he so pretty~


Please check out this art! I’m actually crying ;-;

         Guts doesn’t swear nearly as much as you’d think. 

   Occasionally he’ll utter a “shit” as his way of acknowledging a mistake, etc, but otherwise, Guts has much more impactful ways of expressing his disdain upon somebody than your typical curse word. If you ever hear him drop the f-bomb from something you’ve said or done however, that is when you know you fucked up and are ( most likely ) about to get fucked up.


Face Smooshing Pt. III: the Smooshening. Lucia (Mary + Hunter@didilysims, I suspect this is relevant to your interests :P), and Lila and Caleb (both Eva + Johnny).

I was real concerned at first by how similar Lucia looked to the other two (I know a lot of my sims look the same but come on) until I realized they’d actually be cousins (Hunter’s dad, Christopher, is Eva’s cousin). So I kinda turned it into a bizarro alternate universe family reunion.

Anyway, Lila has this amazing nose thing going on: