he should get credit where credit is due

'Hero' exchanged fire with gunman, then helped chase him down
Were it not for a local resident who confronted the gunman and another who helped chase him down, the deadliest shooting in Texas history could have claimed even more lives.
By Saeed Ahmed, Doug Criss and Joe Sterling, CNN

Since the names of all the victims have not yet been released, let’s talk about the two men who stopped the gunman before police were able to get to the scene.

One of the men who is unnamed was exchanging gunfire with the shooter, after the shooter killed the 26 church-goers. Knowing that the shooter was wearing protective body-armor, he managed to hit the shooter twice on the neck and once on the side. The shooter dropped his gun and then got in his truck and took off, that was when the other man (Johnnie Langendorff) and the first man chased the shooter with Langendorff’s vehicle. After the shooter lost control of his vehicle and came to a stop in a ditch, the man who was armed kept his rifle aimed at him and urged him to get out. By the time the police came on sight, the gunman had died from those injuries. 

We should give credit where credit is due. 

Distractions pt 9

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Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2465

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“Hyung?” Jimin whispered as he peeped his head from behind the bedroom door. It wasn’t surprising to see a blanket burrito stuffed with only the most premium of geniuses: Min Yoongi. All that was needed was a side of guac.

“Hyung, are you awake?” With every step Jimin took, the ground beneath him creaked just slightly. From within the encased ball of cloth annoyed groans could be heard,

“Does it look like I’m awake?” A small tuft of black fluffy hair and the tired, irritated face of its owner could be seen from a teensiest of holes that breached his fortress. 

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All of the Awards

Tis the season for recognition of talent, and none is more so deserved and overdue than for the stunning Melissa McBride. Our corner of Tumblr exploded yesterday with celebration and pride for this fabulous woman who has been gracing TWD for four years and counting.

It is far too easy to take for granted the cast of this show. We get so wrapped up in the writing and the production and all the kinks and wildfires that crop up as a result, that fandom has a tendency to subjugate all of the good things in order to rant about the bad. Criticism is a vital cog in the machine of any entertainment medium, and so is praise. And MMB deserves heaps of praise, for doing so much with so little, for bringing us something beautiful out of material that was so disappointing to many of us.

Carol is the last woman standing from S1, and her evolution has been so mesmerizing to watch. From the scared little mouse at the quarry to the ever-enduring survivor that she is today, our journey with Carol has been inspiring, terrifying, stressful, and so painful. But every time we as fans threaten to implode and shatter into a thousand pieces, MMB’s Carol has gently told us to buck up, pull ourselves together, and keep going, because that is everything that she has ever done, and we should aspire to be so strong.

MMB has quelled wildfires in the fandom in small gestures that have had wide ripple effects. Her portrayal of Carol has such an honest sincerity and genuine tenderness, capable of calming not only our favorite resident redneck, but of calming us as well. No matter how enraging or problematic the script seems to us, there has always been an iron clad faith that MMB will get Carol where she needs to go, and that she will do it beautifully, and in such a way that, for those brief moments, we forget how enraging and problematic some scripts are.

The chemistry between Carol and Daryl has been flawless and enchanting thanks in all parts to both Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, and it is something that cannot be manufactured.

Although recently on the tail end of some heckling this year, we should give NR credit where his credit is due as well. Despite being guilty of playing the different sides of the polls, you get the impression that he wants to deliver something as profound and intense as the fans desire to have,  and all that excitement just makes him lose track of how to words sometimes, and when specifically to not words. Being a people pleaser can get a person into trouble, and the framing of interviews and selective listening by fans certainly doesn’t help. But he has given us a Daryl that we loved hard for three seasons, and that we desperately wanted to keep loving in S4. Daryl has survived abuse, loss, physical trauma, and a tank; we want to see him survive the writers too. S4 may have disillusioned a percentage of us toward Daryl and NR, but I don’t think it has dislodged our opinion that his heart really is in the right place and he just wants to give us the best possible story, albeit with less grace and more confusion than the other half of our ship.

MMB and NR have respectively given us a Carol and a Daryl that we are still rooting for four seasons later. They have planted seeds all along the way, and the tears of the fandom have fed those seeds. Through the flack and the fire, they have strived, in their separate ways, to tell a great story. Fans will come and go, as is their prerogative, and the popularity of the characters and the Caryl ship will wax and wane, but for so many of us aboard the Caryl ship, we are merely getting our second wind in the sails.

We have endured choppy waters. For now we are riding the high waves of celebration, partying it up over the long overdue and overwhelmingly deserved recognition that MMB is receiving. Soon, I’m sure more choppy waters will follow, as these things do.

But we are not going anywhere. We’re in this for the long haul. And the view from my spot in the Crow’s Nest is good.

Thank you and congratulations to Melissa McBride, and the most appreciative of bro-fists to Norman Reedus.

Let’s keep the party going.

Caryl on!

- Rhinozilla