he startled his own teacher... nothing less expected from him x)

When he's the kingka and you're a nerd (You x EXO Sehun)--ANGSTY VERSION

Can you do a scenario where Sehun is the cold kingka in your school and your boyfriend while you are the shy nerd? Can you make it fluffy please? Thank you!

Okey^^ So this is the angsty version of this scenario! I actually wrote this one first without realizing it needed to be fluffy, so I made some slight changes! You’ll definitely notice the similarities and differences! Sorry for the late update! I’ve been super busy these past few days, but here it is!  And second, this scenario is rated! For situation, some language, and violence >.< You haz been warned!


“Where did you get this, you little bitch?”


“It’s mine. Give it back.”

“I didn’t ask who it belonged to. I asked where you got it from.”

"I found it.”

“You expect me to believe you found this? There are a hundred girls who would want this! Don’t lie to me!”


You wince as your school’s top mean girl, Choi Haera, strikes you across the cheek hard, catching the edge of your eye as well. Her friends Sooji and Eungyeol snicker, watching her shove you around. You wished desperately that there was someone else in the classroom—that for once, you could have a peaceful lunch without having to worry about being the butt of everyone’s jokes.

But that just wasn’t going to happen.

Haera throws the source of her anger at your feet: a little photo of your school’s most popular guy, Sehun. Plenty of girls had photos of Sehun: ones they took while he was around school, or out playing soccer, or even when they came up to him in restaurants and asked to take pictures of him. But yours was a rare copy: Sehun was making a heart shape with his hands while smiling, and little puppy stickers decorated the photo.

Everyone knew that Sehun was the most unfriendly person in the entire school. He barely talked to anyone aside from the guys on the soccer team, and he rejected at least twenty girls every Valentine’s Day. He didn’t even bother to read their cards or accept their gifts—he just threw them away.

"I’ll be back for this.” Haera sneers, throwing the picture at your feet and stepping on it. “And I want all the others that you have of him.”

“No!” You protest, but Sooji silences you by stepping on your fingers. You cry out and pull them back, terrified. “What would our school’s top hot guy want with a girl like you?” She laughs. “You’re nothing but a nerd who can’t even defend yourself.”

Eungyeol rolls her eyes. “I’m hungry. Let’s just leave her.” She looks over her nose at you. “Why would he even bother with someone like her?” The three of them give you one last spiteful look before disappearing down the hall, and you stoop to pick up the contents of your backpack, cradling the precious photo in your palm.

The reason you had was because the cold, unfriendly, ice prince that ruled your school was your boyfriend.

You had met Sehun in a English tutoring class. You had only accepted the position because it would look good on your college applications, and everyone knew you were the best at English. He had opened up after spending hours in the library studying, throwing shrimp crackers across the table at each other, and talking about what you wanted to do with your lives.

No one knew that the ice prince, Oh Sehun, couldn’t live without you.

Even Sehun knew you were a completely different person outside of school. You were a cute girl who liked to laugh a lot, eat cake with your fingers, and wear make-up. You didn’t dare do any of that in school. You wore glasses instead of your contacts, and wore your hair up. The less chance someone recognized you outside of school, the better.

You didn’t dare tell anybody. What would they do to Sehun if they found out he was dating you? Would he get kicked off the soccer team? Would he lose all his friends? Would the teacher dislike him? You couldn’t bear to think of the consequences your relationship might have on him, so you saw him only outside of school. Within the classroom, the two of you were strangers.

"Ouch.” You wince as you try moving your fingers, your knuckles bruising already. The photo that Haera had been upset about was one you had taken on your last date—Sehun had taken you to a puppy café, and you had spent hours there, picking the dog you two would want when you got older. You’d thought it would be okay to tuck the photo in your daily planner, but clearly, you’d thought wrong.

“You’re here.”

A familiar voice comes from the doorway, and you startle a bit. “Oh, it’s you. Hey.” You swallow hard and continue to stuff your things back in your bag. Sehun frowns and crosses the room to you. “Did I scare you?” He asks. You don’t turn around. “If I did, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad.” You mutter. He narrows his eyes at you before jerking you around, gasping when he sees you. “Who hit you?” He demands. “Was it Haera? Again?” You turn away. “Don’t worry about it.” You huff. “I’m fine.”

“It’s not fine.” He murmurs. “Come here.” Even though you resist, he pulls you against his chest. “Someone might see us.” You squeak, tears filling your eyes. He sighs heavily. “I don’t really give a damn, _____-ah.” You let him hold you for a minute, but you cut the moment shorter than he wants. You push him away, and he watches you zip your bag, frustrated.

“Let me say something.” He begs. “Please.” You shake your head. “Absolutely not. I’m fine on my own.”

“How many times are you going to cry because of me?” He says, his voice wobbling. “What kind of boyfriend am I when I know that someone is hurting you and I can’t even protect you?!”

You turn to look at him in disbelief. “Do you know what would happen to you if people knew you were dating me?!” You scream. “It would be over for you Sehun! The soccer team, your friends, you would lose everything! I can’t take that away from you!”

He falls quiet, staring out the window. “What if I said I didn’t want it?”

You sigh. “Don’t say stupid things.” You chuckle. “Class will start soon. I’m going to go to the bathroom. The kids will have a fit if they find us here together.”


Although you try hard to pay attention in literature class, there’s just too much going on. You can feel Sehun giving you side-glances of concern from across the room, tapping his pencil impatiently on the desk From the back of the room, Haera and her minions give you heated glances. When the bell finally rings and the teacher dismisses lass, you don’t know if it’s a relief or not.

“Let’s chat.”

You nearly scream as you feel Haera’s hot breath on your neck. She kicks your chair and grabs your bag. You get up willingly, reluctant to gave Sooji and Eungyeol drag you out by your ponytail. You sigh as they lead you to the stairwell, and your bag is dumped once again.

“Every photo.” Haera demands. “I want every photo you have of Oh Sehun. Don’t take all day.”

You kneel down and flip through your notebook. There weren’t many, but at least there were none of you together. You knew well enough to leave those at home. “Is this it?” She snaps in disbelief. “Where’s the one from earlier?”

You yelp as Sooji grabs you by the hair, yanking you to your feet. “She tried to hide it!” She cackles. “Obviously she needs to be taught a lesson about doing what she’s told.” Haera sneers and slaps you again, and your old bruise stings with pain. She punches you a few times in the stomach for good measure, and you wince as new spots of tenderness start to form.

Haera is angry this time. She’s beating you worse than she ever has before. Usually it was a slap here, a slap there. But this time she’s trying to draw blood, and you can already feel warm trails of it at the corners of your lips.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

You gasp as the beating suddenly stops. Sooji and Eungyeol gasp, and you blink in disbelief. Sehun stands behind you, shielding you with himself. Haera, who’s still in a fighting mood, lashes out without realizing who she’s hitting. You gasp as her hand strikes Sehun in the face, leaving a sharp cut on his cheekbone. He scoffs in surprise.

“What…what did you do, Haera?!” Eungyeol screams. “Oppa! Oppa, we’re sorry!”

“So you’re the ones who have been beating up my girlfriend.” He hisses. “Have you lost your mind? Didn’t you think someone would find out?” Haera narrows her eyes. “You’re dating her? But she’s a completely reject.” It’s her turn to scoff. “I’m going to tell everyone.”

Sehun turns up his lip in disgust. “I am. Who would date you, who fights all the time and does this?” He touches his face, and his own fingers come away bloody. “Tell everyone. I don’t care. She’s better for me than you’ll ever be, and I’ll make sure that they know that.” Her eyes widen in fear, and the three of them make a quick escape.

"Sehun.” You say, your voice wobbling. “Why did you do that?” Your knees give out, and you sink to the ground. “Because it was about time.” He says. “I should have done it before.” You look around in a daze, reaching for your wallet. You open it and pull out a band aid, smoothing it across his scratch. He chuckles, gently pulling your hand away.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” He says. “You got hurt because of me, and now you’re trying to take care of me first?” You laugh a little, letting your head wobble against his shoulder. “Will you let me see?” He says, looking at your face. “Are you hurting a lot?” He reaches for your jacket, but you stop him.

“Are you really trying to get in skinship now?” You joke, shuffling your things back in your bag. “Now really isn’t the time.” He laughs. “No, but I guess it wasn’t going to happen anyway. Let’s get you to the nurse, okay?”

Without another word he scoops you up in his arms, pulling you close. He kicks open the door to the stairwell and carries you into the crowded hallway, and the students start buzzing immediately.

Who is she?

Why is the kingka carrying a girl like her?

What happened?

“Sehun-ah!” You notice some of the members of the soccer team poking their head out of the classroom windows, their mouths hanging open. “Who is that?”

"My girlfriend.” He says calmly. “The new queenka.”


Scenario end! Did you guys enjoy it? Haha it’s really the result of me needing to pay more attention OTL I’ll do better in the future  ~Jjangpanda