he sing niall's part

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How bad was it though? Some are saying Harry didn't sing at all in the second half and was just coughing and leaving the stage a lot and that he seemed upset with himself and meanwhile others are talking about him dancing (as he does in the videos as well) and it not being that noticeable except for when Niall and Zayn sang his parts...

He didn’t sing at all when they came on for the encore, the other boys took all his parts. And as I mentioned in my concert report, Niall helped him during his solo chorus in Strong.

Which, he pulled Niall aside before the song started, and he nodded and pat his back :((

Right away when they came out and sang Midnight Memories I could tell he was a bit off, he kept touching his chest after he sang and running to get water.

He had two teas going, he left multiple times and was wiping his face off after, trust me, he was ill.

Of course he was dancing around and trying to put on a happy face because this is his job, and he’s damn good at it.

Preference: He catches you singing in the shower. Part 1


You woke up at around 10am and Niall had already left for work, he left you a note saying he would be back at around 5. You smiled and lazily walked downstairs and into the kitchen, to find Niall had left you some pancakes, smiling and giggling to yourself a little you warmed them up in the microwave. After breakfast you went and hoped in the shower, you pressed play on your music and started singing along as loud as you possibly could. You were in the middle of your favouite sing when you heard a familiar chuckle from behind the shower curtain, you smiled to yourself a nd pokes your head around. “Can I help you, this is a private concert and I don’t think you have any tickets sir.” I said to him, raising an eyebrow as I did so “Baby i don’t need a ticket..” He said smirking as he took his clothes off “But I did love it when you called me sir” he growled, still smirking as he started kissing your neck..


Waking up alone, once again. Zayn was on tour, he was ment to be back home a few weeks ago but management added extra dates to the tour. You took the news pretty well but you were still on extremely upset. Sighing as I got out of bed and walked to the shower still half asleep but, as soon as the warm water trickled down my back I had a boost if energy. Forgetting about my sorrows i switched in the radio and started singing to whatever song was playing, and it just so happens One Direction were on. “Baby you and me, stumbling in the street, sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it” you pretty much shouted at the top of your lungs “You and me and all our friends, I don’t care how much we spend, baby this is what the night is, oh, oh, oh, oh” you quickly spun round as you heard the angelic voice of your boyfriend “Zayn!” I grabbed a towel and run into his arms.