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how would the us and sf skelebros react to making their usually quiet/chill crush laugh so hard that they end up gigglesnorting? thank you!!

I think giggle-snorting is so awesome. It’s so satisfying to know that you’ve made someone laugh so hard that they do that, tbh.

{EDIT} Whoa, I totally missed the SF boys!! Sorry about that.


– He probably did something completely ridiculous or funny without even realizing it. So when you begin to laugh out loud, he gasps and begins to look around for the source. He must acquire whatever it is that made you laugh!!

– That may be the thing that sets you off and he whirls back to face you when the snorting begins. He realizes the source is him, and normally he would be a bit embarrassed.

– But he’s too distracted by how elated you look, so much that his eyelights shift between hearts and stars for a moment. You’re so cute, and it makes a goofy grin spread across his face.

– He lets out his own laugh and hugs you tight. He tells you how adorable he thinks you are and how you should laugh like that more often. He might tickle you to keep it going, he loves the sound so much.


– It was a botched prank. Sans had completely missed the mark, making you and Cherry come to check on the trap. Turns out you misplaced the trigger for it, and Papyrus miscalculated the trajectory, so both of you end up having buckets of honey and different things dumped on your heads.

– Well, Pap did. You luck out by just getting the honey, while Papyrus is now a feathery, honey-slathered, glitter covered skeleton. 

– He sputters and curses, trying to spit out the confetti that’s fallen into his mouth, and you burst into giggles at his struggling. The look of mock offence he gives you makes you giggle snort.

– And he’s sort of glad he’s covered in stuff now, because he’s sure that his face is completely pink at this point. His expression falls into a grin and he’s laughing at you now. Later, when you’re getting cleaned up, he realizes that this is the moment he fell in love with you.


– He’s probably ranting to you about something. And when he rants, he paces all over the damn room. He’s going on about a bad day and how this person just would not stop hassling him and how incapable he thought this other person was.

– He’s so engrossed in this rant that he doesn’t notice that he’s been walking in and out of the kitchen, up the stairs and then casually jumping over the railing this entire time. Once you start laughing at him, he looks up to snap at you and then trips on the last step of the stair, face planting into the floor.

– Now he’s pissy and embarrassed, but he’s finally noticed your snorting and now he’s conflicted because??? He’s mad at you and also mad that you’re being so damn cute that he doesn’t want to be mad anymore?? It’s outrageous and he’s not standing for it.

– He marches over to you and demands that you stop being so adorable at once so he can scold you properly, making you laugh even more.


– Hound’s normally pretty chill himself. He has the best resting bitch face out of any of these skeletons, and it’s a sight to behold because this boy is also very tall and intimidating as it is. So of course you laugh when mister tall, dark and edgy awkwardly agrees to take a picture with some preppy looking teens in the park.

– You laugh three times harder when one of them shows you the photo. All these teens are in bright neon colours and have the brightest smiles on their faces and in the middle stands Papyrus, stiffly posing in the middle with the most awkwardly endearing smile you’ve ever seen. The contrast is just too good.

– Meanwhile, he’s standing at your side, quiet and flushing a deep red. He’s very flustered by the interaction, but your laughter is distracting him from it and he’s smiling now despite himself. He thinks your snorting is so cute.

– When you walk away, he just puts an arm around you and squeezes affectionately. “glad one of us enjoyed that.” 

– He’s gonna try and find things that’ll make you laugh just as hard. He wants it to happen more often now that he knows he can get you to laugh like that.

Non-Supernatural TMA Episode Descriptions

I tried my hand writing brief descriptions of each of the episodes with all supernatural influences removed, and the results amused me.  They also made me realize that, sans the supernatural, the TMA universe is one where exterminators and mental health professionals have to be in HUGE demand.

Anyway, I posted my silly summaries here, for this is a trash post, and I am a trash poster.

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Youtuber AU


  • indie music channel where he does covers and sometimes original songs
  • I imagine him starting the channel in his emo phase, then thousands of subscribers later making one of those “I react to my old videos!” things and there is a lot of cringing
  • Has a side lets play channel that often features Kyle (and subscribers would ship them like crazy- think “phandom”).
  • Their most popular let’s plays, aside from guitar hero because they get really into that, are horror ones.There’d be legit screaming.


  • obnoxious gaming channel. it’d be atleast 50% mmo montages jesus christ.
  • he also has a vlog channel, he uploads constantly even if its not that entertaining.
  • he’d have a similar segment to lunch time with smosh
  • lots of prank videos. the more cruel/inappropriate ones would go viral and he’d respond to hate with fake apologies that just consist of “what should i do?”


  • DIY/Baking channel - Maybe similar to nerdynummies?
  • probably also the camera man for Cartman’s prank vids


  • feminist/sj channel where she talks about topical stuff
  • occasionally does challenges/tags with Bebe


  • I can see her being like a host of a clevvertv/buzzfeed type thing ?
  • but also with a personal channel with a lot of hauls/get ready with me/ makeup/fashion stuff


  • I think I read a fic once where he was a YouTube gamer and that’s cool (he would be Cr1TiKaL lets be real)
  • but I can also see him having one of those “top 10” weekly list channels? idk

I can’t really see Kenny being into youtube but if he was, i’m feelin Shane Dawson-esque vibes for some reason. This has probably been done a million times but even so feel free to add to it/improve.

Up10tion as Princes
  • Jinhoo: The friendly but shy prince who is tired from taking care of his 9 kids but still smiles brightly at everyone
  • Kuhn: The prince in dirty boots who leads every war but actually wishes for peace
  • Kogyeol: The prince who walks and poses like a model because everyone wants to take a photo of him
  • Wei: The mysterious prince who pops out of nowhere and says "do you need help?" to the servants, easily reaches stuff with his height, gives them a wink and walks away coolly
  • Bitto: The prince who can never adapt to royal life and often sneaks out for busking to entertain the commoners
  • Wooshin: The ice prince who looks like he does not care but actually firmly speaks up for the people
  • Sunyoul: The sweet prince who hangs out with kitchen helpers and the royal choir more than anyone else
  • Gyujin: The cute prince who always gets reprimanded by the Queen for saying childish things in court meetings
  • Hwanhee: The mischievous prince who plays pranks on everyone and never gets caught
  • Xiao: The rowdy prince who gets chided for wearing a headband because it is not how royalty should dress, but gets away by using his cute pouts

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peter parker + [literally] swinging by the avengers tower after work just to watch them hanging out

he has a favorite nook up at the very top, where he can spring behind an outcropping and hide a moment’s notice, but can still see the main living areas. it’s very comfortable and, in one of the slower moments (rare indeed) he graffitied a little corner with a spider. he was going to add a black widow spider along with it, and lots of heart and some cute widdle spider babies, but when he realized JARVIS was likely aware of his presence, he quickly decided against the chance it would be found.

it started out as a venture to see these other alleged superheroes, half to learn and half to see what life could be like if you were “out”.

after gwen’s death, it became a coping mechanism to take up his time and occupy his mind.

he likes to joke to himself that he’ll take pictures and make a fortune.

but really, the whole escapade has really been because he’s fallen in love with these people, his secret family.

there’s natasha, of course, the red-headed assassin with crazy socks and a crazy smile and a different personality every second of the day. he’s convinced he’ll never stop having a crush on her — but then again that probably goes for everyone. (hey, but other spiders have a better chance, right? right?) he’s watched her box steve to the ground, sit on top of clint to get a better view of the wii, and practice ballet when no one has been around to watch her anger at something he doesn’t understand. he still doesn’t know which is his favorite.

and with natasha comes clint. clint’s harder to understand than he seems — he comes across like a stern-faced hawk perching with a view, but he’s really a giant dork with two broken wings and a large beak to fill. sure, he’s got a mood sometimes and you really, really need to get him his coffee, but peter couldn’t ever forget the dog he adopted. cute lil guy. bit tony in the nuts first day in the tower, and then spent a week with clint on top of the fireplace. (even through the glass, peter could hear clint squawking) he has a lot of figurines and really likes trying to prank people, successfully or not. peter’s been around for more of the non-successful ones.

thor visits sometimes, and then the glass vibrates with sound as he leads jolly revels and hugs everyone too hard (he was more careful with bruce after that) and brings much mead. heh, peter tried the leftovers once through an open window. that was not a good night at all. still wasn’t sure how he got home — he dreamt of a blue light and a goatee but dreams are crazy like that. of course, other times, thor sits quietly playing chess with bruce and complimenting tony on his handiwork, being a gentle presence and one everyone seems to trust. definitely has some muscle problems. maybe steroids.

tales abound about the identity of the hulk, but most of the general populace have no idea who the green giant really is. at first, bruce was disappointing, but peter… well, peter thinks he’s his favorite sometimes. he’s quiet and careful and soft-spoken, with too many nervous tics to count. over time though, he’s mellowed out. he does yoga in the living room instead of in corners of storage spaces. he joins in on game nights and even attempted mario kart once. (attempted being the optimal word (peter snapped private photos of that and keeps them under his pillow for hard nights) one time, something as unaccountable as usual happened on a night out, and when everyone arrived back to the tower, they were carrying the hulk, who was sniffling and hugging tony to his generous chest and patting him gently. that was a kodak moment if peter ever saw one.

heh, tony. tony stark, iron man. the whole country’s heard of him, peter even met him once at a conference. but the man’s different behind closed doors, among those he trusts. sure, he still obviously pisses people off — good lord, there have been some near-brawls. and the one time he took clint’s coffee there was an all-out prank war that lasted a month. but he also gets a real sad look around his eyes, and spends hours some days staring at his arc reactor in the mirror. he’s fallen asleep on his compatriots more often than not, but still never sleeps when he should. peter once managed to get a view of his workshop, a sight which made him drool with excitement, but was too littered with take out and espresso containers to make him confident tony was doing okay. steve comes down most often to make tony get to bed, a gesture tony never listens to but which is always enforced. that seems to be tony’s MO, actually. peter never forgot the one night he got drunk and then fell asleep on steve’s chest.

oh yeah, FRICKING STEVE ROGERS. CAPTAIN AMERICA. HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE GUY HAVE YOU BECAUSE HE’S KINDA FLIPPING AWESOME HE PUNCHED A TANK UNCONSCIOUS ONCE AND SAVED THE WORLD A COUPLE TIMES AND YEAH. YEAH YEAH YEAH. but yeah he’s pretty cool. does some awesome things. probably shouldn’t talk about them. too cool for shcool, ya  knwo.waioghapSTEVEROGERS.

bucky shows up sometimes, all brooding and dark and wearing way too many stickers on his metal arm. a guy with metal wings occasionally follows him, and peter’s convinced he’s spoken at a convention before. when those two show up, the party is bound to get exciting. scrabble, for sure, will never be the same again.

maybe peter parker isn’t an avenger. but sometimes, you know, he sure feels like one.

what doesn’t occur to him is that he isn’t the only one watching — until the day a polite man with a worn smile shows up at his door.

“Hello, Mr. Parker? I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.”  

On Twin Souls, Dipnip, and Consent

On Twin Souls, “Dipnip”, and Consent

Mods here!

We’ve been thinking about Twin Souls and dipnip and many of the hc’s about them, and we think that there are some clarifications that need to be made about their nature.

First, Twin Souls: it’s often a joke in the fandom that Mabel and other people prank Dipper by getting him gag gifts of Twin Souls, forcing him to listen to excerpts from it, etc. This is treated as hilarious most of the time, even as Dipper complains and begs Mabel to stop and even vomits at hearing the excerpts. For all intents and purposes, it appears as if Mabel is doing this without consent and Dipper has no say in the matter, no control over what’s happening, all for the sake of a laugh.

This is a rather worrisome implication, and the mods want to make it clear that that is not the case. Doing something to someone which they deem personally harmful without their consent is not okay, and not something we want to perpetuate as positive/funny.

When Dipper wails and whines and “vomits sparkles” upon hearing the excerpts and other Twin Souls-related things, he is, quite simply, playing up his displeasure; he’s being hyperbolic. Twin Souls is not something that is ever truly that terrible to him –in fact, he enjoys burning the books to a crisp (or finding other fun methods of obliterating them) every time they’re given to him, and Mabel knows this. It’s something he loves to hate. Most people have a thing or two they enjoy griping over that they really don’t care about that much, it’s just fun to make a show of it.

To be fair, he really does hate the books; he just chooses to be over-dramatic about his reactions to them most of the time. When he really is uncomfortable with hearing about it from Mabel, when she gets carried away, he can easily (and most of the time, does) just poof away; something to clarify is that he can’t actually be forced into listening and that he has more than enough power to remove himself from the situation. There are times when Mabel gets carried away–a definite flaw of hers is that sometimes she doesn’t know when it’s appropriate to keep going with the joke and when to stop. But if Dipper legitimately gets upset and tells her to stop and she sees that he’s serious, she does respect his wishes and stop.


Now, about dipnip: another extremely common joke in the fandom is Dipper heading to a summoning and coming back dosed with dipnip and “hilarity ensues”. Again, the drugging appears nonconsensual, and we don’t want the fandom to skip over that and think it’s okay that even though he got drugged by surprise by some cult, it’s funny because it leads to him licking people and acting like a cat. That is never our intention.

So we want to clarify this issue: when Dipper gets drugged by cults, it does not lead to fun kitty-cat times, and he doesn’t enjoy it. It leads to him fighting off the effects and acting a bit more feral and tired due to that effort. Sometimes cults know of this weakness and try to weaponize it, to use it as a tranq dart of sorts. It…doesn’t usually end well for them.

The only times that he acts like a shitty cat are when he comes across it on his own and decides he’s fine with the effects (which is not very often) or if a family member or friend gives it to him (which is even rarer, due to Yggdrasil herb’s scarcity). Again: shitty cat mode is only activated when he is aware of the dipnip and consents to getting highIf a family member or friend ever gave it to him without his consent, and he truly did not want it, that would be a wrongdoing on their part; it’s not something to be approved of just because it’s done by someone “good”, because many of these “good” characters can and do make mistakes.

Yggdrasil can be treated like any other prank for Dipper when it comes from friends and family. It may not always be something he’s crazy about, but he’ll roll with it. To him specifically, it’s no less of a problem than someone sneaking up behind him and getting him with a squirt gun. What needs to be clarified here is that this is Dipper’s personal comfort level - no one should ever assume anyone is fine with drug-related pranks. It’s much more dangerous than a simple squirt gun barrage.

As an aside, Dipper only acts weird and licky and over-affectionate around people he’s comfortable with. He doesn’t go round licking random strangers, or the cult members.

TL;DR: People often tease out of love, and while people (and characters) aren’t perfect and are bound to take things too far at times, please keep in mind that non-consensual acts that truly hurt/upset someone should never be downplayed as funny. There is a distinct line between pranks and outright abuse.

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Going pranking with Sirius only for him to push you against the wall and kiss you senseless

Your head slips between your arms as it hits the wooden table in defeat. You were never going to get this right. The endless pages of charms and potions and spells getting all muddled in your head as you tried to study of your OWLs. Of course you wanted to do well, and the feeling of satisfaction you knew you’d get at the end of the exams was enough to push you on, but it was sooo hard and you felt as if your head was about the explode.
“You alright, princess?” An obnoxious tone comes from the arrogant boy next to you. You didn’t know how he managed to pass yet never studied. You look up and glare at the nickname.
“Don’t call me princess, and no, I am not alright as I’m sure you already worked out.” You retorted, a little more bitter than you had intended. He steps back, hands raised in defeat and you roll my eyes.
“Okay, I’ve got a proposition for you.” He smirks, leaning against the table. You nod for him to continue, interested in the idea of getting out of studying.
“How about we go on a pranking spree?” He suggests. You contemplate the idea before deciding that you desperately needed a break. You pack up all my stuff before following the tall boy out of the common room.


You had never laughed so hard in your life. The giggles spluttering out of you as we watched the Slytherins enraged faces, your names echoing through the hallways.
“Oh Merlin, I should come pranking with you more often, that was the most thrilling moment of my life!” You drawled, your breath heavy with excitement. Sirius flashes you a mischievous grin, and you feel your cheeks turn red. You quickly turn away, scared that he might see your blush. Like lightning, his arm wound around your waist and pulled you against the wall, in an attempt to hide from the prowling caretaker. Your breath hitches as the grumpy man trudges past. You simultaneously let out a deep breath as Sirius’ grey eyes connect with yours as you realise the proximity of your closeness. You feel his staggered breath on your face as he begins to lower his mouth to yours. Your eyes flicker shut as your lips brush against each others, almost afraid the other was gonna pull away in a second. You bravely jolt forwards, connecting your lips. The kiss was gentle and passionate, the opposite of what you expected from Sirius. After a few minutes, you pulled away, your cheeks blushing like crazy as your study your shoes.
“I- um, I was wondering if you wanted to go to hogsmeade with me next week?” He asks shyly and I smile tenderly at him.
“ I’d love to.” I say simply before wandering back to the common room, the grin never leaving my face.

"Gotcha!" Supernatural One Shot

Author: pineapplegirl123

Original Imagine: Imagine Rick Rolling Team Free Will

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,049


You weren’t much of a prankster, it had never been satisfying. Yet here you were looking for fake videos to have Dean, Sam, and Cas watch.

The thought to do this came to your mind after having been “Rick Rolled” yourself. The experience had been so funny to you that you wondered what Dean, Sam, and Cas’ reactions would be if it happened to them.

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