he sings so beautifully~

Lil things I know are true

-Keith would take a bullet for anyone

–especially Pidge

-Shiro only drinks black coffee

-the reason Shiro has white hair is bc of the Altean magic in his Galra arm

-Coran is the weird uncle, Shiro is the Dad™

-Lance is good at everything, and he just doesn’t know yet

-Hunk is the group psychologist

-Hunk always #KNOWS

-Coran has an Altean Sailor Mouth

-Seriously, Keith would take a bullet for everyone

-Allura would love Madonna

-Pidge forgets to brush her teeth sometimes

-Pidge doesn’t get cavities

-Thace deserved the world

-Shay deserves the Universe

-Lance sings in the shower. No one makes fun of him for it bc he sings so beautifully and no one wants him to stop

-Each paladin has gone to the main deck on the castle and just looked at the stars thinking at some point

-Keith is a dog person

-Lance is a cat person


-the black lion is a mom

-Pidge and Shiro write Lance good notes and stick them under his door at night

-Now that Slav is here, Shiro has a swear jar

-Hunk gives the best hugs

-Matt will tell Pidge he likes her haircut

OKAY but....

We’re still waiting for Jimin to release a solo cover (he promised this year so he better keep it lol).. I SWEAR TO GOD if he releases a studio cover of Love Yourself (Justin Bieber) during this “Love Yourself” series my soul will leave my body. 


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I keep thinking about how Harry put Bridge Over Troubled Water on his Another Man playlist and how this song must mean a lot to him, like just imagine how proud and emotional he was hearing his baby singing that line so beautifully with so much strength :,)

I have no idea what sm is thinking. Ten is one of their best dancers (the best in nct imo), he can sing, rap and play instruments beautifully, so why isn’t sm giving him the recognition he deserves?! Nct U really needs to comeback soon, or just put the boy in the 127 unit already for god’s sake.

  • CY: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ YESSSS LET KYUNGSOO BE THE MC THIS TIME *laughs getting constantly hit by satansoo*
  • DO: *cringe k watevs* (does a lil of interviewing WHEN.....)
  • DO: Kai-sshi how are you?
  • KAI: *smile* Haha I'm great!
  • DO: Kai-sshi, show us what you've prepared.
  • KAI: (aiiish this hyung) ㅋㅋㅋ
  • DO: Fans are very curious if EXO would like to collab with someone this year! Xiumin-sshi, what do you say?
  • XM: I'd like to collab with *sunbaenim* I really like his works.
  • DO: Ooh Chen-sshi, you?
  • JD: I'd like to try some solos or even some sub group with the members itself! [(YoU goT cbx mY BOY ❤❤❤)]
  • DO: Kai-sshi, what about you?
  • KAI: I'd actually love to collab with hyung..
  • DO: *literally cannot hide his happiness* Oh me? W..why?
  • KAI: I really love hyung's voice and everytime you sing I just be like wow how can he sing so beautifully? Actually, I want hyung to rap too. *giggles*
  • DO: *mentally:IM SO CURIOUS YEAHHHH* What type of music do you wanna try with me Kai-sshi?
  • KAI: heh anything is fine
  • DO: *bends down and blush blush* so the next question
  • SH: Hyung, we've not answered.
  • DO: Oh heh okay umm... *scratches his head cutely*

Jimin said that he thinks the phrase love yourself will be extra meaningful for people like him who are too hard on themselves and honestly Jimin is  always so hard on himself more than hard on himself actually, he’s always pressuring and pushing himself into doing his best into his more than best and when getting  creds for doing that he’ll brush it off and bounce the comment over to someone else like no “you’re working harder than me” or “my members are doing more than me” He lays hours upon hours of sleepless nights and tirless day to get routines right especially when it’s about short time management (like special stages or special performances that lay scheduled) and once the day comes and he performs it amazingly he’ll still criticize himself and won’t give himself the creds and will say something like “could’ve been better but it is what it is with such short time management”  he lays down so many hours - so much time practice effort and dedication into his dancing but he never sees the amazing  results he gets from it the solo stages that has the crowds cheering and screaming that gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears for he is so skilled at it there are no words for it but also in singing he’s always trying to get better at it and doesn’t want to disappoint anybody and he even literally gets upset about it for he wants to deliver more than deliver for the fans listening and he tends to get hard on himself and criticize himself and see himself as someone the fans are waiting to deliver but  he really isn’t someone the fans are waiting for he’s deliver time after time sang beautiful covers and sang beautiful songs on his own he even sang the  intro for this comeback and had so many people fall in love and shown what an amazing voice he’s got  he never sees how good he is or the progresses he makes in his singing or in his dancing he’s just constantly trying to get better at it till he’s happy with it but as we all know he really is never happy when it comes to those things  he’s always  pushing himself to his limits god and y'all known he’s the same with his appearance and it’s just makes me sad  to be honest. Jimin is the most skilled dancer there is and one of my favorite singers to exist  he’s skilled as well as talented when it comes to dancing and moves so smoothly and fluently like no bones are preventing him from doing anything and it’ll brings you to tears or gives you the goosebumps watching  him perform or his singing god the high notes and the low notes all of  them sound beautiful coming from him and he sings songs like  lie and house of cards so passionately and beautifully and you can literally see him go all in when singing anything singing the lyrics as well as the emotions in it and sounding so beautiful so beautiful it’s so lovely to listen to him
and it makes me sad that he’s criticizing and being hard on himself about his appearance  for to me he’s the most beautiful man to roam and exist earth literally so beautiful no one is on his level so beautiful he has so many people falling in love just look at the comments on serendipity he’s got everyone falling for him but he doesn’t see it he’s not aware of it and it literally has my heart and soul aching  he’s overall an amazing person that many people look up to especially young idols who look up to him as a dancer and he has so many people in awe of his beauty  and  he’s got a golden heart and a golden soul and he’s an amazing person overall  and it just hurts me that he’ll maybe  look at one of the  member and think he isn’t as good as them or as hard working as them or even as beautiful as them.

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Hi! Do you mind doing a request for the Paladins reaction to their S/o being an amazing singer? Like an angelic voice that's extremely soothing?


~ He found out your amazing talent when he woke up from a nightmare. You were trying to calm him down and ended up singing to him. He felt a lot calmer and was able to fall back asleep. Shiro will catch you singing to yourself every now and then, smiling as he hears it. He loves your voice, and he loves how calm he feels whenever you sing for him. Some nights whenever he has trouble singing he’ll come to you and ask you to sing for him.


~ He heard you singing in the shower. He was just walking by when he heard you, and you voice made him freeze. He had never heard anyone sing so beautifully before. After that he pestered you to sing for him, and was always happy when you agreed to. Lance always asks for you to sing to him whenever he’s feeling really homesick, something about your voice makes him relax and feel a little more at home. Lance didn’t stop bragging about you having the voice of an angel for a week after he found out.


~ He found out when the two of you were cooking, you started singing and he stopped what he was doing to look at you. Though he found himself smiling as a feeling of relaxation washed over him, it was nice to hear your voice. He complimented you on your singing, secretly hoping for you to sing more. Hunk always found a smile on his face when you sang, the calming feeling overtaking and helping him relax. It was usually while you helped him cook that he would hear you singing. Glad to have you as his S/o


~ Keith was having troubles sleeping one night and that’s when he heard you sing. The soft and gentle tone of your voice made him relax, and let him fall asleep. He would ask you to sing for him every now and then, usually when he was stressed, and always found himself calmer after hearing you sing. He adores this talent of yours and loves every time you sing for him. It makes him feel better when he knows he’s the only one who gets to hear your beautiful voice.


~ Pidge usually lets you sit with her as she works, and the day you started signing as the two of you sat there was one of the best day of Pidges life. She smiled and listened to you as you sang, she relaxed greatly whenever you sang. She asked you to sing for her while she worked on stressful projects, or whenever she was trying to locate Matt, your voice made it easier to work.

jungkook singing at karaoke is such bf material!! hes so sings so beautifully i love this boy

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God I love this account, I just scrolled and scrolled 😂❤ But if you're not busy can you do scenario where Keith heard his s/o sing first time?

i think i’ve done a lance one for this type of request(?) also the song i used is Roxanne by Chase Atlantic1!!1
it was 2am in the morning and keith couldn’t sleep. he’d been tossing and turning every few seconds, he was planning to get up and head to the training deck. He got up and slid his shoes on and grabbed his bayard. As he made his way towards the deck his ears perked up.

“tell me your name, i don’t ever want to let you down”

the voice was beautiful, it rang like church bells as it echoed through the halls. the voice was oddly familiar but he couldn’t catch who it was in his mind. Keith cancelled the plan to train and followed the voice.

“i just want to kiss your lips in the rain, and i’ll pull you closer if you start to drown”

his walked quietly to towards the voice, his heart beating through his chest. he found it so breathtaking.
“is it even possible to fall in love with someones voice?” he silently thought.

“then my hand meets your thigh, with that look in your eyes i can’t even forget” it kept singing.

The voice lead keith to (y/n)’s room. he stood in front of the door blushing wildly, oh god, he didn’t know that they could sing so beautifully, it made him feel al warm and fuzzy inside. He debated wether or not he should knock on their door or leave them be. but as (y/n) kept singing keith couldn’t help but want to stay and listen. He opened the door quietly and gazed adoring at them, leaning against the doorframe.

“but now i’m falling deep within your eyes like cocaine and oh- keith!”
(y/n) smiled shyly at him, her cheeks slightly pink.
“no please don’t stop, i uh like it” he shrugged, blushing.
“you should sing in front of me more often”
“really?” (y/n) asked, her eyes wide from joy.
“of course, but maybe not this early in the morning” he chuckled.
“i guess so” they laughed airily.
(y/n) yawned and fluttered her eyes shut.
“you should get some rest doll”
he walked over to them and planted a kiss on their forehead before carrying them and placing them gently on their bed.
“can you stay?” (y/n) asked softly, their eyes peeking through their lashes. keith nodded silently before joining (y/n) in bed, his arms wrapping around their figure.
“night (y/n)” he yawned, pulling them closer to his chest.
“night keithy”


Gif source:  Obi-Wan

Imagine Obi-Wan falling in love with your voice after he hears you singing to yourself.

——— Request for anon ———

You were lost in your song and had clearly not noticed his presence. He had followed the sound of the singing that had led him to you, and found himself quite pleased that he hadn’t interrupted your song by getting noticed quite yet. Obi-Wan, for lack of a better word, was mesmerized. He hadn’t known you were able to sing so beautifully as he hadn’t heard you ever sing before. You’d never even hinted at your ability before, and even now it was as if your voice was a secret that you wanted to keep due to the low volume of your melody.

Obi-Wan waits until it ends to announce himself, debating whether or not it would be appropriate to ask you to sing another song, “You have a beautiful voice.”

Headcanons for 2p!Canada

- He’s always been a quiet child and he loves to read
- He used to speak no English and only knew what he mom taught him. When he met Louis he then only spoke French cause he was scared of Oliver
- When Louis dropped him off at Oliver’s and left Al taught him English using Native American
- He wears glasses but no one but Al knows.
- He lost his eyesight due to Lutz in WWII and hasn’t been able to forgive him
- On Lutz’s end it’s nothing more than a little squabble. To James it’s pure hatred
- Used to be seriously clumsy. Like he’d trip over his laces and own two feet
- Only every wears non lace boots
- He has a pet polar bear like his 1p, except this Kuma is a lot more viscous.
- Has three scars on his chest from a Kuma attack while training him
- He nearly died from it and he’s self conscious about the scars and wears wraps around himself because of it
- Never has sex without his shirt on. Like the person is gonna have to deal unless they’re in a really serious relationship and he truly loves and trusts them
- He can draw still images and make them look like photos
- He can also sing beautifully but he thinks he can’t so he chooses not to sing
- Has a lucky jersey
- Canucks are his favorite team but he just picks randomly depending on who’s playing
- He used to look up to Al when they were kids and he still does.
- Louis came back into his life when he was 10 (had left when he was 7)
- His first crush and first kiss was Klaus. He got the courage to kiss him when he was 12 and he instantly tried to run off and ran straight into a wall
- He lost his virginity at the age of 16 and girl he lost it to helped him realize he had a daddy kink
- Other than daddy he’s actually pretty vanilla in bed unless requested
- He doesn’t have many friends other than Al.
- He has a very violent nature and is prone to outbursts at times
- Al helps him with this and they fight in the backyard a lot
- Both him and Al took gymnastics so they can do flips in mid-air, back bends, and all kinds of stuff.
- They challenge each other sometimes
- He loves Louis despite always saying he hates him

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Description of crush

my crush is my lover so i guess I’ll describe him. He’s got curly hair and blue eyes and he has a british accent and i LOVE it. He’s super nice and he plays like all the instruments and he sings so beautifully and he makes me laugh and he makes me so happy