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Apostasia meeting finally Goddess Ishmael after so many years of being ignored. Thank you :*


That whisper-soft voice…. washing into Ain’s mind like snowmelt, clarity through the pain and darkness…. He knew that voice.

He stumbled backwards, not knowing which direction to back away from, fighting not to drop to his knees.  His creator’s presence suddenly surrounded him.  Was she disappointed in what he’d become?  Was she sad he’d abandoned her?

Why should he care?  She abandoned him first!

“Go away,” he shouted at the sky.  “You… You left me!  I called for you, I wanted your guidance, and you left me!”

Ain…”  Ishmael’s voice held sadness, longing.  “Ain, I tried to contact you, but you wouldn’t listen…”

Lies,” Ain spat.  “You never tried.  I would have… I would have noticed…”

His skin burned like cold ice.  Ain shivered, then tore at his shirt, staring as the marks of Henir began to recede.

Ain,” Ishmael again whispered, infinite tenderness in her voice.  “You may turn your back on me… but I will not abandon you a second time.”

Ain’s knees gave out.  He fell to the ground, panting as the cold burn of Ishmael’s power wiped him clean of the void’s corruption, and curled into a ball.

Hamilton characters as things my friends have said
  • Alexander: -about a broken oven- i will be your oven...and roAST YOU
  • Burr: maybe I should tell him my backstory and he'll go away right away
  • Mulligan: i was a pervy child i think...i don't remember
  • Lafayette: -screeches in a foreign language-
  • Laurens: -after learning a corgi's butt floats- rain drop drop top his booty go bop bop
  • Washington: yes, while i may have gotten all i needed to get done, i am dead inside
  • Peggy: i have the courage of a chicken nugget
  • Angelica: i like my boys how i like my liz; stoic and ready to start a revolution
  • Eliza: i just want to make lots of money so we can gift each other things
  • Jefferson: so yeah, unless you're married or own an aerosmith tee strAIGHT FROM THE SEVENTIES...get out
  • Madison: i accidentally listened to its quiet uptown and ruined my life
  • King George: I do not like the 4th

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Everybody loves Jealous Viktor, me? I love jealous Yuuri. Prompt in BYSOTI(D) verse, when Yuuri actually told Viktor that he saw a pic of Chris and him kissing.

Yuuri knew that he wasn’t supposed to be on the skating forums.  Yuuko and Alexei and Riku and his sister had all made that very clear to him many times.  Now that he was a certified Junior skater for Japan through the JSF the skating forums should have been a no go.

So he steered away from the part of the site that was dedicated to Japanese skaters and clicked instead on the subgroup for Foreign skaters.

Honestly, the thread on Viktor was where he spent all his time anyway, and it wasn’t like anyone on the site needed to know that he skated.  He lurked for the most part, and only really left comments once in a while.  Posting on forums just left him uncomfortable.  It was almost like skating, but different.

All right, it’s really important that we all band together to support Viktor!  He’s still recovering from his injury and a 4th place finish really isn’t all that bad!  Just because he hasn’t finished off the podium in a while, doesn’t mean that it’s the end!

Pretty sure that no one was insinuating that it was career over.  Just that maybe he was pushing his recovery a bit.  He could have waited until next season to come back.

Don’t worry about it, niki’s_girl always over exaggerates when it comes to Viktor.  Makes ice_castle_madonna seem almost calm and collected when she gets going about Viktor’s programs

You know, I don’t see her much around this board anymore.  Why is that?

She’s spending most of her time over on the Katsuki Yuuri boards.  Apparently, according to those that know, they’re from the same town, so she knows him.

Shame.  I always liked her commentary.  I mean, she was an unabashed fangirl for Viktor, but her analysis was on point.

Just saying that I am still an unabashed fangirl for Viktor.  ≧◠◡◠≦
Also, I’ve been working on my analysis.  I usually write notes when I watch, but I got to watch with an ACTUAL CERTIFIED JSF JUNIOR SKATER and didn’t take them.  So I’ve been pouring over captures I’ve done.

See, that sort of emphasis used to be reserved for just Viktor. 。:゚゚(´∀`)・。


I’ll get things back on track.  Things that happen in hotel lobbies aren’t off limits, right?

Yes, it’s not against the site rules even if it skating related.  Are you going to try and make niki’s_girl upset?

She’s the only fun one to tease since vicchan_skates never shows up anymore.  His debates with ice_castle_madonna were always hilarious.  I swear they had to know each other.

Just came through on TMZ.  Apparently, Viktor has found some comfort from his off podium finish with a Swiss skater.
[image Chris and Viktor in hotel lobby kissing]
And some R Kelly lyrics for those who will appreciate it:

Then after the show, it’s the after party
And after the party, it’s the hotel lobby
Yeah, around about four you gotta clear the lobby
Then take it to ya room and freak somebody

(ノ`⌒´)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・


(ノ`⌒´)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・

Yuuri closed the tab on his laptop.  The picture had been posted maybe twenty to thirty minutes ago… which meant that Viktor was probably still with Christophe.

He bit his lip and shook his head.  He needed to pack an overnight bag.  He was going to watch his friend swim in a meet.  He didn’t need to be thinking about Viktor and Christophe doing whatever.

Honestly, Viktor would probably try and tell him about it again.  Yuuri pinched the bridge of his nose.  He could actually imagine the DM:  Yuuuuuuuuri! I got caught!  Did you see the picture?  It was a good thing they couldn’t see into the room. (-o⌒)

Then: Yuuuuuuuuri!  Why aren’t you responding!  Aren’t you curious?  Just a little?

And what would be the last straw:  If you don’t say anything, I’ll tell you anyway!

At which point, Yuuri usually started to respond that he didn’t want to know details.  Because he didn’t.  He never had.  He didn’t want to know who Viktor was kissing.  Or why Viktor was kissing them.  Or anything else for that matter.

He’d rather his life be free from mentions of Viktor doing anything with anyone.  (Romantically anyway.  Yuuri always enjoyed Katya’s stories of Viktor being antagonized by Mila.)

It was easier that way.  He could appreciate the friendship he had with Viktor even more without the reminders that Viktor was not completely straight.  Really, Yuuri doubted that he was even half straight.  His relationship with Elodie notwithstanding.  He’d actually watched Viktor on that phone call when he discovered that he had a girlfriend.  (They’d been playing a video game.)  Couldn’t understand it since it was in French, but Yuuri was entirely sure that he wasn’t as nearly serious about Elodie as she was about him.  

Which he had proven spectacularly.

And that was the thing.  Viktor was not serious.  It was all fun and games.  And maybe that was the way it should be.  Viktor was young.  Christophe was young.  And well, Yuuri was probably just a little kid to them.  He was only sixteen.

Yuuri clenched his jaw.  Fun and games.  He picked up his phone and sent a message.  He’d reply when Viktor actually got around to reading it.  And with the way Christophe looked to be dominating Viktor in that picture, it could be a while.

He was surprised when his notification went off just a minute later.

Sassy has a car today, so Sassy is taking the demon goat out shopping.  :D  Have fun. ;)

Pain and Pleasure

“Sam, you shouldn’t go out looking for him,” Cas says as Sam pulls on his jacket.

“Why not, Cas,” he replies as he fixes his coat and grab car keys.

“He might be dangerous,” Cas turns and watch Sam leave. He silently watches as he climbs up the stairs in defeat. He heard the door shut and he sighs as he runs a hand over his face. When he turns back Dean is leaning against the table with one hand.

“You don’t really mean that. Do you, Cas?” He asks and pulls out his bottom lip into a pout.

“I should go get Sam,” Cas says as he steps away, but Dean grabs him by the wrist and pulls him in close to him.

“C'mon, Cas. I’m here to see you,” he says. As they stand close Car can smell the alcohol in his breath.

“You’re drunk,” Cas says yanking his wrist from him.

“You’ve seen me drink many times. I’m not that bad,” Dean says wagging his finger at Cas.

“What do you want Dean?” Dean steps forward, grabs him by the hips, and kisses him. Cas doesn’t respond at first, uncertain of what to do. When he finds it pleasurable he slowly closes his eyes and puts his hand on each side of his face. He starts kissing back until Dean bites on his lip and he pushes him away.

“This isn’t you, Dean,” Cas says keeping his hand in his chest.

“No, this is me. I’m just not afraid to speak my mind anymore,” he pushes forward a little.

“You can’t feel anything anymore.”

“We both know that’s not true. ‘Cause you’re angel and you’re able to feel,” Dean smiles. “You love me,” Dean pokes Cas’ chest and hold it there.

“What?” Cas let’s his hand fall to his side.

“You love me, I’m fact you want me right here, right now,” Dean says as he pulls himself closer by Cas’ hips. They stare at each other for a moment.

“Dean,” Cas mumbles before they are kissing again. Dean pushes him to the wall and kisses him harder.

“Bedroom,” Dean says as he grabs Cas’ hand and drags him to his room. As soon as they get in the room Dean pushing Cas down on the bed. He starts stripping and then strips Cas of his clothes.

“God, you are something under that trench coat,” Dean says as he lays on his side next to Cas. He starts kissing him and let’s his hand run down Cas’ chest on to his bulge in his boxers.

“Dean,” Cas groans with the slightest touch of his hand.

“Say it.”

“I need you to engage in intercourse with me,” he says desperately as he looks at Dean. For a moment he thinks that he sees the actual Dean in his eyes, but just as quickly as he came he went away. Dean peels his eyes away to look at Cas’s body and lick his lip a little.

“Anything you say, baby,” Dean says as he attacks Cas’ lips again.

He brings his leg over to straddle Cas as he leans down to deepen the kiss further. His right hand is on the mattress holding himself up and the other is on the side of Cas’ face, holding it like he will break. Cas runs his hands up and down dean’s chest, slowly feeling every inch of his skin.

“I’m going to need you to tell me if you’re hurt,” Dean says as he sits back up and grabs lube and a condom from his favorite drawer on the nightstand. Cas nods as he helps Dean pull down each of their boxers. Cas’ hard brushes against Dean’s hip causing him to start slowly grinding in need of friction. “Don’t worry, we’ll get started soon.” Cas bends his legs on each side of Dean as he applies cherry flavored lube on his fingers. “Alright,” he mumbles as he runs his other hand down Cas’ body until it lands on his thigh.

He puts one finger in and Cas squirms uncomfortably as he furrows his eyebrows creating creases in his forehead. Dean leans forward and kisses them before pushing in another finger which causes his body to jolt forward a little bit with a whimper.

“Just relax,” Dean says as he holds still for Cas to adjust.

When he does Dean slowly moved his fingers and Cas pulls his knees up a little towards his chest. When he pushed in another finger it makes Cas groan his name slowly. When he is fully stretched out Dean slides on the condom and applies more lube.

“Are you ready, Baby,” he says with his hand on Cas’ face and the other lining himself up. Cas nods a little with his eyebrows upward and his lips slightly parted. Dean slowly pushes himself forward into Cas.

“Dean,” Cas yells as he wraps his legs around him. Dean kisses him and he slowly starts moving. He slowly thrusts into Cas as he breathes heavily and sighs out Dean’s name. Cas wraps his arms around Dean and he feels every muscle of Dean’s back move.

“Oh, yes. You’re doing so well, baby,” Dean praises into Cas’ ear as he kisses his neck.

He starts sucking on his earlobe and gets a loud response from him. Dean thrusts into him, slow, long, and hard. Every thrusts moves the bed a little as Cas grips tight on the bed sheets. The room is filled with the bed creaking, Cas’ soft groans chanting Dean’s name, and Dean’s soft sighs and praises for Cas.

“DeAN, OH. Right there, Dean, right there,” Cas says desperately in Dean’s ear and he pauses. He adjusts himself and thrusts into that spot as Cas gets louder and louder until he is practically screaming.

Dean is loving every moment of it. From Cas screaming in his ear to him scratching his back.

Cas wants more from Dean even though he knows it’s not possible. He feels Dean filling him up and touching that sensitive spot. He feels Dean’s hand on his own hard as he starts sliding his hand up and down slowly.

“Dean!” Cas yells as he starts moving his body with Dean’s. Cas leans his forehead on Dean’s neck and grunts and kisses his shoulder repeatedly.

“Goddammit, Cas,” Dean says loudly as he cums into him. He buries his face into the side of Cas neck as he rides out his orgasm. He croons into Cas’ neck as he holds on to him tightly. Cas reaches climax as his body jolts and shutters out his orgasm.

Dean pulls out of him and holds him tightly. They lay there holding on each other until Dean pulls back slightly looking at Cas’ face. He smiles and opens his mouth like he’s about to say something, but he stops. Cas looks up at him and he sees something flicker in Dean’s eyes.

“Dean,” Cas says still panting. “Don’t leave me,” he says worriedly as he protectively holds on to him tighter.

“Don’t worry, I’m here,” Dean says as he pulls Cas closer to him in a hug. They lay together skin to sweaty skin as they tangle up their legs. They close their eyes and hold each other close. After five minutes of laying there, Dean clears his throat and sits up.

“Well, I got what I wanted,” he says as he stands up.

“What?” Cas says looking at him hurt.

“I am leaving now, that’s how this works,” he says as he pulls on his clothes.

“Wait don’t go, Sam-” Cas is interrupted by Dean disappearing out of the room. Cas lays there naked and defenseless in Deans empty bed. He runs his hand over his face before standing up, pulling on his clothes and retrieving his phone.

“Cas, is he there?” Sam picks up after a couple rings.

“He was here, but he….. he was drunk and wasn’t making much sense,” Cas sighs as his eyes shifts to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Sam says confused.

“I’m fine.”

“Do you have any clue where he went?” Sam says.


“Okay, I’ll keep looking. Tell me if he comes back,” Sam hangs up. Cas slowly turns off the phone sits it on the table. He sits back down on the bed and he stares at the floor feeling more used and underappreciated than he’d ever felt.

So I’m at that scene in book 2 when Neil is going off on Andrew at Exites for not caring about himself or wanting to save himself, you know, right before The Moment of Intense UST? Anyway that triggered the memory of Andrew’s ‘this could be a problem’ moment from Nora’s extra content so I went to look for it and this is what it says: “The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.” And so I had my normal reaction to it (nioce, nioce) until I realized something. I’ve assumed this whole time she meant this at the start of Kings Men but it says 'THE FIRST TIME Andrew saw Neil without his medication…’ The FIRST time. Do you guys know when that was? Chapter 2. Of The Foxhole Court. Book 1. I want you to imagine Andrew Minyard waiting in that airport for Neil and seeing him for only the SECOND TIME and thinking 'this could be a problem’ Just think about the level of frustration he felt being attracted to this mysterious guy while also being incredibly suspicious of him. P L E A S E THINK ABOUT HOW NEIL WAS INTERESTING TO HIM WHEN ON THE MEDICATION AS WELL. So what I’m saying is, Andrew wanted Neil wether on the drugs or not, he found him endlessly frustrating and incredibly stupid and he liked him oh so very much and he really hated that. He never stood a chance.

  1. went to 2 grocery shops (looking like death itself and ofc ran into class mates) 
  2. cooked
  3. ate a warm meal
  4. finished the crying email to my neurologist 
  5. i feel a little better knowing that like half of my study group submitted their essays late (even tho mine still isnt even started) 
  6. it’s going to be alright 

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I just saw your post about the characters fading away and I'm glad I'm not the only one who though Lumiere just had to extra when he was fading away. It honestly made me laugh when I first saw it.

I always thought that made it a hell of a lot sadder because it’s initially something that would make me smile.   Lumière is a man of character and charisma…and just a natural showman, so the flourishes were a part of him attempting to make the castle as bright and welcoming as he could.  He just has this ability to light up a room the moment he enters it–no pun intended.  

Plus, out of all the servants, many people like him better than the rest of them.  My mother once called him “the most beloved animated inanimate object the world over.” So I feel that because of that, Disney felt like he should be the last one to go.

He witnessed everyone else fade away before him, so he had no reason to keep the thespian act up anymore, but he did it anyway, because that was just him, something recognizable and nostalgic.  So it definitely made me smile, yes…but it was also the action that cued the sobbing for me(the first time, anyway).

[That’s another film trick: put something nostalgic or happy into a sad scene to give it a new meaning.  Audiences will cry buckets if they understand it.]

5 More Minutes (Lee Soohyuk Senario)

Genre:  romance

Word count: 422

Warning:  mild sexual references

Summary: When you try to stall time in the morning.

“Shut that damn alarm,” you mumbled in your pillow before rolling right into his open arms. “Hi.” He smelled deliciously sweet, of sleep and clean bed sheets, of kisses of goodnight and dreams of rainbows. And his lips over yours… hmmm, cinnamon baked apples and total darkness lit up by a million of Christmas lights.

“Enough, enough,” Soohyuk smiled lazily from above you, but stealing yet another kiss.

“Do you really have to go?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “It’s Christmas day.”

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Alicia’s hands wander under your shirt, teasing you slowly until she strokes your bra covered breasts.
“Alicia.” You moan quietly and she smiles down to you. You undress each other until you both wear nothing than your panties. You always liked girls, but you never had the chance to gain experiences. So, she dominates you and you secretly love it.
She kisses her way down from your collarbone to your breasts until the door opens and you nearly fall out of the bed.
Alicia covers you both in a blanket while you stare at Madison, Travis and a grinning Nick.
Nobody says anything, everyone is shocked and you feel the tears in your eyes.
“Well, this wasn’t the way I expected to come out.” Alicia suddenly says and you look dumbfonded while Nick starts to laugh.
“I knew it!” He shouts and goes away, still laughing.
“Well, we should go too.” Travis says and closes the door behind him and Madison.
You sigh relieved and Alicia laughs.
“Come on. It isn’t that bad.” She kisses you and you nod, wrapping your arms around her.
Still shocked, but happy that you don’t have to hide your feelings anymore.



I have this headcannon that while Manon loves flying, she is absolutely horrendously sea sick. So while she was a prisoner/not-so-prisoner on the ship with the gang™ she would sometimes throw up her entire stomach’s contents if the waters were too rough and Dorian would be there holding her hair and rubbing her back and she would totally growl at him and snap that he should ‘go away!’ and she doesn’t need him but he would still stay even though she looked like she was ready to rip his throat off (after she was done hurling her guts up)

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Doc, CP's freaking out and amalgamating.

“He’s-?” Gaster was onto his feet in a moment, making it halfway to the door before pausing. Would going to him help? Should he perhaps get farther away and ask the anon to tell CP when it was safe to glitch? 

Taking an uncommonly short amount of time to do so, he came to a decision and went to the door, opening it and going out to find CP. It would be easier to find a way to help if he could see for himself what was going on. 

  • “joe’s a bit drunk” zoe i think that’s a bit of an understatement he’s doing calf exercises 
  • HIS BLISSFUL SMILE WHEN HE’S SAYING HOW PROUD HE IS OF ZOE FOR QUAD BIKING HE’S SO SOFT AND HAPPY ABOUT IT (drinking game: take a shot every time joe says quad bike)
  • “oh just type in joe sugg on google you’ll find it” CHEEKY LIL SHIT
  • joe rambling about his absurd thoughts while zalfie argue about socks welcome to the days of our lives: youtube fam edition
  • his impression of a quad bike im
  • “i’ve got two phones! i’m mental” i am just so happy about this look at that smile and all those crinkles around his eyes like he’s legit so confused he’s adorable oh my goodness 
  • “thing is, right, listen.. listen.. it’s the time of the year, right..” little rambly puppy 
  • have i mentioned how much i love joe and zoe’s relationship it just makes me so ridiculously happy 
  • joe talking about how he’s always a gentleman to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yESS!!! it’s his favorite thing about himself probably how well behaved and kind and incredibly sweet he is and i’m so so happy we’ve got this recorded so we have proof of him acknowledging himself for that bless you son i love you
  • the suggs’ singing  (◠﹏◠✿) (and joe closing his eyes and snapping his fingers and being so into it what an idiot)
  • joe acknowledging he’s been overworking himself and is tired and saying he’s trying to do vlogmas i want to cry?? my baby boy please rest??
  • next on days of our lives: youtube fam: the suggs have no calves
  • “joey skinny legs!!!!!!!!1″
  • OK BUT joe and zoe make each other so happy #siblinggoals
  • basically drunk!joe is my favorite thing in the entire world and my cheeks hurt from laughing rn
Night with Frog

(Open Starter for Lil Todd)

Todd waits until he is sure she is asleep. Her yelling has stopped. All he can hear is the television. But that doesn’t mean much. She could still be awake. Todd bites his lip and holds his little bag closer to him. He doesn’t want to wait any longer. He wants to go now. She had been so mad at him. She wants him to go away. So it should be okay if he leaves for the night. He can sneak back in tomorrow night. That should be long enough for her to calm down. For him to not hurt so badly. So she can’t hurt him more when she wakes up.

Feeling brave, Todd slowly opens the door. He peeks out and listens. There is something. Snoring. She is asleep! Todd tips toe out of his room and carefully moves to the living room.  He moves towards the large recliner until he can see her. His mother, passed out. He looks down to the waste basket next to her. He can just see the plushie green on top.

Todd is nearly holding his breath as he moves down to the trash can and carefully picks up what is on top. His eyes water at the sight. His frog. She ripped of one of it’s arms and legs. The head is barely on. Todd doesn’t care. He reaches dwn again and gathers the torn off limbs of his precious frog. He nearly cries out when her arm drops down. His arms quickly life to shield his face. But when he hears a rather loud snore, he knows she is still asleep. So with the remains of his dear frog in his arms as well as his little bag, Todd moves away from his sleeping ma.

Once he thinks he is far enough away, Todd turns and hops to the front door. Without looking back he opens it and runs out. He doesn’t stop until he ran the two blocks to the alley where he had been last night. Where he plans to stay tonight as well. So he moves to the dumpster and crouches down. Still hugging his damaged frog and it’s pieces, Todd digs in his little bag for a flashlight he had found under the sink. He turns it on then looks around. Yes he should be safe here tonight. Except he notices a flash of lights. Not from either side of the alley but above him. When Todd looks up, he can feel the start of the rain hit his face. “I ain’t goin back yo,” he mutters defiantly though now he is scared. The flash had been lightening right? So then that must mean…thunder. Todd scurries behind the dumpster, his flashlight bobbing as he holds both it and the bag, his other arm meant only for his frog. “We’ll be fine yo. Ma can’t find us here. We’ll be fine,” he whispers to his frog as he keeps scanning around them with his flashlight as it begins to rain steadily. Todd doesn’t realize his flashlight is what will give away his hiding spot tonight.

Just because he was king that didn’t mean he was boring, or some stuck up elite. It was pretty common for him to sneak out with a certain woman. He smiled as he sped away from the palace. “Where should we go?” he asked to the woman clinging to his back.  



You and Dean were in the kitchen making some lunch. You were sitting up on the table while he made his sandwich. Dean moved over and took your head into his hands and kissed your forehead softly. He looked deep into your eyes and smiled. He pressed his lips softly to yours, resting his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to him. He kissed you down your jaw to your neck. You closed your eyes at the feeling.
You wrapped your legs around his waist as he came back up to your lips.

Sam had stopped at the door when he seen you and Dean. He knew that he should just turn away and go back to the library but he couldn’t help but watch. He watched as your hands pulled at Deans shirt and how your legs tightened around his waist. How red and plump your lips were. Dean’s hands running up your legs. Sam felt a familiar throbbing in his pants. He knew it was time for him to leave but then you caught him. You opened your eyes when Dean started kissing your neck again. You looked down and seen the bulge in Sam’s pants and you smiled.

“Wanna join us Sammy?”

Should I keep going with this?

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**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Title: A Get away


A Getaway with Justin.

Lately the pap were giving Justin a hard time and he suggested that you go on a getaway. 

“ We should go somewhere! Somewhere away from everybody!” Justin suggested

“ Now?” 

His face lt up to and a grin appeared on his face “ Yes now!” Pack your stuff. I wanna leave soon. “

“ Okay, let’s do it!” You got up and began packing your things

Together you flew to a small town where one of Justin’s close friend lived. You didn’t tell anybody where you went except that you be gone for a week or so.  The people in the town treated you and Justin like you had always lived there.  It was good to see Justin be himself without any interference.