he should have invested in a sock

game night ~ jonah marais

just as i finished throwing my hair up into a messy bun, my phone dinged for the second time in five minutes. i walked over to my bed and picked it up, seeing that it was jonah who had been texting me. 

jonah: baby, are you sure i should come tonight? 

jonah: i feel like i’m getting all up in your family’s business by coming and that’s the last thing i want to do :(

i rolled my eyes at how clueless jonah is to how much my family loves him. my parents love him because he makes me happy. my two little sisters love him because he plays with them all the time. and my little brother loves him because he looks up to him as a literal god. 

me: please come? it will make me so happy! pleeeeaaaseeee? 

jonah: if it’ll make you happy i’ll be there

jonah: see you in fifteen minutes, baby cakes

me: alright <3

i smiled and threw my phone back onto my bed before walking over to my closet to find an outfit to wear. i’m not trying to impress my family, nor jonahso i decided on a pair of black leggings and a black rolling stones crop top. i threw this on before walking to my dresser and shuffling through my sock drawer so my feet didn’t freeze. my feet are always cold and i have no idea why. i pulled out a set of mismatch socks because they were the first ones i saw. one had donuts and the other had cats farting rainbows. 

by this time jonah should be here any minute so i decided to head downstairs. i adjusted by messy bun before grabbing my phone off of the bed and heading downstairs. just as anticipated, the doorbell rang as soon as my foot hit the bottom of the staircase. all three siblings knew he was coming but elsie and jenny were the only ones who sprinted to the door. charlie stayed invested in his call of duty game.

backstory on my family… i have two little sisters who are five and seven. jenny is five and elsie is seven. i then have a fourteen year old brother named charlie. my mom’s name is allison and my dad’s name is david. jonah is real close to my family so he has no problem with being completely open with them.

“jonah!” jenny and elise screeched when they saw him in the doorway with two bouquets of flowers. 

“hey, baby,” he smiled, reaching over my siblings to give me one of the bouquets of flowers and to plant a kiss on my forehead, causing me to blush immensely. 

“eww!” elsie and jenny shouted, causing jonah and i to both start cracking up. jonah squatted down and picked up jenny, placing her on his hip. he winked at me as he walked past me and towards the kitchen to where my parents are.

“hey,” charlie mumbled when jonah walked past him, earning a smile from jonah in response. charlie tried to act cool but i could tell he was excited that jonah was here. they get along super well. 

 i watched him walk and smiled ear to ear. the fact that him and my family get along so well makes me fall more and more in love with him with each passing day. i followed him into the kitchen and rested my chin on his shoulder as he was talking with my mom. 

“these are for you, allison,” jonah smiled, holding out the flowers to my mom. once she took them, he swung his arm behind his back and spread his fingers, indicating me wanted me to intertwine our fingers, which i did. 

“aw, sweetie,” she awed. “they’re beautiful!” she turned to put them in a vase of water. 

“oh! could you put mine in a vase too?” i asked once i realized what she was doing. she took them from me and jonah put jenny down and she ran over to the couch along with elise to sit with charlie. 

“i missed you,” he whispered once they had all run off and nobody was paying attention to us anymore. 

“i missed you too,” i replied, leaning in and connecting our lips. i know that i saw jonah yesterday but i already missed his lips. the softness, the warmth, everything. i could kiss him forever. 

“yo, jonah!” we heard charlie call out, causing us to pull away from each other reluctantly. jonah kept his eyes on my lips for a moment before whipping his head around. 

“yeah, bud?” he asked, walking towards the couch and leading me by his hand. 

“wanna play call of duty with me?” charlie asked. 

“heck yes!” jonah exclaimed, kissing your hand then dropping it before sliding onto the couch next to your brother. you were just watching them as they got more and more into the game, completely blocking out their surroundings. 

“y/n!” elise whisper yelled. i raised my eyebrow at her as i was of asking what she wanted. “come here!” she whispered again. jenny had lost herself in her stuffed animals so i left her side, shooting one more loving glance at jonah before walking in the direction that elise did. 

“what’s up?” i asked, crossing my arms and putting all my weight onto one leg. 

“do you love jonah?” she asked suddenly. i was taken aback. jonah and i had never said those words to each other. however, we have been dating for quite a while and i have been wanting to tell him that i do love him for a few weeks. 

“i do,” i nodded. elise gasped and made a run for the living room. i tried to stop her but i couldn’t. once i got there she was already leaned over the back of the couch and whispering into jonah’s ear. when she pulled away, giggling, he looked up at me and smiled. he stood up and walked over to me and pulled me into a huge hug. 

“i love you too,” he whispered into my ear, sending chills down my spine. he kissed below my ear before pulling away. 

“monopoly or life?” my mom asked, walking into the room, holding both games in her hands. 

“monopoly,” we all mumbled before bursting into a fit of laughter. 

i want to spend the rest if my life with this boy.

Make It Happen

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He always had his leather jackets on, slightly bruised knuckles being the only things that knocked on your door, but when he started moving those beautiful lips of his, it was like a little piece of heaven had walked up to your door every day.

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