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BTS Reaction to you having a nightmare

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He had woken up to you crying on his bedroom floor, he quickly got out of bed walking over to you and asking you whats wrong, you told him you had a nightmare, he pulls you into a tight hug,kisses the top of your head telling you that everything will be fine and that he’s here for you, while cracking one of his many dad jokes that always mange to make you feel better.


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We all know yoongi is a light sleeper, so all it took for him to wake up was hearing you cry in your sleep. He asked you over and over again what was wrong, but you just stayed quite and continue to cry, after a very long silence he would turn you so that you were facing him, he would kiss the tip of your nose and slowly start to rap you to sleep in his raspy sleeping voice.


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“what’s wrong babe?” he’d asked, immediately waking up from his slumber to pull you close to his chest. “it’s ok, i got you” he would say to you wrapping his arm around your shaken body. he would wait for you to stop crying before slowly pulling you back to bed.

Rap Monster

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“jagiya?” he’d asked noticing your side of the bed was empty. he’d hear a distant panting and wouldn’t wait a second to turn on the lights, he would find you in a corner of the room trying to clam yourself down. once he reaches you he will attempt to get rid of your fear by telling you about his day, or asking you how your was.


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 “how can you possibly be scared when i’m here?” he would ask you, as he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him. He would ask you many silly questions as he is now sleep deprived. eventfully he would talk you back sleep again, “that’s my jagiya” he would say to himself as he fell asleep too.


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this poor boy is not energetic at night, but he won’t fall asleep until you fall asleep first. He would try and make you comfortable again by whispering sweet, safe, and reassuring words into your ear.


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jungkook is such a heavy sleeper that getting him up would be hard task, but once he finally got up and noticed how scared you were, he would prop himself up on his elbow and list off the many things he loves about you until you fell asleep on his chest once more.

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Chanyeol, Winter, Cumin.

On days like this, when your breath made ghosts in the air and he work earmuffs every other day, you two would frequent the curry shop on the corner. He’d pay for dinner, you’d tell him about your day at the office. It was quiet time, time with your favorite person. He’d silence his phone, you’d ignore the calls from Luhan.

Chanyeol always got green curry with extra curry powder, and a large beer. You got cumin tea cakes and hot tea. He knew you’d eat with your boyfriend later. He didn’t want to spoil your appetite, even though being with Chanyeol always left you hungry.

Later on, when the sky was black and you had to tiptoe into your apartment, Luhan got up from the couch and smiled. He gave you a big hug and you feigned happiness. He ignored the disheveled skirt and the smell of cumin on your neck. As long as you came home to him. - Admin Jaefairy

The verdict is in...

Though the trip back to the lair had been brief, Tamatoa was already worn out… A violent rampage AND tracking a runaway human all over the Abyss wasn’t exactly the most relaxing way to spend a day… Though he had been listening closely to Brian and Jess’s conversation, and after some thought he was ready to tell them his final decision so he could get some sleep.

His claws scooped them up once more, then deposited them on the more familiar glowing algae and soft sand that lined the back of the crab’s lair. Demon, human, and little crab, all accounted for, even if they were emotionally broken, paralyzed, and physically broken respectively.

“So… here we are,” he finally stated, breaking the long, stony silence he had maintained since the Abyss. “After everything that’s happened, I’m sure you’re both wanting to get this over with just as much as I am…” Tamatoa crossed his arms and turned his back to them, staring out towards the entrance… probably for dramatic effect, knowing what a ham he was even in serious situations like this…

“I’m sure you’ll both be thrilled to know that no one’s getting eaten and/or killed today…”

He suddenly raised his claw.


His eyes lazily curled back around, and the rest of his head soon followed.

“This doesn’t mean I’m letting either of you off easy either… Until further notice, neither of you are allowed to leave this cave.” His glare narrowed at Brian. “And I MEAN it… No going over to the Grove to ‘pick up a few things’…” The look shifted over to Jess. “Or going back to whatever hole in the ground you were staying in… If you leave at all, it’s under MY supervision.”

“Secondly,” he continued as he turned to face them and leaned down. “The two of you are going to be helping me around the lair… Anything I say, you do it without question… Especially you.” Tamatoa’s pincer hooked underneath Jess’s chin. “Third strike and you’re out, kid, so you BETTER make this count. This will very much be a ‘I say jump, you say how high’ sort of deal until you make up for abusing my trust not once, but TWICE.”

He retracted the claw, folding it back under his arm as he looked down at them. “These are my terms until I feel I can trust the two of you again… and given everything, and how in ANY other circumstance your punishment would’ve been MUCH worse… I think I’m being more than fair.”

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What would Connor's laugh sound like? *Can* he laugh???

I MEAN he’s definitely capable of laughing just as much as anyone else is, i just dont think he does it often. the closest he gets is probs a snort/scoff, considering even smiling is rare for him. the kid doesnt really have much to laugh about

i feel like when he does laugh its pretty soft? he’s not a loud laugher, its probs fairly quiet and airy, maybe a little melodic, but for the most part can be easily unheard. he doesnt laugh hard but when he does i imagine hes rly a sight to behold


Chris Evans & Jeremy Renner Super Bowl Pre-Party

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)


Peter Cushing as Captain Clive Judd in Cone of Silence (1960).

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You should write some mute lance, whether its him having been mute in the past, being a selective mute, being injured and becoming mute, or straight up not talking anymore, i think you'd write it well


I kinda went on my own here, Whoops

On contrary to belief Lance didn’t like to talk. Well scratch that, he loved talking but he didn’t like to be talked over. Everytime he was talked over he immediately clamped up and he felt a lump form in his throat. Being the youngest in his family only lead to Lance being talked over constantly. 

It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to stop telling a story because everyone started a different conversation. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to never finish a thought because someone would constantly interrupt him. 

Lance wasn’t a fighter so when this happened he would just clamp his mouth shut and listen to what the other person had to say, because it was obviously more important. 

Lance found himself talking less and less around his parents, siblings, and classmates. Nobody ever commented on Lance’s new quietness so Lance had no reason to start talking again. Lance would go days without saying anything to anyone. He communicated through shrugs and nods. 

Why should I talk, everyone is happier when I don’t. 


Fast forward to the Garrison when Lance met his roommate Hunk. Hunk wasn’t loud but he wasn’t quiet either. Sometimes Lance didn’t even hear him enter the room while other days Lance would hear him hallways away.  He liked Hunk, Hunk never pressured him to talk, Hunk just kept him company throughout their days. 

Hunk would ramble about projects he was working on and homework and Lance would listen quietly. It didn’t even dawn on Lance that he had never said anything to Hunk before in his life. 

They were both in their room, Lance on his bed reading a book while Hunk was laying on the floor building something. 

“Dang it, these wires all look the same, I can never tell them apart.” Hunk ran his hands through his hair in annoyance. 

Lance looked at his distressed roommate and looked down at his book. “Why don’t you put colored tape around the different wires.” Lance’s voice slightly cracked due to the lack of use and Hunk screamed. Not like a small scream but like ‘help someone is getting stabbed scream.’ 

Lance jumped causing is book to fly across his bed and he stared at Hunk who was staring at Lance his hands over his mouth. 

Lance swallowed around a small lump that was forming at the base of his throat. He inhaled “Sorry I didn’t mean to…scare you?” Lance wasn’t sure what he did wrong exactly. 

Hunk blinked a few times and slowly removed his hands from his mouth. His breathing started to slow down as he continued to stare at Lance. 

Lance started to shift where he sat. Why he is just staring at me? Lance was about to bolt out of the room but Hunk regained his bearings before he moved. 

“I’m sorry for screaming! You just have never talked before and I thought you were mute or something. Then you just spoke and I got scared. Like I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Hunk inhaled until his lungs ached “Sorry I’m rambling.” 

Lance smiled at his roommate “Hunk you ramble all the time, I’m used to it.”

Hunk started to laugh and before Lance knew it he was laughing with Hunk. They only stopped when they heard a knock on their door. 

“Officer Davis, opened the door. We have a complaint of a noise disturbance.”

Hunk and Lance shared a look and started laughing and Hunk went to open the door. 


Hunk and Lance became best friends within a week. They had shared everything with each other, and Hunk didn’t interrupt Lance once when he was talking. If he accidently did he would apologize immediately and beg Lance to continue what he was saying. 

Lance started to love talking again. 


The only time Lance would have trouble talking would be when he came back from a break. When Lance was around his family long enough he would clamp up again, but slowly Hunk would bring him back out of his shell. 


Hunk could only do so much and sometimes it wasn’t enough. They had just saved a planet from the Galra and they were all meeting up with the leader. 

Now Lance didn’t usually talk during diplomatic missions but he felt obligated to speak up when it concerned him. The leader was discussing how helpful the blue lion was and how it help save the planet. 

“You must tell me Blue paladin, how does the ice work?” The leader placed his (hand?) tentacle on Lance’s shoulder. 

“Well you see, Blue and I ha-” 

“That’s interesting but like was it just the lion acting on their own?”

“Kinda, you see I have to put my bay-”

“So are you not needed to fly Blue? If she does all the work what do you do?”

“Well I have to fly he-”

“But they are magic lions, surely they can fly on their own.” 

Lance opened his mouth to respond but slammed it shut before any words were formed. Then Lance did what he did best, he shrugged. That was all he did. 

The leader looked at him a bit skeptical before nodding “So how does the ice get formed?” 

Lance shrugged again. He kept his eyes directly on the leader and his lips sealed. Lance was nudged by Shiro, he didn’t care he wasn’t going to talk. He looked at the leader one more time before walking towards Blue and flew back to the castle. 


Lance didn’t bounce back like Hunk prayed he would. It had been about 2 weeks since the last time he said anything. He just shrugged and nodded. Never even opening his mouth except to eat. The castle was quieter than any of them wanted it to be. Mealtimes were filled with force conversation and Lance scarfing down his food in order to leave. 

Even during missions Lance wouldn’t say anything, Blue would send the other lions messages so everyone knew that things were going well but Lance never talked. 

When they met new species Lance would stand in the background silently, just watching everyone. 

Hunk tried his hardest. He would talk about things he knew Lance liked, but Lance would just smile and pat him on the back and walk away. 

The team couldn’t get Lance to talk, and they tried. They did everything they could but Lance would just sit in silence. He didn’t even talk to Coran, and that broke the older man heart. 


The paladins were hosting a party in the castle with about 7 species from different planets. They all worked together and received a huge win. 

Everyone was talking and enjoying the party and Lance was standing by the wall sipping his drink. He watched a boy, around his age, walk towards him. 

His arms and neck were covered in tattoos and he has pointy ears with piercing all over his body. His skin was a soft blue and his hair was a bright red. He smiled at Lance and stood by him. 

The boy thanked Lance for saving his planet, and of course Lance caught onto his flirting techniques. 

Lance laughed, like a real laugh. The first laugh in weeks maybe months. It echoed through the room and every paladin heard it. They attempted not to make it obvious but they were all listening to see if Lance would do anything more. 

Lance, who was completely oblivious to what his teammates were doing, stuck his hand out to the boy. “The names Lance.” 

Self-Projecting? Do I Know Her? 

Hell yeah I was self-projecting. 

I’m basically how I write Lance XD 

I hope you like it!

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Btw give it up for my bisexual son ❤💜💙

Even dreams sometimes.

Of his time at Bakka, of midnights at the skate park with Yousef and Mikael, or weed tinted laughs and screams all along the streets of Oslo. He dreams about Sonja, with her bright eyes that grew dull and her smile that turned forced. He dreams sometimes of Sana, two years younger with a sly smile and sharp wit and he dreams of the times when all of them hung out together- before words like bipolar and illness and reckless ever entered his vocabulary.

He dreams of running really fast. He dreams of tears running down his face and missed calls on his phone and terror because what has he done? Why can’t he control himself and why won’t his mind just shut up shut up shut up?

He dreams glimpses in between of nights locked in his room and the last words between his best friends and him. He dreams of silence and loneliness and the amount of effort it took to keep waking up day after day when all he wanted to do was fade away.

And then he dreams of his first day of Nissen. Of a boy in a red snapback singing wildly off tune to some rapper and half jumping onto his friend with dark eyebrow’s back. He dreams of blue eyes meeting green ones across the space of a cafeteria. He dreams of nights huddled together, of the weight of a teenage boy in his lap on their very own couch in their very own apartment.

He dreams of the moments in between too. Chlorine kisses and and warm skin underneath his fingertips, the distant sound of pop songs in the background and dancing. Of more tears and more fears and the sensation of being welcomed home into his arms.

Even dreams about a lot of things.

But when he wakes up and the dream is replaced by his reality- dirty laundry and a cuddly body and little plants decorating the sill of their window- he is gripped by the notion that he’ll take all of the dreams, good and bad and heartbreaking in between, if it means he gets to keep this. 


mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

I’m going to rant for a bit about this scene:

This scene made me so mad. I was so furious because Clay wanted to stay,  but she kept telling him to leave so he respected her. She said “get the fuck out,” when he was trying to help. I’m so sad because he regretted not saying “I love you” and not leaving Hannah. It makes me mad how Hannah says on the tape, she wishes he tried asking to stay one more time, but come on, YOU said you wanted him to leave. You could’ve said stay. You could’ve asked him to just sit there and have silence. He was there for her and it makes me upset how she didn’t really realize it. This just fucked me up and I’m so frustrated with the outcome. 

Thanks for reading if you did. I just wanted to ramble cuz it’s been on my mind for too long. 

It breaks my heart how it’s been months since we heard news about Jaemin. Sure there are updates from OPs but can I get a statement from SM even if they say “yall, your son’s alright so chill yo ass down,” I’ll be more than grateful.

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook spilling the bag of rice puffs on the table and trying to hide it from you.
*lifts the bag from the wrong side and spills all the rice puffs*
*tries stuffing as much rice puffs into his mouth and*
*panics and stuffs as much into his hoodie*
“Hey Jung-”
*stares at you with puffed up cheeks*

over dinner tonight, my mom asked me when I was graduating. I told her I would in Spring 18 and she got mad and asked why I was graduating late (literally only a year late, not even that serious). I asked her what my major was, and she’s never looked more stumped in her life. Gave her ten minutes to answer and she really couldn’t even guess one major, and I’m 4 years into my degree. How do you expect for me to just get things done according to your standards, when you haven’t shown the slightest interest or support in my education and career choices?? wack