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Hey! I hope you're well. I was wondering if you know how tall Jonghyun is! I think his official height is 176 or 178 cm but I read a comment saying that Dongho once revealed at a fanmeet that he's shorter than that? Idk lol anyway thank you~

I remember it being 178cm “officially” at one point but I’ve seen 176cm more and it was 176cm on his P101 profile (and his hobbies were gaming and reading manga bless). I think that Dongho said he (Jonghyun) was actually 174cm once but I don’t remember when that was. They all debuted at 16 (except Aron) so I’m sure some of them grew a bit and he might actually be 176cm for sure now. On Music Access in 2013 (28:25) Minhyun said he didn’t wear insoles but the other members did so hmmmm maybe Jonghyun still does?

There’s also this picture in case you want to know his other measurements??:

Sight - Left 1.5 / Right 1.5
Shoulder width - 46cm
Arm length - 72cm
Hand length -19cm
Leg length - 104cm
Chest - 87cm
Waist circumference - 70cm
Foot size - 26.0cm
Head circumference - 56cm

Here’s a comparison of him w/ the Sorry Sorry Team 2 members:

And their P101 profile heights:

Hyunbin - 187cm
Minhyun  - 181cm
Daniel - 180cm
Seongwoo - 179cm
Jonghyun - 176cm
Jaehwan - 175cm

  • Kitchen Nightmares Narrator: after the break, you won't BELIEVE what chef ramsay does to make this tiny girl cry *shot of tiny girl in an apron crying*
  • Gordon Ramsay after the break: darling you did a wonderful job, you should be very proud of yourself, you're amazing, you're a star
  • Tiny girl in an apron: aaaa i'm gonna cry!!!
  • Gordon Ramsay: oh god please don't, if i give you a hug will you stop

The best part about Ken asking “you really think you’ll miss your opportunity to kill Dirk Gently by eating some human food?” is the fact that he had to specify human food.


What the fuck was Bart feeding him while they were on the road?


Pkmn SM x MonHun, again. 

this time Nanu as ニャンター (’Nyantaa’IDK what it’s referred as/called in dub vers of the MH game) because WHY NOT? 8D — & then we have Rajang replacing Tapu Bulu’s position in this verse…. >w>;; 

Nanu here is also a “King” (aka: Kahuna) chosen by some of their world’s strongest mons! & in this case, he was chosen - & respected - by the all mighty Rajang!  (;゜▽゜)  

((chose rajang cuz it somewhat look like a bull more than other MH mons IMO? plus, definitely way too strong enough to be worthy of the “deity” title))

Well hello @mizjoely!😉 I love this, thanks! And I even did a bit of research. (Sherlock would be proud lol) And just FYI this is setup as non-established sherlolly. 

“But I always try to get the 800 thread count,” Molly argued weakly. “Doesn’t that mean it’s good?”

“Oh, Molly,” Sherlock drawled with a low chuckle. “Come with me.”

He spoke authoritatively as they walked down his hallway. “Thread count alone is hardly an indicator of quality. The fiber content, weave, and even where it’s made are just as important, if not more so. Personally, I only buy 800 thread count, sateen weave, organic pima cotton sheets from Italy. That is quality.” He stopped at his bed and gestured to it. “Go on, try it.”

“What…now?” She frowned, looking back and forth between him and the bed.

“You won’t regret it,” he stated confidently.

Hesitantly at first, Molly climbed under the blankets and lay back against the pillow which, not surprisingly to him, produced a sigh from her lips.

“My God,” she breathed and looked at him wide eyed. “Is this made of pima cotton or melted butter?!”

Sherlock stood by and grinned as she continued to make herself comfortable. Oh yes, he thought to himself, bringing up the subject of how to choose quality bedding was definitely a good idea. 

snarl deserves an award for being the cutest dinobot tell a friend

lets make this happen people

J/C Fic - 

Set right at the close of this scene in S02E12

Personal Disclaimer: If you want to follow me after reading this, know that I am a shipper, and proud to be here. The only time I jump ship, is for a quick skinny dip into the warm waters. I mostly write S/C - very smutty - fic, which can be found: 


To Grieve for that Which Has Yet to be Lost

“Remind me not to get on your bad side, Sassenach.”

I sighed heavily, the weight of our world consuming me, “You be careful.”

He kissed me then, his lips, warm and cracked from the wind, lingered longer than he intended. I felt the pain and anger, the hurt and fear, all melt into Jamie’s palm as he held my face, his smile against my lips, warming my tired and achy body.  I felt my arms float up, to wrap around his neck, my feet, high on their toes, pulled him in close. Jamie made a soft sound, low in his throat. A mix of apprehensive, with so much going on, but a desire to seize the moment. This one glimmer of a second we had to ourselves. To feel like husband and wife. Man, and woman.

Thought gave way to desire, and desire succumbed to need, falling to its knees in submission. Jamie lifted me to the table in the centre of the room. My legs, too heavy and thick from my clothes to circle his thighs, simply dangled above the wooden floor, as he ushered us over. He rested me atop the table, our lips never parting. I struggled to remove his clothes, desperate for his skin on mine. With the weather, all the men around us, and this bloody war, the moments we had, were always stolen. Never given to us freely, but pulled out from under the noses of those in the night, like thieves. When the pressure got too intense to ignore, he would pull me aside, ducking into the forest, or roll over top me in our barely hidden tent. His time inside my body, my body yielding to his, were so rushed and exposed that our minds had little time to catch up to our actions, only acknowledging the passionate kiss, or hard thrust hitting my cervix and stifled cry of pleasure, when it had long since been over.

But now, I didn’t care if the whole damn British army knocked down our door. Whether they stood and watched, or ran us through. My only hope in that case, was that if their sword penetrated Jamie’s back, to pierce his heart, the sword was long enough to strike me through as well. I lived for him, and he for me, and I bloody well planned on taking that trip to heaven or hell, right alongside him.

Our lips divided as I struggled to unknot his neck kerchief. His fingers aided me, our joint efforts fruitful as we flung the small piece of fabric aside. I felt Jamie’s lips touch my neck, sucking and biting, the craving for flesh, instinctive, deep in the marrow of our bones. We shed him of his clothes, the sound of weapons hitting the ground as his kilt fell to the floor.

The moment naked skin exposed itself to the dampness of the room, lips were quick to burn away the chill. My butting body shook the table, the complaints against the wooden floor, drowned in our passionate cries and grunting possession.

I wanted to fall from the table. I wanted to kneel at his feet and worship his manhood, as it stood proud, raised high from his groin, but Jamie stopped me. He pushed me back against the table, my body lying flat, as he shimmied the last of my skirts out from under my bum. He quickly grabbed my arms, hauling me forward, and pulling my shift above my head.

We were free.

Jamie grabbed my behind, his knuckles scraping the wood. I could see his face wince in pain, before he took my lips in his, and pulled me up against him, his cock finding home. Gasps of pleasure parted our lips as we stilled. I cried, out of anger, out of fear and pleasure, and out of a love for the man that belonged nowhere but in my arms and in my body. I rocked forward, urging him deeper, but pulled my head back to watch the emotions play across his face. He felt everything I did. Felt it as deep in his soul as I did mine.

I placed each hand on his cheeks, his eyes opening slowly, fixing on me as he made love to my body.

Jamie wiped my tears, “Please, dinna cry. I canna bear it.”

“I’m not sad, Jamie. Just stay in my arms forever, and I will never be sad.”

He smiled, but his eyes betrayed him. They weakened, and I could see the guards rise up from their restful sleep, holding the tears at bay. “Ah, mo nighean donn, even if you’re no with me, I always feel yer arms around my body.”

He continued his slow movement, sheathing himself with my body.

“If, in my final moment, a man charges toward me, pistol aimed to my breast, he will no bear a red coat and pistol for long. For I will know that is the end, and my eyes will close, and it will be you comin for me, to take me in yer arms. And when they find my body on that soggy moor,” he kissed me softly, his pulse jolting through my lips, before pulling away, “they will find me with the greatest of smiles upon my face.”

I shook my head out of disbelief, then nodded. “I will be there.”

“Good,” he smiled, genuinely. “Now, can I move quicker inside ya, Sassenach, my balls ache somethin fierce.”

I laughed a laugh that carried throughout my whole body, clenching my insides, that saw the most exquisite of looks crease Jamie’s features, before he sped up his movements inside me.

Jamie grunted with each thrust, his eyes, tight in concentration, would flutter open for the briefest of moments, smile at me, then they’d shut again. I grasped at his back, surely adding more scars with my nails to his skin. Jamie bent forward, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, pulling the flesh of my breast in to join, as much as he could, before he set them free with a pop and moved on to the other. I cried out, holding his face to my body. All thought escaped my mind as he drank from my dried well, but my nipples ached in the most stimulating of ways. A way I thought I had all but forgotten, but the memory flooded my body and I could feel my breast fill with the very thought and hope.

Jamie’s hands rounded my buttocks, pulling me tight against him as he picked me up, carrying me to the wall, pushing my fiery flesh against the cool frame, the burning fireplace next to us, doing little to fill the room. I arched at the shock, wrapping my legs around his waist, but he paid no attention to my gasp.  He pushed fiercely into my centre, his testicles slapping my body, like a palm hitting still water. He pushed up inside me, each time, my body rising higher and higher against the wall, cutting into my skin. Jamie’s position reached the parts of me that only he had the skill of reaching each time, with our lovemaking.

I reached between our bodies, tickling and tugging the wiry bits of hair I could feel above his cock. I jutted a finger out, grazing his pink flesh each time he pulled free of my body. Jamie gasped, his head falling to my shoulder.

“Do tha again, Sassenach,” he sighed urgently.

I could feel his saliva against my shoulder as his pace quickened. I did it again. Scraped my nail along his penis. He groaned, and pushed back in. Then out. I scraped it once more. We sang the song a few times before finally, he pulled out, lingering in the open air, with only the tip keeping my lips open for him. My fingers wrapping around him completely. I held his head close to my shoulder with my free hand, and with a sudden squeeze, I let go of his penis, and he plunged back in me with finality, calling out words in Gaelic I had never heard him say before. He filled my body, his warm semen splashing my insides and coating me in all he had to give. I was right behind him, my orgasm coursing through me angrily as Jamie moved a hand to my breast, pinching a nipple.

Our labored breath was the only proof of life, as we curled into each other against the wall. The dank room emerged around us once more, letting its cool air spear our skin, leaving gooseflesh in its violent wake.  I felt him shiver, and pulled him in closer.

“We should get dressed.” I loathed saying the words. I wanted my vocal chords ripped from my body before they could escape my mouth, but some things cannot be put off.

Jamie pulled back, but stayed protected within my embrace. His forehead fell to mine.

“See, Sassenach. It doesna matter what tomorrow brings. I’ll always be here. In your arms. You’ll always be a part of me, and I, you.”

Jamie kissed my forehead, then pulled free, making for our scattered clothes tossed about the floor. I watched him pick up my garments first. It was always his way. It didn’t matter if chills racked his body, he’d make sure I was safe and warm first. I was always first in his mind.

“Always with me,” I whispered back, as my abandoned arms fell, my hand falling to my stomach,palm pressed hard to my belly, knowing, and weeping inside.

Me, trying not to think about the fact that if Robbie was in the Framework he would most likely be dead because his biggest regret would be bringing Gabe with him to the street race/drive-by shooting and if Gabe didn’t come Robbie would have no reason to become the Ghost Rider:

Do Kyungsoo//Roommates - Part 3, Finale

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Summary: Kyungsoo’s new apartment has some quirks. Like you, the ghost who still maintains the fact that the apartment is yours, not his. (3/3)
Scenario: fluff, angst, mentions of death, violence 
Word Count: 6,161

Part 1 Part 2

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time slows. i remember this. time slows and fragments. how long until it blows up? zemo would be sure it’s the same as the last time… when i should have died. maybe he’s right. maybe this is what i deserve. time fragments and i see it all again… slivers of the winter soldier in my mind…   
—captain america #610. 

Swerve (Jack Johnson)

Can you make a imagine about Sammy, Nate, and Jack G all fighting over Y/N and the guys try to make the other two jealous and you can pick the ending? Sorry for being so specific or if it sounds confusing.

Y/N/N= Your nick name

I walked into the party looking for the one I’d been most excited to see all week. After a quick scan of the crowd it was obvious he wasn’t in the room I’d walked into. I checked my texts over again, only to see nothing from him since this morning when we talked, where he only said the address. I considered calling him, but he wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway, and the house wasn’t that big. I could do a little searching.

I stopped in the kitchen, which was the next room over, where there was also no sign of him. I did decide to grab a drink though. There were buckets and coolers on the floor filled with beer bottles and cans and hard ciders and lemonades. I started digging through, looking for a plain old Sprite. I never could get myself into drinking, even though I’d just turned 21.

As I searched another cooler, a pair of crisp white air forces appeared next to me. As I looked up, I was lead to the tall body connected to them.

“Anything I can help you with?” he asked.

“Yah. Have you seen any Sprites around here?” I replied. I stood, only to come to his shoulder. I quickly took in his features: jawline that could cut steel, beautiful brows, and a smoulder that would have most if not all girls dropping their panties in seconds.

“Uhm, there wouldn’t be any in those, but there should be one..” he turned and opened the fridge. “Right here,” he pulled a can out of the fridge and handed it to me.

I smiled, “Thanks. You live here?”

“Nah, but I’m here a lot, this is my buddy’s place. And what exactly brings you here? I’m Jack by the way, but most call me G or Gilinsky.”

“I’m Y/N,” I told him, “thats just what everyone calls me.” He laughed. “And actually, I was here becau-“

I was cut off by another attractive guy approaching us. “G! There you are, man! And who is this pretty lady with you?” New guy held out his hand and I reached out to shake it, however he changed direction and brought my hand delicately to his mouth, kissing my knuckles and giving me a sexy smirk and wink.

Had I not come here tonight with a purpose and another person in mind I may have been sorely tempted by both of them. As I was about to speak Gilinsky wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me to him.

“This, is the lovely Y/N,” he said. I looked up at him to see him glaring at the other guy.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N,” he said, still holding my hand. “I’m Sammy. Come hit me up once this dude starts boring you,” he said.

“Not gonna happen,” G said. “I was actually just about to give her a tour.”

“Do you really want him to give you a tour?” Sammy asked. I opened my mouth, not knowing what was going to come out, but I was quickly interrupted. “Fuck it, I’ll come with you guys. Maybe get to know Y/N here a little better,” he added, smiling down at me.

Gilinsky was already at one of my sides with his arm still around me when Sammy takes a place on my other side. G’s arm is suddenly gone from around my shoulders and I look just in time to see that it was Sammy who threw it off.

We start walking towards the next room, which I think is the living room, and I can see the silent communication in their facial expressions as they make eye contact with each other. Are they fighting over me?

“So, um, guys, this-“

“Hey! What is a beautiful woman like you doing with these bums? They dragged you along didn’t they?”

“Nate shut up!” One of the guys says from behind me.

“Yah!” The other agrees.

“See how rude they are?” Who I now know is Nate says. He’s probably the most rugged out of all three, with his man bun and stubble and the dangerous look in his eyes and harsh set of his jaw. “I’m Nate by the way,” he adds.

We go through introductions again and then he grows closer to me and Jack and Sammy argue over something a few feet behind.

Nate leans down, assuringly so that I can hear him better since the speakers are blasting in here. “You know, you look tense, like you could use a blunt. We should go outside. It’s way quieter put there, we can just chill.” We’re already walking into the basement, where there’s less people. I see a path door and assume that’s where he means.

“Hey!” Jack and Sam yell. “What are you doing with Y/N? We saw her first.”

“Yah but she likes me more,” he argues.

They all start arguing, talking over one another. Suddenly I’m in the middle of a pool of testosterone and noise. I walk out of the middle of the three of them and finally see who I’ve been looking for all night. There he is, with his crazy blonde hair and cute glasses.

“Johnson!” I call.

He looks up from his phone, confused. Once he spots me he smiles and runs over. I hug him tightly and he does the same, burying his face in my neck.

“Hey, baby,” he says, lifting his face to give me a quick kiss. “I’ve been texting you.”

“You have? I checked like 15 minutes ago and I had nothing. Then, those guys distracted me,” I nod over to them, where they’ve stopped fighting and now just look confused.

“Well, I was going to introduce you to my friends but I guess you’ve already met them.”

They walk over. “How do you know Y/N?” Sammy asks.

He leaves just one arm wrapped around my waist and kisses my forehead, “This is the girlfriend I’ve been telling you guys about. What did you fools do to her?”

“This is the girlfriend you’ve been talking about?”

“This is Y/N/N? The one you’ve been seeing for 5 months and wouldn’t let us meet?” Gilinsky inquires.

“Yup. I didn’t want you guys scaring her off. If she didn’t already like me you probably would have tonight.”

“Damn, you weren’t kidding when you said she was hot.” Nate added.

“Back off, she’s mine. Find your lonely ass somebody else.”

Nate immediately lifted his hands in surrender. “Alright alright, no need to be so harsh.”

“Well I guess now I gotta apologize for coming on so strong. Sorry, Y/N,” Sam says.

“You came onto my girl?” JJ asked threateningly.

“Oh calm down, it was just mild flirting.” I told I’m as I reached around to hug him. “He didn’t know I was taken. It’s okay Sammy.”

“See? I like her,” Sammy replied, “Thank you Y/N.”

I smiled at him while Jack still just glared. “Whatever, don’t try it again. You ready to go sweetheart? Back to my place?” he asked me. I nodded and he kissed me one last time before holding my hand and leading me out, leaving all three boys behind.


Prompt List - to be updated 
Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. And thanks to the requester, this was fun to write. I love when people let me pick the end, I always put it in a different direction. Omg it’s been a while y’all. I’m sorry to anyone who requested anything because its literally been 6 months. And boy a lot has happened. I moved, I took the ACT (and did damn good tyvm), I got my license, I got a car, I went out of state by myself for the first time for a week (that was great too), saw and was taught some things through these experiences, and I’ve definitely started to feel more like I have to be an adult than ever before. The amount of questions I’ve been asked about my future is ridiculous. I DON’T FUCKING KNOW AND I PROBABLY WON’T FOR A LONG TIME SO GET OVER IT, is all I want to say to them. But they’re adults, and I kinda need their support so I can’t say that. Anyway, here’s one of the requests. Also, I got 10+ requests for a part 2 to send my love, thanks for all the love I received on that by the way. I really didn’t expect anyone to want a part 2 even though it is, in my opinion one of the best imagines, or pieces in general that I’ve ever written. Anyways I’ve already written and finished that so I’ll probably put it up tomorrow, just to give it some buildup y’know? I put in my best effort so I hope y’all like it. Sorry for the long note, but 6 months leaves you with a lot to say. It’s starting to look like this is a summer hobby type thing, which I don’t want it to be. I love writing these and I want to get back to doing it often. I guess just with my schedule, combined with every ogoc guy (aside from Johnson but thats tbd) having a girlfriend now, writing got a little hard. But I’m stepping up my game. I gotchu.

Peace y’all,

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We met in the internet and he lived in Nebraska, i in Arizona. He had an ego but he could be sweet. I wrote him 100 reasons why I loved him. He moved to Tucson, I live in the Phoenix area. He came to see me once and he just wanted to get laid. It hurt me, he said he felt a connection. That hurt me more. I loved him? He never came back anyway. I moved on. Years later he stills tries to hit me up, with no respect to my boyfriend or my life. Growing up is weird.

Boys are weird, I honestly don’t understand how can you be so shitty with someone and then still want them back??? Like or you treat me nicely or you can fuck off


I’m sorry, Dean. I really am — I never wanted to hurt you or anyone. But I swear, even if the word ‘family’ didn’t mean the same thing to me as it did to you way back then… you made growing up in the place we did a little easier. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there, okay? You kept me sane sometimes. You were my only constant friend. 

You’ve gotta know, my heaven wouldn’t have been right without you there. 

Why do you think we share one?

“I Definitely Love Her Now”

Requested: No

Storyline: Aaliyah, Shawn and their parents have a talk about Y/N.

Word Count:  2190

Shawn’s POV

DING! I spun on my computer chair to look at my phone which was somewhere on my bed. 1 Message from Aaliyah. “Come downstairs we’re watching a movie” I read off of the screen. I sighed. I didn’t have much to do, and after being on tour I did miss them. I spun once again, shutting my computer down and stood up. Taking my phone with me, putting it in my pocket, I opened my bedroom door. Being careful not to hit my head on the red exercise bar that was hung on my door, I went out and closed the door behind me. I skipped down the stairs to the kitchen. “Hey, I’m coming.” I said walking next to the living room door to inform them, and for them to wait for me. Opening the fridge, I looked for a few seconds before I bent down to take some Aloe water. Making my way over to the living room, I heard my dad say “We’re watching Transcendence”. “Okay, sure.” I replied as I took Aaliyah’s feet off of the couch, so that I could sit. I didn’t really care what movie we were gonna watch, I probably won’t watch it anyways, I’m just looking to spend some time with them. Aaliyah put her feet back up on my lap as I watched my dad press play. We made small talk as we watched the intro of the movie. I pulled my phone out as the movie started and everybody quietened.

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fic prompt: "I didn't know you were ticklish."

This is super silly and I finally wrote something short! I kind of stole this idea from Louie, although the situation didn’t end nearly as good for him. I hope you enjoy anon and others!

“For the last time, I didn’t know you were ticklish, Nicholas!” Crooned Griffin behind bloody fingers that cradled his nose, aftermath of the moment before, when Nick had elbowed Griffin.

“I told you not to scratch that spot! What else could I have meant!” Nick tugged at Griffin’s hands, unable to see the damage otherwise. Nick winced at the way his nose was already swelling, and the blood that was still gushing out.

Griffin was quiet for a moment and then, almost as if he realized he was defeated in that aspect, he piped up, “Well, you still shouldn’t have hit me!” Despite the talk, he let Nick guide him, leaning forward as he suggested and pinching his nose.

“I didn’t mean to! It was an involuntary reaction!” Nick stood, huffing a little, in annoyance but also because he didn’t like taking care of his bloody boyfriend, even if it was a minor injury. Muttering something about being right back, Nick disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth.

“Oh so your first reaction is just to kill someone? Just? Kill them? For tickling you?” Nick rolled his eyes at the dramatics, feeling a little less guilty as he pressed the cold washcloth to Griffin’s face, wiping away the dried blood. “You could have. You know?”

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did you know fedya and sonya have started dating? how do you feel about that?

i knew they were crushing or whatever but i didnt know it was official because i was in france

frankly, if fedya wants to give me up for a cabbage patch kid dressed in salvation army linens, so be it. he’ll still think about me when they fuck.

and to sonya, hit me up when he breaks your heart ;)

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Ever miss someone so damn much?

Ya the fucker who made me like him, took me to Disneyland then dumped me but still hits me up when he feels like I’m moving on even tho he doesn’t want me