he shouldn't be allowed at all

So I was thinking. 

You are out slaying enemies and you get your drops; zu tenders, behemoth sirloinsm griffon breast etc etc but let’s be honest, these perfect cuts of meat are not going to just fall off of enemies.  

Cue, butcher Iggy. 

The boys have slain their foe, they are catching their breathe, recuperating from the epic battle, congratulating each other when one of them just looks around and asks, ‘Hey, where’s Ignis?’ He isn’t partaking in the post battle celebrations.  A step back towards the beasts corpses reveals Ignis, covered in blood, one dagger in hand, carving up the beast trying to avoid which bits have been absolutely ruined in the battle to get a salvageable meal for the four of them.  

There are no words as he stands up, uses the bottom of his shirt to wipe off a blood splatter on his glasses and picks up four perfectly cut steaks as if nothing has happened.  It is at that moment all three of them realise just how much they never want to actually piss their chef off as they watch in silent awe and fear as he starts to head back to the car for some clean clothes and seasoning..  


  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : in addition to being a disgusting and homophobic stance to take at all, the idea that gay men shouldn't be allowed in the military is also historically inaccurate. the father of the american military, baron von steuben was an effeminate gay man. and he basically invented the concept of a drill sergeant and the very idea of the military as we know it. the image of the american military as a bastion of hypermasculine heterosexuality is just so fundamentally flawed at its very core. not to mention, of course, that the military was historically a place where many gay -
  • Wally: All right Jaime, if you're serious on dating my cousin, you need to ask for his father's approval
  • Jaime: But...But that's...
  • Bart: Come on Blue! I know you can do it!
  • Jaime: Well, Ok, here I go...
  • Jaime: *holds bottle*
  • Don: *drinks milk* *drinks milk**drinks milk**burps**smiles**gets asleep again*
  • Artemis: Wow, Jade was right, you guys shouldn't be allowed to babysit anymore...
  • - 5 years later -
  • Don: *walks Bart through the aisle*
  • Barry: I'm so proud *wipes tear*
  • Jay: The house will finally have some peace and tranquility
  • Iris: I know that things go pretty fast for you speedsters, but Don can't even write and read properly and he's already doing this.
Happy Pregnancy! Part 4: Confrontation
  • [Uraraka stomps into a bookstore to see Bakugou in uniform and fuming at a cashier with a giant stack of books on the counter.]
  • Bakugou: Look, just tell me which books are the best. Skip the bullshit.
  • Cashier: [Sweat builds on his forehead.] Uh, I don't know what to tell you.
  • Uraraka: [She jerks Bakugou into a secluded aisle.]
  • Bakugou: Ochako? What the hell are you doing here?
  • Uraraka: Why did you say that on live television? I haven't been able to sleep all day! I told you not to say anything.
  • Bakugou: I shouldn't have to explain my - [He spots her tears fall and presses his palm to his forehead.] S-Sorry. I don't get why everything has to be a big damn secret. I'm proud as shit that I knocked you up.
  • Uraraka: /// Stop saying it like that! And, of course, I'm happy we're starting a family. It's just unexpected. I might have to stop fighting.
  • Bakugou: That's not really a choice. Four-eyes said you're not allowed.
  • Uraraka: I know... [More tears fall.]
  • Bakugou: [He hugs her head to his chest.] I know you can protect yourself, but things are different now. I'd die if something happened to either of you.
  • Uraraka: I just wish people didn't treat me like I'm weak.
  • Bakugou: They WHAT? Who said that? I'm gonna kick their asses. Nobody talks to Bakugou Ochako like that.
  • Uraraka: Katsuki, it's fine! [She boldly jumps up to wrap her legs around him and kiss him.] And that's not my name yet.
  • Bakugou: Guh...w-what did I say about playing dirty like this?
  • Uraraka: [She coyly pouts.] But, Katsuki, you're so cute sometimes.
  • Bakugou: I forgot what I was gonna say, dammit! Come on, let's get the fuck out of this dump.
  • [To be continued? I really shouldn't.]

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Since you talked about robots in the tags of a recent ficlet: Obi-Wan gets a bit grumpy with a droid. He shouldn't. He knows he shouldn't - Jedi ways and all that. But it's private and he has too much to deal with without an analysis droid rating his performance as Chancellor (or any other scenario that could come up with.)

This whole ficlet happened because I live for pissing Palpatine off. lmao. aka WARNING: Palpatine

“Oh! Chancellor Kenobi, I must say—”

Obi-Wan tunes RK-2S out before it finishes the sentence. It’s been in his office far more and far longer than should be allowed. He knows that many Senators believes he need an assistant, but this droid…

It’s a security risk, and it’s an annoyance. It’s not fair to the droid, it’s not doing anything wrong—though its constant complaints about how the plants are in the way is starting to really get on his nerves—but he can’t help the annoyance he feels.

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please stop posting your jumin propaganda in all the other character's tags. we get it, you love him, but stop screaming "hater" at anyone who doesn't feel the same way. people are allowed not to like him. you don't need to try and convince us to change our minds. it shouldn't affect you if other people dislike him. if you think he gets hate, well, maybe did you think that you might be causing people to retaliate with your post about how everyone needs to love and understand him?

Lmao xD

Originally posted by furriescentral

So this anon seems to get worked up cz of my post and said it was a propaganda. How funny. Ofc I tagged everyone cz there are everyone in it. I always tagged properly according to the characters involved unlike many posts I’ve seen when they tagged someone but actually the said character wasn’t there.

And where in the world did I ever forced anyone to like him or convince people to change their mind? I need a proof. I am just stating the truth, analyzing the possibility of better things that could happen in Jumin route. Stating my own opinion in my own blog. I am not screaming anyone who dislike him a hater even tho it’s possible; if they aren’t haters what else? No one except the haters that ever called him a kidnapper lol and it happened once ever in this blog live that I called them out; well I will admit that was my mistake for ever replying to them; but I rly appreciated their courage to come to me tho.

and OMG… The last line was so funny… I mean I didn’t even post any hate towards other characters; all I did was make a positive post about Jumin and people are just so salty because my points might be true; so they posted a hate in Jumin Han tag? So you indirectly admitting it? How childish lol Why this anon seems scared that Jumin might get more loves and hugs? WHY?

What is so wrong about making a positive post cz a character was misunderstood by so many people and hope they would understand the said character better after some explanations? If they refused to acknowledge it; it’s okay lmao xD

Btw back at you my dude,

“It shouldn’t affect you if I like him…”

Last but not least…

art by @defudefu and gif by @urban-night-cityscape

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All the Nina haters are so annoying. They expect her to take up responsibility for a cause that has nothing to do with her, and do the one thing she never wanted to do because of her lack of control of it. I mean, I feel for Azazel, I really do, but he shouldn't have forced her into something that she had no control over. Why isn't Nina allowed find happiness and embrace it? Why is Azazel allowed to belittle her when he doesn't get his way?

I agree. Since Nina apologized and somehow seemed sorry for what she wasn’t able to do (not that that was her fault anyway, she just couldn’t trnasform, it’s not like she didn’t want to) I thought people would go easy on her now, but I guess I was wrong?  ( p′︵‵。)

I personally think Azazel isn’t even angry at her, he understood. He’s probably angry at himself for his recklessness and his rushed plan. He had too much trust in the red dragon and got blinded by the redemption anticipation, and that caused his comrades’ brutal death.
(Not to mention, when Azazel went to the place he lost his friends, he recalled the conversation he had with Belphegor; the only thing Azazel was thinking about was the future, because he was already too sure they were going to win, and that’s what caused their failure imo)

I honestly feel sorry for him too, he’s suffering for sure. And now that he knows Nina is able to tranform on her own accord, this obviously pisses him off because why now and not then, when I needed you?! came to his mind. It’s understandable, but even so it’s true he was planning to use her - did he ask for help or just assumed she would help him, after all?

So, at the end of the day, Nina really could do nothing about it, it wasn’t her fault. I can understand why people are upset about her, but guys, it all just happened with a bad timing :(

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so you don't like alec anymore? like not AT ALL? do you think magnus shouldn't forgive alec? maybe magnus would do better with someone else who really loves him...

Oh. I was afraid someone could think this, after all my recent posts talking about how Magnus is allowed to be angry and hurt and how that didn’t mean that he didn’t love Alec… Dear anon, if this is about my recent posts, let me tell you, they’re not about me “hating” on Alec. Criticize, yes, but not hating. To be honest, in part they’re my answer to some people calling Magnus cruel and childish and related things, since he decided to separate from Alec in 2x18, and then with Magnus’ attitude in 2x19, and now because of the 2x20 sneak peek…

Anon, I do like Alec. I’m still a Malec shipper, and I wouldn’t be a shipper if I hated one half of my ship. I like Alec. I’m certainly unhappy with his recent decisions, because I find his behaviour objectionable, but that doesn’t mean that I hate him. Actually, I still think that Alec and Magnus will be great together; even greater once they sort out the problems they’ve been facing.

You need to understand that criticizing a character’s decisions or actions doesn’t mean that you don’t like them anymore, or that you hate them. Actually, if I didn’t care about Alec, I wouldn’t even criticize him; I would just… Let him be. But that’s not what I think about Alec. Because Alec has made a lot of mistakes, and sadly those mistakes has hurt Magnus in the way… But I think that he will realize those mistakes (he already has, at least to some extent) and do better. Alec is a hardworking man, he has a good heart, and he loves Magnus. Yes, I firmly believe in Alec’s love for Magnus, despite everything.

Sadly Alec is still too involved with the idea of the authority of the Clave and that doesn’t help him to think by himself, to stand by his own decisions… But I have hope in him. He has already questioned the Clave before, after all. That means that he has it there, the right way of thinking. It’s somewhere there, inside him.

But he still needs to take concrete actions, follow his own principles. “Follow his gut”, as Magnus told him. I think that has been one of the main problems all this time: when he agreed to the extrajudicial execution of “Valentine” (I have extra issues about that episode, but I won’t extend on that topic here… I still think Alec was quite OOC there), when he asked Magnus for a DNA sample, when he hid the information about the Soul Sword (not only to Magnus, but to all the Downworlders’ leaders). Alec has good intentions, I think nobody doubts that, but he always ends following the Clave’s path. Even in he didn’t intend to.

(And even if he realized his mistakes later and apologized for them. Because of course I’m glad that he realized that he did wrong, and he certainly did well accepting that and apologizing, but you can’t fix everything with that either. There are things that can’t be fixed with an apology, specially when trust is broken; that’s one of the causes of Alec’s and Magnus’ current situation.)

And Alec needs to work on that. Not only for his relationship with Magnus to work, but also for himself as a leader, as a person. I get it’s hard, but it needs to be done. And Alec is the only one that can do it.

So no, I don’t think that Magnus “would do better with someone else who really loves him”; first because Alec does love him; and second because Magnus loves Alec, too. Right now Magnus is hurt and angry, which is completely understandable, and Alec will need to work to gain his trust back… But no matter what, Magnus loves Alec. He wouldn’t “do better” with anyone else, because Alec is the one he loves. And the same goes for Alec.

And finally, about Magnus forgiving Alec? Somehow… I don’t really know how to explain this, but I feel like he has already forgiven him to some extent. Yes, he’s hurt and angry, and that’s not going to suddenly dissapear, but there’s a difference between being angry at someone and holding a grudge against them. Does that makes sense? I hope it does. Anyway, as I said before, Alec will need to work hard to gain Magnus’ trust back. And I think Magnus will also need to learn to trust in Alec again, because the way I see it, he has started to rebuild his walls, and it’s going to be hard for him to put them down once again.

Oh, but I think they will be alright. They will be alright, indeed.

They love each other, after all; all of each other, deeply. And that’s the foundation of everything else.

I’m Safest When At Home *Steve RogersxReader*

Originally posted by forassgard

(Requested by georghiousophia) I love your writing ! Like OMG YOU ARE AMAZIng !!!!!! I was wondering if you had time if you could write a oneshot were the reader is Tony’s daughter but is dating Steve. And when on a mission together the reader gets hurt and tony tries to blame it on Steve and he believes tony so tries to break up with the reader but then like fluff or smut happens to show she wants him to stay ?????? (Sorry if this is a crap request!) 
Warnings:Fluff & Swears
Admins Note: Written by Rosalee. You did say either or for the smut thing, so I decided to go down the ‘fluff’ route, if you expected smut for this then I am deeply sorry and maybe I’ll write something soon. Also, its not a crap request, never be afraid to express an idea to us if you want it written by us. One shot, ship and preferences request are open if you want something done by me or Angie. 

“Okay, someone remind me to take some vacation days” you say breathlessly into your communicator. The last man dropping to his knee’s, you let out a deep sigh and round-housed kicked him in the face, making him fall with a thud. Despite the sweat dripping down your face, this was easy, a little too easy for your liking. The Hydra base was small anyway but that didn’t mean anything for their hired assassins, they’re obviously up to something.

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There are different kinds of people when it comes to naming instruments
  • Those who give their instruments 'human' names: i.e. Thomas, John, Clark, Max
  • The ones who are obviously huge nerds: i.e. Xavier, Aristotle, Dante, Draco
  • The ones who just aren't creative: (or just like keeping it simple) i.e. Al the Alto Saxophone, Gibson the Guitar, ect.
  • The ironic ones: i.e. Soprano the Tuba, Bass the Flute, Viola the Violin
  • And Finally:
  • The ones who shouldn't ever be allowed to name anything: (even though they're probably right) i.e. Satan, Lucifer, Trashophone, Idiot

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i feel like this season is full of failed lipsyncs and ru has allowed some of the queens to stay because he cannot have double eliminations all the time lmao. peppermint, trinity and aja have been the only ones that have delivered and aja was eliminated when she shouldn't have. i'm not saying she was robbed bc lmao girl, but nina should've gone home 2 episodes ago.

THIS IS ALL FAKTS!!!!! honestly these lipsynchs have been so underwhelming i have resorted to wishing my faves would land in the bottom just so we can all be salvaged another lacklustre lsfyl. but none of them deserve that pressure and for their scores to be tainted. :/

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I'm bi, but I have a boyfriend, my friend said that there's no way that I'm bi then, and it's all a joke, and when I said I like girls too, (like I have many times before) they said it's disgusting and started calling me the f slur, and they also said that I don't deserve my boyfriend and that he shouldn't love me.

i’m sorry your friends are so hateful and close minded. There’s nothing wrong with you being attracted to girls too and you deserve love. Don’t allow people to treat you in ways you don’t deserve. I’d recommend talking to them about it and how they’re making you feel or considering distancing yourself all together. They don’t sound like very good friends.

So, I had this idea, and...

Okay, think about this for a minute: Hogwarts Host Club. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I have so many ideas.


Gryffindor: Tamaki, Mori

Hufflepuff: Kyoya

Ravenclaw: Haruhi

Slytherin: Hunny, twins

Just imagine Haruhi, a muggle born, stumbling across the Host club one day and it’s made up of all these pretty boys from important pure blood families (except for Tamaki, he’s a half blood) and breaking something important that can’t magically be repaired. Probably she snapped someone’s wand. So she’s forced to join them in order to pay it off. Shenanigans ensue. 

-”Haruhi, tell me more about this wondrous ‘pheletone’ thing!” 

-”Tamaki, I swear, if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to curse you!”

-The twins always trying to hex Tamaki

-Hunny using the room of requirement for endless cake

-The mirror of erised (I have a lot of thoughts on this one, it’ll probably get its own post)

-WEASLEY TWINS + HITACHIIN TWINS (another thing worthy of its own post)

-The twins upping the stakes in the ‘Which One is Hikaru’ game by taking polyjuice potion. Hogwarts is in chaos until it wears off

-Kyoya gets a cat that is constantly harassing Tamaki’s owl 

-*someone* tries to slip Haruhi a love potion as a prank. Haruhi goes straight to Madame Pomfrey when she starts thinking about how beautiful Tamaki is

-The Yule Ball and Tri-Wizard Tournament (Tamaki sulks for days when he isn’t chosen)

And just… It would be so amazing and hilarious to see them in this world that so totally different from their own, but they fit right in. They do well in their classes, are loved by everyone, play quidditch,and drive Filtch completely insane. He almost has a conniption when he learns that there’s ANOTHER SET OF UNRULY GINGER TWINS AT HOGWARTS. Yeah. It’d be pretty great. 


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You do realize that the custom and rules and such are different in Auradon, right? Mal isn't used to all of the rules of Auradon, her upbringing didn't allow her to learn how to apologize or ask for help like others have, Auradon is completely different than everything she knows and she hasn't yet adapted.

….Its taken her 6 months to adapt?

Seriously, its been 6 months since they have been in Auradon and the other 3 are adapting so fucking well- Evie adapts, Carlos adapts, Jay adapts to the point he puts his own twist on the rules.

And uh, just cause she doesn’t know how too- doesn’t make her actions suddenly sympathetic- they still disgusting, she still tried to lie to Ben, still tried to fix his memory into what she wants, still tried to yell at her friends and treat them like shit and she still bullied Uma badly to the point she shattered her confidence and had Uma be bullied by others.

Im sorry, but ALL OF THAT NEEDS MAL TO JUST OWN UP AND SAY SORRY- like her upbringing of never saying sorry doesn’t defend her here as shes been in Auradon 6 months plus the amount of time they were in Auradon in film 1.

Like, which part of Auradon should allow what Mal wants? The rules are different cause they don’t want to allow people to get mind controlled/memory fixed (Mal with Ben), to have people be abused and or/forced back into a abused situation (Mal with Evie and Carlos) and cause they don’t want to allow someone to try and bend their world to their perfect idea of reality (Mal all together with what she wants her friends to be and what she wants Auradon to just be ok with).

Im sorry but this excuse doesn’t work- Mals just not sympathetic in the slightest and saying sorry in Auradon should be easy as heck by now if shes been there for 6 months plus how long they were in Auradon in film 1.

Until she says sorry to Ben for treating him like shit, says sorry to her friends for treating them like shit and says sorry to Uma for the bullying? This excuse never works.

Its clear that she aint adapting- everyones bending over to create her a reality she’ll love- meaning she’ll never adapt at this point as long as the rules are made to her liking.

In short….nope, no sympanthy for the girl cause even the other 3 have adapted all the while Mal just refuses too like the baby she is.

Jenova Cell Biology Headcanons

I was writing my hot mess of a fic (this is a thing that happens when a PWP unexpectedly starts trying to develop plot) and an impromptu alien biology lesson happened. All of a sudden I really want to explore some headcanons for what Jenova cells actually do. 

Jenova cells

  • function as cells, i.e. they self-reproduce, respond to stimuli, have the standard nucleus/cytoplasm/organelles/etc. structure
  • they also have two additional abilities;
  • they act as a virus, inserting section of their own DNA into other cells in the host’s body
  • they are able to selectively replicate sections of the host’s genetic material in order to aggressively evolve
  • the ability to both give and receive genetic coding in this manner is why they are referred to as a ‘two-way conduit’ by some ShinRa scientists

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#kerfuffled #flipflops
  • Tegan: I wished that we had driven [from Toronto to Long Island], because it was a really small plane, and I was sitting in an aisle seat. It was just two-seater on my side, and this guy, who was like quite...like, kerfuffle--like, no, what's the word I'm looking for...he was, uh, ruffle, or uh...what's--
  • Sara: Disheveled?
  • Tegan: Disheveled! Thank you. He was kerfuffled and disheveled. And, uh...did you see that look on Sara's face? It was like I just...peed my pants on stage or something, and she was just like *makes face*
  • Sara: I don't think kerfuffled is a word. *laughs*
  • Tegan: It's a word! Kerfuffle, like you know, it's like...he caused a kerfuffle but he was just disheveled. But he, like, he was very rumpled, his clothes, and his - he was wearing flip-flops. Which I am fine about flip-flops, but I think you shouldn't be allowed to wear flip-flops on a airplane--
  • Sara: --he was very flip-flopped. He was just super flip-flopped.
  • Tegan: Yeah, he was flip-flopping all the way down to my aisle, and I was like, No no no no no! Cause I don't wanna see someone's toes two inches from my...feet! Like it's just - and he was quite a, like, tall man, and it was a tiny plane, and his leg - he sat down in a disheveled, kerfuffled, flip-flopped mess. And his leg was like, on mine, and his foot like was under my seat, and his arm *waves arm* he was like 'UHHHH', he went 'UHHHHH' like so loud when he sat down.
  • Sara: That's probably--
  • Tegan: [to a fan] Did you just say he's here?? *laughs*
  • Sara: That's probably what it's like to be married to him.
  • Tegan: And I just though--
  • Sara: --imagine, imagine what his wife thinks when he just gets all kerfuffled on top of her.
  • Tegan: I don't even care, and I don't even know, you could be a freaking, you could be like a physicai--a phyisicis--a physio--he could be something awesome
  • Sara: Wow, I don't know. He's a kerfuffler.
  • Tegan: *laughs* He could kerfuffle for a living.
  • Sara: He has a degree in kerfuffling.
  • Tegan: I didn't--
  • Sara: --he has a Ph.D.
  • Tegan: I couldn't--
  • Sara: It's crazy--
  • Tegan: --care less. The, I don't even care, he could be the most amazing person, he could adopt, he could have thousands of adopted children. His flip-flop...naked foot touched me, and I was like, NO! *laughter* So I--
  • Sara: That's intimacy.
  • Tegan: --just--
  • Sara: That's a lot of intimacy.
  • Tegan: It was a lot of intimacy, too quick. So I'm like--
  • Sara: --too soon.
  • Tegan: --'whoops!', cause I've got steel-toed boots, so I kind of was like, shoved my foot out and was like, 'Whoops! Better protect your flip-flopped foot!' or whatever, and he just looked at me and then didn't move his foot. And then he like, kind of like put his arm over top of the seat, or the arm rest thing, and I looked over at Sara, and Sara looked over at me, and I just was like 'No. No, no no.' Anyway, they closed the door, and Sara had an empty seat next to her, so she let me sit next to her, which was like pretty awesome.
  • Sara: I did, and then Tegan--it was weird because then Tegan brought--came over and she put her steel-toed boot on top of my foot, and I was just like, 'You're kerfuffling on my side'
  • Tegan: *laughs* Yeah.
  • Sara: 'I have no problem calling the flight attendant over and asking if you could be put back in your original seat.'
  • Tegan: No, it was fine. But it was weird because after we got off the plane, me and that guy made eye contact like thousands of times in the airport, cause I could tell--
  • Sara: Well, you kerfuffled. It's a big deal.
  • Tegan: He, yeah, I mean, yeah, maybe I hurt his feel--if he's here tonight I wanna say I'm sorry, sir, that I abandoned you, but...it was too much intimacy. And um...don't wear flip-flops on a plane. No. Today I actually just said they should get rid of flip-flops, I hate them. I hate the noise they make when you walk in them, eughh. I know, it's fine -
  • Sara: It takes a special kind of person to let a little *makes cross with fingers* like a stick in between your two toes, like eughh.
  • Tegan: Alright, alright, alright.
  • Sara: Who lets that - I don't understand what kind of person lets that happen to them, you know?
  • Tegan: I wish that people at the back could see the kind of motion Sara's making, it would really add to her story....This one's for everyone wearing flip-flops, I can see flip-flops, I saw this, yes, here *points*
  • Sara: Oh my god, everyone wearing flip-flops right now is like, braiding leaves together and creating shoes, like they're just like, 'I can't be seen in flip-flops.'
  • Tegan: Oh see, I thought you were gonna say everyone who's wearing flip-flops is on Twitter right now, being like, 'I hate @teganandsara.'