he still keeps on a smile



Saoirse is preparing dinner, humming as she decimates a lettuce. The sight of her fills Roy with equal parts fear and longing. He tiptoes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist, inhaling the scent of her hair, which is clean and faintly cinnamon-scented, his left hand fumbling to make contact with her breast. He smiles and closes his eyes.  The humming stops.

Saoirse: Roy, what are you doing? Are you crazy? Someone will see-
Roy: No they won’t. Dougie’s gone for a ride and Georgina’s locked in her bedroom.
Saoirse: It’s still too risky. You have to try and keep your hands to yourself. At least when we’re in the house-
Roy: Can you put the knife down?

Saoirse does as he asks. She pushes his arms away and turns around, trying to look stern.

Saoirse: Roy, you’re going to cost me my job. I’m serious.
Roy: Alright, alright. Can I come and see you tonight?

Saoirse’s eyes look darker than usual. He feels a cold sensation at the back of his neck.

Saoirse: Roy, listen. I don’t think we can continue doing what we’ve been doing.

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19 flinthamiltons

   things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

It seems foolish to keep a memory of those early sentimental moments, but Miranda does all the same. She’s painted a small portrait of them every year and she keeps doing that. It’s been three years together and here they are. Three years into their relationship and she still loves the both of them so much.

Thomas is pouring the sangria on the patio while James is still working on trimming the hedge because he couldn’t bear the unevenness.

She sits back, watching the two of them. Thomas sets the pitcher down on the table and turns to her with a smile.

“What’re you thinking?” He presses a kiss to her neck.

“I’m thinking we should make a memory of having James here tonight.” She murmurs, leaning into his shoulder. Thomas strokes her shoulder gently, pressing a kiss to her hair.

“Just tonight?”  He nuzzles at her with her with a smile.

“No.” Miranda leans back with a smile. “I want him here always.”

Thomas smiles in response. “You know I want that too.” They both look down into the garden at where James is still busily working. “Tonight and always?”

“Tonight and always.”  Thomas promises and she turns to kiss his fingertips.

James finally drops the shears and turns to them (and they both suck in a breath at the same time) at his sleeves neatly rolled up against his tanned freckled forearms. He smiles at them and Miranda wonders if he even knows how attractive he, how loved he is, at moments like this. Most likely he doesn’t, and somehow that is half the charm of James’s appeal.

It’s an ordinary afternoon, but it’s in those ordinary moments, that make up the moments when they’re the happiest…

The moments when Miranda is sitting there with Thomas’s arm around her, leaning into his embrace, James smiling over at her, and smiling at both of them, that she thinks of how many times in the future that she won’t have to savor every moment for fear it’s the last one…

Crazy Lover

Author’s Note

So I was working super hard and I get this anon with yandere paladins. And I’m like what is yandere?, mover forward 30 mintues. I find it that is means  obsessed with someone romainally.

I was like dang, this is going to be fun.

Art By




He feared that he lost you when was he caught by the Galra but was pleased to see that you where still fateful to him and he wanted to keep it that way.

Which was hard to be in a ship full of boys who saw you as their mother figure.

Shiro didn’t see it like that.

He questioned every smile and hug you give to everyone. It was going very annoy and tried some and one day you snapped.

“Gosh, Shiro, stop being so controlling!” You said after he question you and why you where with Lance and Keith in the Medical Bay “I am a grown human being, I can take care of myself.”

“Yes, you are!” he growled “But you are mine and I’m not sharing you with annoy one!”

“Well to bad so sad for you” you said storming away “I can do what I want!”

He growled and pulled you to him.

“You will no go anywhere without me or else.” he said and his robotic arm tended it grip on you “But you understand?”

“Shiro!” you grasped “You hurting me!”

“Do you understand!”

“YES!” you screamed out.

He let you go and walked away, leaving you with a bruised arm and tears running down your face.


He never like the thought of you without people. 

Especially Lance.

Where you where with the Blue Paladin, Keith acted as if it was you where best friends with enemy.

After a hard battle you where put on bed rest by both Shiro and Allura due to your wounds, so everyone visited you.

One time Keith came to see you just as Lance was waking out. Keith lost his tempt and soon a fight broke out. Shiro and Hunk had to pull the two of them off each other. Shiro tried to talk to Keith but he pulled away and stormed into your room.

“What was he doing in here!” he spat.

“He was checking on me.”


“But Keith-”

“You are mine” he growled in your ear “and if you even talk to him again I will kill him.”

You grasped and he walked out of your room.


Lance maybe a flirt but he hate it when someone flirts with you let only talks to you, but he completely loses it when someone touches you.

Even in a friendly way.

One day you where train in the training room with Keith. He offer to help you with your knife skills since that is what your a Bayard changed into.

You made the mistake of changing at him in the middle of the fight. Keith naturally grab your knife hand made spin you and wrapped his arms around you so you where trapped.

That when Lance walked in.

He was fuming at the site of Keith holding you.

Without think he pulled out his Bayard and shoot him.

Keith yelled out and fell to the ground holding  his shoulder where he was shot.

“Lance!” you yelled “Why did you do that!”

“No one touches you but me.” he said “And if I caught him touching again, for whatever reason. I’ll not miss.”


The giant lovable teddy bear can turn into a bear when your you were with one of the boys by yourselves.

One time you, Lance, and Keith where in the kitchen making space goo art, soon it turned into a space goo fight, with the green slim flying everywhere. Keith wasn’t looking where he was going and tripped and landed on you. 

Hunk then walked in.

“Hey Hunk!” you said with a smile.

“What is going on here!” he hissed.

“Dude!” Lance said “Calm down.”

“Calm down!” he said back, taking a step towards Lance. “I told you time and time again to leave Y/N alone!”

“Yea but we where just hanging out.” Keith said helping you up “I don’t see-”

“That is the problem,” Hunk said “you don’t  see that Y/N is mine. Not yours, so leave her alone.”

“Hunk-” you started but he pulled you away from the boys and down the hall.


Pidge secretly dislike Allura. She thought the princess was to nice and happy, which is way she hated it when you where with her. Allura need your help with something mechanical on the Bridge can called you up. You when you without tell Pidge and she was have a cow over it.

“I have always dislike the princess!” She said “And I hate it when you are with her.” 

“So what?” you said “I supposed to stand here in my room and not do anything but you have a problem controlling your jealousy?”

“Yes.” Pidge said pressing a button and the glowing shield when up.

“Pidge!” you said Let me go!”

“No.” she said “you are mine and I’m not sharing”

Then she walked away.

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"Good morning, Your Highness," for the first sentence meme.

Thank you ♥♥♥

“Good morning, Your Highness.“
Sunlight is filtering into the room through the curtains, promising that outside, a beautiful summer day is waiting for him, and Eggsy buries his face in the pillows, groans.
“Oh fuck off, Harry”, he grumbles, hoping that the other will be able to understand him, “It’s been six years since I got divorced, just how much longer do you intend to keep this up ?”
A second passes, then Harry sits down next to him, another until he answers, “Another decade or so, I think. As long as you made me wait for you.”
His voice is soft, loving, and although it’s still too bright in the room around him, Eggsy forces his eyes to open, so he can see the smile on Harry’s lips, reply to it with one of his own.
“You know”, he says, and takes Harry’s hand into his, holds it tightly, “I suppose that’s fair.”

Leave me the first sentence of a fic, and I’ll write you the next five!

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Hola!!! Cutie I've read you're having a hard time, life can be cruel sometimes it takes more than it gives, but hey I tell myself that we could be the ones smiling tomorrow, we're still here, still standing, still trying, still living, you're brave, your talented super talented, you can't imagine how much I would like to draw all this inside of me but I can't he he he, you're precious and life will come around and I'll give what you most desire and deserve! (sends huge ass hug)

Oh gosh this was such a sweet thing to read!!! And you’re absolutely right!! ;v; I’ve been through many hard times before and despite that I want to keep going!! There are many things that I have to look forward to even in the midst of all this sadness!! Thank you so much for this boost of support!!! 

Guess who was going through the Langst tag and got inspired and sad? 


  • So Lance and Keith were friends in high school, but fell out of touch when Keith moved away for college. 
  • Half a year later, Keith moved back home after deciding college wasn’t for him and dropping out. Lance was thrilled that one of his friends had moved back and reached out to his old friend to reconnect. Keith agreed and they went out to a bar together. 
    • They woke up in bed together the next morning with horrible hangovers and evidence of last night’s deeds dried on the sheets. 
  • Keith tells Lance that he doesn’t do relationships but that the sex was amazing and he would be up for it again if Lance was. 
    • Poor, pinning Lance has had feelings for Keith since high school. He figures that a friend’s with benefits relationship is the best he was ever going to get with Keith and agrees. 
    • It becomes apparent that Keith was more interested in the Benefits part of their agreement very quickly. Sex was soon all he wanted from Lance, no hanging out, no talking, nothing but a few hours in bed. 
  • Lance is deeply hurt, feeling like he has lost one of his best friends all over again. He keeps trying to repair the friendship that he thinks he’s at fault for breaking, but nothings working. 
    • If he invites Keith over for pizza and a movie, Keith thinks it’s a booty call. They have sex and then Keith’s gone. 
    • If he asks Keith to go to a bar or club with him, Keith gets handsy and they end up fooling around in one of their cars and then Keith goes home. 
  • Lance is at the end of his rope and pulling his hair out in frustration. Then he finds out that he isn’t the only one Keith has been sleeping with. Turns out Keith’s got a new guy in his bed every other night. 
  • Lance is heartbroken. He had thought he was the only one. He feels used. It’s like he doesn’t even know Keith anymore. He’s lost Keith.
    • He can’t do it anymore. He can’t keep giving and giving himself to Keith for nothing.
    • He starts ignoring calls and texts from Keith. 
    • Hunk and Pidge worry and ask if he’s alright, but he just smiles and waves away their worries. It’s hard for them to keep tabs on Lance when they have college classes and live in different states now, but they try their best.
    •  There are nights when he’s tempted to call Keith and invite him over because his bed is way to empty and he misses Keith like nothing else, but he manages.
  • Its around this time that his friend from college, Allura, introduces him to her friend since childhood, Lotor.
  • Lotor is hands down the most gorgeous guy Lance has ever seen. He was charming and just as flirty as Lance and laughed at his jokes. The two hit it off right away and Allura is so fucking smug because she’s been trying to set the two up for months.
    • They begin dating and Lance is honestly in awe of his boyfriend. Lotor seems perfect. Wealthy, handsome, charming, and loving. Lance is head over heels, stupidly in love.
  • Then Keith comes over to his apartment one night.
    • Keith asks him where he had been and why Lance hasn’t been answering his texts- he was worried!
    • Lance has no time for this. He’s blunt and harsh and tells Keith to go to someone else for sex, because Lance is dating someone now.
    • Keith goes pale. He tries to ask something, but keeps stuttering and restarting. Finally, he pushes past Lance and runs out of the apartment, leaving a confused Lance behind.
  • Things are going great with Lotor. Lance falls fast and hard and Lotor is right there with him. Lotor talks about Lance moving in with him and about their future together. Lance is so happy about the prospect of a future that he doesn’t stop to wonder if its what he really wants with Lotor.
  • Weeks after Keith’s last visit, he comes back drunk at 4 in the morning.
    • Lance lets him in, fully intending to call a taxi to take him home, but Keith has other plans. He’s throwing himself at Lance within minutes, asking him for just one more time.
    • Lance aint having that. Nope. It is not a thing that is happening.
    • Then Keith starts to cry. He keeps saying that he’s sorry and that he needs Lance and that he doesn’t care that Lance loves someone else. Says that he needs Lance, that he loves-
    • “Lance?” Lotor comes out of Lance’s bedroom still half asleep and hair a beautiful mess. He’s instantly awake when he sees Keith and his face goes dangerously blank. “Whats going on?”
    • Lance explains that he’s just calling a taxi to take Keith home, since he’s been drinking. Lotor’s face looses the blank look and he’s all sweet smiles and helpfulness again.
      • Keith curls up on Lance’s couch and tries not to cry.
    • After sending Keith home, Lance apologizes for waking up Lotor, but his boyfriend says he has nothing to be sorry for. Lance is sweet enough to help anyone, and Keith is in the wrong for taking advantage of that, that Lance did nothing wrong.
      • Lance is so lucky to have Lotor.
  • Keith wakes up to a text from Lance asking if he got home safe. Keith’s heart clenches, because he is so in love with Lance and he fucked up so badly.
    • He lies and pretends that he doesn’t remember going over to Lance’s place and humiliating himself because its easier.
  • The next day, Keith ventures out to get food and finds himself getting shoved into an alleyway between abandoned buildings and getting the shit kicked out of him.
    • He gets thrown around a bit, the wind knocked out of him, and a more then one bruise before he’s thrown to the ground.
    • Lotor and four girls are staring down at him once his head stops spinning.
  • Lotor tells Keith that if he tries to contact Lance again, the beating will be worse and a bone or two may be broken. Tells him that if he tries to tell Lance about this, Keith’s landlord will suddenly find a reason to evict him from his apartment. 
  • Doesn’t Keith realize that he’s going to ruin Lance? That he’ll drag Lance down with him if Keith keeps holding onto him? He tells Keith that Lance deserves better then a college drop out turned slut whose going no where in life.
    • Keith already knows all this, he doesn’t need to reminder.
  • Keith is left in the alley with a split lip and bruised ribs while Lotor and the girls drive off in a sports car more expensive then Keith’s student debt.

SO. I’m kinda half way through actually writing this as a fic…

R.I.P Tupac Shakur

Originally posted by dontexpectjustice

I know most of yall prolly won’t care about this since I’m an XO fan account but I just wanted to say R.I.P to my legend Tupac Shakur.

Nobody will ever understand how much he means to me, even though I was never alive when he was he’s still impacted my life in so many ways.

I’ve made so many fond memories to his music and everyday he keeps me going through the good and the bad. He keeps me smiling. The way he was so unapologetic and didn’t give a fuck is something I look up to.

The words he raps are still true to this day and if people could just look past the image the media gave him they’d understand. He had his bad moments but so does everyone and that’s what makes him so real and relatable.

Anyway, this one’s to the best rapper to exist, the realest man to ever do it, my biggest inspiration.

Tupac Shakur, I love you and rest in peace.


Bucky Barnes X Barista!Reader

A/N: This is for @just-some-drabbles 4k follower challenge! Congrats, babe!

Thanks to my fake friend @denialanderror for beta’ing.

Words: 1718

Prompt: “I got your message. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

Warnings: bad fluff again bc im a hoe for soft things but idk how to write soft things rip


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what if tony keeps visiting one orphanage and the kids change and he plays with them all, but this one kid stays. maybe they’re sick, maybe they’re just unlucky, but tony watches this tiny little toddler who was barely walking grow up and learn to speak and always recognise tony with a smile

and tony thinks, well, he’s getting older, less superheroing, and he has friends with kids, and maybe … maybe …

so he gets his lawyers on it

and the next time he visits the orphanage, he doesn’t leave alone. he carries the baby in his arms, and they’re clutching him tight, still afraid tony will disappear

and tony understands and makes sure to always show he’s there and it’s a long time before he can put the kid to sleep without them fearing tony will be gone in the morning

but they get there, because they’re family now

(but he still keeps going to hospitals to hug babies who need it and to orphanages to entertain the kids bc he adopted his kid and he loves them but he doesn’t want to abandon all these other tiny little humans)

ik we joke a lot about heart eyes howell and truth be told most of the time he’s just casually looking at phil and it’s not actually that deep

but then sometimes. SOMETIMES. phil will say something silly right, usually an innuendo. and he’s saying it without looking up at dan, like his eyes are still on the game they’re playing. there’s a moment of silence as dan processes what phil just said. phil keeps quiet, waiting for a response. he knows exactly what he’s doing. dan looks up and over at phil, 100% done with him. he’s trying so hard not to smile. phil is smiling and giggling a bit as he keeps looking at the screen. he doesn’t have to look up to recognise the expression on dan’s face. the expression that clearly reads ‘you are such a fucking dork and i love you to bits’. that is the real Heart Eyes Howell.

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How BTS would react if there GF tried to be cute but accidentally turning them on


You’re quietly sitting on the couch, Namjoon scrolling on his phone while you read a book. When he leans to take the beer can on the coffee table, you realize that you’re thirsty too. « Can you give me a sip, babe? ». Namjoon doesn’t seems to hear you and puts back the can on the table. « Namu? » Namjoon still doesn’t answer, focused on his phone’ screen. You sigh and hit him softly with your foot : « Yah! » Namjoon finally turns his head towards you as you pout cutely. He raises his eyebrows as you whine : « Namjoon-aaah… I was thirsty… But whatever. » You lean over to grab the beer can while Namjoon apologizes with a low voice. You feel his look that doesn’t leave you for a second and, carrying the can to your mouth, you give him a questioning look. Seeing that he’s deeply staring at your lips, you hold your smile and decides to be even cuter, just to soften him so he will be all over you tonight. But you don’t have time to do anything. Suddenly, Namjoon pulls you against him, his mouth finding yours so wildly it takes your breath away. While his hands goes under your top, you sigh against his mouth : « Why are you so… ». Your words get stuck in your throat when his mouth attacks your neck before whispering to your ear:  « I don’t know… You’re turning me on… »


You’ve been drawing for an hour in Taehyung’s bedroom when you see him enter. He comes back from the studio and his tired little smile makes you moan softly. He’s just so cute, his long hair almost covering his eyes. He approaches you and shows the top of your head with his finger : « Why are you wearing this? » You raise your hands and touch the cat-ear headband before bursting out laughing : « Oh ! I put them on just for fun & I forgot to take them off… » Tae gently laughs as you stand up to kiss him softly. As he puts a series of small kisses on your lips, you start to moan very quietly. Tae bites his lip, his fingers clenching the fabric of your shirt : « It sounds like you’re purring… » You giggle, closing your eyes under the softness of his lips that goes down on your neck. You hear his deep voice against your ear : « It’s so cute… ». You smile and lower your hands on his butt, wondering if he would like it if you kept the headband all night…


When you close the door after the delivery boy brought you Chinese food, you start singing Jin’s name. You try to have the most cute & yet seductive voice possible, knowing well that Jin will come out all excited from the shower just at the idea that the food is here. You put the dishes on the table and, when you don’t hear the hurried steps of your man, you start singing « Jiiiiiiiin… » again and continues to sing while preparing the table, lost in the melody you have created. You don’t hear Jin getting closer and lightly jump when you feel his arms wrapping around your waist. He let out his famous « Yaaaah » when the smell of food hits him. You gently giggle and let him kiss your neck. Jin whispers mischievously while kissing you : « Mmh… You… Delicious food… ». His hands goes up on your breasts to press them firmly, making you moan as you drop the towels you held in your hand. Jin’s breath makes you shiver when he adds « Boobs looking tasty as well… I’m such a lucky guy… »


You join Hobi who was sitting in the living room, reading peacefully. Bobby’s last song starts playing when you come in and you can’t hold a little scream of excitement : you love this song. You walk/dance in a ridiculous way, carried away by the rhythm. All the other boys are away so nobody can make fun of you. Of course, Hoseok doesn’t hesitate to burst out laughing when he sees you dancing without embarrassment in front of him but it doesn’t bother you. You love to make him laugh anyway. When the chorus comes, you start singing « Saranghaaaae » by pointing your finger at your man who laughs like an idiot. You beckon him to join you but he nods his head to say no, encouraging you to continue. You pout a little and performs a series of movements supposed to be cute but it doesn’t works on Hobi. He just smiles playfully. Then, he beckons to you to come closer. He makes you sit on his thigh as you wrap your arms around his neck. Still smirking, Hoseok sings the chorus against your lips. « Saranghae … »


You moan when the wonderful taste of the food that Yoongi prepared for you invades your mouth. It’s just delicious. Yoongi looks at you with a smile, obviously glad that you like what he has cooked for you. He puts bigger pieces of beef in your plate but you immediately pout : « No, you need to keep the best ones for you, you just came back from practice, babe… » With a resolute face, you take a piece of beef with your chopsticks and hand it to Yoongi who willingly accepts it. You smile like an idiot as you watch him chew and take another piece of beef that you hand to him again, saying « aaaaaaaah ». It was way cuter than expected. Yoongi watches you eat a few moments with a gummy smile before getting up. You watch him sit next to you with big, surprised eyes and you smile : « You want to eat next to me? » Yoongi stays silent but his smile is no longer innocent and you guess that he has something naughty in mind. He stares at you as you slide your hand on his thigh, going up to his crotch. He’s hard as fuck.


Jimin & you are lost on Youtube, so much that you’re currently watching stupid compilations of the cutest scenes in k-dramas. You laugh at all the scenes, comfortably pressed one against the other on the bed. You suddenly straighten up and get on your knees in front of Jimin who looks at you with a big smile on his face. You start to reproduce all the aegyo you’re capable of just to make your man laugh. Jimin blushes, causing you to chuckle. « Do you like it? » Jimin hides his face with the back of his hand, giggling like an idiot, his hand resting on your thigh. You don’t stop doing aegyo and press your hands on both sides of your breasts, pouting and saying « Mochiiii ». Jimin suddenly turns you over against the mattress, putting himself on top of you. « You’re so cute … » He bites his lip as you giggle, always impressed by your ability to turn him on so quickly. He sinks into your neck, beginning to roll his tongue on your skin, making you moan.


While you’re out shopping, you pull Jungkook’s hand to drag him into a cosmetics shop. He follows you obediently, a sweet smile on his lips. He wanders around the store while you try different lipsticks. When one of them pleases you, you beckon him to come closer to give you his opinion. He hugs you from behind and looks at you through the mirror. « You look super cute ». You pout and retorts « Why do I always end up looking cute when I want to look sexy… ». To illustrate your words, you begin to act cute, doing all the aegyo you’re capable of. « See? ». You sigh, ready to put the lipstick back in place when you feel Jungkook getting closer to your ear. You look at him through the mirror and shiver when his breath runs through your neck : « Do you feel it ? » When he presses himself against you and you feel his hardness, you hold a moan. « Don’t ever say you’re not sexy again… Now buy it and let’s get back home »

Blurred Vision

Lance usually loved picture day, as a self proclaimed pretty boy it really was his time to shine.
That would be if he hadn’t of loses his contacts that morning and the only glasses he had were a pair of thick black wide frames that made him look like someone dressing up as a dork for Halloween.
He never used to mind wearing glasses, but after he started high school, other people latched onto somthing to tease him about and well… there’s only so many times you can come back and find bi-eyes written across your locker before enough enough.

Lance had hoped to never have to go to school wearing his glasses again, however since he was legally blind without them he didn’t really have much choice.

“McClain!” Iverson Lance’s hated home room teacher yelled as Lance slipped into the class room “your late!”
“Yeah I had to-”
“No excuses! March to the principles office and hand over those joke glasses this instant!”
Before Lance could protest Iverson had grabbed his glasses and shoved him into the hallway locking the door behind him.
Lance half wanted to just hammer on the door until he was let back in but he was already on thin ice with Iverson… he didn’t need an excuse to be expelled.
Lance sighed as he squinted trying to see to no avail.
“Ok… come on Lancy Lance, you’ve walked down this hallway a million times, you could do it blind folded.” He mumbled to himself as he slowly made his way down the hall.
For a little while everything was going fine, Lance even held his head up high thinking he could do this!
That was until he walked right into someone sending whoever they were flying and Lance stumbling back.
Lance cringed he knew that voice.
It belonged to the scary smart Pidge.
They had joined the school a couple months ago and already had a reputation for ruining the lives of anyone that crossed them.
And Lance had just judging from the blurred pieces on the floor, that their precious computer had been broken.
“Oh… man I’m so sorry.”
“You will be!” Pidge yelled standing up and poking Lance in the chest.
“You think you can purposely bump into me and get away with it!”
Oh no they thought it was on purpose!
“H-hang on a second! It was an accident!”
“Please, you were looking right at me!”
Lance felt his heat beat speed up and he took a couple steps back.
“I didn’t see you I swear!”
“Yeah sure you didn’t! I know your type, pretty rich boy who’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter! Well I won’t let you push me around!” Pidge sounded so angry but also a note of pain to their voice…
Had they been bullied too in the past?
“I really didn’t see you!” Lance tried but he doubted they believed him.
He was finding it hard to breath as the familiar sensation of a panic attack came on.
He had to get out of here.
Lance spin on his heals and started to run, he couldn’t see where he was going but at the time he didn’t care.
Lance turned his head in the direction of Pidge’s voice as his feet slipped out from under him and the last thing he rembered was staring up at the blurry ceiling and cursing himself for forgetting about the stairs, before suddenly their was pain… then nothing.

Lance woke up to someone slipping something into his face.
He couldn’t figure out what it was, his whole body felt heavy and like his mind was disconnected from his body.
Lance forced his eyes open only to wince at the intense light above him.
The first thing he noticed was that he wasn’t looking at his bedroom ceiling, also that he could actually see.
Suddenly as Lance tried to move an intense pain throbbing throughout his whole body became known.
He groaned but continued to try and sit up.
“Your awake!”
Lance made a small noise of pain as he moved to look at Pidge a little surprised to see them sitting at the edge of his bed looking worried.
“Y-yeah… what happened?” He asked rubbing his head only to find it bandaged.
“You… you fell down two flights of stairs. Got a pretty bad concussion and maybe a broken rib or two. An ambulance is on its way.” Pidge looked down looking at their hands.
Lance couldn’t understand why he could see then he realised someone must of gotten his glasses…
Was it Pidge.
“I’m sorry.” Lance smiled as he sat up in the bed wincing at the protest from his ribs.
“What! Why?” Pidge asked.
“Broke your computer.” Lance shrugged.
When did he get so tired?
Pidge sighed running a hand through her short messy hair “it wasn’t your fault… I checked out your prescription. Man it’s no wonder you bumped into me. Your like super blind.”
Lance cringed “yeah… still sorry though. Please don’t… don’t hack in and use ‘puter powers to ruin my life.” Lance slurred finding it harder and harder to keep his eyes open.
“Hu?… oh that” Pidge chuckled “they wouldn’t stop misgendering even after I told them I’m gender neutral. I only changed their grades back from what they payed me to do.”
“Guess we both misjudged eachother?”
“Guess so.” Lance smiled wondering why the world was getting blurry if he was still wearing his glasses.
Pidge’s voice sounded distant and muffled like he was underwater.
He saw their eyes widen in horror as Lance slumped backwards.
He could see her yelling and a group of people came running in wearing green uniforms pulling a what Lance thought looked like a bed on wheels.
That was a funny thought.
Lance was sure he had only blinked.
But when he opened his eyes again he was lying in a hospital bed with Hunk standing over him.
“Oh thanks god Lance!” Hunk yelled hugging him causing Lance to cry out in pain.
“Ribs buddy, ribs!”
Hunk let go sheepishly “sorry… but when I got a call from your mom that you were sent to hospital I was so worried! Why the hell weren’t you wearing your contacts or glasses!”
Lance shrugged “Ivserson confiscated my glasses and I couldn’t find my contacts this morning.”
A look of anger crossed Hunks usually kind features.
Suddenly a thought came to Lance’s mind.
How did Pidge get his glasses back?
“Oh yeah you had a visitor a while ago. They left you a card.” Hunks easy smile returned as he handed over a folded piece of lined paper acting as a crude card.
Lance opened it and chuckled quietly to himself.

'Dear Lance,
Sorry for scaring you to the point of you trying to fly away, don’t do that again or I will use my hacking powers to ruin your life.
Ps. Don’t worry about Iverson, I tatted him out to Principle Coran. Us four eyes gotta stick together.’

Lance smiled as he placed the card on his bed side table making a mental note to offer to get their computer fixed later on.


This is a (decently long, sorry for the lack of writing these past few days) one-shot for the below prompt! It… didn’t turn out exactly like the ask, but I hope you like it anyway! I’ve been wanting to try writing trans!lance for a while because I absolutely love that hc, and I really enjoyed writing this, so let me know if you guys like it, because I could definitely see myself doing another fic with it.

Trans! Lance where an asshole alien keeps miss gendering Lance and being transphobic and he starts to get upset and then the team overhears this happening and are about to kick the aliens ass.

I tried to make it gen… but it ended up being very klance, especially at the end… so uh… I hope you like it anyway! Sorry this always happens when I try to write gen fics.

Only half the team knew.

Contrary to their belief, Lance was actually an expert secret keeper. With a large family like his, he had to know when to keep his mouth shut. So, despite the loud, obnoxious, open persona he displayed for the others, he could also be sneaky.

He’d the had practice of years sneaking out of the Garrison, or even his house when he was little to go see the beach at night with his siblings.

So, keeping a secret on an unbelievably large castle ship with only six other people on it was easy.

Or at least, it should’ve been.

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Originally posted by yoongichii

  • Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
  • Genre: Sugar!Daddy AU, Fake!GF AU
  • Warnings: angst, smut, degrading names, mentions of cheating, dom themes, asshole hoseok
  • Words: 10k
  • Summary: Jung Hoseok is the devil in Armani. Self-entitled, rich, with striking good looks, there’s nothing he wants for with his parents’ money backing up his extravagant lifestyle. Yet when suddenly he’s forced to find himself a humble girlfriend or say goodbye to his monthly paycheck, he runs into you, lacking everything he possibly looks for in a girl. But he’s desperate, and being desperate makes a man do crazy things.

a/n: tysm to my irl bff @garbageeking for beta-ing for me and providing me with endless sugar!daddy hobi inspo to help me finish this chapter!!! ily!

The high chime of yet another eager customer ricocheted off of pale yellow walls, leather booths, and tiled flooring that was worn down with age. The quaint little shop lacked elegance, yet made up for it with charm. Watercolor paintings of sea cliffs, dipping waves, and golden sand hung from every corner of the small cafe, each dated and signed by a unique signature in the far left corner.

“Table three!” Your father’s gruff voice reminded from the back storage room, your attention once again redirected to the easily recognizable and overgrown mop of dusty brown hair, belonging to your best friend, who wore a forlorn frown, looking especially distressed as he sat himself into his regular booth. Red leather squeaked under the weight of his body as he threw himself down onto it, leaning his head against the cool glass of the large window that overlooked the crowded sidewalks and busy streets, a long horizon of blue easily noticeable in the distance.

“You look like you need some pie.”

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BTS Reaction: See through clothing

Warnings: Smut everyone. 

Requested: A BTS reaction to coming home and finding their s/o in nothing but a transparent shirt, and bra and panties.

Here you go anon and everyone! ENJOY ~

Kim Seokjin:

When he walked into the bedroom and saw you laying under the covers, sleeping soundly and peacefully, he couldn’t help but smile at the softness of the moment. 

That was until he lifted the covers to climb in next to you. 

A deep groan left his lips when he saw you in a plain white shirt that was all too playful. 

“Not fair, baby,” he bit his lips, furrowing his brows. His hands traced shapeless patterns over your warm skin, eyes wandering over the curve of your hips where your lacy pink panties barely covered you, and up your body, the shirt being so transparent that he could see your pink bra from underneath. 

“Mmm Jin…” you mumbled, now awake from his hot touch. “…are you going to keep sitting there or do something?”

Min Yoongi:

“Fuck, y/n,” he cursed when he walked into the kitchen to find you standing in front of the sink wearing nothing but your most see-through shirt. 

“Welcome back, Yoongi,” you greeted him with a shake of your butt. 

“I’m back,” he smiled, hands admiring your ass, lips kissing up and down your neck.

“Yoongi, I’m still doing the dishes,” you , but a small gasp left your lips when his fingers wandered down to your core.

“Forget the dishes, baby,” he whispered, tracing circles over your tingling pleasure. “Let me do you real good instead.” 

Jung Hoseok:

A loud moan left your lips as he rocked his hips into yours.

“Wait, Hoseok,” you breathed in-between the hot, deep, passionate kisses you two shared. 

“No waiting, baby,” he hissed, trailing his lips down your jawline and neck as he thrust against you again, the feel of his hard-on through his sweats only making you moan louder. “Who told you to wear close to nothing tonight?” 

Kim Namjoon:

“Hi Joonie,” you giggled when you saw him shaking his head at the sight of you laying on the couch with a shirt that let him see everything all too well.

“You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” he walked towards you, dipping the couch as he climbed on. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” 

“Mmm babygirl,” he clicked his tongue as his positioned himself between you. “Should I reward you for welcoming me in nothing but your panties, or punish you for being so naughty?” 

Park Jimin:

“Baby…” he frowned when he walked into the bedroom to find you sleeping almost naked. The thin shirt that you wore had ridden up your hips, revealing your panties and it didn’t help that he could see your bra through the clothing. 

With a sigh, he walked into the bathroom to take a hot, relaxing shower before crawling into bed besides you, still frustrated that you had decided to put him through such a dilemma. 

Before he fell asleep, arms wrapped around you, he made a note to himself to make sure you get an extra good good-morning. 

Kim Taehyung:

“What are you trying to do?” Taehyung quirked his brow at you when he walked out of the shower, finally relaxed after work to see you sitting on the bed with only a t-shirt and your panties on. 

“Nothing, babe,” you replied as innocently as you could as he made his way towards you. 

“I don’t believe you…” his fingers traced up your legs, the soft touch making you bite your lips. “C’mon baby,” he hummed playfully. “Spread your legs for me.” 

Jeon Jungkook:

When you opened the doors for Jungkook, and he saw you standing there in nothing but your laciest panties and a see-through shirt, he couldn’t contain his wildest thoughts.

“Jungkook, what are you doing?” you giggled when he closed the door behind him and instantly wrap his arms around you, kissing you hard. 

“You know full well what I’m doing, babe,” he licked his lips as he pushed you against the wall, hands exploring every part of your body. “God baby,” he mumbled as his fingers traveled between your legs. “Did you get wet waiting for me?” 

A/N:  <3 Thank you for the support everyone! Thank you for making it this far :) 

I’ll have an updated masterlist and more stuff up this weekend!

Made of Metal

Note: this took way longer than it should have aka a week, at least. also, I’m not too familiar with how physical therapy goes or losing a limb, so I hope this is alright! thank you for the request, darling. I hope you like it. feedback is always welcome, I love reading your comments! .c

Request: Could you do a bucky x reader where the reader recently lost one of her limbs on a mission and he sees that she isn’t coping well, Tony and Bruce make her an artificial limb, and Bucky ends up falling for the reader as he helps her adjust to her new life. Just some fluff and angst please and thank you if you do. - @kazekagegirl

Originally posted by retardell

“All clear!” Steve called out to you and Bucky. You and the two super soldiers were sent on a mission to gather intel and do a sweep. The sweep was easy, there weren’t too many guards since it was a small base, but the hard part was finding the damned information you needed. With a heavy sigh, you trailed beside Bucky and met with Steve in a dark room.

You stepped in and looked around, seeing an empty room.“I’ve never seen so much information in my life.” You sarcastically muttered, earning a breathy laugh from Bucky. Steve, however, thought it was unfit for this situation.

“Just look for a hidden passage. Those are becoming more common with Hydra.” Steve said, trailing his hand along the wall. He listened carefully and Bucky started searching on the opposite wall, but used his metal hand so he could feel any sort of vibrations.

You sighed and made your way along another wall. Coming closer to the corner of the wall, your finger slid across a small slit. You tugged on it with the pads of your fingers, hearing the granite rub against each other.

“Cap!” You called over your shoulder, pulling the passage door open. The super soldiers sighed in relief as you had the door pulled all the way open now. It was dark inside and you could hear faint beeping. And so could Bucky and Steve.

“Y/N, don’t-” Before Bucky could finish his sentence, you stepped forward and felt something under your boot. Your eyebrows creased and you moved away, only regretting it when the beeping got louder and faster.

“Shit! Y/N, move!” Bucky ran over to grab you but the bomb exploded, shooting you and the soldiers across the room and destroying the entire space.The ceiling and the walls started to crumble down and all you could hear was ringing in your ears. Above anything else, your left leg was in excruciating pain.

You tried to open your eyes, but they wouldn’t open. You tried to speak but you couldn’t find your voice. Slowly, everything turned black and your thoughts were silenced.

“Why isn’t she awake yet?”

The voice was far away it seemed, muffled by your hazy mind. Everything felt weird, your eyes wouldn’t even open as you started to wake up. A faint ringing sounded through your ears, or was it beeping? You heard shuffling feet moving to your right.  

“Her body is tired. Be patient.”

Bruce. His voice got clearer as the fog left your mind. The beeping was a heart monitor, a steady rhythm of your heartbeat. You could feel the heaviness in your head much more as you came to your senses. Your whole body hurt and you couldn’t feel your left leg. It was numb, almost like it wasn’t even there.

Your eyes fluttered a little, the light above was bright and you wished someone would just turn it off. “You’re going to have to tell her what happened.” Bruce said softly to the other person.

A sigh left their lips and you opened your eyes, turning your head to look at them. Bucky was beside Bruce. He was in pajamas. When did he change out of his suit? How long had you been asleep? And what did Bucky have to tell you?

“T-tell me what?” You asked, wincing at the dryness in your throat. It felt like you hadn’t spoken in years. The two men turned around quickly, relief shot through them and they rushed over to you.

"Y/N! You’re awake!” Bucky smiled though his eyes were starting to water as he looked at you. You looked exhausted and dare he say lifeless. He and Steve kept checking on you any moment they could when Bruce wasn’t giving you check-up’s. They made it out with minimal injuries so they were released the same day you all got back.

Bucky’s hand rest on your cheek, his thumb gently caressing it. “How do you feel?” He asked when you didn’t say anything in return. You swallowed and moved to sit up, only to have Bucky’s metal hand carefully push your shoulder down. "What happened to me?” You looked between Bucky and Bruce.

Nervousness crossed their features and it made your stomach drop. Licking your dry lips, you became aware of the numbness in your left leg again. "Y/N, do you remember what happened?” Bruce asked, taking off his glasses and hooking them on his lab coat pocket.

Your eyebrows creased as you searched through your brain. You remembered being on a mission with Steve and Bucky. Something went wrong. “The mission. Where is Steve?” You whispered, looking at Bucky. You analyzed him, noticing a bandage on his right forearm. A small cut was healing on his cheek and he looked worn out.

Bucky’s throat bobbed as he tried to speak, but words like the ones he needed to say were choking him up. Bruce picked up the hint and spoke to you instead. “Steve is alright, Y/N. His and Bucky’s injuries were… They were minimal. But yours-” Bruce cleared his throat and Bucky looked away, his hair framing the side of his face so you couldn’t see him. Your heart started to race, the sound carrying through from the monitor. Bucky quickly grabbed your hand and brushed your knuckles; he was trying to comfort you.

Impatience was bubbling in your stomach. "Well?” You asked timidly, damn near afraid to hear the answer. Bruce rubbed his chin and looked into your eyes. “Your left leg was.. It’s…gone.” He whispered. If your eyes could fall out of their sockets, they would have. The numbness you felt wasn’t numbness. It was absence.

Your eyes filled with tears as you made sense of what Bruce just told you. "What do you mean gone?” You shook your head as your breathing picked up. Bucky squeezed your hand when you tried to move the blankets off of you. “Y/N, the explosion,” Bucky rasped, “You need to be ready to see it. Bruce stitched you up but it’s only been two days.” His lip quivered and you covered your face with your hands, sobbing uncontrollably now.

You lost your leg. How were you going to fight now? How would you adjust to a totally different life, just like that?

Bruce let you and Bucky have a moment alone. He gave Bucky a saddened look and turned to leave the medic lab. "I’m so sorry.” Bucky leaned down to hold you in his arms - one real, one metal. His heart ached for you; he knew what you felt right now, and he’d make sure he’d be here to help you through every second of it.

It’s been three weeks since you were released from the med bay. Tony had made you an artificial leg made from the same material as Bucky’s arm was made of. It has been an emotional roller coaster for you, that’s for sure. You wouldn’t even look at your left leg - or what’s left of it - for a few days.

When you got too tired for physical therapy, Bucky would bring you your crutches for you to walk on, and he would help you with exercises. He’s always arms length away from you. You enjoyed the time spent together. It formed an even tighter bond between the both of you, much stronger than before your accident.

"Y/N?” Your head snapped up and cleared of your thoughts as you watched Bucky walk over with a glass of water. He smiled softly and sat beside you, careful not to jostle your leg as he moved. “You looked a little lost there.” He commented, a ghost of worry in his eyes.

You smiled at him, taking the glass from his hand. You sipped at it slowly and hummed. "Just thinking is all.” Bucky nodded and looked down at your leg that was propped up on a cushion on the table. He thought you looked pretty badass with the metal leg. And a little sexier.

In another way, he absolutely adored it. It made him feel like he had someone to connect with. Even before you had this accident, he felt a connection with you. But now, helping you and seeing you push yourself and even grab onto him for support, it sparked a flame within his heart.

"Bucky,” Your hand waved in front of his eyes after you set your now empty glass down on the carpet. He hummed, raising his eyebrows. “You were spacing this time.” You laughed softly, watching his cheeks heat up just a little.

“S-sorry. Um, are you ready?” He stood to his feet and looked down at you. Another half hour of walking around and holding onto Bucky’s hand was now in motion. "Ready as I’ll ever be.” You grunted as you sat up, reaching for Bucky’s hand.

He bent down and picked most of your weight up so you could stand on both of your feet – one real, one made of metal. It was starting to feel a little more comfortable. Tony made it so it’s about the same weight as your right leg, so you weren’t pulling a huge piece of metal around. Rather it felt smooth, like you could cross it over your opposite knee normally. But it’s also strong enough to use during missions when you’ve healed completely.

Bucky walked beside you, keeping his metal hand on the small of your back and his right one underneath yours. You huffed as you walked, still a little wobbly. Before you left the common room, you stopped.

“Are you okay?” Bucky asked with concern, his hand squeezing yours. You nodded shyly. “I want- can I hold your metal hand?” You asked quietly. If Bucky wasn’t in love with you before, he definitely was now. His heart skipped in his chest and he smiled widely. “Yeah! Y-yeah, of course-yeah.” He switched sides and now let his left hand rest underneath yours, his right hand holding the small of your back.

You smiled, feeling yourself become bashful. You just couldn’t help it. You wanted him to feel how he made you feel. Like having a missing body part, replaced with something that lacked blood flow and feeling, was okay. Bucky walked with you down hallways, into different rooms, keeping his patience with you when you needed to stop for a break.

"That’s good, Doll.” Bucky praised you as you slowed to a stop to rest for a moment. You smiled a little and Bucky turned to faced you. He looked down at your leg and hummed. “What if you try to walk on your own now? Just a few steps.” He offered, rubbing his hand along your arm soothingly as you gripped onto them for support.

You were getting better and this had started to feel easy enough. A little challenge would be fine, you thought to yourself. "Yeah, I’ll try it. You’ll be close, right?” You kept your eyes on Bucky’s chest, too scared to meet his eyes. He smiled and blushed lightly at your question. The thought of you wanting him close was endearing to him.

"I won’t leave.” He promised, slowly backing away from you. Bucky’s hand slipped from your grasp and you let out a shaky breath as you stood on your own. He stood a few steps away from you, ready to catch you if you started to fall. You can do this, it’s just a few steps.

Bucky took notice of your hesitation as he held his hand out for you to grab once you’ve made it to him. He waited patiently for you to move. Taking a steady breath, you began to walk. “Hold your hands out by your sides for more balance control, Y/N.” You did as Bucky said and started with your right foot. Your left foot followed, only a little more wobbly.

"That’s it, Doll.” Bucky’s smile was small but it grew bigger as you took another step. Your weight wasn’t as supported before, but you knew you’d have to walk without Bucky by your side eventually. "You’re almost here.” Bucky breathed, noticing your thigh beginning to shake.

Keeping your balance and your mind focused on the last two steps, you reached out for Bucky’s hand. You finally slipped yours into his as you stood in front of him. You laughed softly and felt your eyes fill with tears. "I did it, Bucky!” You felt happy and proud of yourself for accomplishing your goal. Bucky held you closer and pressed his lips to your forehead.

"That’s my girl.”

You woke up in a sweat, the throbbing pain in your leg had pulled you out of your sleep. It was becoming unbearable and you just wanted to scream. Turning to the clock on your bedside table, you checked the time. 5:23am. You groaned both out of pain and exhaustion.

Sleeping wasn’t too bad, but the pain you were starting to feel was just too much. You slipped out of bed and took deep breaths, grabbing your crutches so you could go see Bruce.

The tower was silent, but Bruce was always awake this early. You just hoped he would know how to help.

“Phantom pains.” He muttered, writing down some information on a clipboard. Your eyebrows creased as you sat on the table. “What?” You whispered, still trying to speak through the odd sensation of still having the rest of your leg there. Bruce sighed and before he could continue, Bucky walked into the lab.

He rushed over to you, not even acknowledging Bruce. “Are you alright? I wanted to check on you, but you weren’t in bed.” He was worried, holding both your cheeks in his palms. He noticed the discomfort in your features. “Phantom pains.” Bruce repeated. Bucky knew this all too well.

Bucky nodded in understanding and rubbed your back. “I recommend massages and I can give you simple anesthetic injections to ease the pain. It’s mostly psychological, so you’ll mentally have to overcome this.” Bruce explained while searching through his cabinet for an injection to give you.

You sighed and leaned your head on Bucky’s shoulder. He kissed your head and you looked away as Bruce flicked the end of the needle. “You ready?” You nodded and bit your lip as your brain now re-focused on the pain you were feeling. It was odd, feeling pain when you didn’t even have that part of you anymore.

Bruce injected you with the medicine and you breathed out, squeezing your eyes until he was finished. “For now, you can put a heating pad on top of it. It’s fine with the metal. It’ll aid in the pain while the medicine works its way into your system.” Bruce smiled softly at you, handing you a heating pad, and you quietly thanked him.

Bucky picked you up and you held your crutches to your chest along with the heating pad, allowing Bucky to carry you to your room.

Once there, Bucky helped you situate yourself in your bed, plugging in the heating pad, and gently placing it over where skin met metal. “You didn’t have to carry me.” You pointed out, causing Bucky to look up at you. “I know those pains all too well. You wouldn’t have made it back yourself this time.” Bucky mumbled, his eyes drooping a tad.

“Get some rest, Bucky.” You yawned, feeling better already. With a kiss to your forehead, Bucky left you to sleep.

After waking up again that morning, the day consisted of more physical therapy, another phantom pain injection, and Bucky helping you in any way he could. Night had fallen and you were feeling emotional as you stared at yourself in your full length mirror that hung from your closet door.

There were scar abrasions rising above the metal on your skin. You suddenly felt abnormal, insecure, and the tears you tried to hold back for the past five minutes were nearly filling over.

There was no way anyone would want to be with you when you looked like this. A small, broken and pained sob broke through your mouth. Just then, a soft knock sounded on your bedroom door.

"Go away!” You choked through your sobs, taking a seat on your bed. The knocking stopped and you hoped you hadn’t upset whoever it was. But you just didn’t want anyone to see you right now. Instead of the person leaving, they opened your door slowly.

“It’s me, Doll.” Bucky whispered, his eyes found you on your bed, in a t-shirt you stole from him at least a year ago. It was his favorite shirt, but it was yours now, there’s no way he’d take it from you – not after seeing you in it. He shut your door behind him and walked over to your bed, sitting down beside you. “Y/N?” His hand lifted your chin and your lip quivered. Tears stained your cheeks and he gasped quietly.

"Hey hey, what’s the matter?” His thumb wiped at your cheeks and you shook your head, another sob falling from your lips. Bucky was starting to worry now. Seeing you like was making his heart clench in his chest. “Doll, you gotta talk to me. Please.” He begged, making you meet his worried blue eyes. You controlled your crying and took deep breaths before you wiped at your nose.

“Bucky, I hate it.” His eyebrows creased and he instantly looked down at your leg. Surely you couldn’t mean that. His thoughts were correct when you looked down as well. Bucky sighed and he knew exactly what you were feeling. He stood up and moved towards your bedside table and grabbed the soothing cream Bruce had given you.

It helped with healing the skin a bit more where the metal rest against it. Bucky bent down onto his knees and you shied away from him. His hands reached for your leg and you whimpered, pushing his hand away. “Don’t touch it.” You whispered, trying to scoot away from him, to put distance between him and your leg.

Bucky’s eyes watered and he sat back on his haunches, trying to find the right words to say. “Y/N, I had the hardest time accepting my… arm. I knew what I did with it, how many terrible things it’s capable of, how many…people..I’ve-” His words got lost in the lump in his throat.

You bit your lip to keep from crying again. “Y/N, this doesn’t make you any less beautiful than before; any less stronger.” He spoke softly and he reached for your leg again. "I’m sorry.” You sniffled, letting him rub some cream where metal met skin. His fingers were slightly trembling and he glanced up at you.

“I’ll help you through this, Doll. If I can accept mine, you can accept yours.” You nodded and swallowed thickly, watching as he rubbed your leg, allowing the medicine to settle in before setting the tube aside. "I’m glad you’re here for me, Bucky.” Your hand reached out to his hair, trailing your fingers through it and you rubbed your thumb along his cheek. Bucky looked up at you and he was speechless.

Your touch sent shivers down his spine. He leaned forward and was closer to your face now, his torso rest against your knees. He let his forehead rest on yours and you held both of his cheeks now. “I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you.” Bucky’s eyes closed and you shook your head gently.

"It was my fault for not paying attention. I’m just glad you, Steve, and I made it out alive. I’m just, I feel so…ugly with this. And I don’t mean to make you feel bad about yours, but…it’s just so difficult.” Bucky pulled away slightly and you felt his metal hand trail down your thigh, then you only felt a little vibration when he let his metal hand rest against the inside of your metal leg.

He bent down and placed his lips along your flesh, causing your heart to skip in your chest. His lips were gentle on your skin and you became more aware of the feelings you had for this man. He was strong and was able to overcome the most horrible past. You felt guilty for feeling like this about your leg, when his arm held so much more angst and heart wrenching pain.

"Bucky.” You breathed as you pulled him up gently and looked into his eyes. He looked at you as if you placed the stars in the sky, as if you were the only two people on earth. He glanced at your lips and you slowly leaned in. Bucky was a tad bit more impatient. He closed the distance between your lips and your eyes immediately closed. His felt even softer against yours and you felt him hum into the kiss. Your lips molded perfectly together.

Your hand rest against his metal shoulder and you pulled away, gasping for air. Bucky looked at you with such intensity, you had to look away or else you’d be a sobbing mess again. But instead of meeting your lips with his once more, you pulled the collar of his shirt down enough to place your lips against his scars.

He was breathing shakily as he nuzzled his face into your hair, wrapping his flesh arm around your body.

You two stayed wrapped in each others embrace that night, both of your legs wrapped in his, and both of his arms wrapped around you. One real, one made of metal.

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anonymous asked:

Hello sweetie, how BTS would react if they were brushing there teeth in the morning and there GF back-hug them and rubbing there stomach sleeply? This so much fluff for my heartue 😭💜


When you wrap Namjoon’s waist with your arms, he starts to smile cutely, his adorable dimples appearing on his cheeks. You gently caresses his stomach and sigh with content. His morning’ smell is the sweetest, the most comforting scent in the world. He just got out of bed, his soft skin still warm. Namjoon passes his arm on your shoulders so that he can hugs you tight but drops his toothbrush. It falls on your breasts, leaves a big disgusting white stain on your top but you manage to catch it before it falls on the ground. Without saying a word, you look at the stain on your breasts and when you raise your eyes to look at Namjoon, you can’t help but laugh at his embarrassed face. You kiss his cheek to make him smile again.


You hug Tae from behind and own a cute little moan of satisfaction from his mouth as well as a cute sleepy little smile. You put your hands on his belly and move them up gradually. Tae smiles tenderly, his eyes almost closed under the soft caresses of your hands. He brings your hand on his toothbrush and you start brushing his teeth, laughing, awkwardly shaking his head as he tries not to burst out laughing. From time to time, he tries to guide you but you don’t understand what he says, and anyway you laugh too much to be focused. The toothpaste drips from his chin and when Taehyung looks in the mirror he bursts out laughing, smearing toothpaste all over it.


You enter the bathroom and come to press yourself against Jin, your head bumping against his back as you pass your arms around him. With a little laugh, he places his hand on your forearm to caress it gently. You always struggle to emerge in the morning and there’s nothing like your awesome boyfriend’s back to hide behind and doze for a few more minutes. You stroke his belly while he makes you swing from one foot to the other, as if to rock you, a smile of pure serenity on his plumped lips.


Hoseok is barely awake. The pace at which he brushes his teeth is particularly slow and his body slightly swing from front to back. With a tender smile, you cling to his back and pass your arms around his waist. As you gently caress his belly and kiss him just behind his lovely ears, you gradually see him fall asleep for good, hand hardly holding his toothbrush as he clings to your arms. You laugh and sing his name, but that only makes him smile stupidly in his sleep.


When he feels your arms around his waist, Yoongi groans with contentment. He sighs under the soft caresses of your hands on his belly and closes his eyes when you kiss his neck. His mouth still full of toothpaste, he grumbles : « I can’t focus if you do cute things like that… », but you don’t seem to listen to him. You keep kissing his neck, quivering under the warmth of his pale skin. Yoongi stares at you, with hearts in his eyes and a gummy smile on his lips.


Jimin lets out a cute little laugh as you press yourself against him, your mouth laying kisses on his back. He gently caresses your forearms, humming the air of “Serendipity” as he finishes brushing his teeth. He leans to spit into the sink and you take the opportunity to bump into his peachy butt, hands on his hips. He startles and lets out a silly laugh, looking at you with an shocked face : « Babe ! What the fuck ?! » He can’t help but giggles when he sees you dying from laughter.


You get closer to your boyfriend and gently pass your arms around his waist to hug him tight. He immediately relaxes his body, enjoying the warmth of your body against his back. As you stroke his belly, he lightly starts to swing, still brushing his teeth while looking at your hands. He grabs one of them and slowly slides it into his pajama’s pants. JungShook, you lean toward him and throw him a judgmental look. He sneers, shrugging his shoulders as if he did nothing wrong.

Never Let It Get Personal - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 16,419

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Bondage, Oral (both receiving in the form of a 69), Sweet Sex because I’m a sucker for their romance???, Sassy reader, violence and blood because they are assassins.

Notes: Why do I do this to myself? 16.4k later and it’s done. But I really liked this idea. It’s a lot of plot with a smidge of sexy smut because I love Mitch Rapp. But he’s also hella loving. And angry. And I owe @minhosmeanhoe a lot for talking through this idea with me. She is a saint and my Rapp twin. I love her. I hope you guys love this and think it’s worth it.

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Attached (Part 7)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Word Count: 1,115

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

A/N: I am forever grateful for the love and support you guys have given to this series. Your messages and comments bring great joy to my heart, and words cannot describe how much they mean to me.

Originally posted by pandasubaru

Alone in the break room, you sat at your usual spot as you read a book on your phone. Though you had your earbuds on, the music couldn’t drown out the undesirable thoughts that stormed in your mind. No one in your department knew what you were going through. No one in this whole building knew what you were feeling.

Except for one person.

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