he still hasnt figured it out

I know a lot of people are concerned about Riverdale erasing Jughead’s sexual identity by not making him aro/ace but the show hasnt even aired yet.
Cole himself said he wanted to see that representation, and that it’s important.
So maybe instead of Jugheads identity being erased, maybe hes still figuring it out, and being with betty as the leaked photos show, is him not yet making sense of who he is and we actually see him establish for himself who he is, and not jump right it to see a 16 year old (i think thats the age) who has all the answers.

imagine karkat who has a complex about having killed crabdad

it was indirect but he blames himself

for as much as he blames and hates himself though hes mad

hes mad bc crabdads his guardian and how dare he die like that and leave karkat to figure this out alone yknow how fucking selfish

karkat who still has nightmares and still feels shame bubble up sometimes

who has days where he avoids everyone bc its all he can think about

one little thing reminds him and he just shuts the fuck down for a while

replaying in his head every little fight, every little disagreement, every petty argument, and then that feeling

that realization that his own hot headed nature just killed his lusus

that gutted feeling of knowing its going to hit him later but that it hasnt yet

trying to keep himself upright but at some point it just clicks

and then again, and again. keeps clicking bc it just cant stay. it cant be permanent. just by nature, it cant be.

he still dreams about him, even on new earth. he still thinks about him forever in the back of his mind. it just never goes away. 

he thinks maybe if he forgave him it might but he just. cant.