he sleeps alone

My Yuri on Ice!! Headcanons.

• Viktor has a hard time sleeping alone, since he’s so used to sleeping with his dogs. So when he traveled with Yuri he sleeps in the same bed room with him. Which is also why he usually naps last minute during his competitions before coaching Yuri. Because he can’t sleep easily alone. He’s also loves to cuddle in his sleep. 

• Pichit s great with kids, because he has a big family and he would often volunteer to babysit his younger relatives/siblings/neighborhood kids. 

• Yurio secretly loves being pampered especially by his grandpa. Also Yurio will sometimes wonder what’s like to be a big brother whenever he sees the triplets or any children. 

• Whenever Leo sees a cute plushie he’ll straight away thinks of Guang Hong and gifts it to him. Guang Hong is pleased with this. While Guang Hong loves making homemade treats for Leo in return. 

• Georgi might be emotional on the ice but whenever someone asks for his help he’s actually pretty helpful, supportive, caring, mature and level headed. Also he actually has shoulder length hair, he just really likes to style it that way. So whenever he’s at home relaxing he’ll tie it in a ponytail, a small bun or just let it go. (Basically he’s naturally pretty hot when he’s not trying too hard)

dicks out for the way that alistair harbours literally none of the annoying bravado masculinity that most male warriors would have, that hes fine with being a little weak

for the anon that asked about sleeping headcanons with the drv3 boys! i enjoyed doing this one because i have a strong passion for sleep-

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I’ll Be Fine

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Natasha, Steve, and Clint with Reader on a mission

Warnings: Violence, blood, Bucky crying (that’s not even a warning lbr), clingy Bucky

Summary: Y/N has to go on a very dangerous mission and Bucky is worried. He cries when she leaves as HYDRA is connected to her mission (Based off of this request :D)

Word Count: 1900  

You leaned against your bedroom door, looking at Bucky as he peacefully laid on the bed, sleeping. His light snores were a sign of his deep sleep which he had been deprived of for the past couple of days. His nightmares had worsened and his only source escape was your bed. He could never sleep alone, not without you. You crawled up beside him and softly sliding your hand up to his chest, nuzzling your face into his neck. He took a deep breath and snaked his hand around your waist, telling you he had woken up.

“Good afternoon, Soldier,” you say, kissing him on the cheek, “Sleep well?”

“Always with you.” he replies groggily, you straddle him and begin to leave trails of kisses upon his neck, “Doll, it’s a bit too early for this, don’t you think?”

“Early?” you laugh, “It’s 2:30 in the afternoon… and I’m leaving soon.”



“Is there something else?” he stands up, walking himself to the toilet to brush his teeth. He quickly stretches and you see his shoulders tense. You roll off the bed, fiddling with your fingers, nervously,

“Um… well, yes…”

“Well, what is it, doll?”

“Buck, look, I just don’t want you to be worried, okay?”

“Y/N, just tell me.”

“I just-” you sighed, walking up behind him and embracing him, “HYDRA’s involved.” he let his head hang low as his hands gripped the sink tightly,

“Y/N no, you can’t go.”


“No, this is what they want,” he turns to you, his breathing becoming heavy with worry, “They know- they know that you’re connected to me.”

“I’ll be fine, Bucky, you know that, you know I can fight for myself.”

“It’s not about fighting for yourself!” he wipes his face and pulls you away from him, walking back into your shared bedroom, “It’s a trap! They know that Steve would take you.”

“It’s not just me, Clint and Natasha are gonna have my back, okay?” you saw the tears streaming down his face, “Bucky…” You tip toe to kiss the tears away,

“Y/N,” you see Steve at the door, looking concerned, “It’s time to suit up.” You nodded and Steve leaves with Nat following beside him.

“I have to go, I’ll be home soon, okay?” you place a chaste kiss upon his lips, tapping his chest, he nods. As you’re walking away, you feel his cold metal hand capture your wrist,

“Please, d-don’t go,” he sniffles, pulling you back into his arms, “I won’t be able to live if you don’t come back.”

“Don’t I always come back, Buck?” you ask in a matter-of-factly tone, “I’ll always come back for you, you’re the only thing keeping me alive.”

“Please be careful, printcesa.” he kisses you one last time before letting you walk away.

As hard as it was to leave him behind, it was time for you to go. You readied your suit, your belt, and your weapons.

“Ready, Captain.” you said,

“He’ll be fine, Y/N.” he gave you your earpiece and patting your back,

“I know, he’s worried about me and this mission with HYDRA.”

You walked to the jet, confidently. You knew you could do this, you’ve done it before, many times actually but as you walked off, you saw Bucky. His eyes were filled with worry and sadness but more than that, they were still overflowing with tears. It was hard for you to walk away from him, you’d never seen him get like this with you before. It was so hard to leave him behind when all he wanted was to keep you safe but this was your job, you needed to do this. You mouthed a quick ‘bye’ to him and blew him a kiss. Your heart ached but you weren’t going to let that interfere with your mission.

The jet steadied above a rooftop. You, Steve, and Natasha, quickly jumped off, rolling on your backs when you all landed. Giving Clint a thumbs up, he flew off to fight against the flight weapons.

“You alright, Clint?” you ask through your earpiece,

“Yeah, Y/N, I got these suckers,” he laughs as you hear the noise of the weaponry on the jet, “Gotta go.”

As soon as you landed on the second building, HYDRA Agents were already after your ass. You grab the hand guns from your belt and begin to shoot at the agents. Successfully, you’d taken out five of the seven agents on your trail, but the last two you had to take out by fists. One of them had your head locked but that didn’t stop you. You lifted yourself up and kicked the agent away from you, giving him a bloody nose, as soon as you landed, you used your strength to grab the agent behind you, elevate his body and slam him forward onto the hard rock ground, knocking them both unconscious. You begin to run again but your target was across another building. You take out a smaller gun and shoot the zipline to capture the other side of the building.

“I’m going in, Cap.” you warn, swinging yourself across and breaking through a window, feet first,

“Be careful.”

“I just took out seven agents, I got this, dude.” As soon as you get in, you shoot the two agents before they could shoot you, “These guys are huge.”

You walk around to investigate before you feel something block your breathing and all black was the only thing you could see.

You woke up on cold concrete, hands tied up but luckily, you kept a knife in your boot. You barely reach for the knife on the side of your boot and you cut the rope from your hands, throwing it behind you. You feel around and notice that your belt was gone.  The place was surrounded by darkness except for one window which provided little to almost no light.

“Agent 20, you’re awake.” The deep voice was unrecognisable but it was wrapped with a thick southern european accent. Quickly, you put your hands behind your back.

“Aren’t you just glad?” he lets out chuckle,

“I will be if you tell me how to get to the Winter Soldier.”

“If you were smart enough, you would already know how,” he gets up in your face and smiles. You smile back, smartly before he suddenly, backhands you to the floor, “Christ!” you groan, moving your jaw, chuckling, “Your hands are strong, not strong enough for me to like it though.”

“Tell me where he is!” he yells, holding a knife and slicing through your uniform, to your skin, you let out a hiss,

“Look, I would but-” you kick him away, wrap your arms around his neck and slam his face down to the cold concrete, stabbing him through his shoulder, “I don’t think he’d really appreciate it.”

You make your way out of the small space, jumping over the man’s body. You quickly take the red book and the USB and run out.

“Cap?” you try finding a signal but none so far, you keep running up, until you reach the rooftop,

“Y/N? Y/N!” you hear through your earpiece,


“You’ve been gone for almost three days! Where the hell have you been!?”

“Well, I was in a bit of a pickle with the big dude,” you laugh, “he kinda drugged me.”

“Jesus Christ, Y/N!”

“You better get to me, I’m on the roof of the east building from where we landed.” You winced as you felt the blood drip from your side,

“Comin’ up, Y/N.” As promised, Clint picked you up and you were greeted with the Captain and Natasha,

“Hey guys…” you waved,

“How was it, Y/N?” Steve asked,

“A bit hazy but I got him and these,” you showed them the book and threw the USB stick to Steve, “Someone owes me a new belt.”

“I’m sure we can arrange something.” Steve walks to the front of the jet to greet Clint,

“Oh and will someone be able to stitch this up like, now? I don’t want Bucky seeing it.” Natasha’s eyes widened,

“Holy shit, Y/N!”

“I told you I was in a bit of a pickle…” Natasha sits by you, inspecting the wound,

“It’s deep, we need to get you back to the compound as soon as possible.” As Natasha was stitching up your wound, you could hear Steve and Clint talking to someone through the communicator of the jet. It became clear who it was a quickly as you wondered who it could’ve been,

“We’re fine, Bucky, don’t worry about her.” Your eyes began to drop and you hear Nat telling you to keep your eyes open,

“Guys! Guys! She’s losing too much blood, we need to get her back quick!”

“What is going on, Steve?” you hear on the communicator, “Steve!”

“Y/N, keep your eyes open!” you could feel Steve tapping your cheek, trying to keep you from falling into a deep sleep but you couldn’t help it, you fell in.

You woke up with a cold hand against your own, a beeping sound surrounded your ears. Your eyes shut quickly when you opened them as the bright light of the infirmary reflected in your eyes. You quickly turned to face the person beside you, as you guessed it would be, it was Bucky. He awoke when you brought his hand to your lips to give it a soft kiss.  

“Hey, baby.” you smiled at him with hazy eyes,

“Y/N!” he engulfed you in an embrace and you winced at the pain, when he accidentally touched your stitches, “Shit! I’m so fucking sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay!” you let out a giggle, scooching over and patting the bed, signalling him to lay beside you. He did so, gently laying himself with you, his warm arm throwing itself above you wound, his head lay between your neck and your shoulder,

“You scared the life out of me, doll.”

“I’m sorry, Bucky, you know I didn’t mean to, I was just doing my job.” you heard him sniffle, feeling something drip onto your neck,

“I just- I wish I was there… Goddamn it! I wish I was there!”

“Stop blaming yourself, I planned it that way.”

“You planned getting drugged and stabbed?”

“Maybe not that part.” you laughed, caressing his cheek and placing a kiss on his head,

“Please don’t ever do that again, don’t leave for a mission that involves them.” his arm held you closer, gripped you tighter like he was about to lose you,

“Bucky, you know I can’t promise you that…” you sigh,

“Y/N please, I can’t- I just-”


“I love you.” your breathed hitch at his words,

“What did you say?” Two years. You’d waited two years for him to say those words and when they came, they sounded like birds chirping on a summer day as the sun shone out to give the dark city some light. He heaved himself up with his elbow, taking your face in his hand and resting his forehead against yours, repeating himself,

“I. love. you.” you start to tear up, putting your hand on top of his,

“Bucky don’t say things you don’t-”

“I mean it, Y/N, I mean it, I was just too scared to say it until I almost lost you,” he kisses you softly, “This will never happen again because I won’t let it.”


Modernwolfstar!au in which Sirius has been at war and surprises Remus by coming home early…

  • It had been almost 10 months and still, Remus woke up surprised at the cold emptiness on the other side of the bed.
  • He still stared at the long unused toothbrush in the cup next to the sink he never touched.
  • He still took two mugs of tea down from the cupboard, just out of habit, only to have to put one back.
  • Still caught himself about to yell for Sirius, maybe ask him if he’d seen his favorite jumper.
  • But then he’d remember.
  • Remember that he’s sleeping alone.
  • Remember that he only needs one mug.
  • Remember that Sirius’ has his favorite jumper with him.
  • He remembers that Sirius is overseas, and has been for a while now.
  • So he takes a deep breath and sits up, repeating to himself that he just has to get through another day.
  • He shuffles into the kitchen just like he does every morning. Taking down tw- one mug for his morning tea and starts some toast and a nice egg scramble. He only needs two eggs, he reminds himself.
  • He tries not to turn on the television. Tries to tell himself that it does him no good to watch the news, only makes him worry.
  • But just like every morning, the remote wins out and the screen flickers to life.
  • The images of fire on the screen give him the chills but he can’t seem to look away. He can’t seem to stop himself from listening intently to the number of dead that day, the number of missing.
  • Fifteen dead in a raid last night, the tv says.
  • Remus has to grab onto the back of the chair to keep himself upright through the waves of fear that start crashing over him.
  • Please let him be okay.
  • The newswoman switches on a blinding smile when she finishes the update, proceeding to talk about why some celebrities are getting a divorce.
  • Remus nearly breaks the clicker when he jams his thumb down on the power button.
  • He sits at the kitchen table, a steaming plate of eggs in front of him, his book beside him, the silence hanging around him.
  • He shoves the food around his plate some, stares at the words on the pages.
  • He decides, like every morning, that he could use a shower (a desperate attempt to calm himself down and clear his head)
  • The makes the water nearly icy, trying to wake and numb himself at the same time - it seems to be the only way he can get through the day. He lets it run over his shoulders, into his mouth, cause his hair to cling to his forehead.
  • By the time he turns the water off he’s shivering but he welcomes it because at least it makes him feel something other than constant loneliness and worry.
  • He dries himself before slipping into a fresh pair of sweatpants, and pulling out one of Sirius’ sweatshirts.
  • When he shuffles back out to the living room, he goes to make some more tea but is stopped by the doorbell.
  • He sighs, hoping it isn’t Lily, or James, or anyone else because he really can’t be bothered right now. He doesn’t need another pep talk about how he had to keep on living his life normally and “focus on the positives” - he doesn’t even listen when they talk anymore.
  • But still, he’s never been one to turn people away so he just buzzes them up without asking which on of them it is.
  • He’s waiting in front of the door, waiting for the knock so he can pull it open and tell them to go away.
  • He hears footsteps in the hall through the thin walls, hears them stop at the door.
  • But the knock doesn’t come right away.
  • James or Lily stops and just stands there on his doormat for a good 20 seconds.
  • Remus is about to question exactly who he let in when a soft knock sounds.
  • And he really isn’t sure who it is now because both James and Lily would have wanted to come in instantly… so he slides the chain lock into place, and then carefully, slowly, opens the door the least he could and peers through.
  • And his heart stutters to a stop.
  • Because his vision is suddenly full of greens and browns and heavy boots with the laces un-done and glinting dog-tags and strong hands and broad shoulders and shining grey eyes and-
  • And Sirius.
  • Sirius who he hasn’t seen in almost a year
  • Who he’s missed so much that it physically hurt sometimes.
  • Who he’s worried and cried over to the point where he couldn’t breath with how heavy the weight was on his chest.
  • Sirius who’s here- standing on the other side of the door.
  • And Remus tries to jerk the door open but the fucking chain is locking it and he just ends up badly banging his elbow and nearly ripping the door from its hinges.
  • And it kills him but he shuts the door and undoes the lock with fumbling, shaking fingers, then flings the door back open. For a moment, he’s scared Sirius’ isn’t going to be there.
  • But when he opens the door again, there he is.
  • And Remus feels weak, like he just wants to cry.
  • Because he’s right there.
  • Sirius’ chest is rising rapidly, his hands tight around the straps of his back. The top buttons of his uniform are undone in a careless fashion, and his eyes are shining, a tearful smile on his lips.
  • “Moons…”
  • But Remus can’t even respond. There’s a lump in his throat and he’s not sure what will come out if he tries to talk. He can only stand there, shaking, gazing at Sirius.
  • “Re..” And then Sirius is taking a step forward and it is suddenly very apparent to Remus that there is nothing between them; not a door, not a phone, not an ocean.
  • Sirius takes another step, dropping his back to the floor just inside the door. Their chests are almost brushing, “Say something…” he whisper.
  • And finally, Remus finds his voice and he says the only thing he can think of as he stands there able to feel Sirius’ body heat, his breathing,
  • “You’re home..” His breath hitches and his eyes burn, “You’re home-“
  • And then Sirius is catching Remus’ cheeks in the palms of his hands, wiping at the tears, “I’m home.”
  • And the numbness he had been so desperate to maintain is suddenly washed away from Remus, his body ignited by Sirius’ touch.
  • Sirius.
  • It’s the only thing he can say before he’s throwing his arms around Sirius’ neck, jumping and hooking his ankles around his waist until their entire bodies are pressed together.
  • He’s crying now - really crying - but he presses his lips hard to Sirius’ anyway.
  • He kisses him hard, desperately, because it has been so long.
  • And Sirius is holding onto him just as tight, arms holding Remus tightly. He makes a small sound of pure relief when Remus kisses him.
  • But then Remus is pulling away because he’s not ready to not see Sirius’ face yet - not even for a few seconds. 
  • His still shaking hands come up and push through Sirius’ hair - his hair that is no longer brushing his chin but instead curling up above his ears, the short strands wavy and sticking in different directions.
  • “You cut your hair.” Remus knows he’s practically caressing Sirius’ face over and over but he doesn’t care - he just needs to feel that Sirius is actually there.
  • And Sirius lets out a wet laugh but it’s the most beautiful sound Remus has ever heard, “Of course you’d notice that.”
  • And then Remus is laughing and crying too and running his fingers over Sirius’ lips and then kissing them again.
  • “You’re home..” He whispers, forehead leant against Sirius’, allowing the blissful sensation of relief and love fill him to the brim.
  • And Sirius just nods, holding Remus tighter (he never wants to let go),
  • “I’m home…”

Given how tiny Arya is and how big Gendry is, Gendry totally cuddles her like she is his personal teddy bear

Why is Cullen not cold in bed?

Ok - heads out of the gutter fellow Cullenites - this is a serious question:

Why is Cullen not cold in bed?

(When he’s sleeping alone that is.)

I mean he sleeps naked, in a bed with a flimsy sheet, in a room with no fire/hearth, with a massive hole in his roof, half way up a mountain where is always snowy.

Maybe he’s ‘hot blooded’ but he wanders around in all that armour and layers with his fur cloak - so clearly he isn’t or he’d be passing out during the day!

He may suffer night sweats, from the night terrors, which are indeed as unpleasant as they sound. However, I suffered with these for a while and would wake up freezing cold because I was out of the sheets covered in sweat!

Unless he only sleeps naked after certain activities maybe?

Any suggestions? I need answers!

Originally posted by quitefawndofyou

Not that I have thought about this at all…


So during the mind-melding activity everyone’s thoughts were made somewhat accessible to each other, yeah? So Hunk typically imagined food, Lance thought of his family back home, Shiro remembered the Kerberos launch, and Pidge worried over the whereabouts of her brother (and father i suppose, though it only shows Matt). But Keith? He visualized that shack he lived in, the significance of which was downplayed til this sneaky, easily-overlooked moment. Preeeeetty sure there’s some major backstory about to be unveiled and something angsty at that if his expression is anything to go by.

I mean, I could be overthinking. But then again the possibilities–!!!!??

Imagine Sam having a nightmare.

A/N: Takes place during S1E5 Bloody Mary when they’re in the hotel room; Dean’s doing research while Sam sleeps.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Top gif is from http://canonspngifs.tumblr.com/

Middle pic is from google

Originally posted by headonheart

“What’re you doing?” Dean asked you while looking up from his research. He had been looking for leads on the mirror while you worked on schoolwork on your bed, however at the moment you were walking over to Sam’s bed.

“He’s having another nightmare.” You said softly to Dean. “He doesn’t sleep without having one.”

“Yeah, but he needs sleep. Leave him alone.”

You sighed and started to walk away before you got an idea, you turned back around and crawled onto the bed with Sam. You ran your fingers through his hair just like Sam and Dean used to do when you couldn’t sleep when you were younger; like Dean still did to this day.

Sam immediately calmed down but you continued to run your fingers through his hair; ignoring the smiling stare that Dean was giving you. Finally you gave in and looked at him, “Can I help you?” you asked.

“Na, I’m good.”He said while smiling at you while he stuck his pen into his mouth and turning his attention back to his research.

headcanon: when dirk sleeps alone he leaves a nightlight on because waking up in a pitch black box disorientates him to thinking hes still in blackwing and inevitably leads to panic attacks.
dirk knows he doesn’t need the light on when todd is pressed warm behind him, but todd knowlingly switches it on every night anyway, just to make sure dirk is safe and happy.

Sex Kills Nightmares

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean is having dreams that are starting to get to him. He decides to go out to a bar to pick someone up so he won’t sleep alone.

Word Count: 1192

Warnings: light smut, drinking

A/N: this was done for @torn-and-frayed Songs of Supernatural Challenge - Season 3. My song was Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through the Jungle. Thank you to my amazing betas @thorne93 and @wevegotworktodo!


Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

He’s running again. Always running. It doesn’t look like any forest in America. It looks like a tropical jungle, like what his dad always talked about how it was in Vietnam. He looks over his shoulder, and doesn’t see anything, but he KNOWS that he has to keep running.

Dean wakes with a start. It’s not exactly it’s a nightmare per say, but those dreams always disorientate him. Something always feels wrong when he wakes up, and he can never quite figure out what he’s running from.

The seventh night in a row he has the same dream he decides that he is going to do something about it. Tonight he’s not going to sleep alone.

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New fics up!

» (make believe) it’s hyper real by galraxies 

After the Wormhole Incident, Keith can’t sleep.

He’s not alone.

» 186 Tiles by leporicide 

Lance and Keith are forced to accept the worst in each other and learn to notice the best. Together, they find ways to starting easing the pressure of the fate of all life resting on their shoulders. With only massive amounts of hiccups along the way.

» 99¢ Dreams by MilkTeaMiku 

Lance works at a corner store to make a little extra money for his family. The most interesting part of his day is usually chasing out the ducks from the lake down the street that come to steal bread - that is, until his old rival, Keith, walks in.

» blaming space by venpast 

(in which lance is sick of space and keith is sick of fighting and both of them are more lonely than either cares to realize - because, by some unspoken rule, you shouldn’t kiss people you hate.)

» Down the Rabbit Hole by TheQueen 

Time travel might not be the worst thing Lance has ever dealt with. But it sure does feel like it.

» Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle 

Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.

» fuckign witches by SylphOfBlood987

Keith Kogane wasn’t really interested in the art of witchcraft until he found a small shop in the city - and it honestly was one of the best decisions he ever made.

» got got got it bad by kairiolette

Keith acknowledges his feelings for Lance and promptly goes through the five stages of grief.

» i can’t help but want by aknightley

Lance deals with the aftermath of being sucked into a black hole and stranded on an alien planet.

When Lance wakes up, all he can see is blue.

» My Youth is Yours by MilkTeaMiku

An unforseen blast in the middle of a battle de-ages Lance into a child for a week.

Keith does not understand babies.

» Watercast by Fishwrites 

(AU where Avians (winged folk), Galra, humans and merfolk cohabit earth. Shiro and Keith are avian soldiers, Lance is the youngest son of a Queen, Hunk is also a merman and Pidge is still looking for her family.)

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