he should join them

Prompts for Langst (p.2)

•Lance is usually a pretty happy go lucky Guy it seems. He does it so people will pay attention to him. Though for some reason the only times people notice him is on the days he’s almost dying. So he thinks that sacrificing himself and almost dying will get him attention. But what if it goes too far??

•Blue gets a hard hit in battle and accidentally malfunctions. Her cockpit and controls turning freezing cold. Despite Lances best tries he can’t fix her. He tried to bring it up but decided he could fix it himself. He decides to just deal with the cold. One day as he’s piloting his hands are pretty much frozen to Blue’s controls. Frostbite turning his fingers a dark color very slowly, burning as he continues to fight. As he leaves blue after the mission he holds his hands close. The team notices finally but isn’t sure how to react to not being able to tell until now.

•Lance and Keith are dating. Keith decides Shiro should join them. Lance loves Shiro really but he doesn’t know how to trust it all. The thought of another person joining him makes him believe that he either wasn’t good enough or Keith wanted more. He decides he should leave but Keith won’t let him go.

•Lance wakes up every night. There’s no nightmares nothing. He just can’t sleep anymore after he wakes up until the next night. He begins to study and train at night. Hoping that one day he might be on the same level as Keith, everyone wanted him to be. He wanted to become perfect and became someone he wasn’t. He was calmer but the quiet was unsettling. The stress of everything setting in without Lance’s playful jokes and flirting.

•Lance is thrown around during a mission and hits his threat hard. As he tries to call for help his voice won’t work. He panics. His voice is his only tether to keep his stress and panic in place. He blacks out as a panic attack overcomes him and comes to in the Castle, surrounded by his team. The bombard him with questions and as Lance opens his mouth to answer, he can’t.

Part 3: https://shanceshklance.tumblr.com/post/159863643521/langst-prompts-p3

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Soulmate Au where you absolutely must laugh at ur sm sense of humour? Also please: Dayum Will u got it hard with all of Hannibal's cannibal puns. >w<

It starts off when Will finds himself laughing uncontrollably on a normal Friday evening. His dogs stare at him, heads cocked in curiosity.

It happens again the following Saturday. Jack mentions the next time he sees Will that Hannibal hosted a wonderful dinner party, such a gracious host, Will should join them time.

That’s when he starts to wonder. Hannibal never struck him as someone particularly funny but - well? Maybe?

Hannibal invites him over but Will can’t quite bring himself to stay. He deposits a nice bottle of wine along with his apologies, but he lingers, just long enough to watch Hannibal work a little with those rolled up sleeves and muscled forearms.

They are rather distracting.

And then the topic of Hannibal’s change in profession comes about and when Hannibal says “I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts”, Will has no idea why he’s suddenly laughing hysterically.

It’s worded a little too baroquely, sure, but it’s not funny. Hannibal just stares at him, his mouth ticking up at the corner.

Will lets the laughter run out, his head between his knees, taking as many deep breaths as he can. Then he starts to do the math and his blood runs cold. He straightens up so fast he goes a little light-headed.

“Holy shit,” Will says, “you’re the Chesapeake Ripper.”

Hannibal doesn’t really react to this, just politely sets down his knife and raises his eyebrows.

“Which would mean that you’re my soulmate.”

Will swallows hard. “Oh, shit.”

He runs out into the night and doesn’t look back.


Five years later

Hannibal serves the meat to their guests, meticulously arranged on blood-red plates with white lettuce, stewed cranberries and nettle sauce.

“Ooh,” coos a woman to Will’s right, “what is this.”

“Turkey,” Hannibal replies. “Though this particular bird was in quite a foul mood.”

Will bursts out laughing, so hard and loud that he almost falls off his chair. The rest of the room falls awkwardly silent.

“Please don’t mind my husband,” Hannibal says with a smile. “He has a dreadful sense of humour.”

Best Friend confesses SeriesHOSHI

This is part one of a new series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next.

Hoshi is never quiet.

Well, hardly ever. But today he sits silently in the corner of the practice room while you mess around trying to dance to the rhythm of the music playing in the background. His lack of chatter is more deafening that his usual talking. His arms are folded over the back of his seat, which he’s sitting on the wrong way round, and his chin is resting against them, his eyes a little unfocused, vaguely directed toward you.

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Hey, could you please write some Jerejean with jealous Jean? Not Jean being an asshole, but like the other Trojans always smiling at Jeremy and touching him? Jean is just silently fumming and he doesn't understand what's he's feeling?


Jean was having one of those days. It was different from a bad day, which was probably the most alarming part about it. Bad days were easily identifiable from the way they made him hole up in his head, forgetting where he was and who was there.

This feeling was the opposite, a hyperawareness of every bit of his surroundings, every person he came into contact with. For instance, right now he could see another backliner, Jake, laughing with Jeremy, hand on his shoulder and leaning toward him. Almost intimately close.

Jean closed his eyes against the glare of the sun and tried cataloging the reasons why this sight might bother him. He could be projecting his aversion to touch onto Jeremy. Jeremy was so effortlessly good, so naturally trusting, that Jean doubted he would even notice if someone had ill intentions toward him. That’s not to say Jean thought Jeremy was stupid; he just knew that people who grew up without reason to be afraid of people often weren’t until it was too late.

That surge of protectiveness led him to think about whether his protectiveness was just an extension of his codependency left over from his time with the Ravens. But that didn’t make sense either. He didn’t feel like his life was entwined with Jeremy’s. He didn’t feel a sense of responsibility for him. His brow furrowed.

As he considered this puzzling feeling, he watched Jeremy rub the back of his neck in the way he did when he was flustered. Maybe, Jean thought, he should go join them, make sure Jeremy wasn’t uncomfortable-

“Jealous much?”

Jean whirled around to see Alvarez standing next to him with an eyebrow raised.

“What?” he replied, annoyed.

“You’ve been glaring at the back of Jake’s head for like a full minute. Either you suddenly really hate the guy or you’re jealous.”

“And why would I be jealous of Jake?”

Alvarez looked at him like he was a particularly dense child that she pitied. “If you don’t know, then I can’t help you.”

As he looked back over at the pair, Jake’s hand had drifted from Jeremy’s shoulder to his forearm and Jeremy was nodding along to whatever he was saying. Jean turned away and threw himself into drills, ignoring the strange hollow feeling in his chest.

Years later, at a professional banquet, Jean walked in hand in hand with Jeremy. They had been together for 2 years and Jean looked down at the engagement ring on his finger and smiled. He never dreamed he would be this happy, but after moving in with Jeremy after graduation, they had moved from an easy friendship to an easier relationship.

As Jean was reminiscing, he heard Jeremy make a noise of recognition to his right.


Jean let go so Jeremy could hug his old friend.

“It’s been ages!”

“I know!” Jake affirmed. “You look good, Jere.”

Jean may have been clueless in the early days, but now he knew why he was jealous and moved to make his presence known. He curled a protective arm around Jeremy’s waist, and Jeremy immediately relaxed into his hold.

“Jean! You look good too, buddy,” Jake added obliviously.

Jean gave a curt nod and stood there as they caught up, interjecting when necessary. He wasn’t actually agitated; he knew Jeremy was committed and happy with him. Still, Jake’s demeanor with Jeremy had always made him uneasy and he was eager to get this exchange over with.

Once they said their goodbyes, Jean ushered them over to a private corner so he could draw Jeremy in for a deep, reassuring kiss.

Jeremy drew back smiling and breathless. “Whoa, caveman. Not that I’m complaining, but…”

Jean glanced to the side, embarrassed. Jeremy, as per usual, understood what Jean couldn’t say and smiled softly before cupping Jean’s cheeks. “Love,” he started, “You know you have nothing to worry about.”

“I know,” Jean answered softly.

“Good,” Jeremy said, pecking Jean’s cheek. He laced his hands with Jean’s, leading them back to the main area.

After a slight pause, Jeremy added teasingly, “If you wanted to use some of that energy when dancing with me tonight, though, I wouldn’t say no.”

Jean followed eagerly, excited to get the pomp and circumstance of the event out of the way so he could spend time with his love. Jeremy attracted people to him in droves, but his special smiles and deepest joys were reserved for Jean. This man would probably be the death of him, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Lance and Keith are dating. Keith decides Shiro should join them. Lance loves Shiro really but he doesn’t know how to trust it all. The thought of another person joining him makes him believe that he either wasn’t good enough or Keith wanted more. He decides he should leave but Keith won’t let him go.-- (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝

Ohhh. Such a good one Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)


“I’m not replacing you Lance!” Keith yelled, grabbing Lance by his wrist. “Then why did you invite Shiro, why? I love Shiro, I do. But there’s no way you’d invite Shiro and not want to get rid of me,” Lance replied.

“Is never replace you. You’re irreplaceable Lance. All three of us belong together. I love you as much as I love Shiro. And it’s the same with Shiro. He loves you and me.”

“Not possible.. I’m just the fifth wheel, seven if you count Coran and Allura. Now I’m the third wheel.”

Lance was crying now, tears running down his cheeks. “There no way two people can love someone just as much as he loves them..” he whispered, still not wanting to believe it.

“I’m not good for you guys. You’re the perfect couple. Red and black. The calm and collected leader and the brash but amazing red paladin. I’m just me. Lance, a boy from Cuba. There’s no way there’s room for me in both of your hearts…” he whispered, knees weak as he sobbed quietly.

“There will always be room in my heart for a compassionate, beautiful, and selfless boy who belongs in our arms,” Keith countered. Lance was weak to his words, whimpering quietly.

“Why, why do you try so hard…” he whispered as he was pulled into a tight warm hug.

“Because we love you Lance. You’re our beautiful sharpshooter, there’s no way we could do anything we do without you. Me and Shiro would never work without you, being there and loving us despite our problems and differences. We need the “useless” blue paladin. Because to us. You are the most amazing person in the world who would do anything for those you love.“

Lance sobbed quietly, tears running down his cheeks and sat inching Keith’s jacket with wet marks. "Fine… I’ll stay with you guys. I love you too much to say no anymore. But never leave me behind please..”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Getting over her (a choi twin experience)

So this is my first fan fiction
Rated (nsfw 18+)
Sexual themes
Choi twins x yoosung

So the day started out like any other day for yoosung recently he was hanging out with saeyoung and saeran trying to keep his mind off the fact that he just had a bad break up.
His now ex girlfriend mc , had cheated on him with his good friend zen and he was having a hard time getting over it .
Although recently in the past week he had found comfort in playing games with choi twins.
“Hey that’s not fair man ! You are totally cheating ” saeran said he leaned over yoosung shoulders to push his controller out of his hand.
“I’m totally not man”
Yoosung laugh back. Saeran was still leaning over his shoulders his cheek was touching yoosung’s. Yoosung could feel the warmth of him on his face.
“Yoosung man what are you blushing about ” Saeyoung chuckled as he walked from the kitchen to the room hand full of potato chips.

“What I am not blushing !”
Yoosing snapped at the louder of the two twins.
‘Awww yoosung , you think I am cute ,don’t you?“ Saeran picked
"Umm uhhhh no, . .yeah. . nuh” yoosung flustered on his words as he turned and looked at the now laughing saeran.
“I AM NOT GAY! … well I don’t think I am , I mean I have never liked a guy liked that before ” yoosung managed to get out before he was stopped by soft lips against his.
Yoosung didn’t know how to act the only other person he had kissed before was mc , and that was only a few times before.
But these lips on his were soft and warm it felt so right.
Before yoosung knew it saeran had his holding yooung’s face in place as he continued kissing the young blonde slowly adding tongue into the kiss.
Yoosung felt numb his head was a blank.
“Woah that’s actually pretty hot ”
A comment came from saeyoung as he watched his twin brother makeout with his friend .
Saeran pulled away from the kiss.
“So are you gay ? ” he smiled looked at yoosung.
Yoosung was lost for words.
“I don’t know about him , but I think I might be gay now ”
Saeyoung laugh
“Hey I have an idea ” the pale twin expelled as he pulled yoosung down into his lap.
“Yoosung I have a question for you , have you ever had sex ? ”
Saeran asked the now nervous blonde.
“Uhh, no … I almost did once ”
Yoosung blushed
“You’re so innocently cute”
Saeran murmured as he pulled yoosung hair away so he could kiss his neck.
The young blonde started to shift his legs around.
“Don’t be ashamed cutie ”
Saeran said as he pulled yoosung’s knees a part to expose his now very noticeable erection. Saeran reached down between yoosung’s trembling thighs and started to rub the boy through his pants.
“Well this is getting interesting!” Saeyoung said as he walked over and sat down in front of the two of them.
“You should join ” saeran suggest as he looked up at his twin
“Wha . . what”
The boy in between them shuttered
“Come on yoo it is me ”
Saeyoung said as he rubbed up the shy boys shaking legs.
Before yoosung could say anything he was being attacked by the twins as saeran was kissing and biting him his long term friend saeyoung had leaned over and stared kissing his lower stomach and hips as he slowly stroked his member.
Before he know what happening Saeyoung was pulling his shirt over his head as saeran turned him around and started to kiss him again.
A jealous saeyoung made his way down to yoosung’s pants button he quickly got it undone and started to pull them down exposing yoosung twitching erection ,precum leaving a mark on his cute purple boxers.
Yoosung let a slight moan as saeyoung , started kissing the nervous boys hip bones slowly making his way down.
“I see some one wants us badly ”
Saeran sneered as he looked down at yoosungs now completely exposed member it was dripping with precum.
“I am really nervous ”
Yoosung muttered
“Don’t be yoo, I am about to make you feel really good ” saeyoung said as he started to lick yoosung as he kept eye contact with him
“Oh… my. . ” yoosung gasped in
“So you like that” saeran whispered into yoosung ear as he pulled away from kissing him.
Saeran pulled yoosung off his lap careful to not distract his brother from his tasty treat .
Saeran got to his feet and stood to the front of the blonde and leaned down to kiss him before he unzipped his pants showing his bright red boxer briefs
And the beast he was hiding inside them. Saeran started to rub himself as he watched his brother slowly sucking on yoosung’s memeber.
Yoosung reached over and started rubbing saeran.
“I wanna to …. Umm… lick it maybe , you want me to ” yoosung said as he started to slowly pull down Saeran’s briefs .
“Oh, you are getting into this now huh cutie?” Saeran shot a wink to him and he stepped closer to him.
Yoosung started at the base and slowly licked his way up never once looking away from saerans beautiful green eyes
Saeran ran his hand in yoosung hair and let out a moan before forcing himself further inside yoosungs mouth.
Distracted by one twin yoosung had almost forgot what saeyoung was doing until he he felt seayoung’s finger near his entrance.
“Relax yoosung , I am going to make you feel good ”
The twin said as he slid his pointer finger inside the blonde.
Yoosung moaned around saerans cock as he was forced to take it all into his throat
“You are doing so good”
Saeran praised the blonde as he pulled himself out of his mouth.
Yoosung let’s out soft moans as the other twin adds another finger.
“So cutie what do you want now ? ” saeran said as he bent down to be face level with the boy.
“I want you… please !” He moaned as he pulled the pale twin in for another kiss
“Well you heard him brother ” saeran spat to his twin as he took his place in between yoosungs legs
“He saeyoung is that lube still in the top shelf of your end table? ” he asked his twin. “Yeah” he said as he reached over to the end table and gave his brother the lube
“Thank you ” saeran smiled
“This will be a little cold but it will be worth it so just bare with me okay ” saeran said as he put some lube on yoosung’s entrance.
Saeran fondled with yoosung a few more moments before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a condom.
“ don’t ask I always have them on me
You never know ”
He said as he started to open it
“Hey . . ”
Yoosung stopped him
“Yeah what is it?” Saeran asked
“You don’t have to use that ” he blushed at him
“Are you sure ?” The twin asked
Yoosung nodded yes back
Saeran began to rub himself on yoosungs entrance.
“Okay I am going to put it in , are you ready?”
He studdered to yoosung
“Mmhmm” yoosung moaned
Saeran slowly pushed himself into yoosung.
As he did saeyoung pulled the blondes the head back and shoved himself inside his mouth blocking his moans from escaping his mouth.

May add more once I finish the art for it .
But that’s it for now so please enjoy and please don’t repost my writings anywhere
Thank you


A/N: I don’t know if this is any good. It is way longer than expected but I finally finished it. I hope the Anon likes it. I was asked to write this imagine based on the song roses by the chain smokers. I haven’t edited it but if you find any mistakes just let me know. Make sure to continue send me asks.

Title; Roses

Rating: G

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warning: Extreme sappy fluff

Word Count: 1602


Alexander Hamilton and I had been dating for a couple years now. He worked at the white house as a presidential adviser and I could tell that he really enjoyed his work. It was hard for me to fathom how he could possibly enjoy himself in a boring room all day talking about politics, but I never questioned it. Both of us worked in different states so we visited each other on the weekends when he wasn’t working. I worked as a florist most of the time while I taught different classes at the community center with some of my old high school friends. I lived in a small town where everyone knew each other well and everyone was fun and chill except for the occasional traditional old fart. I loved it here. It was beautiful and surrounded in farm land. It was quiet and peaceful. It begged the question as to why you even met Alex in the first place.

I had met Alex when my best friend had convinced me to visit the big city with her on vacation. I played on my phone for most of the time and didn’t really care for the tourist sites she continued bringing me to even though I would have been happy to sit in the bedroom and just rest. One day she insisted she had to go to the Washington monument. I had rolled my eyes and slumped in my chair at a local coffee shop I had sped into when we saw it in hopes of a decent cup of coffee.

“You can stay here.” She stated. “You can just relax and type away at your phone. I will be gone for maybe an hour at most.”

I had nodded and got comfy beside the window in my booth while she got her bag and left. I heard and saw movement at the corner of the eye across the booth from me. I looked up thinking that maybe she had forgotten something when I saw a handsome man with shoulder length hair pulled into a pony tail. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans at the time so you had no idea he worked at the white house let alone was a politician.

“You’re pretty, you know that right?” He had smiled at me. It wasn’t the flirting that I was used to though. He just seemed really genuine as if he was speaking his mind. I smiled back at him. “My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N L/N,” I chuckled. His leg was bouncing with excess energy but he seemed extremely confident.

“Could I take you out sometime?” He said gently placing his hand on the table. I was a bit taken aback by his request.

“I mean I don’t really know you. Not to mention, I don’t live here I on vacation with a friend.” I said carefully. His eyebrows shot up and then furrowed before his face relaxed back into a smile.

“When will you be leaving? We could go out before you leave. I don’t want to come on to strong but you seem interesting. I know you’re not from around here. Everyone around here just seems to blend together but you stand out.” He rambled pointedly. He continued on like that for a few minutes before he seemed to realize what he was doing and looked at me sheepishly. I remember wishing that he never stopped talking because I had been so entranced with his words as he seemed to say everything that was on his mind.

I am sitting on my coach curled in my blanket as the people around me laugh at the movie we were watching. The apartment felt cosy and warm as my friends around me joked and started playing a card game .I just chuckled. My friend Brittany leans over and nudges me in the side. “So how are you and Alex doing? He is always so busy with work. I know you hate it.” She asks.

“He is always busy with work but I don’t hate it. I know he loves what he does. The guy is just non-stop.” I say leaning over to check my phone as it chimed. “Speak of the devil he is calling.” I hit accept on the call just as I hear the door bell ring. I get up and walk out of the back room where my friends and I had been watching the movie as I bring my phone to my ear. “Hey Alex baby. Whats up?”

“Oh nothing. At lunch today I just realized I would rather be spending time with you than going over the latest plans with George.” I hear him chuckle breathlessly.

“Well you can talk to me now.” I laugh tightening the blanket around me while I pad out into the front room.

“I can do you one better.” He said. I scrunched up my nose in thought.

“What do you mean by that? Wait hold that thought someone is at my door.” I say in confusion as I pull open my door without looking properly through the glass. I gasp and drop the phone in my hand as I see Alex standing there. He looks tired but the minute he sees my shocked face his eyes and smile come alive as he pulls me into his arms. I feel a crinkle and notice he has a set of orange roses in his hands. I grip him by the shoulders and pull him into my house and shout excitedly towards the back, “Alex is here guys.” Before pulling him into a kiss with both my hands on the sides of his face. He smiles into the kiss and drops the roses to pull me closer by my hips.

“I missed you.” He mumbles as he breaks the kiss to rest his head on mine with closed eyes. I smile and step back to look him up and down. He is still in his work suit, which means he must have left for here right after he got off work. I heard a fast set of thuds make their way around the corner before all my friends slide into the room and greet Alex with a pat on the bag or a hug. They say we are all watching a movie in the back and that we should join them. He smiles before saying that he would love too.

I grab his hand and he kicks off his shoes and shrugs off his suit jacket and tie practically throwing them to the floor as he makes his way to the back room. He knows I don’t care where they end up. My friends stick to the floor, love seat, and chair in order to give us the sofa. He lays down and spread his legs out so that I can fit in-between them and lay on his chest.

About an hour later my friends are completely asleep and the next movie had already been put in. I feel Alex run his hands through my hair. “What made you decide to come all the way out here tonight?” I whisper as I gently shift in his hold and continue to watch the movie.

“I was just so tired all day. I just wanted to see your face. I kept distracted while I worked with George and he notice. I told him about you and how I felt like hearing your voice tonight just wasn’t enough. He had started telling me about him and his wife Martha and their long distance relationship before she moved. I felt like he really understood. He told me is I really needed to see you that I should just do it. No questions asked. So I did. I came all the way here to see you. It was worth every second it took.”
He mumbled some parts of his explanation but his hand never faltered and took his other arm to wrap around my waist and hold me tightly to him. “I had never been so eager to leave my work and take a break. I wanted to see you. I have been scared lately anyway.”

“Why are you scared?” I asked slightly shocked at his confession. He had never been scared of anything. He wrote, protested, and fought every day without a slightest hiccup,

“I am gone all the time. I can’t move here to be with you even though some days that’s the only thing I want to do. Have you ever just wished you could live a completely different life for one person? I am terrified one day that you will think this won’t work and decided to let go.”

“I would never do that Alexander.” I whisper

“I know. It’s just hard not to think about when you are always so far away from me.”

I look up at him. “ I am scared too. I am scared you will find someone pretty, educated and closer. One day you may let me go. ”I say with tears in my eyes.

He looked down at me shocked. “That’s not possible. I can’t even look at other women. I love you more than I have loved anyone. Every time I am around you I feel warm and secure.” His eyes darted back and forth before he looked at me almost lost. “Say you will never let me go.”

“I will never let you go Alexander. I promise.” I breathe out looking him in the eye.

“I will never you let you go. I love you.” He says as he leans forward to kiss you passionately.

rahrazorblade  asked:

Hello :) Are you still doing prompts? Because if you are Can you please write: McSpirk - "it's not your fault"

-Reappears six months late sipping Starbucks- I’m always taking prompts! Though, apparently, sometimes it takes me a ridiculously long time to get to them. I’m trying to reassert my creativity and keep myself from going insane due to school overload. So yes! I’ve finally written this, I’m sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy <3

It’s a damn good thing that Leonard finished his psychology doctorate, because when Jim gets like this he needs every ounce of his training to actually get through Jim’s thick skull – and sometimes he can’t, no matter how hard he tries or how much back up he calls in.

“It’s not your fault,” Leonard says softly, laying a hand gently on Jim’s shoulder. “You couldn’t have known.”

“But I should have.” Jim’s voice is cold with self-recrimination.

While it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes it becomes clear that Jim, for all his strengths, has been given too much authority at too young of an age. Leonard has had enough experience to know that sometimes there’s shit-all you can do in some situations. He knows that doesn’t make it any easier, especially not when someone dies on his table, but there’s a difference between losing someone in a familiar operating room and losing someone on an unexplored planet.

Leonard glances over at Spock and arches an eyebrow. He hadn’t actually been on the away-mission, so he couldn’t really say anything with any authority.

“Jim,” Spock says softly, and moves to take a seat next to Jim on the edge of the bed and lay his hand lightly on Jim’s other shoulder.

Seems like Spock’s been learning something after all about the fine art of physical comfort.

“There was no way to foresee every possible outcome of a mission on a completely unknown planet. The entire crew is well versed, and imminently aware, that they may lose their lives on this voyage, on any deep space mission conducted by Starfleet. It is a risk that all have accepted willingly.”

Jim seems to deflate at that, his shoulders slumping as he lets his head fall onto Spock’s shoulder.

Leonard takes that as a sign that he should join them. He perches on the other side of Jim, and takes Jim’s still trembling hand in his own. Bringing it to his lips, he presses a kiss to Jim’s knuckles, tenderly stroking the back of his hand.

“I should have known,” Jim whispers again, though the heat and certainty is gone from his voice. “I should have-” A soft sob breaks Jim’s voice.

Jim’s head turns further into Spock’s shoulder to hide the tears that he can no longer hold back.

High School!Yoongi

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my lowkey spirit animal, a total cutie who actually looked really cute in his lil wig he had in the whole BTS high school thing like I’m surprised I would’ve never thought it would look that good but it shouldn’t surprise me, he pulls everything off damN IT, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D (also I just wanna add in a quick message to everyone to stay safe, I know there was just a shooting in Quebec and it breaks my heart to hear things like that are happening so I hope everyone is doing okay and that everyone stays safe)

  • This will be an extension of the teenager series (for the teen!Yoongi post, click here) the original post focused on the relationship, like the first meeting, the confession all of that fluffy stuff so this post is gonna be filling the gap in and saying what I think he’d be like as a high school student 
  • The teenager post featured American!Yoongi (here) to sum it up, he’s a big city kid (most likely somewhere in New York) he was born in Daegu but moves to New York around 7 or 8 so Korean is his first language and then with your help, he becomes fluent in English but he’s also got the tiniest lil hint of an accent and it’s so cuTe
  • Onto the visuals for this bc I love fetus BTS so much
  • Okay so fetus yoon hasn’t fully grown into his features yet so his cheeks are a bit chubbier and oh my god they look so cute and squishy I love me some chubby cheeks like when bbys have the really squishy cheeks yeS  PLZ
  • I lo v e fetus!Yoongi so much I’m looking through pictures rn and oh my lord he was such a cutie he still is but now he’s in his evolved form, a cutie pie 
  • Onto hair, idk why but I get this image in my head of Yoongi hearing how dyed hair isn’t allowed so he comes back the next day with vivid orange hair
  • But if I were to stay true to normal!Yoon, he had black hair in all of his fetus photos so either way he’s looking niCe, he only dyes his hair for a few weeks until they give in and let him have dyed hair then he’s rushing to go back to black
  • Onto fashion, Yoongi’s fashion is actually one of my favorites
  • It’s pretty much all about comfort but bc he’s Min Yoongi he can make a baggy t-shirt and some jeans look cute as fuck
  • He wears a lot of looser things, lots of coats, lots of beanies and hats, lots of jeans he’s definitely a jeans person and of course when the weather gets colder we get the beauty that is yoon in a scarf I love seeing yoon look all smol bc he’s pretty much swimming in his scarf bc he gets these huge ass scarves and he’s so content all nuzzled up in it it’s so precious also side note Yoongi in flannel fuck me u p
  • HS!Yoon wouldn’t be any different, he goes for a lot baggy shirts and jeans and maybe a snapback or a beanie but that’s about as far as he goes
  • His outfits are still put together but he also goes for a lot of blacks and grays and whites so it could be that but sometimes he’ll add in a lil bit of color like he had this one outfit that was all black, black t-shirt black hat black bag and then he had this bby blue jacket with black details and it was just one of those “ight I see you” moments bc he knew what he was doing
  • Okay so I think that Yoongi is actually really smart in general (obviously music is his forte) so I don’t think his grades would be horrible, he may get a few Bs here and there but that’s only when he gets really busy with his music
  • But at the same time, Yoongi during finals is stressed out as shit and goes into full on study mode and lives off of coffee, gets to a point where he gets up, says he’s gonna drop out and walks out of the library but then comes back ten minutes later with a blanket around his shoulders, a kumamon plushie hugged to his chest and a box of donuts in his hands, tries to ask the librarian to move into the library temporarily
  • But he’s also that person that sits there after finals are over with and is like “why were you so stressed out lol it’s just a test chill”
  • I’ve said this a few times but Yoongi, to me, is a bit more of a loner, he’s not mean to people but he’s also not gonna jump through hoops to become friends with everyone he talks to  
  • He’s more of a quality over quantity type of person, he’d rather have one really good best friend than twenty not so amazing friends so he really only regularly hangs out with a handful of people
  • It’s you, the boys and this one other person from music club bc next head canon is that Yoongi is in the music club
  • Music and Yoongi will always go together for me, it’s hard to think of Yoongi without thinking of music as well bc he just lov es music so much it’s his passion in life and it makes him so happy
  • Clubs aren’t really his thing but it’s good to have something for when he applies for colleges and if he’s gonna join any club, it might as well be music
  • Onto sports, Yoongi has a well known love for basketball so he would be on the basketball team
  • You would come to every game, every practice (if you could) just to support your bf bc that’s your man and you’re proud of him and he’s highkey loving the attention
  • We all saw how flustered and shy Yoongi got when Jimin started screaming the names of the players on yoon’s team like he literally just hung his head and giggled that’s pretty every game tbh bc Jimin is also at all the games to support his bro
  • “Jimin the game ended twenty minutes ago”
  • “MIN SUGA”
  • The two of you team up and make lil posters for Yoongi and it actually makes him really happy when he sees it and he gets that precious gummy smile on his face and after the game is over, he gives you this huge hug and he’s all soft for the rest of the night
  • Prom with Yoongi is really sweet and romantic and he’s a nervous bub the entire time he’s getting ready like how the fucK does a tie work what’s a bowtie is there a difference what’s a skinny tie does he want a skinny tie is that what people wear to prom
  • But then when he sees you, he gets that smile again and he gets a bit shy bc whoA that’s my babe but he doesn’t stop smiling the entire time and he even gets convinced to take a few cheesy before prom photos and even some actual prom photos 
  • Okay so Yoongi can get pretty hyped up when he wants to like we all remember the Baepsae dance practice where Yoongi is pretty much twerking and losing his shit that’s him at prom tbh he can be s o fucking extra sometimes it’s so funny to me 
  • The entire night, he has three modes, he’s either being his extra self or he’s judging the rest of the boys bc one of them is on a table, someone’s lost his tie, two of them have taken over the music and Yoongi’s trying to decide whether he should pretend he doesn’t know them, laugh or join in
  • But then the third mode is his sweet side where, towards the end of the night, he takes you onto the roof of the school and he has it all set up with rose petals and fairy lights and his own playlist to play so you two can slow dance in private bc Yoongi is a private guy when it comes to affection so he figures this way, he can make you feel special while keeping it between you two
  • You get to just rest your head on his shoulder and dance with him and if you focus on it, you can hear his heartbeat and both of you have this soft smiles on your face and it’s just really sweet and cute 
  • High school!yoon is just a music loving sweetheart who’s doing his best to pass his tests, writes essays the day they’re due and is super in love

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do "Greedy aren’t you" for the promt thing with the revolutionaries x Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson being a needy, greedy slut for all his boyfriends

I-I… I was gonna do another request but then this came in and I’m- I may have started this ship and I have to write more for it. b l e s s

“You’re just a greedy little slut for us aren’t you~?” Alex purred as he watched Thomas take in Lafayette’s length in his mouth and John’s in his ass.

Thomas made a sound as he bobbed his head, gazing up at Lafayette who smirked down at him.

“Mon petite chaton~” He purred, tugging at his hair, knowing he liked that. “How greedy of you to want all of us at once~” He purred, degrading him.

Thomas whined and nodded, pulling back. “Want all of you..” He mumbled, looking up at him desperately.

“Did I say you could stop, whore?” Lafayette tilted his head up with a harsh look in his eyes that made pre-cum leak from Thomas’s untouched length.

Alex watched in amusement as he sat in Hercules’s lap, moving as he watched. “Should we join them~?”

Hercules hummed and kissed his shoulder. “In a minute.”

John, groaned quietly as he bit down on Thomas’s shoulder as he thrusted faster. “Fuck, so tight baby~”

Thomas closed his eyes, his mouth hung open in a moan.

Lafayette took this as an advantage and thrusted into his mouth, while gripping his hair. “Ah, that’s it, Mon Petite Chaton, take me in all the way~”

Thomas was over whelmed with pleasure that only got worse when he felt a warm hand grip with length.

‘Alex.’ He immediately recognized it and his eyes closed as he felt Hercules’s right hand petting his hair while his and Alex’s left hand stroked his thighs.

It didn’t take long before he came and he let out a loud cry.

There was one thing they could all agree on, Thomas orgasming was a beautiful sight that they never tired of seeing.

You & Me

Originally posted by yugyeom

“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 //

Part 6 is here~

More Parts:

Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 //



At last as Bambam and you arrived at the airport. You pulled out your suitcase from the trunk along with Bambam’s suitcase and paid the good taxi driver.

“Ready for a miserable time?” Bambam asks glancing at you…

You wanted to grab Bambam by the hand, pull him back in the cab and say forget about this trip.. But Bambam would ask you a thousand questions… And were you up for that?


Stepping the airport was complete chaos. There was many people for no reason. Bambam and you continued to push yourself through a huge crowd of people and it was just a terrible terrible experience.

Finally after what felt like forever, you spotted Yugyeom and Lia.

Yugyeom was glued to his phone with a hand on in his pocket. Lia however continued to look around and her eyes widen she saw you and quickly shouted your name.

“Y/N!” Lia screamed out as she waved both of her arms side in the air. Meanwhile Yugyeom stopped looking at the phone and looked at you completely shocked..

His eyes were widen and his mouth dropped open.

“Why is Yugyeom staring at you like that?” Bambam whispers to you and you just shrugged…

Of course you had to act like you didn’t know… But you clearly knew why Yugyeom was so surprised.

Bambam and you approached Lia and Yugyeom and Lia wrapped her arms around you and pulled you into a hug.

“I’m so glad you were able to make it.”

“Nice to see you two Lia.” Bambam mumbles sarcastically, noticing Lia didn’t even acknowledge the poor guy.

Lia pulled away and Yugyeom still didn’t even say hi or nothing. It was as if someone casted a spell on Yugyeom and turned him into some type of mime.

“Babe, aren’t you going to say hi?” Lia asked as she approached Yugyeom and for some reason when she even said the word babe… it made your stomach turn.

“Babe… what didn’t you tell me you invited Y/N?”

“Didn’t think you would mind.” Lia replies and before yugyeom can talk…

“Hey guys!” was all you heard and you looked to your right and your eyes widen.

Jackson? He’s coming too!

This was going to be one epic trip…

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Ford and Lee

Summary:  Ford’s seen a lot of himself over his years in the portal.  This one’s a bit different, however.  This one’s wearing a black t-shirt.


Notes:  I’ve had this as a WIP for a very long time, here it is completed with an open ending (I do have loads of ideas…)  Half self-indulgent portal!Ford fic, half angst.  Featuring pre-NWHS/ATOTS fanon Mystery Trio era Author!Stanley. Thanks to @marypsue who gave me insight into characterization and general fandom theorizing of the time.

Written before Journal 3 and doesn’t take into account the whole ‘if two versions of the same person touch, the world implodes’ thing.  Or does it?

Stanford Pines wanders through the multiverse for months and years and decades, over an uncertain, not-quite linear progression of time he measures only by the growing number of aches in his tired body. Every new civilization brought with it another calendar system, based on twin suns or moons or the deep geothermal fluctuations of an alien world. Very quickly, he learns that time is just another dimension.

Once in awhile, he wonders exactly how long he has been here, on the other side. How long it had been since he had desperately flung his research at Stanley, momentary panic overriding all logical thought as he screamed and begged for his brother to save him, help him, do something, Stanley, anything -

In the quiet moments, Ford wonders about how long it had been since his brother had given up on him.

There had been anger at the very beginning, a fire that burned hotly in his chest that had smoldered with time down to white-charred coals. That… had been a long, long time ago. Back when he just started adjusting to the fact that yes, he was in an alien world with a single pair of cracked glasses and the worn-in clothes on his back, and no, there was no way back home. Not ever.

Because - Stanley just didn’t listen, and wasn’t that just typical? He had been so ready to burn Ford’s life’s work, he had been the one to push him into range of the portal, he had ruined everything, again, and -

…Ford was never going to see him again, was he.

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The Light Really Is Winning

           Marty stands at the sink, looking out the kitchen window. Everything is soft and blue and gold as the sun sinks down into the earth. Lilah follows Rust around the backyard, holding a Mason jar with both her hands just like Marty told her to. Marty watches Rust reach out and close his hands around a firefly – their first catch of the evening. Lilah squeals with joy, opens the jar, and holds it up to Rust. He flashes a smile at her more brilliant than the sun and crouches down. He turns his hand, opens it up slowly, and releases the firefly into the jar. The two of them continue on this way, barefoot and hunting fireflies in the dwindling sun.
          If only the light would turn to amber, Marty thinks, and preserve this joy forever. He should join them, he knows – but his heart is so full, so grateful that he can only stand there committing every detail to his memory.
          Ghost trots out to help Rust and Lilah. Undoubtedly, she thinks herself the expert here. A firefly lights up, catches her attention, and the little cat darts after it. She leaps into the air, lands softly on the ground, then checks beneath her paws to find her prey – but nothing’s there. Lilah’s laughter fills the whole dome of the sky and Ghost looks at her, insulted. Rust laughs, too, deep and rich and Marty wonders how he can want so much for something that is already his own.            It’s getting dark now and Rust glances toward the door. That’s how Marty knows it’s time to join them.
          “How’d you do?” Marty asks as Rust and Lilah come toward him.
          “Better than Ghost,” Rust replies.
          “Look, Grampa!” Lilah exclaims, holding up the jar for him to see.
          Marty whistles. “You must’ve caught every firefly in the neighborhood!”
          Lilah grins, then turns to look at Rust. “What do we do with them now, Poppy?”
          “Well, I reckon we’ll sit out here awhile, wait ‘til it gets real dark, and then we’ll let ‘em go. They’ll look like stars,” he says, “all around us. You’ll see.”
          “Really?” Lilah asks with awe.
          “Really,” Rust replies.
           Lilah waits patiently for Marty to settle in his lawn chair, then he helps her climb up into his lap. Together, they watch the insects crawl around inside the jar. “Pretty cool,” Marty says.
           Thirty minutes later, the jar’s been set aside and Lilah is sound asleep, nestled into Marty. He gently combs his fingers through her hair and smiles at her.
           Rust smiles, too, as he watches Lilah’s soft breath come and go in sync with the rise and fall of Marty’s chest. It’s a thing, a comfort that Rust knows well.
           “Reckon I should wake her?” Marty asks.
           “If you put her to bed before she sees these fireflies go free, you best be prepared to answer for that in the morning,” Rust replies.
           Marty chuckles. “You’re not wrong,” he says. “All right, come on, little one. Wake up.” He shifts in the lawn chair and Lilah stirs.
           “Is it dark now?” she asks as she rubs the sleep from her eyes.
           “Sure is, baby girl,” Rust answers as he rises up from his lawn chair. “C’mon. Let’s see these fireflies be our stars.”
           Marty helps Lilah down from his lap. Rust picks up the jar, then offers his hand to her. She takes a hold of his last two fingers and Marty watches as they wander out into the yard together.
           Rust crouches down and unscrews the lid, then hands the jar to Lilah. She giggles as the little insects crawl out and over her fingers, then watches in wonder as they take wing and light up all around her.
           “They do look like stars, Poppy!” she exclaims.
           Rust smiles, but he doesn’t reply. There’s a memory knotted up in his throat, trembling at the edges of his eyes. It’s then that Ghost appears, pushes her head against his leg, and calls him back to himself.
           “They all gone?” Rust manages to ask.
           Lilah peers down into the jar. “These ones don’t wanna go!” she says.
           “Well, let’s see about that,” Rust replies. He takes the jar from Lilah, turns it upside down and shakes it gently until the last couple insects tumble out into his palm. He lets them creep slowly up his fingers and sets the jar aside. “All right,” he says, “now, just like candles on a birthday cake. When they light up, I want you to close your eyes and make a wish, then blow.”
           “Okay!” Lilah agrees. She thinks about her wish and when the moment comes, she closes her eyes and blows. With some help from Rust, the insects take wing and leave his fingers.
           “Good job, baby girl,” Rust says hoarsely.
           Marty waits a moment longer, then walks out to join them. “All right. C’mon, little lady. It’s past everybody’s bedtime.” He lifts her up into his arms. “Let’s go inside.”
           Rust picks up the jar and Ghost too, then rises up off his haunches.
           “Tell the moon goodnight,” Marty says to Lilah.
           She turns in his arms to find the moon, then yells “Goodnight, moon!”
           “All right, now the birds!”
          “Goodnight, birds!” Lilah shouts at the trees.
          “Now the bugs!” Marty hollers – neighbors be damned.
          “Goodnight, bugs!”
          Rust chuckles and shakes his head. He’s finally found someone who’ll howl at the moon with him, he thinks.
          “Now the…” Marty stops.
          “Neighbors?” Rust suggests.
          Before they can stop her, Lilah yells “Goodnight, neighbors!”
          Both men laugh as they step inside. Rust sets Ghost down gently, then closes the door behind them.
          “All right, now tell your Poppy and that’ll be it,” Marty says as he steps closer to Rust.
          Lilah leans over to kiss Rust’s cheek and Rust leans over to accept. “Goodnight, Poppy,” she says.
          “Goodnight, little flower,” Rust replies, then kisses her cheek in turn.
          Marty puts Lilah to bed while Rust locks up and turns out the lights. Eventually, the two men climb into bed and settle down together in the dark.
          “I was wrong,” Rust rasps.
          “I’m sorry. My hearings not what it used to be’,” Marty says. “What did you just say?”
          “Stop,” Rust says. “I’m serious.”
          “All right,” Marty replies, “what were you wrong about?”
          “Everything,” the word rushes from his lungs and fills the room.
          Marty reaches for Rust in the darkness and Rust folds himself into Marty’s arms. He closes his eyes and surrenders himself to Marty’s heartbeat, to Marty’s fingers in his hair.
          “I love you,” Rust says. What he means is that he is capable of it. That it’s just as he intends it to be. That reality is not only enough, but more than enough. What he means is that, all those years ago, he was wrong.  
          “I love you, too,” Marty replies. “And you weren’t wrong,” he adds. “Not about everything…”
         The light really is winning.

For @storiesabouthestars, to honor Ms. Lilah and Ghost and the spirit of WWG. 

Pokemon Go! AU!

Me and my friends have been going on so many pokemon hunting adventures since the game released and we get really into it. We make Asian drive while me, Edgelord, Memelord, and Indian all sit in his car and catch shit. It’s alot of screaming. We have a lot of fun. Anywho, i decided to do a haikyuu post because i’m lazy as shit and dont have any originality. Enjoy.

Team Mystic:

  • Tsukishima- says he doesn’t like the game but is that guy wandering around at 3 am looking for ghost types
  • Oikawa- he doesn’t care about teams he just likes the color blue and he is collecting all the really cute pokemon

  • Kenma- he’s the guy that ties their phone to an animal so he can hatch eggs
  • Kinoshita- king of gym battles he’s won about seventy and he will destroy you

  • Kyoutani- has a growlithe name pupper

  • Goshiki- catches a lot of cool pokemon with a cp of like 12 so he’s shit at battling
Team Instict:

  • Bokuto- 1000% spark irl and he goes on mini adventures and he drags the whole team along
  • Kageyama- has walked into traffic to catch a bulbasaur
  • Matsun and Makki- they like to go around and steal their teammates phones and sing the Team Rocket theme song
  • Shimizu- don’t mess with her or her entire fucking army of evees
  • Akaashi- Bokuto told him to join this team so he did but he never plays on their adventures because he has to make sure Bo doesn’t die
  • Aone- has a ridiculous amount of cute pokemon 
  • Watari- fucking magikarp hoarder 

Team Valor:

  • Kuroo- gym battle boss and he definitely has a Magmar named Daishou

  • Hinata- has 100000000 pidgeys and loves them all
  • Yamaguchi- somehow keeps catching the mega evolutions of all these really cool pokemon and everyone is like ????!?
  • Suga- has a lot of ghost types and poison types and they’re all terrifying
  • Noya and Tanaka- get way too into the valor/mystic rivalry
  • Tendou- has about seventeen Pikachu and he named them all Paul

  • Ushijima- tells Oikawa he should have joined Valor 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Asahi- had to delete the game because he almost walked off a bridge
  • Iwaizumi- played once, caught a venosaur, said it looked like a cute version of Godzilla, and was satisfied

  • Lev- is forbidden by his entire team to get them game 

  • Yachi- got lost her fist time playing and the whole team had to go looking for her

Noghri in the Original Trilogy

I’ve been re-reading the Thrawn Trilogy, and I had a few thoughts.  Knowing what we now know about Vader, there’s no way he wouldn’t have used the Noghri in his attempt to get Luke.  Come on!  He knows they’ll be able to tell if Luke Skywalker is actually Luke Skywalker.  He knows they’re loyal to him, and they’ll want to help him find his son. 

So, now I have this ridiculously silly idea in my head of a group of Noghri commandos with orders to find Luke Skywalker, and bring him to Darth Vader- alive and as unharmed as possible. Do they know Luke is Vader’s son? Maybe they’re not told it, but as soon as they smell him, they’ll know.  That means their absolute priority is getting the Son of Vader to Vader.  Of course, Luke foils so many plots, and doesn’t even realize it. 

And then… Leia and Han. They had only marked Leia and Han as friends of Luke, until one of them gets close enough to Leia to realize exactly who she is.  So their mission expands- bring both rebellious children back to Vader.  Except Han keeps getting in the way.  Most of them are frustrated with him, but they see how he and Leia are acting- and they mostly think it’s a courtship.  Plus, he is obviously willing to do anything to protect Leia.

So the mission ends with Vader being presented with his son, unknown daughter, and potential son-in-law, all of them drugged up to their eyebrows.  (Speaking of eyebrows, if he had any, his would be raised incredulously.)

Now he just has to convince them to join him.  (And maybe he should look into “losing” Solo on some moon filled with carnivorous plants. No, his daughter wouldn’t like that. She might protest, but Vader could tell she loved Solo.)

Of course, this ends with the Emperor dead, and Leia and Vader arguing over how the galaxy could be run. (Luke’s managed to find popcorn. Han is just glad Leia is arguing with someone who isn’t him for once.)

Not Dead Yet (Part 5)

*Not that much interaction between our lovely “couple” this chapter but some good bonding with the Lost Boys and some potential foes. Things are cooking!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, allusion to sexual assault (very minor)

After a few wrong turns and almost running headlong into a ginormous spider web I made it back to camp. The boys were still partying the night away. Do none of them know what sleep is? Speaking of…

“Hey, Devin.” I pulled him away from the others, “Where exactly does one find a place to sleep around here?”

“Turning in already?”

“I’ve had a busy day, I think some sleep is just what I need.”

“Okay, well, thankfully we already took care of that for you.” Devin led her to the near outskirt of the camp where a lone tent stood. “Nick and some of the others built this while you were out swimming. It has a cot, some blankets and a change of clothes we thought might fit you. Nothing major but it’s yours.”

“Thank you, you guys didn’t need to do that.”

“We do it for all the new recruits.” Devin shrugged, “I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

“See you.” I crawled into my little tent and took it in. It was a very simple living station. Aside from the mentioned blankets and clothes there was also a lantern fashioned from a coconut half and a cracked handheld mirror. The mirror was really unnecessary but a nice, if not slightly sexist, contribution to the tent.

I kicked off my shoes and stripped off my clothes until I was left in my undershirt and knickers. I hadn’t realized until after I was in a confined space just how hot it was on this island. I laid down on the cot using the unused blankets as a pillow and fell asleep to the muffled sound of the drums playing back in the center of camp.


When I woke up the next morning I had to take a moment and remember where I was. I wonder how long it’s going to take me to get used to waking up in a tent. I grabbed the set of clothes the boys left for me and pulled them on. A little loose but that wasn’t a problem.

I stepped out of my tent to grab some breakfast and was not in the least surprised to see no one else was up. After that late night I would be genuinely shocked if any of them were awake this early.

Taking advantage of the quiet I found where they kept the stores of food, grabbed a couple apples and wandered off into the jungle for a morning walk. What am I even supposed to do here? They say it’s a fantasy realm where you can have fun all day everyday but I can genuinely say that as of this moment I am bored out of my mind.

What am I supposed to do with all this free time? All I’ve ever done is work. Without any work to do or books to read I am at a complete loss.

I eventually made it to a different beach and sat down in the sand. I pulled my dagger from its sheath and studied it in the morning light. It was as simple as daggers come. Sharpened stone with a leather bound grip. There was something carved at the bottom.

R. Just R.

Was this someone else’s before they gave it to me? If so then what happened to its last owner? Did I even want to know?

What was it Pan said when I met him? That I should be lucky to see this place and live? I sheathed the small blade once more. This island had already instilled a sense of unease but with every passing interaction with its leader and the questions it raises the more danger I feel I’m in. A part of me is screaming to get off this island. Run back to the Enchanted Forest and never look back!

Then again, there is a part that does kind of like this place. The boys, at least the ones I’ve met so far, are friendly. It’s like a big family unit that I get to be a part of. There are no adults to boss me around or harsh chores that needed tending to. I should give it a few more days before deciding if I truly want to find a way to leave.

I went back to the camp and was pleased to see that some of the boys had finally woken up. I looked for Devin but didn’t see him amongst the multiple faces. I did see Nick though and stuck by him for the morning. I thanked him and the other boys for making my tent. Again they told me it wasn’t a problem and quickly drew me into a story about a one legged pirate and the legend of his golden treasure chest. I was getting into the tale too before the rest of the camp woke up and suddenly story time was over.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Training.” Nick shrugged. “We do it every morning before it gets too hot.”

“Oh right,” I remembered what they had told me yesterday about the combat practices they did, “Why do you guys train like this anyway? Neverland really that dangerous?”

“More dangerous than you’d think girly.” Another boy brushed past me. He was about my height with long mousy brown hair tied back with a string of leather.

“Who you calling girly?” I snapped at him and he glanced back to glare at me with only one dark brown eye.

“I’m calling you girly, girly. You may have the others fooled into thinking you’re one of us but you’re really just a weakling that’s only good for digging a ditch.”

“Excuse you? I’ll show you who’s a weakling!” I grabbed a tree limb off the ground and swung it hard at the boy’s head. He caught it and spun it around so fast that I tumbled to the ground. The other boys stopped their conversations as they watched the confrontation going down.

“Like I said, weakling.” the boy broke the branch over his knee, “Try to stay out of my way.”

“You little–” I bolted up but was restrained by Nick.

“Don’t let Slightly get to you. He’s been like that for as long as anyone can remember.”

“Slightly? What kind of a name is Slightly?

“What kind of a name is Y/N? You don’t have to be what you were named. A lot of the boys have different names than from when they were first brought here. You could change yours too if you wanted.”

“No thanks, I’ll stick with Y/N.”

We came to a clearing and the boys broke off into groups. Archers, spear-wielders, swordsman, and so forth. “Wondering where to go?” Pan was suddenly at my side.

“Kind of…” I fiddled with my dagger, “The closest I’ve gotten to weaponry and combat was my shovel and an incident with a wolf.”

“You fought off a wolf with a shovel?”

“What else was I supposed to do? Offer it a belly rub?”

“You’re really aggressive in the mornings aren’t you?”

“Only when you’re around.”

“Well,” he whirled me around, “Knowing your past experience I’d say you should join them.”

“The boys with the clubs?”

“Well it’s the closest we have to a shovel without actually using shovels. So, off you go.” he pushed me forward, “Also, if you have trouble or the others give you a hard time don’t go complaining or I will give them permission to beat the living hell out of you.”

“Aren’t you just the definition of charming.”

“I don’t tolerate pansies on my island.”

I had a biting remark on my tongue but held it back. Telling the leader of a pack of lethally trained boys that: if he didn’t tolerate pansies then he shouldn’t be there, didn’t seem like the smartest idea.

“You don’t need to worry about me. I learned not to complain a long time ago.” I muttered and walked over towards the boys that were practicing with the clubs. It was only a small group, Felix and some others I had only seen in passing but hadn’t talked to.

“Look who decided to stop by.” Felix grinned, “You wanna try this, really?”


“It takes a lot of muscle power.”

“I think I can handle it.”

“If you say so. Then let’s get you started.” he whistled and one of the boys handed me a club. It was a couple inches shorter than what I was used to holding and a lot more top heavy.

“Trick to using a club correctly is shifting your weight.” Felix explained to me, “If you don’t have a strong stance when you’re fighting then someone can use your weight against you and you’re down.”

He stepped back and spread his arms out. “Go on, show me your best swing.”

“Okay,” I tried to dig myself into what I thought was a strong stance like he said and swung. Without as much as a bat of his eyes he shifted out of the way, slammed my club back with his and for the second time that day the momentum of the hit sent me spiraling to the ground.

“A strong swing but also very clumsy, slow and blaringly obvious.” Felix leaned over me, “You have the power but you do not possess the technique. Not yet anyway. Get up.”

I stood up and and recollected my club. “What do I do?”

“Put your weight into it. That way all the power will be on the other end of the club. Go again.” I went again and again and everytime I swung he blocked it and every other time I ended up on the ground.

The entire morning went on like this. Steadily trying to get better and turning black and blue in the process. No matter how much I improved it was just never quite enough. I was still too predictable, too slow. Eventually Felix got tired of trying to teach me and handed it off to a large boy with a thick gut named Curly. Curly was a lot more patient than Felix but didn’t hold back any either.

When the sun was almost directly overhead we were finally done. In a word I felt miserable. I was used to long work don’t get me wrong but there’s something about getting constantly pummeled with a wooden club that adds to the exhaustion. I would be lying if I said the experience didn’t stir up some bad memories.

I pushed them away as the boys and I headed back to camp for lunch and rest. Now that practice was out of the way we had the entire rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. Seeing as how I was drenched in sweat I decided that my downtime was going to include a cool dip.

Coming back to the pond I had bathed in the day before I stripped down and hopped in once more letting the water wash away the grime I had built up during training. I was up to my neck just soaking it in when I heard voices behind me. I turned my head and saw Devin, Nick and some of the other boys walking my way. They stopped upon seeing me.

“Problem boys? Can’t handle a naked girl?” I smirked at them. “Nothing you haven’t seen before, right Devin?”

“We didn’t know you were back here. We’ll just–”

“Just what? You really think I care if you dopes see me nude? Besides what’s between your legs there’s not a whole lot of difference. Or are you so hormonal that the sight of my bare chest will turn you into raving beasts?”

They became quiet and I rolled my eyes. “Stay. Leave. Jump in. I don’t care.” I relaxed back against the pond wall.

“I’ll take up that offer.” one of the boys shrugged, “Could use a soak.”

“Ben!” Devin held him back, “You’re not seriously going to jump in, are you?”

“Why not? She said it was okay.”

“Yeah. I’m fine with it.”

“So you’d be fine if say the entire camp decided to come and hop in while you are in there without a strip of clothes on?”

“As long as none of them try to assault me then I don’t see any harm.”

“I’m heading in.” the boy, Ben, jumped in. After a few tense seconds the other boys looked at each other and hopped in as well. They were awkward about it for the first couple minutes but relaxed after we started cracking some jokes.

Maybe an hour went by and my fingers and toes were looking awfully wrinkly. “I think I’m done for today.” I hopped out and the boys made some cheeky comments.

A loud whistle sounded from across the pond and my head snapped to the source. Pan was standing there watching our group with an amused smile. What was more unsettling though was his gaze on me. I know I didn’t care about the boys seeing me naked but Pan…it felt wrong. I didn’t want that creep seeing me like this, not that I’d let him know that.

“Get a good look?” I called across to him as I started to put on my clothes.

“Not much to look at.” he called back and the simmering anger below my skin started to bubble once more.

“Stop commenting on your reflection, I’m over here.” I said and even from this distance I could see the annoyance flash across his features. Devin and the others were failing at hiding their amusement as I pulled on the rest of my clothes and sauntered back to camp.

Leaving Pan alone with his sniggering Lost Boys and the knowledge I had soundly irked him I began to smile. I’m starting to think I can really like it here. So long as Pan continues to be so easy to mess with that is.

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