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Welcome Home Brother - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Is it okay to request a Liam imagine where the reader is Isaacs sister and he’s in France and she lives with Scott, do her and Liam are sneaking around when Scott brings Isaac back to surprise her and they end up walking in on them kissing.

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Word Count: 1,474

Warnings: Smut like actions but not full smut.

Author’s Note: I kind of went a little bit heated on the kissing part. I hope you don’t mind. As for the ending, sorry I couldn’t come up with something better. I had trouble coming up with an ending, maybe cause I already wrote something very similar but with Stiles as the brother instead of Isaac. I just couldn’t rack my brain for a different and good ending. So please excuse my shitty ending but I hope you still like it. Lastly, not beta proof read.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“Hey Lahey!" 

I quickly turned away from an episode of The Vampire Diaries to see Scott standing in front of the door with his hand on the knob. I looked back to see Damon and Elena together in the same bed in some cheap motel. I paused the episode so I wouldn’t miss anything. "What’s up, Scott?”

“I’m going to hang out with Stiles tonight. We got something to do and mom is working the night shift.” I nodded my head as an ‘okay’. “Do you think you’ll be okay by yourself for a couple of hours?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m 16 and don’t need a babysitter, Scott. I can very well take care of myself. Thank you very much.”

“Right. Umm there’s money in the counter if you want to order pizza.”


As soon as I heard Scott’s motorcycle leave the driveway, I quickly grabbed my phone from the coffee table and opened up a new message. 

I have the house to myself… Wanna come over? ;)

A smile formed on my lips as my boyfriend replied in a matter of seconds.

I’ll be there in five minutes!!! 

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Lucky day

A/N: I had so much creative stuff to write this, it’s a lot of fluff. Sorry for being so absent, I still was in school, so I had some stuff to get done. I really hope you like it. Also, I’m very happy to say that I’m close to the 900 followers, THANK YOU.

Warnings: Lots and lots of fluff.


I looked my phone smiling like stuipid. The reason was the call from my boyfriend. I opened the door of my house and ran into my sister.

“What the…?”

“Dude, I need to go to fix my nails and for a haircut, want to go?” she asked, she was in my house, waiting for me?

“What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at your own work?”

“Well, yeah, but I’ve missed you so much, I thought we needed to share some girls time, so, what do you say? Nails and haircut?” I shrugged. On our way, she told me that mom had sent me a gift, I was a bit shocked, and my mom usually goes and gives it herself.

“What is it? I talked to her this morning and she didn’t mention any gift”

“You know how she is. Maybe she forgot, because I went for lunch with her and she actually gave me the idea of sister’s time, aren’t you excited about it?” I laughed, my sister was really funny and she was my best friend in this world.

“Yes! But, we could stay at home, watching movies or something, because there’s no way I’m going to cut my hair again”

“It doesn’t matter, you can get a nice hair wash, with a relaxing massage, I do need a haircut like… now” and after that, we got to the place.

My nails were done and also my hair, I had loose curls and a new dress courtesy by my mom. When we were about to finish I had a text form kiss.

“Babe, I’ll pick you up at 7. Be ready. I love you very much”

“Aw” I said smiling like stupid.

“What is it?” My sister inquired.

“Chris, he has a surprise for me tonight.”

“You’re going to ride!” she yelled and I was like WHAT THE FUCK. The lady that was doing my nails just laughed. “I mean, come on, sis, your boyfriend’s one of the hottest actors in the whole business, you should be proud”

“I am, also I’m very in love”

“Oh, you could wear mama’s dress! That’d be awesome” I nodded. One thing less to think. My outfit was done.

“Miss, you are our client 100 of the week, we’d be happy to give you a makeup today, or for some other day!” I was so embarrassed. I never win anything! This was so exciting.

“Oh, this is amazing, can we do it now?”

“Of course” the lady nodded and indicated me the way, I smiled to my sister she was making a video of my reaction.

So there I was, waiting for my boyfriend. My phone rang.

“Hey” I giggled at the phone knowing that it was him.

“Hi, doll, I’m on my way.” Hearing his voice was like an automatic rush.

“Great, I’m ready. I just need my keys, but I don’t remember where I left them.” I started to move the things that were over my desk, but nothing.

“You know that I get you a bowl for that?”

“Yup, but I liked it more for candies” I added.

“You probably left them next to the microwave, you always…”

“Found them” I had followed his instructions to find them right next to it. I giggled amused.

“Nice, I’ll be there in ten. Oh, and since it’s a surprise I’m going to cover your eyes, I’m telling you this so you can prepare yourself and don’t make a scene when I put a scarf to cover your amazing eyes, love. Or… roll them, like you’re doing it now” I was doing that.

“It’s not fair. I just want to say that I worked very hard on my look and I’m going to miss your reaction.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it was a crazy day, my sister came, we got done our nails, I won something and they curled my hair right there and my mom sent me a dress. Crazy, right? I guess today’s my lucky day” I heard his laugh as I looked at myself one last time, “But I gotta tell you that I prefer going on converse and jeans, so don’t get too used to this”

“I love you in anyway, I’ll be there soon”

“I love you, but I prefer you in your tight Captain outfit”. I mean, there has to be some perks of being Chris’s girlfriend. And I didn’t mean the fancy part, just the… exquisite and relaxing part, the intimate one where he rehearsals all dress up and I help him.

“You’ve made that clear plenty times. Hurry!” I hanged up. But it rang again.

“I forgot to say the reason that I called in the first place” I smiled a bit and he cleared his throat.

“Oh, yeah? I thought it was for you to tell me that you were coming”

“No, I called you to tell you that I love you” I put my hand on my heart, and I was a teenager again.

“I love you too”.

“Alright, I’m almost there”

“Ok”. I looked at myself before running to the door. I liked this version of me. I was wearing a grey dress that made my waist look really tiny, my mom had nailed it. My makeup was actually very soft, a classy cat-eye and nudes. I was wearing stilettos, though it could’ve been a bad idea since I wasn’t quite sure of where we were going. My hair gently covered my shoulders. I heard the doorbell.

“Coming” I yelled. I looked in the eyehole even when I knew who it was. I smiled. It felt like our very first date. I opened before I whistle trying to flatter her elegant beauty. Chris was taller than me, even with my heels. Also, he was looking really, really good. He was wearing his dark blue jeans, white shirt and a jacket.

“Whoa” He said. “My god… you look… whoa” I walked towards him and I kissed him.

“Thank you, you look amazing, baby.” He kissed me again.

“You took my breath away, you know?” I lifted my eyebrow and laughed. “But I must say that I like you better naked. We should go, oh and…” he grabbed the kerchief in the air “you need to wear this.”

“I can’t tell you, baby” Chris repeated for the umpteenth time.

“Of course you can, you just don’t want to” I attacked. That was the truth. I didn’t know where we were. My eyes were covered by a bandage, I don’t even know why I agreed. Maybe because I had the persuasion of two deep blue eyes. When Chris told me that he had organized a surprise I didn’t expect this. Maybe I was waiting for a puppy, because that’s what he does. 

“Alright, sit”. He was still holding my hand, after we started to walk and climbing stairs, he ordered it.

“Can’t feel anything around” I murmured.

“That’s because there’s nothing in front of you” he stole a kiss and then I felt him walking away.

“Is this like a sophisticated kidnap? Why are you leaving? Chris?” I felt my heart beating fast, there wasn’t any noise, not even his steps away.

“Listen very carefully, nod if you understood” I did so “I’m right here, I’m not going to leave, nod”. By that moment, I was glad I had to nod because I didn’t know where my voice was. “You’re going to be quiet after you take off the fabric and you’re going to keep looking in front, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot move, understood?” I nodded and tried to sharpen the senses I had not been deprived yet. “After my count, you’ll remove it, alright?” I nodded “Do you know that I love you?” I did it again. “Ok, here we go, three, two, and one…” I took of the mask. I was by myself, there was a big screen and I was lighten by a spotlight.

“Chris?” I asked. The moment I said it, a movie started to roll. That was our movie, from the moment we met, to all the things we’ve done together. Tears were falling down my cheeks and I was smiling at the same time. In the end, there was a picture of us and a legend above “Our story will continue”.

“Chris?” I inquired again. Suddenly he appeared and started to make his way towards me.

“Hi”. He murmured.

“Hi, what’s this? What’s going on?” he knelt and I held my breath.

“This is a proposal, y/n. I know that you’re surprised so I guess we accomplished out mission. I wanted this to be very special for you, this is the place where we had our very first date, remember?” I nodded looking around. We were just walking and it started to rain, so we had to look for refuge in the old theater, which had been restructured by that moment. We actually broke into the place to be magnified by the beauty of the place. It was just… amazing, from the wood in the stage, to all the Victorian details in the whole theater. “You were shaking because of the rain, so I held you in my arms. You hesitated, but I convinced you. I realized of two things in that moment, that you weren’t like other woman and the second is that you were the one and for that reason you belonged there, in my arms. I’ve loved you since that moment, every single little thing of you, even the things that I shouldn’t love, I love. Today you said that it might seem to be your lucky day because everything you’ve done, but, to be honest, it was part of this proposal, your mom and sister helped me. They loved the idea and… joined me. And I just want to say that we can call it luck, but if it is luck, I want to tell you that I feel lucky every single day since I’m with you. I’m lucky to have you and know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that I want us to have a family. You’re not the only one with luck, doll. I’m so lucky and I’ll be the luckiest man if you agree to be my wife, so… y/n, would you concede me the honor to be my wife? Will you marry me?” I was holding my tears, I nodded uncontrollably.

“Yes!” I said as I knelt with him and gave him a kiss, he reached my left hand and put a ring in my finger. I kissed him again and hugged him. Oh, God. I heard applauses and cheerful screaming. I looked back and saw a bunch of people, there was my family and his family, also some friends.

“Thought you’d like to share the news and celebrate”

“I love you so, so much” I said, before my mother ran into me and gave us a motherly hug. This was my perfect, lucky day, the one that I’d never forget.  

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Always love seeing a new Stony writer :3 As for the prompts, I've always been interested in seeing a story where an outer space ambassador comes to visit Earth, and greatly interests Tony with his science talk and tech. As Tony and this alien (who happens to be quite handsome) get closer, Steve is fuming quietly on the side.

Steve knows all too well how words and signatures do more than a gun ever could. Seventy years in the ice didn’t erase the memory of Stalin’s strong, but friendly handshake, or the heat of the Iranian sun as Churchill downed another brandy while FDR–call me Frank, my boy, you’ve earned it–leaned heavily on his cane and told of his dog’s latest exploits. They may have been there as entire countries, but they were human before anything, and it was that humanity that they brought to the table. 

The men and women who dedicate their lives to the softening of borders and forging of friendships are as heroic and deserving of praise as anyone in costume. Steve firmly believes diplomats should be given every respect and courtesy. 

Double goes for the Asgardian ambassador to Earth.

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Title: Between

Genre: Angst

Summary: After Dan crashes his car he gets stuck in a world between life and death. A place full of wonder and were everything seems to be possible. He meets Phil, a young man who guides him through the Between. Too bad you can’t stay in Between forever, time is ticking away after all and the choice between life and death might be the hardest he will ever have to make.

Warnings: Major character death, some swearing I guess, some existential-ish stuff, if you squint there is phan (platonic sortof, but not really)

Word count: 2.1K+

A/N: This took me so long to write, I couldn’t really seem to get the emotions exactly as I wanted them. But yeah anyways, I’m quite proud how this turned out and stuff and all the love goes out to Lieve aka ohdamnhowell for going over this for me. Happy reading!

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