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So I've been casually flirting with this really cute guy on the bus for the past few weeks. Well today, at one of the stops I asked "is this where you get off?" (Bad word choice, I know, I wasn't thinking) and without missing a beat he smirks and replies with a wink "No sweetheart, I get off right after you do"!!!

No. Fucking. Way. Omg



Stiles x Reader

A/N: Yet another cute suggestion from a sweet anon that wanted to cheer me up with an idea. Thank you! Also, this is very short..


Yet another nudge on your shoulder got you to wake up from your sleep. “Oh sorry, did I wake you?” Stiles whispered as you let out a slightly annoyed grunt.

“Yes you did, for about the third time now…” you playfully grunted and snuggled closer against his chest, hoping to fall asleep again just as quick as the other times. He smirked as he watched you nuzzled into his t-shirt.

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Came In Like A Wrecking Ball - ACOTAR Fic

So, with all these spoilers flooding in and getting everyone in a sensitive mood, I thought I’d finally put forth my ingenious solution to the Tamlin problem. I hope those with ARCs can confirm that SJM listened to my proposal. A fic promised for @my-name-is-fireheart (You’d better have written me that Sex In The City AU :P)

Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

Pairings: Feysand, Lucien x Freedom, Tamlin x A sort of happy ending??

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“I don’t…” Feyre began, slumped in the back of the carriage as they rode across the courts back to Night in the dark. “I don’t understand. How did this happen? He’s just letting me go?”

“Feyre,” Lucien said, his eyes glazed and distant as he stared out of the windows. “Just. Just don’t ask.”


Twelve hours earlier…

Scrutinising himself in the mirror, Tamlin smirked. He’d finally proven he was capable of taking what he wanted. After everyone – Rhysand, Amarantha, his father – had all pushed him around and left him feeling powerless and useless, he’d finally shown them all that he was the one in charge of the chessboard, so to speak. They could all play their games and treat him like a child, but in the end he was the one with the brute force to knock it all to pieces. The situation wasn’t ideal, but it was his. And that was something he would always cling onto.

Fastening his wedding attire, he checked himself over once more. With Feyre finally back in the Spring Court, where he belonged, they could marry. She would be his, and he could finally stop worrying about how everything could go wrong. Once they were married, everything would be back to normal.

“My Lord!” Lucien came charging through his door just as he finished adjusting his collar. He was flushed and pale, clutching his chest and panting. “My Lord- The guards just captured an Illyrian. They managed to sneak over the borders somehow and- well, we can barely just contain them. They demand to speak with you.” Straightening, Lucien composed himself. “Rhys sent them.”

Before, this would have ignited a furious panic in Tamlin, but now he just leered. Foolish Bat, scrambling to try and get back in a game he’d already lost. “Take me to them,” Tamlin ordered, pulling on his boots. “Let’s see what fun we can have with them. Perhaps I’ll turn them into a ring cushion. Or perhaps they’d be better suited to serving as a pew.”

“My Lord.”

Calmer now, Lucien led him as instructed out through the gardens to the forest. The day had dawned grey and cloudy, not at all fitting for Spring, but as they walked sunlight began to pierce the clouds above. They approached three figures, two guards blocking the third from sight. As their lord approached they parted, and so the other turned and-

It was like a kick to the face. A sledgehammer to his stomach. An electric current through every muscle he possessed. The force of it was so strong that for a long, long minute, Tamlin had no idea what it was. Hell, the idea of it alone was so bizarre that he refused to believe- he couldn’t-

Standing before him was a beast of an Illyrian, strapped with muscles, their luscious long locks tangled in a flowing mane of dark hair. Their eyes were dark, mysterious orbs of shadow and their smile was a lighting slash of charm. And oh, those muscles, bulging like an overgrown infant from a tired womb. Their armour was skin-tight, decorated with a bajillion siphons, their wings so big that Tamlin could only wonder at what sort of a monster lay downstairs

“…Tam?” Lucien said, looking at him. The ginger bastard didn’t matter any more though, Tamlin only had eyes for this majestic deity of a creature.

“…Is he alright?” One of the guards asked.

“I think he’s having a stroke.”

“Tam? Do you recognise them?” Lucien asked, trying to ignore the guards.

When Tamlin failed to respond, too busy gazing into the eyes of the Illyrian, Lucien sighed. “Go and fetch Feyre. Maybe she can snap him out of it.”

“No,” Tamlin rasped. Urgh. Feyre. “No. Have her sent away, far away. I don’t care where.” The winged beast stared back at him and spoke,

“I don’t believe it.”

Tamlin nodded. “You’re my mate.”


“Wait,” Feyre said, unable to quite believe her ears. “An Illyrian was his mate?”

“Apparently,” Lucien said, and then shivered. “You should have heard his thoughts. The utter crap his brain was spewing. It was like love poetry born out of a lavatory.”

“I don’t understand,” Feyre mumbled to herself. “I didn’t think any Illyrian women were allowed to be trained until now, let alone given siphons.”

Lucien looked over at her. He kept looking. She looked back. “…No.” He nodded. “No! No, surely not?”

“I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I tried.”

Feyre sat stunned, staring at him, before breaking into hysterics. He had to endure it the whole rest of the ride back.



“No- You’re staying here, and I’m going out!”

“Are you kidding me, you flimsy fae bastard! Your fragile body can’t survive the perils of the outdoors. You’re not a trained warrior like me, you wouldn’t stand a chance with the war going on. I’m going out, you’re staying at home!”

“Flimsy? I can transform into a motherfucking lion, thank you very much!”

“Bah, a big kitty cat! I have wings. Do you have wings? No. So if Hybern flooded the place, you’d drown.”

“I can transform to have wings! Where’s you argument now, huh?”

More crashing. More throwing of furniture.

It was a very, very good thing that the courtiers of the Spring Court had learned to avoid going to the upper floors, where Tamlin and his mate now argued.

“If you think I’m going to let you go wandering off, unprotected-”

“-I take better care of my mate than that, I’ll have you know. You-”

“-just need to listen to me! It’s for your own-”

“-your own good!”

They’d been at it for two months now, and neither one of them had let the other leave the house. Gabriel, Tamlin’s new, rather unexpected mate, had proved to be just as over protective and powerful as he was, for as they both claimed, they were clearly both horrific victims of those pesky powerful male hormones, and it had ended in a rather bizarre stalemate. Still. At least it kept them out of the war and Rhysand’s life. Feyre had been forgotten completely.

“You ignorant aristocrat! Your sheltered existence isn’t fit for the harsh reality out of those doors!”

“You may have the wings of a bat, but you’ve the brain of a pigeon!”

“I will not-”

“-will not-”

“-Allow you to leave!”

Well. They do say mates are equals. And thus Tamlin and his Gabriel lived sort of happily ever after.

Happy Birthday Park Jaebum

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“Good morning birthday boy.” You greeted Jay once noticing him holding his phone over his head, possibly still replying to the numerous birthday wishes he had gotten since last night. He smiled, eyes still heavy with sleep and his face slightly blotted. He had thrown the covers off his torso letting your eyes travel down his beautiful body and he smirked once your eyes met him once more. “You got up early.” He voiced out, locking his phone and putting it by his side taking a look at you in your running gears.

“Yeah, I haven’t exercise since I came here.” You pursed out your lips at him, standing right at the edge of the bed.

“Well you could have said that last night. We could have-”

“Uh-huh sure. You were the one who was telling me you needed to sleep before we continue on.” You giggled out reminding him, of last night. He smiled, despite your teasing. “I’m an old man baby.”

“You’re finally thirty.” You cheered more excited than he was which made him groaned. You didn’t care though, not when your boyfriend was looking that good in bed and so you threw off your top and your sports bra, leaving you in only your pants as you wiped down the sweat on your body with a hand towel. He only chuckled, knowing exactly your plan.

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EXO Reaction: You flirting with them

||| Anon asked: Can I request a reaction to you being flirty to exo? |||

Park Chanyeol

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You were eyeing him the whole evening trying to send as many seemingly innocent looks as possible.

“If you want to tell me something just say it.” he said handing you a drink when he finally came up to you.

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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When you took him by the hand and dragged him to the dance floor just to tell him how handsome he is, he decided to flirt back.

“You know who else is incredibly beautiful?” he asked spinning you around and then pulling you closer to him. “You.” he smirked.

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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You thought you could get his attention and impress him by telling him your latest achievements but when you ran out of things to say you were a little bit lost.

“You know that you don’t have to say anything at all, right? I enjoy your company as it is.” he laughed.

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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You got all shy when you approached him and sounded so polite that he didn’t even understand that you’re flirting until a few hours later.

“Wait. I don’t want to sound like an idiot but are you trying to flirt with me?”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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You knew he was out of your league so you decided “fuck it” and just go and do it.

“Oooh! I like girls like you, not many dare to approach me, let alone say things like that.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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You ordered a drink for him and waited for him to turn around when the waiter passed it to him. As soon as he turned around you looked at him with the brightest, most beautiful smile you could muster.

“Well I can’t resist that.” he said coming over to you.

Kai/Kim Jongin

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You found him so handsome you couldn’t utter a single word out and just stared at him in silence.

“Earth to Y/N!” he waved his hand in front of your face. “You know after a while your stare becomes quite creepy.” he laughed.

Byun Baekhyun

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You were flirting to your heart’s content while playing video games with him online.

“You know. Let’s meet up in real life. Will you be brave enough to say those things to me in person?”


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When you saw him you decided to go all out and tell him every possible compliment you could come up with.

“Can you slow down a bit. I can barely keep up with what you’re saying.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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You were sitting next to him and tried to use your ultimate weapon - body language to flirt but when you licked your lips, brushed your hair and poked your leg out for the third time he just started laughing.

“Well I think you look incredibly sexy, trying to flirt like that but maybe you’re overdoing it a little bit, no?”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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You agreed and nodded to everything he said and laughed at all of his jokes all evening, so he soon caught up with what you’re trying to do.

“You do realize I just told you that the Earth is flat, right?” he laughed.

Oh Sehun

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You were hella drunk and couldn’t resist telling him how beautiful he his.

“I know right! I’m not just a pretty face though. Want me to show you what else I’m good at?”

A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

inspired by this and @baneftglitter

“Come on, there is no heterosexual explanation for this!”

Jace is looking at Simon rather than his phone, having seen the clip of Poe biting his lip while looking at Finn about fifty times. Although maybe the fact that Simon’s smile is like the sun has something to do with it. Maybe.

They’re standing outside the club, having stepped out when Simon said he was feeling light-headed, even though he had only had two drinks prior to that. Jace thinks it’s just because Simon was nervous. He had only recently come out as pansexual and wanted to go to a gay bar, and somehow, Jace was the only person who could go out tonight.

But, given Izzy’s smirk as he left the apartment he shared with her and Alec earlier, Jace thinks their little group planned this. Hell, he’s almost certain, since both Izzy and Alec know about his crush on Simon, and were both on the receiving end of the good old let’s make plans but only have you two show up play before Izzy asked out Clary and Alec started dating Magnus.

“You do not bite your lip like that at a friend,” Simon continues on, eyes still on his phone. “Or have that look in your eye.”

“Maybe he just has a flirty personality,” Jace says. “Doesn’t mean he likes him.”

The look Simon gives him is so seriously disbelieving that Jace can’t help put laugh.

“You are blind to attraction, Jace Lightwood,” Simon mumbles. “Blind! You wouldn’t recognize someone wanting to tear a jacket off of you if it happened right in front of you.”

“How would I even have a chance to recognize it if it wasn’t happening right in front of me?”

Simon looks adorably puzzled for a few moments before Jace breathes out a laugh and speaks again.

“Come on, show me then. What does that look look like?”

Simon scoffs. “Like how I always look at you.”

Jace feels his heart start racing and his eyes widen, just as Simon slaps his hand across his mouth, looking at Jace with a comical horror in his eyes.

“Well then,” Jace starts, hating how his voice almost cracks. He’s never nervous when admitting to liking someone, but then again, he’s never really liked someone like he does Simon. His eyes don’t leave Simon’s as he decides it’s now or never. “You’re just as blind. Because I always look at you like that, too.”

In the minute of silence that settles between them, Jace swears his heart will burst out of his chest and just as he’s debating making a run for it, Simon’s hands fly up to Jace’s neck and then their lips are pressed together.

Simon’s lips are so warm and soft, his hands on Jace’s neck the only thing grounding him as he loses himself in the kiss, lets it wash over his entire body. And when they part, Simon bites his lip as he looks at Jace, causing him to laugh.

“Okay, yeah, no heterosexual explanation, Stormpilot is real and all that.”

Simon grins at him before placing a kiss to Jace’s cheek, a beautiful blush painting his face, bringing out Jace’s grin as well.

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can you imagine facetiming h after midnight while you're still best friends but really flirty with each other and you become cheeky during the facetime so he gives in and tells you he's coming over but he doesn't hang up until you tell him that the longer it takes to hang up the longer it would take him to get there

“You know… The longer you stay on this call with me, the longer it takes for you to get here and cuddle with me,” you’d smirk, “the longer you stay on this call with me, the more colder the bed will be. And we both know you hate cold beds.”

“Yeah… But… You’re in the bed, so, that kind of makes up for it,” he’d smirk, chucking his phone to the side as he slid on a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, “’sides, we both know what s’gon’a happen when I get there, yeah? A little manky-panky, huh? Makin’ out, maybe?”

“We’re best friends,” you’d remind him, rolling your eyes as his face came back on your tiny phone-screen, “that’s all we’ve ever been.”

“Yeah, so? That didn’t stop you the other day when you stuck your tongue down my throat,” he’d laugh. xx


this is partially inspired by my last ship but holy crap imagine PDA with Alex… he’d be super lowkey about it so never any making out against the lockers or shit like that but if he’s feeling playful he’ll grab your butt and pretend like it wasn’t him but then he’d smirk and look to the right so you’d just blush and giggle but then he’d also just do really subtle touches like laying his hand against the side of yours on the table, just enough so that they’re touching, or making sure that your knees are brushing underneath the table and HAIR omg he’d have such a thing for playing with your hair just twirling it and he’d love to put tiny little braids in it when he’s bored but when you’re not in public holy shit that boy wouldn’t stop like i’m talking he is HUGE into hickeys both giving and receiving and he’d be all over you with his hands on your knees and you in his lap and stuff like that even if you’re just lowkey watching a movie 

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seven & connor/jared for the prompts thing



“You’re like a fucking tree you know that.” Jared told him. 

Connor shot his boyfriend a weird look. He didn’t understand what Jared was getting at? Jared didn’t even like trees? Evan Hansen did? “What?”

“You’re tall.” Jared pointed out. Compared to his boyfriend Jared felt like a dwarf. He was tiny and Connor was all legs. 

“Shut up.” Connor’s pillow collided with Jared’s face. 

Jared spluttered and removed the pillow from his face. “Okay first of all rude, second of all that doesn’t change the fact you are like a treeeeee.” Jared smirked. He knew he was getting on Connor’s nerves. 

“Jared I’m not like a tree.” Connor grumbled. Yes he was tall but he wasn’t like a tree.

“How’s the weather up there tree boy?” Jared laughed.

“Okay I’m leaving.” Connor stood up, and headed out of the room.

“Wait come back! I love you and your tree likeness or whatever!” Jared yelled out the door.



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Thomas being a jerk to James while Thomas keeps getting flustered during it

Thomas adjusted his black leather jacket, what? He was cliche, and he didn’t give a damn. He sat against a tree in the courtyard,a cigarette inbetween his lips, what it wasn’t like he was dumb enough to get high on school grounds. He took a drag, smoke escaping his lips as he blew out, raising an eyebrow when he saw James Madison walking up to him a nervous expression on his face. As usual he was in some pastel sweater and torn up jeans, his hair perfect and a lollipop in his lips.

“Y-you know, smoking is a horrible habit.” He stammered out, his eyes on the ground and smirking at James, suddenly looping his fingers in the belt loop, pulling him towards him, the boy stumbling, Thomas standing up so he collided with his body. Looking down at the smaller man, he blew a ring of smoke in his face, smirking when he began to cough. But then he kept coughing and Thomas’ eyes widened.

“Fuck, are you okay?” He quickly bent down, checking the boy over, freezing when the coughing turned to laughter and James stepped away.

“I knew you had a heart.” He beamed and Thomas’ eyes narrowed, stepping forward, freezing when James went on his tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

“Have a nice day!” He called over his shoulder, waving goodbye. Thomas watched him go, quite fascinated with the sway of his hips. 

He was so fucked. 

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8 w cassian pls my dear ☺💙

He’s pressed close, nearly devouring your gasp as his fingers dig into the small of your back.

His kiss was sudden, but all the same it takes your breath away, makes you weak-kneed and pliant in his arms. He grunts when you tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling you closer as he swipes his tongue along your bottom lip, swallowing the moan you give him.

One second you had been arguing over something stupid, you’re sure, and then before you could react he’d pulled you close and nearly slammed his mouth against yours, growling low in his throat when you whimpered and allowed him to wrap his arms around you.

By the time he pulls away, you’re breathless and boneless in his arms, gasping in puffs of air as he brushes a gentler kiss against your chin. He gives you the time you need to collect yourself, and he smirks when you finally open your eyes, wide with wonder, mouth agape as you begin to process everything that just happened.

“You just kissed me,” you whisper, tangling your fingers in the front of his leather jacket. “You just kissed me…!”

“I believe that’s what it’s called, yes,” he grins, voice the slightest bit raspier than usual. “Anything to shut you up.”

You just shake your head and lean up for another one, and he can’t help the smug smile that slowly creeps onto his face.

Just a little more ( Jimin x Reader x Jungkook)

Genre : M, threesome, anal sex
Plot : you’re dating Jimin but feel attracted to Jungkook.

Reader POV

I’ve been dating Jimin for a year now, we’re happy, I really love him but something has been bothering me lately… Whenever Jungkook is around I can him staring at me. When he passes by, I feel his hand brush on my back or my shoulder… and the thing is it does something to me. I try to stay away from him but he’s always there, maybe I’m just imagining things. There was this one time, we were all on the beach, i was playing in the water with Tae and Jungkook was looking at me, he didn’t avert his eyes when I caught him staring, his eyes were roaming my body up and down, I felt completely naked under his gaze, and then he smirked at me. Or this time at a party where his hand stayed on my back a little too long, and little too close to my butt. But I never confronted him about it because I felt guilty… I was attracted to him, I couldn’t deny it anymore. I considered the other members of BTS as my brothers but with Jungkook it has always been different. Tonight Jimin told me he was going to practice and come home late, I was feeling lonely so I asked the BTS group chat if some of them were available.

Yoongi : I can’t sorry
Namjoon : I’m taking Jin out for dinner :/
Hobi : Me and Tae are going to the movie
u want to come ?
You : No thanks, don’t want to play the
third wheel x)
Kookie : I can come see you

What should I do ? The other members will think it’s weird if I say no to him…

You : No… I don’t want to bother you
Kookie : It’s fine Y/N, I’ll be over in 10min

Okay I’m definitely screwed… I can’t just not let him enter. We’ll just watch a movie and eat no big deal and then when the movie’s over I’ll throw him out.
The doorbell rang, I went and opened the door. He was wearing a white button up shirt with blue jeans, he has grown up quite well I must admit. I went to the kitchen and tried to find the noodle cups.
Oh here they were, on the top shelf of course… I tried to jump but ended up only hurting my knee. Suddenly I felt a strong body behind me, Jungkook took the noodle cups easily, I turned around. We were too close, way too close. My cheeks started to reddened, I could feel it.
- Here you go Y/N. said Jungkook while putting the cups behind me.
I looked at his lips, I wonder how they would feel on mine … no stop you have a boyfriend ! Think about Jimin, you love him right ? Don’t do something stupid.
- Could you please move Jungkook ?
I asked with a small voice.
He leaned towards me, his face was in my neck, I could feel his breath against my skin sending shivers down my spine.
- Do I make you uncomfortable ? He whispered in my ear.
I needed to get away from him now or I might do something I’ll regret. I pushed him off me with force, he seemed straddled and looked a little lost, for a moment I felt bad.
- I’m sorry Kookie …
- No, it’s me… He turned around and went to seat in the living room.
I microwaved the noodle cups, took chopsticks and sodas and went to the sofa. We ate in silence, exchanging banalities, we never have been this awkward with each other before.
- Look Jungkook… I don’t want us to be this weird around each other.
- Y/N you don’t get it. He said harshly.
- Tell me then !
Seconds later I was on my back, Jungkook’s lips on mine. I couldn’t think, everything happened so fast.
- I want you Y/N. I want you so much it hurts.
He was looking straight into my eyes, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster.
- Jungkook we can’t… I’m with Jimin. I love him.
- But you feel something for me… I know you do.
He started kissing my neck softly, I tried to push him away but it felt too good…just a little bit, then we’ll never do it again. He continued sucking on my neck, going down to my exposed collarbone. In one swift movement my shirt was off, he kissed me roughly, our tongue battling for dominance. He unclasped my bra, I tried to cover myself but he pushed my arms aside.
- You’re beautiful Y/N, don’t hide yourself.
He said before licking my nipples, I let out a moan, he continued sucking on them until they were all sensitive and perky. He went down on my stomach, giving gentle little kisses, I wanted more, I craved his touch somehow. He took off my jeans, leaving me in my lacy thong, he probably could sense how excited I was…
- Open your legs for me baby. He said with a commanding tone.
I did as he asked.
- Good girl… look how wet you are already, is this all for me ?
He slapped his hand on my core making me scream.
- Yes daddy, only for you !
He began rubbing me through my underwear, leaving me panting and needy.
He pushed my thong aside and started teasing my clit with his finger, I was going crazy, I needed something inside me.
- Daddy please I want your fingers…
- will you be good for me after ?
- Yes yes I’ll do everything you’ll ask !
He finally pushed one finger inside me, moving it oh so slowly. I rocked my hips trying to take more of it, he seemed to understand my plea and added two more fingers, I kept moaning louder and louder as he fucked me with his long fingers.
- On your knees baby. Come suck daddy.
I went on my knees and started unzipping his pants. He was so big… I couldn’t wait to have him inside my mouth. I took off his boxer and started stroking his dick, smearing the pre cum at the top. I could hear him groan, this gave me confidence and I took him in my mouth, he was hot and heavy on my tongue. I hollowed my cheeks and began sucking and licking, trying to take him entirely in mouth.
- You’re doing so well baby girl…. let me fuck your mouth.
He held my hair and started thrusting in mouth, I gagged a few times, saliva was dripping down my chin, I felt like a slut and somehow I loved it. Suddenly I heard the door unlocked. Jimin.
- So that’s what you do when I’m gone ? You fuck with the maknae ?
His eyes were burning holes in my head, I was too scared to respond.
- Jimin, I’m sorry it’s my fault… said Jungkook.
- You’ve always dreamed about fucking her right ? You want to know how tight she is right ?
Jimin was getting closer, he sat on a chair in front of us.
- Fuck her.
- What ? I said suddenly.
- I said fuck her Jungkook. Go ahead don’t hold back. You don’t want to make me angry right ?
Something in Jimin’s voice made me shiver, I’ve never seen him like this before.
- Y/N open your legs and finger yourself.
I slowly sat down and did as I was told. I could feel them both staring at him… it was way too hot right now. I started rubbing my clit, and put a finger in, they were watching me with hungry eyes, I let out a moan. I put three fingers, knowing I was already prepped from before, and started thrusting them in my wet pussy… knowing they were both looking at me while I touched myself was turning me on so much.
- You’re enjoying yourself right baby ? Do you think you could come just from your fingers ? Said Jimin.
I was moaning loudly now, I was close so close.
- Look at Jungkook, he can’t wait to have you squirming under him. You want him to fuck you right ? Want his big cock inside of you ?
All the dirty talk pushed me on the edge, I reached my orgasm with a loud scream.
Still hazy I didn’t realize that Jimin was now between my legs. I could feel his tongue poking at my anus, me and Jimin only did it twice down there. He slowly inserted his tongue in and out, making lewd sounds. I let out a scream when he added one digit, I started to feel good, loving the stretch.
- Relax your butthole for me baby girl.
Suddenly I felt something pushing his way inside my hole, it was small glass dildo. The sensation was strange, it was cold and made me feel so stretched out.
Jimin then went back to his seat. Jungkook was having a hard time controlling himself, he was breathing heavily and his eyes were dark with lust.
- Fuck her Jungkook. I know you want it.
I could hear Jimin said in the back.
Next thing I knew Jungkook was between my legs and in to the hilt. I screamed, the stretch was so good, both my holes were so full. He started thrusting in slowly, but I wanted more… the overstimulation was driving me wild.
- She wants to be fucked hard Jungkook. Can’t you see ?
His pace accelerated, he was groaning in my neck, telling me how good I felt, how he loved how tight I was. I could feel my second orgasm approaching, a particularly hard thrust made me cum again. But he didn’t stop, he kept fucking me at a frantic pace, I didn’t know how long I was going to last.
- Jungkook lay in your back. Baby you’re going to ride him.
We changed postions quickly, the glass dildo was still in my asshole. I began riding him, the new angle was so much better, j could feel him deep inside of me.
Suddenly I was pushed forward, Jimin was behind me.
- Now you’re going to have 2 dicks inside of you, won’t you love that you slut ?
He said before slapping my butt, I let out a moan, the sting was delicious.
- Yes master, I want you inside my asshole please…
He took out the glass dildo and quickly replaced it with his cock. It was larger and longer, It hurt but he didn’t gave me time to adjust and started to fucking me, pounding deep into my ass.
- You like it right ? Being used like a whore like that ?
- Oh my god yes ! Don’t stop please !
I was moaning and screaming, the entire room was filled with groans and the sounds of our skin slapping against each other.
- Jungkook tell her how good she is.
- God Y/N you’re amazing, keep tightening around me baby, I’m close.
Both of them kept fucking me at a harsh pace, I could feel a third orgasm coming. Jungkook hit my sweet spot repeatedly while Jimin kept slapping my ass.
- Are you going to cum soon baby ? Asked Jimin.
- Yes !
A few more thrusts and my orgasm hit me. Seconds later I could feel them emptying themselves inside me, their cum coating my walls. We all collapsed on top of each other, breathing heavily.
They slowly pulled out, the cum dripping down my thighs. I have never felt this satisfied before.
- We need to talk. Said Jimin who had put his shirt back on.
- Jimin I’m so sorry, I love you, I really do.
- I know, but you like Jungkook too.
I stayed silent, not knowing how to respond.
- Y/N I like a lot… but I don’t want to break your relationship with Jimin. Said Jungkook with a small voice.
- I want … both of you. I said confidently.
- Okay. Let’s try. Said Jimin. But no sex when I’m not with you.
We all laughed silently. This night we slept together, me snuggled between them, feeling and happy and content.

End !

oml i cannot with jealous Jeffrey

Okay but imagine JEALOUS JEFF like he sees you talking to another guy and like the guy has his hand above ur head on the locker and Jeff and u aren’t officially dating just kind of hooking up and he comes up behind the guy and the guy turns and omg his eyes are just so freaking angry but he smirks and wraps his arm around your waist and is super cuddly like he leans down and nuzzles your neck before staring the guy down until he takes the hint and leaves and then Jeff leaves until that night when he comes over and he just pushes you up against the wall and sort of growls “I hate seeing you talk to other guys. I want you to be my girlfriend.” And before you even say yes he’s all over you and kissing your neck and cheek and like making out and grabbing all over and he’s got ur arms pinned above ur head and he has one arm wrapped around your waist and his kissing is sooo intense and hot and omg I need a boyfriend like rn holy shit

Couple Showers

Group: BTS




Summary: “I’m going for a shower Joon.” All he did was smirk at you and you knew what he was about to say,

“You sure you’re okay going alone?”

Genre: drabble, fluff

Length: 0.8k

Warnings: mentions of sex

A/N: I baked some cookies and then wrote two separate drabbles about baking.

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

You had always thought showering with your boyfriend would be a romantic experience; you had expected steamy shower sex, hand prints created in the condensation of the glass shower door. You would be lying if you said you weren’t feeling let down when he turned to you and said, “There are more ass cheeks in the world than people.”

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queenofthemontagne  asked:

5 from the prompt list please! Connor x Evan. Thanks so much!!!!



It was a lazy Saturday morning for Connor and Evan. Spending the night at Connor’s house was becoming routine and Evan. Not that he minded one bit, being with his boyfriend was better than spending all his time alone in his own house.

“Tired?” Connor questioned as he rolled over on his side. Evan opened a single eye and gave his boyfriend a lazy smile.

“Hungry actually.” Evan answered.

Connor mumbled something and closed his eyes again but Evan poked his boyfriend, causing the other boy to grumble.

“Can you make me pancakes?” Evan smiled. 

“Can you have sex with me?”

“Hey…um…hey later okay.” Evan muttered. He was rather embarrassed that Connor just asked him something like that. It wasn’t like they hadn’t done ‘it’ before but it cause caught Evan off guard.

“Good enough for me.” Connor smirked. He leaned over and kissed Evan longingly before standing up and heading out of the room.

What have he gotten myself into? Well I guess sex for pancakes is a fair trade. 

Shutting his own brain off, Evan got out of bed and headed down stairs. The smell of pancakes filled the air. They smelt amazing and Evan wasn’t surprised. Connor was a rather good cook.

Okay yeah, this was definitley a fair trade, Evan thought

Ginny/Harry, ‘You Got Me’

for @littleplebe

You Got Me - Colbie Caillat

Ginny pressed her lips together to keep from giggling.  “You are quite possibly the biggest idiot I’ve had the misfortune to meet, Harry Potter.”  

“Misfortune?” he smirked at her, tilting his head to catch her eye.  “I wouldn’t call it a misfortune.”  

“Maybe not to you…”  

“I worship the ground you walk on, Ginny.  I think that works out fairly well for you in the long run.”  

“Depends on how fast I’m wanting to walk.  It’s awfully difficult when you’ve got a peon worshipping the ground,”  she countered.  

anonymous asked:

Why do you think that way Mr. Jefferson? I mean, everyone has their own free will. They can do what they want. There's nothing wrong with that. plusyoukindasoundlikeajerksayingthat. ~ 🌟 Anon [If you see a little box right there, its a star, have a very nice day, night, evening, morning, or whatever time it may be! nvn]

Thomas shrugged. “I may be a jerk, but I’m an attractive jerk.  As for everyone having their own free will, it’s true they do but-” He smirked again. “Everyone knows James is mine. If someone actually dared to make a move on James, I would step in, roast them, and ask him out.” He smirked. “And honestly, I would love to see someone try to stop me.”

Lafayette just stood there, sweating slightly, looking nervous in general in the background.