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Xero and Nessiah attempt to bake together

Nessiah swung his legs freely, kicking his heels against the cabinet under the counter he was sitting on. The sweet scent of chocolate wafted up from the mixing bowl Xerohn currently had pressed against his middle as he whisked the cake batter, his brows ever so slightly furrowed over his hard, no-nonsense eyes. 

Nessiah didn’t even try to offer his bumbling help yet again. He had learned his lesson the last hundreds of times. 

Calling Xerohn a beast when he was in his kitchen was an understatement. So was the word overprotective. 

Nessiah bit his lip, humming as he watched the thick batter swirl around. Not a single drop flew from the bowl, dirtying the alabaster counters. Nessiah trailed his eyes up from the whisk to Xerohn’s thick fingers and finally, his bare forearm, where lean muscles flexed under his pale skin. 

Nessiah gulped and leaned farther back. “Are you done yet?” he couldn’t help but ask. His stomach rumbled again. 

All that answered Nessiah was the sound of the batter swirling for several long minutes. As Xerohn slowed down ever so slightly, his eyes darted up to meet Nessiah’s. 

“Almost, my prince.” Xerohn’s dark, rumbling voice caused shivers to dance down Nessiah’s back. “Just a little longer, then we can pour the batter into the pans.” 

Nessiah twisted his lips to the side. “You are aware that you own machines doing what you’re doing right now, right? Or did you forget about them?” 

Xerohn rolled his eyes. “I am aware. But that takes the fun out of it.” 

Nessiah shot Xerohn an incredulous look. “Fun?” he mouthed. 

Xerohn slowly stopped stirring and tapped the whisk on the inside of the bowl. Twisting his wrist to make sure the chocolate wouldn’t drip off it, he handed the whisk to Nessiah. 

“I hope its good enough for you, my prince,” Xerohn practically purred. 

“I’m sure it is.” Nessiah gave the whisk a single lick. His eyes widened. He began licking the whisk with more fervor, smiling. 

“It’s amazing as always, my king.” 

Xerohn grinned goofily, a small purr rumbling in his chest. “I am glad to hear that.” Xerohn left Nessiah’s side to wash his hands for what had to be the fifth time since he started baking before going to fetch the cake pans. 

Taking out a blue rubber spatula, Xerohn carefully balanced the bowl of batter in one huge hand as he scooped it out into the pans, smoothing it out as we went. He eyed it carefully, making sure the batter sat perfectly level and smooth. 

Nessiah watched Xerohn as he finished up licking all the batter out of the whisk. He rolled his eyes. “Can I like the bowl afterwards too?” 

“Of course, my prince,” Xerohn answered after another handful of seconds. Once he had the batter settled, he traded Nessiah’s whisk out with the bowl and spatula. Rushing to wash the whisk quickly, Xerohn fluttered back to the pan of batter, placing it in the oven and setting the timer. 

“And all we have to do now is wait,” Xerohn said as he went to, yet again, wash his hands. 

Nessiah hummed as he scraped batter out of the bowl with the licked-clean spatula. “I can’t wait!” 

Xerohn glanced over and chuckled. Turning the water off, he went to stand before Nessiah, pressing between his hips. 

Nessiah squeaked softly, flushing deeply as Xerohn pressed a hand against the counter right next to his hip. 

“My prince,” Xerohn murmured. His dark eyes bore straight through Nessiah. “You have a little chocolate on your upper lip.” 

Before Nessiah could answer, Xerohn leaned forwards and kissed him sweetly, his tongue darting out clean his upper lip. 

When Xerohn pulled back, Nessiah found his breath caught in his chest, his heart hammering against his ribs. He stared at Xerohn, unable to blink, his flush crawling up to the tips of his ears. 

Xerohn smiled softly. “Much better.” 

Nessiah broke a grin, shaking his head. “You silly, sappy daemon!” Reaching out, Nessiah grabbed Xerohn and dragged him into another long, messy kiss. 

The two laughed, trading kisses and touches till the timer dinged. 


This is Uno.
When he was but a pink splodge of a chick his mum Duchess (the grey) sat on him too tight and prevented his legs from forming properly. We tried to bind them so they could grow to be ‘normal’, but that never happened.
Because of being splayed, we expected him to have a lifespan of a few months, with the increased pressure on his heart and organs, ya'know? Well he proved us entirely wrong.

He is now a stunning and noisy flying pancake of two and a bit years, and plays with all the others boodgies all the same. He probably thinks he’s quite normal. Also he likes sitting IN the food bowl, which means none of the others can get a nibble. Many an annoyed chirping fit ensued.

So let that be a lesson to all y'all important birds followers; make the best of what you’re given, never give up, and do your thang (even if that includes being a feathered flying saucer)

*more Uno spam to come*

Many champion

things about that night at the bowling alley:

- ari trying to decide when he’s gonna tell dante he has feelings for him while he’s driving over to his house

- when dante gets into the truck it’s the first time he’s seen him since he realized he was in love with him

- dante being like “why is he looking at me like that” bc ari is all heart eyes @ him but dante has kinda given up at this point. little did he knowwww

- them sitting next to each other at the bowling alley and their hands are hella close like, ari can feel the heat from dante’s hand and he’s like “should i do it should i do it should i do it” but then like dante’s turn to bowl is up and the moment is gone

- dante forcing ari to drink coke like get over urself

- dante like doing something that unintentionally hot and ari is like “wow i really am super fucking gay.”

- dante probably thinking he’s imagining ari being different towards him and that’s part of the reason he gets so upset bc he probably noticed ari looking at his lips or sitting closer to him than usual but he thinks ari doesn’t feel that way about him and he never will and it’s kinda torturing him bc he loves him so much and it feels like a date but he knows it’s not (it is)

- they went on a triple date with their parents, let that sink in

- their parents trying to get them out the door

- like “you kids go have fun!!” and ari’s mom looking @ him like “tell him how u feel” and he’s like i know i know

- and then all four of them look at each other and smile when ari and dante leave together omggggggggggggggggggggggg bc u know they talked about this and set it up on purpose


Cornflakes. That’s all Tyler could think about all day, stupid cornflakes. Mark, Ethan and he had gone out to meet up with fans and record some videos, and the whole time Tyler has a craving for some cornflakes. As soon as they got home, he went to the pantry and was excited to see a box of them sitting on the top shelf. He grabbed a bowl from a nearby cupboard and poured himself a hefty bowl of the delicious cereal. He went to the fridge to grab the milk, but was very disappointed to find they had none. He contemplated throwing away his bowl of cereal, but he knew his craving would only get worse until satisfied. He decided he should ask his roommates just to be sure they were out.

He walked out to the living room expecting to find Ethan, but instead found Mark, and decided to ask him about it. “Hey Mark, do you know if we have any more milk?” he questioned.

“I have no idea bro, sorry. None in the fridge?” Mark answered. Ty just shook his head and continued to look for Ethan. After checking everywhere downstairs, he decided to just call him to see where he was. The phone barely rang before Ethan answered.

“Hey Ty, what’s up?” Ethan questioned.

“Hey babe, do you know if we have any more milk?” Ty asked his boyfriend.

“Uh…no I uh…I think I used the last of it this morning.” Ethan confessed, sounding a bit flustered.

“Oh alright. Where are you?” Ty asked, wondering where he could have gone.

“My recording room. Why?” Ethan replied.

“Oh just wondering. I’ll let you go then. Talk to you later babe, love you.” Ty said casually.

“Uhh, yeah..um you too. Bye.” Ethan answered awkwardly. After hanging up, Ty couldn’t help but wonder why Ethan sounded so nervous on the phone with him. He didn’t say anything different than normal, right? He had talked to him while he was recording before, and Eth just always edits it out. He couldn’t figure out why he would be acting so weird. Ty dismissed it as just a weird occasion and decided to focus on his craving dilemma instead. After a few seconds of internal debate, he decided to go to the store to buy some milk.

“MARK! I’m heading to the store! Be back soon!” Ty called to the man in the other room. After hearing an affirmation, he headed upstairs to say goodbye to Eth. He walked into his recording room without knocking, like he does quite often. “Hey babe, I’m heading out to buy some milk really quick. I’ll be back soon,” Ty said right before kissing Eth goodbye. He had done this plenty of times before, so it startled him when he pulled away from the short kiss and saw Eth with big eyes looking very nervous.

“Um, babe? You okay?” Ty asked, concerned.

“Well uhh…I’m livestreaming…” Eth answered.

Two words. ‘I’m livestreaming.’ Two words that practically scared Ty to death. He instantly jumped back and covered his mouth, mortified. He looked at Eth’s computer screen to check, and sure enough there was a live chat that was slowly blowing up with confused fans.

“Oh my god. Ethan I’m so sorry,” Ty apologized sounding like he was seriously freaking out. He couldn’t believe he had done something so absolutely moronic. He felt so many emotions at once, everything became extremely overwhelming. He couldn’t breathe, his vision started acting strange, he felt like a boa constrictor was tightening around him, all while he continued rambling apologies to his boyfriend. He felt like this went on for hours, but in reality it was mere seconds. He only calmed when he felt a pair of lips on his. Eth was kissing him. He didn’t hate him. Why didn’t he hate him? Eth pulled away and looked at Ty with concern and love in his eyes.

“Ty, it’s okay. It was going to happen eventually, might as well be now. It’s okay. Calm down, my love.” Ethan reassured Ty. He finally was able to calm down enough to realize the stream was still running, so he let Eth get back to his fans. As he stood off camera, he heard Eth tell his fans, “So uh, yeah. Ty is my boyfriend, and I could not be more happy to finally get to say that to you guys. He makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time, and I love him more than anything.” Eth looked up at Ty and gave him the most genuine smile Ty had ever seen, and in that moment, Ty knew everything was going to be just perfect.


So this is my first thing I wrote for my New Years resolution. Original idea goes to @crankityler (I asked for permission, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet, so if they want me to take this down, i will)

Hope you like it! message me with ideas for future fics.

lester the turkey

instead of working on actual requests i do things like this

philip, lukas, and lester the turkey.

inspired by @philukas many asks relating to lester the turkey. 

When Philip gets home from his last class of the day, he finds Lukas sitting on the kitchen floor of their small house, with a bowl of dry cereal in front of him.

It isn’t the cereal or the fact that he’s sitting in the middle of the floor that is most alarming, though.

It’s the small brown turkey that’s pecking pieces of Captain Crunch cereal out of the bowl.

When he hears him, Lukas looks back, a wide smile tugging on his lips.

“Philip! Look what I got.” He says. Philip sets his bag down, brows furrowing, gaze locked on the elephant-or should he say, turkey-in the room.

“Lukas. Why is there a bird in the kitchen?” He asks. Lukas looks down at the turkey, as if he forgot it was there, and then back up at Philip, his smile never faltering.

“This is Lester.” Lukas says.

“Please don’t tell me he’s dinner.” Philip says. Lukas gasps, and he reaches out, cupping his hands around the turkey’s head.

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H got the rose covered ;)

He sure did, by the handle of a bowl that is sitting in front of him in a stolen picture.

You are an idiot.

Taking Care (Sherlock x Reader)

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You felt miserable. You head and throat hurt, you were shivering despite your covers and you sniffled every few seconds. You were sick. And Sherlock had infected you. Silently you cursed the man. Of course he had to insist on cuddling whilst he was still sick, and now you were ten times more sick than he was! Now, a few weeks after the couch syrup dilemma, you were bound to bed, Sherlock determined to make you feel better.

You blew your nose yet again, the tender skin red and irritated. Sherlock sat beside you, patiently holding a bowl of soup. He made you sit up, leaning against the headboard. Carefully he held the spoon to your face, humming slightly when you parted your mouth. A playful glare was sent his way. “You know I can eat myself?”, you asked after you swallowed. You had to admit, the soup was very good. But you knew that it wasn’t Sherlock who made it, but Mrs. Hudson the sweetheart. He chuckled, feeding you another spoonful of the tasty warmth.

After you were finished with the soup Sherlock pulled out a thermometer. To be honest you did feel a little feverish, but you would never admit that in front of him. He felt guilty enough already. If it made him happy to pamper you, you would let him. He was just too adorable when he was happy. And maybe you’d feel better soon. The thermometer was taken from you. “You have a fever”, Sherlock mumbled, quickly standing up and leaving the room. He was probably getting fever lowering medicine, but you knew you ran out when Sherlock was sick. Suddenly his head pocked into the room. “I have to go out and get something. Will you be alright on your own?”

You nodded. He smiled, pulling his head out of the room. A few moments later you heard the door fall shut. You sighed, smiling a little. You really loved Sherlock.

Stubborn Love: Part 3 - Steve x Bucky x Reader

Plot: What happens when fall in love with two different people, for different reasons, but they just so happen to be each other’s best friend?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
Words: 896
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Okay so I know I updated this yesterday but I had like all day today to write (plus that’s kind of why I’m doing this as shorter chapters so I can hopefully update more often) :)

Parts 1 - 2

Originally posted by natpekis

When Bucky gets home later that evening, he drops his keys in the bowl sitting by the door and hardly hesitates to take off his shoes. He sighs when his bare feet hit the floor and he stretches his toes out, happy with their new found freedom.

He walks into the living room and finds his best friend hard at work. And this time, it looks like it’s been for a few hours at least.

“Hey pal, whatcha workin’ on?”

Bucky’s friend ignores him and continues working. It isn’t until Bucky walks over to him and pulls out the earbuds that are wedged into his ears that the man even notices Bucky’s returned home.

“Jesus, Steve, you do realize that it’s nearly midnight, right?”

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Noctis is sitting there with a bowl of noodles with plenty of thick chopped vegetables mixed with it. It's obviously a lovingly crafted and very healthy meal for him. But instead of picking out the large veggies or turning away the food entirely, Noctis stares Ignis straight in the eyes and takes - what is that a carrot? - and brings it up to his lips and takes a slooow bite. "Mm, Ignis, it's sooo thick and juicy. Ah! It's all over my chin now, heh~" Also he kinda licks the broth off of it too?

Ignis swore this was some kind of dream. He had made the noodles with vegetables for everyone but was prepared to have one without for Noctis. The surprise in his face as the young prince took more vegetables then the others, including even carrots had Ignis almost fainting. For as long as he could remember, Noctis had never liked carrots most of all. The prince had even faked sickness when he was younger at having to eat the orange vegetable.

While some may have thought Noctis was being overly sexualized at the way he was eating the food, Ignis was ignoring it. He was just happy that Noctis finally was eating something healthy. It showed in the large smile on his face.

“I’m so pleased you like it, Noct. I’ll happily make more foods with them.”

Don’t leave your abused animals unattended in insufficient habitats because I will take it upon myself to get them into a better home.

I walked past this guy every day this last semester on my way to class. He was being kept in a 1 gallon bowl in the biology department office. That bowl was only about ¼ filled with water, and it was filthy. Every time I saw him, he was sitting listlessly at the bottom of the bowl. He was a replacement for the betta fish I stole out of their bowl last semester.

I was jogging on campus today and went in to the building to use the water fountain and saw that the other office’s 20 gallon tank’s (filled with comets and a variety of tetras) filter had been turned off, I assume for the summer while no one was around! I couldn’t get into that office to plug it back in, but it made me think to check on the betta. He had been left alone for the summer, no one took him home! He must be starving. I went through the trash and cleaned out a plastic cup to bring him home in. I’m planning on leaving a strongly worded note in the office (there aren’t any cameras, so I’m safe).

What the fuck!


ok luke would be such an annoying fucker, he’d walk in the kitchen in the morning and pour up some cereal. once he ate it he’d leave the bowl sitting there, filled with milk. you’d come walking in and bitch to him about it and he’d just groan and pick it up. mumbling under his breath “you’re such an ass.” that’s when you’d lose it, you’d turn him around and slap him and it’d just be wow.. wow. “it’s just fucking cereal luke!” you’d scream in his face. “now now princess let’s not talk to daddy like that.” he’d then proceed to eat you out on your kitchen table oK ByE

The Farfetch.com Photo Shoot: The One with the Easter Eggs...

Of course, when these photos first dropped, my brain flat-lined and my ovaries exploded.

But once I picked my jaw up off the floor and put my flame-retardant panties on, I noticed these Easter Eggs in the photos that I thought I’d share with you all (in case you didn’t notice already…)

1. They’re Magically Delicious!

After I had a meltdown about the little tuft of chest hair peeking out from that thousand dollar Dolce & Gabbana pyjama top, I was mesmerised by Colin’s cheeky little grin.

It’s no wonder he’s grinning, because sitting in front of him is a bowl of Lucky Charms; an irreverent nod to his Irish heritage!

2. Actual Disney Prince(ss)

Someone at Farfetch has obviously been paying attention to Colin’s tag on Twitter since the promo picture of him as the Duke of Blackwood was released! Their recreation of this iconic scene from Snow White (especially with him starring in a Snow White-related film) cannot possibly be coincidence.

3. His Entire Music Collection Starts With…

When Colin was asked what luxury he’d want with him on a desert island, he answered his “entire music collection”.

In light of that, I found it quite interesting that the raven mural on the wall behind Colin looks very much like the raven on the Death Cab for Cutie album Transatlanticism, which he has said is his favourite all-time DCfC album.

4. The Heroic Anti-Hero?

When asked about his character Nathan Appleby from The Living and the Dead and whether he would be considered a traditional hero or an anti-hero, Colin was typically cryptic.

“I wouldn’t like to spoil anything regarding Nathan and what type of man he is. I will say however, that he goes on a journey the likes of which I don’t think we’ve seen before, with regards to what you mention about heroes and anti-heroes being separate types of character.”

We know that Nathan is a loving husband, a family man, and a member of the landed gentry. We also know that he is obsessed with proving the existence of the supernatural and that the former is threatened by the latter. So what does that make him? A heroic anti-hero?

Sounds a bit like the Caped Crusader.                               

Being Mingyu’s wife means
Hi!! Could you pls write on how it is like to be Mingyu’s wife (oh my I just realized I’m asking for my death wish asdfghjdbskdhei the feels bye 😭) thank you dear!!! ^^

A/N: hope you enjoy!

  • domesticity is totally second nature for the both of you
  • like you’re in the laundry room separating the whites from the colors while he’s prepping lunch
  • and then at night you two sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch tv together
  • and it’s super chill because neither of you feel the need to do anything special to feel close together
  • you’re so comfortable with each other that you can be silly and messy and know that he’ll never even think of leaving you
  • which is exactly why whenever he’s away you send each other silly selfies all day long so you never feel like you miss each other
  • “baby i told you i’d clean the house, just go rest”
  • “not a chance, babe, i know how you clean”
  • “just do the dishes, baby, i’ll take care of the rest”
  • “i can’t believe you”
  • everything is a joint effort because as much as he likes taking care of you he also likes you to take care of him
  • so you guys cook together, you nap together, you run errands together
  • and when one of you gets sick the other one takes care of them
  • and you have this little routine that somehow never gets boring and you feel amazingly in sync
  • because he just understands you even if he never says it he just has this way of knowing what you want and how you feel
  • and it’s unbelievably comforting because it means you never have to worry about feeling alone because he’s always there for you
  • and you feel exactly the same way
Running (Part 2)

Part 1

Bucky Barnes/Reader

Slight Modern!AU

A/N: Ahhh, I can’t think you guys enough for all the positivity! There’s only two more parts to this story. Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!

Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

It had been a few days.

Your phone had tons of missed calls messages, most of them from Steve. He was getting more and more worried — Natasha told him that you weren’t coming into work. The snitch.

But not a single message from Bucky.

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last night e-mail kicked a bunch of dirt into his water bowl and made coco fiber soup so i dumped it out but then completely forgot to refill it so i came home today and he was sitting in his empty bowl for his nightly soak the way he always does not understanding why its empty and im just


Ridiculous Prompts

I’m trying to get back into the flow of writing so I thought that this would be a fun place to start.  I’m going to work my way through the list over the next couple of days.  They will all be pretty short.

  • “Who wouldn’t be angry?  You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

“What,” Matthew blinked.  “The fuck.”

Gilbert grinned and slouched further and further down the cabinets until he was sitting on the tiles beside the refrigerator with a bowl of cereal in his lap.  The last bowl.  He saluted Matthew lazily with his used spoon.

“Good morning!”

“The fuck?”  He repeated and rubbed his eyes.

“I know it’s early but I couldn’t sleep and, well, I thought…”

“You’re dead,” Matthew interrupted him.  “You’re dead, Gilbert.”

Gilbert rolled his shoulders and nonchalantly shovelled another spoonful of Lucky Charms into his mouth.

“Yeah, about that…”

Matthew darted forward and kneed Gilbert in the face.  

“You fucking asshole!”  He fisted his hair and pulled his head back when Gilbert tried to duck.  “What the fuck did you do?!”

The overturned bowl of cereal was soaking through the hem of his pajama pants but he did not even notice.

“Gee,” Gilbert laughed wetly around the blood dripping down his chin, “you seem kind of upset.”

Matthew kicked him again.

“Of course I am,” he growled.  “You ate all of my cereal and you’ve been presumed dead for three years.”

“The rumours of my death have been greatly…”

Matthew slammed his head into the cabinets, twice, before collapsing to his knees and cradling his face with both hands.

“I missed you, idiot,” he choked, “I thought you were dead.”

Gilbert softened, wiping at the blood with the back of his hand, and knocked their foreheads together.

“I know,” he muttered, “I know, I’m sorry.”

“I’m going to fucking kill you.  Again.”

Gilbert kissed him viciously.

“I’d like to see you try.”