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Soulmate Au where you absolutely must laugh at ur sm sense of humour? Also please: Dayum Will u got it hard with all of Hannibal's cannibal puns. >w<

It starts off when Will finds himself laughing uncontrollably on a normal Friday evening. His dogs stare at him, heads cocked in curiosity.

It happens again the following Saturday. Jack mentions the next time he sees Will that Hannibal hosted a wonderful dinner party, such a gracious host, Will should join them time.

That’s when he starts to wonder. Hannibal never struck him as someone particularly funny but - well? Maybe?

Hannibal invites him over but Will can’t quite bring himself to stay. He deposits a nice bottle of wine along with his apologies, but he lingers, just long enough to watch Hannibal work a little with those rolled up sleeves and muscled forearms.

They are rather distracting.

And then the topic of Hannibal’s change in profession comes about and when Hannibal says “I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts”, Will has no idea why he’s suddenly laughing hysterically.

It’s worded a little too baroquely, sure, but it’s not funny. Hannibal just stares at him, his mouth ticking up at the corner.

Will lets the laughter run out, his head between his knees, taking as many deep breaths as he can. Then he starts to do the math and his blood runs cold. He straightens up so fast he goes a little light-headed.

“Holy shit,” Will says, “you’re the Chesapeake Ripper.”

Hannibal doesn’t really react to this, just politely sets down his knife and raises his eyebrows.

“Which would mean that you’re my soulmate.”

Will swallows hard. “Oh, shit.”

He runs out into the night and doesn’t look back.


Five years later

Hannibal serves the meat to their guests, meticulously arranged on blood-red plates with white lettuce, stewed cranberries and nettle sauce.

“Ooh,” coos a woman to Will’s right, “what is this.”

“Turkey,” Hannibal replies. “Though this particular bird was in quite a foul mood.”

Will bursts out laughing, so hard and loud that he almost falls off his chair. The rest of the room falls awkwardly silent.

“Please don’t mind my husband,” Hannibal says with a smile. “He has a dreadful sense of humour.”

Sequel to this fic, inspired by this art like the first fic by @sessomesmaru


Gabriel finds Jack again months after recall.

Or to be more accurate, what Jack has become.

He doesn’t expect the recall, not really. He thought Overwatch was done with, gone and buried like it was supposed to be. When the Recall comes in, Winston’s voice ringing over the com, he spends almost a month considering if he should join them or not. The last time he ran Overwatch, it shattered into pieces under his watch.

Overwatch isn’t his creature now. Nor is it Morrison’s. It’s a joint effort now, the combined efforts of those who wish to make the world a better place. And with that thought in mind, Gabriel ends up at Overwatch’s door, Reaper mask in hand, telling Winston that no, he’s not a ghost, and yes, it’s cold out here so if they could let him inside-

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Ride Along

Ok, so today has been draining and if you’ve been following the news then you know why. Well it may not mean much but I thought a silly little Ichabbie Drabble might put a smile on some of my follower’s faces if only for a moment, so here we are.

Ichabbie rides a rollercoaster. (A/N : I’m a Cedar Point gal but there’s only Six a Flags in New York so I went with it for this lol)


He should have known. It was all Ichabod could think as his heart pounded furiously in his chest, threatening to break the restraints that kept him trapped in this infernal chair, feet dangling into open air.

He should have known when Miss Jenny declined to join them in line, when he heard the shrill shrieks of the ones that came before him…he should have known but his foolish sense of pride blinded him .

The apparatus steadily climbed higher and higher into the clouds and Ichabod got more and more anxious with each metallic “clink clink clink” that surely sounded his doom.

“You ready Captain?” Abbie, his diminutive partner, squeezed his hand and he saw the most beguiling mix of anxiety and excitement painted on her features.

He would be inclined to admire her if not being thoroughly upset at her for misrepresenting this roller coasts as “fun”. He mustered his best disapproving grimace and threw it her way.

“Don’t be like that Crane! It’s scary at first but you’ll love it! I promise. You trust me don’t you?”

He sighed, nodding his head. Of course he did. She smiled and suddenly the contraption stopped moving, balanced at the crest of a sharp looking drop.

“Ok, Crane, here we go!” He held onto her hand for dear life as gravity took hold and sent them plummeting forward with astounding speed. He felt his stomach drop, and he screamed, initially fearing that this would be the end for him, his heart would go out, his Witness duty ended in Six Flags of all places.

But then he acclimated and by the time the second loop de loop came around he was raising his arms above his head like his fellow Lieutenant next to him.


“I must admit Lieutenant, that was most exhilarating.”

“See? I told you. Fun right?”

“Indeed.” He held out a curled fist and she tapped it without hesitation. “What ride should we queue for next Lieutenant?”

“I don’t know, let’s just play it by ear. That was the most intense ride in the park so you’re pretty much ready for anything now….oh my god! Hold up!”

Abbie ran over to a wall of television monitors placed over by the exit and burst into laughter.

Crane approached and saw the reason for her mirth: A picture of the Lieutenant and himself had been taken, and it was most unflattering. Ichabod’s hair was askew, his mouth opened wide in pure terror, knuckles white, crushing Abbie’s fingers. Abbie looked equally terrified, eyes bugged out and her face buried as close to Ichabod’s shoulder as she could get.

“What a ghastly photograph.”

“I love it,” Abbie chuckled, “Only you could compel me to buy a 12 dollar keychain.”

“You mean to show that to people?”

“I’m gonna show it to everyone.”

“Cruel woman.”