he should move on at this point


I was tagged by @iq-biased to the ship yourself with your bias tag!

I’m honestly really bad at these, because we’d all ship ourselves with our biases but let me just say why I love Zico so much.

He has such a strong character and resolve. He does so much for the people he loves and moves to his own rhythm. He has such a big compassionate heart to the point he tattooed the Sewol ribbon on him for a fan that passed away and even attended her funeral.

He’s overcome so many criticisms and even personal health issues. Zico to me is the epitome of strength, but is also this huge dork. He says and does things that make me want to face palm while laughing. He’s just such an inspiration to me.

You should always surround yourself with people who can make you better, and I feel like Zico could not only help me become a better person, but that I could also do the same for him.

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one night, the commandos see something, a flicker of something none of them dare name, between their captain and their sniper.

‘i think we should just ignore it, dugan. it doesn’t really make a difference. we’re still a team, right?’ gabe asks, eyes flickering over to where cap and barnes are sitting at the bar as he does. there’s so much there; it’s in the way they move around each other, the look in their eyes as they stare at one another. 

‘i mean… does anyone here have a problem with it?’ falsworth comments. gabe quickly translates, and dernier waves him off in a way that tells gabe that he’s got no quarrel with it.

‘speak now or forever hold your peace, gentlemen,’ morita says. they stay silent, and falsworth raises a glass. the rest of them follow suit.

‘swear yourselves to silence, gentlemen. cap and barnes deserve this. we owe ‘em that much.”

they drink, and the moment passes. none of them mention it again. they don’t mention it when barnes and cap go missing for hours, only to sneak back into camp in the middle of the night. they don’t talk about the way the two of them slide their sleeping mats ever so closer together when they’re out in the field. they don’t talk about it, until the day after they receive the news that cap’s plane went down, with him on it.

“to the captain, and to barnes. may they find each other again, in every eternity.”


Ace ( エース ) //  noun : 

The ace is the best player on the team offensively. This is very important because if the ace scores a lot, he will be able to control the tempo of the game. An ace needs to have the ability to score at will with a variety of moves (jumpshots, driving in for dunks and layups, drawing fouls and to be able to finish the 3 point play, etc). When his team is down, he should be the one that inspires his team to make a comeback. A basketball ace should also be able to get his teammates involved. Once the attention of the defense begins to center around him, it will be easier for his teammates to get open and make baskets. The ace should know when to score and when it is a better decision to pass off the ball.

let’s talk about professor!Dean and how his face lights up when he teaches something he loves, how he moves his arms around when trying to emphasize his point, and even if you hate the subject, you can’t help but listen to him talking because he’s so goddamn passionate about it, let’s talk about professor!Dean and how he groans louder than his students when he has to teach something boring, and how he pranks the hungover students in his class because while he is all for a little weekend fun, it doesn’t mean you should show up at class smelling like a brewery, let’s talk about professor!Dean and how his students absolutely adore him, even though he is quite a harsh grader, because really, he’s the best teacher you could ever hope to have, he’s patient and he works hard, staying late to help out students who need it, let’s talk about professor!Dean and his hard on for his car, and how he looks personally affronted when you don’t know your classic rock, let’s talk about professor!Dean and how he’s completely in love with Dr. Castiel Novak across the hall, and how he blushes a little everytime the other professor talks to him, lets talk about professor!Dean and how his students ship him hard with Dr.Novak, and make it their not-so-secret project to do some matchmaking because Professor Winchester is really not as smooth as he thinks and it’s kind of hard to sit through all the pining and it’s time they did something about it

let’s just talk about professor!Dean~


At it again with his signature move ~(˘▾˘)~


Richard Sherman does it again! This time he wrote an article coming to the defense of former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Desean Jackson. If you haven’t heard Desean was recently released from the Philadelphia Eagles for allegedly having Gang Affiliation or has they put it “gang ties”. Richard Sherman wrote that Desean wasn’t a gang member and he is a real stand up guy. Just like Richard, Desean grew up in the inner-city where they both have children friends that chose a different path than them. Richard would go on and make many valid points in the article like how Desean was released for “gang ties” but The other Eagles receiver Riley Cooper (who is white) is given a contract extension after he said"I will fight every nigger here.“, last season. The main thing that stuck out to me was the fact Richard came to his defense. This is how Black Athletes should move! The NFL teams already is owned by rich white males, that’s why it’s important that black athletes show solidarity and stick up for each other. The media would try to always make black athletes the bad guy and write stories to add to that. Black players commit certain crimes in the league and since they’re black they get fined and scorn.

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo

#RichardSherman #DeseanJackoson #Black #NFL

Link to the article here: http://mmqb.si.com/2014/04/02/richard-sherman-desean-jackson/

I matched with a guy who is seen out in town a couple of times, he messaged me straight away and we just clicked.

So a week later after a friend cancelled our plans and I was feeling generally shitty, he invited me to our local comic tastier to hang out with him and his friends for a bit, so I did.

It was great, he was just as cute as I remembered and he made me laugh at everything, so did his friends, at no point did I feel out of place or awkward. So a few hours later the store closes, and he says his phones going to die so he should head off, but I didn’t want him to go so I told him my place was close and I had an iPhone charger. So he comes back to mine.

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just imagine enjolras, after he realises he has feelings for grantaire, trying to flirt

because grantaire is aware of enjolras constantly - where he is, what he’s doing - but unaware of the possibility enjolras might actually want to talk to him, in a friendly manner, when he isn’t drunk and being cocky and irritating 

so every time enjolras, who, bless his poor nerd heart, is awkward as fuck anyway, sidles up and starts talking, grantaire will entirely miss the point

‘have you been to the new coffee shop that’s just opened in town’

‘yeah I went like last week, it’s good, you should go with the guys’


‘what are you drawing, that looks really-’

‘oh sorry, i’ll move my stuff out of your way’


‘where’s your shirt from? i like it’

‘what? is there something on my shirt?’


So uhh, a few days ago, I met Johnny Depp. Twice. They’re filming pirates of the Caribbean here in australia where I live so there was a really awesome opportunity where he took the time out of his filming days to do open meet and greets with anyone who showed up. He spent an hour with us and I got to hug him twice and got a kiss on the cheek. I got to tell him how excited I am to see him in Black Mass and he laughed and said “ohhh I don’t know if you’ll like that one”. I should mention that for the entire time he spent with us, he was completely in character. He came and saw us just after filming so he was still in costume and he was staggering like a drunk and talking in jack’s accent and making witty remarks left, right and center. At one point, he was standing in front of me and his security tried to get him to move along but he grabbed onto the fence between us and just said “NO! You can’t make me!” And when his security tried to lift his hand from the fence, he just grabbed the fence with his other hand, and every time he swapped hands he was like “haha!! HAHA!! I’M CONFUSING HIM!! HAHA!!” It was hilarious and he did it right in front of me omg.
And just ugh. His hugs are the BEST. I got a hug from him and a sneaky kiss on the cheek that I almost didn’t notice, but his HUGSSSSS. We just wrapped our arms around each other and he squeezed me really tight and I rested my head on his shoulder and whispered thankyou to him and I think he said “that’s alright, love” or something and ugh he’s wonderful. The next day, the second time I met him, someone drew on my face accidentally when they reached past me to get Johnny to sign something, and Johnny thought he was the one who drew on my face (which was surprisingly probable due to him waving his hands everywhere) and he got so worried and was like “did I sign your face?? I’m sorry!” And I told him that someone else did it and he just sighed in relief, smiled and rested his hand on my collarbone and I NEARLY DIED. Then my best friend and I got him to sign our arms, and we told him we were going to get them tattooed and he looked shocked but was so careful writing his signature and he even lined his signature up with a previous tattoo that I’ve got. And then I got another hug from him! AND THEN WE SANG BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY TO HIM BECAUSE WE FELT THE FIRST VERSE WAS ACCURATE TO HOW WE WERE FEELING AFTER MEETING HIM, AND HE LOOKED UP AND WAVED AT US AND THEN STARTED GIGGLING WHEN HE REALISED WHAT WE WERE SINGING YAY


So happy birthday Johnny! Thanks for being awesome enough to meet your fans and get to know us, you’re absolutely quintessentially beautiful in every sense of the word and I can only hope that I meet you again sometime. 💜

Im at that point now where i have to decide whether i should move on or continue grasping something that’s barely there; like cold hands in the winter fog.

I Want you. So bad. But I’ve done so much and I’ve waited for so long for you. My heart still stirs when i see you, not wanting to believe what my mind does. The only thing holding me back from moving on is the nagging voice in my head saying “just one more day. Just one more sign. Just go to sleep and he’ll love you tomorrow ”

—  2-2-16

#GamesSoWhite: Our Rec List of Diverse Games You Need to Play NOW

Last week, another incredible piece by Tauriq Moosa was featured on Polygon. In it, he describes the inherent race problem that has all but saturated the games industry—and popular culture—for some time. He makes a wonderful point, which is summed up rather neatly below. It’s something I feel needs to be addressed by us as we move forward in carving a space out for our own voices here at FemHype:

“Just as major media and consumers have been vocal about gender representation—with Call of Duty and now FIFA including playable female characters in upcoming games—we should want such discussion about race as well. Diversity of voices should be key and we should actively want and demand voices of color alongside white men.”

Tauriq’s honest efforts for discussion were met with an absolute firestorm, as detailed by Offword, where the hashtag #GamesSoWhite was coopted by the usual suspects. In an effort to celebrate the incredible games that do, in fact, feature characters who aren’t white, I turned to our writers for their personal recommendations. These are the games that truly gripped us, particularly defined by the diverse characters whose stories are absolutely necessary to be shared in this ever-changing industry landscape.

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Being Mark’s girlfriend means
  • snapchats you A L L T H E T I M E
  • morning and night skype calls
  • “are these spiderman cupcakes?”
  • “hell yeah”
  • *loses his damn mind*
  • grabbing your butt, putting his hand in your back pocket, smacking you playfully on the booty when you walk by–basically mark is an ass man
  • laying his head in your lap while you guys are chillin on the couch
  • “mark why are you watching me watch the movie”
  • “hold on don’t move i’m gonna take a picture you look cute”
  • if you’ve never had candids taken of you before you will now
  • making weird faces at you to make you laugh
  • but it turns into a competition to see who can be weirder and you’re practically peeing yourselves from laughing so hard
  • and then jackson walks in like
  • “uhhhh”
  • but then he joins in
  • “have you seen this”
  • “mark im in the shower”
  • “ok but come look at this post when you’re done”
  • his chin on your shoulder watching you scroll through tumblr, pointing out stuff you should like so he can look at it later
  • taking advantage of the proximity to kiss your neck and your cheek
  • staring at you with that goofy grin on his face like he knows he’s damn lucky to have you in his life

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Horoscope - Feb 28 2015

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You might incorrectly assume that you have to solve everyone’s problems today. Luckily, you can still be the strong and capable one while also being vulnerable enough to feel someone else’s pain. However, you are not required to find a solution right away; neither must you avoid the dilemma. In fact, an alternative approach is to open your heart and experience the predicament without trying to fix it. The best move you can make is to listen closely and acknowledge another person’s feelings. Just showing up for a loved one counts more than you realize.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

A relative or friend might bug you so much today that you think he or she is trying to pick a fight with you. But don’t let a non-issue grow so important that it leads to an unnecessary argument which becomes the focal point of your entire day. If you can successfully sidestep a confrontation now, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your self-restraint later once they ripen. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny; taking the high road allows you to sleep well at night.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Balancing your unflagging need for mental stimulation with your current yearning to chill out can be tricky business. It’s not that your interest to interact with others disappears; it’s just that you don’t want so many distractions when your sensitivity is on high alert. If you are feeling overextended in any part of your life now, take time to recharge your batteries so you are up for the challenges of next week. Even if everyone looks to you to set the social agenda, some quality time alone will do you good.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

The raw power of your feelings could stop you in your tracks now that the evocative Moon is back in your contemplative sign. However, she also reminds you of how isolated you feel when you don’t express your emotions. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to communicate your experiences because you worry that your intensity may be too much for others to handle today. To prevent any unwanted drama, share on a need-to-know basis only. Luckily, staying in touch with your inner world is possible if you simply remain silent and offer a mysterious smile.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

It’s tempting to hide your feelings today, especially if you’re not as optimistic as everyone expects. The moody Cancer Moon is hanging out in your 12th House of Secrets, making it nearly impossible to reveal your uncertainty about the future. Paradoxically, sharing your vulnerability demonstrates your true strength. It takes extra courage to act on your gut instincts, especially if they appear out of step with the circumstances of your life. Being so transparent isn’t as easy when your truth is hard to swallow, but honesty is still the best policy.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Being receptive and responsive to your friends and family may prove to be an enriching experience today, but you must first get over your fear of rejection. Sharing your feelings can set you up for disappointment if others don’t react as expected. Nevertheless, you’ll never know what might develop if you don’t take the risk. Opening your heart allows everyone to know your authentic self. Be willing to go to the edge without going over it.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You may try to avoid the public eye today, yet you could be needed by others in a way that puts you front and center with everyone’s attention on you. Oddly enough, it’s not that you want to remain unseen; it’s just that you feel awkward in the spotlight now. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to choose between hiding out and stepping up to the plate. Finding balance is one of the recurring themes in your life; seek a comfortable place between being the star of the show and remaining a complete unknown.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You can look off into the future and see your distant goals quite clearly now, but you still may be at a loss as how to best reach your destination. Unfortunately, you don’t recognize any routes that lead directly to where you want to go. Fortunately, you are drawing on a very deep well of persistence and faith. Your willingness to wait for the right moment will clear the way for your success. Trust your intuition to lead you in the right direction.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Although it’s always wise to deliver on your promises, you have other things on your agenda now as your creativity overflows with passion. You want to amaze others with your originality, but turning down the volume on your self-expression makes more sense than striking out on your own. You can still perform awesome feats, but sustaining your efforts throughout the day produces more positive impact in the long run than creating a flash of excitement by pulling a rabbit out of a hat and expecting everyone to applaud.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You’re confronted with an ambiguous message now, as others say one thing yet do another. You’re encouraged by the loving support you receive, but it feels as if something still isn’t quite right today. The unspoken judgment is that you’re not doing enough, even if you have no idea of what else you could do. Don’t let self-doubt creep into your life; focus on the positive feedback to propel you to the next level, instead. Ultimately, you can move mountains if you believe in yourself.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You’re extremely intuitive when it comes to what your close friends want today, enabling you to initiate helpful tasks before anyone even asks you for assistance. Unfortunately, you may also harbor resentment toward those who aren’t willing to give you straightforward direction. You probably don’t mind the extra work, but might feel frustrated about the lack of acknowledgement and appreciation. Instead of keeping your feelings quiet, talk to someone before your unhappiness gets the best of you. The more everyone knows now, the better the outcome.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may feel more alive today, revitalized by the tidal Cancer Moon as she refreshes your pools of emotions. If you’re attempting to recover from a recent schedule overload, set new boundaries while you still can. Thankfully, you won’t have to relinquish any power, nor must you defend your personal right for taking a solitary path. Quietly basking in the delicious healing waters of your own compassion is sufficient for now. Creating inner peace ripples outward to others.

Source : Rick Levine

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BREAKING: Ugandan Pres. Blocks Anti-Homosexuality Bill
January 16, 2013

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has blocked the nation’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill on a technicality, Uganda's Daily Monitor is reporting.

In a lengthy letter to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, Museveni alleges that a quorum was not present on the day she pushed the bill through, which would render its passage void. Furthermore, he rebukes her for moving forward with the measure even after he said it should be shelved so the government could study the issue in greater detail.

“Some elements, however, insisted and even without quorum of Parliament, passed it,” the President said. “How can you pass law without the quorum of Parliament after it has been pointed out? What sort of Parliament is this? How can Parliament be the one to break the Constitution and the Law repeatedly?”

But don’t think President Museveni has developed a soft spot for the gays:

The President said a homosexual is somebody who is abnormal because the normal person was created to be attracted to the opposite sex in order to procreate and perpetuate the human race. He said, nature goes wrong in a minority of cases.

While in the Bill passed by Parliament there is no provision for killing homosexuals; the President said, “The question at the core of the debate of homosexuality is; what do we do with an abnormal person? Do we kill him/her? Do we imprison him/her? Or we do contain him/her?”

Museveni also used the occasion to expound on his theories about the supposed causes of homosexuality: “random breeding” in Western societies, economic disempowerment, and financial incentives.

The President said that he believes homosexuality can be cured, rejecting the position that it’s a naturally occurring variation of human sexuality. “"You cannot call an abnormality an alternative orientation,” he said. “It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people.”

Museveni’s musings on homosexuality were mostly confined to the male variety:

The President said apart from the people who are abnormal, it seems there is a group of those that become homosexual for “mercenary reasons”–they get recruited on account of financial inducements. He said this is a group that can be rescued and that many of the youth fall in this category.

He did have a few thoughts about lesbianism, though:

As for lesbians, the President said apart from those born abnormal and those ones that may become lesbian for mercenary reasons, there may be those that go into the practice because of “sexual starvation” when they fail to get married.

According to the Monitor, Museveni indicated that the ruling NRM Party would be able to find a “scientifically correct position” on the proposed law.

And what about these mysterious (a.k.a. non-existent) recruiters who apparently roam the land offering fistfuls of cash to entice impoverished but “normal” Ugandans into homosexuality? Museveni said he supports locking them up for life.

His solution for combating homosexuality is simple: jobs, jobs, jobs.

The President said the rescue for homosexuals is first and foremost, economic, focusing on rapidly industrialised Uganda, modernisation of agriculture etc. By delaying government projects needed to create jobs for the unemployed youth, the President said the MPs are exposing the unemployed youth or “impecunious students” to the risks of homosexuality and other temptations.


Let’s keep in mind the way right wing evangelicals in the United States have helped shape and influence the political climate in Uganda against homosexuality.

I’m glad the bill was blocked.

Can we talk about newly-together Fitzsimmons trying to be romantic though? Like, trying. These precious buns are going to have to regress from ‘old married couple’ to ‘newlywed’ phase and it’s gonna be great.

  • Fitz makes Simmons tea and brings it to her, and then he thinks, how do I make this more romantic? More couple-y? Kiss her on the cheek, obviously. Or the lips, even. Yes, let’s do that.
    • Bonus points if Simmons is already off talking at 10000 miles an hour and their kiss is a big mess because she doesn’t see it coming
  • Simmons wakes up and is like, Fitz is still asleep, what do I do? Should I get up? Would that wake him up? Is that okay, if I wake him up? Do couples do that? Would he even move though I mean I know he sleeps pretty heavily…
  • They’re still trying to work out how down they are with PDAs and how far they’re okay with going in public because they’re so used to what other people would consider inappropriate physical contact that the borders aren’t quite as clear.
    • It doesn’t help that Skye’s practically glowing innuendo constantly
  • One of them is annoyed by something, or wants something (eg the remote, the sauce, the salt) and the other can’t decide whether or not to give it to them until Skye probably elbows them into it because “that’s what couples do"
  • terrible, terrible pet names
  • (and even the good normal ones just sound awful after so many years of ‘Fitz’ and ‘Simmons’)
  • they probably have a list of petnames to try and every time one of them makes them visibly cringe they cross it off the list
Some thoughts on the dislike for AFFC/ADWD

Yes, it’s about sexism. Bear with me.

A friend and I have been emailing back and forth about GoT and ASOIAF, and she wrote this excellent point yesterday:

Do you think the dislike of the last two books could have anything to do with how the men have little plot progression, and the women seem to step into more focus leading/strong/action-based roles now a space has opened for them to use political power?

Kinda ties in to the Dany/Tyrion scene [in the show] being moved up. They [Benioff and Weiss] don’t care that Dany is gaining power and doing things what did Tyrion do? He should reach his goal… They can identify more with HIM. He shouldn’t be pushed back for her to rise up…They don’t care that she literally represents FIRE…because… men are heroes, I guess.

This is something I never thought about in these terms before, but I think it relates so well to this post that I saw shared recently about how the show gave us Talisa instead of Jeyne:

And to isolate the issue: we really have to see this as a matter of relationships to male characters. To them [Benioff and Weiss], Robb is the most important person in this storyline, and a romantic relationship is better to show for a male character than a relationship where he’s the son to a mother character that is meant to have dignity and influence. Because one does not emasculate him and the other will.

In our media, we are used to men being the focal point. They’re the ones with the agency, and the women depicted are contextualized by them. And like, clearly there’s exceptions, but the overwhelming pattern in what we consume is pretty damn obvious.

AFFC receives the most flack, and it is clearly skewed towards female PoVs:

Cersei Lannister - 10 chapters
Brienne of Tarth - 8 chapters
Jaime Lannister - 7 chapters
Samwell Tarly - 5 chapters
Arya Stark - 3 chapters
Sansa Stark - 3 chapters
Aeron Greyjoy - 2 chapters
Victarion Greyjoy - 2 chapters
Arianne Martell - 2 chapters
Asha Greyjoy - 1 chapter
Areo Hotah - 1 chapter
Arys Oakheart - 1 chapter
Pate - 1 chapter (Prologue)

Female chapters: 27/47 (57.4%)
Male chapters:  20/47 (42.5%)

Keep in mind all the studies that have been done where people view conversations as being dominated by women if they speak only 30% of the time, but are “equal” when women speak 15% of the time.

It’s no secret I love AFFC/ADWD. And I’ve thought a lot about why it is that people seem to pan on them. But I think we need to be cognizant of the fact that our cultural norms and media are heavily skewed towards male-dominated narratives, and the last two books delivered something else. 

Btw, I’m not saying you’re sexist if you didn’t enjoy the last two books. All I’m saying is that the narrative mold we’re used to consuming was broken, and as a result there might be a few ingrained barriers to enjoying it that we’re likely unaware of. Just a shade that colored our perception.

fic where Ransom and Holster are nap buddies who like to platonically spoon all afternoon

and one time Holster wakes up with Ransom’s slack-jawed mouth pressed against his collarbone

and the sensation of it slowly gets Holster hard

and right about the point where he’s starting to think he should remove himself from the situation

Ransom wakes up and asks what time it is

without moving away, so his lips move against Holster’s skin

and Holster’s like “bro, I know this is weird? but I’ve got wood”

and Ransom is like “bro, I know this is weird? but I want to lick your neck”

and Holster is like “BRO”

and they make out