he slipped on that shit in the ring

Sleeping Proposal *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Person A is really shy about proposing so they just slip the ring on while Person B is asleep.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff & Tony Stark

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The evening had to go perfectly for what Steve had planned, it should do since he had planned it to the very last detail, and he had made all the arrangements for this to be the perfect night for you. He would be taking you to your favourite restaurant; it was small Italian place just around the corner from your apartment.

He even got Natasha to go out and buy a dress for you, it was simple and elegant, and you had smiled when you saw it and kissed him for the present. Now everything else had to go perfectly like it did this morning. He was too busy going over the schedule that he didn’t have time to relax, to allow nervousness to settle in like it should, nope he was making sure the car was picking you both up at the right time.

He pulled on his shoes, glancing at the clock and tapping his foot on the wooden flooring, he then heard you coming down the stairs his smiling lightening up instantly; your lilac heart-neck-line dress, flowed prettily out just above your knees, you twirled happily and he beckoned you over.

“You look so beautiful,” he muttered leaning down to capture your pink stained lips, the kiss was short lived when a car horn honked outside, he pulled away instantly; grabbing your hand and tugging you out the door in your white strappy heels.

Even the restaurant being a few blocks away the traffic was nightmare and Steve beginning to get frustrated, you frowned and grabbed his hand, rubbing small comforting circles into the back of it. Once the car pulled up, Steve jumped out and opened the door for you, smiling you take his hand once more and walk inside; you didn’t know exactly why Steve was treating you but it was nice.

You both walked in, “Reservation under Rogers,” Steve muttered as he wrapped and arm around your waist instead, smiling down at you as you wait to be taken to your table.

“Sorry but even with a reservation it’s a ten minute wait for a table, sir,” the women spoke, Steve sighed and had picked the least busy night and yet, you were still being told to wait “there’s a bar over there, someone will call you as soon as the available table arrives.”

You gently pull Steve towards the bar, “it’s okay, we’ll wait, thank you.” You call and the young smile as Steve locks his jaw, he wanted and needed things to run smoothly, so far traffic and waiting for a table it’s things running smoothly.

You both ordered drinks and sat down in two comfy chairs at the back of the bar area, Steve keeping an eagle eye on any waiter that comes in the area, a hawk ear for his last name also.

“Why are so keyed up?” you asked as he looked at you, you sipped a small glass of white wine and raised an eyebrow in question “what’s got you so tense, Stevie?”

Truth is he wanted to propose to you and he knew it didn’t matter how just as long as you said yes but he needed it to be perfect because you are so perfect to him. He wanted things to run smoothly because they should, this was his big moment, the big one.

“I just wanted to treat you to a nice date,” he smiles offering a hand over the small table, you gladly accept and grin at him “we’ve both been so busy that I just wanted this to be perfect.”

“Oh, you, it already is because you are with me” he blushed at your words, causing you to smile with achievement, you lived to make this man blush and he knew it “I love you.” You simply stated as you sipped your wine.

Those three words always made his heart pound with excitement, “I love you too” only repeating them never seemed to fully be enough for Steve, they never really expressed how he really felt about you, he didn’t think there will ever be enough words in the whole of time to explain the emotions he gets around you.

His name was called and you were shown to your seats, were upon Steve ordered you both a bottle of champagne, much to your disagreeing eyes but he simply shrugged as it was poured into tall flute glasses. You both skimmed the menus but you always got the same here, no matter what, you liked what you liked and that wouldn’t change.

Now that you were both sat and all that was left to do was ask question Steve felt the nerves settling in, they were always there but his mind too preoccupied to even register the butterflies and pins and needles feeling in the tips of his fingers. He could feel the weight of the small red velvet box in his pocket; it was heavy and felt bigger than a simple engagement ring box.

He was sweating under the mood lightening the restaurant had set plus all the candles, the quiet voices of others were louder to him than your own and you were right in front of him, he rubbed the palms of his hands on his legs and smiled as best he could at you. About to start talking when.-

“Y/N?” someone asked, both yourself and Steve turned and you see a couple walking to you, Steve looked at you as you frowned for a moment before smiling brightly.

“Joe?” you asked standing up, he nodded and Steve watched as you hugged this other man, a few years older than you and the women on his arm was younger than him and you “Oh, Joe this is Steve my boyfriend and Steve this is Joe, my boyfriend from college” Steve nodded and gave an awkward wave.

He was tall, not as tall himself but only a few inches shorter. Dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin, his tan looked fake and his teeth were bright against his skin. He looked like the definition of the word ‘douche’ that Sam uses a lot. The women beside him is smiley, clinging to him like an accessory piece, he felt almost bad cause honestly, she deserved to stand against better. 

“Nice to meet you, Steve, this is Gwen my girlfriend” he gestured to the women beside him, you nodded and smiled kindly at her, “we must catch up, let’s all eat together.” You glanced at Steve, who looked as though he was about to snap someone in half for that suggestion.

“I don’t think they have a table big enough for us-“ you began but was cut off.

“Nonsense, I’ll have the waiters put two tables together for us” and just like that, you were sat with two tables combined and listening to Joe talk about himself, what he was doing and talking about the lads from college and how successful they were; they all went on to major league baseball, but somehow Gregg is with an opposing team, and Dylan broke his wrist and can’t play for upcoming games. Stuff Steve didn’t fucking care about but yet he knew all of it.

“What about you, Y/N, what you been up to?” he grinned at you, something of a flicker in his eyes as he drank you and Steve chewed his food with eyes ablaze.

“Not a lot, I work for Stark Industries, specifically with Stark himself,” you tell him and he raises his eyebrows, “it’s how I met Steve,” you place a fond on your boyfriends bicep as Joe looks at Steve.

Yeah, I’m still here buddy, “I work alongside Stark, extremely close friends” you chuckle “part of the Avengers, we sometimes save the world.” He shrugged that peaked Joe’s ‘girlfriend’ interest.

“Oh, really? An Avenger that must be time consuming,” Joe frowned thoughtfully and Steve wanted to snap his neck.

“Not really, we don’t have the usual office hours; besides sometimes I get the weekend off” you nudge his shoulder with a chuckle, “what is tennis hours like?”

“Baseball” Joe corrects with a snap “they’re fine, training takes up some time but like you said, not office hours” Steve narrowed his eyes.

It’s silent as Steve has a stare down with Joe as he eats Crème Brule, it would have been funny to you if you weren’t worried for Joe’s safety, and the glare he was receiving was like no other. After the awkward who would pay the bill, Steve eventually snapped and slapped his card on the table, causing the glasses to shake as he challenged Joe who pretended to chuckle and put his wallet away with amusement.

The car drove you home in silence, you glanced over at Steve who was glaring sulkily out of the window, although he still managed to open your door and help your coat off once inside your apartment. It remains silent as you both get ready for bed, this isn’t how Steve imagined undressing, and it featured a lot more of you and less him unbuttoning his shirt.

He crawled into bed before you, laying on his back as you climbed in also, kissing his cheek and turning your bedside lamp off, Steve followed suit but laid with his eyes open as you eventually drifted knowing you wouldn’t be talking or anything with Steve before bed. It’s silent in your bedroom, deadly silent and he glances down at you, sleeping curled against his arm.

He pulls the ring out from the bedside draw; he always keeps it near him, no matter what. He gave another look to you, turning to face you gently and taking your left hand in his; he pulled the ring from the box and delicately put it on the ring finger. His smile coming onto his face, he was too shy to ask you before and then Joe ruined the rest of the night, so he had nothing to lose with this.


“So, Rogers actually asked last night?” Tony asked with a joyous but amused grin for his friend, you frowned softly at your friend and boss, he pointed to your hand “that beautiful, vintage inspired, Tony helped find ring, ring.”

You pulled your left hand to your face, sure enough there sat a gorgeous, vintage ring on your finger not on any finger, your ring finger! You frowned, Steve never asked last night but it explains his behaviour last night and this morning.

Before Tony question you, you were running out and down to the training area where Steve would be with Nat, training new recruits. You burst through the door, Steve and Nat turned with a frown, the recruits also giving you a weird look and all you did was hold up your hand in mild shock and slight affection for the man before you.

“Oh, yeah, that” he pointed and you nodded, “I don’t know how to explain myself just that the night was ruined, I had this whole speech but I got all nervous, then Joe with his stupid tennis job showed up- I know it’s baseball Nat, shut up! – and then I sort of just put it on your finger and decided I had nothing to lose at this point.” He shrugged slightly embarrassed with the audience of people watching.

“You are the biggest idiot I know and love,” you sighed happily and he grinned in hope “I actually love how you done it, you didn’t even need to ask me, you should know I’d have said yes.”

He rolled his clear, blue eyes and leaned down for you to kiss his cheek, still not big on PDA despite how long you’ve been together. You grab his face in both hands, pulling him down to kiss you properly, shocked at first he eventually kissed back. Your arms wrapping around his neck as he settled his hands on your waist, kissing you with only slight tongue cause even consumed by happiness and you, he still wasn’t fond on PDA.

“I love you,” you pulled away with a grin, pecking his lips as he blushed.

“I love you too,” he leaned down and kissed you again, this time it was short and when you pulled away, you hugged Nat before saying you had to leave otherwise Stark would die without coffee.

Steve watched you leave with a dopey face on before turning back to the recruits, slightly dazed and puzzled with what he was talking about before, he shrugged and just went, “that was my finance, isn’t she gorgeous” sparking a whole lot of young males to nod in agreement, Steve had picked the first ones to train.  

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uuh i'm not sure but in my clock it hits 7am now i swear. aomine+nijimura+hanamiya+haizaki+hayama+mayuzumi accidentally thrown a basketball that hit their s/o directly in head (not their face btw) it makes them bump onto the floor and bleeding a little. haha

AOMINE: A slew of curses slipped past his lips as he hurried over towards you. He sat you up and winced at the sight of the trail of blood dripping down from your head. “Fuck, baby, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He helped you to your feet and insisted that he carried you home.

HAIZAKI: “Fucking hell.” He jogged over towards you. He didn’t expect the basketball to bounce off the ring and hit you. He shook you slightly, which wasn’t the best idea but he was Haizaki, to help you regain consciousness. “Shit, sorry. That was a complete accident. Come on I’ll take you to the doctor.”

HANAMIYA: Although Hanamiya was a relatively easygoing guy to be with, he was different when it came to your safety. “Shit, fuck, dammit.” All sorts of profanity spewed out of his mouth as he picked you up and brought you to the closest place with a first aid kit.

HAYAMA: His first instinct was to panic and that was what he did. Question and after question filled with concern reached your ears. “I’m so sorry! Can you see? Can you breathe? Do you need the hospital?” He might even start sobbing at one point, “I’m really sorry!”

MAYUZUMI: When his pass went off course and hit you smack in the head, he watched in horror as you fell back. He didn’t hesitate in dropping the game and checking on you. “I’ll help you to the nurse’s office.” Mayuzumi was surprisingly skilled and was able to patch you up in no time.

NIJIMURA: Nijimura instantly felt the guilt course through his veins. He immediately went over to you to make sure that you didn’t have a concussion before lifting you up so effortlessly and taking you to the nurse. The whole time he walked, he whispered “I’m sorry” over and over.

Jared Dunn’s sleep habits (and how they effect him)

Freshly awoken:

Appearance normal, very apologetic, will make up this lost time even if it kills him.

Normal sleep:

Adorable bean, real go-getter. Enthusiastic and helpful. Lets plenty of tragic snippets of his past slip out.

Twenty-four hours no sleep:

Appearance of a ‘comfort vest’, no visible eye rings. Still painfully optimistic.

Forty+ hours no sleep:

Still vest, appearance relatively normal but haggard. Slight eye ring. The edges of things are “getting dancy” in his words. Probably time to sleep.


Hot fuckin mess. Visible eye rings from lack of sleep. Hair is messy and unkempt. He’s rambling and saying some terrifying shit. There’s a vest again and it can’t hold in all his pain.

Plus, he’s weepy as hell:

He’s killing me.

Time to sleep: