he sleeps in the cutest ways

narnia preference: dating them would involve...

dating edmund would involve…

  • you being the one to break his shell
  • being the one person he shows vulnerability around
  • holding hands under the table
  • finding millions of ways to turn him on
  • holding doors open for you even when you’re 25 feet away
  • low-key (actually high-key) super kinky
  • threading his fingers through your hair when you’re sleeping
  • him thinking that you’re super hot when you guys are arguing but turns red at the thought and becomes an awkward, stumbling mess
  • passing cute notes in class
  • being lucy’s best friend
  • him watching you and lucy play
  • and unconsciously his mind is always thinking about you
  • because he just loves you so much

dating peter would involve…

  • lots of picking you up and spinning you around
  • mama pevensie loving you so much, she thinks of you as already being married to peter
  • leading to heated make out sessions on the kitchen countertop
  • him being such a gentlemen
  • always having his one hand on your back or around your waist
  • like he would stop and make sure you were okay
  • edmund accidentally walking in on you two
  • always finding him staring at you
  • staying home whenever you fall ill
  • being tight knit with susan
  • “because if you think about it logically – “
  • “you’re spending too much time with susan.”

dating caspian would involve…

  • lots of hugs from behind
  • lots of forehead kisses
  • him letting you run your hands through his incredibly smooth hair
  • him purposefully trying to get you mad because he thinks it’s the cutest thing
  • you being better than him wielding a sword
  • so you end up teaching him
  • his scruff tickling you
  • being close friends with reepicheep
  • going on picnics
  • okay, but the way you guys sleEP IS ADORABLE
  • him waking up before you just so he could admire you sleeping
  • cause damn
  • how did he get so lucky

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Naps, like sleeping together, NurseyDex?


  • dex sleeps on his tummy and nursey sleeps on his back
    • this means that 99% of the time, dex just ends up sprawled out on top of nursey
  • most of their naps happen in nursey’s room, bc he got blackout curtains for his windows and nursey sleeps better in total darkness
  • when it gets warm out, they like to grab a blanket and go to the quad to “study”
    • they always end up falling asleep
    • they’ve been on the ‘samwell’s cutest couples’ instagram acct like 200 times for this
  • like, 65% of the time they nap together, they wake up and dex’s hand has just found it’s way under nursey’s shirt, gently resting on his chest
  • dex can fall asleep anywhere at any time, but it takes a little longer for nursey to fall asleep
    • he likes to play with dex’s hair and count his breaths before he finally drops off to sleep
  • neither of them really like to go to sleep in complete silence, so they usually put on bob’s burgers or friends or something on the tv and just turn the volume down
  • when they nap in dex’s room, it’s usually bc they’re studying in there, and dex likes to sprawl out on his bed, and sometimes he ends up falling asleep face-first into his physics book
    • nursey will always mark the page, slide dex over onto a pillow, and cuddle up next to him
  • if they’re sleeping on the bus, dex takes the inside seat and balls a sweatshirt up to use it as a pillow, and nursey just leans over onto dex
    • so many fines
  • nursey snores a little, but dex would (privately) describe it as more of a cute snuffling
  • sometimes dex slobbers over the shoulder of nursey’s shirt, and he wakes up embarrassed abt it at first, but then nursey just goes and fucking licks the side of dex’s face and says, “we’re even now”
  • “come nap w/ me” texts are very much a thing
Good Morning (M)

Genre: S M U T 

Length: 1,000+ words

Kinks: Oppa! kink, slight exhibitionism(???) 

Disclaimer: I am extremely exhausted at the moment, so if this is bad I am so sorry lmao I just felt horrible for slacking off so much on writing and came up with this little drabble/scenario~

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“Jagi..” You could hear your boyfriend sweetly coo as he attempted to gently shake you awake, “Jagiya wake up, please..” He whined. “It’s important.” 

Despite how utterly exhausted you were, you knew he wouldn’t stop until you gave him the attention he wanted, “Ya know- you might try to act all daddy all the time and stuff, but you sure act like a child when you want attention..” You halfheartedly teased, turning to face him.

Yugyeom pouted as soon your gaze met his, “Why do you have to be so mean in the mornings babygirl?” He asked in a childish tone. 

“Because I am not a morning person. This is an ungodly hour to wake up at. For fucks sake the sun’s not even completely out yet.” A sleepy little giggle escaped your lips as you motioned over to open curtain that revealed the slight darkness outside, cuddling against him you sleepily asked, “What’s so important any-” Immediately you stop speaking as you felt exactly why he wanted you up so badly. 

His cheeks furiously blushed a bright red, biting his lower lip roughly his eyes wandered over you. Bringing his head down, his plush lips right beside your ear he softly whispered, “Please baby.. Help your precious Oppa feel good.” 

You automatically sat up on your knees, crossing your arms over your chest as you peered down at him with narrowed eyes, “Precious?’ You scoffed, “You’re anything but precious to me right now, Yuggy. I’m tired, I wanna sleep.” You pouted in the cutest way you possibly could.

Yuggy pulled the blanket off him, revealing his hardened member attempting to poke straight up; the only thing stopping it from doing so was his tight grey sweatpants. “Don’t you see how badly i want you baby?” He whined, biting his lip once more as he began to gently rub his clothed member. “Come on baby, you know Oppa can put you right back to sleep once he’s done with you.” 

Though you were completely exhausted, your body began to betray you. The familiar ache in your core ignited as soon as you could see how desperate his was for you, “Fuck..” You airily whimpered as you rolled your eyes, “We can’t though. Everyone’s here.” 

A sly, smug smile painted itself across Yugyeom’s face as his eyes continued their lustful wandering, “So?” He said with a shrug, “They’re all still asleep. You know that babe.” 

“But they’ll wake up sooner or later, if not because of their alarms then because of all the freaking noise we make.” A playful little chuckled flowed out as you crawled over to your needy boyfriend. 

Yugyeom immediately grabbed your waist and sat you on top of him; his large hands lightly caressed your curves as he began peppering candy sweet kisses along the base of your neck and collarbone. “Please baby.” He seductively whispered between each kiss. “Be a good girl for me, sweetheart- Be good for Oppa..” 

His words seemed to make you melt into his embrace, soft little whines began escaping your lips as his hands and lips began exploring your body more. “F- Fuck..” You whined, gently rocking your hips back and forth on his member.

He dragged his hands back down to your hips, roughly digging his fingertips into them as you rubbed your clothed, dripping core on him. A low growl escaped him, the urge to be inside you suddenly becoming more than overwhelming. 

Suddenly he tossed you back onto the bed, your body landing on the black sheets as he stood above you. “I need you now.” He said, gritting his teeth as he practically ripped your favorite pair of lace panties off of you. 

“Babe! those were my favorite~” You playfully whined while he hastily pulled his sweats down, his solid cock springing free as he positioned himself between your legs. 

An anxious chuckle escaped him as he grazed the tip of his member up and down your drenched slit, “I’ll get you new ones..” He looked up at you, quickly flashing a smug grin. “You’re so fucking wet princess.” He cooed, groaning loudly just as he slowly slide himself inside you. “Fuck y/n.” 

Your face contorted in sweet, divine pleasure as he began pumping his length in and out of you, “God, Yuggy~” You sweetly whined as you gripped the sheets. 

“Hush baby..” Yugyeom airily growled, “Do you want the others to hear?” 

At first you nodded, but automatically shook your head seconds after. You wouldn’t be able to face them if they heard the two of you fucking. In between your moans you weakly replied, “No, Sir..” 

“Well, too bad.. I do.” Another smug grin sprawled across his face as he picked up his speed, drilling himself inside you with each hard, long thrust. His finger tips bruisingly dug themselves into your hips. “Ask before you cum baby, got it?”

Despite how badly you tried to contain your moans, Yugyeom just wouldn’t allow it. Every second you stayed silent he fucked you harder and rougher, “F- Fuck..” You whimpered as you couldn’t contain yourself anymore, “Yugyeom!” You shouted nearly at the top of your lungs, your almost throat tearing moans now echoed throughout the dorm. 

Yugyeom threw his head back in complete pleasure, groaning as your walls tightly clenched around his cock, “Shit-” He hissed as the sensation began bringing him closer to his climax, “You gonna cum babygirl?” He breathlessly asked as he lowered himself on top of you. 

“Oh god-” You whined, nodding rapidly while loudly whimpering as the sudden slight change in his position hit your most sensitive spot perfectly. “Yes, holy shit- I’m wanna cum, please let me cum.” 

The sheer desperation in your voice nearly threw him over the edge right then and there. He roughly pressed his lips against yours, his thrusts quickly becoming sloppy, “Me too baby- “ He whimpered as he broke the heated kiss, “Me too, cum with me babygirl. Cum with Oppa..” 

And with that your body seemed to waist absolutely no time at all. Your orgasm wracked through you; turning you into a shaky, drowsy mess. “Oh- Oh god..” You whimpered as you felt your walls contract around him once more, the sensation drove your newly sensitive body crazy. Your eyes rolled back as you roughly bit your lip as your orgasm slowly came to a halt.

Yugyeom followed you over the edge seconds later, “Ahhh~” He breathlessly whined, groaning loudly as he shot his load inside you. He practically collapsed on top of you as exhaustion took over, “Holy fuck..” He said once more as he wrapped his arms around you. 

Just as you cuddled into his embrace, your sleepiness returning almost immediately, he placed a sweet kiss on the top of your head. “I love-” His sentence immediately being cut off by the sound of whispering coming from the other room.

“Hey! If you guys are done fucking now do y’all want breakfast? Mark and I are starving!” Jackson shamelessly shouted from across the hall, completely killing the moment. 

You buried your face in Yugyeom’s chest, lightly punching him as embarrassment took over. “I hate you..” You shyly teased. “How can I face them now?”

A playful smile spread across his face as he planted another kiss on your head, “Yeah! Y/n’s pretty tired out though, and she might not be able to walk right now so she’s gonna stay in bed for a while.” Your boyfriend puposely shouted back in reply. He gently cupped your chin, forcing you to look at him. a soft chuckle flowed out of him as your eyes met his. “Jagi~ How does breakfast in bed sound?” 

God did he make it hard to hate him.

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BTS - they came home late and see you sleeping in their sweatshirt.

Request: could you please do a BTS reaction to you sleeping in their sweatshirt and they see you after returning late from practice?

A/N: i’m so sorry for the delay. :(

Seokjin: You would wait for him on the couch, watching some movies, but he was late and you ended up falling asleep.
He opened the door and smiled when he saw you. “Baby… Let’s go to bed.” He said looking at you. “Oh … Okay, can you carry me?” You smiled. “Of course.” He picked you up and took you to your room. “By the way, you look so cute in my sweatshirt.”

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Yoongi: It was normal for him to be home late, you were already used to it. But you were very needy and missing him today, so you put on one of his sweatshirts and went to sleep.
When he got home, he went to the bedroom and found you asleep in his sweatshirt. He found the cutest thing in the world. He took his phone and took a picture of you, just to remember. Then he lay down to sleep with you.

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Hoseok: "Babe?“ He called when he got home. "Oh, she must be asleep by now. He spoke looking at the time. He smiled at how you were asleep.
"Hi baby, were you calling me?” You asked, sleepy. “No, you can go back to sleep, baby.” He kissed her face.

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Namjoon: He sent you a text saying that he would be home late and that it wasn’t to wait for him.

You took one of hia sweatshirts and went to bed. You fell asleep quickly.
Hours later, your boyfriend comes home and goes to the bedroom and finds his beautiful and cute girlfriend.
“Oh God, why is she so cute?!” He tells himself before he goes to bed with you.

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Jimin: You always wore his clothes, especially his sweatshirts. So, when you had to sleep alone, you get one of his sweatshirts, because they smelled like him.
He smiled at you when he got home, thinking how lucky he was to have you waiting for him and for being such a cutie. He kissed your face and lay down beside you.

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Taehyung: When he saw you were asleep in his sweatshirt, he almost had a heart attack. He found the cutest thing in the world. Seriously. He took thousands of pictures and sent them to the other members saying, “Look how beautiful my girlfriend is.” “She’s cute, ins’t she?” “OMG I love her.”

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Jungkook: His sweatshirts always got too big on you, and he loved it. You always used to sleep with one of them when you were alone, so you put it on and went to sleep.
He came home very stressed, but when he saw you sleeping peacefully, everything got better and gone. “Fuck… I love you so much, my little baby.” He smiled, lying beside you on the bed.

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requests are open.

BTS reaction to their s/o sleeping curled up like a ball

The Got7 version will be up soon! Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


He would be pouty about it, because he prefers to sleep with your head on his chest, but with the way you sleep that would be difficult. He would probably try to figure out a compromise that would make both of you comfortable.

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He also sleeps curled up in a ball and it’s adorable as fuck, so you two would either sleep completely curled up with maybe just your hands touching, or he would curl himself around you as best he could.

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As long as he could hold onto you in some way, he wouldn’t care how you slept

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He would probably wonder how you were comfortable sleeping like that and fall asleep to those thoughts plaguing his mind

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He would love this, because it was the perfect position for you to be in so that he could be the big spoon

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Knowing him, he probably sleeps in a different position every night, some weirder than others, so he probably wouldn’t think much of the way you sleep

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He would tease you about it, but secretly he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world and will just wrap himself around you when you’re in a deep enough sleep that you won’t notice. However, he would act like he had no idea what he was doing when you woke up and asked him what he was doing.

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Hey there! I love your hcs sm and I was wondering if I could get the RFA (+V/Saeran) sneaking in a kiss when MC is asleep and MC's reaction (waking up and catching them in the act) assuming they're already together? Thank u!!!

Note : Hey ! i’m back again, I thought I would come back with something cute <3


  • jaehee had had another late night and was back from work f i n a l l y
  • you had fallen asleep whilst waiting for her to get back and she just thought you  looked so cute
  • she went over to you and pulled a blanket over you bc caring and smiled a little to herself
  • sitting next to you, she played with your hair a little and just watched you sleep for a little bit
  • leaning over to you, she just kissed you quickly on the lips
  • of course, you woke up right in that moment though
  • a lot of ‘aww’ing and some teasing came from you after this
  • and of course jaehee’s face was literally bright red


  • you two had been watching a film together and were snuggled up on the sofa
  • you had fallen asleep somewhere around half way through the film though of course yoosung didn’t notice until the end
  • smiling a little, he just watched you sleep for a little bit before giving you a peck on the lips
  • though, you had woken up during the act of this and had a bright red face
  • when yoosung saw you had woken up as well, he also had a bright red face
  • you both basically just sat there for like ten minutes with red faces and it was probably the cutest thing ever


  • you two had been lying in bed having quiet conversations about the cutest things
  • hyun had been running his hands up and down your back slowly
  • and you were playing with his hair
  • though, somewhere along the way you had fallen asleep
  • hyun, on the other hand, had continued to talk for like half an hour before even noticing
  • when he did though, he just smiled a bit and kissed you on the lips for a moment
  • of course, you just so happened to wake up from this and hyun noticed
  • he decided to use a princess/prince reference because he’s just is like that
  • “sleeping beauty you’ve awoken”
  • hyun
  • “i’m not hyun, i’m your prince charming”


  • jumin had had a business trip and he was getting back today, though it was later he was getting back than he let on
  • it was around 11 pm and you had fallen asleep on the sofa whilst awaiting his return
  • when he got back, he saw you asleep and just smiled a little
  • he walked over to you and knelt in front of you, just staring at you for a bit
  • leaning over, he kissed you softly and this just woke you up
  • you were surprised, but you were happy
  • you kissed him back and you two just kinda kissed for a bit
  • it was a happy return for the both of you


  • saeyoung had been working and you were just curled up on his lap as he worked
  • somewhere along the way as he was working, you fell asleep
  • the redhead hadn’t actually noticed until he finished his work
  • though, he found you so cute
  • he just kinda kissed you without even really thinking about it
  • you woke up and his face was bright red from the realisation
  • you laughed a little at him and teased him because you were usually the one getting teased
  • of course, he just went along with it because that’s who he is


  • jihyun couldn’t really tell you had fallen asleep at first though you were just sat on the sofa cuddling
  • when he did notice you weren’t talking and kind of saw that your eyes were shut, he just smiled a little
  • he leaned over to you and just kissed you on the lips
  • you woke up during this, but he obviously didn’t notice this
  • not saying anything, you just smiled because he was just super cute and you didn’t want to ruin the moment
  • closing your eyes again, you waited a few moments before stretching your arms and ‘waking’ up
  • this boy was so c ute


  • saeran and you hadn’t really talked all day
  • he had been busy hanging out with his brother
  • and well you had had work
  • when you got home, you kinda just collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep
  • and, when saeran got home and saw you asleep in bed, he couldn’t help but go over and kiss you
  • you woke up whilst he was kissing you and smiled a little, kissing back
  • the two of you just kept kissing each other and holding each other
  • it had really been a long day and you had just missed each other
The pornstache

(A/N): I’m so sorry you guys but I’m having really bad writer’s block right now and I couldn’t even write my own requests but I was sorta feeling this one so that’s why I’m writing it right now…sorry again


Warnings: hints of smut

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @livandlilah

   (I actually thoroughly enjoy the pornstache)

  You sigh softly as you listen to the roar of the crowd, just outside the blue curtains. This wasn’t the first time you’d ever been on a talkshow but no matter how many times you were on TV you’d never get used to it. You were much more comfortable behind some glass walls, singing your little heart out, not out in the open for everyone to judge you. 

   “And please welcome our special guest (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” The curtains open and you plaster on a smile as you walk out, hoping no one could tell just how scared you were. 

   Jimmy Fallon, the host of the show you were on tonight greeted you with a wide smile and open arms. You gladly meandered into his arms, hugging him lightly as he beamed from ear to ear. 

   “It’s so glad to finally have you back on the show! It’s been what- 2, 3 years?” 

   “I think it’s been three,” You chuckle lightly, grimacing just a bit at your voice. “I’m so lazy, like it takes so much effort to put out music. You have to get out of bed, go to the studios at ungodly hours of the morning, sing for hours on end, and then repeat the whole process again,” You sigh softly, smiling just a bit. “But luckily I can look like shit and no one’s gonna notice right?” Everyone laughs at this, only partly boosting your confidence. 

   “Oh come on,” Jimmy gently smacks your shoulder. “I bet you look great,” 

   “Oh no,” You chuckle. “I look so bad in the mornings, like I’m surprised I don’t scare the shit out of my-” You pause, smiling as you think of your man back home; Sebastian. God, you loved that man more than anything. 

   “Out of your fiancee?” You nod and smile, unable to stop a blush from spreading over your cheeks. 

   “Yeah, I’m surprised he doesn’t leave me or something,” 

   “Um uh-” Jimmy chuckles, unable to even get through his sentence without giggling. “Speaking of your fiancee, aka Sebastian Stan.” At this everyone cheers, hollering and screaming at the mention of the love of your life. What made it even worse was that you knew he was watching from home, no doubt smiling as he recognized that tell tale blush of yours. “Can we just talk about his new facial hair?” At this Jimmy pulls out a picture of Seb with the mustache he’d recently been growing, a god awful pedostache. You laugh hysterically, snorting a bit as you look at the photo. 

   “Oh my god,” You laugh as you reach out and take the photo, looking at it more closely. “He looks like a poor kicked puppy,” You laugh some more, tears nearly falling from your eyes as you look at the picture. 

   “Do you kiss him with that thing?” You nod your head, still cackling at the photo. 

   “Oh it’s so great,” You giggle lightly as you pass the photo back to Jimmy. “But yes- yes I do kiss him with that thing,” 

   “Oh (Y/N),” Jimmy cringes, laughing just a bit. “It’s so bad though-” 

   “I think it’s adorable! Just look at this face!” You gesture to Seb’s face in the photo, still smiling widely. 

   “Everyone thinks it’s so awful though,” 

   “Well I think it’s absolutely adorable,” 

  “You really do?”

  “I really do,” You smile and nod affirmatively, looking at the photo again. 

  “So enough about Seb’s god awful facial hair-” Jimmy directs your attention away from the photograph and instead to an album, more specifically your album. 

   “So this is your fourth or fifth album?” Jimmy asks, giving you a slight smile. And with that conversation you delve into your interview about your most recent album. 

    You try to close your apartment door behind you quietly, hoping that you wouldn’t make enough noise to wake up Seb. It was 3 in the morning after all and after the show Jimmy had wanted you to stay and talk with him, the roots, and all the other guest stars on the show tonight. But as you open the door gently you began to realize that perhaps you may not need to be quiet after all because sitting right there on your couch is Seb, the remote to the TV clutched in his hand. 

   “Seb, What are you doing up?” You ask as you slide your shoes off, reveling in finally being free from the objective material. 

   “I was watching your show,” He mumbles sleepily as he rubs at his eyes in the cutest fashion. “I wanted to stay up and wait for you,” You smile softly as you make your way to the couch, taking a seat beside the exhausted looking Seb. 

   “You should’ve been in bed hours ago,” 

   “ ‘M fine,” Seb mumbles as he nuzzles into your neck, his mustache tickling your skin just lightly enough to border on tickling and pleasure. 

   “You’ve been up filming for hours straight, you should be resting,” 

   “I’m really fine (Y/N),” Seb smiles against your neck, his lips curling upwards wonderfully. “I don’t think I could’ve gone to sleep anyways,” 

   “How come?” You ask as you reach up to run your fingers through Seb’s wonderful hair. 

   “Well I’ve been meaning to ask you something since your show,” 


   “You really like the mustache?” Seb’s tone held just a bit of insecurity, one that you had to put a stop to immediately. 

   “Yes.” You reply quickly, almost too quickly. “I really like it, you can really rock the look,” 

   “I think you’re the only one who thinks that-” 

   “But that’s all that matters right? Who cares what your fans think, or some stupid magazine? So long as your soon to be spouse enjoys it then that’s all that matters,” Seb smiles gently as he kisses your neck softly, allowing his skin to brush against yours deliciously. 

   “That’s all that matters to me,” You sigh as his lips brush against your sweet spot with every word, each little brush of his lips sending fire to your core. 

   “You know what?” You smirk as you continue to run your fingers through Seb’s messy hair. “I think I’d like that mustache even more if you put it to good use,” Seb pulls away just a bit, looking at you with a curious look. “I bet your lips would feel incredible between my legs right now,” Is all you provide as you spread your legs apart, enticing your fiancee just a bit. 

   “Oh doll,” Seb sighs a bit as he leans down, his lips brushing by the waist band of your dress pants. “I’m gonna make you feel real good,” 

Got7 reaction to their s/o sleeping curled up like a ball

Here’s the Got7 version! Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


I feel like he wouldn’t really react in any way. To him, it’s just sleeping, doesn’t matter what position you’re in.

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I feel like the first time he saw you, he would stop and look at you in confusion before shrugging it off and climbing into bed beside you and cuddling you

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He would think it’s the cutest thing and would wake you up with his squealing every time

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^^BamBam is you


Somehow, he would find a way to make a savage comment, because he refuses to admit that he finds it absolutely adorable

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He would giggle quietly and take pictures, then call anyone else who was around to come in and look at you

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He would uncurl you and lay on your chest so you would cuddle him

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He would wonder how you were able to make yourself so small before wrapping his gigantic body around you

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“You said the cutest thing in your sleep last night.”

AUTHOR: anonymous

Bucky Barnes considered himself a very lucky man. He was an Avenger, he had an amazing family, he was no longer under the control of HYDRA and he was engaged to the love of his life, Y/N.

There was nothing about Y/N that Bucky didn’t love. He loved every little thing about you from the way your hair framed your face, to the way your favourite green dress hugged your curves perfectly, to the way your eyes would sparkle at the mention of anything related to baking or Bucky and the wedding or how you always had time for your friends and family. Bucky adored you. But there was one little quirk of yours that Mr. Barnes loved more than anything else. Your sleep talking.

You had always been a sleep talker, and no one ever thought much of it. Bucky knew you were a sleep talker but most times when he heard you, it was just incoherent mumbling. However, one night after a long romantic day together, you had soundly fallen asleep while your fiancé was in the bathroom. 

“Don’t steal my cookies” you murmured. 

Bucky thought he was hearing things but thought nothing of it as he snuggled you. 

“No! Bad sparkles! No cookies for you!” 

You murmured again. Bucky couldn’t believe you were sleeping talking, especially referring your cat as well.

“You said the cutest thing in your sleep last night" Bucky said to you the next morning as you made breakfast together. 

“And what would that be?” You asked as you kissed his cheek before turning back to the eggs on the stove-top. 

“You were going on about sparkles and your cookies” Bucky chuckled. 

At those words you blushed bright red. “In my defence sparkles shouldn’t be eating cookies in the first place” you replied as you both moved to sitting at the kitchen island. 

“I love you baby. Never change” Bucky smiled as he leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to your lips before letting you reply. 

“I love you too darling , and trust me. I don’t plan to.”

BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep.


He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. He would grin at how perfect you were, from your eyelashes to your lips barely parted letting out even breaths. He would wonder how he got so lucky, kiss your nose and drift back to sleep.

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Lets be real, he was so ready to be mad because you accidentally woke him up when you snuggled up to him. But one look at you, and he just couldn’t find it in himself, you were the one thing worth waking up for. He’d just put his arm around you and draw soothing circles on your back before falling asleep again.

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Seeing you next to him, cuddled up close, his face inches away from yours he’d lean in and just put his forehead on yours. He would try and memorize your features and how beautiful they each were, being careful not to wake you. (You’re Jimin). 

Originally posted by aegyojimin


He would feel like a 12 year old again, getting so giddy at just your lightest touch. He would look at you and smile at how content you were and wrap you in his arms, making sure you were his to keep safe. He’d brush the hair from your face before laying back contently, never once waking you.

Originally posted by y--oko


He’d freeze as soon as he woke up to you shuffling, making yourself comfortable as you latched onto him and nuzzled your face into his side. He wouldn’t dare move through fear of waking you, so he’d just lie back once you got comfortable and get lost in your small movements, the pace of your breaths and the way your hair tickled his arms.

Originally posted by suga-com


He would think your pouting, sleeping face was just the cutest thing ever and would wish he had a camera to take a picture to show you off to the boys later, despite the fact it was five o’clock in the morning. He’d just kiss your nose once you were comfortable and snuggle up next to you, putting your hair behind your ear to get a good view of how pretty your face was.

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Like Jimin, when he felt you curl up next to him, he would freeze so he didn’t wake you. But after a while, he would pluck up the courage to wrap a strong arm around you and pull you closer with his head resting on yours, slowly falling asleep to the rhythm of your breathing. This would be his face when you two woke up the next morning:

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Butterflies - Archie Andrews x Reader

Certainly a longer one for you guys. It’s a little crappy and a little pointless but I thought of this while in music class the other day and thought it was a cute idea to distract us all from the turmoil of episode 13…


Originally posted by riverdalesource

He had admired her from across the music room for months. (y/n) (l/n). With the voice of an angel and the face of one too. She was truly talented in every way, singing, piano, guitar and just her sheer ability to charm anyone. She was sweet in everyway and he couldn’t help but wonder if her lips were that sweet too; they certainly looked it.

He had completely fallen for her. Everything she did, every word she sang, everything she was. She was beginning to become his first thought in the morning and his last at night before he went to sleep and almost every thought in between. Yet, he had still never had a full conversation with you. You were alone once in the classroom when everyone had left as he helped her find her sheet music but that was it. That was enough for him to memorize her eyes and the way she did her hair in a messy bun so she could play without it getting in the way and it was adorable. Everything about her was adorable. Miniature compared to him and her smile was the cutest thing he had ever seen in his life. Yet, he still hadn’t spoken to her.

“You need to say something, bud.” Jughead slid onto the bench next to him, stuffing some cafeteria burrito into his mouth.

“He’s right you know,” Betty chimed in from behind him with Veronica and Kevin as they sat around,

“Are you still pining over piano girl?” Ronnie mocked in a baby voice, “God, Arch. I didn’t know that you could ever be so useless around a girl.” He glared at her,

“I have no idea what you are on about.” He tried to play it cool but the tiniest voice crack at the wrong moment gave him away. Not that there was much to give away.

“Oh yeah, and I have no idea that, that song is about her.” Kevin observed stealing the sheet from in front of Archie and pulling it away from reach so he and the girls could see it,

“Oh Archie you have to say something! This is all too sweet.” Betty cooed but Jugheads laughter overpowered her, “Oh Juggie, just because some guys are romantic.” Betty sighed mockingly,

“I am mysterious and girls love that more.” He smirked before winking at her.

“This is all well and good guys but I am not talk to her. Now or anytime soon.”

“you could ask her to the dance!” V piped up getting all excited,

“Great idea!” Archie mocked, “When you find any reason for her to like me, let me know and I’ll go for it.” He sighed in defeat. If he was true to himself that was the real reason he had never gone up to her, they had never spoken and normally it was girls who came up to him and her? well she was not that kind of girl. She hung around with Ethel, not the vixens. She wore oversized cardigans, not mini skirts and her top knot was haphazard, not 3 hours worth of styling but all this just made her so much better than any of them. She was who she wanted to be, not who someone like Cheryl wanted her to be or how people said she should be, she was just herself and that’s how he wanted her.

One thing he never understood was that she spoke to everyone, except him. She was one of them people who didn’t have a ‘group’ she kind of floated between people with everyone liking her. One day she could talk to the geeks and the next be tutoring Reggie Mantle in science only to be back with musical theatre kids by lunch helping with rehearsals but she never spoke to this group. Ever. He had never understood why she had avoided them, he was sure that they had never done any wrong to her but she would almost always leave class quickly to avoid him.

As far as Archie knew, she was single but he couldn’t understand why. Half the boys in the football team adored her and not in some demeaning way. If they didn’t think of you as a sister to protect, they wanted to take you out for dinner. She managed to bring out the soft side of even the biggest guys in the school ad he could never figure out how, bur she certainly did it to him.

She found solitude in music and she would only practice in the theatre without anyone listening. 

Little did she know that Archie had found this out, he had been working to keep up with the rest of the music class that he had managed to join late. He had come across your secret practice sessions after looking for Valerie. 

She was too into her music to notice Archie staring from the back, and too focused to notice when Archie came in, even taking a seat and listening to the end of her piece. 

She played her last note, her eyes still closed…that is until he started to clap. When her eyes flew open she made eye contact instantly with Archie and paled dramatically,

“Sorry, I’ll be going I didn’t know you were in here…”
“No, no it’s fine.” He panicked a little, this was his only chance to talk to her, “please stay, for once?” she looked like a rabbit in the headlights but he had never seen her that way. She was normally confident, loud and cheery but this was so much different - as if she was scared of him but she nodded anyway still standing in the same spot clutching her sheet music, “look, I don’t know if you know me I'm…”
“Archie. Archie Andrews.” The fact she knew who he was made him smile stupidly, “I’ve seen you in music class.” she said quietly, “I'm…”
“(y/n). I know.” Archie looked down sheepishly at his feet as he said it, kind of glad she never brought up his football, when he was around her all he cared about was music, “I have been wondering if maybe…” he trailed off not really knowing where he was going with this.

“Maybe what?” she asked kindly, making her way down the stages stairs and to the auditorium where he stood,

“You would help me study. Music I mean, I was late starting.” He mentally kicked himself for chickening out but he now knew the real reason all the big guys went soft on her, her eyes were like molten pools that seemed to shine. She smiled innocently, everything about her was innocent she didn’t seem to be corrupted like most of the people in this town,

“Of course,” she said softly and with what he thought (and hoped) was a hint of disappointment. Turning, she went back up onto the stage to the piano and took her seat once again beckoning him to follow. He stood awkwardly behind her until she sifted over ever so slightly allowing him to sit beside her, “What do you need help with?” she pulled out her sheet music once again and placed it on the stand before tucking a pencil behind her ear,

“have you ever considered teaching someone piano?” he asked skeptically,

“I can try my best” she smiled before she started talking again but he zoned out watching the way her lips moved or how her long, delicate fingers would move across the keys with no visible effort. It wasn’t until she took his hand in hers placing it on the keys beneath hers did he snap out of it. His heartbeat elevating like never before as he turned to look at her his hand still under hers, playing keys he had never used before and playing music they were making together as she finally turned too look at him, their faces astonishingly close to one another,


“I would very much like to admit that I think you’re beautiful.” He didn’t fully know where the confidence came from, perhaps it was the feeling of her hand on his but he moved, reaching his hand up to remove the pencil from behind her ear and admired how her hair fell with it. Pushing it back he glanced at her lips, “I would also very much like to kiss you.” She didn’t say anything. She simply leaned into him, pushing her lips against his softly as if she was once again scared so he pressed himself further into her, wrapping his hand into her hair as he had dreamed of doing for the months he had admired her before she pulled away but stayed close to him, “Why did you stay away from me?” he asked timidly, so not to upset her after their moment,

“because it would have been hard to sit there and be close to you and not kiss you.” she murmured in reply, shocking him,

“Wait, what?” he moved a little further away to look at her, his hand still playing with her hair,

“maybe it was your laugh, or your eyes, or your smile. It could have been your hair, or your voice, or your personality. Whatever it was, it made me fall pretty damn hard.” she confessed looking into his eyes intently making him kiss her again, making her gasp a little in shock but returning the chaste kiss,

“Why didn’t you tell me all of this, instead of running away?” he looked confused like a lost puppy and tilted his head a little, “Why did you avoid me?”

“Because, for the first time, I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.” she admitted, turning back to look at the keys, Archie placing his hand on hers once again but this time on his lap, “so I listened to you singing from afar, in the common room, in class, when you were with your friends. And I would come to your football games, I would watch from the side of the bleachers where I couldn’t be seen by the other players for once. I mean, I love them guys, they were good to me but they weren’t you.”

“Wait, what?”

“Archie, I’m a pretty loud outgoing person but around you? You reminded me what butterflies felt like and I could never stop loosing my breath when I saw you looking back at me. That day when you helped me in music? Nothing could beat the butterflies I felt when I was around you. You made me feel a kind of happiness I’ve never experienced before.” He looked at her falling more in love with her by the second, by every word she said,

“Butterflies, eh?” he smirked a little making her laugh quietly, “So I guess what I felt wasn’t just a crush?”
“Never just a crush” she looked up at him, her eyes shinning in a completely different way, in a better way, “anyway, music” he smiled like an idiot,

“Right, music.”

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Sex & relationship w/ submissive Roman would include:


- clingy af but in a cute way??

- needs to sleep next to you, like he can’t go to sleep unless you’re by his side.

- cuddly af

- highkey feel like he’d love being the little spoon when you guys cuddled?? Like even though it totally doesn’t seem like him, I totally feel that way.

- he would 100% sleep on you omg it’d be the cutest thing

- he’d pout to get his way

- pillow talk 24/7

- reassuring talks when he’s feeling bad about himself

- his cute pure smile?? omg????

- he would literally be the cutest as a sub in general omg

- I highkey feel like you’d compliment him 24/7 bc you love his reaction & his smile & his blush.


- can y'all just imagine him moaning & whimpering & crying???? omg…

- he’d beg you to fuck him omfg…

- he’d be such a slut for praise omg

- he LOVES when you use pet names during sex

- he’d love bondage

- edging him nearly 24/7

- when you weren’t edging him, you loved to overstimulate him & have him come multiple times - to the point where he was crying for you to stop

- ^^^ def writing that btw bc OMG

- you love it when he’s vocal, when he doesn’t hold back his moans and curses.

- on the rare moments when he tried to be quiet, you’d be cruel & make sure he made noise.

- “You trying not to moan, baby? Just let go,” you’d drawl in his ear as you grind on his dick. You continued doing so as you trailed kisses and bites from his neck down to his collarbone. Moans and groans fell from his lips as his strong arms reached to hold you close.

- aftercare whenever you were too rough with him

- even if you didn’t go too rough on him & he insisted that he was just fine, you’d take it upon yourself to make sure he wasn’t too sore or anything

- when you saw him bruised more than usual from sex, you felt guilty. He’d have to reassure you that he was fine and that he’s dealt with worse.

- massages

- you’d set up a bath for the two of you, where you’d do his hair & give him a massage

- the night would def end in sweet cuddling while you fell asleep.

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You’re the Cutest

request: hello i was wondering if you could write a sirius x reader where they’re still in hogwarts and its their 3 year anniversary and its just fluff and cuteness ???

thanks so much for requesting!!! hope u like it! xx

You placed your Divination textbook next to you on the Gryffindor common room couch and ran your hand over your face, relieved that you had finally finished your homework. Yes, learning about looking into the future and astrology was a lot more fun than sedimentary rocks and geometry in muggle school, it was still as stressful.

You had zoned out, staring into the crackling fire and admired it. Everything was peaceful until the door swung open and tons of loud noises erupted in the room. You didn’t even have to turn your head to know who it was, nobody did in fact. You three best friends and your boyfriend sat on the couch with you or the near by chairs.

“How was your day m’lady?” Sirius, your boyfriend, asked you while wrapping his arm around our shoulder. You laid your head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

“Good. School is annoying but what else is new.” You answered, closing your eyes and taking in his wonderful scent, you were meaning to ask him what cologne he uses.

With his free hand, he grabbed yours and started playing with your fingers, intertwining them and such. He ran his hand across your soft smaller ones and lifted it up and brought a kiss to the top of your hand before finishing those kisses on your cheeks and forehead and nose, and wherever else he could put them easily.

“Why are you so touchy-feely today?” You asked him, giggling a little and scrunching your nose up a bit in delight.

“Trust me (Y/N), it wasn’t just you. He started copping up a feel on me in the middle of Defense!” Remus exclaimed, acting serious. Sirius gave him a slight glare before laughing and throwing a pillow his way. “You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Black.”

“Shove off.” Sirius answered, rolling his eyes and flipping him off. “I need time alone with my girl.” In which your heart fluttered when he said “my girl”.

You buried your face in his shoulder and smiled against his neck.

“You’re the cutest. I’m so lucky to have you.” Sirius spoke into your hair after he laid his head on top of yours. You blushed furiously and smiled even bigger.

“Look who’s talking. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect everything.” You responded.  

“We’ll leave you two love bird alone so I can go upstairs and tell Moony and Wormtail how luscious their hair is and how hot their bodies are. So good night!” James joked, walking upstairs and the two other boys laughing behind him but following.

“Just alone time.” Sirius commented, winking at you. You laughing and shook your head.

“Every other Gryffindor is bound to come in at some point and plus, I was enjoying the cuddling.” You said, snuggling more into his side. You felt his body vibrate, indicating that he was laughing.

“Ugh, I love you. Happy three year anniversary babe.” And along with that he pulled out a small necklace with a sterling silver paw print. You smiled and held it carefully in your hand, examining it.

“This is so beautiful Sirius, thank you so much. I love you too.” You responded graciously and handed him your present which was a new watch, which he loved.

Imagine after high school, before the road trip:

  • The boys lying in Noctis’s bed
  • (and let’s face it, Prompto more or less lives there at this point, much to Ignis’s delight dismay)
  • It’s 4 AM, and Noctis can’t find sleep for the life of him
  • But the moonlight peeks through a crack in the curtains and illuminates Prompto’s back in such a way that it offers Noctis a view that he hasn’t ever been able to take advantage of before.
  • Prompto is covered in freckles and Noctis thinks it might actually be the cutest thing ever next to his smileeyeslaugheverythingaboutPromptoisfuckingprecioushelphim.
  • He’s never noticed before because Prompto is only now starting to become confident enough in his body to sleep without a shirt on
  • (despite having been fully nude with him on countless occasions over the last four years but Noctis isn’t one to drag up painful details)
  • So he really looks at him, watches him as his body rises and falls in time with the softest of snores, and slides up closer behind him.
  • Before he knows it he’s tracing his name in the freckles.
  • Though maybe subconsciously he knows he’s putting his mark on him.
  • And he smiles, maybe even blushes a little.
  • Perfectly content.
  • Prompto is everything to him.
  • He doesn’t ever want there to be a day when he can’t wake up next to him, can’t kiss the back of his neck tenderly and stir him to kiss those sleepy eyes and pouty lips.
  • Noctis thinks maybe he’s been in love with him all this time, but in this moment he knows.
  • And by the way Prompto wordlessly smiles up at him and kisses him back, maybe he knows, too.

(As a note, and I really shouldn’t have to say this, but please ask my permission if you want to use these little bits for your own stories. I’d be more than happy to discuss it further with you if you want. I promise I’m actually very accommodating. Thank you.)

anonymous asked:

Hello ladies! Was wondering if you know any fic where Stiles (or Derek) has a cat? ♥ thank you so much ♥

You enjoy these fics meow, Nonny ;) All Sterek cause I got that vibe it was what you wanted -Emmy

Originally posted by keanumovie

Mistakes by inatshej

(1,410 I Teen I Complete) 

Stiles hears sorry, which, yeah, sorry. Five letters of fucking nothing. But Derek starts talking about the fire – the anger – the bad place he’s been in, the mistakes.

The Curious Case of Miguella the Cat by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane) 

(2,165 I Mature I Complete) 


To me, You are Purrfect by A Fire in the Attic 

(2,392 I General I Complete) 

When Derek wakes up, there’s a cat in his apartment. “Oh,” he says. Because it’s not just a cat, it’s a pregnant cat. A pregnant cat giving birth. “Oh.”

Donutella and Her King by ashinourhearts 

(2,810 I Not Rated I Complete)

A cat found Derek. That’s it. Because Derek Hale and a kitty.

Take This Heart Away by LupusScintilla (Clandestinux) 

(2,860 I General I Complete)

Derek swallowed and said quietly, “I think. I, um.” This was far more difficult to say that he’d thought it would be. He’d been dealing with the situation for almost two weeks. He’d practiced saying what he needed to tell Dr Deaton in the mirror last night and this morning, but he couldn’t manage to find the words now.


This work is un-beta’d.
There is nothing graphic about the medical examination. There is some discussion of bodily functions and medications.

Take Out Turkey Day by captaintinymite (augopher) 

(3,071 I Teen I Complete)  *human au, College student!Stiles

Graduate Student Stiles Stilinski is  alone as he studies in New York- well, aside from his only friend in the City. Derek lives in the same apartment building, and circumstances mean they will both be spending Thanksgiving alone. When Derek suggests they spend it together, Stiles jumps on the idea.

The only problem? Neither one of them can cook.

Episode Five - (You Are Incredibly) Pawsome! by GeeGollyWiz13 

(3,106 I Mature I Complete)   *roommates au

Scott and Stiles get a kitty. It’s a demon. It spills cups, bites Scott (who thinks it’s totally adorable), and prefers using the shower as a litter box. But for some insane reason, Derek is totally in love. With the cat.

Here Kitty Kitty by youfluttermywings 

(3,147 I General I Complete)

Derek finds an abandoned kitty in the back of an alleyway.

It may not look perfect, but to him it is.

It’s also named Mr Bubbles.

Stiles thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

Mine by alisvolatpropiis 

(3,166 I Explicit I Complete)   *hunter!Stiles

Stiles isn’t sure what he’s more surprised by when he wakes in the morning: that he slept better than he has in ages with Derek in his bed, or that Derek stayed the night at all. The relief he feels when he sees him there, sleeping comfortably, almost serenely, is palpable. They’re facing each other, close but not touching, and Stiles takes advantage of Derek’s slumber to watch him openly, taking in each exquisite line and curve of his chiseled face, the way his mouth is soft but still slightly downturned, long eyelashes lying delicately across his smooth skin. He’s astonishing.

And Home Before Dark by verity 

(3,175 I General I Complete)

The mystery of the absent Hale brother was hardly a mystery at all until he appeared at last, set on taking up residence out in the woods.

(In which Derek is a hedgewitch. With a cat.)

For Whom the Cat Meows by FireWithFire 

(3,566 I Mature I Complete)

Derek finds a kitty. Kitty hates Derek. Stiles has to help. It’s like the most twisted game of Rock-Paper-Scissors they’ve ever had to play.
Fluff ahead, because we all suspect that Derek may have a little bit softer side.
Does he?

Fish Died on Me by Mareridt 

(3,745 I Teen I Complete)

Derek stayed silent for a long minute. “Your best friend named his fish… Fish?” Stiles nearly brained himself on the counter. “This is really all you got from my speech?” he asked, not believing his luck. Derek leaned toward him, resting with his arms folded under him. “Well, it’s not like the part where you asked me to save your life was that interesting” he deadpanned.

The Heart May Be a Lonely Hunter, But the Cat Isn’t Anymore by BarlowGirl 

(4,611 I Teen I Complete) 

“Kind of an ugly thing, isn’t it?” Stiles asks.  Derek turns a glare on him. “Why are you even here?”  Stiles grins. “Because you plus a kitten is hilarious, Danny Zuko,” he says, reaching over and scratching the kitten’s neck.  The thing takes a swipe at him and takes a chunk of his arm with it. Stiles jolts backwards, trips over his own feet, and ends up on his ass on the floor.  Derek looks back at Deaton. “How would I go about keeping her?” Or: The one where Derek gets a kitten because of reasons.

Triple Trouble by GameCake 

(4,971 I Teen I Complete)

Of all the things Derek expected upon waking up, what happened was not it.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis 

(7,155 I Explicit I Complete)  *college au, accidental relationship

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

The Whole Glass of Water by ladyblahblah 

(8,045 I Teen I Complete)  *no pairing, suicidal thoughts, depression

Derek stands frozen for a moment, disbelieving, before his hands come slowly forward.  Its fur is surprisingly soft, and he buries his fingers in it as he strokes his way down its back.  He catches its hindquarters on instinct when it springs out of the cage and onto his chest, shoving it face cold nose-first into the crook of his neck, and beneath the rumble of its purrs Derek can still make out the careful ticking of its heart.

If he leaves it here, it’s going to die alone.  It’s a sentence he knows all too well.

“What sort of paperwork do you need me to fill out?”

Thoroughly Disarmed by Ionaonie 

(9,303 I General I Complete)

Stiles goes round to Derek’s place to investigate why the Pack have been banished from the loft. The reason is adorable.

Feline Persuasion by rensahannou (asmalltigercat) 

(15,033 I Teen I Complete)

Derek doesn’t need to worry about the cat living under the porch at his family’s old house, it’s just—Derek’s just used to worrying about things.

Double Negatives by coffeeinallcaps 

(16,337 I Explicit I Complete)  *human au, coffee ahop au

Derek and Laura run a pure food store and coffeehouse. There’s this boy Stiles who’s a regular customer. He’s infuriating, of course, but there’s something about him.

Cat Got Your Tongue by  sysrae

(18,243 I Explicit I Complete)   *human au, college au, professor!Derek

Derek is having a bad day and breaks down on a stranger’s doorstep.
Stiles is the stranger. He really doesn’t mind.
Also, there’s a cat.

The Skies Above are Blue by Trelkez 

(95,258 I Mature I WIP)  *human au

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

MONSTA X SCENARIO: What kind of kissers and cuddlers they have

I can’t even believe I’m posting this reaction, I have been writing it since february! And let me know if any of you live in Tennessee, I’m going to move next month.

Shownu: Even with all his manly way, Shownu would love to make you his pillow and to look at you with a smile on his face and eventually say “you’re so cute”, but in reality he’d be the cutest. At sleep time he’d be the big spoon, but actually would (falta um verbo aqui) almost on top of you and hug you too hard without realizing it. And all this would happen away from the public looks, after all, hold your hand and kiss you on the cheek would be the most he could do.

His kisses at the first would be soft and gentle, his hands on your waist (not too low), he’d prefer pecks, but with the time he’d give deeper kisses, like when he comes home after a long tour and presses you against the hall’s wall, one of his hands on your face, while your tongue fight against each other.

Wonho: When it comes to Wonho would be really difficult to say what is the exact type of cuddle he has, because he’d be very variable, all would depend of his mood. Some days he simply would be playful and like to tickle you and then give you a hug and kiss all over your face, already in others he’d simply like to watch a drama movie with his head on your lap while you play with his hair, and other days would be more than cuddles.

He’s the one who always pull you closer and starts the kiss, would pass his hands all over your body and mess your hair while sucks and bites your lips. He’d love to give you a lot of pecks, playing with you and getting you even a little angry.

Minhyuk: He’d love cuddles way too much, to have you on his arms, feeling your presence and smell, but, unless he’s tired, Minhyuk wouldn’t be quiet for a long time, would want to touch, kiss, tickle and mess your hair. And in the end cuddles with him would be the best thing ever.

His kisses would be really cheesy, he’d like to give you several baby kisses and kisses on the cheek. He would have a radiant smile on his face (because he’s a ball of sunshine). He’d kiss you a lot and in the most random moments and then say ‘I love you’, ‘cause he really loves you and just wants to be close to you all the time.

Kihyun: I imagine him being a little shy and taking some time to get used to cuddle you, and even after years of relationship he’d be careful. Not that he doesn’t like it, but he wants to give you and have his own personal space, but in the end he’d hug you tight (in the bed or the sofa) and watch you while passing his hand through your hair and face.

When we talk about kissing, I can see him talking more than doing it. Like, he’d be really nervous to start a kiss and would be shy about it too, and things would happen in a slowly away, until Kihyun get used to it. And when this boy gets used… Get ready because almost every kiss will be intense and passionate.

Hyungwon: You all know… nap cuddles! Hyungwon looks like the type who wouldn’t like to cuddle all the time, he has his own space and wants to keep that almost always, but when you two go to bed he’d see you as his teddy bear and keep you close. He’d be this guy who would show affection not with skinship, but with actions, like trying to cook breakfast for you or put an umbrella on your bag (cause he knows that you would forget it).

About kisses, he loves it. His kisses are really gentle and soft because every single kiss is special to him and he wants to show you his feelings through it. Passionate and intense kisses would happen after a long time without seeing each other or after a world tour and I feel like he’d need to feel you, your body.

Jooheon: This guy wouldn’t care if you are at home, at your parent’s house or even in a restaurant, he just wants to cuddle with you the most he can, because every time you two have to be apart from more than one day he’d miss you so much that he will compensates you all at once. He’d love to back hug and squeeze you, would keep looking at you all the time and then give you a lot of kisses. Big spoon or small spoon? It doesn’t matter for him if you are there.

And talking about kisses, Jooheon would be a tease. Would bite your lips really hard a looot - cause he loves the face you do after that and how you try to do the same -, he wouldn’t want to be in command all the time, so kisses between you two would be leading in differents ways and in that way relationship never get boring.

 I.M: I just think that cuddles with I.M are just a mix of two things, fun intense and funny. Like, it’d be a really sentimental moment when he suddenly tells you a joke or something disgusting, but, as strange as it is, it turns out to be a way that you two get even closer and intimate, this is the real Changkyun.

He’d want to watch a movie with you (a horror movie) and cuddle during all the time, cause he loves to feel his skin with your and have you so close. Sometimes he’d be shy too, the first few times he’d ask about everything, but this time thing gets better.

Changkyun looks like the type of guy who would put both hands on your face and pull you closer and then give you sweet kisses, with his heart on his eyes, because he loves you so much. After all he’d like to touch your face, hair and neck while kisses you passionately, what happens at last once in a day, he just loves to kiss you almost all the time.

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some Hakyeon headcanons

•  the beauty of Hakyeon is his skin
•  since you’re always pestering him about what he does for his skincare routine, he’s finally like “ughhhhhh okay imma buy you all these products and maybe you’ll look as perfect as me”
•  he’s grown accustomed to you taking his sass and attitude as a joke
•  so when he does it to other people or the members, yall always laugh bc they get offended easily
•  he’ll drop everything and go shopping with you if he’s free
•  asks you opinion on anything that catches his eye, but there’s really no point bc he’s buying it anyway
•  you know that thing he does to his members where he grabs the back of their necks lovingly and starts scolding them
•  yeah he does that to you
•  only he does it hella gently, when you’ve made him proud or really happy
•  like he’ll start softly massaging your neck while giving you that breathtaking smile and he leans in to kiss your neck and cheek
•  making up silly dances while attempting to cook together
•  when you’re too tired to do anything like even getting up to take a shower, he’ll offer to run you a bath
•  and he’ll jump in with you and starts lathering your skin
•  like he won’t even do it to start anything or be sexual, he just loves taking care of you
•  ngl…..when your friends see yall together being all cute and perfect, they all assume that you’re getting married
•  and why not tbh he’s the perfect husband material
•  he rubs you’re tummy if you’re having any aches or just not feeling well
•  “wanna go out to eat, baby, or do you wanna stay in?”
•  when he’s put too much lotion on, he’ll grab your hands and rub the lotion in and tbh hand massages by him feel so nice I bet
•  he dies a lil inside when you move his hair aside and kiss his pretty forehead
•  his head always finds its way to the crook of your neck when he’s sleeping and it’s the cutest thing
•  he can’t ever let go of you when you’re both napping
•  “Hakyeon, you’ll get hot in like 5 minutes if you keep cuddling me” “idc just hold me and play with my hair please”
•  honestly sometimes it stuns him that you’re even willing to put him as your priority
•  so out of nowhere he’ll get all deep and tells you that you mean the world to him, he gets a little emo when you grab his hand and smile tho
•  you’re probably one of the very few people that he goes to when he’s having problems without hesitating
•  so please take care of cha cha 💗

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husband | jongin

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  • first things first
  • monggu gets his own room
  • really caring??? would already be doing things for u before u could even ask
  • a really simple, stereotypical happy marriage
  • still loves holding u in any way possible
  • still incredibly sweet to u about everything
  • he thinks ur the funniest and cutest like !!! 
  • used to poke ur cheeks as ur bf but NOW he rubs ur cheeks and pats them a lot
  • even more koala like than before
  • always doing the most to keep u happy
  • would move ur arms around and make u do dances when ur in front of him
  • um i cant think this might be really short
  • always kisses ur forehead before he sleeps
  • ur basically inseparable best friends who just happened to be married
  •  a lot of simple dates but theyre really romantic
  • if u wake up before him hed come find u and lean his forehead against the back of ur shoulder for like 30 mins before his sleepy ass finally realises its living time
  • ur mom tries to steal him from u
  • stares at u a lot and is just like….iloveuxoxo

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Hey doll! Congrats on reaching your first milestone! You're my favorite writer on this site and I would really love it if you would do 28 and Jin for the drabble game! You can choose the AU! Thanks for doing this for us beautiful, you're the best! ❣️

thank you so much, you’re so so kind and i really hope you like it! i made it bestfriends!au, hope that’s okay! 

28. “You have a boyfriend…” 


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dating nct jaehyun!!!1!1!

• you guys are super cute
• jaehyun always smiles when he’s w you, not just any smile but he whole, cresent eyes, and the cute, well defined dimples
• he really likes being lowkey w you like
• “hey…,,,, wear a black and white striped shirt tomorrow” “,,,,,ok???”
• the next day
• “oh,,, my,,,, i- we didn’t even realize!!!! haaaa, we’re so perfect for each other”
• he’s awkward in a really non awkward, cute way
• it’s confusing
• it’s like he’s your best friend that happen to be dating and kissing on basis and hugging
• he doesn’t do cheesy things like put your name in his IG bio or anything, but he does make you his profile picture on his social media sites
• there’s some weird shit going on in his lil perv brain
• omg ok when nct u debuted you were like “hoLY- shiT. bABY DO U LOOK GOOD OR DO U LOOK GOOD”
• he’s super tall so you kinda, cling to him but he doesn’t care he likes it
• k he loves kissing you sm sm sm sm
• he kisses the top of your head a lot tho
• ok first kiss time w jaehyun!!!!
• ok so what happened was you were just chilling on the nct boys’ dorm couch
• and the sm BABy rookiES. were like “noONA. LET’S WATCH A MOVIE” and you were like “daMNBOYS. OK”
• jaemin, the princess himself, chose sleeping beauty.
• and at that very moment jaehyun came in the living room and was like “lol what are u guys doing w my girlfriend” and just plopped down in between you and jaemin and jaemin was like “hyuNG. wyD.”
• so it went like, donghyuk, jeno, jaemin, jaehyun, you and jisung.
• the first 4 boys were like, so INDULGED IN THE MOVIE, BUT you and jisung were like “lol lol lol we saw this like 40 times together already let’s just goof off” and you just kept squishing his cheeks being like “ugh jisung u’re like 3 what are u doing in an entertainment company i should be baby sitting you and be feeding u mushed up bananas”
• and jaehyun looked over at you and you whispered to jaehyun while squishing jisung’s cheeks and you were like “omg look at this literal baby jae”
• and jaehyun smiled bc goodness you’d be the most embarrassing mother to you and jaehyun’s children
• and then jisung fell asleep and you got bored and fell asleep with him while leaning on jaehyun’s shoulder
• “WHAT HAPPENED” and you screamed
• and the 2000 boys were like “HYUNG WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER” and he was like “whAT- WHY DO YOU ALL BLAME ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING”
• and so you just hugged jisung and told him to go back to sleep but he was all shaken up
• and jaehyun just “oK. LET ME. JUST. GO TO MY ROOM.”
• but then 2 minutes later he motioned w his hand for you to come into the room
• and all the babies got up and started following you to his room and jaehyun was like “why- NOT ALL OF YOU. JUST HER. YOU GUYS-”
• a unison of “ooohhhhhhhh” from all the boys who go back to the couch
• and you got into the room and he closed the door and you were thinking “crap”
• but he very awkwardly was like “uh so… uh”
• “a dream??? uh well, did you, enjoy it?”
• “what?”
• “um” and he kinda, walked closer towards you and you just stayed there and he got crazy close to you and he put one of his hands on your cheek and another one on your hip and put his lips on yours and you hesitantly kissed back and put your arms around his neck and sjdjrjejf
• then he gently took his lips off of yours and smiled and he just kinda laughed and it was so cute honestly
• and you coughed and was like “um, uh, we should, take the boys, out of ice cream or something they…they wanted ice cream”
• and he put his arm around your shoulders and was like “alright”
• and fast thinker jaemin was like “hA. LOL. STUPiD US. JENO YOUR CONTACTS AREN’T HERE”
• “me-? oh- Oh YEAH MY CONTACT-”
• “jeno, you don’t wear contacts.”
• “you guys still gonna buy us ice cream or” cause all donghyuk wanted was some ice cream
• y'all did end up getting ice cream tho bc you love jisung sm, he’s you and jaehyun’s baby and he wanted ice cream
• it was a fun day
• ok when firetruck came out you went nuts
• ok you once found an old predebut video of him having a full on conversation by himself in english in his english class and you sent it to him
• he didn’t reply for like, 12 hours
• he cooks for you and you guys cook together sometimes it’s great
• you wear his sweaters sometimes and it’s so cute he loves it you look so tiny
• jaehyun made you cry once
• you guys were best friends first before you guys started dating
• he’s so modest it makes you ejdjfjfk
• ok jaehyun, not to be weird, but he gets boners a lot
• you pretend not to notice sometimes bc “jaehyun come on this happened on stage too you gotta chill man i know you’re growing up and you cant help it and all but-”
• but sometimes you just laugh and give him a small kiss on the cheek and continue doing what you were doing or something bc yoU GUYS AREN’T GONNA DO IT EVERYTIME HIS FRIEND ACTS UP DOWN THERE
• ok but he gets needy he just, hugs you a lot and back hugs you when he NORMALLY REALLY DOESNT, and he kisses you and whispers in your ear and, hM. IT’S TEMPTING BUT YOU’RE A STIFF STONE YOU’RE “you’re cute”
• you guys watch nct life together
• when he sleeps over/when you sleep over it’s so fun you always ask him to sing you to sleep and he does sing and skdkf
• but honestly most of the time y'all are gummy bears, potato chips, video games, dance breaks, and candy till 4am
• lol ok he looks at you, the same way he looks at honey butter chips and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing
• johnny always messes w jae like “yoUR BAE OR HONEY BUTTER CHIPS JAEHYUN. ANSWER ME. 3, 2, 1. OHHHHH”
• ok jaehyuns lock screen is a picture of you and him together, smiling and laughing at your favorite coffee shop that yuta took when he was with hansol.
• ok so yuta and hansol were stalking you, but the way they put it was “we were not stalking you we were following you to make sure that you were being nice kids and just going on clean, 18 and under age dates.” and while they were behind the bushes, they saw you and him laughing at something and you two looked so cute that yuta snapped a pic and sent it to jaehyun and hansol was like “…wait. YUTA-” and then at that very moment jaehyun and your heads turned and you two made eye contact w hansol and yuta who was awkwardly standing behind the bushes of the coffee shop.
• it was a weird day
• jaehyun’s home screen is a picture of you sleeping, your hair in your face, your mouth kind of open, your cheek squished up from the pillow under your cheek and you hate it but he thinks it’s the cut e s t thing e v e r. it’s his favorite picture of you.
• he loves feeding you and being fed like he’s kinda shy about it but he loVES. IT.
• jaehyun doesn’t really get jealous, i mean, he does like any other guy, but he prefers to talk it out with you and ask you directly rather than keeping his emotions and questions to himself and hurting both himself and you and the relationship.
• he pretends you’re his giant teddy bear
• he likes it when you sit on his lap
• he does aegyo when you’re sad or when he wants something and you’re like “uGHWHAT”
• he loves spooning well, not spooning but, he just likes holding on to you while you’re both laying down
• he loves it when you touch his hair and play with it
• he catches all the bugs and when you’re scared he’s like “iTSOK I GOT YOU”
• when you’re cold, he doesn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and give it to you
• or when you’re like “oh no you’re gonna be cold ill be fine” he just let’s you sit in between his legs and he just drapes around you like a giant blanket
• ok your selfies are so cute it could be super casual where to u’re wearing normal clothes and just smiling or you guys could be wearing weird clothes that look like you’re about to go on stage to perform for lady gaga, sticking your tongues out, they’re all cute, super cute
• you guys say “i love you” when you’re in the mood for it meaning like, you guys would be watching TV then it’d get boring and you guys would just be smiling and really quiet and then he’d say “i love you” really quietly and pat your head.
• he talks in 3 different languages
• now he’s learning chinese from winwin and kun and his chinese classes so, 4 LANGUAGES. Y A Y.
• you saw jaehyun in a suit, once.
• once was enough.
• “stoooooooop”
• you guys never stop smiling around each other
• you guys, barely fight/argue
• he once took advice from johnny and, “went for it” aka took your head band to wash his face without getting his bags wet.
• “she won’t notice” he said. “she won’t laugh” he said. “SHE WON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND KEEP THEM FOREVER.” HE SAID

• he lied. johnny lied. and johnny’s the one that told you about the head band thing, allowing you to get the picture in the first place.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS WAS I HAD TO START THIS OVER AGAIN LIKE, 6 TIMES WHEN I WAS ¾ DONE BC I KEPT CLICKING THE BACK BUTTON AND SJDJJFKG i feel like this one isn’t as good as the other ones bc i restarted it so many times omg but yES. bias wrecker af jaehyun yes thank u for existing u wonderful human being//giraffe.