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BTS reaction to finding out their wife is pregnant

Warning: Fluff! (Honestly, get some tissues)

A/N: Bts reaction to finding out that their wife is pregnant 💗~

Jin / Kim Seokjin

After dinner, you two got comfortable on the couch, cuddling as you watched your favourite movie. You just found out that you were pregnant a few days ago, after your best friend forced you to take a test regarding your weird appetite and your rather sick stomach during the last time you’ve met. Even though Seokjin and you already planned to become parents one day, especially now that you were married, you never talked about an actual point of date, always shoving the topic to the future. You haven’t told him yet, not sure how exactly you want to tell him either so you just tighten your grip around him, deepening the hug you’re in. But as you spot the little bowl on the side table, filled with little snacks you have an idea. You grab the remote, pause the movie and reach for the bowl of little snacks turning back to Jin once you fished something out of it. “Give me your hand!” you demand, as he looks up to you with a confused expression. Unsure what to do, not trusting your intentions he scrunches his nose as he slowly lifts his arm. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing scary or hurting.” you slightly chuckle as you gently take his hand in yours, flipping it so his palm lays open in front of you. Taking in a deep breath, you slowly place a little dried pea on his hand, as his confused gaze wanders so the litte thing. Your hands shiver in nervousness as you lift your head to look Jin in the eyes as he waits for you to explain what is going on. “Want to hear something amazing?” you softly giggle, tightening your grip around his hand “This is how small our baby is right now.”. And you feel like time stands still as he looks up to you in confusion, nearly seeing the wheels in his head turning as you wait for him to realise what you just said. Slowly the corners of his parted lips rise up, his expression turning soft as his whole face starts to light up. He quickly grabs your hands pulling you closer to him, his voice shaking as he whispers “Our…baby?”. You just nod, not able to speak anymore as you get overwhelmed by your emotions, feeling your eyes getting wet. Jin smiles brightly and a tear of joy rolls down his cheek as he cupps your face, kissing you softly. You can feel his lips trembling on yours, as he can’t stop himself from crying, whispering a soft “Y/N, I love you so much.”

Suga / Min Yoongi

It is still early in the morning but you run towards the bed as if your life depends on it, almost slipping, then sitting down on the edge of the bed. Still sleeping, Yoongi lies under the comfortable blanket, curled up like a ball. You place your from excitement trembling hand on his shoulder, carefully shaking him a little while whispering “Yoongi, please look at this.” Under your touch he moves a little, mumbling “No, not yet.” and covers his face with the blanket. You sigh and start stroking his arm, speaking a little louder now “But I really need you to see this.” Slowly turning on the other side he slightly opens his eyes to look at you, not fully awake yet. With a wide smile on your face you hold up the positive pregnancy test, looking forward to his reaction. Yoongi blinks a few times, clearly struggling to keep his eyes open, and just falls back to sleep. Confused you look at the pregnancy test in your hand and then back to your quietly snoring husband as you still wait for something to happen. Perplex you just sit on the edge of the bed, eyes trailing from your test to Yoongi for what feels like ages.  All of a sudden Yoongi widely opens his eyes and sits up, finally realizing what he saw a minute ago, and pulls you into a deep hug. “I love you, Y/N.” he whispers as he places soft kisses on your cheek, not letting go of you at all. Stroking circles over Yoongis back you peacefully close your eyes to enjoy his warmth and reply “I love you too.” as you feel his heart beat with excitement. “I know you’re going to be the best mother in the world.” Yoongi purrs against your lips, making you smile, then he adds “I can’t wait to have a baby with you.”

J Hope / Jung Hoseok

To celebrate your wedding anniversary you two planned to have a little vacation at Disneyland, enjoying the free time with some fun activities. But what Hoseok didn’t know, was that you prepared another surprise for him; to tell him about your pregnancy. You two spend a beautiful day strolling through the park, taking cheesy couple pictures and as the evening comes you drag him to the huge Cinderella castle. As you arrive at the restaurant in the castle, the waiter nods at you, leading you to an extra booth, having the space only for you two with a huge window. “Yah, Y/N! You always fulfill my dreams!” Hoseok states as he sees the beautifully decorated table infront of the the stunning view over the whole park. Gently placing his hand around your waist, he pulls you closer, kissing your temple as you giggle at his joyful expression. “Lets get something to eat, shall we?” you ask and take a seat. As the evening goes on your nervousness grows every time the waiter comes back in and you can’t stop yourself from fumbling with the edge of the tablecloth in your lap. “Would you like your dessert now?” the waiter asks, locking his eyes with yours, signaling with his intense gaze that everything is prepared for the surprise. You nod quickly, trying your best to hide your reddening face with a smile as you can feel your heart racing. Hoseok didn’t notice the quite obvious stare, since he was too engulfed by the view, now that it got dark and all the pretty colourful lights are sparkling. You can feel your palms getting sweaty and your breath hitching every time you think the waiter comes back, unable to handle the tension. Eventually the waiter comes back with the cake you prepared and you hold your breath, focusing your eyes on Hoseok as he turns his gaze from the window to the arriving dessert. Quickliy the waiter places the cake on the table in front of Hoseok and rushes out to leave the moment to only you two. On top of the cake, the sparkling topping spells “We’re having a baby!” and you anxiously glimpse at Hoseok to see his reaction, as he slowly seems to understand. Mouth open, he stares at the letters, reading them over and over again, unable fo form any words. Suddenly he jumps up from his seat, eyes wide as he points his finger at the cake, then to you and back to the cake “We…you are…pregnant?” he stutters. You get up from your seat to gently place your hand on his cheek, softly rubbing circles to soothe him “Yes.” you softly nod. After your words his expression changes into the brightest smile, reminding you of how much you love the way he beams at you like the sun, as he embraces you into a loving hug “Now you really fulfilled every of my dreams.”

Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon

You sit on the bathroom floor, positive pregnancy test in your hands, as you jiggle and try not to scream in joy. This was already the fourth test you did this week, but you really wanted it to be clear and definite that you are actually pregnant. Reading the red letters on the test over and over again you feel like exploding, since Namjoon and you wanted to build a family as soon as possible after your wedding. With the test in your hand you get up and leave the bathroom, determined to tell Namjoon right away. “Namjoon?” you shout walking through the hallway as you glimpse into every room you are passing by to find him. “Living room!” he responds and you can feel your heartbeat getting faster with every step you take closer to him. As you enter the living room you spot Namjoon sitting on the couch, reading a book, totally engulfed into the story. You clear your throat nervously as you approach him, hiding the test behind your back “I need your help with something.”. Looking up to you, he sees you shifting around, cheeks red as you gaze to your feet and he puts his book aside. “What do you need, babe?” he asks as he gets up from the couch, looking at you curiously. “Ehm, well.” you begin, suddenly scared to actually tell him that he is going to be a father in a few months. Namjoon crooks an eyebrow, as you struggle with your words until you move your hand from behind your back. Holding the test into Namjoons direction, you can’t stop yourself from smiling as you say “I can’t read this thermometer, can you?”. With a confused expression on his face he takes the test in his hands and starts to read what’s written on the little screen. You can feel the time passing by as his eyes are glued to the red little letters and he doesn’t even blink, none of you moving a single muscle as you wait for him. After a few moments, which felt like years, he lifts his head to look at you with the typical goofy grin on his face, displaying his dimples as he finally says something. “Really?” he asks, smiling from ear to ear, still a look of confusion on his face. “Yes.” you chuckle, beaming a soft smile at him as he leans forward to connect his lips with yours for a gentle kiss. “Y/N, we’re going to be parents. I’m going to be a dad!”

Jimin / Park Jimin

You’ve been waiting all day for Jimin to return from work, wanting to tell him the good news. Even before your marriage you two wanted to build up a new familiy, feeling ready and prepared to become responsible parents. Since you have been together for such a long time, planning your future together you couldn’t wait. But it never worked. For the last two years you’ve been to doctors, to get everything checked and everything should be fine. But it just wasn’t working, so you both gave up on trying, loosing hope that your dream of an own family would ever get reality. Suddenly you can hear keys tinklig outside of the front door and seconds later the door opening. Excited you jump up and hurry to the hallway, already calling for your husband “Jimin!”. With a confused expression he smiles at you, hanging up his jacket as you run through the doorframe towards him. The moment you see his angelic smile you stop, only a meter apart from him, as the realisation hits you. And as Jimin opens up his arms to engulf you into a welcoming hug, your eyes starts to tear up, unable to control them anymore as you hide your head in his chest, slightly sobbing. “Shh, hey what’s wrong honey?” Jimin asks concerned, unaware that they are happy tears. You gently lean back to look him in the eyes as you try to form words, without loudly sobbing inbetween “I…have to tell you something…”. As his concerned expression seems to get even darker you chuckle and tighten the grip around his back, taking one deep breath before you speak again. “I am pregnant, Jimin!” and your tears start to roll down your cheeks like a waterfall as your sights gets blurry. His eyes widen in disbelieve, not able to realise you are saying the truth. “Really?” he whispers with a shaking voice. You just nod in response, smiling at him, as you try to dim your tears. Jimins eyes seem to grow even bigger as they slowly water up as well. “Y/N!” he softly whispers as he hugs you tight. “We are going to be parents? We are going to have our own little baby?” he asks as his tears start to roll down his cheeks as well. “Yes Jimin, our own baby.”

V / Kim Taehyung

To bring the joyful news to Taehyung you decided to surprise him by having him solve a puzzle and just as you finished preparing the table, with pieces scattered all over, your husband walks in through the door, coming back from work. “Taehyung!” you burst out his name and hurrily step in front of him, taking his hands into yours “I need you to solve this puzzle for me, now!”. Raising his brows and chuckling at your excitement he lets you drag him to the table and takes a seat. “A puzzle, huh?” he mutters as he takes one tiny piece into his hand “That one will take a while.”. With a wide grin on your face you sit down right next to him and slightly tug on his shirt, nodding eagerly, urging him to start. Still amused about your behavior he carefully puts small pieces together, looking over to you from time to time as he wonders what to think about all of this. Quickly assembling a frame with the outside pieces Taehyung advances to fill the middle of the puzzle, eventually being able to read some letters on it. “Is this some kind of secret message?” he asks as he glances over to you with a clueless expression, but immediately gets absorbed into the puzzle again, as little by little a sentence is formed from the pieces. Holding the last piece he reads aloud “Congratulations on your new arrival!”. Immediately he drops it on the table to cover his face, as his shoulders begin to tremble from holding back tears. You gently rub his back in response, giving him time to process the message and eventually he starts sobbing. “Y/N… I am just so… so happy right now.” Taehyung blubbers out as you softly move his hand away from his tear-stained face, placing yours on his cheek to gently stroke it with your thumb. “Me too.” you whisper with a shaky voice as you feel your eyes tearing up as well and quickly bury your face in his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around you and holding you tightly Taehyung places a kiss on the crown of your head, quietly saying “Can you believe that? We’re going to be parents, Y/N.”.

Jungkook / Jeon Jungkook

This Christmas you have a very special surprise for Jungkook. With classical music playing in the living room and the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air the two of you put up the Christmas tree. As Jungkook cleans the floor beneath the splendidly standing tree you open the box with Christmas decoration and raise a beautiful ornament ball, saying “Jungkook, aren’t they pretty?” Jungkook glances over and replies “I guess.” with a shy grin on his face. “You can just be honest with me.” you say as you form a pout, pretending to be offended, and carry the box over to the tree. “Y/N, don’t be like that. You’re just too cute with that expression.” Jungkook chuckles and picks up fairy lights, carefully hanging them around the tree. As he finishes hiding the cords between branches you step up on a chair and attach the topper, saying “Now we can place the ornaments on the tree!” with anticipation in your voice. “Have you always been that excited about Christmas?” Jungkook giggles in response, finding your excitement adorable, as he starts decorating the tree with baubles. You step down from the chair to help him out and soon the Christmas tree shines in beautiful colors. Jungkook adds the final touch with specialty ornaments and you use the chance to secretly attach a pair of baby shoes to a branch. Too focused on what he is doing Jungkook doesn’t notice a thing, until he moves to the other side of the Christmas tree where you are standing. “Are you done?” he asks and continues placing ornaments on the branches, when he suddenly finds the baby shoes hanging there. “Y/N!” he calls out in excitement, looking at you with the happiest smile you have ever seen on his face “You’re pregnant?” Pressing your lips together to avoid screeching in joy you nod at him and the next moment you find yourself pulled against Jungkook with his hands roaming across your back. “I am so excited I don’t know what to do!” he laughs in joy while at the same time you hear him sobbing. “Jungkook, are you really crying now?” you ask and cup his face in your hands to see tears pouring down his cheeks “No, stop that. If you cry then I’m going to cry too.”

Whenever I look back on the early episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender, I realize that Iroh was probably acting a little ridiculous on purpose. He knows that Zuko still has fresh emotional wounds from his cruel, uncompromising father and sadistic sister, and the one source of softness and warmth in his life, his mother, is long gone. Iroh always tried to be a friend to Zuko, but now that his nephew has been scarred and banished, he tries to be goofy and funny and carefree so desperately hard because all he wants is for Zuko to smile and relax again.  If making a fool out of himself is what he has to do, he’d do it a hundred times over.

Keep It Down (Smut)


Request: Aaliyah has friends over, but Shawn is needy. 

Word count: 1,301 (kinda short, so let’s call it a blurb)

Shawn grabbed roughly around your waist, after slamming the bathroom door, making sure to lock it behind you.

In a quick move, he picked you up from the floor and you wrapped your legs around his hips. He banged your back against the wall, leaving behind a loud noise, as he roughly smashed his craving lips into yours.

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request: “Hi! Can you write a Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader imagine? The reader is a bookworm, and is often found in the library. She and Fred are almost complete opposites. Fred is intrigued by the "different” girl you can say and they start hanging out. Introducing each other to their life, with things the other would never do. Ends with a cute passionate kiss?“ — by @my-unique-mind

a/n: added a little twist to it. hope you don’t mind :-) also, i got carried away with this one so it is quite long 😂

Masterlist + Request here!

    On the course of your stay in Hogwarts, the only conversations you would share with Fred Weasley were just mere hellos and greetings. Whenever the seat beside you wasn’t taken yet in some class, he would ask if it was okay to sit beside you, and you would glance at him before nodding, minding your own business starting then.

    Though other than that, the both of you never bothered to approach the other in attempt to get to know them better. It has been always like that for the past years — so for him to suddenly ask you a very important favor, it was quite unbelievable.

    It was a Saturday morning that time and you were spending your day inside the library as usual. In front of you was one clear parchment, a book needed for Transfiguration, and a bottle of ink that you had. You were just about to write the first sentence of your essay when someone abruptly sat down across you.

    It was Fred, with his red hair and goofy smile. You raised your eyebrow in question and slowly brought your quill down, waiting for the boy before you to say something that would explain why he was here.

    "Good day, isn’t it?” he started, his head turning around as if to look at his surroundings. ‘The sun’s not shining too bright, the wind’s pace is just right, and it’s not that cloudy.“

    "Is there something I can help you with?” you asked with your eyebrow still raised.

    Fred flickered his eyes to you. “I’m glad you asked, Y/N, because there is this one tinsy little problem I’m dealing with and I know you can help me figure it out.” there was mischief in the way he spoke those words, which made you kind of uneasy.

    “Oh, is it regarding about that Transfiguration assignment Professor McGonagall gave us 'cause I’m doing it right now —”

    “Y/N,” he politely cut you off that made you stop talking, “that’s not it.”

    You involuntarily blush. “Then what is it?”

    Fred leaned on the table, prompting his elbows and placing his chin on top. “I knew it was a good choice to pick you, Y/N. I had a hard time convincing George that you’re the perfect accomplice —”

    “Woah, what?” it was your turn to you cut him off. “You lost me at accomplice.”

    “Well, you see,” Fred licked his lips, “we need a book from the restricted section of the library. Of course, no teacher with the right mind would let me or my brother get it, so I thought since you’re always in the library so much, not to mention you’re a Ravenclaw, you would be the one to do it for us.”

    “You must be out of your mind.” You scoffed. “What makes you think I’ll do that for you?”

    “Because,” Fred trailed, “I’m such a good person and I make other people happy?”

    You couldn’t help but snort at his reason.

   "Oh, come on, Y/N! I promise, this will the first and last favor I’ll be asking you if you agree to help.“

    The two of you stared at each other for what seemed like minutes before you finally broke free and groaned.

    "Fine, I’ll do it.”

    Fred fist pumped in the air that made Madam Pince to suddenly appear and hiss at him.

    “But you need to do something in return. Anything, so that I’ll feel I’m not doing this for free.” you chuckled lightly.

    He nodded in understanding. “Okay,” he shrugged, “how about I do a poem? You’re into those kind of stuff, right?”

    “Well, yeah …” you blushed again for whatever reason.

    “Then it’s settled then. You help us get the book and I’ll do a poem. Deal?” he extended a hand out and you didn’t hesitate to grasp it with your own, shaking it.


     You indeed had done what you had to do. After Fred and George talked to you and gave you the title of the book that they needed, you immediately made up an excuse as you ask the head of your house, Professor Flitwick, to sign the slip that allowed you to get the book from the restricted section of the library.

    The whole plan seemed too easy, because the teacher didn’t even question you or grew suspicious on why you needed the book. And now, you were patiently waiting inside the cosy atmosphere of the Three Broomsticks, your eyes glued on the door, ready to finalize your deal with the Weasley twins.

    Though Fred was the only one who came, even panting as he sits down beside you. You couldn’t help but glance at him oddly but still a smile was playing on your lips.

    “Sorry,” he sighed while he takes off his coat and hangs it on the chair he was sitting on, “had to get away from George. I didn’t want him to come.”

    “Why?” you slowly brought out the book from your bag.

    Fred smirked at you, “Because I wouldn’t want him hearing my poem, obviously. He wouldn’t let it go if he heard it, will keep on teasing me for an eternity if he did.” he murmured mostly to himself.

    You almost forgotten about the poem and with the mention of it, you raised your eyebrows in curiosity. “Well, now that you mentioned it, read it to me.”

    For the first time, you saw his cheeks turn into a shade of pink as he softly stutters. “Uh, r-right now?” he cleared his throat.

    “Not necessarily, but if you want to have this book —”

    “Okay,” he pouted, “I get it, I get it. Just let me …” he rummaged through his bag and got a notepad with written notes on it, though before you could take a peak, he blocked it away from your view with his hand. “Hey! I’m going to read it to you anyway so why bother?”

    “I’m just curious, jeez.” You chuckled. “You know, I’m very interested in what you have prepared. It’s always been in my bucket list to get you to do something completely out of your character.”

    “Oh, I’m sure it is.” he snorted with a grin. “Uh, so, before I begin, I’m just gonna ask you not to laugh, okay? I admit it’s not my best work but … it’s what I wanted the poem to be about.” the color red was creeping on his cheeks again.

    You smiled. “I promise.”

    He dramatically cleared his throat, turning sideways so he was completely facing you.

“The way she speaks can lure me to sleep
the way she smiles can change my cold feet
the way she reads can send thousands of thoughts
like why only now did I notice she smelled like apricots?”

     He stops momentarily to look at you and sees you laughing silently which draws him to continue.

I can never really explain why I started feeling so differently
when she has always been there, always been pretty.
and maybe that is why I decided to make a plan
something that will give my chance a hand.

It amuses me how she doesn’t notice
like for the first time, she didn’t know how to focus
but how can she not, that’s not her flaw
After all, she is a Ravenclaw.”

    Your eyes widened at that mere line and you could hear Fred taking a gulp before carrying on like nothing happened.

“So this time, as I read this poem to you
please tell me you understand it like you always do
keep in mind that out of all the pranks I’ve done, all of the shows
you rejecting me at this very moment terrifies me the most.”

    Fred closed the notepad and immediately turned away from you, folding his hands on the table. “Done.” he stated with his lips pursed together, not bringing himself to see your reaction after just confessing that he indeed fancied you.

    “That was … beautiful. You might actually beat Edgar Allan Poe if you pursued writing.” you tried to catch his eye but he wouldn’t budge. “Fred, please do look at me.”

    “No.” he answered immediately. “I-I had some time thinking about this and now that I’ve done it, I think I regretted doing it.” he spoke very fast.

    It seemed cruel, but you enjoyed seeing him all frantic and shy — because in your defense, it wasn’t everyday you would see Fred Weasley behaving this way. He was mostly so confident with his brother, the complete opposite of what he was showing you right now, and it made you reach out and place a hand over his.

    “Would it make you feel better if I told you I felt the same way?” You couldn’t help but tease, causing him to finally look at you.

    “Not funny, Y/N. You’re completely messing with my emotions and do you know how many times I’ve thought about telling you about this and now you’re —”

    You rolled your eyes, leaning in and pressing your lips onto his just to make him shut up, and also maybe because you’ve been meaning to do it for a long time now. It definitely did the trick though because Fred caught on and began to kiss you back, his hand soon resting on your cheek while his other one still intertwined with yours. When the both of you let go, Fred’s eyes looked like they were twinkling from delight.

    “What is it?” you asked, a goofy smile plastered on your mouth as well.

    “Nothing, I just — my brother and I didn’t really need the book, it was the plan I’ve been talking about in my poem, to give my chance a hand.” he repeated.

    “Wow.” you playfully slapped his arm with the borrowed book. “So meaning to say, all my efforts were put into nothing?”

    “Well, it did make you a rebel even a little bit, didn’t it?” he grinned. “And it did help this thing going on between us to evolve as well.”

    You pulled on your best confused face. “What thing?”

    “Hardy har har.” he sarcastically laughed and pulled you in for another passionate kiss, your laugh audible in between as you place your arm around his neck.

    Before the two of you could even decided to finally break free — realizing that you were still inside the Three Broomsticks — George Weasley came waltzing inside the pub and did a very loud gasp, enough to catch the attention of the other students to him.

    “I can’t believe it. It actually worked!”

    Fred groaned and turned to his brother who was now grinning like mad. “Shut up and go away, George.”

    But George was already fist bumping him, and despite Fred getting annoyed, he couldn’t help but put on a cocky and bragging grin on his face as he did so because finally, he got the girl.

My Boys

Got an idea in the middle of class today, been waiting all day to have a chance to actually write it. This is probably gonna be shit, but oh well. 

He’s crying.


You groan and push your face further into your pillow. 

Now he’s screaming. 

“Shawn.” You push his shoulder. He groans and rolls away from you. “Shawn!” You say again, shaking his arm. 

“What?” He mumbles.

“Get your son.” You slur, so fucking tired.

“I don’t hear, fuck!” He groans. “Does the boy ever sleep.” He turns back towards you. 

“No, and he got his Daddies lungs. Go get him.” You say sighing. 

Sleep, man it’s a great thing, when you get it. But ever since you had your mini Shawn, it has ran away from you. That kid could cry all night, so saying that he got Shawn’s lungs isn’t a lie. Man he could scream. 

Shawn huffs and rolls out of bed. 

“Dude, calm down.” You hear Shawn say as he walks to the nursery. “You are gonna keep Mommy up all night aren’t you.” He says in his baby voice. 

Shawn is a great father, has been since the day he found out he was gonna be one. This is baby number two for you guys but little Raul really doesn’t like being away from you and Shawn. 

Taylor, he slept threw the night from the get go. He was such a quiet baby, still is now as a toddler. But Raul, he is gonna be so much like his Dad. Loud and goofy. 

“Shhh, Raul.” Shawn whispers walking back into your room. 

You roll over and see him holding the tiny baby to his big frame. Shawn’s a giant, you already new that. But watching him hold a two month old made him look huge, compared to the young child. 

“Raul, what’s the matter buddy.” You sigh sitting up, leaning against the head board.

“I don’t know, I changed his diaper and tried to feed him.” Shawn yawned sitting next to you. He hands you Raul leaning his head on your shoulder. You sigh as you hear two little feet running towards your door. 

“Mommy, I can’t sleep.” Taylor says from the door. 

Shawn waves him over and Taylor smiles. 

2:47 am 

“I’m so tired.” You whine to Shawn. He kisses your bare shoulder and looks at you. 

“I know Baby, me too.” He blinks slowly up at you. 

“Daddy can we cuddle?” Taylor asks. 

“Why don’t we all cuddle.” Shawn whispers. “You get to lay with Mommy while I hold Raul.” Shawn shrugs at you. You nod and hand him Raul, now that he is no longer crying. 

“Tay, I’ll be right back okay. Get comfy.” You weakly smile getting up. 

“Hey.” Shawn whispers, catching your hand. 


“Where are you going?” He asks with wide eyes.

“Bathroom, and then make a bottle so it’s ready when he’s hungry.” You say yawning. “Might as well since I’m up.”

“Let me do it, you’re tired.”

“You are a little busy.” You smirk at him as Taylor snuggles up to his Dad, closing his eyes. Shawn looks at his sons, smiling wide. 

“You’re right.” He sleepily smiles at you. You head to the bathroom. 


You walk back into the bedroom when you finish making a bottle. 

Shawn, on his back. 

Raul, laying on his stomach, on Shawn’s chest.

Taylor, on his side, holding on to Shawn’s arm like its a stuffed animal. 

You slowly and carefully crawl back into bed, Shawn stirring as the bed dips. 

“Hey Beautiful.” He grins. 

“Hey.” You whisper. You kiss Raul’s head lightly. Then kiss Taylor’s. 

“Do I get a kiss?” Shawn asks smirking. You roll your eyes.

“Gotta save best for last right?” You grin at him, that makes him smile wide. 

“C’here.” He says leaning up to you. You lean down and kiss him lightly. 

“My boys, gotta love them.” You sigh laying down. Shawn takes a hold of your hand and holds it as you get all comfy. 

“I love you Babe.” He whispers before drifting off to sleep. 


“Mommy.” You stir as someone shakes your shoulder. “Mommy, it’s time for breakfast.” 

You roll over and meet the brown eyes of your son. You smile and sigh in content.

“Morning Tay.” You smile.

“Morning Mommy!” He smiles as you wake up. 

“Where’s Daddy?” You ask as you notice Shawn isn’t next to you. 

“It’s time for breakfast.” Taylor says grabbing your hand and trying to pull you with him. You get up and follow him, grabbing Shawn’s flannel along the way. 

You are just pulling it on as you enter the kitchen. 

“What’s all this?” You ask as you see the table set, and Shawn standing at the stove. 

“You’re up.” He smiles as he turns. 

“Breakfast!” Taylor calls, jumping up and down. 

“Go take a seat bud.” Shawn smiles at his son. 

“Mommy come on!” Taylor says taking your hand. 

You look at Shawn and see that he’s staring at you, casually looking up and down. 

“Fuck.” He mumbles quietly so little ears don’t hear him. 

You look at yourself, jogger shorts, cami with his flannel, your hair that was curled yesterday now a crazy mane on your head.

“What?” You quirk a brow, picking Taylor up and resting him on your hip.

“You just look really good in my flannel.” He shakes his head.

“Yeah, good enough to get a good morning kiss?” You tease, smirking at him. 

He turns around, grinning smugly, and nods. He leans down and connects your lips, giving you a quick but sweet smooch. 

You pull away giggling and Taylor giggles too.

“Here Mommy.” Taylor says, making you look at him. “I have a kiss for you.” He smiles. You smile and he kisses you too. 

“Thanks Tay. That was the best kiss ever.” You smirk looking at Shawn. You giggle as you walk by him. He smacks your butt as you walk by, causing you to laugh harder. You set Taylor down in his high chair and look over into the play pin noticing Raul sleeping. 

Shawn sets your plates down and pulls your chair out for you. He kisses you again as you go to take a seat. 

“Let’s eat!” He says siting next to you, setting two waffles on your plate. 

“Thanks for making breakfast Babe.” You smile as you start fixing up your waffles.

“I don’t know what your talking about, Taylor made it all.” He says looking at Taylor. 

“What? No! Daddy made it.” Taylor giggles. 

“Then what did you do?” Shawn asks.

“I manned the music.” He grinned looking at you. That made you laugh and another smart comment was tumbling from your lips.

“Well you do have the best music taste in the house so…” You say biting back a smile. 

Shawn looks over at you with wide eyes. His hand finds your bare leg squeezing your knee. 

“Take that back.” He says, trying to hide his smile too. 

“Sorry, I only speak the truth.” You continue.

“You are just playful this morning aren’t you.” He says raising his eyebrows. His hand slides further up your leg, making your eyes widen. 

“Get me well rested and the sassy comes back.” You say taking a bite of your waffle. 

“Your sassy is always there, rested or not.” He says taking a bite your waffle, not a small bite, but a big ass bite.

“Shawn Peter!” You say hitting his arm. He laughs at your reaction.

“What? You insulted my music taste.” He shrugs.

“That does not mean that you get to take my waffle. You took like all of it.” You whine at him. He laughs. 

“It was good too.” 

“I wouldn’t know, you ate it all.”

“I can think of a way could taste it.” He smirks. 

“Taylor, you’re Daddy is being bad this morning.” You say as Shawn squeezes your thigh. 

“Daddy, time out!” Taylor says pointing at the wall. 

You laugh as Shawn glares at you.

“No, no time out.” You laugh. 

Then the crying starts. 

Raul’s awake. 

“Morning little man.” You say getting up and picking him up from the play pin. 

“I’ll get his bottle.” Shawn jumps up, rushing to the fridge. As he leaves you take half of his waffle and eat it quickly, with Raul in your arm. 

Once he returns he hands you the bottle taking his seat looking at his plate.

“Did you take my waffle?” He asks looking at you. 

“What? No, Taylor did it.” You say pointing at Taylor.

“No, Mommy took it, she even gave me a bite.” He smiles pointing back at you.

“How dare you.” Shawn laughs.

“Karma Babe.” You shrug, burping Raul. 


“Come on Tay, let’s go do the dishes. You get to man the music again.” Shawn says getting.

“Why do we have to do the dishes?” He asks. 

“Because we are treating Mommy today, that means we are doing all the chores.” Shawn says picking Taylor up. 

You look up at Shawn in shock. He winks at you and takes your son to the kitchen. 

You sit at the dining room table with your baby boy in your arms, he’s staring back at you with his brown eyes that are identical to Shawns. You are soothing running your finger over his features, smiling at his blinks get longer and he starts drifting off to sleep. 

“Is he done eating Babe?” Shawn asks. 

“Yeah,” You say getting up to bring Shawn your plate, still holding Raul.

“Here I’ll take him.” He says with a smile. You laugh as you see him wearing the baby carrier. You help him get Raul all comfortable in it.

“I drew you a bath.” Shawn whispers into your ear.

“Oh my god really?” You say getting excited. 

“Go relax Babe, me and the boys got the chores.” He smiles.

“God I love my boys.” You grin, leaning up to kiss him.

“We love you too.” He says against your lips. 

Happy Warmth

#34: “You come into my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”
- prompt list -

Para that one anon! Thanks for requesting, I love this prompt so much asdjhfasdf

Word Count: 1.3k+ justablurb
Warnings: F L U F F WOW

Song:Technicolor Beat” by Oh Wonder

You pulled your blanket tighter over your tired shoulders, bunching its hem in your palms. Tonight was a cold night, one of the first nights of December, and it managed to reach you through the countless layers of fabric encasing you. The stinging chill of winter jolted you in and out of sleep, bringing you to a steady shudder as the night progressed. Your toes curled in your socks, knees tucked against your chest, as you began to drift.

And then there was the sharp rap on your window, the soft hum of your name from behind the glass. Your eyelids heavily opened, eyelashes sticky with exhaustion, broken sleep painting your irises.

That rap came again, impatient, demanding, warm against the night.

After recuperating from your daze of confusion, smeared with sleep-deprivation, you lifted your head to turn to the window. You turned because you knew it was him, in this deep of a night, in this chill of winter, he was there. Of course he would be there. Just what you needed.

And sure enough, there crouched a shuddering Peter, cheeks pink in need of warmth and breaths stained white with the icy air. He wore a large, navy sweatshirt, his “Stark Enterprises” hoodie, that he claimed to be his most prized possession. Sweatpants covered his legs, bunching at his hips from his stance. His hands were tucked under his armpits in a cross, his body shivering softly, untamed coffee curls falling over his forehead. He flashed a bright smile when you met his eyes. Bright and warm against the night and ice.

Scratching a clammy hand against your scalp, you uncurled your body and inched your feet over the side of the bed, socks brushing against the December-stained sheets. Just his presence helped you get to your feet, his warm eyes bubbling happiness in your chest.

With rigid fingers, you hoisted the window up, the breeze splashing against your cheeks. Instantaneously, Peter was hopping through the gap, fitting himself and his sweatshirt through the glass, slipping into the familiar room. Your room.

“Hey,” he breathed, sigh shaky. His hand reached and slammed the window shut, cutting off the circulation of the cold air outside. “Why is it - why is it so cold in here?”

His hands ran themselves up the back of his arms, attempting to rid his goosebumps. Brows furrowed, he observed your sleepy smile.

“The AC went out this afternoon,” you began, bringing a hand behind you to rub your neck, “and since it’s still partially working, our landlord refuses to fix it.” You shook your head in an annoyed laugh, voice raspy with exhaustion.

“Seriously?” Peter huffed, nose tugging up in disbelief. “Dude, that’s awful.”

You gave a small nod, crossing your arms tightly against your chest. So cold.

“But, uh,” you began, stuttering slightly, “why are you here? It’s like,” you gave a quick glance at your alarm clock, “4 o’clock.” Peter chuckled lightly, a small blush rising to his cheeks as he observed the ground.

“I just, uh, wanted to see you.”

And there was that smile again, pulling at his lips across a tightly clenched jaw, bringing a glow to his honey eyes. It was infectious, too, as it always had been. Your heart smiled along with the boy, your chest smiled, your eyes smiled, your lips smiled. He was just happiness.

“It was really cold, and I missed you,” he stammered, breathless, gaze breaking from yours. It was adorably flattering how giddy he was, how nervous, how excited, even now, after so long. This was Peter, had always been Peter, this was happiness.

With a light laugh, you moved towards him, freezing toes catching warmth as you neared. Resting your head in the crook of his neck, shoulder against his chest, arms still tightly bunched against your chest, you smiled into him. His arms gently wrapped themselves across your back, hugging you tighter and warmer and happier. He was warm, even though he was cold, he was warm. His touch was balmy and comforting and happy.

“It’s so cold, Peter,” you huffed, laughing lightly against the Stark logo.

“I know, I know,” he whispered into your hair, chapped lips catching small strands, arms running up and down your back in an effort to warm you. It worked; the blood was soon rushing through your limbs again, melting away the icy exterior that had been painted over you.

“But you know what?” you smiled, peering up to look at him. You rested a hand softly against the neck of his hoodie, palm pressing against the fabric.

“Hm?” Peter questioned, gaze dropping to meet your eyes. A messy smile laid on his lips.

“You’re pretty hot.”

You laughed, watching his cheeks heat with a light pink, watching his eyes grow a little wide with admiration, watching his chest lift as he inhaled a slightly deep breath than before. He broke into a light chuckle, flattered at your goofy remark.

“Uh, thanks,” he grinned, gripping your shoulders against him. He never, ever believed you when you complimented him on his looks, and you could tell that he didn’t entirely believe you now, with his jaw still tight, but it made him feel good. You knew it made him feel good, and bringing him the same happiness he gave to you was what you strived to do.

“You’re pretty cute, too,” he smiled, returning the compliment with sincerity.  He laid a small kiss on your hairline, before pulling you closer and rocking you in his arms. You could feel the smile on his chest, in his arms, dancing along his fingers. You could feel his smile, his happiness.

You swayed for a moment, soaking each other in. Relishing in the warmth, in the breathing, in the admiration and hope and love and longing. Because this was Peter, this was just what you needed, this was the heat to warm off the chill.

“Hey, uh, do you think I could crash here tonight?” His voice was soft and hesitant, kissing the air.

You nodded your head against his neck, nose brushing his Adam’s apple.


“Thanks,” he mumbled into your hair, bringing his chin to rest on the top of your head. “I kind of don’t want to go back outside. It’s freezing.”

“I don’t blame you,” you sighed, closing your eyes and breathing him in.

“And I wanted to cuddle.”

His soft words brought that genuine contentment back to your thoughts and a bubble of laughter broke between your lips, tickling against his neck.

“Of course you do,” you breathed. “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, just to cuddle.”

He laughed at this, the honeyed sound of his happiness summery in the icy air. He mumbled a small “yep”, chuckling against you.

And then you were both climbing into your bed, after Peter clumsily kicked his shoes off, folding the blankets over your limbs, coaxing the warmth out of each other’s cold bodies, snuggling tightly in the sheets. His arm wrapped around your waist, holding you tight, his sock-covered feet tangling with yours. His balmy breaths fanned over your neck, slowing as he drifted into a light sleep. You held his hand in yours, running soft circles on his palm.

His chest was flush against your back, strong and comforting. His feeling was buttery and honeyed and warm and happy, surging waves of rolling contentment through your veins.

“This is perfect,” you muttered into your pillow, biting the inside of your cheek. So happy.

Peter hummed softly, agreeing, nuzzling his face against the crook of your neck. His curls were spreading over you, the dusty brown mixing with your strands, his eyelids pleasantly closed.

“You’re perfect,” the boy sighed, the words tickling your neck, sending radiating surges of happiness, of Peter, down your collarbones, dripping across your chest, down your legs, and to your toes. His voice was sleepy and comforting and raspy and you relaxed beneath the heavy weight of his arms. You inhaled deeply, breathing in the moment, in his compliment, in him. Breathing in the cutting happiness of Peter against the frosty aroma of the air. 

So warm.

- -

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Stan, Richie: Wardrobe Thief

Request  “Can i have a Stan, Richie with a s/o that wears their hoodies/shirts and they just think that it’s so adorable?”

A/N  I wasnt sure if you meant both stan and richie w the same s/o, so i wrote both separately just incase. drop another req if that is what u asked for though, sorry!!

Pairing Stan Uris x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader

Warnings  → neh? a little bit ft. smoking book richie


↳ “My hairs still wet! And my swimmers…”

“It’ll dry. It’s still better than you catching a cold”

You felt guilty as you shrugged on Stan’s hoodie. He looked away as did so, smiling to himself at the fact that you had said ‘swimmers’.

The soft cotton was warm. He wasn’t getting this sweater back, but Stan already knew that. He rolled his eyes, trying to fight that smile, as you shot him a goofy grin and a “Thanks”.

It smelled floral, like Grandmas or fancy perfumed bookstores. He was a little taller than you, and it fell a little longer than it should’ve. Stan smiled to himself the whole bike ride home, letting you pedal in front of him just to see you wearing it.

It made him feel a little more… Secure? He couldn’t quite place it. But seeing you wearing something that belonged to him, and you doing that so happily on your part, kind of reaffirmed everything between the two of you. Was he being selfish for thinking like that?

You returned it to him months later, after numerous laundry cycles left it smelling like your detergent and not his. (Was that creepy? No. Was it?) Stan appreciated it though, asking himself that same question.

It wasn’t long before all the Losers were hanging out again, messing around in the park, and you managed to snag another one. You had made some excuse about it being late, and getting cool. Stan rolled his eyes at you, but you saw the quirk at the ends of his lips.

You wondered if his parents ever thought it was strange, or if they even noticed that a jacket would disappear for weeks on end, and then be returned as another one did the same thing.

You wondered if your parents noticed. You shrugged it off, tugging the hoodie closed by the drawstrings. Stan sat beside you on the park bench, shoulder against yours.’Maybe he should stop this before it grew into a bad habit’ he thought. But then dually ignored himself.

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i still can’t believe little percy kept a photo of annabeth in his notebook to look at whenever he missed camp - even though the photo was of just annabeth, and not even at camp

“Do you know what really bothers me about this fanfiction thing?” Dean asked, matter-of-factly, his eyes narrowing at the computer screen.  

Sam threw him an exasperated stare from across the table. “I have a sneaking suspicion that you will tell me even if I beg you not to,” he said with a worn-down sort of dread in his voice. “Which I really do, by the way. Beg you not to.”

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anonymous asked:

hi im a new nct stan can you describe nct127's members' personalities? thank you!!

taeyong - kindhearted, giving, and sweet like candy to the core. but also, always walking the bridge between just nervous and all out losing it,,,,,,,sorta reminds me of suho??? in personality like fluffy but also siren noises in their heads 24/7

taeil - takes life on step at a time, no need to rush. the big brother whose always getting bothered by his younger siblings. just wants peace and quiet, but always smiles and bears it. (not about his personality but 7th sense was his ERA)

doyoung - doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk, loves sharing his opinions, petty, has waaaay too much love to give and isn’t afraid to show it much to the dismay of some people (see: taeyong), but in the end has the most charmingly,,,,,entertaining way of making you love him

johnny - dramatic, his body is big and therefore everything he does has to be a b IG deal, talks like he’s hosting a tv show, is pressed about his 10 yrs in the basement so he’s making up for it, when he smiles tho his whole tough mysterious persona goes out the door

jaehyun - humble, is a visual both in looks and personality because how can someone be so good natured when they’re surrounded by chaos (the rest of nct) all the time??? is cute without trying,,,,,like literally so cute,,,,serious to squish in .005 seconds 

yuta - ,,,,,dont know where he came from but wherever it was it must have been wild because he’s unstoppable. a FLIRT,,,,,,like a mega flirt like you try finding (1) video where yuta isn’t trying to seduce the camera - it’s just not possible, but also he can be,,,,,goofy,,,,like very silly and he thinks he’s being hot but then he’s just making a fool of himself (in the best way like it’s adorable) 

sicheng - looks innocent,,,,,,like a confused puppy,,,,,but then before you know it you’re wrapped around his little finger just like the rest of nct, dreamy and a lil aloof, would probably sell yuta out for a toothbrush,,,,,actually would definitely sell yuta out for a toothbrush 

mark - golden boy, pure hearted and excited about life, the type that is popular but still??? nice,,,,,doesn’t let anything get in his head like he’s still an angel through and through. makes you feel like you’re not  doing enough with your life because he’s accomplished SO MUCH 

haechan - seems evil, but he’s not like he does things to pester others but on the inside he’s soft and loves his members a lOT,,,,,like he wont admit but he’s actually super caring and supportive, can say the most blunt thing with the most serious expression and even if it’s a lie you’ll believe it because he’s just like,,,,,,so,,,,a matter a fact. is just as savage with 127 and he is with the dream kids but touch any of them and he’ll probs fight u 2 the death 

anonymous asked:

Hello there👋🏾 can you do a bts reaction to you being a youtuber and you're doing a vlog and you bring the camera over to them so they can show themselves in the video?

Oh course:)


You wouldn’t have moved the camera over to if he hadn’t started screaming for your attention from the couch. When you walked into the room explaining to the camera what he was doing he’d grab the tripod your camera rested on and complain about how you spent more time talking to your viewers and he was ‘mad at all of them cause they were taking you away from him.’ still he’d find himself very involved with your career and even begged you to start a section where you cooked with him. 


He would never asked to be on camera, and even though it wasn’t his favorite thing in the world he would still muster up enough energy to smile and make goofy faces if he was ever in the background. If the camera was ever directed at him he’d wrap his arms around your waist and hide half of his face behind your shoulder so only a little bit of his face was actually on camera. 


He’d always be giving you off camera commentary and would always be happy to hold the camera when you needed someone to follow you, but once the camera was actually on him he’d just smile with his deep dimples and look at you, nodding as you talked. He recognized how important Vlogging was to you and love to see you at work with it. 


He would bask in the spot light you’d give him whenever you were logging. Wide smiles, big movements and loud laughs as the two of you goofed around. Also, everytime without fail when you’d go to upload your sd card would be full to the brim with goofy videos of Hoseok would leave just for those moments. 


Like Hobie he would always have your hands on your camera videoing you and he to the point where your viewers expected to see him every time you uploaded a new Vlog. He’d love to be apart of something you love and was happy there was something you two could do together. His go to on camera move was flirting with you, he loved to make you blush, especially on camera. 


He’d be another one who’d love to be on camera with you and even if you weren’t planning on putting him in the Vlog he’d sit in the corner of the room doing things until you rolled your eyes and showed him making a goofy grin appear on his face as he addressed your viewers as if they belonged to him. 

*Ive been wanting to use this gif of Tae literally for ever its golden*


He’d always pretend like he didnt want you to film him, but you knew if you didnt he’d complain the next time you uploaded and he wasn’t there. He’d be the one to do random things when the camera was on him, but not crazy random things like Tae. He wouldn’t even need a dialog as long as you showed him doing something he wouldn’t care.

You Are Her Happy Place.

Based on this imagine:

Characters: Dean x Reader, Rowena, Sam 

Summary: A witch put a spell on Y/N knocking her out. Rowena is called to help undo. She ends up seeing Y/N’s dream world. 

Warnings: Language, Sickeningly adorable married life haha 

A/N: I am so happy you guys like this imagine, and so excited that so many people requested a one shot based off of it. I hope you all like it! 

Feel free to submit requests for a one shot and/or imagine. If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. Or as always you can just drop in to say hey. I love hearing from you guys. 

You hit the ground with a resounding thud. Whatever kind of spell that witch just put on you had knocked you out cold on the spot. When you split off from the boys, you had thought you got the drop on her. Turns out, you were the one to get dropped. The witch just stood and waited for the boys to come find you there on the floor. When they did, she made the mistake of getting a bit too mouthy, they were already pissed off, but now with you on the floor, it was a whole new level. “You’re too late you know. She won’t come out of this one. A little parting gift for you boys.” She cackled, making faces that the boys. 

“Well isn’t that nice. See we have a little parting gift for you too.” Dean mockingly replied, as he held up his gun.

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  • You were just lounging in his room, studying
  • He was sprawled out on the ground and you on his bed
  • Headphones were jammed in his ears
  • The dork was doing a little dance
  • Like biting his lip and moving his head to the side
  • His shoulders swayed, clumsy and strong, as he cowered over his notes
  • His hair was falling over his forehead but he didn’t move it 
  • and you really appreciated it because despite what he said you thought he looked DAMn good with messy hair
  • You just had your eyes on him and his goofy lil dancE UGH
  • You started to laugh cause of how freakin adorable he was
  • He heard you over his music and looked up, concentration still laced in his face
  • “What?”
  • And then he laughed a little bit, confused
  • He pulled a headphone out of his ear and had the biggest grin on his face because seeing you happy always made him happy, regardless of the reason
  • “What are you laughing at?”
  • “You, you dork”
  • “What did I do?”
  • And then you were mimicking his little dance, pursing your lips and shaking your shoulders
  • He dropped his head towards the ground and laughed, his curls falling even more UHHHH 
  • “It’s a good song, okay?”
  • “What song is it, Parker?”
  • He looked down at his glowing screen, checking the song
  • “Waterloo by Abba”
  • You smiled because he legitimately listened to that song all the freakin time
  • Like all the time
  • Especially on your train rides to school together
  • You guys always shared headphones :’)
  • ANYW A  Y
  • “You wanna listen, too?”
  • “Sure”
  • You climbed down off of the bed
  • He was actually going to just pull the headphones out and let it play
  • But you wanted to share headphones
  • And it just warmeD HIS HEART
  • You just wanted to be close to him and he to you
  • He pushed your hair carefully behind your ear, admiring you
  • Then he put the headphone in
  • You were laying on your stomach next to him with your head in your hands
  • He was laying the exact same way awwwwWWWW
  • You started dancing a little
  • Bumping your shoulder against his
  • He just snorted at you and bumped back, leaning against you, laying his head on your shoulder like a Class A dork
  • “Get up, Peter.”
  • At first he was really confused
  • Like worried
  • “Why? What’s wrong?”
  • And then you shrugged him off of your shoulder and stood up
  • You dropped the headphone out of your ear and then turned around to face him
  • You yanked at his hands, trying to pull him off the ground
  • He was just cracking up
  • “What are you - what are you doing?”
  • He blushed at that cause like of course he did 
  • And then he stumbled to his feet, taking his phone with him, clutched in his hand
  • “Y/N, what are you doing?”
  • You yanked him forward, flush against your chest, winking jokingly
  • “Dance with me, Parker.”
  • You worked your hand down to his and pulled the headphones out of his phone
  • By now the song had changed, so “Television/So Far So Good” by Rex Orange County was playing
  • And then you tossed his phone onto the ground and he was chuckling lightly
  • “Dance with me”
  • And so he trailed his hands down to yours and held them
  • Then he started moving his shoulders, pulling you along with him
  • So then you guys were swaying, shoulders alternating
  • After a couple more minutes of the song your guys were like jumping around, laughing really hard
  • You 10000000000% twirled Peter around
  • And then he tried to do it to you and he got his hand like stuck in yours
  • “Ow Peter I can’t move”
  • And he (finally) let go and you just fell into his chest, laughing
  • “We’re so good at this”
  • “Oh, yes, we absolutely are”
  • And then “Electric Love” by BØRNS was playing UGHHHH
  • Peter then slid his hands onto your waist and began to sway
  • Which kinda surprised you cause like
  • It was smooth as heck
  • Peter’s not supposed to be smooth as heck
  • But that was real smooth, man
  • And seriously so freakin hot
  • And so you smiled a little
  • And then you put your hands over his shoulders
  • And you guys swayed to the beat, laughing in each other’s arms
  • At one point you stepped on Peter’s foot
  • “OhmygoshsorryPeterareyouokay”
  • “Yeah, I’m good, I’m good”
  • He pulled you against his chest, running his hand up your back
  • “Here, I’ll help you.”
  • And then he was looking down at you, your head perched slightly over his shoulder
  • And he freakin couldn’t stop looking at you as you guys swayed
  • His arms were braced against your back, strong and warm
  • You breathed into the crook of his neck, breathing him in
  • Ugh and even after the song ended you guys still just swayed in the silence

- - 

Tags: @nickledickle @rileywrites-93 @spideyology @merenwen-of-mirkwood @ohparkers @tonky-stank @dangerousluv1 @radicalstars @a-bit-of-alot @partytrickparker

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My Saviour - Eleven

A/N: Four more parts after this one. Once again I want to thank everyone that follows this series. I love writing this, and I love all the feedback you’re all giving me. Also a special shout out to my beta @thorne93

Characters: Dean, Reader.

Warnings: Fluff. Cliffhanger. Just a tinsy bit of angst.

Wordcount: 1735 (short, I know)

Catch up HERE

*not my GIF*

Originally posted by tearinmyeye

A couple of more weeks went by and the trial was only two days away, which had your nerves working on high gear. Sam had done a really good job of preparing you, walking you through the ins and outs of a trial like that, so you knew how it was going to go, but you still didn’t feel like you were ready.

Dean noticed the little changes in your behavior as the trial approached, like fidgeting with your hands, not making eye contact as much, not talking to him, but the most prominent change wa that you had started sleeping with your back turned to him. You were still in his bed every night, but you didn’t hold his hand, or curl up to him anymore, he missed that.

What Dean didn’t know was that you had an entirely different reason for that, for pushing him away a little. It had happened that night when you had curled up in his lap and thanked him for everything, that you had felt it. When you had taken his hand and laced your fingers together, and you could feel the warmth spread in your heart and the butterflies that had manifested in your stomach, that’s when you knew that Dean wasn’t, and couldn’t ever be just your friend. 

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Lights in the Sky

Wincest Writing Challenge: (June) | @ilostmyshoe-79​ vs. @wetsammywinchester

Prompt: Fireflies

Pairing (s): Wincest, Dean/Sam

Word Count: 2700

Summary: Snapshots of Sam and Dean’s life together.

Tags/Triggers: none (I wrote something without smut. what???)


Dean glances across the small yard. “Yeah, Sammy?”

“Look! Lights?” Sam points a child-chubby finger into the air. His tiny arm is silhouetted against the darkening sky, and Dean squints into that weird time of dusk when things are visible until he looks right at them. They seem to disappear into the night when he looks too hard.

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One day I walked into my free period class room and I saw one of the kids from the autistic program at my school and I had some friends in there already so I was like you know what sure I’ll sit next to him he looks nice. So I sat next to him and he was the sweetest little dude in there world. He was older than me but really short and when I sat down he got the biggest smile on his face. Then he got all shy called me pretty and my heart fucking exploded. Then people from around the other tables looked at him and were like “Looks like you’ve got a crush there.” and he get all flustered and he still had a big goofy grin on his face and I couldn’t stop smiling

But that not the best part


Burned Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Smut/angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, dom/sub sexual relations

Word Count: 5.5k

A/N: based off a post I made a few days ago and encouraged by. This is my first time writing smut so please be kind to me. I’m still learning the ropes haha. 

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Everything about the drive home was the same and for that you were thankful. It had been months since the last time you saw the familiar buildings of your hometown. The farmer’s market was in full swing and you were tempted to stop by, but you knew your mother would kill you if you showed up later. 4 hours late, in fact. You probably should have called. You didn’t mind the lecture that was sure to commence once you got home because it was the first time you were able to sleep in for months. You were in your first year of medical school and it was taking a toll on you. Between work and school you barely had time for anything, or anyone. Luckily, the national holiday came right at the perfect time and you managed to squeeze in a trip home, not minding the long drive each way. Hopefully, your mother had prepared your favorite meal because it’s been awhile since you ate something that didn’t come from plastic packaging.

As you pulled down your childhood street you saw the familiar commotion of seven boys playing basketball in your driveway. Taehyung, your younger brother, had begged your dad for two years for a hoop. After Tae broke his elbow from building a makeshift one out of a ladder and a laundry basket your father finally caved in. The six boys playing with your brother were his childhood best friends. They’ve stuck together through everything, from dating each other’s exes, to going away to separate universities. You had never seen friendship like that and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t feel a little bit jealous. None of your friendships had lasted that long and you hoped that nothing would ever get in between theirs.

The sudden sound of loud thumping on the hood of your car scared the shit out of you. When you looked up, you saw your brother’s boxy grin staring back at you. “If you dent my car you’re going to have to pay for it, you little shit,’ you threatened.

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im just gonna jump right in so enjoy and try not to cry



‘be nonchalant, styles. just play it cool’


this one is precious and such good quality (look at his teeth i acanf)

lil goofy pjs ask me if im alright (i,m not)

WITH FRIENDS plus the little girl. does his shirt say school idk but its cute


he is cheesing so hard…he still does this smile im upset



so animated so cute rocking that c cup

speedo and goofy ears, he should have been walking the runway (the goofy ears are even pierced and for some reason that just makes the whole thing better)


back in his blonde days (AND MICKEY SHIRT!!!)

HIS CREW NECK THE DOG HIS SHINY SHOES (tell me he was dressed for school tell me he had a disney themed lunch box tell me his mom cut his sandwich into little shapes like butterflies and dinosaurs TELL ME)


well he doesn’t look very impressed by class picture day

just not impressed at all

u got it dude!!!!!! plus STRIPED SHORTS YEA (and his hand on the girls thigh like here little girl let me use your leg to help get off of this bench, much love .xx)


playing with the older kids ;( lil blue shorts

once again who knows what hes doing with his hands…..but still adorable


thrusting his fist in the air he cant contain the excitement ‘YES GOLF CART RIDES!!!!!!!’

ah good old family photos

he sleeps with his mouth open :( look at his tiny fist :(


just casually straddling that fence like a pro (the other boy is no where near as comfortable up there that is evident)

enjoying story time and rocking that vest he has been a little fashionista since day one (do they make baby sized glitter boots? if so, he owned them)


kisseskissesskd (quirky ears before he even had the curls to make them so)

nice family beach day when harry breaks out the ninja moves

everybody was kung fu fighting!!!

working that camera! owning those angles!

just too damn cute 

Dex/Nursey | 1k | T+ 

Nursey had never found Dex attractive.

Sure he was an okay looking dude, but he really wasn’t what Nursey went for.

Dex was all gangly muscles, freckle covered skin and too big ears. A scowl that could freeze over hell and an air about him that was too rough and aggressive.

Nursey went for soft smiles, lean lines and eyes that you could melt into. Nursey had never seen Dex’s eyes when they weren’t clouded over.

And then one day after practise Dex grins, bright and happy in Nursey’s direction and it’s all over for Nursey.

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