he should sing it in the show because it's him

rotten luck and testing patience

Yuri can’t believe his rotten luck; to be in China for a Grand Prix with this embarrassing couple cheering on him, wearing cat ears and signs saying Yurio and every variation of good luck.

Moreover, there’s also that guy again; whose blood would stain the ice later on and it would smell like Maple Syrup.

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

Yuri slumps on his chair, ignoring the cameras and everyone around him. He messes up. He didn’t land the quadruple salchow and triple toe loop combination. Yes, it’s ambitious of him to do the jumps in second half of the program and he shouldn’t have feeling so down because he gets a pretty good score; but it does bother him. This short program, The Sound of Roaring Tiger, feels very personal to him. He wants to convey the strength and gracefulness of a tiger, wants to show people how amazing their beautiful form on ice; instead, he showed how clumsy the tiger is by missing a chance to catch their prey.

“Yurochka,” Yakov pats his back as they step out of the Kiss and Cry. “You did great today.”

Stiffly, he nods. Of course Yakov would say that; Yakov is his coach and objectively, Yuri knows that he did well in the short program. Still…

Yakov sighs. “I guess I should say good luck,” his grasp on Yuri’s shoulder tightens briefly before he lets go.

Perplexed, he raises an eyebrow and about to ask what his coach means when something grabs his body, “Yurio!!!” The something yells.

Yuri screams, he is suspended on the air by hands on his waist—hands belonged to none other than Victor Nikiforov—as the man swings him around. Yuri’s vision turns blurry from the motion, he’s getting dizzy and the churning on his stomach intensifies he’s going to puke—

“Victor! Stop it, Yurio’s going to be sick if you do that!” A voice protests.

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Tae is a singer.

Honestly, I’m kind of tired of BigHit giving him lines that cause him to use the raspy part of his voice. Sure it sounds good.. But most of the time they have him straining his voice a lot. Yes he has a deep voice.. And the raspiness of it works a lot of times. But after doing it a lot I bet his throat hurts.. ㅠㅠ Sometimes I feel like his singing is under appreciated to BigHit. But when They give him lines in the music in which he’s actually singing, it’s so precious. He takes out the time to show us his singing skill doing covers and when he does its phenomenal, it’s glorious, and many other things.. Just because his voice is deep and has the ability to creat that growling sound in his “singing” doesn’t mean they should give him lines that are contestant with him doing that. Tae is more than that. He’s a singer too. ;ㅅ;