he sounds so angry and mocking

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Hiya! Could you write a one-shot with a reader that has a heart condition which makes it impossible for her to hunt - so she just does research for Sam and Dean, and Lucifer mocks her for it(because he knows no other ways to express affection). Until one day when she gets so upset that her heart acts out and the boys has to get her to lay down and take her medicine and Lucifer finally understands, but gets angry since his father loved humans but gave HER this sickness. So he heals her

Hello sweetheart!

That sounds so awesome! God, it is so interesting! Here comes your Lucifer!

You are sitting in the dining room with the Winchesters, googling something for their next trip. Turns out it will be somewhere in Texas. They just got home from a very long trip, so both are sitting next to you, drinking beer and talking to you about something not so important but very comfortable - you are laughing at something, and Dean hands you a bottle, first examining it as if it may kill you.

“Oh, my two and a half hunters?” Lucifers walks in the room, holding a book with neglect in his eyes and movement.

“Why half?” asks Sam, not expecting to hear a “Lucifer type” answer.

“Y/N never hunts, does she?” he grins, passing by you and tapping you on your shoulder. “Little Google lover over here.”

“She will never hunt,” Dean states loudly, not letting you explain why you don’t hunt. “She will stay alive for years, unlike us.”

“Oh, so she is going to just sit home and have the sweet life, enjoying her freedom and safety, as a usual sissy?” you flush, willing to defend yourself, but Dean grabs your hand.

“She will stay home, and you won’t say another word about it.”

“Sure. What about I articulate another word about it?” he grins. “Just a random human, who will even care if she dies?”

“Lucifer, shut your mouth,” Sam almost screams.

“Oh, I am just wondering why you are keeping this helpless sad sack. If anything happens, she can’t even do anything. Ever. What will she do without the protection of two… hunters?”

“I will be fine!”

“Oh… And how will that happen? You can’t even deal with stress - helpless idiot.”

“I… it is not my fault!”

“Oh, sure. It’s just obvious from how these two are defending you from everything around,” you look at Sam and Dean, as they are stressed, staring at you, ready to cut his head off. “They don’t even let you carry anything heavy enough for you to get a little bit tired.”

“I… I am not…” you try to defend yourself, then suddenly feel how hard it becomes to breathe, as if something heavy is on your chest. You grab the chair, trying to stand still, as your legs are suddenly unable to hold you. You raise your hand to your neck, trying to free your chest of the pain. “I…”

“Y/N?” Sam gently touches your hand, feels how cold it is, and he carefully picks you up and carries to the couch, telling Dean something about your medicine, so the brother disappears to get back with your small box of medicine. Sam quickly unbuttons the top of your shirt, making sure that nothing is bothering your breathing, while Dean puts a pill in your mouth and raises a glass of water to your lips, making sure that you swallow it. You breathe in slowly, feeling how the pain slowly goes away, and you can now focus on the worried faces of the brothers. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” you swallow, as Dean covers your legs with a blanket. “I’m fine, it was just a moment of weakness.”

“Shhhh… Stay quiet,” he makes sure you stay down. “Stay. Here.”

“I am ok, Dean.”

“What is going on?” you hear Lucifer ask, as if he is interested in your survival. “Hurt by the horrible truth?”

“She got a freaking heart condition!” yells Dean, grabbing Lucifer’s neck and shaking it. “She can die if she gets too stressed. Especially because of your sassy ass!”

“I won’t die,” you say weakly, and Lucifer looks at you, as if not paying attention to the strong hands on his neck. “I am fine, Dean.”

“Let me see,” Lucifer makes a step forwards, as if Dean is not holding him. He kneels next to you and puts a hand on your chest, as Dean takes a step back. “That is strange… He created you to be perfect, didn’t he?” you look at him, not understanding what is happening and what the Satan means. “God. He created you to be so… pure and wonderful. How do you have this… thing in your heart?”

“That’s called not being healthy,” you mumble, feeling uncomfortable under the glance of suddenly deep, warm, even worried about you eyes. The brothers leave, somehow feeling that the situation is no good for more than two people.

“Will you… will you die because of that?”

“Yup, probably.”

“Why?” Lucifer looks surprised by the fact that you won’t live forever.

“Because my heart will… Not work at some point.”

“I don’t understand… Aren’t you scared?” you look away, and he touches your cheek, making you look at him. “Y/N?”

“Lucifer, that is human nature. We die,” you smile sadly, as he frowns.

“No. You are not dying.”

“Why do you care, Lucifer? Whether I die or not, your life is longer than anyone else’s. You won’t even notice,” he gently smiles and slowly covers your eyes with one hand, so that you can’t see how his hand radiating light, as your chest fills in with incredible pain, as if he is actually tearing your heart out. You scream, grabbing his hand and trying to push it away, but Lucifer is much stronger, so you can’t avoid the pain, just squirming under the strong hand. In just a few seconds that seem like hours to you, he raises his hand, stopping the pain. You whimper, pulling knees closer to the torn apart chest.

“Shhh…” he gently pulls you closer, putting both hands on your shoulders. “It is good now.”

“It hurts,” you whisper, as he slowly runs his fingers through your hair, then gently kisses you on forehead.

“I know, I know, I am sorry. Everything will be good now.”

“Why did you hurt me?”

“Stupid,” he grins, as you sit up and rub your chest, feeling the terrible itchiness there. “I healed you. Your heart is healthy now.”

“My heart?” you look him in the eye. “W-Why? Why did you do that?”

“It is unfair that God created you, being so beautiful,” he tucks a curl behind your ear, keeping his face next to yours. “But dying of some disease. I don’t want that to happen,” you smile and look away.

“I will still die.”

“I will make sure it happens not any time soon,” Lucifer smiles, slowly lowering his head and kissing you, gently touching your lips with his, and you kiss him back, feeling how he gently pulls you closer, keeping one hand on your waist and another on your nape. “And no one will kill you, you hear me?” you feel like he would say ‘other than me’ but his voice is different.

“Yes,” you smile. “Yes, I hear you.”

Thanks for loving Lucifer! Request more!

okay, but hear me out. instead of marauders generation all with the exact same english accent like we see in the films, how about we spread them all out a little? 

  • soft-spoken remus from south wales whose accent sings when he talks, who has to face up to his second world falling to pieces under the grind of thatcher’s tory government mere years after everything that he loved about his first world was taken from him. 
  • cornish peter who shies away from his words at first because the pureblooded slytherins mock him relentlessly for how “common” he sounds (he’s so happy he could burst when sirius + james insist on hanging a cornish flag in their dorm alongside the welsh one they got for remus). 
  • edinburgh-born lily evans who gets so wound up about the “angry ginger scottish woman” stereotype she becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy (for the first of two times in her life i went there). 
  • brummie frank longbottom with that slow, sly sense of humour that wraps itself around you before you notice it. 
  • geordie dorcas meadows, because if anybody’s going to need voldemort himself to take her down it’s a pissed-off geordie girl. 
  • the future alice longbottom coming over from northern ireland with her gold cross round her neck and that relentless, wicked optimism and sense of humour. 
  • marlene mckinnon, all the way down from the shetland islands with her own words for things and an accent that even lily struggles with sometimes.  
  • sirius and james as the only “rp” english voices in that whole charming, messy group - and, boy, you can bet the others rib them mercilessly for it. 
  • (“oh, dahh-ling, that’s simply not cricket, you know! james was so looking forward to eating his scoooooone.”)
  • lily mimicking james’ accent whenever he’s pissing her off – james doing the braveheart speech in the worst scottish accent you’ve ever heard many times over the course of their relationship. the last time is october 30th 1981, softly and sweetly, wanting to make her laugh (but also meaning it a lot.)

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I'm honestly feeling so upset and angry right now. It's getting more and more likely that Flint ends up alone and miserable because he refuses to give up the war and that Silver gets everything he's ever wanted and I wouldn't even think Flint might wind up happy if THEY hadn't suggested Thomas was alive. I just feel teary and hurt and... It sounds ridiculous but betrayed. We've been watching for four seasons and I've never felt so belittled and mocked by them before.

I understand you totally my friend! It’s hard to even know how/what to feel the closer we get to the end. I wouldn’t be too quick to think Silver will get everything he wants. Remember in Treasure Island he winds up being nothing but a cook (I think?). I don’t know if that will happen in the show, but he’s on top of the world right now (minus not having Madi), and the world he’s on top of is in an extremely precarious place. I really hope he’s ok though.

As for Flint, I really have no clue at this point except to cling to Alive!Thomas. I do however have faith that, as with everything else done in this show, those clues were dropped for a big reason. So don’t feel betrayed yet! I really think something major will develop in that area by 4x09. I do I do! And if nothing happens, feel free to cry with me, because I will be crying too.

listening to agust d mixtape & re-read the lyrics translation back and forth put me to the 15 years old myself who first got introduced with kyo (dir en grey) ’s lyrics.

it’s so dark, sometimes you can’t even comperhend it, but it sounds so honest and raw. also, i got the privilege to not knowing the language so i can purely understand what he wants to convey by his music than got distracted by the lyrics. (the way he laughs, mocks, clicking tongues, and coughing was really surprised me - i know yoongi or suga has always been an angry-sharp sound boy, but never to this extend)

but then again, (i have to bring this up) because i just realized that he’s so good to divide his personality -or positioning -or branding.

from min yoongi, a chief student council- good at sports- pre debut idol from daegu who likes to make music- went to seoul to make more music,

to suga, who we all know he’s the grandpa (or father), lethargic, always complain that he needs sleep and prefer to be a rock in the next life

to agust d, the ‘bad boy’ who have 1000/100 confidence, because he made his own way from zero to be able to stand like this. spits fire with proud. 

it’s not step-to-step concrete process (from yoongi to suga to agust d as one-two-three). it’s about how you can learn from your past self, go back to your old hidden files that sometimes you want to put permanently into trash but you can’t delete it, because it does matters, and you brave yourself to open the pages you actually want to forget, to learn from it. 

and personal notes, if i had the chance to meet him and ask him question,
how to actually put back crumblings and pieces of yourself, glue it to a complete puzzle, and step harder stronger with confidence ?