he still makes sure she knows how important she is

So I refuse to believe Jocelyn is dead
  • There’s no way they would kill off such an important character in the 4th episode. 
  • Clary just got her back
  • Lucelyn got their first kiss and we need more.
  • Plus Jocelyn was acting hella shady this ep so it wouldn’t make sense for her to just be killed off.
  • The Sebastian storyline is coming soon and she is pretty important in that regard.
  • They killed her offscreen which would be a pretty crap was of killing an important character.
  • We need a Lucelyn wedding or I’m suing.
  • Malec have their first date soon and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be doing that if Jocelyn was actually dead.
  • Valentine still loves Jocelyn, why would he send a demon into the institute if he thought it would kill her? I don’t know how but maybe she got out/valentine has her? idk I’m in denial okay.
  • There’s a promo for 2x05 where Clary is talking about how she can bring Jocelyn back so maybe she is dead and Clary brings her back somehow???


okay but in episode 8 when sana apologizes for what she said about homosexuality and then isak asks her about islam? like i always thought that was a weird way to segue into sana’s BOSS speech about religion/hate/fear but now that i’ve watched it for the 2348854973rd time i realize that isak is asking about sana and what she thought of him being homosexual.

it doesn’t really matter to isak what the latest research on homosexuality says (he didn’t read the link!); what matters is what sana thinks. he wants to know how homosexuality affects her religion, her personal life. he wants her to be okay with him and he wants her approval.

and yes she teaches us all an important lesson but she also just looks isak in the eye and makes sure that he understands.

the same as always: she was his friend before and she still is.

anonymous asked:

Still, you could have tried to make Elizabeth feel like she came first once in awhile since you treated Ephram like he came first all the time.

“And there I thought that spending two-thirds of my life propping her up and telling her how beautiful, how clever, and how wonderful she was; dealing with her night terrors, and panic attacks, her excessive drinking and mistrust; and absorbing all the little ways she disregarded my feelings and never took the time to really get to know me, with a smile, was making sure she understood how important she was to me.

She dictated every aspect of our relationship. She started it, stopped it, and ran it - all according to her own specifications. She made the rules, and then broke them when they didn’t suit her. So tell me, mate, how exactly was Lizzie hard done by? 

I mean, of course, beyond the fact that I refused to condemn the man I love as a psychotic would-be serial murderer.”