he should have been fired


Did Jeff Sessions violate a rule by participating in James Comey’s firing?

  • Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for urging President Donald Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, calling his participation a violation of his promise to recuse himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.
  • Sessions — who apparently recommended Comey’s termination in a letter to Trump — said in March that he would recuse himself from investigations into Trump’s Russia ties after it was revealed he’d twice met with a Russian ambassador before Trump took office and denied the meetings during his attorney general confirmation hearing.
  • That means he vowed not to have any role in the investigations. For Franken and others, that suggests he should have been precluded from participating in firing Comey, who had reportedly requested a “significant increase” in resources for the bureau’s investigation into the election interference days before he was sacked. Read more (5/10/17)
Be Honest About Him

Friend: God, I HATE Snape!

Me: Oi, easy there. He’s my favourite character aside from McGonagall.

Friend: WHAT!?

Me: Ya, I like to think we’d get along. He’s funny.

Friend: HE’S A BULLY!

Me: Yes.

Friend: *sputtering* What? Do you think you could change him?

Me: The fuck would I do that for? He’s great.

Friend: He bullied and abused the children in-

Me: I get that. I didn’t deny that. He’s an asshole, I get it. I don’t think he should have been a teacher. He should have had his own potions shop in the middle of nowhere so he could brew and invent in peace.

Friend: …. oh.

Me: Lots of people should never teach children. He’s one of them. The fault for that is on Dumbledore, not Snape. He should have been fired really early on and just been allowed to do his thing. He could have taken on a strong willed apprentice every so often and actually been able to teach them something instead of ruining potions for so many because he’s a genius and can’t understand that most children are not.

Friend: …… I probably would have liked him if he were a character like that.

Me: Exactly.

Character Profile Meme: Felo’thore

Full Name: Felo’thore Emberfell Novastorm

Other Names: Felore (Dalaran Sewers) Fire Warden Emberfell (Professor title at the Vermilion Order) Kal’Thero (as known by the moonkin)

Universe They Exist In: World of Warcraft

Gender and Sexuality: Gender fluid / Pansexual

Pronouns: He/him

Ethnicity/Species: Sin’dorei

Birthplace and Birthdate: Fairbreeze Village, Quel’thalas, September 7th roughly 109 years ago. Elf ages are weird- He’s supposed to be the human equivalent of a 32 year old.

Guilty Shameless Pleasures: Chocolate Peanut Butter Gelato, sweets in general. Trashy Romance Novels, questionable fashion magazines, collecting intimate novelties, adding to his wardrobe.

Phobias: Arachnophobia. Ghosts & Paranormal

What They Would Be Famous For: Numerous publications on astral magic, nature and the arcane & fire. Taking full advantage of his Kirin Tor portal license. The forest fire set ablaze in Hyjal six months ago. Being featured in Hunky Knights. The finest writing quills made from his feathers. Being the owl that sat on Vaelrin’s shoulder that one night. @forever-afk

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:

Felo has never been arrested, however; it could be argued that in his youth, there were several matters in the Dalaran Sewers he should have been incarcerated for, but was otherwise quietly pardoned by Fire Warden Thaddeus Baron, headmaster of the Vermilion Order at the time.

OC You Ship Them With: His husband, Adrianal Novastorm @ocarina-of-what . I also ship Felo with triple chocolate fudge cake.

Your Favorite OC Relationships

Felo and Vandeis- Vandeis with his Vantics- no one quite ruffles Felo’s feathers more and yet he loves and hates to admit he likes the guy @sakialyn.  Felo and Deyaenus are absolutely amazing together (when both are drunk enough). But I appreciate their odd little understanding both of them have where they are aware of what upsets one another. @isei-silva . I adore Felo’s nerdy magey relationship with Avada and Synthiel, and how the three of them geek out about magic. I look forward to where that continues to go! @emberfallen @spiral-seeker. There is always a soft place in my heart for Felo’s time with Eldriana- how he found another that could make use and share his getaway space with, and he enjoys teaching her about anger management and fire magic @sparklepriest. I love how Vivvienne is somewhat of a parental role model for him. @monster-pirate. I also like the small fashion nerdery that happens between him and @azriah. Felo and Ilaeriel are a precious and gentle student and teacher pair  @forever-afk.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Probably Beurghes if he could get away with it. @isei-silva

Favorite Book Genre: Romantic fairytales and dramas are his go to after a long day of reading historical and scientific tomes in the Ivory spire. Though when it comes to tomes specifically, He loves reading about the stars and cosmos. His favorite book is an astronomy tome with star projections.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Sad endings.

Talents and/or Powers: Felo is a wizard and exceedingly magic-literate having spent most of his early life after the age of 15 attending two prestigious academies in Dalaran. He can understand several languages and can use some means of arcanic telepathy with other magi. He is best known for his proficiency in the use of Astral magic, which came about from his obsession with fire and the stars. After many years odd apprenticeship with an Elder druid in Winterspring, Felo’thore had runes carved into his skin after accepting an appointment by Elune, granting him a new potential of power he’s still learning to understand. These runes aid him in two druidic transformations, a flight form and a moonkin form, both adding utility and versatility to his role as one of Eversong’s protectors. Felo is also known for his portals.

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s approachable and courteous. He’s interesting and often showy/glittery with his magic and parlor tricks. I like to think that some of his quirky nature is enjoyable even if strange at times. Free portals?

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Conflicting views/opinions. Seeing his transformations as savage/ an abomination. For finding something to be happy about.

How They Change: Felo has gone through many changes in his life already, and there are many more to come. His most recent change was coming full circle with his father’s abuse and circumstances have forced him into fatherhood when he wasn’t mentally prepared for it. He is slowly learning that he doesn’t have to let the abusive cycle continue. Also going from bachelor habits to suddenly father ???? …..???????? (it’s a work in progress). I guess I also really enjoy his changes in combat / magic understanding too, which is an ever occurring change as he shifts from mage school stuff to a more nature based understanding of magic.

Why You Love Them: He’s an absolutely fun personality to write and he sates my appetite for describing the walking light show he often is. I enjoy that I can write him in three different forms as well as all the weird, out of this world things mages are capable of. Some nights I sit down and I’m like… “I feel like writing an owl tonight.” It brings something different to RP I think from playing the same elf barbie all the time.

Why you Hate Them:

His RNG sucks. >:(
Hate is a strong word and I don’t think I could hate Felo. I guess I wish I could write him to come off more serious and stoic (because he is), but it’s hard for me to not write humor into him because I enjoy it so much. He’s such a nerd and he sets himself up for half the stuff he falls for.

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Do you wish Zuko had joined the gaang sooner? That way we'd get more time with him and everyone and also more time with him and Katara and them getting close and developing feelings for each other. And also him being best friends with Sokka, being an older brother figure for Aang and Toph.. I really wished he joined sooner so we could've gotten more of this stuff.

No, not at all.

See, the thing is, the third season follows should have followed an arc. Zuko’s arc, to be precise. And it should’ve gone like this:

The first half of season three should have been about Zuko feeling more and more alienated and like he doesn’t fit in while in the Fire Nation. It should have been about how the home he was so desperate to return to doesn’t exist. How it never actually existed, it was just that he was a sheltered child and had no awareness about the state of reality.

This is why “The Headband” sucks as an episode. By having Zuko be supposedly well adjusted and fitting in and relating to someone, however superficially, it derails his character arc. And, please, ask me why the only episode i actually and truly loathe is “The Beach”.

The culmination of this part of the arc, as well as Zuko’s mental state’s lowest point would have still come in “Nightmares and Daydreams” except, you know, his characterisation wouldn’t have been all over the place.

(Also, why the fuck wasn’t that general, the one who Zuko challenged, why wasn’t he ever mentioned again? Is he dead? How has the fact that he got, well, not really, but looool if you think that anyone would ever call Ozai out for this, how has the fact that he got the crown prince mutilated and banished for three years affected his life? These are important world-building questions, why weren’t they answered?)

Then, once he confronts Ozai, his state of well, everything, but mostly his emotional wellbeing would’ve taken a sharp turn for the better. Even at their most hostile the Gaang was living in the same world as he was, which let me tell you, does wonders for one’s mental health.

Then season three would progress with Zuko forging bonds with each and every member of the Gaang. I’d even say that they kept them in right order, because the order they went it is from the Gaang member that understands him the least (Aang) to the one that understands him the most (Katara). I just wish that they, you know, kept it as an arc, where Zuko gets progressively happier and more at ease as each member of this found family, that he wants so dearly to be a part of, accepts him.

Finally, this part would culminate when he makes up with Uncle Iroh, thereby finally letting go of all his guilt and achieving a state of inner piece where he could go and face Azula.

Having Zuko join the Gaang sooner would’ve should’ve interfered with his disillusionment with the Fire Nation, but that that gets lost since they were more concerned with having him suck face than growing as a person.

(Another thing I’m suuuuuper bitter about is how easy it would’ve been to interweave the Gaang’s supposedly filler* adventures in the first half of the season with Zuko’s narrative. Just have him do boring administrative work! Have him have a supposedly useless job, which would also serve to drive the point home that Ozai just doesn’t care,** like receiving reports from within the Fire Nation, like, say, oh I don’t know, about a meteorite that mysteriously didn’t burn anything? Or, hey, a old waterbender that somehow got defeated during the full moon by a bunch of kids?

Then have him cover up for them or something.

*Each and every one of these would have been amazing to see built on in a season four: Sokka as a White Lotus initiate? Toph finding a common language with her parents? Hama! Just imagine Hama going back to the South! Like, I made a whole post about how much wasted potential Hama is.

**Seriously, though, why do Zuko and Ozai have only three scenes together? Zuko and Azula should’ve interacted more, too. That ties into my hatred of “The Beach.”)

Having written all of that, I will say this:

I wish we had a season four.

I wish we had a season four, where we would’ve seen Zuko and Katara growing closer, and Sokka being his first true male friend, who is also his equal, because while I think that the Aang-Zuko dynamic is like, 33% of the emotional core of the series, Zuko is still Aang’s mentor. And, you know, a sixteen year old just can’t have all conversations with a twelve year old that they could with someone their age (or just a year younger in this case).

I wish we had a fourth season in which Zuko actively helps Toph deal with her family situation, since he’s the only one who can actually relate.

I wish we had Book 4: Air, where Aang would’ve actually had to turn to his inner conflict. Because the first three seasons were all about an external problem for him: defeat the Fire Lord. But now that the war is over, the rest of the Gaang have homes to go back to, while Aang doesn’t. I think that this would’ve been the place where Zuko would take a turn as Aang’s emotional support, because he understands far better than Katara what it’s like to have a home you can never go back to, because it doesn’t exist.

I wish we had a season four, which would’ve explored the consequences of being a child soldier, and the depth of bonds these children forged with each other.

But you know, inner conflict just doesn’t work for your perfect self-insert character, and movie$ are ju$t $old a$ trilogie$

Wide Awake

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1.8 k

Warnings: Language, blood, injury

Summary: Lieutenant Y/N must deliver a letter and rescue the best spy for the Patriots: Hercules Mulligan.

Request: I would KILL for an imagine with Hercules x fem!disguised!soldier. I know that there were a few women who passed off as men during the war so they could fight, thought it might be an interesting idea! Do as you heart desires! Feel like making NSFW, go ahead! Fluff? Go ahead! Angst…. be kind - anon

A/N: I had so much fun writing this! I got to do a lot of research and I had a great time learning all about it! As always, requests are open. Title is a song lyric from a song I’ve been enjoying recently because I’m not at all creative. Enjoy!


It was a bit strange.

Being a soldier, that is. When you successfully managed to run away from home and enlist, hair freshly cut much shorter, you were very surprised. You had been very lucky this far to not be caught. It also didn’t help, having to deal with cycles. You also had to practically live with your breasts pushed down and wrapped with cloth to conceal them. It truly was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it, You were also proud, fighting for a cause you believed in.

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Why I’ll never stop defending Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne just wanted to save everybody from the games and having to keep living like that.

And it cost him the one person he wanted to live that better life with.

In my opinion, Peeta only ever cared about saving Katniss, he was single minded in this. He never really thought about the bigger picture, about fighting back, not like Gale did. Not until he gave that motivation speech to Katniss while they were hiding out at Tigress’s. A speech that should have been Gales, since he was always the one to say they should fight back, that she should fight back, always putting that spark in her, even when she didn’t realize it at first, a spark that turned into a fire when she needed it. He loved her and wanted to protect her and keep her safe, but never tried to hold her back from the fight, was always right there beside her, knowing how strong she was, but still there if she needed him.

He was a real hero! The bomb thing was 100% Coin’s fault but he still blamed himself, just as he did for not getting more people out when 12 was bombed. And I cry cuz he knew walking into that room that she would blame him too, knew that she would would never be able to forgive him, he knew he had already lost her, and he didn’t even fight her on it, because he felt guilty for not keeping Prim safe like he promised. Even though he was not the one that put that bomb near her, not the one that put her in the middle of a war zone, but he will still carry that guilt, and the loss of Katniss, with him forever.



Live Wild - part 12 (drabble series)

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 1,765 (lol this isn’t a drabble AT ALL)

Warnings: FLUFF!!! but blood and death too

A/N: Based on this post. This is the end… I loved writing this so much, it was such a great challenge. I have an epilogue that will be uploaded before December

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12]

Originally posted by bucky-plums-barnes

You vaguely remembered a man dressed in black tactical gear asking you to keep your eyes on the ground as you and the other hostages walked towards the exit. The white linoleum was covered in blood and you decided that it was safer to focus on your feet.

A gust of cold wind slapped you in the face as soon as you stepped outside. Bright lights blinded you, reporters shouted over the already loud police officers. You couldn’t focus on anything, you just stood there in the biting cold.

Suddenly, you felt an arm around your shoulders. Sam hugged you and Natasha tightly, wrapping his golden survival blanket around the both of you.

It felt so good to be in someone’s arms, you started crying uncontrollably. It had been a really long night and you couldn’t believe that it was finally over.

“They want to take our statements as soon as possible.” Sam pulled away to look at the pair of you. “I’m so glad you’re both okay.”

You wiped the tears away from your eyes, giving him a small smile. “Likewise, Sammy.”

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A Fantastic Adventure - Mare/Cal AU Part 1

 prepare tissues.

I’m surrounded on all sides, and I know there is no way out of this, not without a miracle. I can see Cal in the distance, his flame lighting up the darkness, but he can’t see me. wind weavers push the air around, shoving me back and forth so I can’t concentrate on striking them down with a blast of electricity. I can barely manage to stand.

The soldiers from Montfort and even our own from the Guard don’t bother to worry about me, trusting that the ‘Little Lightning Girl’ can fight her way out of any situation. They’re too focused on their own survival, believing that if they can handle themselves, so can I. After all, I survived the bowl of bones, right? But back then I had Cal, and now he’s so far away I doubt he’d hear me scream. I’d give anything to have Cameron by my side to silence the Lakelanders, but I sent her away with the healers.

The dark clouds light up as Ella calls down blasts of lightning. If only I could do that too. Part of me wonders if the silvers from the Rift are even coming. If they do show up, would I already be dead? Most likely.

I muster up the strength to create a ball of lightning, aiming it for the nearest windweaver. I’m powerless against the nymphs, knowing that if my electricity touches the water that is quickly rising up around me, I’ll be fried. I do my best to fire as many bolts as I can before I am drowned by the nymphs.

More Lakelanders seem to gather around the crowd I’ve attracted, all hoping to kill the infamous red girl. Water is forced down my throat and into my lungs while strongarms crush my hands and begin to pull on me like a doll. It takes all the strength I have to not scream. “Don’t you have someone better to waste your time on?” I force out, my teeth clenched in pain. This seems to only cause more laughter.

The group surrounding me presses in closer so that there are no more gaps to see through. Before they can do that though, I glimpse Cal one last time. By now the nymphs have me surrounded in water and I begin to choke, my eyes burning. I try to move out of this wet prison but the strongarms hold me in place as my feet begin to lift up off the ground. I can barely make out that some excess water has pooled around all of the Lakelanders feet. I would smirk if I wasn’t so tired.

I know what I must do.

Mustering up all of the strength I have left, I charge my whole body, creating as much electricity as I can before I pass out. And I let it out.

The water goes everywhere, dropping me to the wet ground. I can’t help the blood-curdling scream that escapes me, but I think it’s all I have left. My mind is beginning to shut down, and as the seconds tick by I feel fainter and fainter. The bodies of the dead silvers surround me, the smell of burnt flesh permeating the air. My mind fogs and the stars seem to shine even brighter, their light reaching out to each other, calling to me.

This is it.

“-re! Mare!” A voice screams before a new body collapses beside me, filling me with warmth.

“Cal…” I whisper, trying to reach out to him. Does he have tears in his eyes? I think so, but I’m not certain.

“Oh, Mare…this is all my fault, I should have been with you,” Cal says as he lights a ring of fire around us, high enough to keep everyone out. It seems so strong that it could even hold it’s own against the forces of a nymph. Now I can see he’s trying not to sob.

He grabs my hand and I can faintly recognize the tingle of electricity. I must have shocked him with the leftover energy. Cal seems to take it as a sign that I’m regaining my strength, but I don’t want to fill him with false hope.

“Sorry ‘bout…that,” I say slowly, each word using up whatever is left in my empty resolves. It’s like when you’ve used up your energy rations, but if you hit the machine hard enough you might get a minute or two more before it really sputters out and dies.

“Don’t apologize,” Cal mutters, giving my hand a squeeze. It brings a smile to my face, if only for a moment. “That’s my girl,” he says softly and I’m reminded of the time on the jet, and I can see in his eyes that Cal remembers too. Cal seems to know now that I’m not going to make it. There wouldn’t be time to find someone who can jump me to Sara and the others, like Shade used to.

Shade. I’m going to see him soon.

The thought fills me with happiness.

“C-Cal…” I begin, “I..l-love y-”


I’m standing now, and I can feel the electricity in my veins again, stronger than ever. The field is empty now, all signs of battle cleared away. Something compels me to turn around, and when I do, my heart nearly leaps into my throat.

Shade stands there, his hand outstretched and a mischievous glint in his eyes. He gestures for me to grab his hand with a nod of his head, not speaking a word. Cautiously, I move forward and when I feel his hand beneath mine the world around us twists into darkness.

I don’t know where we’re going, but I know it’s going to be fantastic.

 I have a possible way of continuing this if anyone wants. Just let me know! It may or may not have a way that characters that died aren’t really dead

The Library

Bruce steepled his fingers pensively, watching Jason from inside his warm study. Last night had seen a record snowfall in Gotham, making patrol difficult for Bruce, but even he had to admit that it made Wayne Manor look very festive, especially with Christmas coming up. 

The boy had his hands shoved deep into his pockets, his nose tucked into the thick, red scarf that Alfred had insisted he wear on his wintery walk. 

Lest you catch the cold, Master Jason.

The butler had apprehended him sneaking off after dinner with only a light jacket, which had greatly upset the former and caused him to fuss over the boy for a good few minutes, finally managing to pull an warmer jacket over his shoulders and wrap the scarf around his neck before Jason had stormed out muttering about how he wasn’t a baby, and could look after himself

As he trudged slowly back up to the manor, he kicked at the powdery snow distractedly, glaring up at the place he was now meant to call home. The door slammed behind him, causing icicles to fall from their roosts and shatter on the front porch, breaking the still quiet in defiance.

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callmebliss replied to your post “whitecoltproductions replied to your photo “eternityinalake:” …”

@otatma @ballsballsbowls Fight Club Georg, who punched out 10000 fellow gay porn stars last year, is an outlier and should not have been counted. And after the high sticking incident he probably should have been fucking fired.

You guys are the best

I was going to make a joke about the NHL Player Association and their “commitment to player safety” but I am unclear if we are referring to hockey players or Actual Porn Stars

And if you think the Player Safety Committee does absolutely nothing to protect hockey players, the gay porn stars don’t even pay their bills.  

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But bringing Sebastian's character full circle now is basically out the window. No more Clary glimpsing the green eyed Johnathan that should have been, no more Jace/Johnathan parallel, no more showing that he was one of Valentine's greatest victim (while not absolving him) Now he's stuck between wearing Sebastian forever, or being demon guy

that’s not necessarily true, though. it doesn’t matter if he’s stuck with sebastian verlac’s appearance if they bring in the plot of book five (which if i’m not wrong they might not do because i’ve heard they only have the rights for book 1-4, though don’t take my word for it)

let’s say they have the rights for all six books, they can still do book 5 plot and clary can still see a glimpse of who he should have been. maybe by stabbing him with the heavenly fire he goes back to his real appearance, as jonathan. 

as of his storyline with valentine, we don’t know anything of his childhood yet, and it could very well be that they completely changed his storyline or maybe they just altered it a little. but it’s unnecessary to get mad over something that hasn’t happened yet. have some patience before judging what the writers have done, please. 

we already know things won’t be as in the books and if i’m not wrong i remember seeing somewhere that sebastian’s storyline was going to be altered a little (could have to do with the fact that they only have the rights for books 1-4 and can’t do the plots of 5 and 6), but just because they change something doesn’t mean it’s bad. it’s just different.  

BTS Wings Theory

Ok, I don’t ever post theories so maybe this is kinda wrong. I don’t know. But I had a random thought, and I wanna put it out there. What if Wings takes place before HYYH? Hear me out on this. It seemed strange to me that after a music video like Young Forever that something like Blood, Sweat, and Tears would come out. It just seemed to me like Young Forever was an ending, like what you see in a movie when the hero beats the bad guy and goes off into the sunset. It seemed final, a good ending.
Blood, Sweat, and Tears is different. If this does connect to HYYH like shown in the short films, why would they turn out like this? After escaping the pain of the last MV’s in Young Forever, they’re just gonna throw themselves back into pain and evil??? It doesn’t make sense.
But what if the MV’s had a different order. I don’t know if this is right, but here is what I think the real order is.
1. Fire
This MV starts out with Suga shaking hands with a man in black. What if this man represents evil and temptation entering in? You see multiple times in the MV different characters playing with fire. Maybe that fire represents the evil they have been introduced to by the man in black. In essence, they’re “playing with fire”.
2. Blood, Sweat, and Tears
This MV takes place after fire. They have now fully immersed themselves in the evil that they were playing with in Fire. They are crazy; depictions of alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, violence, lust for power shown through the characters. The evil has taken them over. In the background you see depictions of Icarus. Then you see V with 2 scars where wings should have been. Maybe this represents Icarus? He was playing with fire, temptation/evil, and his wings melted off leading to his downfall. The same happens to everyone else. Jin then kisses the statue, and I think that represents him accepting the things he has done. This pulls him out of the temptation’s hold, and allows him to mature.
3. Save Me
Everyone went too far into evil/temptation. They lose control of their lives, actions, everything. They come to this realization, and they can no longer save themselves. They need to be rescued, or they’re gonna fall, and when they do, like Icarus, it will be their end.
4, 5, 6. I Need You, Prologue, Run
I’m doing these together, because it kinda is the same thing. This shows the boys hit rock bottom. Thoughts of suicide, addiction, fighting, their friendship falling apart, and V murdering his father. I believe at this point Jin has already escaped the evil. That’s why he isn’t directly involved in the actions of the others in the music videos. He is alone because he isn’t in the darkness anymore, but rather watching the others. You see everyone struggling to break free, especially Jungkook and V. Jungkook is seen trying to stop Suga, trying to knock the sense back into him. He knows this isn’t right. They need to stop. In the end of the MV, Jungkook looks back and I think that represents him coming to terms with his evil, like Jin’s kiss did, and frees him from the temptation. V jumps into the water to escape his evil, and struggles for the all of Run. In the end, though, he looks back at the camera. I believe that is when he accepts his evil as well. Afterwards, he resurfaces from the water. He, too, has escaped temptation. The rest are still running from it.
7. Young Forever: Epilogue
I found it strange that they would continue a series after this is clearly called the “Epilogue”. I believe this is the end of Wings and HYYH. This is where everyone finally comes to terms with the evil and temptation they faced. On the fence, you see the tattered remains of the paper that once spelt “Youth”. They continue to walk on. They have accepted what they did, the evil, the things that drove them apart. One by one they begin to escape the maze they created fron the evil and temptation, reflecting on the things that had happened to them. They have moved on, and are ready to leave this twisted maze behind. Finally V makes it out, and they are free. They faced the temptations that came with Youth, the mistakes they made, they came through it, and in the end matured through it. At the end, they all reconcile with each other, walking and running together into the sunset just as they did before.
I think this is what wings is about. A Youtuber named Josh Binder was sent a link to an interview with BTS that said that wings was explained like this. “It is the story of people facing with temptation, and how they deal with it.” I will try to find a link to this myself. This is the story of the temptations they face, how they deal with it, and how they ultimately mature from it. I don’t know if this theory is right. Heck, this is the first theory I’ve made so who knows if it even makes sense! :D I hope you all like it though. I know it was pretty long… Well if you all have questions, comment, or anything feel free to message me!!!


“Have the courage to exist.”

Happy Birthday to the cutest, funniest meme alive. 24 years, does that scare you? I remember you tweeting about ‘wanting to be young and pretty forever’ when you turned 19. Oh how time flies.

Look how far he’s come? From a dorky Emo to a world famous internet star. Remember when he got fired for attending Redding Festival when he should have been at work? Well, now he’s holding it.

Dan you’re truly an Inspiration to millions of people across the globe and I hope that you continue to do what you love. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do.

Happy Birthday to the meme,
Love from Australia. ^_^


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Short story or 10 min fic (which ever is easier for you): Altair asking Malik for advice before doing a thing but doing the thing anyway without waiting for Malik's reply

The trouble with humans that were turned into angels was that regardless of how many times you told them not to do stupid things, they always seemed to find a way to do the stupid thing.  Malik had grown old (that was a lie, he was perpetually youthful) telling dumbasses that even though they had wings (largely ornamental) and could not die (regardless of their stupidity) that it still wasn’t a good idea to go off try.

Then there was Altair who was the most troublesome of the humans-turned-angels that liked to climb as high as he could manage.  He was fond of smirking at Malik (who was in charge of training him) with that singularly human glint in his eye that meant something smugly sexual (that Malik had yet to completely figure out).  

They were standing on top of world’s tallest motel (in Dubai) as Altair peered over the edge of the roof with the new feathers on his wings fluttering in the wind.  ”Hey,” he said to Malik.  ”If I jump off this will I die?”

Malik was crouching with his hand on the edge of the roof watching the person they were assigned to watch (a job too boring for Altair who felt he’d been wrongly assigned to be a guardian when he should have been given a fire sword).  He was going to (blandly) explain to Altair that jumping from this height would most certainly end in his body being mostly liquified upon impact with the ground since his wings were not large or strong enough to carry his weight.  He might have gone on to say that some angels successfully learned to ‘coast’ on a good wind to give a little dramatic flair to their lives but that they were not (in fact) capable of flight.

Altair jumped before Malik had the chance.  His yelp of joy was a slowly descending sound.  Malik sighed, teleported himself to the ground (approximately where Altair would become angel pudding) and waited for the inevitable.

And when Altair’s insides were mostly on the outside, Malik sighed again and reached down to speed along the process of reconstituting the liquid mess.  Altair sat on his ass with his eyes closed and both palms pressed against his face.  ”Shorter building next time,” he said to himself.

Malik said, “perhaps for you, a footstool would be a good place to start.”  Then he pulled Altair to his feet. 

NMTD Fic: Kill Claudio

A thousand thanks to chexandkabe for being awesome and reading over this for me.

There’s like a 97% chance this is getting canonballed this week, but I’m not gonna not write this scene if it starts bugging me. So. Kill Claudio. NMTD style.

There was more to the video than they posted.

He’d held her gaze in the most pregnant pause of his life for another few seconds before she’d turned sharply away and he’d let out a breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding. Unsure what to do next, he’d drummed his fingers awkwardly on his knees for a few seconds, then stood to turn off the camera.

That was when he saw the tears.

Beatrice was crying silently, tear after tear slipping down her smooth cheeks. Immediately, he abandoned his path toward the camera and returned to the bed, not even hesitating before reaching out and pulling her against him. The most amazing thing about the moment was not that it didn’t feel weird (though that was pretty amazing), but that she didn’t stop him. He knew it was likely more an indication of her exhaustion than anything else, but he didn’t care. She was crying against his shoulder. She was letting him put his arm around her. The whole situation that had gotten them here was unbelievably fucked up, but this one tiny part of it? Was actually pretty okay.

It broke his heart that she was too exhausted to even sob. Or — maybe this was always how Bea cried? It’s not like he’d know. It’s not like anyone would know, except maybe Hero. The fact that she was crying now, in front of him, spoke to the magnitude of the situation, even if the way she was crying didn’t.

He could feel her shoulders shaking, feel her breath shuddering in and out, and he had to do something, something to try and comfort her beyond just being a literal shoulder to cry on.

“Shhh,” he said, low and soft, rubbing her arm gently. “Shhh, Bea. Don’t cry, okay? We’ll figure this out. But I hate to see you cry.”

The laugh she doled out was harsh and bitter. “I’m not doing it for you,” she snapped, but he recognized this for what it was.

“Tell me what I can do.”

She laughed again, less harsh but more bitter, and said, “Nothing,” in disgust. “There’s nothing you can do. I don’t know why you’re even still here.”

He was silent for a moment, then asked, “Does it help to snap at me?”

There was a long, heavy pause, then, “Yes.” Her voice was very small, and he thought he heard new tears in it.

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I'm like so confused right now! Can you please catch me up on what is going on with Taylor Swift?

Some guy two years ago sexually assaulted Taylor by pulling up her skirt and grabbing her butt at a Pepsi event/ Meet & Greet thing, There were witnesses who saw it and Taylor reported it and the guys Radio Station decided to fire him for the act of sexual harassment and NOW two years later HE is suing HER for being fired from his job and let’s all take a second to recognize the fact that Taylor did not publicly speak about this and no one knew about it but this pig is suing her for his disgusting acts against her how fucked up it that and it gets even worse because people think it’s okay to make jokes about it??? How is it ever okay to make jokes about someone being sexually harassed, all people seem to see is “Taylor Swift” and the word “Lawsuit” next to it. Society already makes it hard for any woman to speak up for themselves against their offenders but this entire situation just disgusts me. He should have never touched Taylor inappropriately and then he wouldn’t have been fired from his job. Why did this asshole even wait two years to file his lawsuit if Taylor “lied” like he’s claiming. Makes him more of a pig in my eyes. It was wrong and Taylor shouldn’t have to put up with all this jokes because of it.

Your Body Is a Weapon [08/?]

[ Junkrat joins the team. Symmetra absolutely hates him. Eventual Symmrat/Junkmetra. Series of connected vignettes and drabbles that will outline the development of an odd relationship. ]

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Satya’s nighttime wanderings lead her to the makeshift infirmary.

After returning from the mission, Mercy made it quite clear that Junkrat was to stay overnight for monitoring. A bullet or two had to be extracted after all, and even after the expert mending her staff provided, she had insisted that rest would be the best medicine. He’d attempted to protest, but all went by unheeded.

“Your abdominal wall was recently torn, Junkrat,” she’d intoned, pushing him back into the infirmary’s bed with a firm hand. “Recovery may seem instant, but it’s not. Sleep.”

And so he sleeps.

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Some Stuff for #GamerGate to Think About

How do you reason or bargain with a group that is comprised of a great number of people, some who’d hate each other, many who harass, and many others who don’t harass and insist they oppose harassment?

How do you satisfy the wants when some of those wants are contradictory with the wants of others in the group? Or even when not outright contradictory still completely different from one another?

Many in GamerGate insist they want changes in policy to be more transparent and address their ethics concerns. Kotaku obliged fairly early on. As far as I can tell that hasn’t stopped any of them from keeping Kotaku on the boycott lists.

So then, in addition to changes in policy did you expect Nathan Grayson to be fired? For what? Giving Quinn “positive press” while they were in a relationship? But the only article about Quinn that he posted at Kotaku during that time was about GameJam, and it wasn’t positive press for her as much as it was a recounting of what happened with GameJam and how it all fell apart.

Zoe was a player involved in that story, of course he mentioned her, and I’ve yet to see any argument that his coverage of that story was any more generous to her than many other sites covering it.

Oh, so should he then have been fired at Kotaku for the “positive press” her gave her elsewhere, which amounted to including Depression Quest in a list alongside forty-nine other games? I hardly think that an issue, but even if you do that one article is a very small sin to end someone’s career over, isn’t it? To continue boycotting a site that has acquiesced to some of your requests because they won’t fire him for so small a sin seems… well… really silly.

But maybe there is some as yet unknown to me sin Kotaku committed far worse than not firing a guy over one article he wrote for another site. My ask box is, as always, open.

But what about Gamasutra? If GamerGate is about ethics, as many claim it is, Gamasutra hasn’t violated ethics. They’re being targeted primarily for an article written by Leigh, which GamerGate feels was attacking her audience. Except her audience wasn’t gamers; it was developers. Even were her audience gamers, in what way would that article constitute an ethics violation?

Furthermore, the site primarily serves an audience of developers, in fact, it’s probably the biggest site I’m aware of to focus on that. Harming Gamasutra doesn’t really do anyone good. In fact, I can’t see it as anything but an aggressive show of force. An attempt to say, “This is what happens if you don’t appreciate gamers,” or some such similar sentiment.

Is not such a show of force bullying? Again, my ask box is open.

What about Jenn Frank? She was accused of an ethics violation for not including a note about her “conflict of interests”. Except she did, and the publisher removed it, and when she saw the publisher removed it, she made clear the “conflict of interests” herself. Even if she hadn’t, the fault would lie not with her but the publisher of her post. Yet many GamerGate participants hounded her for failing to disclose.

Don’t you think GamerGate owes Jenn Frank a massive apology for wrongfully targeting her?

Another thing I have to mention. A great many GamerGaters now insist that they’re acting in opposition to “SJW”. You GamerGaters who still insist your movement is about ethics, do you agree with that assessment? Because the fact of the matter is, opposition to “SJW” and supporting ethics don’t mesh very well.

The man who runs 4chan gets labeled a “SJW” for having threads about GamerGate deleted off of /v/. (Those threads being deleted is pretty fair because /v/ is supposed to be about video games and the GamerGate movement could be considered a distraction from conversations about games themselves. Even if you don’t think it is, it’s a reasonable judgment call to make. I have a friend who goes to /v/, and he says that now that GamerGate is gone from there they’re actually able to talk about games again. I think that says a lot.)

I have friends who’ve been labeled “SJW” for asking others to use the correct pronouns for trans people. Still others get called “SJW” for not liking bigoted language casually tossed around. Even if you personally view “SJW” as only a term for “extremist” social justice types, you can’t really deny that many others apply the label to people much more liberally.

My point being that almost anyone can be labeled an “SJW” in someone’s eyes, and as such those who have that label applied to them encompasses a wide variety of people. Some of them are ethical, some are not, some have ideologies that are ethical, some do not. “Fighting SJW” and “supporting ethics” can’t mesh as movement goals because they’ll never overlap. If you support ethics, you’ll inevitably be forced to support someone who’s been labeled an “SJW”. If you oppose “SJW” you will inevitably have to oppose someone ethical.

Let us assume an “Ideal GamerGater”, and we shall name him Gatsby. Gatsby does not harass, and in fact opposes and reports harassment wherever he sees it. Gatsy only cares about ethics and fixing the ethical problems he sees in games journalism. Gatsby doesn’t advocate driving advertisers from Gamasutra even if he felt insulted by Leigh’s article, because he recognizes that’s a separate discussion from ethics and would only serve as a needless distraction from ethics. Etc Etc Etc

Does Gatsby represent GamerGate? Yes he is a member of GamerGate and thus represents hypothetical gaters that could exist throughout the movement. However, he doesn't represent the movement, because the movement has decided against that kind of structure.

What does this mean? Well, it means that even tho Nega Gatsby, the super racist misogynist troll who harasses women and eats goat kids, does not represent the movement, he is a member of GamerGate and thus represents hypothetical gaters that could exist throughout the movement.

Nega Gatsby is just as representative of the movement as Gatsby is, and Gatsby is no more representative of the movement than Nega Gatsby is.

Interpretations of GamerGate that focus on Nega Gatsby’s are just as valid as interpretations of GamerGate that focus on Gatsby’s. In fact, there’s a large variety of gaters outside this constructed binary and some of the ones in the middle do good things but defend shitty things and some do shitty things while arguing some good things.

Barring some sort of hard evidence that Gatsby’s make up the movement more than Nega Gatsby’s, people are going to reasonably judge the movement based on its most visible elements. Unfortunately for the Gatsby’s, Nega Gatsby and crew are far more visible parts of GamerGate right now.

It certainly doesn’t help things that the most visible individuals include people like Adam Baldwin, CH Sommers, and Milo, all of them rather far from being Gatsby’s, even if you don’t think they’re Nega Gatsby’s.

GamerGate. If you want to change your image, there are two very important things I think you should work on.

1. Making your Gatsby’s much more visible than the rest however you can, and this will by necessity mean calling out the popular members who are shitty, rather than defending them just cuz they’ve allied themselves with you.

2. You need to get clear on your message. While most will claim ethics, after that point there’s a LOT of variation and it’s undermining you a lot. Doing this will also make it a lot easier for groups to deal with you, as in, discuss stuff with members and get stuff to make you happy figured out.

Just some stuff to think about.