he slapped his mama

Sebastian Stan Request

Hey babe!! Could you please write an imagine where the reader is married to Sebastian Stan and they have a baby boy, and he says mommy and daddy for the first time?

You opened the baby food and sat across from your 7 month old son, Lucas, who happily waved and pounded his hands on his high chair. “Oh, you ready to eat big man?” A loud string of screams left his mouth. “Alright, here we go,” you filled the small spoon and put it in his open mouth.

“Oh, what’s for dinner,” Sebastian asked taking the seat next to you.

“For him, strawberry and pineapple baby food. For us, chicken and rice.”

“Yum, huh bud,” he said tickling your son’s neck.

You grabbed another spoonful and held it towards your son. “Say Mama. Ma-ma,” you said distinctively. All you got was a yell from Lucas, telling you to just feed him already.

“No, we don’t want to say Mommy’s name first. Try Dada. Come on Luke, Da-da.”

“Wow, I see how it is.”

“Nothing personal, babe. But Dad’s going to win this one. Da-da,” he tried again.

“Ma-am. Come on, Lukey. Say Ma-am.”

“I think we are giving him to much to take in. Maybe we start with Dad and once he gets that down we can work on Mom.”

“Nice try, Stan,” you started arguing. “I gave birth to him so I think we should start with Mom first.”

“Da-ma,” Luke’s little voice spoke up.

“Did he just say ‘damn,’” Sebastian laughed.

“I think he was trying to say both our names,” you slapped his shoulder. “Mama.”

“Dada,” Seb said at the same time.

“Mama,” Luke smiled. “Dada.”

“He said it! He said Mama first!”

“And he said Dada! I think we can just say his first words were Mom and Dad,” he tried to bargain.

You laughed, “I’m not letting you have this one, Seb.”

Filling in Negative Space

An idea I had regarding Stanley and Stanford’s mother. cw for bitter-sweet angst

Lucinda Pines was two days shy of 100. She sat in an armchair with a pillow tucked against each hip. Her feet stretched out across the carpet, her thin, satiny pantlegs brushing her ankles. She had a teacup in one hand and a single shiny bobby-pin in the tight bun of her hair.

Across from her, straight-backed with a cup of tea in his own hands, was her son.

“Jaime’s talking about throwing some sort of celebration on Wednesday. Doll’s hardly 75. Could be my daughter. Expecting me to waste my birthday entertaining children. Eugh.” Lucinda stuck her feet up one at a time until they rested on the coffee table. She took a long, slow sip of her tea. “But what excuse do I have? Stanford’s busy with the little ones, and you’re leaving town by then. This is what I get for stopping after only two kids.”

“Yeah, sorry Ma,” her son answered. His apologetic smile stretched from one giant ear to the next. “Sheila needs me back by then.”

“Ah, Sheila.” Lucinda fell deeper into her chair. The pillow against her right hip had nearly wriggled its way to freedom. “Perfect daughter-in-law. What a gem. I don’t think I tell her that enough. Bring her along next time.”

“You know she hates flying.”

Lucinda ran her tongue over her dentures, pausing in a manner that very much suggested she hadn’t known that. “Eh, then drive down sometime before I die. I haven’t seen her or Sam or the munchkins in years now.”

“Dipper and Mabel?”

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The art of Dance ( Closed Child!RP with @Palexgem)

The small boy was walking back from the hospital after visiting his mother again, he sighed deeply as he walked over to the beach.

“I need to go back…” he said to himself “I Just need to go back there…L-Like old times, maybe after that I could feel-”
he soon checked the beach, he soon saw the sign saying to keep out, and the cage bordering the beach from the city.

“N-NO!!!” he ran to the cage and shook it a bit “Darn it, DARN IT!!! I can’t…believe this….just like when I need my mom…I can’t even see…my sanctuary…” he soon felt as if he was about to bawl, he soon slapped his cheeks together and sighed “N-No…No crying…Mama wouldn’t approve…” he soon walked to his backpack and then looked inside. 

“Right…M-Mom gave me a book for my birthday after…the incident…so I can just read that!” he soon took out a book that was titled ‘The art of Dance’ he sighed happily and began to read “Maybe my Photographic memory can help with my d-dance moves” he said as he sat on a bench, still looking at the ocean and sand he was separated from.