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Hi darling! How about hcs for Madara having a crush on Tobirama’s wife? And maybe vice versa if you’re feeling like doing it <3

so spicyyy

•So Madara having a crush on Tobi’s wife is just so complicated. Because Tobirama notices off the bat, even if Madara is inconspicuous about it. He notices. And of course, he does not like it

•Tobirama is honestly insulted. Madara must be outta his damn mind if he thinks he even stands a chance. Madara should know better than to get involved with his wife. It just makes Tobirama’s hatred for him thrive

•Tobirama doesn’t go overboard, but he does think it solicits a warning to his wife. Even if it’s not a straight up “Stay away from Madara Uchiha”, it might be something as simple as “Come home early tonight”

•Tobirama has a difficult time leaving her unattended once he notices Madara’s crush. It’s not that he doesn’t trust his wife, he just doesn’t trust the Uchiha. He’s somehow convinced Madara is going to fill her head with twisted ideas and lies about the Senju clan, or something extreme like that. Tobirama figures that if Madara was able to sway his elder brother, he might be able to do the same to his wife. And he can’t take that chance. His wife is not about to be corrupted by an Uchiha

•It’s difficult to say whether Tobirama would confront Madara. It’s not likely. Tobirama isn’t intimidated by Madara in the slightest, so the real thing stopping him would be pride. Tobirama doesn’t want to give Madara the satisfaction of knowing that the man’s fixation on his wife is getting to him. Tobirama is convinced that’s the only reason Madara is showing interest in her in the first place, just to piss him off

•Conversely, if Tobirama had feelings for Madara’s wife, Madara would see it as sweet irony. Tobirama Senju, who hates him, who hates all Uchiha, lusting after his wife, who, although only by marriage, is also an Uchiha

•Madara will take advantage of it in his own way. He won’t be too petty. He won’t rub it in Tobirama’s face, won’t tell anyone about it, won’t even tell his wife, to be honest

•He’d rather see how it all plays out than tell his wife. Madara isn’t as convinced as Tobirama would be that the other has a chance of somehow manipulating his wife. Madara doesn’t think Tobirama has the balls to make a move

•Madara might even let his wife be friendly with Tobirama. Although he can be the jealous and possessive type, it takes Madara a lot to get to that point. He sees no reason that he should keep his wife away from Tobirama, since that might make her suspicious

•The main reason he doesn’t want his wife knowing about the dilemma is because it would likely change her behavior toward Tobirama, and Madara doesn’t want that. He’d rather her act normal, and potentially compromise Tobirama’s feeling even more. If she carries on like normal, Tobirama’s crush will either stay the same or grow, which in turn, will only hurt him more. Because he knows he can’t have her. It’s a slight pleasure that Madara can take out of the situation, knowing that he can afflict Tobirama that way


cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.

I love how the voltron writers love to skip important scenes like reunions, resolutions, and the paladins unlocking different forms of their bayards :)


Steve + seeing Diana for the first time


Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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about shiro not backing keith’s story in bom: i think there’s other factors that a lot of people overlook. namely, the fact that shiro’s response isn’t just him reacting to an isolated incident–its him finally putting together the pieces after a long time of dealing with constant doubt and concern. because he knows something’s up with keith. in season 2, he’s the only one that does. on two separate occasions, he takes keith aside and tries to talk to him, to ask him what’s wrong, to try and get him to open up. and every time keith shuts him out? you can see the fear on shiro’s face, can see that he feels like they’re slowly drifting apart and he’s losing keith

these two strike me as friends who probably used to tell each other everything. so the fact that keith is refusing to talk now, that he’s forcing this distance between them? shiro doesn’t know what to think. and when he sees keith has this alien knife and is maybe part galra? maybe isn’t even from earth at all? shiro is very quickly finding out that this person he’s very close to, someone who he thought he knew everything about, is quite literally becoming alien. his best friend is suddenly a stranger, and he’s questioning whether he ever even knew him at all  

looking at shiro’s face here, he looks just as panicked as keith. despite how good he is at improvising and acting, he doesn’t even have it in him to scrape together an excuse or cover story. he’s genuinely shocked, and just blurts the words out without thinking. “I…I don’t know”–he hesitates, stumbles. he’s seeing the person he thought he was really close to in a whole new light, and he doesn’t know how to handle it

and keith? when he’s down on the ground, the first thing he says is “Shiro, you know me.” becuase he’s trying desperately to bridge that gap, to make shiro see–to prove that, even if keith’s going through some shit, even if he doesn’t know who he himself is, he hasn’t changed. the person shiro knew is still the same. 

also, look at shiro’s face after that exchange. that doesn’t look like someone who just sold out or distrusts their friend. he takes the time to look at keith and kinda check in, to see how vulnerable and scared he looks (scared because he thinks shiro doesn’t trust him)

before he goes right back to glaring and confronting the bom

he then tells keith theyre leaving and starts walking away. he realizes there’s some kind of conflict here between keith and the bom, so he tries to separate them. if he really didnt trust his friend, he would’ve insisted he either 1 hand over the knife or 2 started asking a bunch of personally invasive questions–after all, this is the person that insisted on morally grey mind control interrogation to extract information from a galra. 

instead, he sees how honestly hurt and confused keith looks, so he gives him some space and tries to quickly remove him from the situation 

and when keith insists on staying? shiro’s worried look in the background there? even if he doesn’t understand what’s been going on with keith all this time, he’s clearly concerned, clearly cares. he backs off a bit and let’s keith say his piece, because he realizes just how much all this means to him. shiro doesn’t interfere again until after he hears keith’s life will be on the line, and immediately tries to get him out of there 

he goes right up to keith’s side when he tries to reason with him, and we get a repeat of that shoulder touch thing these two do so much. shiro especially does this to keith a lot, and it honestly seems like a kind of grounding thing. he reaches out to keith, tries to tell him that whatever’s going on his life isn’t worth it, holds onto him to offer some kind of comfort. the way shiro tries to convince him here reminds me a lot of that thing joaquim said in an interview, about how “shiro is sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” shiro very much tries to do that here, sees that keith is angry and upset and tries to keep him from making a reckless decision. 

was shiro really taken aback and hurt initially? i think so, yes. but once he kinda has a bit of time to recover and think things through he’s still thinking of keith and trying to help him as best he can–this is also why he doesn’t try to stop him again until it’s absolutely necessary, because he respects keith’s volition and understands the importance of that autonomy. when push comes to shove, regardless of the situation, shiro still steps up to protect keith 


Amazing though, don’t you think?…

Y’all do realise that the only reason Ciel acts the way he does he’s being raised by a literal demon. Like this child went through a horrific traumatic experience that left him with major trust issues and rather than get the love and support he needs he has a this avatar of evil itself encouraging and magnifying every destructive emotion because he finds it amusing.

Ciel’s not a terrible person - Sebastian is.


Well lookie here! I’m finally in another fandom!! Which means “back to sinning”!! Anyways I doubt I’ll make a second part to this….. or maybe?

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Can you believe there’re still people who think Jeon Jungkook dislikes Park Jimin?



I mean-

Are they blind???



I don’t get it

How can they even think about Jungkook disliking Park Jimin?