he sings the most beautiful song in the entire world

can u even imagine though,,,,, like harry standing on that snl stage,,,,, his curls looking soft and fluffy,,,,, his boots shiny and expensive,,,,, his shirt unbuttoned down to his bellybutton,,,, holding that microphone with black nail polish on his fingertips,,,,, and then you hear the first few notes but PLOT TWIST not the familiar start of sign of the times,,,,, it’s something else entirely and we’ve not heard before,,,, and then he just starts the song,,,,  and it’s BEAUTIFUL,,,,, and he sounds amazing and you’re just floored by how talented his is,,,,, and then you have to deal with being overwhelmed by his presence and the fact that he’s performing and the fact that it’s a new song and the fact that you’re hearing him sing live for the first time in 15 months and the fact that people all over the world are watching him sing his heart out on one of the most popular television programs in the world and there’s so much pride in your chest your heart is gonna break out of your ribs but then you’re also like so fucking overwhelmed ????? i’m weak in the knees just thinking about it i ain’t gonna survive it actually happening

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im sorry if youve been asked this before but do you have like a link to a btob primer?? im new and im looking to see where to start first

yo hello there little butterfly first of all welcome to the fam you are about to embark on an once in a lifetime journey with no other than the seven meme™ boys… ofc i do (here) shout out to whoever made and update super detail btob primer and update this, you the mvp 💖with that being said, you come to auntie nellie and you are overwhelmed by the general weirdness of btob dont worry auntie got your back here is some must watch videos of btob 


  • btob cool man i have been saying this forever








that’s it for today since i have an essay due in a few hours and i have been shoving brownies after brownies into my mouth but hmu when you finish watching all of these, these are just the starter pack…. btob didn’t use insane as their debut track for nothing they are a mess a beautiful talented pure unproblematic lovely mess 

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So, you know that scene in "Pretty Woman" where Richard Gere is playing the piano and Julia Roberts comes down and they have sex on it? Well, let's picture it's late at night and Harry has been blocked for days and you wake up and hear music from downstairs. You find him still frustrated and poking at the keys so you decide to help him relax the best way you know how 💋

Piano Prodigy Part 2

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If you had told me three months ago that Harry Styles was coming to my house so I could teach him piano, I would have laughed in your face.  If you would have told me that we’d have a connection so strong during that first lesson that it was hard to deny, I would have laughed harder in your face.  If you would have told me that by the time the lesson was over, he’d have kissed me and asked me out on a date, I would have told you you were living in a fantasy world.

But that’s what happened.  And that fantasy world was now my real life world.  Since that day at my house, he’d taken me out for dinner every Friday and Saturday night.  We’d gone hiking together.  He’d come to every show of mine including two where he got mobbed.  We’d cooked food together, we’d told each other stupid jokes, we did everything that couples do.  

So I guess that’s what we were now, a couple.  At least that’s how I was identified in the tabloids and on Entertainment Tonight.  It’s kind of funny how in my circles I was more famous than he was yet in his circles it was the other way around.  E Online had an entire bio about me.  Seems Harry dating the most prominent piano prodigy in the world was kind of a big deal.  

I heard my front door open.  Harry’s sing song voice announce his arrival and then moments later he appeared in the doorway of my living room.  On his face was the bright smile that had always been there.  The one…dare I say it…that I had fallen in love with.

He walked towards me, leaning down to press a kiss to my lips,

“Hello, Beautiful.  How’s it going?”

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Emblem3 Preference - He misses you while he's on tour


You’re looking at your Tumblr feed on your laptop; your usual Friday night. This is boring as hell. Suddenly you get a Skype call and open it. Wesley’s face appears on your screen. He’s smiling and topless. From what you see behind him, he’s in his hotel room. “Hey sexy,” you wink, “What’s up?” All of sudden, his smiling expression turns into a sad one. “I miss you,” he pouts. “Awee I miss you too, baby,” you say. You miss him badly. You haven’t seen Wes for almost a month now. “I wish you’d be here with me to cuddle right now. I feel lonely,” he’s still pouting. He’s so cute. “I’m with you in my mind," you blow him a kiss. He blows you a kiss back. "I bought plane tickets to come down next week,” Wes tells you. “Oh thank god! I was dying to know when you’ll get back here to see me,” you say, grinning. “Anyways gotta go, baby! I love you more than anything,” he blows a kiss again and you close your laptop. What a great way to end the night.


Your phone vibrates while you’re studing on your bed. A new text from boyfriend. - Hey babe I posted a new vid on my youtube channel :) might wanna take a look xxx - You open Youtube and look on his channel. The new video is called “I miss you (y/n).” You press play on the video and Drew comes on the screen. “Hi guys! I miss (y/n) a lot and you guys all know this. The song I’m going to cover is I Miss You by Blink-182,” he’s looking at his guitar. Then he looks directly at the camera. “This is for you, babe,” he adds before starting to sing. It brings tears to your eyes. He’s so precious and cares so much about you. He ends the song and declares, “I love you and truly can’t wait to see you!” He grins and says bye before the video ends. You instantly text him back. - You’re the best boyfriend in the entire world! I love you so much Xx He texts back: I love you more! See you in two weeks, beautiful :) Xxxxx


You're scrolling through your Twitter feed. A lot of people mention you because you’re dating Keaton and you try to answer the most fans possible. It makes their day. Some fans seem to tweet you a link. You open it and it leads you to a live stream for a radio station. The three boys are sitting on wooden stools, smiling broadly to the camera. They’re currently in Atlanta for their tour. “This is our single, 3000 Miles. Hope you enjoy,” Wes says before Drew starts singing the first line. When it’s Keaton’s turn to sing, you can tell that it’s hard for him to sing. “I wanna run, wanna runa-” he suddenly stops singing and his eyes water. Wes and Drew look at him weirdly and just laugh, thinking he just messed up his line. Keaton stands up and excuses himself before running off screen. Oh no. Your phone suddenly rings. It’s Keaton’s ringtone. “What’s going on?” you ask, worried.. “(y/n), I, I,” he’s sobbing. “Oh no. Keaton,” you take a deep breathe, “don’t cry.” Tears come to your eyes. He doesn’t answer but you can hear his loud breathing and him crying. A tear rolls down your cheek. “I-I miss you-you,” he stutters, “Come-come back.” He takes a deep breathe before saying,“I’m begging you. I can’t… take this anymore.” You know that you’ve both been crying yourselves to sleep, missing each other. “I’ll come back,” you simply say, “I’ll find a way.” It’ll be hard because of school but you need to find a way. “I-I love you so much,” he whispers. “I love you more,” you wipe your eyes, “now go back on stage. You’re strong enough. I love you more than anything.” “O-Okay,” he simply, “I can’t wait to see yo-you. I love you.” He blows you a kiss before hanging up. Long-distance relationships are so hard.


Sorry if Keaton’s pref is super long. What can I say? I’m a Keaton girl :)