he so my favorite doctor i love him

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Hello 😃 Sanji is my favorite character ever and I also really love Chopper (he is especially cute in your style !!!) Could you draw them together please ? Something about food or cigarettes (smoking is bad, doctor Chopper doesn't approve) ; whatever just some Sanpper love.

Hahahaha. I love your idea.

Bet Sanji can never say no to this little cutie who cares so much about him!

Got7 reaction to s/o hearing for the first time

a/n: this request has been here for forever, I am so sorry for being extremely late, I hope you enjoy it !!


Jackson was patiently waiting fro the doctor to turn on your hearing aid. You had experienced an accident when you were younger that has left you hearing impaired. Through the trials and errors Jackson was there for you. The doctor signalized Jackson to speak to you as your hearing aid was now on. 

“Hi my love, I bet my voice is deeper than you expected,” he said chuckling

He was nervous to see your reaction but when you scooted closer to him and grabbed his cheeks and pulled him in to peck his lips he felt a wait lift off his shoulders.

“I love your voice, just as much as I love you,” you told him


Youngjae felt his hands grow sweaty as he saw the doctor hook and wire perfectly your hearing aid. Having a s/o that is hearing impaired was hard but he put forth so much effort to help you and make you feel loved. Now your hearing aid was on and Youngjae put a finger to your lips so you can be quiet. He grabbed your hands, kissed them and started into your eyes. 

Youngjae softly began singing a ballad to you, his heart was rushing in his chest and the speed increases after he saw the first tear fall off of your face. There was you two in a mixture of tears as he ended the song. He’s voice was angelic and music to your ears. 

Youngjae pulled you into his embrace and kissed your temple.

“I’m so happy i heard you sing, it was beautiful.”


Jaebum doesn’t really show his emotions all the time. Today he knew it was going to be hard for him. He was with you in the room as the doctor was setting up your hearing aid. Jaebum started to wonder, would you like his voice? would it be too annoying? well he was about to find out as your hearing aid was officially on.

“y/n, I’m glad you made it this far love,I’m proud of you and I love you to the moon and back.” He told you

Such simple words had cause your heart to burt and you immediately started to cry. Seeing you cry made Jaebum start to tear up as well. 

“I love you so much Jb,” you said in the middle of your tears


Mark was excited for you when he saw the doctor put on your hearing aid. He started getting all giddy at the thought of you finally being able to hear him. Mark promised himself that he would not cry, but just seeing that big smile on your fcae as the doctor turned the hearing aid on made him want to curl up and cry like a lost child. 

“Okay,y/n, you’re all set,” said the doctor

You quickly turned your head to look at Mark waiting for him to say something to you. 

“Hey baby,” He said

‘MARKKKKK,” you said happily and jumped into his arms

“Your voice is as handsome as your face, please don’t stop talk,” you told him


Jinyoung was trying so hard to hold back his tears and he knew that at any second they will unleash at any moment. There you were sat down with the doctor hooking up your hearing aid. Once it was turned on Jinyoung started to speak before he started crying. 

“Hi my love, I’ve prepared a song for you so please listen to it,” he told you before kissing your cheek

 Jinyoung went to sit at a hair across from you and began singing your favorite song.  You closed your eyes and cried as he was signing. Who would’ve thought your beautiful boyfriend can have such a sweet voice. After he stopped signing you ran to where he was and hugged him so tightly. 

“I am so lucky, thank you Jinyoung,” your muffled voice said

“You’re welcome baby, I love you.”


Bambam was pumped fro your hearing aid. He was shaking from the thrill that the thought of you being able to hear him. He was so ready for this new beginning to you that was quickly becoming a reality. The doctor turned on your hearing aid and there you sat patiently waiting for your boyfriend to say something. 

“y/n !!!!” you heard him squeal

*kiss* I love you *kiss* I love you *kiss* i love you

You were drowning in his kisses but that only made you even more fond of your goofy boyfriend.

“Babe, you can acuatlly hear me?” He asked dumfounded

“Yes, Bambam I can hear you loud and clear,” you told him laughing

“I LOVEEE YOOUUU,” he said once again


His happiness was off the roof today, He was just so happy that nothing can knock him off the cloud of happiness he was on. Yugyeom was intently watching as the doctor was putting on your hearing aid. He started to replay different scenarios in his mind about the future things you both would do after you can hear again. Yugyeom and you have been best friends since you were about 9 years old.  He was there the day you lost your hearing completely. He has always had feelings for you but never got the courage to confess but today was that day. Yugyeom has waited ten years for the day you’d finally would become his. The doctor finally turned on your hearing aid and that was Yugeyom signal to start.


“Yes, Yuggie.” you replied

“I’ve known you all my life, you are my best friend and will always be my best friend and I’m so thankful that you got you hearing back because I know it was a tough journey for you.” He said, “However, I don’t want to be best friends anymore.”

He got on one knee

“Y/n, I like you, no starch that, I love you and that’s why today I am asking you beautiful.” He told you, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

As cheesy as it was the boy in front of you has captured your heart with his caring feature and pure heart so of course you said yes. 

“Of course!!” you told him almost yelling 

With that he sealed it with a kiss, after so long he finally had the girl of his dreams.

Third Time’s a Charm // Tom Holland

Request: Can I request a tom X reader fic where he takes the reader to a premier for their first date!? Please, and thank you (:

Requested by: @impalalalalardis-1067

Pairings: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: None!

Notes: Sorry this took so long I suck omg but I didn’t know how to write out the actual date/premiere so I wrote about Tom asking the reader to be his date!! I hope this is okay!!

“Sorry your date tonight was such a bust.” I directed my attention from the TV to Tom as his spoon dug into the bowl of ice cream in his hands. He was seated next to me on my couch, my head on his shoulder with a blanket thrown lazily across both of our laps as we devoured the rest of the chocolate ice cream I had in my freezer. I shook my head as I laid it back down on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m only sad that I bought this dress for this date, and now I probably won’t ever wear it again.” I shrugged. We were in this current position because I had been on my second date in the past week (each with a different guy my friends had set up for me), and it turned out to be the worst date. I ended up ending the date earlier than he expected, claiming I had just gotten my period and needed to be home as soon as I possibly could. He asked to reschedule the date (after trying to talk his way into my apartment to “take care of me”), and I said I’d let him know when I was available.

As soon as he left I called Tom and after laughing at the lame excuse I had given the poor guy for twenty solid minutes, he brought all my favorite romantic comedies to help me forget about my horrible love life.

“It doesn’t have to go to waste, y’know,” his voice was a whisper, I would have missed it if I weren’t right next to him.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I, uh,” he sat up straight, prompting me to do so and as I did I shifted my body to fully face him, “well, the premiere I’m going to for Doctor Strange is in a couple of days…”

“And why would I wear it there?” I asked him, a hint of a smile on my face, already knowing what he was trying to get across, but I wanted him to ask me the full question.

“Because you could, I don’t know, I mean if you wanted to – you could come as my date?”

My smile grew wider as I watched the light shade of pink rise to his cheeks. “You asking me on a date, Holland?”

He laughed a little, facing me fully now too, a smile on his face. “Yeah, I mean you know what they say, third time’s a charm, right?”

“Shut up,” I laughed a little, going back to resting my head on his shoulder. Tom’s arm found its way around my shoulder, bringing me closer to him and resting his head on top of mine.

“I don’t know why you went out with those losers anyway,” his voice returned to a whisper as John Krasinski’s character in Something Borrowed declared his love to his best friend on the TV.

“What?” I asked in a teasing voice, “Were you jealous?” I expected a laugh to come out of him and for him to call me stupid but he only shrugged and sighed. I looked up at him slightly, only to see him already looking down at me, my eyes wide at his reaction.

“What? You never thought about me?” He smiled a little as he quoted the movie we were watching. I reached for the remote and paused the movie, sitting up straight again to look at him fully.

“Tom, I need you to be serious right now.”

“I am being serious.” He sighed again, his hand reaching out to hold mine. He played with my fingers and I sat in silence waiting for him to continue. After a couple of minutes of unbearable silence, I was about to say something before he started talking again, “I don’t know. I guess I just can’t stand to see you with these guys who don’t deserve you. No one deserves you, not even me,” he put a hand up to stop me from talking, already knowing I would retaliate to that absurd statement. “No one deserves you, but, God, I will spend every single day with you trying my best to be the guy who does.”

It was quiet again and I had assumed he was done, so I began speaking. “Tom,” his eyes remained where our hands met in the middle of us. My free hand came to meet his cheek, caressing him lightly. His head lifted, his eyes finally meeting mine with a light smile on his face. “Of course I’ve thought about you,” his smile faltered slightly as his eyebrows furrowed, but I continued. “Tom, I didn’t know what I wanted until I met you.” His intense stare intimidated me, my eyes began to find our hands just as interesting as Tom had a couple of minutes before. We sat in silence until Tom let go of my hands, scooting closer to me.

“And? What do you want?” I could hear the smile in his accent as his hand returned and he tugged on mine. The taunting atmosphere was back, him already knowing I meant him but him wanting to hear me say it.

I smiled and lifted my gaze back to him, leaning into him a little more. His arms steadied me as I straddled his waist, he hung them around me loosely as my arms wound around his neck. “You,” I whispered my answer before his lips connected with mine. One of his hands finding its way to the back of my neck and deepening the kiss. My fingers carded through his hair as I felt him sigh in the kiss. We broke apart as both of our smiles grew too wide for the kiss to continue.

“I’ve waited years for you to do that.” My voice remained at a whisper as I tried to catch my breath, our foreheads resting against each other.

“Sorry it took me so long.”

We shifted so we were pressed against each other again on the couch, playing the movie again. It was silent before Tom turned toward me again. “So, that’s a yes to the premiere, right? I mean you didn’t really answer.”

I laughed loudly, throwing my head back and hitting his shoulder in the process as he smiled back at me, pulling me back against him.

“I’d be delighted, Tom.”

Any Moment

Here is Part Seven in “This Love”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1197

Warning: postpartum depression (I don’t go into a lot of detail, so please don’t freak out on me for “Not getting it right.” 

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

Jensen’s Point Of View 

           I was afraid to say something to her. I didn’t want to hurt her in any way. But I was worried about Y/N.

           It had been a month since we brought Maddie home and Y/N had seemed to go into a depression like I had never seen. I had a feeling it was postpartum depression, but I didn’t want to upset her by bringing it up.

           But when I walked into the house to hear Maddie crying and found Y/N lying in bed under the covers, I knew I had to talk to her.

           I changed and fed Maddie before going to talk to Y/N. Once my little girl was settled and satisfied, I went to talk to my wife.

           “Y/N? Sweetheart?” I sat on the edge of the bed.

           She looked up at me, “I can’t do this, J,” she said, “I can’t be a mom. I can’t take care of her. I can’t.”

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I think this gif is my favorite scene of Stydia ever. They aren’t dating here but they are definitely in love and it’s just so pure. stiles is literally holding onto Lydia like she is his lifeline. it’s pretty much “if the dread doctors take her, I’m dead” kind of hold and that makes me squeal. also the way she’s holding him back…..she loves this boy so much and he is her lifeline too for sure. they’re each other’s emotional tethers for a reason. I love this scene so much and it has a special place in my heart.


A/N: Well then. This was originally going to be a fic for @lakeside-sketchbook ‘s gorgeous artwork (here it is!), but the college wifi decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I’ll rewrite it one day, but for now, this is what I could scrap together in bullet-point form.

This work DOES MENTION NEEDLES in a vaccination-like setting. It is not described, only passively mentioned.

  • It’s time for Voltron to stock up on supplies! But the Space Mall won’t cut it, they head to a new planet, a whole planet only dedicated to buying and selling goods.
    • Because space is very big and some things you need to buy are also very big. Like castleship engines and multiple tons of food.
  • They have two major stops to make. Most of the stuff is in one area, but some of the stuff is somewhere else. Lance and Keith take the Red Lion to the other place and split up from there.
    • Lance and Keith split up from there after parking the Red Lion
  • Just as the castleship is landing, a bio-weapon terrorist attack is launched in the area where Keith was getting supplies.
    • There doesn’t seem to be any initial effects, but the planet is shutting everything down just in case.
    • Keith gets swept in with the quarantine, despite all his protests and insisting he’s a paladin of Voltron and can help.
  • As the rest of the planet is investigated, the castleship gets framed.

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Tumblr dont let me upload the video, but I’m at a John Barrowman panel when its the best. He’s so adorable I love him, but he’s also so concerned about answering sex related questions from 14-16 year-olds.

He also says his favorite ice cream is Bitos (?) Because “it doesn’t melt as quick and you can do more with it” John why-

“Captains Jack can find a way even with his pants up.”

Of all the Doctor Who characters, he’d want to date the 10th Doctor.

“I saw a photo of Matt Smith kissing you on the cheek, is there a deep connection between you two?”
“No, cause David Tennant is my Doctor”
I live you-

“Call me when you’re 21.”

“Malcolm Merlyn would beat the crap out of Captain Jack, and then Jack would turn him over and make love to him.”

Apparently John’s farts don’t smell, either, and Stephen Amell wants him to prove it, by farting in his mouth and- why-

“I was like ‘oh my God I’m dead’ and then I turned the turned the page and and I alive again!”

“If you were on Supernatural, who would you want to play?”
“The human Impala. Cause I want them riding me all day.”


To the person who requested this, I hope you don’t mind that I added a few characters. If you do mind, you can send me a message and yell at me if it makes you feel better.


“YES!” you screamed as the Doctor narrowly escaped the fire of the Santaran and because you hit the back of it’s neck and knocked it out. You’d never felt so alive in your entire life. The Doctor came back around the corner he went to hide behind. “Oi, you, you’d better begin to look after yourself.” you joked. 

“Why would I do that when I’ve got you?” he smiled, looking around the corner.

“What if I’m not around forever?”  

“Plan on leaving, do you?” 

“Don’t get too excited. Duck.” you said casually. 


“Duck.” you repeated as you raised your sledge hammer, mirroring the Santaran as he raised his gun. You spun around, whirling your hammer until you were behind the alien, bringing the same fate upon this one as the last, striking the back of his neck. 

“Oh, I love you.” The Doctor smiled as he stood and grabbed your face in his hands and pressed his lips against you yours in a hot, sloppy kiss. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.” he furrowed his eyebrows, still holding you gently. You looked into his eyes and then kissed him like he had you. 

“I love you too.” 


“Why would you do that?!” he yelled, slamming the door of the TARDIS. 

“I saved those children!” you defended yourself loudly. 

“You could’ve been killed!” 

“Even if I had, those people still would’ve live. Isn’t that what it’s all about, Doctor?” you looked him in the eyes and he softened immensely but he was still angry. 

“You could’ve died.” he sighed. “I almost lost you.”  

“That doesn’t matter.” you shook your head, knowing where the conversation was headed. 

“Shall I take you home, then?” he asked. Immediately you started crying. You didn’t know it was even possible to cry that quickly. 

“What?” you choked. 

“You want me to take you home?” 

“No.” you shook your head, tear falling down your face. You saw how lonely he was. You knew what it meant to be alone, how it felt. You could never wish that for anyone, especially not your Doctor. “You want me to leave?” 

“No.” he shook his head. You’d never heard him be so sincere. “But they all leave. And I suppose, in the end, they break my hearts.” he said, looking down at his dirty red converse. You rushed across the control room, throwing your arms around him. 

“I’ll never leave you, Doctor.” you whispered. You felt his hearts beating fast and he took a deep breath, hugging you back. 

“I love you, Y/N.” 


“Oh,” he gasped. “I survived, brilliant! I love when I do that.” he smiled, sliding down to the floor. 

“Yea, me too.” you sighed sarcastically, finally able to breathe. The Doctor had gone out to inspect the area around you, saying he hadn’t been on the planet in a very long time and wasn’t sure it was safe for you to go out yet. He really only meant to be a minute but ended up taking several hours and you wanted to go looking for him but you were the only companion he’d ever had to follow the ‘Don’t Wander Off’ rule and stayed put in the TARDIS like he asked. 

“I am very sorry I was so long. Are you alright?” he asked, looking down at you as you rested your head on his shoulder. 

“You worried me to death, but other than that, I’m just grand.” 

“You were worried about me?” he smirked. 

“You’re an idiot who gets into all sorts of trouble on a daily basis, of course I worry about you.” you laughed, smacking his stomach lightly. You both laughed for a moment before you both went silent, thanking your stars the other was there. He began to realize how close he was to dying, to being without you.  

“Do you know I love you?” he asked. You knew he did, he knew you loved him back but neither of you had ever said it out loud. It was always in the air, like a balloon that just kept filling itself up. And you both watched happily as it popped. 

“I do. I love you too, Doctor.” you smiled, taking his hand in yours. 


“Have you lost your fucking mind, you?” you screamed. “Let me go! They’re dying!” you kicked around as the Doctor dragged you back into the TARDIS. “LET ME GO!”  

“Alright.” he said simply and released you. You headed straight for the door but he’d locked you in. You beat and beat on the door but nothing happened so you gave up and slid down to the floor, crying. After he set the TARDIS on cruise control and you were absently floating through space, he came to sit beside you. 

“They’re dead because of me.” you sniffled. 

“No, they’re dead because of me. If anyone is to take the blame here, it’s me. You know how selfish I get, don’t you. Don’t claim what mine as yours.” he sounded serious but he wanted you to laugh or smile but you just stared up at him. 

“Doctor, why’d you do that?” 

“There was nothing you could have done.” 

“Then you should have left me there.” you snapped before you rested your head on his arm. 

“Can’t do that, you know I can’t.” 

“Why not?” 

“I love you.” he whispered. He almost hoped you hadn’t heard it but he knew that you did. “I-I can’t loose you, Y/N, I love you.” 

Captain Jack Harkness-

“Jack!” you squealed, putting your hands on his as he lifted you off the ground. “Quit!” 

“Not a chance.” he smirked. you brought your legs up to kick them around and try to get free, giggling the whole time. You wiggled around before you grabbed onto his desk and leaned forward to pull yourself away from him. 

“Jack, let go!”

“Nope.” he kissed your shoulder. Your waist was held tight to his and he leaned over. “I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now.” he whispered in your ear as he placed your feet back on the ground. 

“I’ll tell you what I’m thinking, Captain.” you grinned and whispered something in his ear that was only fit for him to hear. 

“I love you.” he growled.

Vincent Van Gogh-

“It’s color!” Vincent shouted. “Color that holds the key! I can hear the colors, listen to them.” he moved across his living room, crouching in front of you, holding onto the arms of your chair. “Every time I step outside, I feel nature is shouting at me, “Come on! Come and get me, come on! Come on, capture my mystery!” he shouted, shaking your chair. 

You smiled, looking into his wild eyes. You loved when he got so passionate about things, showed he was still alive, he was capable of feeling good. You were silent for a long time, just looking up into his eyes, admiring the flame, until he started to loose his smile because you hadn’t said anything. HE was so insecure and he often thought you believed he was crazy and only hung around because you felt sorry for him until you said something only one full of love could say. 

“You have the most beautiful mind, Vincent.” you sipped your tea, only looking away from him for a second. “I only wish I could see the world around me the way you do. I couldn’t dream of living in a world so magnificent.” you whispered. 

“You don’t really think-” 

“I do.” you stopped him, kissing his forehead. 

“I love you.” he shook his head, smiling with tears in his eyes. “I love you so much.”

Does everyone remember the episode of Doctor Who with Vincent Van Gogh in it? That’s my favorite episode and I’ve been in love with the character since the first time I watched it. Obviously, I loved Van Gogh’s art before I even started watching Doctor Who but I just really loved his character on the show. I’ve never seen any fanfiction for him but am I crazy? I always fall in love with minor characters. I don’t know why. 


Does anyone else just really love him?


Screenshots from TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR | Bio Inc. Redemption #4! :D


This has been my favorite Bio Inc. video so far because I love how Seán was just in character for the whole entire video which in my opinion showed really good improvisation. This is without a doubt the best game he could ever play to bring Dr. Schneeplestein back for a video and I absolutely loved seeing and hearing him be Dr. Schneeplestein while doing his outro in this video. xD There was so much I loved about this video because there was so many funny moments in it and I just seriously just had so much fun watching it and screenshoting it too. Such a great video, haha! ^_^

Jack's egos

I honestly love how @therealjacksepticeye’s egos have come to live. Well Anti was always here, always watching but I’m talking about Doctor Schneeplestein and my precious bean Chase Brody. But where’s my #1 superhero Jackaboy Man and the magician? Maybe they’re already gone…

To be honest I think Anti is still my favorite. He presents something so dark and cold, something that’s inside of everyone of us. He is scary but I kinda like it. Maybe I’m just a nutcase and I love creepy stuff and knives. Our glitch bitch.

Dr. Schneeplestein. I think he is a good man in heart but his unfortunate failure in his career has lead him into the darkness. He’s Anti’s puppet. I still love this guy. He’s creepy but I still feel sympathy. He just wants to see his family more than he’s able to.

What’s up guys? It’s Chase here. He’s such an innocent dude whose life happens to be all over the place. He tries to do his best but maybe the Youtube career isn’t working out. He just wants to see his kids. I love how he was just a one video joke. This character is much more. Chase is our little bean!

And I swear to fucking God if Anti hurts my little bean Imma get my Finnish ass up and fuck you up Anti. You’re gonna get BAYTINS. Watch out Anti… Maybe you aren’t the most popular anymore. How does that feel? We found someone new to replace you

lunarlunatix  asked:

What is your fave couple with ENTP? Any fictions couples which match it?

I don’t have an absolute favorite. As an ENTP who is with an ISFP, I want to say that combo. 

Fictional couples that match that are:

Jim (ENTP) & Pam (ISFP) The Office

Originally posted by mediohhcre

Tenth Doctor (ENTP) & Rose Tyler (ISFP) Doctor Who

Originally posted by because-its-amazing

Lily/Brona (ENTP) & Ethan Chandler (ISFP) Penny Dreadful

But my two favorite ENTP couples don’t match that combo honestly. I think my favorite is tied.

1. Damon Salvatore (ENTP) & Elena Gilbert (ISTJ) The Vampire Diaries

Originally posted by damonandelena

Damon’s love is so ENTP it is rediculous. He is a romantic, a dark Jim Halpert. But Elena grounds him as an ISTJ. The combo lights up the screen and makes me cry.

2. Audrey Horne (ENTP) & Dale Cooper (INFJ) Twin Peaks

Originally posted by vhs-ninja

Although they aren’t officially a couple. This crime solving duo is more sexy and dynamic than most on screen couples. I <3 them.

Doctor Strange:  Halloween

So it’s actually old Marvel Canon that Doctor Strange was born in 1930 (He’s not aging as Sorcerer Supreme) and his father was something of a… well, kind of an asshole who discouraged anything fanciful and what he considered frivolous.

Stephen’s Father didn’t even believe in celebrating Birthdays and once punished Stephen for showing pride in a blue ribbon he won for a spelling Bee.  As a child Stephen Strange had a natural attraction to Magick, unaware of the innate powers waiting inside him.  However his father squashed that interest around the age of eleven.  

Doctor Strange is essentially what would have happened if Harry Potter had not been able to attend Hogwarts until he was in his forties.  

Now fast forward to 2016.  Here we have the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  It doesn’t precisely follow the comics at all.  In fact it plays loose and free with a lot of canon.  However it keeps the canon fact that poor Doctor Strange has never experienced Trick or Treating for himself.  So toward the end of the episode called “Strange Little Halloween” Spider-Man talks Doctor Strange and Ant Man into trick or treating with him and the first stop they make is Nova’s door where this happens…

This is now my favorite Halloween gif set. 

Another moment I love from this cartoon series is the first episode we see Doctor Strange Spider-Man asks him to guess what number he’s thinking of.  Doctor Strange replies with “You’re not thinking of a number.  You’re thinking of flapjacks.”  And sure enough he was right. 


I’m gonna be completely honest here. When Matt Smith first regenerated, I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with a new doctor. He was my favorite. My absolute favorite out of them all. And then I saw Peter Capaldi’s doctor. I cannot tell you how happy watching seasons 8-10 made me. Season 8 was definitely my favorite. I loved how the relationship between Clara and The Doctor developed. I loved how deeply he came to care for her. How much he loved her. And everything he ever did for her. The Dark Water episode was probably my favorite episode. Maybe Deep Breath as well. I loved how confused he started out.

I’m rambling. Anyway. Let me say this. Twelve has changed my life for the better. Peter Capaldi’s doctor has forever left an imprint on my heart. I am honestly so sad to see him go, but at the same time excited for this new era of Doctor Who.

I’m gonna miss you, Twelve.


Midnight (behind-the-scenes)

Lesley Sharp on David Tennant:
“When Sky is copying people’s speech patterns, we both had to learn the square root of pi to two or three dozen decimal places, but it was almost impossible to keep up with David.  His speech pattern, the rate at which he speaks, is phenomenally fast.  Really, really quick.  He learns pages and pages and pages.  And the rate at which he speaks is the rate at which he thinks.  Russell explained to me that David’s Doctor has a lot to say, because that’s David.  He’s so bright.  Isn’t that brilliant though?  The things that Russell thinks about and then re-interprets - I think they’re both amazing.”
         – from DWM #397

Part 2 of the Midnight behind-the-scenes photosets [ here ]
All of my previous behind-the-scenes photoset posts can be found here.

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dw is changing showrunners. all the issues ur mentioning happened during the m*ffat hell era (i hate him sm, sorry if u like him), so i hope the new head behind all of this doesn't make his same mistakes! (The new showrunner is the same one from broadchurch.)

Oh, I’d forgotten they were changing showrunners too!!

The thing about Moffat is, that I really loved him before he was showrunner. I mean… he wrote some of my absolute favorite episodes in the series, well thought out and beautifully plotted, and I was genuinely excited when I heard he’d be taking over.

Then he did, and… proved there’s a big difference between being able to write a couple wonderful episodes a season and having to be in charge of entire character/story arcs. I was really not a fan of the fairy tale Matt Smith era, and while I’ve loved 12 from the get-go, his first season was written very poorly IMO. Just… incredibly sloppy plotting. (I mean, what was this with a whole episode about the descendent Clara and Danny would have together, only for the show to kill Danny and wipe out that entire family line with no mention. What was that.)

This last season I’ve actually enjoyed a lot, though. Sucks that he seems to be improving just when he decides to leave (though maybe it’s because he had an extra year to arrange the season).

So anyway, that was a ramble. I’ve never watched Broadchurch, but here’s hoping the new showrunner will handle the challenge better!


well you know how it goes: you live your life and then David Tennant appears and turns everything upside down. 

there will never be enough words to say how much i love this man and what he matters to me. he’s so much more than my favorite actor, he’s my hero, he’s who i wanna be like. so talented, so gorgeous, so scottish. perfection!

so today i wish him the happiest birthday ever!  

Twelve Days of Twelve: Day 1

The moment you fell in love with the Twelfth Doctor:

For both Nine and Ten, I had a particular moment where they “became” the Doctor.  I didn’t exactly have that moment with Twelve.  From the second he stepped on to my screen, he was the Doctor.  I can’t place my finger on it, but something about Peter Capaldi’s performance was so convincing, I just went, “He’s the Doctor.”  No question about it.

I watched binge watched series 8 in a matter of 3 days, and I fell for him slowly over those days.  The moment I realized I was in love with the Twelfth Doctor was his grand entrance in The Magician’s Apprentice.  It is still one of my favorite scenes, and I just love the image of Twelve emerging from the smoke playing an electric guitar and riding on a tank.  The puns are fantastic, too.

amayzing-mayzie  asked:

is your favorite doctor david tennant's doctor? bc that's my little brither's and i was just wondering. i'll go now.

((OOC: I guess because I’ve actually watched all of his I would say yes? But it’s not very fair on the others haha
I do love David Tennant, but I also thought Matt Smith was a great choice. I’d seen him as Jim in the TV adaptation of The Ruby in the Smoke and he was SO PERFECT ☺️))

daziy  asked:

6 characters: Bill, Clara, River, The Doctor, Missy, Nardole

this is RUDE

  • Push off a cliff - River because the Doctor will just catch her like always so she’ll be fine and then I can see them together again 
  • Kiss - I guess Clara???? 
  • Marry - Bill I love her sm
  • Set on Fire - Missy would probably enjoy that lbr
  • Wrap a Blanket around - Nardole’s not my favorite but after 97 years of the Doctor’s shit and then being trapped on a long flight with two incarnations of the Master only to be essentially abandoned for dead like…he could probably use A Break.
  • Be Roommates with - I was gonna put the Doctor for ‘wrap a blanket around’ but then I realized being roommates with him probably equates to living on the TARDIS and being a companion, so, like, duh. The Doctor all the way.