, but remarkably bad tastes. Either way, she thinks it’s kind of sweet.

Raven, on the other hand, has a different approach to the whole thing.

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#ben’s so used to being a burden that people inevitably regret and he keeps waiting for her to regret him too and she doesn’t (x) — via @magalimoons

Expanding on these very accurate and very rude tags: in the previous episode we saw that even his extended family considers him a disappointment, so that low opinion is well known to Benvolio to the point where he just assumes that’ll be everyone’s reaction to him. Rosaline’s given up so much and taken such a huge risk in joining him and he knows that. How could she not be regretting her decision? He conflates the difficulty of their mission with an inherent difficulty in being around him. Rosaline picks up on this and sees his vulnerability for what it is, so she brings their conversation back to his initial question to make sure he knows how she feels because she can read that it’s important to him, and essentially says, this journey we’re on is dangerous and frustrating but she doesn’t regret going on it with him.

anonymous asked:

Can I get hcs for Bakugou who has a s/o who is stressing over grades and gpa? How would he comfort her and how would he react to see her so stressed and beat up? I’m in a similar situation and just can’t seem to find anyway to be positive about it anymore thank u ❤️

Time to stop procrastinating and write some requests~ I wish you luck on your studies anon. Just remember no grade is worth you getting sick. Take it in strides. And according to scientific research you’re more likely to remember answers when having a full night’s sleep (8-10 hours)

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He doesn’t really get it at first. Why are you so stressed? School is easy enough for him, so why are you freaking out? You must be stupid or something… but he knows you are not, so why?
  • Finally starts to get somewhat concerned when you start chugging energy drinks and coffee in attempts to stay awake. You look like hell, literal hell.
  • He’s going to aggressively ask you what the hell is wrong. When you confess to trying to study and learn the material so you can pass he stares at you strongly
  • He’s never had to try very hard at school, as it has come to him naturally. So he’s not sure what to say since you have to try so hard to even keep up with your top classmates
  • “Well not sleeping is gonna make you fucking crash, idiot.” He attempts to console you, only to have his S/O wave him off. She claims she’ll sleep when she feels like she knows the material
  • He knows her better then that though, and knows she’ll never feel like she does. So he does the only thing he knows how to do: he literally forces you into bed.
  • Struggle all you want, but he’s not letting go until your asleep and resting. Grades are important, but taking care of yourself is even more. He knows this well enough.
  • Once your rested he’s going to tutor you (and Kirishima). He’s gentler with you, but still a tough tutor. He’s going to make sure you know the material and also feel good.
  • He’s making study sheets and schedules for you to follow. He’s not perfect, but he knows how much studying you should be doing. And if he catches you over doing it again… those threats about forcing you to sleep are not just threats.
  • He’s not big on comfort, so he’s going to try to get you to instead form healthier studying habits and help you when you need it.

okay but in episode 8 when sana apologizes for what she said about homosexuality and then isak asks her about islam? like i always thought that was a weird way to segue into sana’s BOSS speech about religion/hate/fear but now that i’ve watched it for the 2348854973rd time i realize that isak is asking about sana and what she thought of him being homosexual.

it doesn’t really matter to isak what the latest research on homosexuality says (he didn’t read the link!); what matters is what sana thinks. he wants to know how homosexuality affects her religion, her personal life. he wants her to be okay with him and he wants her approval.

and yes she teaches us all an important lesson but she also just looks isak in the eye and makes sure that he understands.

the same as always: she was his friend before and she still is.

Funeral Suit - Shelby!reader

Mum’s the Word | Funeral Suit 

You felt as though some strange sense of déjà vu had passed over you. Sitting on the low end of the garden wall was your father and there you were, standing at the door. You hadn’t seen him since the wedding, despite keeping in touch with Grace. It was she who wrote you letters daily and first brought Charlie round to meet you.  

During the funeral you stayed with your brother wandering the unfamiliar house and looking at all the portraits hung up. There were pictures in Charlie’s room of your father’s family and you felt as if you were trespassing just looking at them. This, the house, the Shelby name, the business, it would be Charlie’s legacy. He would be the golden child and your father would provide for him what he had never been able to provide for you.  

After passing Charlie off to a maid who insisted she take the boy you headed downstairs and out the back doors, surprised to find your father having a cigarette away from all his family.  

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cauldron-boilme  asked:

Elucien and ♡ (Accidentally falling asleep together) pleaseeee x

I fear I’m horrible at following prompts, but still hope you like it <3

He’s waited for her. She barely remembers she told him that yes, he could visit her in her chamber when she feels better, she’s lost all sense of time and space, staring at the monsters and the gods palpitating behind her closed eyelids - and still, he’s waited for her.

He hasn’t slept much lately, that’s obvious. Fae may not get grey and wrinkled like humans when they’re exhausted, but there are shadows around his eyes, bluish-dark, a hollowness in his face that makes her think of frail, dried bluebells pressed between the pages of books. He’s still sitting, head tilted on the side, one hand resting on his chest. He’s so tired he doesn’t even stir when she slips out of her room, when she walks up to stand in front of him.

Elain isn’t sure how much time she spent in her rooms – if a couple of minutes or a dozen human lifetimes. She wasn’t sure she really cared to know, either.

Till now. Now it sounds important.

Curled in the carved ebony settee, Lucien is shifting. She sees his eyelids flutter, his face paling. She tastes his racing heartbeat on her tongue, like berry sap – sweet and sour at the same time. He’s breathing hard, now, calling out a name in half-choked whispers, again and again.

Tamlin. Her sister’s first love, the king of Spring. Tamlin, Tamlin.

With a jolt, Elain recognizes that tone – stuck somewhere between prayer and begging. She’s called Graysen’s name with the same voice, numberless times.

“Tamlin…” Lucien frowns, letting out a gasp. His fingers twitch on the settee, grasping at something she can’t see. “I’m… I’m…”

Reaching out is a reflex. She brushes his cheek, the barest touch, the slightest jolt of the strange, heavy thing that bound them together. It’s jarring, nearly breaking her heart with the sheer otherness of it, but she doesn’t hesitate.

No one deserves to relive this. No one.

The effect is immediate. Lucien’s eyes snap open, the jewel in his orb whirring madly, his natural one finding her – and staying there. He keeps breathing hard for several moments, every scrap of attention fixed on Elain, as if she’s the only thing keeping him from drowning. Maybe she is.

“It was a dream,” she says. Talking with this new mouth still feels strange – her voice too shrilling, the way her mouth moves all wrong.

“A dream,” he gasps. A flash of emotion twists across his face, mixed with relief and regret. She knows that feeling too.

Silence falls, thick and ringing. Elain is waiting for him to talk, expecting it, but he simply straightens, staring at the damasked roses threaded in the settee silk. She wonders why she misses the weight of his eyes.

“Have you waited for me here?” she finds herself asking – blurting out. “All this time?”

Lucien’s cheeks flush pink. “Aye.” He struggles to sit up, twisting his head to the side, and starts fumbling with the pockets and folds of his tunic. Tousled by sleep, his hair looks like a burning torch – curls tumbling down his cheeks and his forehead in every shade from strawberry red to the deep, obscene shade of sunset and old blood. Sharp, elongated ears peer through the locks – slightly too-long hands running down his body. He looks sleepy, and embarrassed, but Elain could never mistake him for just a boy. She supposes that’s all right. She will never be just a girl again, either.

“I sneaked in the library, yesterday morning,” Lucien is saying. His hand finally closes around what he’s looking for, extracting a small, green-covered book from his doublet. Its pages look dusted in gold. “Looking for something to read – mainly to piss Rhysand off, actually. And I, found this. It was like it was waiting for me – for you, actually.” He swallows. Extends his arm, pushing the book against her fingers – impossibly careful. “It’s… a book about trees. Strange trees – things that can only grow here in the Fae lands. Gold trees, cursed trees, iron trees. Talking trees.”

“Talking trees?” For the second time, Elain finds herself talking before realizing it. As if talking isn’t hard at all, even with her new mouth.

“Damnable lot,” Lucien says. He gives her a smirk, bright and brash and impish. “Got in a fight with a talking alder once – lost a bet to her, actually. Let’s say spending a month in the shape of a fox leaves lasting effects.”

Elain sucks in a breath. She feels the tell-tale shiver ripple along her arms, the surge of silver light she’s coming to know despite herself – exploding behind her eyes and clearing the shadows for the time of a single heartbeat. As if from eons of distance, she watches herself rising her hand – brushing her fingers against his cheek. From an even greater distance, she hears his breath itch.

“That’s why they call you little fox,” she says, with the terrible certainty of that gift she never asked for. “His little fox.”

Lucien doesn’t make a sound, but he flinches under her touch, tightening like a bow stretched to its limits. He doesn’t ask her how she knows. He doesn’t deny it.

“Yes,” he croaks. “Yes, you’re right.”

Elain tilts her head. They stay like this for a long moment, her standing in front of him, fingertips grazing his skin, enclosed in the light pouring from the corridor windows like the pictures in the glass-windows of the church back home. Then she lets her hand slide off his cheek, and leans in to take the book. The taste of his pulse on her tongue grows stronger, clearer – still beating fast.

“Are you scared of me, Lucien?” she asks slowly. It’s the first time she uses his name. They both know it, and it tastes of berries and sunlight, just like his heart.

“A bit,” he says. Takes in a shuddering breath. “Not exactly.”

She meets his eyes, and sees he’s telling the truth. It’s the first time she notices it. Feyre looks at her with rage and pity, with no idea how to fix her and aching to at least avenge her. Nesta keeps watch on her with terrified eyes, as if she’s a bleeding fawn, attracting predators. But Lucien, he looks at her with a different kind of fear. He stares at her with awe, and shock, and marvel. He looks at her the way you look at an eclipse – as if she’s burning his eyes, but he can’t bear the thought of tearing his gaze off.

Elain feels her pulse thud. Feels a thrill in her stomach – a trembling, newborn thing, bubbling up in her chest. For the first time since she woke up monstrous and beautiful, maybe for the first time since forever, Elain Archeron feels a spark of something akin to pride.

Lucien is still waiting for her answer, biting on his bottom lip till it’s swelling red. A small smile pulls at the corners of her mouth. She doesn’t fight it.

“I don’t want to scare you, Lucien.”

“I know.” He gnaws on his lip, harder. “Can I still a bit longer,” he rasps out, choking on his words – on his hope. “Read you some more about talking trees?”

Can I be scared of you for a bit longer?

She falters. Her sisters have spent weeks sheltering her from him. She herself has feared him, the pressure pushing on her chest every time they’re in the same room, crushing down the last remains of Graysen’s betrothed. But today, she finds herself rooted to the ground. A want is pulling at her, coiling in her new, strong body. She wants to stay. She likes being an eclipse. And it feels like a beginning.

Carefully, Elain slips on the settee beside him in a rustling of skirts, and leans back against the cushions – closing her eyes. Lucien’s presence blazes bright behind her eyelids, like a star – from the touch of his thigh skimming against the fabric of her dress, to the sound of his voice reading the first paragraph of a chapter in trembling, hushed tones, to the soft whirring of his mechanical eye. He pours off heat, softly, pulsing at the same rhythm of his blood.

Yes. A beginning, she thinks. Like spring.

The smile stays on her lips. 

Elain falls asleep, and instead of kings and gods, she dreams of berries and sunlight.

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Two Steps - Part 7

HELLO!! Part 7, the second part of the party scenes is HERE!! Yay! So just to remind you guys, in the “past” party one, Rae sees Luke flirting with a girl, Finn comes up to her and Archie with his date, Tracie. Finn offers to get Rae a drink but she walks off. In the “Present” party scene, Luke has a girl in his lap, Rae dances with a guy at the party, she sees Finn watching her and she walks off the dance floor. The scenes are kind of similar, so I just wanted to clarify. Thanks you guys for reading!!!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 

Part 7:

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