he shoved him against a fence

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Do you have any headcannons on Dallas in the rodeo? Like anything that comes to mind lol 💜

-he always has a bag of popcorn. Whenever something (or someone) catches his attention he’ll immediately shove it into someone’s arms, spilling it, and thus forget about it soon afterwards

-when he was little he wanted to be a bull rider. He would stand on the rails of the fence to get a good view and be the only one who would hold his ground when the bull came ramming up against it. This got him in trouble a lot, actually, as the clowns would start yelling at him to be more careful and he would just start laughing and sticking his tongue out. He’d run out into the arena and they would chase him, and everyone thought it was a part of the show

-he bull rides now, and is very good at it. He’ll hang on for dear life and parents will have to cover their children’s ears because he’ll be hollering and smirking and cussing the whole time

-somehow he will sneak into where the kids get to ride the sheep and jump onto one of them. It happens every year and people are always on the lookout for him, but he never fails to ride out into the arena on a lil sheep

-he can’t sit still at a rodeo. Nobody ever sits behind him because he’s always on his feet, jumping and cupping his hands over his mouth to scream points at whoever is riding

-he’s got a thing for girls who barrel race. It amazes him how agile and fast they are, how the girl and her horse are on the same level, and even if they tip over all three barrels, he’ll come over to congratulate them and give the horse treats and such. Sometimes it isn’t even to flirt

-because of this, he’s good friends with all of the barrel racers. It’s one of his top favorite sports there. Every year they’ll all meet up and spend the whole day/night together. After everyone has cleaned up, they’ll usually go to a diner and catch up on what has happened in their lives ever since they last talked

-the first serious girlfriend he had was a pole bender. Nobody really knows, but due to this he’ll always skip watching the pole bending part of the rodeo

-he’s always wanted to try cutting, as he adores the same level the rider and their horse is on. He spends a good part of nagging his friends on letting him try it, but they’re always quite hesitating because, well, he’s Dally

-it’s one of his biggest wishes to have a horse and be able to partake in every event he can with the animal

Title: The Vowed Rings

Pairing: KouAo

Rating: SFW

Word Count: 4740

Summary: It is the Eve of Holiensday, a time meant to be spent with family, friends, comrades but Koujaku isn’t so lucky…or is he? Out in the middle of a snowy field, spending the night with his beloved, Koujaku has a very special present to give. One that would change both his and his love’s lives forever.

A/N: Merry Christmas, @magemg! I kind of just went with it so I hope you like it! 

(this is also on AO3 as it is easier to read over there!)

Shivering in the frigid cold, Koujaku leaned back against the wooden fence, shoved his hands into his pants pockets and wondered if he should be appalled or rejoicing his luck. 

Assigned to patrol duty on the Eve of Holiensday, only the unluckiest of the lucky could end up drawing that. Though, he supposed that might be his own fault given the recent spat him and the assignment chief had gotten into. Not matter how he split it, this was most definitely retribution from that bastard for arguing with him in front of the other Brothers but he couldn’t help that that damned fool had been asking for it! What type of idiot would seriously recommend for the majority of their scouts to go to the North when they already had problems with the Big Tooths in the south? The dark elf threat in the Bwor Woods was nothing more than just hot air being passed around by prejudiced dumbasses, looking to earn some fame while innocent folk got hurt in the process. It didn’t help that thickheaded fool was just as prejudiced against the dark elves as the menfolk in the North so of course, he would want to rush down there just to cause more conflict without even really understanding the situation. 

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