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Work at a Burger King in Chicago. Swear on my life that 3 minutes before close this guy in a coat with a walking stick comes in orders whopper, picks up his order, and then takes a crown with him. I lock the door and he goes over to this SUV where he shouts, "I AM the Burger King." before it drives off. Please Mr. Dresden, come back you were the only interesting thing that happened that day.

Come back Mr. Dresden!

My ultimate headcannon is Reggie singing in the car, his head hanging out the window and the passing wind rushing through his hair as he shouts into the starry night.

Looking over at him, whether he’s your best friend or your lover, your face is unable to contain its grin at the sheer carefree nature of Reggie Mantle.

He flashes you the biggest smile and it isn’t before long that you’re joining in with his off-key singing, laughing your way into the early hours of the morning.

Looking for an Official crush for Scheme :>

What you need to know:
-Scheme is a grumpy one, most of the time he is studying untill he pass out, he is shouting when someone is disturbing him, once or twice a week he travells to the Crystal Empire to study with his Master, he is a bit hard to deal with but when he accepts someone he is quite protective and treasures the loved one, even though he showes love strangely, he is missing an eye cause the fire

What I need:
-Someone who accepts him as how he is, maybe someone who is calm and can deal with his bad days or someone who has stronger personality than him, mares and stallions both okay! 

And that’s it…

What you need to do:
-Submit your chosen one with infos like: name, personality, talent, story 
infos you want to share, the more info I get the more fun I’ll have XD

Deadline: This weekend

“I don’t get it. I mean, you’d think whoever did this fucked up shit would just own up to it.” Jacob yelled, specifically aimed towards the camera in the classroom. “Well? Why don’t you? Or are you too much of a coward?” He continued to shout at the camera, that being the only way of getting out his frustration. “Go ahead, do whatever the hell you want to me, I don’t care.” Sighing heavily, he grumbled under his breath. “I swear, I’m getting out of here. No matter what.”

Bonnie stayed quiet, feeling somewhat intimidated. They’ve never seen him this angry before. It was weird seeing how people all reacted different to the videos. They stayed quiet, not especially wanting to talk. They just didn’t want anything bad to happen because of all this.

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♒ What's the downright funniest thing that's ever happened to you in berth? Like stop everything, lay down, and wheeze for three minutes funny. Or as close to that as it's ever gotten.

This is pretty high on Prowl’s list.

«Once I was interfacing with someone who, in the throes of passion, shouted out somebody else’s name.»

«It was his own name.»

Prowl laughed so hard he couldn’t finish. And for the next couple of years, every once in a while, he’d lose focus during interface and start laughing because he remembered that guy, who shouted his own name.

«I later learned that, when he was with a partner who he thought would be disinclined to shout his name, he’d shout it himself, to ensure everyone on the hall would know he was interfacing.»


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

an incredibly underrated klance moment: when lance shouts “KEITH” when his lion is the first to disappear through the wormhole within the first MINUTE of the first episode of season 2

god fucking bless