he sounded so good ;a;

this beat……….i love it….the lyrics…….i love it…so much….everything….he sounds so beautiful….it sounds so good…..wow…..yes….


a tiny clip of boy in luv acoustic ver. with jin playing guitar at the fukuoka fanmeeting 😍😍😍

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

Can we talk about his voice in this?  How in the beginning he sounds so wistful and a little sad?  and then as he gets into it, his voice slowly gets stronger and stronger through the chorus.  Then he hits the second verse and he’s so confident and strong so when he gets to “SO WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO SAY WHEN YOU”RE GONE” You’re feeling so positive and jamming out an then the last chorus hits and it’s a total banger and you feel amazing and this kid.  THIS KID!!! Did this to you.  You went on a JOURNEY with him with just his voice.  GOD i love it.  


halla. halla. 


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing


Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap