he still has the best style in my opinion


TG chapter 136 || TG:re chapter 68

Ok, at this point, Hide is basically the Schrödinger’s cat

I still don’t think Hide is dead. He’s off screen after that scene. Besides, he always showed up everywhere or had a hand on something back in TG, I think his role is bigger than just being Kaneki’s last supper before meeting with the Reaper.

And there’s some translations that I don’t agree… in the japanese raw, Kaneki said, “誰かの為に(カッコ良く) 命を懸けてみたい(死にたい)” which is roughly translated as “I want to put my life on the line (to die) for someone else’ sake (in style).” correct me if I’m wrong.

That being said, Hide might still be alive. What I see there, in his words, Kaneki add his own interpretation of “putting life on the line” and “for someone else’ sake” which says a lot about his mental state at the moment in my opinion. Because not only he believes he killed Amon, he also believes he ate his best friend. No wonder he’s suicidal.

And I believe he still has no clue who it was that sent him that Hangman’s McGuffin book while all evidence theory speculations lead to Hide.

The last time we see Hide in TG is on chapter 136, the first time we see Hide in TG:re is on chapter 68… 136:2=68, lol I don’t know why I put maths in this crazy ride. But, if we go with Ishida’s palindrome, I think we would get more of Hide in chapters to come………..

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Rob Stark, Tony Stark, Wynonna Earp, Iris West, & Magnus Bane & 4?

Ooh nice: 

4. Shopping for formal wear with

  1. Magnus - easily has the best fashion sense out of everyone and he’d be able to find great clothes that are different from my usual style but still good. 
  2. Iris - a fashion icon tbh 
  3. Tony - honestly he’d probably just give me his credit card and give extremely honest opinions on the clothes so #lit 
  4. Robb - I feel like Robb knows how to dress casually and dress in suits but that his opinion on dresses would be “it’s cute” so nah. 
  5. Wynonna - love her but she’d get bored after 10 minutes and just dip lmao

Give me 5 characters and a number, and I will put them in preference order for that situation

So…I want to talk about this. But first, I need to explain.
Exactly five days ago, I had an emotional breakdown at my place of work. My manager had to call 911 on my account, and to be able to return to my occupation at all, I needed a formal notice from my psychiatrist/therapist stating that I was of capable mental health to perform. The reason for my breakdown is for the exact same bullshit above: people assuming I am female, and misgendering me to my face. I recently had to quit my job because of this, and I have been intensely emotionally unstable since then. I am clinically manic-depressive, suicidal, and I have several different anxiety disorders. I am also prone to self-harm. But I have been trying my best to improve my state of being, despite these issues, with the support of friends and my therapist. 
Yesterday, I went out to the mall with my boyfriend, and we spent some money on things to help me feel better and more confident as a person. I’ve never been much of the materialistic type at all, but even I can admit that it felt good being able to purchase nice clothes, try them on at home, take some pictures, and see myself for who I am and who I aspire to be: a handsome young man. 
To continue to boost my self-esteem, my girlfriend (Desiree) sent a few of the pictures to her friends and relatives. The feedback was incredible. “He’s so handsome,” “You’re so lucky to have him,” “He looks like Gerard Way” (I don’t see it, but a compliment is a compliment).
But then, of course, the above happened. To me, this is just the typical, “Holier Than Thou” opinion of a person who has no fucking clue what she is talking about. But that doesn’t change the fact that her “innocent comment” completely floored me. It didn’t matter how many compliments I had received before this; I just had a person state that - despite my best efforts in clothing style and personal expression - I still looked like a girl. 
“It looks like a girl.”
“It looks like a girl.”
“It looks like a girl.”
I broke. I cried. I screamed. I cut my skin open. I hated myself. I wanted to die. I felt trapped. And insulted. And disappointed. It was happening to me again; the bullshit I had to put up with at my occupation - in a uniform that was unflattering on me - had followed me home and slithered into my clothes. Myclothes. Then I took off the clothes, and underneath them I still wasn’t myself.
I don’t know what to do. I haven’t had to deal with being misgendered to this degree since high school, when everyone knew my legal name. I used to believe that I passed very well. But now, I don’t know at all.
I was going to post this for myself, but now I’m having to use it as a reference for this post. 

Ugh so this has been distracting me for a while, and I want to get my thoughts down. I’d mentioned before how much I disliked the Married to the Music MV just for the violence factor. Then the performance version came out, and I’m in love. 

Ever since the Lucifer era, I (and most SHINee fans) have recognized Taemin as the best dancer in the group. He has always been given a little more leeway with the choreography to highlight his unique style. I think the best demonstration of that was in his Danger MV. After that released, especially in performance MVs like Your Number, many people have commented on how the Danger aura still hung around him. His dancing in Your Number seemed almost violent, with the sharp choreography and the visual contrast of long limbs in black pinstripes against a white background. View seemed to mask the group’s differences with the pastel theme throughout, and the actual haze and camera angles obstructing a clear view of their dancing as a whole. 

The Married to the Music performance MV, in my opinion, has been the best show of Taemin’s dancing since Lucifer. The choreography suited his style in a way that he was able to still be abrupt and yet unnaturally graceful. It was a pleasure to watch. However repeatedly, I found my eyes being drawn to Key. While Key did have my favorite outfit of the group, it was his dancing that was distracting me from Taemin’s. That was weird for me. After rewatching multiple times, I’ve realized that Key is by far the most technical dancer in the group. As a cheerleader, its very satisfying to see a dancer who hits motions so precisely, while extending to make them seem exciting and larger than life. 

Taemin’s style is completely the opposite. Whenever possible, Taemin’s shoulders are rounded in, gazing down, wildly graceful as if his body moves of its own accord. Key commands his body to execute every motion and takes delight that it cooperates so splendidly. He knows that he is moving correctly, and is confident in it. And when in the second row or background, Key only became more exuberant, as if his intentional aim was to draw the eye back to him. While in the front, he knew he was the center of attention, and did not feel the need to be quite so vibrant. 

Again, Taemin is the opposite. My instinct was that being a solo artist had changed his position on group dancing, yet one rewatch of Lucifer and I realized that this had always been part of his attitude. While in front or in his own focused segment, Taemin is… to be honest, extraordinary is a huge understatement. Its breathtakingly beautiful. But in the background, its as if he loses interest in being quite so spectacular. His dancing is still unique, matching the others in timing yet his natural grace still putting him on another level. But its nothing like when he knows he’s the only one being watched. 

MttM was a strange experience being torn between two starkly different concepts vying for my undivided attention. Still, its by far my favorite performance MV from SHINee, and I so appreciate the stunning combination of hair, wardrobe, choreography, back up dancers, and venue that made it so outstanding, and the dancers that made it so intriguing.