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In Defense of the Misunderstood Hero, Mori Ougai

I’m sure many would raise eyebrows when they read the title because, Mori? A hero?

Many people portrayed Mori as a sadistic devil, but in no canon situation has Mori ever shown any sadistic tendency (like Dazai has). In fact, I’d say he’s the reverse of that. He took care of Elise very well, despite/even though she’s his own ability. He never once has hurt people for the sake of hurting people.

In fact whenever he didn’t have any business to take care of, his true personality shone through and it was not of a cold, heartless man with no conscience. Rather it was one full of dorkiness and gentle patience. Here, he even contacted Ango (who was sweating bullet because holy shit he’s being called by the fucking boss of Port Mafia) just to ask what color of dress will fit Elise more.

(For the love of anything holy I’ve scoured Ango and Oda’s tag in tumblr yet I can’t find it. It’s the extra DVD comic featuring Buraiha trio drinking and talking shit about Mori. In exchange, have these dorky dad and son interacting;

First thing first, I will give you what I think is the most important fact about Mori. Look at his line in this scene

Now this is his true nature; his main motivation for doing everything he did. The good of the organization.

At no point has Mori’s action ever benefit only himself. At every instance he appeared in the story, he’s doing something for the Mafia and for Yokohama. The only self-centered thing he has ever done was asking Elise to wear what he wanted her to wear and that’s moot point anyway since she’s his Ability and presumably modeled after his ‘ideal’ little girl.

In this scene, he saved four members of ADA and even gave Atsushi an important lesson. Why would he do such a thing when he could literally immobilize Anne and Lucy by bloodlust alone? He could have let her take Tanizaki and Atsushi, then pressure her to let him out with his memory intact. Not to mention that his Ability, Elise, was waiting just outside, standing by ready to break him out any time.

If he does this, not only he will go free with the memory of the attack and thus the secret of Anne’s Room, he would also take care of not one but three ADA agents. Rather, he chose to save all of them plus every single person Anne has swallowed in the Dark Room.

Now here;

This is the scene where he took over as boss. The fact that the Old Boss was bedridden and hallucinating while seemingly so thin, also from the way he was narrated by Hirostu in episode 21, implicate that his condition was something he contracted at a long period of time rather than it being something sudden.

Notice the circumstance in which he did it. Mori only killed the boss after he issued the order that would bring destruction not only to the Mafia but also to the city and nation at large, killing many people whether criminal or innocent. He didn’t do it before even though he could have.

By becoming the biggest bad of the bad, he resolved himself to take care of the light from the shadows. And this is important because if he hadn’t stepped in at that time either the Old Boss would have burnt Yokohama down or another heinous criminal would have taken over and brings the nation down with them.

He is protecting Yokohama by not letting people worse than him to take control of its biggest criminal organization. Notice what Kouyou think about him;

She supported him because of this too. She knew what it felt like to under one of those leaders that cared only for money and power like the Old Boss. Kouyou will not support people if all they brought with them was suffering and death the way she was forced to feel when her dearest was taken away from her. Under Mori’s reign, our queen Kouyou pledge her loyalty not to him but the kinder way he brought.

It can also be seen in this scene.

Mori could have taken effort to keep Kouyou there, but his tone and body language are open. He knew that Kouyou can go anytime and he’s not fighting to keep her there; Kouyou decided to stay on her own free will and he is appreciative of knowing he had a single ally he can absolutely trust on who also knew of his true motivation.

In this scene

It was made clear that he respect the Old Boss, so much that the death of a hundred subordinate made him embarrassed.  He’s not upset that he lost some underlings, he’s upset that he lost them without a good reason to justify their death. A miscalculation has taken a hundred of his soldiers.

And you might think his reaction to this is rather cold, but remember that all of them were members of the mafia. All of them are criminals who would be executed if they fall into the hands of the police and they also knew what they’re getting into when they joined the Organization.

You can probably say what he did to Odasaku was horrible, sure. But it was expected for the boss of the Mafia to do so. (further reading for this topic)

But you have to admit it was a stroke of utter genius. With the gifted Business Permit and no longer fearing the government, Mori would be freer to take down opposing criminal organization that might bother the peace. Rather, he focused the Mafia to expanding its power and outwardly he did so, like this there will be very little chance for either a rebellion or an enemy organization attacking them in their HQ. This would also mean less threat to Yokohama.

Fukuzawa’s remark in this was absolutely true. Not only between the two organization but also for him and Mori specifically. Mori loved Yokohama, enough to dip into the darkest of dark to protect it. And Fukuzawa knew it too because look at his line here

In this, it can be said that he didn’t want a war to break in Yokohama that might disturb its peace. But then why say ‘balance’?

This is because Fukuzawa knew the extent of his subordinate’s strength also that they will be able to kill Mori if they go all out. This is what he feared the most. While if he died, the Agency can be well-taken care of in Kunikida’s hand, once Mori’s dead there’s no one to reign in the Port Mafia and keep it from wreaking havoc, thus destroying the balance of Yokohama city into what it was before; the Dragon Head Rush. (you might want to read the novel of dark era to really grasp the situation. But basically it was a gang war that led to many victims including the families of Odasaku’s orphans)

More than that, the people who might succeed Mori would not be as kind as him. They might do what the Old Boss did and try to burn Yokohama down.

And this, I think, is also the main reason why Mori sent Dazai away from the Mafia. It is, of course, easy to assume what Dazai remarked about Mori’s intention in chapter 30/episode 21 to be the truth; that he did it to remove a threat to his position.

But is this the whole story?

The fact that he kept Dazai’s spot empty rather than choosing someone else to fill it was a paradox if you were to look at him from the angle of a man hungry for power. He has anticipated Dazai’s return, was so sure of it in fact that he sacrificed monetary and workload gains of having another Executive. If he wanted Dazai back in the first place, then why drive him out of the Mafia and into the ADA?

For now, imagine what would have happened if Dazai took over as the Boss if he’s still the same man he was before Oda’s death. Cruel, ruthless and uncaring for people’s life as he was, he would have gone into the same track as the Old Boss and destroys Yokohama as his mental health eroded. Not even Odasaku would be able to save him from himself at this point.

This is also why he asked Dazai back to the Mafia after taking such extreme methods to drive him out. Of course there are another reason, that is he needed his right hand back to drive out the Guild as he remarked.

But the main reason why he asked back after all this time was because there are people in ADA who have taught him about having something worth loving and worth protecting.

Mori felt that Dazai has learnt enough about the light and why it is something worth protecting. With it, when Dazai inevitably take his seat as the Boss of Port Mafia, Dazai would be able to follow his legacy as the Darth Vader of Bungou Stray Dogs and The Dark Knight of Yokohama. This is Mori’s special way of grooming Dazai to become his successor.

All this was so Dazai can be his successor and not the Old Boss’.

Conclusion for those who are too lazy to read 2000+ words of Mori being awesome: no, Mori is not an evil incarnate born to manipulate everyone to his own amusement.

If anything, he’s the greatest hero of the story. The same way the ADA is protecting the city and Japan from the light, Mori is protecting it from the shadows. With the balance that has been made between him and Fukuzawa, it is imperative that he keep doing what he did, or the balance will fall and Yokohama condemned into a lake of fire.

Asagiri Kafka is truly an exceptional writer. They made Mori into this all-bad boss of the Mafia while slipping in his real face every so often. Here is the author who made every character complex and with their own motivation. What made you think they’ll make the ‘villain’ as simple as a man existing just to be a villain?

Even Fitzgerald and Fyodor got development and reasoning for doing what they did, but the difference is they’re arc-villain and not whole story-villain like Mori. Their reign will be over with their arc, but Mori’s will live as long as BSD continues, so it’s imperative that they got their development and exposition early on so the readers can sympathize with them.

Thus I concluded my exposition of the anti-hero that has been protecting Yokohama all this time not by bathing in sunlight but by submerging himself in blood yet capable of keeping his head out of it depth; Mori Ougai.

jack in the future just wants to talk about bitty to literally anyone who will listen???

“hey, want to see some pictures of my husband, eric? he’s so cute. i love him so much”

@ new falcs trainer: oh, sure, dude!

@ receptionist at the doctor’s office: oh all right then

@ waiters at restaurants: do you mean the man currently sitting across from you

@ shitty: brah i know him???

@ bitty: honey

Tumblr dont let me upload the video, but I’m at a John Barrowman panel when its the best. He’s so adorable I love him, but he’s also so concerned about answering sex related questions from 14-16 year-olds.

He also says his favorite ice cream is Bitos (?) Because “it doesn’t melt as quick and you can do more with it” John why-

“Captains Jack can find a way even with his pants up.”

Of all the Doctor Who characters, he’d want to date the 10th Doctor.

“I saw a photo of Matt Smith kissing you on the cheek, is there a deep connection between you two?”
“No, cause David Tennant is my Doctor”
I live you-

“Call me when you’re 21.”

“Malcolm Merlyn would beat the crap out of Captain Jack, and then Jack would turn him over and make love to him.”

Apparently John’s farts don’t smell, either, and Stephen Amell wants him to prove it, by farting in his mouth and- why-

“I was like ‘oh my God I’m dead’ and then I turned the turned the page and and I alive again!”

“If you were on Supernatural, who would you want to play?”
“The human Impala. Cause I want them riding me all day.”

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rules: tell us one favorite character from ten shows & tag ten people

Sherlock: Molly Hooper (and Mary Watson)

Downton Abbey: Mary Crawley (yes, I like her, despite her flaws. there is something about her that I can relate to, hence my fondness for her)

Doctor Who: 11 (I don’t watch it anymore and have a hard time getting back into it :( )

Pushing Daisies: Ned, the Piemaker (he is so sweet and anxious <3 I love him. There are so few male characters that are allowed to be like that and I am glad he exists!)

Avatar: The Last airbender (that counts right ^^): Uncle Iroh (and Zuko, but Iroh is one of the best fictional characters ever

Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark

Shadowhunters: Magnus Bane (tbh I only watched because of him… and malec :P)

Agent Carter: Peggy Carter

Daredevil: Matt Murdock (sense of Justice and unhealthy attitude to self preservation? *coughs* doesn’t sound familiar at all)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Phryne Fisher (only saw one episode but immediately fell in love with her)

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apples-oranges-lemons  asked:

We need some more Coby and Sabo hcs. Jumping on the bangwagon of taking care of their newborn baby. Sabo, Coby, Koala, and Hancock pls. XD

YOU my friend just requested Sabo, Coby AND Hancock so you’re my new favorite person


  • developes the Kyros-Angst-Syndrome too Sabo hold your goddamn baby
  • asks himself how he made something so beautiful
  • he has no clue what the baby wants when it starts screaming, he would probably anxiously beg his kid to talk to him and tell him what’s wrong
  • “I’m the most horrible father in the world :)”
  • god he loves holding the baby against his naked chest for the skin on skin bonding method


  • another ball of angst, but not because he thinks he’s not worthy of his baby, but because he’s so goddamn protective
  • runs Flash style to the doctors when his child as much as hiccups
  • probably already tried dressing them in his marine coat, spoilers they look goddamn cute
  • has his baby’s crib next to him whenever he’s doing paperwork so he can soothe and calm them down whenever they start screaming
  • knows by looking at his kid what it needs


  • she would probably show them to the world as soon as the baby or possibly both of them get released out of the hospital
  • 100% gets a stroller
  • plays peek-a-boo with her baby and makes grimaces at them to get them to giggle
  • she would do this stereotypical dad move, you know when you gently throw your baby a little bit up in the air and then catch it safely again
  • Koala loves her kid but GOD she HATES waking up to their screams


  • she just can’t get enough of her baby, kisses and hugs them day in day out
  • nobody can ever touch them ever, everybody that’s too close for her liking gets turned into stone
  • sooo damn proud, because ofc her baby is the cutest, loviest and prettiest baby int the world
  • loves feeding and bathing them! she would prefer breastfeeding over formular tho for extra bonding

well you know how it goes: you live your life and then David Tennant appears and turns everything upside down. 

there will never be enough words to say how much i love this man and what he matters to me. he’s so much more than my favorite actor, he’s my hero, he’s who i wanna be like. so talented, so gorgeous, so scottish. perfection!

so today i wish him the happiest birthday ever!  


I’ve heard so many people say they disliked Jacin because he’s too bland. I don’t really think those people are analyzing him enough. He is one of my favorite characters because of his heart. He is so caring and selfless despite what he shows on the exterior. And often, that’s all people look at. They never stop and look at the fact he sacrifices his happiness always in order to ensure no one he cares for is hurt. He cut ties with his family so they couldn’t be used against him, he was unable to be a doctor that HELPS people. He loves Winter dearly but because she’s his princess, he does the opposite of what he wants. He doesn’t care if it hurts him, or even kills him, he will always put others ahead of himself.

He. Gives. Up. Everything. For. Others.

Rest Now - Stiles Stilinski imagine p1 

a/n: i’m watching my favorite part of teen wolf’s season 3 again (the nostalgia omg) and i got this tiny idea :))) i really love the idea of cuddles x stiles so yah :) hope you like

characters: stiles; reader

storyline: stiles hasn’t been feeling very well lately, he’s very sleepy. y/n - his best friend - notices and takes him to her house. her mom is a doctor and has pills and needles all around the house, so she gives stiles some meads to help him sleep, they cuddle

warnings: use of medication (if thats a warning)

“Stiles, are you feeling alright?” She asked, stopping the boy from walking further in his drunk-ish-like walk. His brown eyes slowly met Y/N’s and they gave a cloudy vibe. Tiredness. 

“I-I, just, uh, well-” Stiles sighed and hung his head low. “No, I don’t think so.” 

“You look tired. Did you not sleep last night?” 

“Not really.”

“Okay. Come on.” Y/N urged her best friend, taking his hand, dragging him through the hallway.

“Wha-what are you doing?” Stiles stuttered, not protesting his friend. 

“Taking you home to sleep.” Y/N responded as they exited the school and made their way to her car. “You look like you haven’t slept in days, Stiles. You need help.” She put him in his seat and shut the door, walking over to the driver’s side. They were both silent through the car ride, only when they were nearly at Y/N’s house, Stiles spoke up.

“We’re not going to my house?” He asked.

“No, we’re going to mine.” She shut the engine off right before Stiles got another question out.

“But why?” 

Y/N sighed as Stiles got out of the car. He followed the girl to her door and when she unlocked it, they both went in. She brought him up to her bedroom and decided what she needed to do.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Y/N said and walked out of the room to get some sleeping pills/sedatives. Her mom was a doctor at the hospital, so their house was full of medicine and other doctor stuff. Y/N poured water into a glass and took three sedative pills. She sighed. What’s wrong with my best friend?

Y/N walked back into her bedroom, where Stiles was sitting on her bed with a pillow, his pillow, in his hands. She walked over and sat next to him on her bed. Stiles looked at her with those tired brown eyes, then they fixated on the pills in Y/N’s hand.

“What are those?” Stiles asked, knowing they were for him. 

“Sleeping pills, kiddo. You need them.” Y/N said. “Is that your pillow?” Stiles nodded. 

“I’ve been looking for it for a few days. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been getting sleep lately.” Stiles said. “I can’t sleep without my pillow.” Y/N’s heart shattered, Stiles was sometimes just so sadly cute. 

“Now you can sleep with that, pills and me by your side. Does that sound alright?” Y/N asked, the boy nodded in response. He took his shoes off and slid up to the headboard of the bed, along with his pillow. Y/N sat down next his laying body and gave him the water and pills. 

“Drink up, sleepy pants.” Stiles took the pills in his mouth and drank up the water to help him swallow the pills. He exhaled and Y/N took the glass, putting it on the nightstand next to her. Stiles’ breathing was deep and very audible when Y/N wrapped her arms around the boy’s shoulders, bringing him into her body. He was inhaling and exhaling deeply into the girl’s chest, holding onto her arm and trying to fall asleep.

“Just go to sleep, Stiles. Try to sleep.” Y/N softly said into Stiles’ hair and lowered both of them onto the pillows. She caressed the boy’s dark locks and soon he was peacefully snoring into Y/N’s shirt. She smiled at the sleeping boy, it was the first time in weeks she had seen him look so peaceful. She felt so relieved to see him like that.

After a while, Y/N felt hungry - she had only ate breakfast and that was quite a while ago. She carefully let go of Stiles and laid him on the bed, putting the blanket over him. She walked through the room and stopped at the door to check if Stiles was still asleep. He was, with half of his face smashed into his pillow, a little drool on it coming from Stiles’ mouth. Y/N chuckled and went downstairs. 

She took her phone out of her jeans to check the time, only to see that she had multiple missed calls and texts from Scott, Lydia and Allison. 

‘where the hell are you?’

'are you alright?’

'i haven’t seen you in school today, is everything ok?’

'what are you up to?’

'are you with stiles?’

Y/N sighed and just put her phone back in her pocket, only before noticing that the time was 5:43pm. They both had been here for 4 hours? How did the time go by that fast? A notification sound came from the pocket of her jeans. Y/N pulled it out. It was a new text message from Scott.

'we’re coming to check up on you in 10 minutes’

Okay, Y/N thought, be my guests. She put the phone back in her pocket and got some stuff to make her a sandwich. When Y/N was cutting the salad, she heard distant talking from upstairs. Was it Stiles? Was he talking in his sleep? Was someone else in the house? 

Y/N’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard screaming, it was Stiles. 

She dropped what was in her hands and ran upstairs. She was in her bedroom when she saw Stiles thrashing in her bed, screaming and yelling. Y/N rushed to him, jumping on the bed above his shaking body.

“Stiles, Stiles, shh, calm down,” she spoke, holding the boy’s cheek with one hand and his arm with the other, “Stiles, it’s not real! Wake up, Stiles, you’re dreaming! Stiles!” Y/N’s voice started to raise its volume until she was practically screaming along with Stiles. The boy’s eyes finally blew open, filled with fear and his brown irises darted around. “Stiles!” Y/N said in a rushed tone. Her hands held down Stiles’ head so he wouldn’t move. “Stiles, Stiles, it’s okay. It’s okay, angel, calm down. I’m here, it’s okay.” She cooed. Stiles’ eyes fixated on hers as tears started coming from them. Y/N brought him up, wrapping her arms around his torso to hold him still, safe. 

“Stiles, I’m here, it’s okay, it was just a dream,” Y/N spoke, soothing the boy’s hair to calm him down. She heard her name being called and footsteps approaching, so she turned her head to the right. 

Scott and Lydia were standing in the doorway. Y/N simply shook her head at them, holding Stiles close to her while tears were streaming down her face.

So I don’t get excited about meeting a lot of famous people but I got a picture with Steven Moffat on my birthday who is the writer of my favorite TV show of all time, Doctor Who (and Sherlock!) and he wished me a happy birthday. I asked him to describe Jim the Fish and he said that he’s a fish, his name is Jim, and everybody knows him and loves him. He said he doesn’t know if we will ever get to meet Jim the Fish but that maybe he would go home and think about it! I have never been so excited ever…! Thank you sooo much to @nycshutterspeed for taking me to see the Doctor Who Special in theaters and for snapping this photo! You really know the way to a Whovian’s heart… 😍


Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth (10th Doctor, June 28, 2008)

I will always love the Doctor and Rose–so I am overjoyed at them finally seeing each other again here–but what makes this moment so very special is the absolute joy and love on Donna’s face. She and the Doctor are best friends, and she loves him…. and she knows how happy seeing Rose will make him. How much he has missed her.

The moment when Donna sees Rose and says “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” is possibly my very favorite Doctor Who moment ever. Catherine Tate is just wonderful in this scene.