he stands like this in at least one picture from each event i swear

inspired by this post by @captain-snark i hope i did the idea justice!

part two

Derek swears someone is using his pool. He doesn’t have evidence, but things look slightly out of place when he gets back from his business trip. It isn’t really that noticeable and when he had Cora check on his place a few days ago, she said everything looked normal. 

It’s really just a feeling. A feeling that someone is using his pool. 

With a sigh, he shakes it off. It’s nothing, nothing substantial at least. He grabs his briefcase and suitcase and leaves the house for his business trip. It is always a drag going across the country to New York to deal with corporate. He has to put on his best suit and pack his other good suits, and then he has to somehow manage not to get too wrinkled on the plane on the way there, and it is a long flight from California to New York.

But this is what he chose to do. This is what he got his business degree for. He owns a bakery and now there is a corporation for it to make more bakeries, and really, he didn’t think his bakery would get this far. There are investors and CEOs to talk to now. He hates talking to people.

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Have You Ever Seen a Heart Shatter

Request: can you write an imagine with newt scamander where the reader compares herself so much to tina??? angst angst angst please!! your writing is astounding btw ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,156

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 2

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

“Tina Goldstein, resident goddess.” You mutter as you storm through the front door and down the long staircase rife with splinters and creaky spots. Not to mention the unkind tenants that live on the third and fourth floors. Their shouts follow you down as your boots crash against the steps.

Tina this, Tina that, Tina the infallible. You skip three steps when you jump down onto the landing and yank open the front door. Tina can do no wrong, even when she’s unemployed and obsessive.

The wind slams into your side, trying to knock you off-balance. You shiver but stride forward, no real destination in mind other than to be far away from her.
No one had even looked up when you shoved your chair back from the kitchen table, too busy hanging on every word of some story about capturing some man that used a spell in front of some muggle to care about you. They love Tina’s stories about her adventures.

It’s not like you’re exactly employed. You’d met Newt on a research trip years before. The chemistry between the two of you had been obvious to everyone and it hadn’t taken long for the two of you to pair up for the study. Soon enough, Newt asked you to help him observe some mooncalves under the starry sky and, after some laughing and held hands, a new relationship began. The two of you agreed to work together and alternate research trips. This trip to release Frank was one of Newt’s ideas, meaning that you’re really nothing more than a magizoologist’s assistant.

Still, it’s more fascinating than just running after people and bringing them into MACUSA, right? You meet some of the rarest beasts on your journeys. Tina does nothing but arrest people and memorize the ridiculous laws on magic that Americans put into place. Every auror has stories just as mesmerizing as Tina’s, though the others disagree. Even Newt seems to think they’re interesting enough to warrant ignoring you.

You scowl and wrap your arms around yourself as you continue forward. If Newt wants to spend all of his time with some other girl with perfect hair let him.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 15] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by gzboms

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.


Warnings: Drug abuse, sexual abuse, animal abuse, swearing, blood 

If you have a problem with what happens in the chapter then please voice your concern. There is another warning that I won’t put down because it spoils the entire chapter, but if you are uncomfortable with what happened and don’t want to read this one or the next one with deals with similar subjects please let me know.

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A/N: I’m sorry. This chapter might be horrible. This chapter might wreck you. this chapter is very problematic. I’m sorry. I hope you like this chapter, the next one is way more eventful I promise. Inbox always open, I love feedback!

~ Admin Brooklyn


Everything was calm after that. Almost two months had passed and Ji Yong was fully healed, a little scar on his shoulder. You were doing okay yourself. Mr. Kwon had managed to still teach you self-defense, although in a new location, your room. He would sit down as Daesung would teach you. There were days Mr. Kwon would sneak you out of your room and take you to the empty shooting range, where Seungri or Seunghyun would continue to teach you knife throwing. Other than that you didn’t have much to do. You’d reorganize your room twice a week just because. You’d take Gaho for walks too, varying combination of the boys by your side each time you went.

Ji Yong was constantly checking up on you. At first, you were annoyed, but it didn’t really bother you after a while. He’d show up in the morning, go to work come back and tuck you in. If you were lucky he’d have a frustrating day and cuddle with you for the night. At the same time though, when he was frustrated he would be stubborn and wouldn’t hold you until you woke up with him with his arms around you and his head tucked into your neck.

Today he was going out on a mission, so like normal, he came in and checked up on you. You were reading a book, laying down your elbows resting on the bed as you held the book up. Ai had curled up and settled right on your stomach, purring as he slept. You looked away from your book and turned your gaze to him. Your eyes widened at the sight in front of you. His black hair was swept back and his white button down shirt was a tucked in. His sleeves were rolled up and he wore gun holsters that rested on either side of his torso, guns loaded and waiting. You felt your heart beat faster and you swallowed hard.

You sat up slowly, letting Ai wake up and hop off your rising figure. A small smile appeared on Ji Yong’s face when he saw your reaction. You turned around to face him. You give him a sheepish smile and he just stands there for a second.

“Another mission?” You ask, you being the first to break the silence. He nods his head and goes over to you. He sits down the bed right next to you. Ai quickly climbed your lap and walk over to Ji Yong, settling half of his body on his leg and the other half on yours. You pet Ai, staring down at him while Ji Yong stares at you. You can feel his gaze but don’t do anything to draw attention to it.

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Silver Storm (9/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst, SMUT , fluff

                                                      Chapter 9

   “Hold still or I’m going to end up poking your eye, you big baby.” Bucky keeps fidgeting under your hands as you try to apply eyeliner neatly to his lids.

 "Or we can just not put makeup on me,“ he grumbles.

“You lost fair and square, sweetheart. Don’t make a bet if you’re going to back out of it.” What a big fucking baby. He mimics you in a high voice, pulling a laugh from you. You return to trying to finish his makeup despite his inability to hold still. You finish ten minutes later and you back away from him, capping your eyeliner. You tilt his face up towards you, biting your lip to hold off the laughter at his defeated expression. You gave him perfectly winged eyeliner and applied a lengthening mascara that seemed to really do the trick. You only applied a little blush and a light layer of pink lipstick stains his lips. After an hour of him begging you not to do his hair, you settle on just putting into two lazy buns on the sides of his head.

  “Anyone ever tell you you’re beautiful, doll?” You can’t stop yourself from laughing.

“You’ll pay for this, y/n. Just wait.” You roll your eyes, taking his hand and dragging him out of your room.

  When you enter the TV room, the entire team was there, and all eyes fell onto Bucky.

“Oh this is fucking gold,” Sam bursts out laughing resulting in Steve doing the same, whipping his phone out and snapping a quick picture. Bucky goes to throw himself at Sam but you tighten your grip on his hand.

Originally posted by marvelousspider

“That is the only picture to be taken, understood?” you threaten. You receive nods in return. Have to at least try and save his pride. You hear snickers coming from the team as Bucky parts from you to go to the kitchen. Sam smacks his ass as he passes, a smooth whistle leaving his lips.

“Damn Barnes, you and Y/n are one pair of gorgeous ladies.” The room breaks out into laughter, no one bothering to hold back any longer. Bucky glares at Sam but that doesn’t stop Sam’s happiness.

“Alright alright. Come on Buck, let’s go wash that off. I think you’ve been punished enough for one day.” He follows you right on your heels like a sad puppy.

You hear Steve yell from the tv room behind you, “Maybe next time Y/n will let you win, pal!” I still can’t believe I beat him.

 You pull Bucky back into your bathroom, beginning to gently wipe off the makeup. As you do, you replay the fight from earlier in your mind.

    “Okay guys, start on 3. 1…2..3!” You and Bucky begin circling each other on the mat.

“Come on doll, show me what you got.” He keeps his eyes locked to yours. You know he isn’t going to make the first move so you bite the bullet and do it yourself. You lunge forward, aiming a punch at his abdomen. If you assumed correctly, this should sway the fight your way. And it does. He blocks your fist, pushing it to the side. As he does, you crouch down, sweeping his legs out. He barely catches himself, standing up a little wobbly.

“So you want to play dirty?” he asks.

“That’s the only way to play, honey. ” You wink back at him. He moves first this time, throwing a high kick. You duck out of the way and grab onto his hand. You use all of your strength to swing your legs up and around his neck to throw him back down to the floor. It’s always been your favorite move to use against someone; there’s something empowering about choking someone with your thighs. You successfully bring him down, clenching your thighs just to get the point across that you can do serious damage. You don’t want to hurt him or risk losing control of yourself in the environment you’re in right now. Last thing you want is to seriously hurt him because soldier mode kicked in. He looks up, locking eye contact with you from between your thighs, a devilish smirk appearing.

Originally posted by lilsonbucky

“You know, I wouldn’t have objected if you said you just wanted me between your thighs, Мой маленький микс (my little minx).” You roll your eyes, squeezing a little tighter. He moves his arms up, brushing his fingers against the part of your stomach he can reach. You shriek at the contact, the way his fingers brushed tickled you enough to let him go.

“That is so unfair! Who the fuck tickles someone in the middle of sparring, you dick!” You’re still trying to catch your breath, nearly having a heart attack from even the idea of being tickled. He tackles you before you get a chance to move, knocking you onto the floor. He settles on top of you, pinning your hands above your head.

“Looks like I win, dollface. And I think I know exactly what I want.” You see a mischievous glimmer in his eyes.

“As much fun as that sounds, I don’t think so.” You lift your lower half, grinding it against his. You see him suck in a breath, his grip on your hands faltering. He lifts his hips from you slightly, barely leaving enough room for you to gain the upper hand. You knew that would catch him off guard and you take advantage of it. You pull your knees up, hardly fitting them through the gap he left when he raised himself up. You press your knees to his chest and launch him off you and onto his back.You immediately throw yourself over him, straddling his lap and pinning his hands. His eyes are wide and lips parted. You lean down, catching his earlobe between your teeth.

“Looks like you’re losing your touch, Мой маленький микс (my little minx),” you whisper. He growls when you repeat the nickname back to him.

  “Well damn, Grandpa. Looks like your age is catching up to you!” Sam shouts. You laugh, leaving Bucky a flustered mess on the floor.

   When you finish cleaning Bucky’s face, you both fall into bed. You look at the picture Sam sent you, giggling as you set it to your background.

“I can’t believe you actually did my makeup. You could have bet anything, had me do anything, and you just had to pick that?” he groans, rolling himself on top of you. You huff out under his weight.

“Barnes, I can get you to do anything I want anyways. Even if I lost, you would have let me do it to you.” You struggle trying to roll him off you. “Jesus, you are fucking solid. I can’t breathe,” you whine.

He laughs into your neck and you feel his smile against you, giving you shivers. “Are you calling me fat?” he questions, mock offense dripping from his tone.

“Well, I’m not calling you thin.”

“Damn, that’s cold doll.” You finally get him to roll off you, dramatically inhaling.

“You are such a drama queen.” You roll yourself onto him, resting your chin on his chest. You look into his eyes, studying dazzling shade of blue.

“You going to keep staring at me or are you going to do something, doll?” he playfully questions. You push yourself forward, gently placing your lips on his. You mean for it to be a little innocent kiss but Bucky pulls you deeper into it. You roll around his bed while your lips dance, switching between who is on top of who until he permanently settles himself on top of you. He grinds himself against you, both of you releasing moans.

  “You going to keep teasing me or are you going to do something, Sergeant?” He growls, kissing your feverishly. You completely give yourself over, enjoying the way he takes control. He moves his kiss from your lips down your body, removing all your clothing quickly. He begins sucking dark marks as he makes his path down your body, making you writhe underneath him.

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“Please, I need you,” you whine as he kisses your waist.

“Keep begging me, doll. Tell me what you need.” His movements become even slower, making you ten times needier.

“Please, Bucky. I need your mouth on me, I need to feel your fingers on-” You gasp as he licks a long strip along your pussy, finishing with a strong suck on your clit. Your back arches and you claw and the bedding underneath you.

“Is this what you want?” he asks, sliding two of his metal fingers into your soaking center. A long, loud moan was your only response as he begins harshly thrusting his fingers into you.

“God, I love the way you sound, the way your body reacts to the littlest touches. Does it do that just for me baby?” His fingers begin moving faster than you could have imagined. The only thing to be heard in the room is your moans, the obscene noise of how wet you are, and Buckys strained breathing. You feel the coil in your stomach tighten as Bucky’s mouth engulfs your throbbing clit. He switches between sucking and nipping at your bundle of nerves, making your eyes screw shut at the feeling of your impending orgasm.

“Buck I’m going to-” He sucks particularly hard at the moment. Your hands fly to his head, weaving through his hair and holding his head to you as you uncontrollably roll your hips against his face. He slows down his movements, gently taking your hands out of his hair.

“Doll I want to try something,” he says shyly from between your thighs. What a fucking tease, I was so close!

“Anything. Just- Bucky I need-” He chuckles, getting up to kiss you.

“Ride my face.” I’m sorry, what? Your face must mirror your confused thoughts because he lets out a hearty laugh.

“I’ve never-”

“Neither have I, that’s the point. Please?” You nod, letting him guide you into the position he wants you. You’re facing the headboard, hovering over him with a thigh on either side of his head. Oh my God, I’m going to suffocate him. He pulls your core down to his face, his tongue delving into your core instantly.

“Oh my God,” you whimper out at the new angle his tongue is hitting. His hands urge your thighs to begin moving against his face and you let him lead the pace, afraid you’ll do something wrong. That fear passes quickly, your hips involuntarily grinding against his face at a rapid pace as his mouth devours you.  

    Before you know it, your orgasm washes over you. Your thighs begin to quiver as Bucky slowly slides out from under you. When you’re positive he isn’t directly behind you, you allow your body to fall back onto the mattress. He moves himself over you again, this time his clothes not present. You pull his lips to yours, tasting yourself when your tongue tangles with his. You moan into the kiss, clawing your nails down his back. When you separate from the kiss, your eyes meet his lust blown ones, the blue barely visible anymore.

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“Bucky, fuck me. Please,” you beg, lifting your hips to his. The moment his hard cock makes contact with your slit you both let out moans. You flip him onto his back, taking his length in your hand and gliding it through your wet folds repeatedly. When he is about to say something, you fully slide him into you. Your back painfully arches at the fullness, its bordering between painfully stretching you and absolute pleasure; the latter wins. You begin slowly lifting and dropping yourself on his dick, placing your hands on his chest for support. His fingers dig into your thighs and you can tell he is trying to give you control but you want him to take it. You finally speed up, bouncing yourself on him as you roll your nipples between your fingers. He plants his feet flat on the bed and starts driving himself up into you. He hits a sensitive spot, almost bringing tears to your eyes from all the pleasure.

  “Oh Bucky,” you cry as he continues to slam his hips up. He finally loses his restraint, flipping you over and onto your stomach. He swats your ass, a surprised moan from you causes him to do it again.

“Do you like that, Y/n?” You nod, not trusting your voice. His hand slides into your hair, pulling it slightly so you’re on your knees with your back pressing to his chest. He slides his cock into you again, thrusting hard as his hands move to your chest. He holds you to him by your chest, playing with your nipples while he pounds himself into you.

“I’m so close baby, cum with me,” he whispers as he bites your ear. You release a string of profanities as one of his hands slides down to circle your clit. Both of you are spiraling through your orgasms, Bucky still holding your body to his. A sheet of sweat covers both of your bodies as you both collapse onto the bed. “Jesus Christ,” you say, trying to pull yourself together.

“I love you y/n,” he says sweetly from beside you.

“I love you too. Always have, always will.”

“Sergeant Barnes, Miss Y/n, your presence is required in the conference room. It is urgent.”

“What is it FRIDAY?” you ask. I really don’t want to move right now. “Secretary Ross is here.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Bucky says as he begins looking for his scattered clothes. You copy his actions, finding a pair of random sweats and a tee. When you’re both done he takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together as you make your way to the conference room. You walk up to the conference room, seeing that the windows have been tinted. You can’t see inside like usual, making your anxiety flare. Why would they tint the windows? What is happening in there? This is what Nick warned us about.

“Calm down, we don’t know why they’re here yet, Y/n,” Bucky says before you both enter the room.  You know why they are here but you know he is just trying to calm you. Stepping through the door was the biggest mistake of your life. As soon as you both fully step in, two different sets of hands find each of your shoulders, detaching you from Bucky’s hand.

“What the hell is happening?” you hear Bucky roar, seeing him being restrained also. You hear cuffs clink close before you register the feeling of them around your wrists. Panic shoots through you. No no no no no.

“Bucky!” your scream bounces off the walls of the conference room.

I cant lose him again

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Business and Pleasure - Part 6

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,456

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut

Previous Part

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

The next morning you woke suddenly as the sun crept into the room, peeking out from behind the blue silk curtains. Where am I, you wondered in confusion. This definitely wasn’t your apartment, and it certainly wasn’t Wanda’s either. The moment you glanced at your hand, the ring glinting in the light, memories came flooding back to you. You were in James’ apartment, which was now yours too.

The events of the previous night washed over you almost like a wave. You had fought with James again. It had all been a misunderstanding. You had kicked Steve out. He probably wasn’t too happy about that, and you made a mental note to apologize to him once you arrived at the office later in the day. He couldn’t stay mad at you if you brought him food, after all. That reminded you. Where was James? He had slept on the couch last night, letting you take the bed. Was he still asleep?

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buy my love [one]

Note: thank you for putting up with all those drafts. after forty-seven years here it is in full un-edited glory. it’s different than how i originally pictured it, but i’m happy that it’s done. this will be multi-part, and they’ll be short. sometimes they won’t even be connected. also i usually put pictures next to my scenarios, but i’m going to discontinue doing that starting now and moving forward.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: smut, smut, and more smut, sugar mama au
Warnings: escort/prostitution, oral, semi-public
Word Count: 1722
Rating: NC-17/MA

Multi Parts: [one] [two] [three] **ongoing, to be updated as i write…**

Summary: It started in the bathroom of a club…




Taehyung doesn’t expect a lot out of the latest networking event. It’s already two months into year four already, and so far he hasn’t scored a single internship, mentorship, apprenticeship, or a ship to moon so he could maybe die after disappointing his family for the last time. He’s generally not a bitter person, but it’s particularly off-putting to see all of his close friends make real progress towards their dreams while he flounders in some sort of weird, purgatorial, developmental hell. This was not at all how university was supposed to go. 

He fidgets in his seat as he rereads the texts Jimin sent him reminding him of the online statistics quiz due tonight at 11:59PM. 

[18:08] jimin: i know you didnt even start and its like 33 questions long

[18:08] jimin: it took me an hour to finish rip

[18:10] jimin: question order will probably be randomized but if u start and u need help lmk. good luck @ networking!

Taehyung is about 99% grateful for the reminder and offer from his roommate, so it’s with a guilty heart that he tries to squash the ugly 1% that wants to throw a tantrum about not needing a babysitter to finish the dumb quiz. 

Not good enough. No one says those exact words to his face, but they don’t need to - not when the world slaps him with a daily reminder through each rejection notice and unanswered call. It’s not like his current debt-to-income ratio isn’t depressing the hell out of him already. Graduation is approaching; he’ll probably enlist. And this would give him another two to three years worth of a grace period before he’s forced to tackle the biggest question of his life: now what?

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You Left Me- Calum Hood

Originally posted by digmedownmendes

“Oh, you left me with a broken heart, And now I see what I should’ve from the startOh, you left me with nothing but a kiss, And now I’m leaving you with these lips” -You Left Me, The Maine (I’m so obsessed with this song rn)

So this is a long one….just warning you. Part of the PR request, this one for Calum!! So hope you guys enjoy…Also this gif is so cute….

You have never really done PR relationships before. As a pretty well known model, of course you’ve been asked to before, but the most you’ve done was accompany some actor to an awards show. That was a PR date, you’ve never done anything like faking an entire relationship. How did that even work anyway? You weren’t sure. You didn’t even know who the guy was that you were supposed to “date”. All that you knew was that he was a famous artist who never really had his relationships in the public eye. His management wanted to change this, give something for the fans to talk about. Everything else was hush-hush, other than the fact both your management and his said you both would be a good match. Whatever that meant.

All of that was about to change however, because the contracts seem to finally come through, and you were now going to meet your new “boyfriend” for the next three weeks.

You walked into the conference room, where the final arrangements were going to be met.

“Miss Y/n! Nice to meet you. I’m Cal’s manager. Please have a seat he will be here shortly.” A man in a suit said, gesturing for you to take a seat.

You sat down while your managers talked, beginning to finalize everything while you waited on “Cal”. They were speaking legal jargon, so you didn’t really catch much of what was said. All you knew was that now everything was done contract wise. The only thing left to do was your part. Pictures, dates, events, etc for at least the next three weeks. Great. Now when was Cal going to get here. Was that his name, or short for something. What could it be short for anyway?

Just then a tanned, muscular figure, with short black curly hair walked in. Your eyes caught his deep brown ones. A thousand emotions played through those eyes. Shock, surprise, worry, pain, happiness, uncertainty, sadness…

“Calum?” You said standing up. “That’s what ‘Cal’ is short for?! You’ve got to be kidding me! No! I…I can’t do this…” You stormed out of the room.

Calum rushed out after you, catching your arm in the hall.

“Y/n? You’re the model? What? How?”

“What never thought I could be a model?”

“Don’t say that…you know I have never thought that”

“Well I don’t know Calum, I truly don’t  know how you ever thought of me. It’s not like you ever cared. It has been what? Like 3 years?”

“Hey, you left me!”

“And why was that Calum!? You got caught up in the fame. You changed, became someone I didn’t even recognize! Someone who only cared about partying. And what was it you told me the night I left? You didn’t need me. You never needed me.”

He shook his head. “Y/n I-”

“We didn’t know you two had met previously” Calum’s manager said.

“Look, despite the obvious tension here, Y/n, Calum, you guys did sign a contract. I’m sorry we weren’t aware of any previous history, but you guys will just have to get over it for the next few weeks. Agreed?”

You gave a bitter laugh, and Calum clenched his jaw.

“Fine” You both muttered.

“Alrighty then. Well we have your first date planned for next week, we’ll send you both the details”

And with that they were gone, and you both were left alone.


“Don’t even. This will be all over soon, and we’ll be out of each others lives for good. Ok?” You said, walking out towards the elevator so you could get far away from that hotel. From him.


Sure enough a few days later you received a text message.

Mario’s Pizza. 7pm. Tomorrow night.

Well that was short and to the point. Oh well, guess you really didn’t need to know much more. You decided to go shopping, you needed a new dress for tomorrow nights “date”. Ugh. You weren’t looking forward to this, but there was no way in hell you wouldn’t look your best. Show that asshole all he gave up on.

The next night you arrived 5 minutes late, since Calum used to always show up about 10 minutes late. No use in sitting at the table by yourself longer than you had to. When the hostess led you to your table, you were surprised to find Calum already there. Not only there, but with a bouquet of roses too. Once he saw you, he stood up, and went to pull out your seat. Once you sat down, he held out the flowers to you. You eyed them warily.

“Who are you and what have you done with Calum?”

“I thought you’d like them…” He said looking down, but still had his hand out, waiting for you to take the roses.

“If you’re trying to kiss and makeup it’s not gonna work Cal” You said, trying to ignore him. He continued standing there though. You sighed and took the flowers. “Thanks”

“Of course” He said sitting back down.

“You’re early”

“Well I couldn’t be late now could I?”

“Never seemed that way before”

You were interrupted when the waiter came to your table, and took your orders. You both quickly ordered, and didn’t speak much until your food arrived.

You had just started eating when Calum cleared his throat.

“Hey smile would you?” He asked you.

You looked up and saw his phone out, camera pointing straight towards you.

“Instagram?” You asked instantly smiling, knowing your manager would kill you if you didn’t.

“Snapchat actually”

You frowned. “Please tell me you did not put a filter on my face”

He just smiled and shrugged.

“Calum I swear-”

“You’ll have to check yourself”

You sighed and pulled out your phone. You checked his snapchat and sure enough there was a picture of you, with the dog filter. And the caption puppy love. Could be worse.

“Wow…actually a good picture…”

He chuckled.

“What?” you asked, as he continued laughing.

“You follow me on snapchat?”

“What? Of course. I added you a few days ago, we’re supposed to be dating right? I added you on most platforms. You didn’t notice?” This was half true. The snap account you were using was more like a fake one, where you could follow people without them knowing who you were. Like Calum for instance, who you kept tabs on. But on all your public accounts, you added him recently.

“Oh.” He said, not fully believing what you said. He always could sense when you were lying. Some things never change.

“Your turn” You said, quickly switching accounts to your public and holding up your phone.  Unlike him, you weren’t feeling as kind. You quickly searched through the filter until you found the perfect one.

“Done?” He asked as you set your phone down.

“Let me see”

“No. Guess you’ll just have to look yourself”

He rolled his eyes but checked his phone anyway. He laughed and shook his head as he saw some alien filter on him, with the caption 'this date is out of this world’.

“Cheesy as ever”

“You follow me on snap?” You teased.

“Of course. Always have followed you on everything Y/n. I’m surprised you didn’t notice” He raised his hand for the check. While his head was turned you took another picture for insta, side-shots of Calum always looked good. You simply put a heart then posted it. You thought he deserved one good picture. You tagged him, and you heard his phone go off. He picked his phone and looked confused as he saw the picture, then he smiled.

“Ready to go?”

You simply nodded.

He insisted on walking you home, despite yourself you agreed.  Thank goodness you weren’t far.

You reached your building when he grabbed your hand.

“What?” You asked.

“Y/n I have to tell you-”

“Calum I don’t wanna hear it. This night was good so just leave it at that!”

“No I can’t. I have to tell you.”


“Y/n I’m sorry. I never meant anything I said that night, I was drunk and stupid and I….I never expected you to leave me like that. That’s not an excuse I know. I felt terrible after that. It broke my heart to see you go, because I needed you Y/n…I needed you so much. I realized that right away. I was so stupid…”

“You didn’t even call or anything Calum. How sorry could you have been? I’m still convinced you never even loved me. That what we had meant nothing and-”

“You deserved better. Far better than me. I’d hope you’d find it. But here we are, you still get caught up with me…”

You turned your head, feeling the tears coming down your face. He moved closer, putting his hand on the side of your face, turning your head so you looked at him.

“And Y/n….I did love you, in fact I still love you. There’s no one else like you Y/n…no other girl could compare. I fucked up once before and I can’t let anything like that happen again”

“What are you trying to say Cal?”

“I don’t want to have a pretend anything. Can we make this real? Can you give me one last chance? Please Y/n, I promise I’m not the same guy you walked out on that night, and I never will be. Just one chance…that’s all I ask…”

You looked up into his chocolate brown eyes, so full of love and fear of rejection.

“I better not regret this…” You said, bringing his lips to yours.


That was fun haha. Hope you guys liked it!! Post every Monday, and requests always open! Thanks for reading- Lydia

A Friendship Caught Fire chapter 11

A huge apology to all followers of my story. I had a computer crash and lost all that I had written so far. It was really hard to find the motivation to get back to writing after this. The following chapter is my struggle back into the story and I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. I’ll try to update regularly again!

Hell in the city of Angels

The next month is hell. Sam isn’t sure whether it is luck or tragedy, but they’re separated for most of the filming. Sam is filming the worst scenes of the whole series. Jamie gets tortured and raped by Black Jack Randall and although he is grateful for the challenge of his acting, the stress of it and the emotional drain is slowly wearing him down. He comes home exhausted and it is getting harder and harder to shake off the feeling of sickness and depression, especially since Cait is not there. They haven’t talked since they came home, at least not privately. Not once outside the few scenes they had to film with each other.

Sam feels her eyes resting on him when they part after each scene. More than once she comes after him, when he leaves the set, but he almost runs to his trailer, doesn’t look around and closes the door behind him before she can reach him. He hasn’t answered her phone calls or texts either.

He just can’t.

It’s not that he is pouting or that he wants to behave like a child, but he just can’t talk to her. He doesn’t know what to say and he’s afraid he will break down and beg her to come back to him or – even worse – cry. Because that’s how he feels. Utter despair has taken hold of him. He hasn’t been as heartbroken over a breakup ever and he is feeling guilty. She wanted them to take things lightly. She wanted them to not rush into a relationship, because she knew the danger behind it all and yet he managed to fall in love with her head over heels and so completely that it left him unguarded and unprotected. Now he he has to pick up the pieces of his heart somehow without her noticing. Without anyone noticing. He goes to the gym daily, sometimes even twice a day. It’s the only way to release part of the stress.

The wrap of the season comes and with it the wrap party. Sam is so relieved, that it is finally over, that he allows himself to get thoroughly drunk and so does Cait. And finally, with booze clouding his mind, they can chat and laugh with each other again. Their defences are down, everything is bathed in a warm light due to buzz and exhaustion. As the evening goes on, they inevitably get closer, drawn to each other like magnets. Not long and she cuddles into him, he has his arm around her, leans close to her, smells her perfume and breathes her in. He feels her hand on his thigh, her breast squashed into his chest and his own hand is resting at her waist, moving slowly down to her hip, spreading and pushing her closer to him. Ron takes a picture of them and many weeks later Sam will laugh about his expression and how utterly wasted he looks.

There’s no way any of them is going home alone tonight. Sam knows it and Cait knows it, too. Luckily Maril is so drunk herself, that she doesn’t notice anything around her any more, so when the two of them call it a night and say their goodbyes to everyone, no one seems to notice or care that they’re leaving the party together. It’s not the first time anyway after all. Davie drives them and that’s a good thing, because he’s more discrete than the other drivers and doesn’t comment when Sam tells him he doesn’t need to wait for him at Cait’s flat. He just drives off and they stumble up the stairs to her apartment. They start kissing and making out before they even reach her door and almost break Cait’s key in their drunken attempt to open her door while fumbling with their clothes.

Finally they get the door open and Sam closes it behind them with a bang that makes Cait giggle. They’re a mess, leaving a trail of clothes behind them on their way to the bedroom, stumbling and fumbling drunkenly and giggling hysterically while bumping into furniture and the walls.

When they fall onto her bed a few seconds later, they both sigh. Sam is feeling slightly delirious, his mind is clouded by drink, by sensation, lust and love. He’s kissing her sloppily, hungry, wet kisses on every part of skin he can reach. He can’t get enough. His lips travel lower, suck at the underside of her breasts and lower still over her belly, her navel to her hip.

He can’t remember later how it all ends, what he does, what she does, how they respond to each other, how they come together, how they join and then move with each other. But when it happens, it’s completion. It’s white light and explosion and starlight and it is the most powerful release he’s ever had. He doesn’t remember anything beyond that, just how they cling to each other and that he must have felt asleep like that. In a tight embrace, holding on for dear life.

The next morning he leaves before she wakes up. He leaves a message. It takes him ages to write it.

“Dear Cait” it says. “You want a break and I will respect that. I’m giving you space, if space it what you need. But I’m only a call away. I’ll be in LA the next months. Love, Sam”


LA is it’s usual self. Hot, dusty, huge. He’s visiting friends. Amy and Lauren, of course and Luke and his girlfriend also fly over. They’re having silly fun. He’s drinking too much, partying too much, having too much sun. But he’s also feeling more and more relaxed. Only now he is comprehending how much the long months of filming have worn him out and how much he has needed this break from Jamie. The fans go into a frenzy when he’s filmed with Amy, trying out the “Dirty Dancing” lift in a pool. Sometimes he just doesn’t get all the attention. What do they want from him? Amy is cool about it, thank God. She just shrugs it off, that all the sudden she is getting hate on social media and all because of him. “You’re a star now, Babes,” she says and laughs, but he is embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Cait hasn’t called, but she texts him from time to time. Friendly things, sometimes funny, sometimes just asking if he’s OK and having fun. It’s not deeply personal, but it’s better than nothing. Of course he can’t stop his heart to beat faster and jumping into his throat every time he sees a text from her. That much hasn’t changed. He’s waiting for her call, but less and less he is expecting it.

He snaps when he hears she is seen with a dark haired guy all the time. That’s when he agrees to go to a few events with some girl he barely knows. His PR agent has advised him that he needs to be seen with a woman. He has always laughed such stuff off, but this time he goes to a Halloween party with the girl. It bombs. He’s usually good with people and can talk to almost everyone, but he really has nothing to say to her nor has she to him. If it wasn’t so annoying, he would laugh about her bored face on all the pictures. Unfortunately he has agreed to do at least three events with her and so he does, but he’s convinced they both breathe a sigh of relief when they can go their separate ways again. He swears he won’t do fake Hollywood relationship buzz again.

It’s the moment he knows he has to go out of here. A few weeks in Los Angeles and he feels as if his identity is taken from him and the earth pulled from under his feet. It’s unreal, fake and all political. He’s longing for Scotland. For the nice bubble of filming and love, that he and Cait had for a while. Where has it disappeared to? What has he become?

So he flees for a bit. He drives to Big Sur, goes climbing. All alone and he finally can breathe again. He decides that the LA scene just isn’t for him.

When he comes back it’s time for the BAFTA tea. Sam is nervous and excited, because he knows he will see Cait again. He even can’t contain himself and tweets “Guess, who I am gonna see tonight? #Sassenach” on twitter. The fans are delighted and it warms his heart to read their enthusiasm.

She is classy as always. And so beautiful it takes his breath away. Just a look at her and he is all back where he was, enchanted, entranced, in love. They can’t really talk privately, but it is good to stand next to her, feel her smiling eyes on him, hear her laugh and smell her perfume. He wonders what goes on in her head. As usual she is better at hiding her feelings as he is. They have to be professionals and to answer questions and he later wonders what he said. His mind certainly wasn’t in it, it was all with her. How beautiful she looks and how much he wants to talk to her. Really talk to her.

But then the party is over and before he’s able to say something, she is hustled off by some people. Her friends are there, Karolyna, of course and Trouble, too. Also a dark haired guy, that Cait introduces to him off handedly as “Tony”. His heart feels like ice all the sudden. Is that him? Is that the guy he has heard about?

He bites the inside of his cheeks and musters a smile to all three of them. He knows he has a glass face when it comes to her. He won’t show his disappointment, he has some pride after all. So, when Cait hugs him, he leans in in what he think is a casual manner and also manages to suppress the urge to kiss her neck, that is so invitingly close to his lips. He closes his eyes for only a second, then he straightens and smiles at her. This is it. Friends. He has to accept it.

But then, right before she turns around to Karolyna, she touches his arm. “I call you tonight,” she says quietly. And just like that hope is back.

Because I Love Her - Chapter One

Originally posted by loveviral

Book: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Maxwell x MC (surprising huh?)
Prompt: “People say that some souls just understand each other upon meeting” - ChoicesCreates
Summary: Exhausted and overwhelmed with her duties, MC passes out at a royal event. Maxwell, who has been in love with her ever since he saw her, feels extremely guilty.
Notes: This is Chapter One of my new Maxwell x MC fanfic!!! When I was writing, I realised how much this week’s ChoicesCreate prompt fits this chapter, so I decided to enter this week! Hope you enjoy! I have a lot planned for this, so look forward to that!! Be prepared for a lot of heartbreak. Also I know it seems shocking, but I am in no way a medical professional, so do not take anything I say as fact!!
Some swearing is included in this! Also, MC passes out because she’s exhausted, dehydrated and malnourished. There’s some mentions of her forgetting to eat/sleep/take care of herself, since she’s so consumed with her duties, AND worried about them, so if you feel like this might be triggering, pLEASE do not read this!

@hollyashton & @pixelchoices

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Sebastian Stan x reader

Based on: Rumors - Jake Miller

Warnings: mentions of sex (not really), kissing, drinking, fluff.

Words: 1.3k

All credit goes to Marvel.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posted. I have been swamped with ideas for fics and absolutely no idea where to begin. I have also been busy preparing for my birthday tomorrow and arranging family parties. Thankfully, this one is out and I really hope you guys like it!

Originally posted by sebastiansource

The first time was an accident, I swear. I was in New York for a photo-shoot and had spent the night at The Carlyle. Sebastian Stan had just happened to stay in the same hotel on the same night and got caught with particularly messy hair and a pair of sunglasses the next morning. Granted, they were the ‘suspicious glasses’. Yeah, you know the ones- the ones that are completely blacked out so no one can see their eyes.

Because of Sebastian’s appearance, paparazzi had hidden outside the hotel waiting to see what lucky girl spent the night with the Romanian Sex God. And of course I was the next girl to walk outside, stepping out in full-on photo-shoot wardrobe, looking like I was doing the goddamn walk of shame from a five-star hotel. “Sebastian Stan + Y/N Y/L/N’s Steamy Night in NY!” was plastered all over newsstands and social media only hours later.

Then it was an interview that I was brought up in. This one wasn’t Seb’s fault. No, this was the doing of Anthony Mackie, a close mutual friend who I had worked with in another movie, What’s Your Number?

The interviewer, a perky young redhead, made her rounds doing the usual questions for the cast before she got to the more personal questions. One, of course, was about Sebastian’s love life and if he had any lucky lady waiting for him at home once filming had finished. Before Sebastian could even open his mouth to answer the question, Mackie’s hand clapped down on Seb’s shoulder. “I’ll take this one,” he started, earning a laugh from the interview and the rest of the cast. “Yes, he does.”

He never even said my name and once again, Sebastian and I were trending on twitter. Perez Hilton was eating us up like we were his favorite dessert and he had an unlimited amount of it and didn’t have to share.

Up until two weeks ago, my public relationship with Sebastian had just been two people in the same place at the wrong time. It had gotten to the point where my publicist was nearly begging me to make a statement and say that I was single so her phone would stop blowing up with questions from news reporters. I even dodged some phone calls of my own from friends who would call me up, asking if I was hooking up Bucky Barnes.

But whether it was fate or coincidence, we kept bumping into each other at parties, red carpet events, or even just on the street if we were working in the same place. And sure enough, someone was always there to catch a picture. One of them, taken on a chilly day in Washington, was a picture of the two of us laughing and apologizing after we literally bumped into each other. We were pulled apart at the time of the photo, but we were still caught in a friendly exchange which did make us look like a couple.

The next time I ran into Sebastian Stan was at the airport. I was on my way to board a plane back to New York and he had just gotten off his plane coming from Orlando. This time, I had asked him a question and as he furrowed his brows in thought, we heard the unmistakable click of a camera. Yep, “Y/N AND SEBASTIAN IN HEATED ARGUMENT AT AIRPORT.”

I’d say the article was out for maybe five minutes before my publicist called me threatening to quit if I kept having unplanned run-ins with Sebastian. “Y/N, I swear on my grandmother’s grave that if I get another call from TMZ asking me to confirm your relationship with Sebastian, I’m forwarding them straight to your number.”

Now it was New Year’s Eve and I was currently attending Gwyneth Paltrow’s party. I had on a mermaid-style nearly-sheer silver gown that hugged all of my curves and spilled out beautifully on the ground around me.

At some point during the night, I had acquired a hideous, magenta-colored feather boa that I had dramatically draped in between my two elbows. I was many drinks in by this point, so it was really no surprise that I would’ve picked up such a cheesy accessory.

I had made my rounds during the night, greeting other celebrities and doing the typical mingling. I was in the middle of talking to Mackie when I noticed he kept looking over my shoulder before looking back at me and winking. I followed his gaze.

Sebastian was out on the balcony, a cigarette dangling between his lips as he held a lighter underneath it. Once the flame was lit, he quickly tucked the lighter back into his pocket before taking a long drag of it.

Normally, smoking disgusted me. But something about Sebastian made it seem classy. Like a old-school Hollywood day-dream.

Mackie nudged me, laughing as he caught me staring at Sebastian like I was a deer in the headlights. I glared at him, but welcomingly took the shot that he handed me. He tipped his up in the air and I clinked mine against his before we each downed the burning amber-colored liquid.

I was already fairly tipsy, but a new jolt of confidence struck through me as I winked at Anthony before weaving my way through crowds and out to the balcony. The door was already opened and Sebastian had his back turned to me, looking out over the vast expanse of land in front of him. No one else was out on the balcony besides him, and now me.

“You’ve made my publicist very mad, Mr. Stan.” I all but purred as I came to stand next to him, arching my back as I rested my arms on the cold, metal ledge. He smirked as he took another pull from the cigarette before tapping out the ashes against his finger.

“I’ll be sure to send her some flowers,” He said, turning towards me. His fingers flitted over my hip before grabbing onto it with his hand. “You know, we have given the paparazzi quite the show over the past few weeks. A lot of people think we’re together.”

“Oh, do they?” I asked, smirking along as he continued his game.

“Yeah. See, normally rumors like that bother me. It feels like an invasion of privacy. But for some reason, the rumors between you and me never seem to bother me. In fact, I want to show you off.” He dropped his cigarette between our feet, using the excuse of stomping out the lit end to step closer to me. I could smell the cigarette stench mixed with the Listerine-scent of alcohol on his breath and I know he could smell it on mine. His body heat radiated on to me and it made me forget all about the freezing winter weather.

“Then do it. Show the world that I’m yours.”

With the permission, the hand that rested on my hip slipped around to press against my back, pushing my chest further into him as his other hand slid up my arm and cupped my cheek. His lips harshly crashed against mine. I vaguely heard a countdown going on inside, but I had been counting down to this kiss for weeks now and this was far more enticing than being able to flip the page on your calendar. My arms slid up around his neck to pull him even closer to me. We both jumped, breaking apart when fireworks blasted without warning, causing us to laugh. I watched more as Sebastian licked his lips.

“At least now the tabloids have something real to talk about.” He mumbled as he pulled me in for another heated kiss.

Happy New Years to me.

When you wish upon a Star (egoflapbang)

I was inspired to write this while thinking of @grumpygamersandvibrantcolors transformation! AU, however this fic has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Summary: Dan makes a wish on a shooting star while Arin, Suzy, and the rest of the grumps have to deal with the ramifications of his wish.

I wanna thank @koalizama for proofreading this for me! They’re a Kool-ala :D

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Fanfic - Worth Waiting For - 1/1

Summary: On the morning of her eighteenth birthday Iris woke up to find a yellow lighting bolt etched into the skin of her left wrist. Soulmate!AU.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,237

A/N: This is a gift for @quickflash. She requested a soulmate!au fanfic that I decided to base in Season 1 for fun.

At age eighteen everyone wakes up with a ‘soul mark’. A symbol on their wrist that only one other person in the world shares with you. When you found the person whose mark matches yours then you found your soulmate.

On the morning of her eighteenth birthday Iris woke up to find a yellow lighting bolt etched into the skin of her left wrist.

She had hoped to find her soulmate soon after. Most of her friends already had. More than anything she wanted to find the person she was meant to be with. She wanted the love she’d seen others share. To find the person whom she belonged with.  

She waited but he never appeared. When waiting became too hard she started to search. All in vain because she found no trace of him. Found no one who shared the same mark she did on their wrist.

Iris never gave up hope but it became harder and harder as the years passed.

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Chanyeol Scenario: Hiding from Fans at your house pt 1

Originally posted by daenso

  Part 2 Here

           "OPPA I LOVE YOU.“

           "OPPA OVER HERE, SMILE!”

           "OPPA PICTURE PLEASE?!“

           "OPPA! HEY!”

           Chanyeol was quickly walking through the swarm of fans and to his car. It’s a wonder he kept such an aura of calmness, something I know I’d never be able to achieve. I watched from my apartment window to make sure he got in his car alright. It was about ten at night and I was surprised to see so many people out right now. The whole point he stopped by this late was so he wouldn’t be swarmed like this. I’ve been friends with him since we were young and it’s been quite a hectic friendship. Especially ever since he debuted, he hasn’t really been able to see me since he’s constantly busy doing promotions, rehearsing or recording. Not to mention, the rumors that would start if we were seen together. I could see the headlines now, “EXO Singer Chanyeol Seen on Date With Mysterious Girl”. The rumors would start, and I’d probably never be able to see my best friend again.

           Originally, he had stopped by because he was dropping something off to me that he had borrowed ages ago, and finally had enough time to return it. Suddenly, I heard my cell phone frantically buzzing on my kitchen counter.

           It was Chanyeol. I accepted the call, “Miss me already? You just left-”

           "(Y/n), um… Not the time to joke.“ He sounded uncomfortable as he spoke and I began to worry.

           ”… What do you mean? What’s wrong?“ I asked after a brief pause.

           "My car won’t start.” I had to stifle a laugh. “I heard that!”

           "I’m sorry! What do you expect me to do?“

           "This may seem like a weird request… But there are some crazy fans outside my car… And I really don’t want to wait out here until my car is towed or fixed… Can I stay at your place for the night? It’s getting late…” Chanyeol sounded tired and I could hear the scream of fans through the phone. I felt bad.

           I sighed, “I’ll buzz you in.” I heard him let out a relieved breath.

           "You’re the best, I’ll be up in a moment.“ He said and hung up.

           Mind you, I don’t have the biggest apartment in the world. A living room/kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and that’s all. That’s all I need since I don’t entertain overnight guests– or at least I didn’t until just now.

           There was a light knock on my door and I went to open it to see a tired Chanyeol standing in the doorway. He looked down at me and gave a light smile and pulled me into an unexpected hug. "I appreciate this a lot, (y/n), thank you for letting me stay.” He said before letting go. My face went pink and I hid it with my hair.

           "Don’t be getting all mushy on me. It’s not a big deal,“ I said while jokingly wiping myself off and giving him a disgusted face. He hit me lightly on the arm.

           "Don’t act like you didn’t like it!” He teased and I stuck out my tongue. “I swear you act like you are five sometimes.”

           "Hey watch it pretty boy, remember who is letting you stay here.“ I warned and he chuckled.

           "I know, sometimes you can be a little brat though.” He said.

           "You are not wrong,“ I admitted and he laughed. "I’ll get you a blanket and spare pillow.” I went into my room and found one of my spare blankets and pillows, by the time I got back Chanyeol had already gotten comfortable on the couch and had a book in his hand. I recognized it as my photo album that I kept on my coffee table.

           "Some of these photos are so old!“ He exclaimed. I sat down next to him and looked at the photo he was referring to. It was one that was taken back when we were around 10 years old. "I remember that day, it was so fun!” It was a picture of us at a picnic in the park. In the picture we were both smiling and eating ice-cream cones. Suddenly he got serious, “Sometimes I miss being able to do that.”

           "You realize you can get ice cream still right?“ I joked.

           "You know what I mean! Spending time with you and being able to go places uninterrupted.” He said and I nodded.

           "I get it.“ I said simply.

           "I don’t think you do. I’ve really missed seeing you, (y/n). Sometimes it gets hard for me.” He said, looking into my eyes. My heart sped up.

           It took me a moment to gather my thoughts,“–Well you have until dawn to see me, so let’s do something, let’s watch some of our old favorite movies!” I said quickly and he smiled.

           "Sounds good,“ he said cheerily.

           I got up and chose a movie to put in and we sat in silence, watching the movie and just enjoying each other’s company. Before I knew it, I looked over and Chanyeol was asleep. He looked so peaceful and happy. He seemed at ease and that warmed my heart. A smile tugged at my lips as I thought about the events of the day. I’m glad that he was staying the night it’s been too long since we’ve been able to be together.

           But something also worries me, and it’s the fact that I wish that he didn’t have to leave in the morning. The fact that he has to makes my heart ache.


Hey all! I hope you enjoyed the scenario. I did a little more on this one! It was so fun to write! 

Would anyone maybe like a part two to this scenario? 

Let me know! 

Requests are open!


Westallen Secret Santa gift for from @sophisticatedloserchick for Maddie  ( @quickflash​ ):

Title: Worth Waiting For

Summary: On the morning of her eighteenth birthday Iris woke up to find a yellow lighting bolt etched into the skin of her left wrist.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,237

A/N: This is a gift for @quickflash. She requested a soulmate!au fanfic that I decided to base in Season 1 for fun. I hope you enjoy this story hon! And I hope you have a happy holiday with your friends and family.

At age eighteen everyone wakes up with a ‘soul mark’. A symbol on their wrist that only one other person in the world shares with you. When you found the person whose mark matches yours, you found your soulmate.

On the morning of her eighteenth birthday Iris woke up to find a yellow lighting bolt etched into the skin of her left wrist.

She had hoped to find her soulmate soon after. Most of her friends already had. More than anything she wanted to find the person she was meant to be with. She wanted the love she’d seen others share. To find the person whom she belonged with.

She waited but he never appeared. When waiting became too hard she started to search. All in vain because she found no trace of him. Found no one who shared the same mark she did on their wrist.

Iris never gave up hope but it became harder and harder.


Years pass and Iris tried to forget about the lighting bolt on her wrist. She does her best to cover it up her mark with strategically placed bracelets or long sleeved shirts. She doesn’t bring up the subject anymore. Her family and friends know better than to press her about it.

For the most part her life is good.

She’s doing well at a job she loves, rising through the ranks of Picture News faster than most cub reporters. She’s got her health. She’s financially secure and owns the apartment she lives in. She has the love of her father and support from friends.

She supposes if this is how the rest of her life will be then she’ll be okay. She’s happy as anyone could possibly be in her situation.

But she can’t get over this nagging feeling that something is missing. One last remaining piece of her life that has yet to slot into place. And it all comes back to the yellow lighting bolt on her wrist and the person who shares the same mark.


Then with no warning Iris’s life changes.

One night her editor sends her down to the Central National Bank to cover the story of Captain Cold and Heatwave launching a large scale bank robbery. Iris struggled to make her way through the chaotic streets. All around her scared pedestrians are running from blasts of ice or red hot flames. Police are trying to regain control but failing to stop the diabolical duo from getting away with their scheme.

Iris is preparing to write an article on how CCPD once again failed to apprehend this new breed of criminals plaguing the city.

Then a burst of yellow lighting crackles through the air.

Iris watches in shock as a blur of red comes zipping through the streets. In a matter of seconds Captain Cold and Heatwave’s guns are gone. Both of them struggling to fight against this red blur that moves faster than light. In a blink of an eye the two criminals end up knocked out cold on the crowd.

The red blur stills to reveal a shocking sight. A tall, lean form encased in dark red leather. A mask that covers up his face. The red blur turns out to be a man but one who is capable of impossible feats. The Red Blur calls out to the police to declare that the bad guys are defeated and the city will be safe as long as he’s around. He gives the confused crowd of pedestrians a reassuring smile as he strikes a heroic pose.

Then in a flash of yellow lighting he disappears.

Instinctively Iris’s fingers move to her left wrist. To press through the layers of her coat to where the lighting bolt is etched into her skin. She thinks to herself how similar it is to the gold and white lighting insignia on the dark red costume worn by the Red Blur.


In weeks to come Iris develops a relationship with the new superhero known as The Flash.

It started with her writing articles on him. Keeping the people of Central City informed of how The Flash worked to protect their city. The articles become hugely popular. Ending up on the front page nearly every time. Her editor near demanding she write one every week.

The only way Iris can do this is by tracking down the Meta-Humans she knows the Flash is after. Using her journalist skills she tracks them down, figures out their plans, even deduces how to stop them. And Iris being Iris can’t hold back if people need help. Which is why she might have placed herself in danger on more than one occasion.

This time it had been Weather Wizard. Iris had gone alone to foiled his plans of robbing the C.C. Diamond Exchange. She pulled the alarm just in time to stop the crime but not to get away. In a rage the Weather Wizard had flung a gust of wind meant to push her through the glass windows onto the street below. Iris remembers hitting the glass. The breathless terror of seeing the concrete sidewalk coming up far too quickly.

She would have died in that moment if it wasn’t for The Flash.

All Iris could see was gold lighting. In seconds her impending death disappeared. She felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her, pulling her in close. Before Iris knew it she was standing on top of a roof, safe and far away from the Weather Wizard.

“You should be more careful Miss West.”

Iris found his voice very strange. Very low and it wavered as if his vocal chords were vibrating. Nor could she make out his face, his features seemed to blur into the shadows. The Flash wasn’t taking any chances of her finding out his identity.

“Sorry,” Iris smiled at him breathlessly. “But I’ve never been good at being ‘careful’.”

The Flash shook his head at her, though whether it was disappointment or amusement she couldn’t tell.

“Now that you’re here,” Iris stepped towards him. “I wonder if you’ll answer a few questions for me.”

Before she could take another step The Flash zipped out of her line of sight up to a higher part of the roof.

Iris gazed up at him both impressed and annoyed.

“You’re very secretive,” Iris called up to him.

“I have to be,” The Flash called back. “To protect the people I love.”

“Your parents? Your friends?” Iris took a guess. “Or perhaps your soulmate?”

He remained silent which Iris took as a ‘yes’ on all counts.

Of course, Iris thought, even superheroes have found their soulmates.

“I’m not going to stop by the way,” Iris changed topics. “I will do anything in my power to keep this city safe.”

The Flash disappeared and reappeared this time by the ledge of the building.

“Like trying to figure out my identity?” The Flash asked hesitantly.

“No, you’re safe on that.” Iris smiled at him. “You’re too important to the people of Central. I meant going after the bad guys. I know the risks and I’m willing to take them.”

The Flash sighed in defeat and Iris felt rather proud about that.

“You’re going to need my help,” Iris pressed.

“Yeah,” The Flash nodded in agreement. “I think I will.”


She helps The Flash from that point on.

He jokes that she is his ‘sidekick’ but Iris quickly corrects that ‘partner’ is more accurate.

Iris can’t remember a time where she felt more alive. All she’s ever wanted was to make a difference. To help keep people safe and to keep evil people behind bars. And it means a lot to know the ‘Fastest Man Alive’ needs her help. Despite all of his abilities at the end of the day he needs Iris’s investigative skills to track down the criminals and meta-humans who threaten the peace of the city. She might not have her soulmate in her life but at least she has this.

But after months of working together she still doesn’t know much about the man behind the mask.

The Flash continues to vibrate his vocal cords and his face making it impossible for her to identify him. On the few times they interact The Flash makes certain to keep a wide berth between them. They never get too personal with each other. When they are together they are strictly ‘The Flash and Miss West’.

Yet she can’t deny the pull she feels when around him.

Deep down she keeps thinking about the mark on her wrist. She knows its naive to hope. That after all these years of waiting the person who is to be her soulmate turns out to be a superhero. Its the stuff of fairy-tales. Iris has learned the hard way not to hope against reality.

Still, her eyes can’t help but linger on the lighting bolt symbol on his chest.


“You really don’t know how to stay out of trouble, do you Miss West?” The Flash sighed out.

Iris knows he means well but she can’t help the breathless giggle escaping her. Not too long ago Iris had taken down the Clock King. The man had been holding her and several officers hostage at CCPD. Iris can’t deny she’d been afraid. Afraid for her father and the other detectives that the crazed maniac holding them hostage was going to kill them. In the end Iris convinced him it be easier to deal with one hostage instead of several. When the two of them were alone Iris took the opportunity to pull a gun on him to disable him.

She was now standing on the rooftop of Picture News recounting the event. Her usual meet up spot with the Flash. She can tell by the sound of his voice that he’s not pleased with her despite him still masking his voice from her.

“I mean it,” The Flash continues. “You should have waited until I arrived.”

“A girl’s gotta be her own hero sometimes,” Iris counters.

The Flash lets his shoulders slump in resignation. Though Iris swear she sees a smile pulling at his lips. She knows deep down he’s rather proud of her.

“I know you’re a hero Miss West,” The Flash agrees, “I’d would just rather you not put you’re life on the line.”

“Aww Flash, I didn’t know you cared,” Iris teases him.

The Flash doesn’t answer immediately. Instead he zips in closer to her till he’s inches away. Iris feels her breath catch in her throat. Her heart hammering hard in her chest.

He’s never come this close to her before. In all their interactions he always keeps his distance.

“I do care,” The Flash speaks this time with a voice Iris knows is his real voice. “I don’t know what I’d do…Miss West I don’t want….”

Iris takes a risk and grabs his left hand. For the first time since they’ve met The Flash goes completely still.

Her hands go up to his shoulders. Despite his slim frame he had surprisingly broad shoulders. Her fingers brushing against the hard leathery surface of his suit. Her body instinctively moving closer to his.

To her surprise The Flash’s hands moved to encircle her waist. His grip firm as if he was afraid she’d slip through his fingers if he let go. Iris glanced up to his lips and not for the first time wondered what it would be like to kiss him.

Sick of always wondering but not doing anything about it, Iris pushed herself forward capturing his lips in a kiss. At first The Flash stilled under the press of her lips but it didn’t take long for him to respond. His mouth moving perfectly against hers. A soft escaping Iris when he nibbled on her lower lip. His tongue slipping easily into her mouth. The kiss was messy and wet and absolutely prefect. The two of them drinking each other in.

They pulled apart when they needed to breathe. Their foreheads pressed together as their breath mingled. Iris’s hand had wandered to Barry’s chest. Her palm pressed against the lighting bolt emblem.

Emboldened by the kiss Iris spoke the words she wanted to say since the moment they met.

“Take off your glove,” Iris whispered.

She sees the fingers of his left hand flex briefly. She wonders if he’s been thinking the same thoughts she has. That the two of them finding each other, working together, and being drawn to each other might mean something more.

Slowly he tugs the glove off. The red leather peeling away to reveal his hand. He upturns to show his wrist, and there Iris sees the lighting bolt mark on the pale skin.

Iris lets out a choked sob. She’s feeling a million emotions in this moment. Happiness and relief mixed in with frustration and anger. She hates that its taken this long to find him. The years of waiting and hoping with no results. Finally she has found him.

Without saying a word Iris takes off the watch on her left wrist to show her mark that matches his own.

Iris lifts her head up to look at him. For the first time his face is no longer an indistinguishable blur, though still masked she came make out more of his features. She can see the expression of wonder on his face. His eyes, a pale shades of green and blue, entirely focused on the mark on her wrist.

Iris moves to touch him. She’s waited for this moment since she was eighteen years old. To be with her soulmate. Every cell in her body yearning to be closer to him. And she knows he must feel the same way too.

His head then tilts. Like he’s listening to a voice Iris can’t hear. She’s always suspected he has other people helping him. In what capacity Iris has never been able to figure out yet. All she does know is that it couldn’t have come at a worse possible time.

“I need to go,” The Flash is pulling away. “I’m sorry.”

Iris opens her mouth to call him back but he’s already gone.


“I should of expected this,” Iris stares down thoughtfully at the drink in her hand. “I’ve always had the worst luck.”

“Don’t start,” Her dad says sternly. “I won’t hear you talk like that.”

Iris sighs but doesn’t speak again. Her eyes glance at the festivities surrounding her. Her dad dragged her out to the annual CCPD Christmas party against her will. She wanted to stay home to continue looking for the elusive Flash, her dad on the other hand felt she needed to get some air. To enjoy life a little. Iris is trying but she knows she’s not doing a very good job of forgetting.

A week has past since that night on the rooftop.

Iris hasn’t been able to think of anything else since. She’s tried, unsuccessfully, to track down who the Flash is. Using all the information she’s gathered about him to no avail. She feels stuck in limbo now. She can’t go back to what her life used to be, but she can’t go forward at the same time.

“Baby listen to me,” Her dad reaches out to squeeze her hand reassuringly. “I know all seems hopeless right now.”

“Dad, my soulmate who I’ve been waiting for turns out to be speed powered superhero.” Iris’s thumb absentmindedly rubs the lighting bolt on her wrist. “I had him for a total of five minutes before he disappeared again.”

“For now,” Her dad reminds her. “Be patient. If the universe wants two people to be together then it has a way of figuring things out.”

Iris feels her throat tighten with emotion. All she can do is squeeze her dad’s hand back as a way of saying ‘thank you’. More than anything she hopes he’s right.

“Until then why don’t you get us more of those delicious Christmas cookies.”

“Haven’t you had enough yet?” Iris teases him fondly.

“Its Christmas,” her dad protests, “You’re allowed to get wild on Christmas.”

Iris rolls her eyes but gets up from her chair anyhow. She struggles to make her way to buffet table. The space is packed with policemen and their families. Most of them in various states of drunkenness. Iris has heard more than her fair share of drunken karaoke singing and seen embarrassing attempts at dancing. With a small smile Iris greets those she’s known since she was a child. To the younger rookies who blatantly check her out Iris sends them annoyed glances.

Steps away from the buffet table one of the more drunken party-goers bumps into her. Iris attempts to right herself but she can’t stop her half stumble that results in her knocking into someone else. She feels grateful for the pair of hands that grab her elbows to steady her.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry.” Iris pulls herself upright again. “I didn’t mean to…”

Iris’s voice trails off when she notices the blue-green eyes she’s been dreaming of every night this week.

She allows herself to take a good look at him. The man behind the mask. He has the same tall and lean body. Now she can see his auburn brown hair, the freckles across the bridge of his nose. He’s handsome in a boyish way and kind looking, and everything Iris hoped him to be.

And he’s smiling at her like she’s the most wondrous thing he’s ever seen.

“Ah, sorry about that Iris!” Captain Singh comes up between them. “I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s okay Captain,” Iris assures him but she can’t keep her eyes off her soulmate.

“I see you’ve met Barry Allen our newest CSI,” Captain Singh claps Barry’s shoulder. “Barry this is Iris West, Detective West’s daughter.”

“Hi Iris,” Barry’s eyes looks at her like he’s afraid she’ll disappear.

“Hi Barry,” Iris finds herself smiling up at him.

Thankfully Captain Singh moves off leaving the two of them alone.

Without hesitance Iris reaches out for his left hand. Happiness spreading through her to see the lighting bolt mark on his wrist. He’s here, finally after waiting for so many years. He’s finally here in front of her.

“Where did you go?” Iris lets go of his hand to look up at him sternly. “You made me wait a week.”

“I’m sorry,” Barry sweeps a nervous hand through his hair. “I had to go to Star City for awhile. Superhero stuff you know.”

Iris hums thoughtfully which puts Barry more on edge.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” Barry rushes forward. “I honestly didn’t think we’d find each other. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.”

“I do know,” Iris relents to give him a smile that has Barry smiling in relief.

“I wanted it to be you,” Barry’s hand reaches out to grab her hand. His eyes staring at the mark on her wrist with no small amount of happiness. “All this time we’d been working together. I wanted it to be you so badly.”

He then surprises her when he lift her hand up to softly kiss the mark on her wrist.

“Me too,” Iris says honestly.

This, Iris thinks to herself, was worth waiting for.  

Wonderful You Came By (A Pre-War AU)

It is a New Year and time for a new Madelyn Hardy. Still recovering from the loss of her husband in a war she does not support, she must rebuild her life from the ground up. Her friends and co-workers insist that she move on from a life of grief and take more chances, but Madelyn is stubborn as ever. After a chance encounter with a serviceman on New Years Eve, Madelyn’s hopes for future happiness begin to fade…that is until a letter from LT Danse arrives on her desk. Callie Curtis belongs to @commander-cullywully

3,737 words | Teen+ | Ao3


art by @frank-a-lank

04. From Me To You


You don’t know how much it means to me to hear from you.

I’m sorry that the world hasn’t been as kind as it should to you. I hope you are experiencing happier days—I know I am with the arrival of your letter and response. I want to be bold and say that this happiness carries with me in the field, that I know there is something worth fighting for, somebody worth coming home to getting back to when the fighting is over.

My platoon does not frequent the trenches as much as one would think—for that I am lucky. As grim as it sounds, my rank gives me privilege and safety others do not have. Soldiers die everyday—men I consider my brothers—laying down their lives for our country. You mentioned the war is not something you agree with. I wanted to acknowledge that I can sympathize and that I will try my hardest to ensure the same does not happen to me.

Tell me more about your job as a lawyer—have you gotten any cases yet? And what about your dog, Dogmeat—I’ve never been to a Boston park before but I’m sure your dog loves them. Are you doing anything for fun? I know you mentioned not ‘getting out’ but I hope that has changed. You are far too young and beautiful to stay cooped up all day. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see a moving picture show—maybe you can see one and tell me about it.

It’s strange—I’ve been alone for so long, I don’t know how to act or what to say when it comes to you and this. Forgive me if I overstepped any boundaries. There is so much I want to know about you, but I am willing to follow whatever pace you set.


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I want photographer!Clint, taking these stunning shots on missions, fascinated with, enthralled by beauty, finding all these perfect moments, taking shots of his friends in their most stunning forms… Natasha in shadow that leaves her every mystery or conversely in light so bright that she is nothing but exactly what she is. Thor in stunning vibrant effusive color and full of life that pushes away the dust of time. Bruce lit from within by the wonder that is scientific curiosity, relaxed in the moment. Steve, always a masterpiece of human perfection but almost never just for how he looks; always in context - sweating and laughing next to a petulant but grinning Sam, smiling softly as he listens to a child’s story, frowning in concentration while holding up a piece of rubble so that a trapped cat can be rescued. The way the arc reactor light caresses Tony’s everything and creates surreal beauty in even the mundanities of his coffee cups. Maria’s hands in the foreground, strong and so damned capable and neat and precise but never so beautiful as when dangling dirty and exhausted from her wrists over her knees after a long mission. Everyone, he catches everyone and keeps photos all over his apartment and gives them to people at random (it’s hilarious the way Steve blushes over photos of certain fellow Avengers when he thinks nobody’s looking) to keep in their offices and as gifts and Pepper’s hell bent on convincing him to put a collection in a gallery.

But never photos of Coulson, not unless it’s a group candid and never with him in the primary frame. And Coulson, being someone who has privately, quietly always felt let down about his appearance - oh he knows exactly what he is, what he’s made of and it’s strong and honorable and capable and he’s crammed a frankly astonishing amount of living into his (surprisingly many) accumulated years, but… not beautiful. Perhaps he’d… hoped, that somewhere in there Clint would find something worth looking at. And maybe he’s disappointed, but he refuses to be ashamed. He’s made his value out of everything else he is, and it’s plenty to be proud of, even when reminded so clearly of his apparent plainness. Sure, it hurts a little, but it’s not really a new pain. He’s always known how far beyond his grasp Barton is. He knows he is a skilled lover but for some people the visual is as important as anything else, as it must be for Barton. So he’s not surprised that there are never photos of him. It’s just more proof that he’s utterly unappealing to someone with such a keen eye for beauty. Another reminder not to even tend a glimmer of a hope. 

So when a series of improbable and frankly ridiculous events ends up with them in each other’s arms, missing certain death by the breadth of a fletching, Clint swears up a storm and then just up and plants one on him. Because, he explains wryly to a stunned Phil, can’t help confessing how he’s not sure he can go on without at least taking a shot (heh, shot) at Phil even though he knows he’s out of Clint’s league with all the smarts and sophistication and sheer competence. And Phil has to kiss him again and then again because how ridiculous, and the way he feels, Phil is just… he forgets that he’s unattractive right up until Clint gets him laid out naked on the bed and is staring down at him, cataloguing his every feature and telling him he is gorgeous and it’s like a bucket of ice, just kills his momentum dead and has him wanting to cover himself. He’s perplexed by the way Clint is looking at him like he’s something beautiful, so confused and even angry at the deception that he blurts out an apology for the way he looks but tells him that he’d appreciate it if Clint didn’t lie to spare his feelings. And then Clint’s confused too and clothing is being put on aw, clothes, no and everything is Not Going to Plan at all because he insists he’s not lying and Coulson scoffs and (to his utter humiliation) asks why there aren’t ever photos of him, then?

And Clint basically drags him back home and shows him the photos. He has hundreds, thousands of them collected up over the years. Every angle, every feature Phil has is captured in stunning detail. The wrinkles around his eyes in crisp black and white from a hidden smile. The light of intent focus at his core, holding up his tired frame in the middle of an interminable surveillance op, shadowed by the night and lit by glowing screens. His hands, so many pictures of his hands in every position and lighting and action. Him, standing unassuming and unremarkable and underestimated in the midst of a dizzy rialto, about to make a deal worth billions and several lives. Him, bare to the waist under rumpled safehouse sheets, soundly asleep after a long mission knowing he’d be safe under Barton’s watch, sketched in lines and shadows that make him look so human and so hauntingly beautiful that he just…

Anyway… I want some photographer!Clint is all.

when you’re in love every moment matters

Set 10 years after when you’re in love all the lines get blurred. Jimin turns 28 and Yoongi works really hard on his gift.

word count: 5000
rating: t
pairing: est yoonmin
warnings: none! this is just some straight fluff i wrote for Monica for her birthday!

The walk from the park where they held Jimin’s “surprise” birthday party is a full twenty minutes but Jimin is still giggling at the smear of cake down the side of Yoongi’s face, courtesy of him, when they walk through the door. He laughs harder at Yoongi’s weak scowl that fails to hide the smile he’s fighting when Jimin leans in to kiss off some of the frosting.

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anonymous asked:

Jungkook and number 3 please :-)

I got a little carried away with this (Harry Potter au tho how can I not?), so it’s under a cut so it’s not too long on your dash

Jungkook; Hogwarts au

There’s a sort of school-wide panic when Headmistress McGonagall announces that the Yule Ball will be hosted at Hogwarts at Christmas.

Apparently, she says, despite the circumstances of the Triwizard Tournament those years ago, the Ball went well and the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students loved it, so the Ministry and the heads of the schools have decided it’s a good thing to continue in order to foster good faith between the witches and wizards of the various schools.

But this is a surprise to almost all of the students, with the exception of the few whose parents were involved in planning this, and everyone fourth year and up is panicking about dates and dress robes and dancing. You, you don’t really care who you go with; you’ve got a few friends willing to go as a group, and there’s always the foreign boys, some of whom must be interested in having a date from a different school, so that’s not an issue.

Although you know who you’d prefer to go with, if you had the option of anyone. Jeon Jungkook is a fifth year like you, intelligent and athletic, and you know for a fact that he has a really cute smile, even if it’s not shown that often. After the second wizarding war, none of the Slytherins have been treated that well, regardless of involvement with the Death Eaters. Still, you’ve seen how gentle he is in Care of Magical Creatures, his genuine interest in even Professor Binns’s class, how his group of friends includes a Ravenclaw, two Hufflepuffs, and three Gryffindors along with another Slytherin, so he can’t be as bad as the rumors say. You’ve seen his eagerness to learn, the skill with which he flies, and honestly, his Patronus is a bunny.

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Come a Little Closer (Baby it’s Cold Outside)

A Birthday fic for @the-captains-ayebrows!

Hollie, you are one of the sweetest, funniest, and most talented people I’ve met here on Tumblr, and I am so blessed to call you my friend. Happy Birthday!

‘we’re stuck in a log cabin overnight during a snowstorm and it’s freezing and I can’t sleep and you can hear me shivering in the next bed so you pick me up and dump me in your bed and good grief you are hot in every sense of the word’ au

Summary: Emma and Killian go on a ski trip with their friends, and everyone is coupled up besides them. When the cabin they rented doesn’t turn out as advertised, they end up having to share a bedroom. Emma’s not really interested in getting closer to her hot roommate, but she’s so cold she may not have a choice. 

A huge thank you to @seethelovelyintheworld for being a fantastic beta!

Rated: M
Words: 10,630

“You have got to be kidding me,” Regina deadpanned, glaring at Emma before looking up at the very old, very unappealing cabin in front of them, the same way everyone else was doing, mouths agape. Regina always did have a way of voicing what everyone else was too polite to say out loud. The dark wood house with creepy, frosted-over windows was covered in a fresh layer of snow, jagged icicles hanging from the eaves doing nothing to improve its somewhat decrepit-looking appearance. Well, crap.

“I’m sure it’s lovely inside!” Mary Margaret chirped brightly, smiling hopefully at everyone. “And you said it has a hot tub, so there’s that, right Emma?”

Emma winced as a wave of apprehension washed over her and combined with the guilt she was already feeling, since she had been responsible for booking the cabin for their group ski trip and apparently had completely blown it.

“Guys, I’m really, really sorry,” Emma said, grimacing. “Let’s get inside and get warmed up, and I’ll call the rental agency and see if anything else is available.” It was already almost dinnertime, the daylight waning into a soft purple glow, and the temperature was dropping quickly.

The guys, who were carrying the suitcases and duffle bags, all exchanged worried glances before filing in line behind the ladies as they crowded around the door. Emma pressed the code she had been given into the combo box and it popped open, revealing the housekey. Inserting it into the lock, she held her breath and prayed silently that it was better inside than it looked from the outside.

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