he still looks a little goofy

Whenever I look back on the early episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender, I realize that Iroh was probably acting a little ridiculous on purpose. He knows that Zuko still has fresh emotional wounds from his cruel, uncompromising father and sadistic sister, and the one source of softness and warmth in his life, his mother, is long gone. Iroh always tried to be a friend to Zuko, but now that his nephew has been scarred and banished, he tries to be goofy and funny and carefree so desperately hard because all he wants is for Zuko to smile and relax again.  If making a fool out of himself is what he has to do, he’d do it a hundred times over.

One day I walked into my free period class room and I saw one of the kids from the autistic program at my school and I had some friends in there already so I was like you know what sure I’ll sit next to him he looks nice. So I sat next to him and he was the sweetest little dude in there world. He was older than me but really short and when I sat down he got the biggest smile on his face. Then he got all shy called me pretty and my heart fucking exploded. Then people from around the other tables looked at him and were like “Looks like you’ve got a crush there.” and he get all flustered and he still had a big goofy grin on his face and I couldn’t stop smiling

But that not the best part


picture this: 

you’re me. you’re in the theatre, watching moana for the first time. you’re already kind of overwhelmed by emotion after “we know the way” because damn, you could almost feel the ocean wind blowing on your face. maui is a lot of fun and although you’re more than a little concerned about accurate polynesian representation (you’ll be sure to look up discourse later, surely there’s plenty of it), you’re still having a good time.

then the crab shows up. oh, okay. he seems like a typical goofy villain who’ll be easily defeated by a show of wits on moana’s part, the comical relief. he loves to talk about himself? who’d have guessed, he’s completely decked out in bling. oh, he’s gonna do it in song form? that’s fine, another musical number is always g-

then he starts singing, and then you realize. 

shit. he has a really goddamn nice voice.

now this is entirely unfair, because the song itself is built to sound a bit seductive in the first place. later you’ll find out after an obsessive googling session that it was a david bowie homage, which will lessen your shame a little bit, but only a little bit. for now you’re sitting there utterly and completely confused because why is this happening, this sparkling crab motherfucker has no business sounding so… so… your brain refuses to choke out the word as the song continues in its glorious splendor, then comes to a halt as maui grabs his hook off the crab’s back. no, no, no! that was too short, even just for a quick musical number! that can’t be the full song, can it…? but maui’s struggling to revert back to his bird form, moana’s in trouble, tamatoa’s looming over maui with a grin on his face–


“well, well, well;

little maui’s having trouble with his look,

you little semi-demi-minigod…

your heart gives a leap into your throat. was that a growl you detected in his voice? why are you reacting to this????? you’re just happy that there’s more song, right??? oh my god, is the crab actually throwing maui around??? look at maui, he’s being demolished, someone please help him, oh holy god, this is so dark, why am i enjoying this, now the crab is a neon disco ball and his face is a glowing pattern like dr facilier, he’s going to eat maui and moana, why is his voice so low and- and- wh-

by now your heart is hammering out a steady 120 bpm and even when the song is over, none of it fades from your mind. for the rest of the film an image is imprinted in the back of your head, and it’s one of the crab dragging maui across the floor in time with the music. you know you’re going to look up clips of this song for hours afterward. you don’t know who the voice actor is yet, but you sure as shit are going to find out. and even as you exit the theatre there’s a heavy heat in your face emanating from the shame you’re feeling that you can’t bring yourself to explain. that was weird. really, really weird. you haven’t felt this excited and shaken since you were a kid and just had your first rollercoaster ride. except that rollercoaster didn’t make you feel like a goddamn filthy sinner afterward.

at some point in the future, like now, when you’re on tumblr after your first class and figure there’s nothing left to lose anymore, you will admit not just to yourself but to your 1700-odd followers that maybe, just maybe, you were attracted to tamatoa the crab (thanks to the splendid work of jemaine clement, who you now follow on twitter because reasons). there’s no real point in denying it anyway. besides, this is the internet. you know you’re not alone in this at all.

Still waiting for season 2 of miraculous ladybug…….. I hear Chloe is gonna be the bee miraculous holder and alya is gonna be the fox. That’s cool and all but I was really hoping Nathaniel would become a hero to. I think it would be cool to see him go from his shy civilian self to a confident hero like how marinette is usually clumsy and nervous but when she becomes ladybug she’s all buisness and cool, or adrien who as a civilian is really calm and put together but as cat noir he’s goofy and says/does what he wants. Still looking forward to season 2 of miraculous ladybug and I hope this little shy tomato gets some more screen time.


Look Tary is shaping up to be a lovely little goofy nerd and I hope that’s the truth. But I still don’t trust him at all and that’s not gonna change for a while. 

Yes he seems like a harmless buffoon. But this is Sam. Sam is smart. Maybe Tary isn’t smart, but Sam is. And after the shit Sam pulled I don’t trust him at all. 

So if Tary is evil … what’s his goal? I’d say the most likely thing is Percy’s guns (har har), or the death orb under Whitestone. 

Guns seem most likely. Especially since it increasingly sounds like his dad is part of the Wildmount mafia or something. Perhaps they’ve heard of the strange new weapons and want some for themselves. So they send Tary out to track down these adventurers with the strange weapons, and steal the designs. 

Unfortunately for them, Percy doesn’t keep notes on the guns and periodically burns them. So Tary will have to get close to Percy and learn how he makes them in a hands-on demonstration. 

And what did Tary do last game? Spend days and nights in a workshop with Percy, tinkering. Designing things with him. Getting a good look at his guns and how they work. 

I gotta wonder if, after Vex and Percy kicked him out, Tary raced to his own cabin, locked the door, and said “Doty, take this down …”


I want to take a moment to appreciate how the anime portrays Larry Butz in this episode. 

I’m grateful how he wasn’t shown as “creepy” and that he didn’t immediately hit on Maya when they met. (Especially since Maya is still 17 at this point.) Sure he teased Nick about Maya being her girlfriend, but after Nick’s resolute deadpan “no” and how Maya exuberantly introduces herself as the one who “pulls the strings” around the office, you can see how Larry’s whole demeanor changes. He starts treating her more like a kid. He even gives her a little popper and explains how he’s working there selling “samurai buns.” And when Maya gets super excited about that, Larry smiles and explains how it’s a “big hit with the young.”

And just look how adorable and goofy he is! Thank you aa anime for taking Larry seriously and giving him the attention that he deserves!

i still can’t believe little percy kept a photo of annabeth in his notebook to look at whenever he missed camp - even though the photo was of just annabeth, and not even at camp

Louis Fondlinson/Jealous Louis
  • Louis: I'm so angry at him. Look at him, just charming that interviewer with his stupid goofy smile.
  • Niall: Louis, you're smiling at him.
  • Louis: I am not! I hate him. Little bastard. Thinks he's so pretty with his luscious locks and his tits out on display like that.
  • Niall: You're still smiling. And now drooling. Classy.
  • Louis: Just listen to him. Telling his stupid stories in his stupidly deep voice waving his bloody huge hands around like some kind of big oaf. Poor girl, probably can't wait to get away from him.
  • Niall: Is that why she's leaning forward to expose her cleavage?
  • Louis: She is NOT! Is she? That whore. I mean--she can have him. Look at him, he's a mess today. Looks like someone smeared blush all over his face. Why is he so FOOKIN pink?
  • Niall: Because you're fonding at him. He can feel it. He has a Louis fond detector built right in.
  • Louis: Fonding at him! He wishes. Fookin flirty bastard.
  • Niall: You're the only one he 'FOOKIN' flirts with and you know it. Hence the goo goo eyes, dribble and return of Louis Fondlinson.
  • Louis: I have no idea what you're talking about. Look at that mouth though. It's so large, who would want to kiss that?
  • Niall: You, you stupid git.
  • Louis: It would be a public service. Gotta protect the rest of the world from those huge lips.
  • Niall: And his tongue?
  • Louis: If I must.
  • Niall: You need help.
  • Louis: I need that girl to get her FOOKIN HANDS OFF MY BOY'S THIGH.
  • Niall: And here comes damage control...

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I wanna know more about your oc's, they look so pretty o3o

(Just know that these characters aren’t fully finished because they’re still pretty new)

Blaire: athletic and strong, loves sweets, part time model, artist, has an older brother(he’s beautiful and also gay cuz why not), and her parents are very goofy

Margot: not a morning person, loves cute things, writes books(and fanfiction), reads a lot, also likes sweets, has a little sister(she’s adorable), and she has no father(because feels)

I feel really bad for not posting anything for a while so I’ll be drawing all these characters including their family members ^^

Honest Deceit ~ Chpt. 1

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,
Chapter 6, Chapter 7 , Epilogue 

Summary: An enjoyable day with her fiancé has a horrific turn of events that will have her questioning everything.
POV/Pairing: First person/Wonho (Hoseok) Monsta X. Other MX members will make cameos.
Genre: Action AU, spies and hitmen, weapon dealers and black market trades
Warnings: Non-smutty smut, violence 
Chpt 1 ~ 2,500 words

Chapter 1

Morning sun streamed through the flimsy curtains, shining right into my closed eyes. The light woke me from a light sleep. I had been dreaming about my mom and brother, a weird dream about meeting them at a park. As the dream faded, my sadness did not. I still missed them even now, three years after their deaths.

I turned in bed, looking over at my fiancé’s face. Angelic in sleep, I knew that he was only innocent when sleeping. Awake, he was silly, goofy, nerdy…but mostly naughty. Wonho’s ability to turn from doofball to sexy was my weakness.

His lips moved a little as he dreamed. The light didn’t bother him; he could sleep through a hurricane crashing into the house. I moved closer to him, snuggling up on his bare chest and wrapping his arms around me. He murmured more noises, but didn’t wake up.

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“Baaaaabbbbbeeee!” Stiles whined.
“Oh shush, I’m almost done,” you said behind the dressing room door.
“You look fine in the skirt, now can you just get it so we can go!”
“Just give me another minute.”
“I’ve given you ten already! Come on I’m getting hungry out here!”
“I still have to go to another store after this.”
“Ugh, I’m never going to eat again,” he sighed.
“Oh I think you’ll like this one,” you walked out of the changing room dressed in your normal clothes and winked.
“I doubt it,” he reluctantly got up and stomped after you like a little child.
You walked across the aisle in the mall and made your way into Victoria’s Secret. Stiles was hunched over his phone and walked right into you, looking up.
“Woah!” He said with a goofy grin.
“Wait right here, I gotta try some stuff on,” you walked off.
“Take your time!”

I Love You- BTS(Taehyung/V)

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Request: “Could I request a scenario with tae from BTS where you absentmindedly say I love you for the first time when you think he’s asleep but he’s not actually asleep? Thank youu ^-^”

~Yes, you can. Thank you for requesting. This blog is nearing its first thousand followers and I want to do something special so if you have any ideas of what would make you happy for this special occasion, please submit them. (also we are still looking for admins)~

How could you be so lucky? You get to spend your time with this goofy, loving, simply gorgeous man. Taehyung was a great boyfriend, a little too good for you in your mind. But, he couldn’t love you more. This relationship of thirteen wonderful months has had many great experiences involved, but there was one that had you hesitating to act upon. 

To you, saying I love you was embarrassing. You were so frightened and nervous to show your true dependency and admiration towards Taehyung. You can’t help but think it makes you look weak. At this point in your relationship, it is understood that you love one another. Why say it? Every moment you two spent together is evident that there is love between the two of you. But, Taehyung could not help wondering why  you hadn’t said those three simple words and neither could you. It was during one of these times that Taehyung caught you off guard and asked a big question: “Why don’t we move in together?”

You spent time picking out the right apartment and decor, but you finally did it. You found your home with Tae and today you were going to move in.

“Y/N!” shouted a familiar voice from the outside of your door. You chuckled and got up to greet your boyfriend’s smiling face. 

“Tae, you know where the key is. You don’t have to shout my name at the top of you lungs, you idio-” You opened the door and found that Taehyung was not alone. He had Jimin and Jungkook with him. You started blushing furiously, as you were wearing sweatpants and a hoodie with the words “Dad Bod” printed on the front in giant font. “Let me guess, they are here to help?” you asked gently.

Taehyung laughed at your reaction and nodded his head. You could see Jimin and Jungkook stifling a laugh as well. 

“Stop snickering and grab some boxes, you two.” You said this with a sarcastic tone, causing Taehyung to playfully slap your butt and say something along the lines of ‘that’s my girl’. You scoffed and did the same to him. When you were finally done unpacking for the day, the two of you decided to watch a movie and cuddle on the couch that you assembled by yourself. 

“Agh! Y/n, this is a total chick flick!” Taehyung groaned.

“Don’t act like I haven’t seen you watching it when I spend the night,” you retorted.

After a good while, you started to notice a puddle being created on your thigh and sniffling behind your ear.

“Taehyung! You are not seriously crying at this are you?!” You burst out laughing as he pushed you off of his lap with a pout. “Whatever, I’m going to go get snacks.” You walk into the kitchen and hear faint chuckling. With a roll of your eyes you walk out of the kitchen and come back in with your food. 

When you reenter the room, you come across Taehyung’s sleeping figure on the couch. You sit down, admiring the peaceful beauty before you.

“God, I love you, Tae.” You chuckle.

With a jolt you are grasped by the seemingly sleeping man showering you with little pecks and tickles. 

“I knew it! Y/n loves me! Y/n loves me!” He screeched.

You can’t help but laugh and say “Of course I love you. What are you, stupid? I thought it was obvious.” 

Inked up... Part 3

Inked up… Part 3

I push sammy off of me scrambling up and pulling down my shirt, just to hear sammy chuckle grabbing my bare leg. I frown down at him as he rubs his thumb back and forth against my calve. That’s when Stassie walks in, seeing sammy leaning up against my legs and me frowning down at him, but he gives me this his goofy smile and I can’t help but roll my eyes and start running my hand through his hair. Petting him like he’s a dog.

“Sammy come on, get off the floor it’s dirty lord knows you don’t clean very much” Stassie says.

“Actually since y/n’s been here it’s been really clean” he says smiling at me.

I smile back still running my hands through his hair and he leans further into my hand, we’re in our own little world, when she clears her throat. We both look at her, still again not moving.

“Come on sammy, you said you’d buy me doughnuts because I was craving them” Stassie says smirking.

As if I’d have a problem with it.

“Oh yeah, hey y/n you want to come with?” Sammy asks standing up, his hand lingers on my waist before he looks down at me.

“You know what, I’m good you two have fun” I say smiling.

Which honestly seems to surprise Stassie as she looks at me, before ushering sammy back out of the house, and I’m alone again. Sighing I make my way to the kitchen, placing the ingredients I’d taken out in order and started to prep, figuring I’d make pad Thai, as sammy had weird ingredients that I could make it with. I hummed and danced around the kitchen, though not as lively as before, somehow not feeling as happy as I had been. But I ignored it, not wanting to dwell on why I was feeling so sad.

Biting my lip, placed my pad Thai into a medium sized bowl, leaving the rest in a huge pan before making my way to the living room. Turning on the tv and flipping through Netflix before settling on friends. I laugh a bit, eating my yummy noodles, trying to not check up on snapchat or crane my neck to see if I might here sammy coming back home. But I give in, only waiting five minutes before I’m pulling up my snapchat to check on Sammy’s and stassie stories. All i see is them having a good time, plus flirting and being all touchy. I let out a small whimper before throwing my phone to the opposite side of the couch. Curling up in a ball with a blanket and a glass of wine, using the tv as a distraction and background noise, to keep me away from my darkening thoughts.

~ ~ ~

I must have drifted off to sleep because I hear the tv being shut off, and can feel my body starting to be moved. I open up my eyes squinting at the person whose touching me. It’s hard at first as the person is blurry, before you eyes come into focus and I see a little disheveled sammy.

“Sammy” I croak opening up my arms to him.

He smiles.

“Baby girl” he whispers before he’s picking me up.

I cling to him wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, as well as my legs, before burying my face into the side of his neck and inhaling the smell of him.

“Where’s you’re girlfriend,Stassie?” I mumble.

“She’s not my girlfriend, and she’s back at her place.”

“Oh didn’t feel like spending the night tonight hmm?” I mumble again.

He starts rubbing me back as he makes his way to my room.

“Actually I told her not to”


“I’ll tell you some other time princess. Now to get you all tucked into bed” he laughs laying me down on the bed.

Or he would’ve if I’d let go of him, but I didn’t clinging to him like a monkey I tightened my hold. He stood up again sighing as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Aren’t you going to let me go?”

“I can’t, even though I try” I whisper.

Fighting back the tears that have suddenly
started to build behind me closed eye lids.

“Awuh y/n” he whispers kissing the top of my head.

“Won’t you sleep with me tonight?” I ask moving back so that I can look up at him with half opened eyes.

He smiles softly kissing my forehead and mumbling the answer yes. He goes setting me down, this time I let go, allowing him to wrap me up in my blankets though I’m expecting him to get in with me. When he doesn’t I start to whimper and pout.

“Shhh baby I’ll be right back, I’m just going to put somethings away and get some pajama pants.”

I frown at him, opening up my arms to him, he smiles though doesn’t come to me, giving me the just-a-moment signal before disappearing. I actually start to cry lightly, though I’m certain it’s the alcohol that’s in my system, having drank a whole entire bottle and a half, by myself. As I was thinking this, Sammy has come back into my borrowed room, without a shirt on, just low hanging sweats. I swallow thickly staring openly at his body my eyes lingering on his v-lines before I look back to his eyes.

“See something you like y/n?”

“Of course” I smile as he winks, I open my arms again, this time he climbs into bed with me, before doing some weird clap pattern causing the lights to go out.

Sammy has already gotten comfortable, his face is now snuggled into the crook of my neck, his chest resting half on me and half along my side, his legs are tangled with mine, and I rest my cheek against his forehead. Kissing his hairline and running my hands through it like I had earlier this evening.

“Goodnight y/n baby” he whispers before kissing my neck slowly.

“Goodnight Sammy” I squeak.

My hands fidget a bit as I tense up at hearing his sleepy voice saying my name and calling me baby. I pray he doesn’t hear my heart rate increase nor feel my body tense up.

~ ~

“Baby girl it’s time to wake up!” I here Sammy sing in my ear while I try to roll away, before realizing that I’m trapped beneath Sammy’s body.

Opening my eyes I see those big blue eyes of his and his huge smile as he looks down at me. I smile back before closing my eyes and trying to snuggle into his arm. He snorts starting to move away when I open my mouth holding his wrist between my teeth. I don’t bite down, but the threat is there. He laughs moving so he’s spooning me and I kiss the soft part of his wrist before wiggling a little.

“Okay y/n let’s make a deal” Sammy says, his voice still a little raspy from just waking up.

“And what’s that Sammy?” I ask yawning a little.

“I’ll let you sleep in for however long you want, IF, you show me the tattoo that you didn’t when we were at the private tattoo parlor”

“Sammy what even are you tal-” I slowly trial off realizing what he means.

“Pssh I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes you do, you’re blushing y/n!” He laughs poking at my cheek.

“Sammy stopppp” i cry pouting my lips and frowning at him.

“I will if you show me the tattoo under your shirt” he says wiggling his eyebrows.

I stick out my tongue before considering it. I mean he’s not going to stop until i either show him or get out of bed. And his ideas for waking me up always ended up in me getting liquid dumped on me. And not feeling particularly to keen on having to take a shower to get eggs out of my hair I sigh before nodding my head to comply.

He smiles hugely at the fact that he’s won this argument. This’ll probably be the last one. Before shimming his chest.

“What are you even doing?” I ask arching an eyebrow.

“I don’t know this is my happy dance now come on y/n show me” he says giggling.

Tired and not at all feeling like teasing, I pushing down the covers, and pull up my shirt, showing off my under boob tattoo. My eyes had been closed for this whole part, but when I open them I watch as Sammy’s eyes go from shocked, to appreciative to possessive as he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth staring down at my body.

I can feel his burning gaze as he stares at it and then one of his hands glides up my tummy, causing me to shiver as he delicately traces the black design along my skin.

“You’re so beautiful” I blush looking down, surprised to see my bare legs and the lacy Black thong I’d been wearing.

“Oh shit” I say tugging down my big t having forgotten that’s all I’d worn to bed.

But Sammy was having none of it, tugging my shirt back up, so he could stare at my tattoo some more. I moved to pull it down again but he held tight frowning at me.

“Why are you trying to cover up so much? I mean I’ve seen you naked before, and I’ve also seen you in a bikini”

At the word naked I start to blush hard and move my head so that I’m looking away from him.

“Naked when have you seen me naked?” I ask quietly.

“When we went skinny dipping about three years ago, you had said we needed to since we lived by the beach and needed to have fun”

I smiled remembering that night, I had been fed up sitting on a couch at a party with Sammy, this was when we’d still been bestfriends inseparable, before I heard Stassie confessing her feelings to Emily about sam. I’d wanted it to just be us, so id grabbed his hand and we drove out in the night to the beach, and I remember I started running and taking off my clothes telling Sam the last one in was a rotten egg. We’d skinny dipped all of ten minutes before it had gotten too cold and he lent me his shirt.

“Sammy that was like three years ago, obviously my body’s changed” I huff trying to pull down my shirt again.

“Nah you’re still beautiful” he says winking.

And then he leans down and kisses my tummy, causing me to stop wiggling and just stare down at him.

“Sammy what are you-”

“Seriously why do I find you guys in the weirdest positions?”

A girly voice says. My eyes widen and shock and I shove Sammy off me as I start up at the intruder…..

Dun dun dun!!!! This was a weak cliffhanger but I hope you enjoyed ❤️ part 4?


Switch came into my care September 27th, 2014. I missed his coming home day by a little bit but I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

It was the first reptile expo I ever went too. It was small and there wasn’t a whole lot to look at, but Apex exotics had some geckos out for holding and I had always loved how these goofy critters looked and wanted to know how they felt. The second I felt their soft skin and sticky toes I knew I had to have one.

My mom made the mistake in saying if I could afford to buy him then I could have him. One gecko soon turned into two, then three and before I knew it, my number will soon be 13. And that number will probably only continue to rise.

So here’s to the gecko who started it all, my sweetest prince and gentlest of potatoes, my darling Switch. May we have many, many more years together.

Chasing Cars, Chapter 2


Carmilla was admiring the view from her living room when Will came bounding in, sweeping her up in a hug with a goofy grin. “Hey little sister! Glad to see your still alive. Sorry I didn’t text you, my phone kind of got smashed.” He set her back down, her gaze still lingering over his shoulder looking down onto the street. He turned to see what was so interesting to her and, oh. That’s what she’s looking at. “Think she’s hot do you?” Referring to the girl down on the street doing stretches in shorts and a sports bra that didn’t really leave much to the imagination. She snapped back from her daze.

“What? No! She’s just a girl.” She crossed her arms over her chest and marched into the kitchen. Slamming drawers and cupboards as she made coffee. That was not just a girl, she was a work of art. Blonde hair that she always had tied back in a ponytail. Thin build, but looked like she could break your arm if she wanted to. Carmilla had seen her the last few mornings, it was one of the only reasons she had been getting out of bed on time. Though she still managed to be late for work each day, not that her boss cared in the slightest. She had found herself daydreaming about that girl a few times since seeing her for the first time. She must live around here somewhere. Not that she cared. She was just a hot girl who ran past her apartment each morning and stopped to stretch within view of her living room. She had a nice body, that was all. And she was obviously fit. Carmilla momentarily found herself thinking about her again. She took a gulp of her coffee, finishing half of the cup, before tipping the rest. It was horrible coffee, no matter what you did to it.


She looked in the mirror briefly before exiting her bathroom. (She looked like crap, but it was only work. No cute girls there. Especially not the one from before. No, stop it Karnstein, you can’t be crushing on a girl you’ve never even talk to… Too late.) She grabbed her phone before jogging down the hall to the living room. “I’ve got work, so I should probably get going. See you later, do you need me to pick anything up?” Will shook his head, smiling. She knew he could tell she had a little crush on the running girl. But he didn’t say it.

“Have a good day selling books to nerds, I’m gonna work on some new songs for the gig.” She nodded her head and gave her brother a small smile before closing the door. She heard him play a few chords while she waited for the elevator. She texted Ell on the way down:

To Ell: 9:10am

From Ell: 9:11am
Sorry can’t, have plans with Laura. Unless you wanna come with us? :)

She sighs, she can’t. She promised herself she was going to let Ell have this Laura to herself. She pushed the front door open and walked to her car. After dropping her keys into the gutter, she unlocks and starts the car. She might actually be on time this morning.


From Ell: 1:03pm
I take it you aren’t coming to lunch? I’ll see you at home then :)

From Ell: 1:17pm

“missed call from: Ell- 1:17pm”

To Ell: 1:19pm
Sorry, really busy. Talk later.

From Ell: 1:19pm
Fine. I’ll come by. I’ve got the afternoon off. See you soon :)

To Ell: 1:20pm
I’ll wait with bated breath xx

To shitdick: 1:20pm
Why the fuck would you tell her I was crushing on a girl?

From shitdick: 2:41pm
I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if I did I would point out that you aren’t denying it.

She slammed her phone down in the counter. “Bad news?” She glances up, to see a tall blonde.

“My brother is an idiot. Just those?” The girl nodded placing the books on the counter. “Ah, lit major?” She nodded again. “I was a lit major, before I dropped out. And art. First year?”

“No, I just transferred here, couldn’t stay at the same school as my ex. She’s a bit pissed.” Carmilla raised an eyebrow. She was cute, and dated girls. Maybe that was the distraction she needed… No. No dating. And she doesn’t seem like a girl for a casual thing, but maybe. Worth a shot. The bell above the door rings.

“Spill it!” Ell marches up to the counter. “Oh hello, sorry, I love your top.” The other girl looks confused and Ell turns back to Carmilla. “Who is this girl you have a-” she pulls out her phone “‘giant gay’ crush on?” Well there goes her shot with the blonde.

“If you didn’t notice, I’m at work.” She finishes with the blonde who looks incredibly uncomfortable as she leaves with her books.

“There’s nobody else here! So spill it, who is this girl?” There is no way she’s letting this go. She stand and walks towards the shelves. If she’s going to have to tell her she’s not going to look her in the eye, that way she can keep what little dignity she has.

“There’s a girl who jogs past our house that I think is hot. It’s not a crush, I just think she’s hot. That’s it.” Basically a lie but she’ll deny it if anybody asks.

“Is that why you’ve actually been in a better mood the past few days? Who is this mystery girl I need to write her a letter of thanks and buy her a drink. Better yet, you can buy her a drink.” Carmilla rolls her eyes, going into the stockroom and flopping down onto the couch. Ell sits next to her, crossing her legs. “I guess not then. Just eye candy?” She glares. “Right okay, dropping it. So Will got back this morning, we should do something tonight. Like practice for our gig. If you’re up to it?”

“Sounds good.” She looks at the clock. “My shift is about to finish, I’ll give you a ride.”

“You shift doesn’t finish until 5.” She follows her into the shop again as she starts to lock up.

“Well I’m over it, and trashy Trisha isn’t her to stop me, so I’m closing up now.” She punches in the alarm code and holds the door for Ell. Locking it behind her.


She had run around the building once already as a warm up, and was stretching on the street. She felt like she was being watched, but the street was empty so she figured she must be paranoid. She pulls out her phone at starts the timer, it’s 8:07am.

She rounded the last corner and slowed almost completely to a stop, she climbed the few stairs up to the front of their building, momentarily checking out the girl who was bent over picking up her keys. She stopped the timer 1:04. Not bad, better than yesterday. Her phone vibrates in her hand.

From Ell: 9:12am
Hey, hope it’s okay, I may have invited my friend along for lunch…

To Ell: 9:13am
Great! Looking forward to meeting her. Still meeting at your work at 12:30?

From Ell: 9:15am
Sounds good. Knowing Carmilla she’ll probably be late :) see you later

Carmilla. What a cool name, and knowing Ell, she was probably hot.


All of her clothes screamed “naive provincial girl” rather than mature adult. She needed to go shopping. She settled on a black tank top and jeans. At least she doesn’t look like a child. Shit, it’s already 12:25pm and its at least a 15 minute walk to Ell’s work. She’s sure she won’t mind if she’s a little late, Ell said Carmilla would probably be. Still she sends her a text letting her know she’s gonna be a little late.

From Ell: 12:27pm
No worries, I’ll walk towards you and we can pick somewhere near wherever we meet :)


“That place was horrible.”

“No arguments here.” They laughed together. They had ended up in a small cafe that looked like it belonged in a historical museum, the floorboards creaked and the furniture seemed to be at least 40% dust and figured the food must be good or they would have been closed by now. Oh how wrong they were. Now they were drinking crappy coffee, from a guy selling it on the street, as they walked. Laura had no idea where they were, but trusted that Ell did. “So what’s new with you? Don’t you start classes on Monday?”

“Yeah, I do. And there’s not much new with me really.” Though she couldn’t seem to get that girl from this morning off her mind. She hadn’t even seen her face, but she was definitely intrigued. A girl who looks that good in black jeans and a t-shirt was a rare and beautiful thing. She shouldn’t be thinking about her though, she has the rest of her day and the weekend to get ready to start college. And she figured it was time to make up with Laf and Perry. Though she wasn’t apologising, and she definitely wasn’t going to stop hanging out with Ell. In the last 3 days since they met she had already tried about 10 different cocktails (most of which were Ell’s creation, and really good.) and learned how to tell whether or not a girl was gay and single in a bar. There’s no way she would have this kind of knowledge staying at home and prepping for classes with “the ginger twins” as Ell called them. “Oh, sorry. I completely zoned out.” She cracked a smile at her.

“You do that a lot Laur, I have noticed. It’s fine I was texting my roommate Will, apparently something’s going on with my dear friend Carmilla that she has neglected to tell me. Do you mind if I give her a quick call?”

“No, go ahead. I should probably text Perry and see if her and Laf are going to be home later so I can go make up with them.” Ell had the phone to her ear, but she nodded. She seemed to do that a lot. Nod at her. Though when she did it, it didn’t seem patronising like when every other adult had. She’ll admit that it is a bit weird having an older friend, even if it was only a couple years.

“That bitch sent me to voicemail! No freaking way! I’ll just go down and see her at work then. Did you get a hold of, Perry, was it?” She could tell Ell didn’t really care for them after the other night, but at least she pretended to. She shook her head.

“Not yet. She’s either busy cleaning something, or ignoring me.” She hoped it was the former, but secretly wouldn’t be all that upset if it was the latter. She had Ell and she was sure to meet new people in classes next week. And Purrmione isn’t going anywhere. She’d be fine without them. If she had to be. “I’ll go by on my way home, it just across the hall so we can’t really avoid each other for ever.” Ell grinned at her.

“I’m glad you’re going to make up with your buddies, I’m sure they really are nice people.” Wow. Was Ell ever negative? She’s always happy or excited about something. She wishes she could be like that. Instead of finding a downside to most things. But she was starting to find that the more she drank the less she cared. She was starting to get the hang of drinking. Well not really, it had only been 3 nights since she met Ell. And she spent the entire day after the first night trying not to throw up. “Earth to Laura? You there buddy?” She snapped back. “I was going to swing by and see Carmilla at work and get this little secret out of her, do you know the way back?” She shook her head. “Well then I guess it will be my pleasure to escort you back to your sanctuary.” She offered Laura her arm, which she took as Ell lead the way. “I should probably stop doing stuff like this or you’re going to figure out that I’m not as cool as I seem.” Laura couldn’t help but laugh. This girl was the best thing to happen to her. This city was the best thing to happen to her. She couldn’t wait to start classes on Monday.