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Prompt #91 “Tell me you need me.” - Sheamus.

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A/N\: Holly hell this is long :O but OOOO so much drama….should I do a part 2?

Everyone kept telling you that your whirlwind romance with Sheamus wasn’t going to last long but that didnt stop either of you. You and Sheamus could be fantastic, as loved up as could be and the next you could be oppisite ends of the room having a screaming match at one another. Today was going to be one of those days where you started together and ended apart.

You woke up cuddled in Sheamus’ side, as you woke up you gave him a slight squeeze.

“Mornin’ beautiful.” He leaned down to place a sweet kiss to your lips.

“Go’mornin’.” You sleepily mumbled into the kiss before pressing your face into the crook of his neck, he chuckled and rolled you over so you were lying on your back and he was hovering above you.

“Come on Love we gotta get ready.” Sheamus leaned down and started to pepper kisses all over your face and neck causing you to giggle.

“Okay fiiiiinnneeee. I’m up. I’m up.” Sheamus gave you one last kiss to your lips before rolling off you and heading to the bathroom. You couldn’t help but admire his figure as he made his way across the room, the way the light hit his skin giving it a warm glow and how his sweatpants hugged his hips just right.

“Ya know if ya quit stairing you could join me?” He gave you a smirk before steping in and turning on the shower, chuckling as he heard your footsteps follow behind.

  That day at work was pretty tough when you arrived your boss notified you that you’d have to do double the work because someone had phoned in sick and you were sure the whole city knew because you were rushed off your feet all day. Especially when one customer managed to knock over the stand that held all the sugar and your boss made you clean it up. On the way home your bus was an hour late, and when you got to your stop it had started to rain and you being clever this morning had forgot a coat. All you wanted to do was to go home, shower and cuddle Sheamus. Making your way down the street you pull out your phone to see Sheamus has replied to none of your texts.

“Great. No cuddles for me.” Sighing you arrived at your front door, puting the key in the lock you opened the door calling out to Sheamus. “Sheamus? Babe? You home?” No response. You looked all over the house but no sign of him. Sending him a quick text you put your phone on the bedside table figuring he’d just gone out for some shopping. You reach the bathroom and turn the shower on hoping the hot water would make you feel better. It had been a few hours since you texted Sheamus and still no reply, now you were starting to get worried, grabbing your phone you dial Cesaro hoping he can shine some light on the situation.

“Hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Cesaro’s cheery voice was just audible over some booming music.

“I’m alright….Say you haven’t heard from Sheamushave you? He hasnt replied to any of my texts or calls?”

“Sheamus? Yeah! He’s right here? I thought you knew? He said you couldnt make it?”

“Make it to what?”

“To our get together tonight. We invted you but he said you couldn’t make it.” Your face fell. Sheamus had said nothing to you about a get together, that’ll explain the music you could hear.

“Oh…that…yeah…..no ..I..umm..I had work.” You could tell by the sound Cesaro made tht he didn’t believe you, after dating Sheamus for a couple of years you and Cesaro had formed a close friendship.

“Right okay…I’ll tell him you called.” You quickly thanked Cesaro and slammed your phone onto the bedside table.

You woke a few hours later to hear crashing downstairs and someone “Shushing” themselves. Getting up you walked downstairs to find a drunk Sheamus struggling with his Jacket.

“Baaabbbbeeeee I missed you!”

“Oh really? You missed me huh?”

“Yeah you should have come tonight it was awesoooooommmme! Could have worn that sexy little dress you know I like”

“Well I would have only someone didn’t invite me!” You put as much venom into the word as you possibly could.

“Who? Tell me who the asshole is and I’ll beat them up!” Sheamus was looking around as if someone was going to pop out of the woodwork.

“You! You were the asshole!” You poked your finger into his chest emphasising your point. His face fell slightly looking at you confused. “I had had the worst day at work,my boss made me do pretty much everything while she sat chatting up guys. My bus was late and I got soaked on the way home. I thought I’d come home and spend some time with you before you leave. But no, I come home and find you’re not here! You haven’t responded to any of my texts or calls….I had to phone Cesaro to find out where you were! Turns out you were at a gathering I didnt even know I’d been invited to!” You were now pacing around the front room, fists clenching and unclenching with anger.

“Well I’m sorryyy you’ve had a bad day but the world doesn’t revolve around you! I have a social life too sweatheart!” Sheamus’ slightly playful demeanor no compleatly gone, his tone matching yours. “Sorry that I can’t answer all your clingy calls and texts 24hrs a day!”

“Clingy texts?! Sheamus! I hadn’t heard from you all day! I thought something bad had happened!”

“Well maybe it should have! At least I’d be away from you!” You were slightly taken back by that comment, yes you and Sheamus would fight but he’d never said anything like that.

“Well if you wanted to be away from me so much why don’t we break up!” You screamed.

“Fine maybe we should!”

Your chest was now heaving from all the emotions. If you had time to stop you would have swore the walls were closing in on you. You needed to get away. Pushing past Sheamus you made your way upstairs and started packing a bag with essentials, you were to busy trying to hold back the tears to notice that Sheamus had followed you up.

“Wait (Y/N) stop.” But you didn’t, you threw your phone charger in the bag and zipped it up moving passed him once more. “Please stop.” You turned to see Sheamus looking worried, seeming to have sobered up during the fight.

“No Sheamus. We do this to often, we fight, we make up, all for what?! for us to have a few amazing months together only to repeat the whole cycle all over again. I can’t keep doing this. I need to leave and find someone who won’t be an ass to me.” You saw him flich at the last part.

“Just…. tell me you need me and I’ll do everthing I can to be a better boyfriend.” He was pleading with you, almost kneeling on your hallway floor.

“I…..I can’t. I’m sorry.” You turned finally letting the tears fall, as you shut the door behind you you hear some glass break and Sheamus letting a sob that broke your heart all over again.

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I know a lot of people are concerned about Riverdale erasing Jughead’s sexual identity by not making him aro/ace but the show hasnt even aired yet.
Cole himself said he wanted to see that representation, and that it’s important.
So maybe instead of Jugheads identity being erased, maybe hes still figuring it out, and being with betty as the leaked photos show, is him not yet making sense of who he is and we actually see him establish for himself who he is, and not jump right it to see a 16 year old (i think thats the age) who has all the answers.


member : jungkook x reader ( x taehyung)

genre : angst/fluff

requested! i hope i did okay >< thankyou for requesting!

word count : looooong

one shot

request : If your open for requests can i please have either a taehyung or jungkook angst scenario where your married to him but he files a divorce bc his been seeing someone else and obv u just dont want to end the whole thing cs u still love him but all u want for him is to be happy so you agreed to him but on one condition that is, he has to hug you every single day for a month and then you’ll sign it after a month’s over u can choose the ending but please make it sad thank you! :*


“i want a divorce.”

jungkook has always been known to be blunt, words falling off his lips without a second thought. but you knew that this time, his words weren’t rash. he has thought about it for more than a few times, you could see it in the way his eyes were always filled with guilt and remorse whenever he looked at you when he thought you didnt notice, lips forming a tight smile whenever you turned around, a questioning gaze adorning your features as he waved it off in dismissal.

but she was intriguing, different from the rest, different from you.

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More headcanons
  • Once when Jason came to the music shop, he electrocuted half the guitar section by accident and it made a HORRIBLE noise and burned half the store black. And then he had to pay for it ALL (Nico has NO mercy)
  • Nico also has a kids room in his shop, with mini plastic guitars and keyboards, and Will always has to use those instruments
  • Nico used to work full time at the shop, but when the owner retired, he gave it to Nico to own. Nico only has one person working for him, because he likes to work the shop alone and it makes him feel like he has a purpose
  • Nico’s first day owning the shop, he knocked over seven guitars trying to get to the light switch
  • Nico is a potterhead. Its all Will’s fault.
  • once Reyna came in eating a croissant and she got crumbs INSIDE one of the acoustic guitars. Nico’s been working on getting the crumbs out for mONTHS, but they just won’t.
  • Nico rickrolled Will once. (but HE sung the song) Will cried from laughter
  • Will and Nico were having a kinda light makeout session after hours in the shop, but Will tripped and they knocked down half the guitars.

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You know people are not just sick of Carol cause of Daryl. She’s messed up in other ways. She goes against Rick all the time and does all this solo shit and doesn’t know how to be on a team. Rick is the law and she thinks she is. Look at the Morgan thing. If she had gone along with ricks plan and told Rick about what she was gonna do, this wouldn’t have happened. She’s like the queen of bad decisions and needs to be reminded what’s what. Kinda like you

TWD “First Time Again” 601

Carol: “This is– I don’t even have another word for it. This is terrifying. All of it. But it doesn’t sound like there’s any other way.”

Look at Carol BACKING UP Ricks plan - playing her part in that plan!

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a blurb about each boy falling for you in a love at first sight type thing?

awee, thats so cute okay here come the cute feels ahg

so calum would see you at one of the concerts in the front row the perfect view and he would just loose his mind and totally forget the chord that he’s ssupposed to play next nd he forgets his lyric and he’s just gotta shake his head and get him to snap back into it, but everytime he sees you he’s got butterflies and he finds it weird bc thats never happened to him and luke and mikey notice that cal’s a little off, and calum finally gets the balls to go to you in between a song when ashton is talking to the crowd and says “i just have to meet you, backstage after the show?” and he’d be so smiley and AWEE

with michael i feel like he would kinda deny it at first like “no, you just saw her you can’t be in love with her, like you don’t even know this girl’s name”“ but he would keep thinking about you, and glancing at you and theres a moment when you catch his eyes and michael won’t admit it, but he thought the world around him stopped, and thats when he realizes that he needs to meet you and get your number bc he can’t let a girl like you slip through his fingers and he’d totally deny all this bc he thinks its way too cheesy but he would admit it to you and AWEE SHUCKs

awee luke would be so dumbfounded when he looks into your eyes when he bumps into you, and his brain can’t even figure out how to say "i’m sorry” anymore, bc he knows that you’re the girl he’s suppposed to spend his life with, and when you say “oh my gosh i’m so sorry” he realizes that he hasnt said anything and he’s just staring at you and he manages “i’m sorry too, are you uh alright?” and he’d have his hand on your arm bc he steadied you and it would still be there and you’d look down at it, and luke would pull it away and kinda fluff his hair and you’d be like “i’m y/n” and he’d smile and be like “i’m luke” and his smile would be so big and genuine and GUYS LUKE’S GENUINE SMILE IS SO CUTE

ashton i feel would be smoother on his feet when he saw you, like he would see you and be like “holy shit” and he would point you out to calum and cal would be like “damn” and ash would be like “i saw her first” and walk up to you bc he knows that if he didnt do that calum would have snatched you up himself and ashton would walk up to you with his smile (and bam you’re alredy his bc that damn smile) and he would say something trying to be smooth like “i’m sorry i just needed to know if a lovely lady like you would like to go out sometime” but he would screw it upp like “i just need to know if you’d be out tomorrow?” and then he’d realize his little screw up and he’d laugh and maybe turn a little red and AWEEEEE 


imagine karkat who has a complex about having killed crabdad

it was indirect but he blames himself

for as much as he blames and hates himself though hes mad

hes mad bc crabdads his guardian and how dare he die like that and leave karkat to figure this out alone yknow how fucking selfish

karkat who still has nightmares and still feels shame bubble up sometimes

who has days where he avoids everyone bc its all he can think about

one little thing reminds him and he just shuts the fuck down for a while

replaying in his head every little fight, every little disagreement, every petty argument, and then that feeling

that realization that his own hot headed nature just killed his lusus

that gutted feeling of knowing its going to hit him later but that it hasnt yet

trying to keep himself upright but at some point it just clicks

and then again, and again. keeps clicking bc it just cant stay. it cant be permanent. just by nature, it cant be.

he still dreams about him, even on new earth. he still thinks about him forever in the back of his mind. it just never goes away. 

he thinks maybe if he forgave him it might but he just. cant.