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Thank you for pointing me to that meta. I want Will to be saved too, but somehow I don't think he truly deserves it. I don't want Will to just realize Hannibal is bad for him all of a sudden, send him to jail, cut all the bridges with his past and move to Florida to meet Molly. He should pay for the things he has done, there should be some justice for him as well. And three years of gap are not enough to justify this change in him. I'm not sure I'm okay with him going totally unpunished.

As frustrated as I often get with Will – and sometimes I get so frustrated I all but despair of him – I’ve never desired punishment for him. I honestly don’t understand that particular attitude: it’s not in my makeup. But I’ve noticed that the fandom has a very punitive streak, not just where Will is concerned, but for all the characters on Hannibal. I’ve gotten so many messages asking when so-and-so is going to get their comeuppance, when people will finally recognize that such-and-such is a terrible person who deserves to die. This whole attitude puzzles me, because Hannibal is such a morally gray universe where so, so many crimes go unpunished, and where the entire mechanism of justice and corrections is supervised by the corrupt and the moronic. The punishments that do end up getting doled out in this story fall very short of the mark. And then you have Hannibal, who is his own judge, jury, and executioner punishing the rude. He has co-opted the whole system of blame and retribution and mocks it ruthlessly with his murders. Why do we expect this story to punish its transgressors? Especially when the entire cast has transgressed? That expectation feels very disconnected from the show itself, and from the kind of story it’s telling.

So my question for you is: how would you like to see Will punished? Would you like to see him eviscerated? Would you like to see him tortured? Would you like to see him permanently disfigured? If any of those are a yes, then boy do I have news for you… The truth is that Will’s whole life is one long punishment. He pays daily for his obsessions. Even his current fascination with Hannibal is causing him nothing but pain and grief, and is liable to cause him even more. It’s clear to me that a large part of Will’s desperation to see Hannibal again is to court his own destruction. Will is quite literally punishing himself. 

When I say I want Will to be saved, what I mean is that I want the self-destructive feedback loop Will is trapped inside to be broken, at least temporarily. I want him to emerge from this fugue state and say: I understand Hannibal, but I am not Hannibal. I am making the choice not to become Hannibal, but to become Will Graham instead. Will might not be able to stick to that resolution – I know it’s always going to be a struggle for him – but god almighty do I need to see him at least try.

  • me:*wakes up in the middle of the night frantically sweating*
  • me:kim minseok is so flawless he looks so damn good and at the same time he's such a sweet person I feel really bad about the fact that some view him as cold-hearted when he's really just very shy and mature also he used to be so unconfident about his appearance I hope he likes his looks now he worked so hard to get to this point also I'm worried about him isn't he too tired after today's concert I hope he ate well after the show he has to eat more to get some energy also he should drink more water staying hydrated is very important they move a lot on stage btw how many times did he go to the toilet today
  • me:*goes back to sleep*

Imagine finally deciding to move in with Ashton, he’s had it all planned out for moths, hoping you’d eventually give into his begging and pleading. He’d already bought a cute little apartment for the two of you. After you’d said yes to moving in with him, he acted like a little kid who was given too much sugar. He giggled constantly, would shower you with kisses and never leave your side. When the apartment was ready for the two of you to move in, the first thing you did was take a look around since you hadn’t seen it before. Of course you trusted Ashton with his decision on the apartment but you were still excited to actually see your soon-to-be bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. As soon as you got to the bedroom, which at that point didn’t even own a bed or anything a bedroom should have, Ashton attacked you with a hug from behind, his chin resting on your left shoulder as you weren’t that much smaller than him and his hands wrapped around your waist, fingers intertwined and laying on your stomach. “What color do you think we should paint the walls?” He mumbled, his lips right next to your ear, softly brushing it with every word. A light shiver ran down your spine as you felt his hot breath on your ear, Ashton noticing and giggling softly. “Hm.. what about a really light pastel red or something?” You wondered, your head turning slightly to the left to look at your beautiful boyfriend. His hair tousled as if he’d just jumped out of bed, the curls creating an adorable mess on his head. His hazel-green eyes shining bright with the light that was flooding through the window, his lips still a little plump from last nights activities, which caused a small blush to appear on your cheeks as you think about it. Ashton’s voice ripped you out of your thoughts. “That sounds great, baby girl. How about we get come color right now and get straight to the painting part?” He spoke gently, smiling softly down at you. You just nodded as he let go of your waist and strode out of the bedroom.
After you’d gotten two big gallons of the right color at the hardware store the two of you made your way back to the apartment. As soon as you got there you changed into and old shirt of yours which already had stains on it that wouldn’t come off anymore, as well as some pants you didn’t wear outside of the house anymore. Ashton simply decided to take off his shirt and change into a pair of blue jeans, since all he seemed to be wearing now are black jeans. Your breath got caught in your throat as you re-entered your future bedroom, your shirtless boyfriend already started painting one of the walls, his back turned towards you. His back muscles were flexing beautifully with every stroke he did with the painting brush, as he turned around you could also spot a bandana which was wrapped around his head to keep his curls in check. A small smile tugged at your lips before you started chewing on the bottom one in attempt to get rid of the slightly sexual thoughts that were currently running around your head. You shook your head softly and decided to help him, but not quite yet. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him from behind, placing a few soft kisses on his shoulder blades and above his spine. Ashton sucked in a breath before leaning his head back slightly and letting out a barely audible moan. You giggled as you let go of him again and grabbed the second painting brush you had bought, as you crouched down to dip the brush into the color you could feel something wet and cold on your right cheek, a gasp leaving your lips as you turned around to face your boyfriend. Ashton was grinning down at you cheekily, you wiped along your cheek with the back of your hand being greeted by red painting on it now. “Ohhhh you’re so going to pay for that, Irwin.” You smirked as you quickly got some of the paining onto your brush and chased after him as he ran away giggling loudly. Let’s just say, the two of you were fully covered in red painting before the walls of your bedroom had even seen five strokes of it.

…“A decent man would never hit a woman.” You return as you step forward into his face with a low, feminine tone. His eyes flicker in amusement as he watches you saunter off with loud, nude heels. “That’s correct, but you’re not a woman exactly, are you?” He remarks with a snide jeer before watching you whip around with a shocked expession. “You may march in mature attire but no skirt can change your immaturity.” He taunts before you can only manage “I am very mature.” You move to push down your skirt, insecure above anything at this point. “Oh?” He steps forward as you step back. “Are you now?” He purrs as he holds your chin with his long fingers. “Should I accept this?” He whispers before pushing his mouth onto yours before biting your tongue. “Now be a good girl then, and slide yourself down on my cock.” He croons as he raises your cheek with his crop. You falter back into your desk before he pushes your legs apart as he places himself in between you and grinds into your crotch, placing his hold over you as he pushes you and your skirt up further. “Do you think you can handle me, little girl?” He sneers, entering you as he moves your skirt to reveal a corset. “Such a thing as this even …” He grins before pulling himself out of you. He thrusts in once again, driving you mad as he indulges himself from your sobs and cries from the pleasure and embarrassment. He stops, digging his nails into the inside of your elbows. Fluids drip from your entrance as he pulls back his lips. “My, look,” He pulls away, beckoning your eyes to follow his. “What a woman you’ve become.”

I Can Explain Pt.2 [A Jack G Imagine]

Two weeks have passed since the Skype incident and so far Jack has texted me one-hundred and four times and called me fifty four. Each time I ignored him though. Obviously he and that brunette bimbo were an item.

I paced my room thinking of what to do. Should I talk to him and risk going to jail because lord knows if he went behind my back and didn’t have the balls to just break up with me, imma beat someones ass? Or should I move on and show him I’m better off anyways? That decision was soon made.

My mom called me downstairs and I groaned but trotted down anyway.

“Honey, you have a visitor.” She said pointing towards the door.

“Mom who is it?”

Jack stepped into view and I rolled my eyes.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in New York.”

“I know but you won’t return my calls or texts. Just hear me out [Y/N], please. I need to talk to you.” He sighed deeply and ran his fingers through his hair. My mom awkwardly side stepped out of the room, causing more tension to rise between Jack and I.

“[Y/N] I lost my mind when you were away from me. I craved your touch, your kiss, I needed you. Madison temporarily filled that void. Im sorry. You have to understand I was desperate.”

“I don’t have to understand anything Jack. You cheated on me, and all I ever did was love and support you. I was loyal to you Jack! I’ll be damned if I let my guard down like that again. My momma always said if a man is ever desperate enough to cheat, to kick his ass to the curb.
So fuck you Jack! Go back to your little junior high hooker and carry on with your life. Forget my name AND number!”

I opened the door and pointed out. Jack walked towards it with his head down. But paused before leaving.

“Just know that I still love you.”

He trotted out to his car and pulled out of my driveway. I sighed and sank down to the ground and pulled my knees to my chest. I know what I said was harsh but fuck man. He can’t come crawling back to me because I’ll be damned if I am a second option to anyone.

My phone rang and Nate’s name flashed across the screen.

“Hey Nate.”

“Hey Lil Mama was shakin.”

“Nothing really.”

“Aight cool Sammy and I will be over in a few. Put on something comfy, we gonna have some real fun tonight.”

“Alright see ya soon.”


I hung up and ran upstairs. I brushed my teeth and put some gel in my hair and teased it. I got dressed in a white emoji muscle tee with a white sports bra underneath, and some light jeans. I slipped on my red and white Vans and kissed my mom bye as I heard Nate pull up. I grabbed my phone and pocket knife. (just in case)

“Hey girly look at you looking all fly.” Sammy commented as he pulled me into a hug. He climbed in the back seat with me and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“Thanks Sammy boy. How have you guys been?”

“Its all good in the hood Lil Mama. We just dropped another song last week.”

Sammy and Nate have been my best friends since eighth grade. We were all in detention because we mopped the floors with vegetable oil the first week of school.

Nate turned on the radio as we cruised the streets of L.A. I inhaled the smell of Sammy’s cologne and sighed.

“So how are things with you and Jack? He wouldn’t stop whining about how much he missed you.” Nate asked as he stopped at a stoplight.

“We broke up two weeks ago.”

I chewed the inside of my lip and Sammy awkwardly shifted his weight and cleared his throat. Nate turned off the radio and glanced back at me.

“Why?” Sam asked as he looked down at me.

“He uh h-he cheated while him and Johnson were on tour.” Surprisingly I was calm and not balling my eyes out by now.

“He doesn’t know what he missed out on, any guy would be lucky to have you.” Sam said as he rubbed my hand and kissed my forehead.

Nate pulled up to a big house and lights were flashing, music was blaring, people were passed out on the front lawn. Sammy smiled as he unbuckled and hopped out of the car. I climbed out and followed Nate to the front door.

He knocked on the door and a few seconds later, Kenny opened it. His hair was messed up and he had lipstick all over his face. He had mardi gras beads around his neck and looked as if he had just ran a mile.

“My man how y'all doin?”

He did some confusing ass bro hug handshake thing with the boys and turned to me.

“[Y/N]! Long time no see, what’s going on with you baby girl?”

“Nothing really just kickin it wth my mains.”

He chuckled and waved us inside, but not before he kissed my forehead.

People were everywhere. This place was enormous! I grabbed a cup and started chatting with fellow YouTubers and viners for a few hours. I glanced at my watch. We’ve been here for at least three hours, by now it was dark.

Nate pulled me a side and whispered in my ear.

“No getting drunk tonight Lil Mama.”

I nodded and noticed that Kian was here also. I’ve always had a small crush on him. We danced for a while and then decided to head downstairs and play some video games. I beat Kian in Mario Kart and Black Ops and got a little over excited. I leaped off the couch and danced around the room.

“Ha ha in your face!”

“I let you win.”

He teased as he too stood up and walked over to me. He laughed and wrapped his arms around me. Kian looked down at me and bit his lip.
He leaned in closer and just before we kissed, my phone rang. It was Nate again.

“Hey Lil Mama where you at?” We gotta get movin. Sammy and I have a suprise for you back at our place.“

"On my way up now. See ya in a bit. Bye.”

I hung up and gave Kian my number.

“Call me sometime soon okay?”


I jogged upstairs and out to the car. Sammy and Nate came out a few minutes later.

“So what’s the suprise?”

“Oh you’ll see…” Nate chuckled and drove back to his apartment.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I truly hope that they show more of Nagisa’s and Karma’s friendship, cause it does look like that is really important in this arc, I mean, honestly we know they been friends before E class although their personalities quite different, and yet they ARE close, platonic or romantic make your pick, but canon truth stays, And in chapter 144 it seems like this fight does shaken both of them, Nagisa and Karma can’t really confront each other 

And it would look bit bit weird knowing their personalities but i suppose that just proves how important it all is to both of them,

Also at some point in this arc there should be Karma’s and Nagisa’s fight because as we see here

Nagisa isn’t “combat force” and that leaves him moving more freely, he will receive no orders and can do what he seem fit really, should be pretty important later on, and now why I think that fight scene will happen because here we are shown that Karma isn’t really the leader who gives comands in red team either. Also not sure how correct translation of “I’m awake now” is, but i suppose you can take it as if he decided something, and it doesn’t seem like his usual mischief, something big should happen really, 

and then of course this

nice touch but if something like this will be pulled in every chapter now I will call forced, I like it but there are limits, (same would be with my ultimate OTPs no kidding, there are limits of how much you can put this until you hate it)

Either way I’m team blue, cause I want girls be shown more badass, 

I want more scenes like this, it’s like huge turn on, dang! Just DANG!! 

Help my mom, if you can.

Sooooo i dont ever do this kind of thing but at the moment me and my family are kinda struggling. At the end of last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His operation was scheduled for February with him having a few week recovery afterwards. It looked good a simple snip and stitch back up and he should be fine. He was out of work for a few weeks and during that time my mothers right arm became absolutely useless to her, to the point it wouldn’t move at all unless it was moved by someone. We decided to take her in to get a cat scan and an mri to see just what was going on. Well we found out that she had a cancerous tumor on her brain about the size of a walnut that was cutting off all use to her right side. We did a few tests and found that the tumor was completely inoperable, and the only thing we could do was chemo and radiation treatments to stop it from spreading and hopefully save my moms life. Well she went through the radiation and it seemed to “kill” the cancer but the tumor was still there. She went through her first bought of chemo relatively alright but she is getting weaker and weaker. The doc said there was a 20% chance she would make it another five years. Now she is on her second bought of chemo, a triple dose, and steroid pills to help so she can move her arm, but she was forced into retirement because she cannot work. We are seriously hurting for money, with around a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills to pay off we could use some help. I cannot tell you how much i royally despise having to ask this of anyone but if you could take a look at this website and possibly donate something, even a few bucks helps, i would be forever grateful. Please though, don’t put yourself into a bad money situation to help us! If you cant donate could you please signal boost this? Itd also mean a lot. Thank You to anyone who actually takes the time to read this, i know its long, but with no read more option on my phone its not compact :/


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i thought anakin's dumbest move was thinking that his wife would be on board with the whole dark side thing. i mean come on anakin you are married to a politician! she comes home everyday from work and rants about the idiots she deals with in the senate. Anakin must know Padmes political views better than anyone and then he just goes up to her like "hey baby wanna rule the galaxy with an iron fist" now i know he loves and he went mad for it but come on he should have thought it through a bit

i see your point and i guess anakin would know that padme would never ever agree to that but anakin doesn’t ask her to rule the galaxy with him, vader does. and darth vader is so deluded that he doesn’t notice that what he is doing actually isn’t the right thing. so because he thinks that he is doing the right thing he definately thinks that padme is on board with this because she is always doing what is right. so when she doesn’t want to join he is devastated because from his point of view, padme does not want to do the right thing anymore. why has she changed so much? why does she suddenly not want to do what is right anymore? what is going on? maybe the jedi have corrupted her too.

when we think about vader we can not expect him to think like anakin. vader is so blinded by the dark side that he can only see one truth - his.
as i’ve said before i do very well think that the anakin everyone knew and loved would never have made this suggestion in the first place. darth vader on the other hand does neither empathize nor does he try to understand other people’s trains of thoughts.
so all in all i guess we can say that i think he didn’t think it through because he was so sure that padme would do the (from his point of view) right thing and support him because she knows that he will always do what’s right and i think this conceited way of thinking that took over his mind when vader was born led to making this suggestion with utter confidence of its result.


“Hey kid, here’s a tip. If you’re looking for me, look for the last name ‘Kintobor’ or this.” He point at the scar from his neck to his shoulder. “Should noticeable.”
 But how was he mistaken?
That was going to leave a train of thought in his head as he tried figuring it out. But this guy’s already here, so why not?
“Who’re you looking for, Blue?”

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I know the fandom is upset about shawnangela, and you guys have a point, but I think the way they ended their relationship was realistic because as far as I know Angela didn't keep in touch with Shawn, and I think that if you love someone, you just don't push them away. What Angela did was the grown up thing to do: move on to find happiness, and that's how life is (I'm not saying Shawn should end up with Maya's mom, tbh I wouldn't mind if he dates her or someone else as long as he's happy).

Honestly, I wouldn’t care if shawngela just drifted apart or lost touch or whatever (not every ship will last) and I’m not saying they HAVE to end up together. It’s just sad that Angela’s come back after so long, JUST to say she’s married??? Like???? That’s so weird and out of character????? I can’t imagine topanga and cory not trying to keep in contact with her, like they’re CORPANGA the meddlers the people that stay in touch with everyone?!?!?! I understand shawn and angela broke off but topangela were BFFS man, what happened to them? 

I just feel like they shouldn’t have reopened the shawngela plot if they were gonna give it such bad closure. Also they’re painting Angela as some villain who ditched shawn which is so…unfair? Angela was such an iconic character, it’s injustice that they’re ending her storyline like this…but whatever I’ll just pretend this isn’t real/canon. 

My eyelids gum together from the last eight hours of sleep. The sun breaks through my curtains, assuring me that the day is as happy as he is. My stomach turns, knowing before my brain what day it is: his birthday. I lay there for a few extra moments, gathering the courage to get out of bed and face the day.  

More than once, I pull out my phone, debating whether or not I should say happy birthday. Would it be thoughtful or thoughtless at this point? Would he be happy or sad when he saw my name pop up on his screen? I resolved not to say a thing, because it wouldn’t do me any good. All it would do is remind me how his lips looked as they said my name, the way his tattoos moved around his muscles when he held me close, and the way my heart fell out of my chest the day he told me he didn’t love me anymore.
—  happy birthday, asshole || krj; Excerpts From a Book I’ll Never Write #3

Tonight was an opportunity to Sam. Time to make some friends, earn some points, and start getting popular. He’d stolen one of his dad’s beers (and felt horribly guilty in the process), practised throwing balls in cups to try and win beer pong, and turned up at 10:40, all in the hope of gaining some points. But when it came to the other ways to move up – well, he doubted Santana Lopez would give him the time of day, and breaking her things just seemed unnecessarily rude. So rather than find something to smash, he instead found a couch to sit on. With his beer in hand, Sam nodded along to the music, wondering whether he should get up and mingle more or hold his position. He never had trouble talking to people, but interrupting other conversations was definitely rude.

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Oh my life I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS 😁 ok so can you do a blurb where you and ash are trying to arrange everything in your new house and you're finding cute stuff and reminiscing over moments in your relationship and then you guys do something cute and order Chinese food idk 💜 UNLIMITED THANK YOUS MY WONDERFUL WRITER PERSON who I wish was my friend but lives so far away and doesn't know me so close but so far away 😏) 💜 sry this was long luv u 😘

Ok ok I love this so 

“Babe, I think the couch would look better over there,” you pointed, “it makes the room look larger.” “The things I do for you,” he laughs while moving the couch across the hardwood. “I’m really excited to live here with you,” he smiles, coming behind you to wrap his arms around your waist to survey the first fully furnished room in the house. “We really should start unpacking, there’s no way all of this will be finished tonight,” you suggest. He sits on the couch, pulling a box to him, preparing to open it. “Did you pack this one? It’s just a bunch of albums,” Ashton shrugs. You chuckle and sit beside him, “yes, it’s a bunch of albums, but it’s a bunch of albums of us.” You pull out the first one on top, cracking it open to view. “See? It’s all the ones you’ve taken of me and put on your computer, you cutie, you,” you giggle just as he does, “and this page is the one where I kept track of your achievements since we’ve been together.” “Y’know, I don’t think we’ll get this all unpacked before dinner. I’m ordering Chinese,” he laughs, pulling his phone out. After the Chinese arrived, you sat at that couch until well into the early morning hours, just reminiscing and talking about your future together. 

domestic!5sos night with ashtonangst and assholelukey! send in your blurbs or reqs!


“We met, like the first time, at Whitebrim. I recall now how similar these meetings were. Her hair has grown out, been sheared, and grown again. Her face is much the same, albeit a touch worn down. And he…he was not here with us, for our first meeting. I selfishly wish he had been.

I am- and this is fully my fault- a little duskier, a little stranger. Bit heavier, too, need to work on that. I feel…ambivalent, regarding my current situation. I find myself uncertain as to which way I should move my feet, which direction I should point my blade…and now, the gates are opening, and the sons and daughters of Ishgard are pointing their swords to the skies. Should I do the same? I call none my countrymen now, they are my kin no longer.

I am ashamed to say that I feel the pull, that I am being called home by something larger and more profound than the whole of my spirit, and of my person. I am, admittedly, weak in this way. I want to see it again, even if it’s my very last visit. I want them to see it, to see the things that I found to be beautiful. I want them to know where it was, when it was, that I was happy.

I am waiting, far too eagerly, for word that Ishgard has finally opened its golden doors, and I will take them with me when I go.”

Imagine: Knife-Throwing with Ezio

“All right. Find your target, and take a deep breath before you throw. Remember, the knife is an extension of your body and your will,” Ezio instructed.

She nodded. She gazed at the target, raised her arm, and let the knife fly. The butt of the knife hit the target before falling to the ground. She frowned, and looked back at Ezio. He patted her back reassuringly.

“Not bad.”

She raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “You’re just being nice.” 

Ezio chuckled. “No, it’s true! You should have seen me when I was first learning how to throw a knife. I don’t think I had hit the target yet at this point in my training. You just need more practice, more time to develop your technique. Assume your stance again.”

She obeyed. Ezio walked in a circle around her as he studied her positioning. He adjusted her feet, and then moved behind her. His chest pressed lightly against her back as he squared her shoulders and adjusted the grip she had on the knife. She held back a flustered smile as he put his hands on her hips and turned her torso slightly. He stepped to the side.

“Try again.”

She threw the knife. The blade hit the target this time, but it still didn’t stick–it bounced off and landed on the ground. She glanced sideways at Ezio.

“See? Getting better already,” he said approvingly. He smiled at her.

She nodded politely. “Thank you, Mentor.”

“Practice the adjustments I made to your position, and if you have trouble, come see me.” Ezio squeezed her shoulder. “Remember, I am always here to help you.”

Does - does that mean, that Lydia Martin, talks about me, Stiles Stilinski, to her mother, in such a fashion as to make it sound like I am her boyfriend?”
“Evidently,” Scott said, his previous amusement returning in the form of a bright grin.
“I’m …” Stiles’ hand moved down to cover his eyes. “I’m in some alternate universe, I swear to god.  This cannot be real life.”
He clapped his best friend on the shoulder. “Congratulations, buddy.”
“Should I mention this to Lydia?” he asked apprehensively.
“Do you want to die a very painful death and have your body found at the bottom of the lake?” 

“Point taken.”

—  Mother Knows Best

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I'm at the point in my breakup where I can function normally again. I've accepted that it's over and that I should move on. But there's a part of me holding on to the possibility that my ex might come back (I'm 95% sure that he won't). I almost feel guilty for thinking about moving on. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to let go of that little hope that I have in me. Do you have any advice that might help? Thank you in advance. 💖

you just need to let him go already. 95 percent u said? make it 100 now. you guys broke up so give it a rest. learn from this so you can be more knowledgeable to your next relationship. you can’t possibly grow as a person if u keep thinking or hoping that one day he’ll come back because he won’t. i believe he has moved on already and u should too xx

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Why is it that no matter what I do I can't get over him? It fucking hurts so much because all I want is for him to be mine but all he wants is to have sex why the fuck can't i be good enough for him to want me back? 😢💔

Sweetie, when someone tells you that you’re not good enough for them it doesn’t mean that you’re generally not good enough. Everyone has different needs and desires, meaning that we can’t satisfy everyone nor offer everyone what they need , no matter how much we want them and love them.Sweetie, you should save yourself the needless heartache and move on. There’s no point in trying to draw blood from a stone.Nobody’s worth the pain…

thepeopleslancekresnik continued from x


“Well, it could be worse?” Jude mused. “You could’ve lost a finger instead of it missing your hand entirely.” The researcher moved over to survey the hanging knives. How had it fallen like that anyway…?

“You probably should’ve gotten one awhile ago, Ludger.” He pointed out. “I don’t know how you can stand having these hanging in the first place…”


George Harrison - “Life Itself” - Somewhere in England

(Courtesy YouTube user mac3079b)

“’Life Itself’ is the work of a man who has arrived at his destination. […]

‘Life Itself’ is a Harrisong that touches the heart of George Harrison’s musical aesthetic, which John Barham, one of his closest musical allies, thinks derives from Indian music:

‘George felt music as deeply as any musician I have ever known. I met George through Indian music, which we both believed to be a music that can put the player and the listener in close contact with a spiritual dimension. I know that George did not want this merely for himself, but also to be able to influence others to reach the same point.
He wasn’t dogmatic that everybody should listen to Indian music or practice any particular religion. But, as he was primarily a musician he continued throughout his life to express in some of his songs his own longing for spiritual fulfillment. In as far as he wanted to move his listeners in his spiritual songs, I think he had a vision of what he wanted his music to be for.’” - While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison by Simon Leng