he should be on this list every year!

So Ichigo’s feelings obviously got pretty darn strong guys. Because Renji noticed - and as much as I love that red-headed monkey, he can also be a tad dense (just like Ichigo). 

So Renji actually approached Ichigo and told him he should confess. 

Please do not forget the fact that Renji gazed after Rukia for years upon years. But didn’t do anything because he felt she was better off away, or in a different world. (Honestly, I think there’s too much to even list without writing an essay)

And you bet your sweet ass he saw that same look on Ichigo’s face. Because you know Renji saw that look in the mirror every time he thought of Rukia. It wouldn’t be hard for him to spot, now would it? 

Our precious baby men support each other.


Take 30 minutes to watch President Barack Obama surprise Vice President Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction, a moment every American should see, and every American should treasure. When you think of ‘public service,’ few names may come to mind, but Biden should, because few people embody the spirit of public service like Joe and his family. Almost 50 years of his life have been dedicated to the people of this country and when history looks back at the most influential and genuine people, Joe will grace the top of the list. Despite his career politician status, he never put family on the backburner, showing us all how to live. And even as his time as Vice President comes to a close, Joe continues to look to the bright future of America. In the coming years, there will undoubtedly be more from our beloved Joe Biden, and as a Philadelphian, I could not be more excited at the prospect of Joe returning to the region for work. Thank you Mr. Vice President for your tireless work and endless sacrifice for this country. No one deserves this medal more than you.

Skip to 13:50 to see the moment Joe Biden is surprised with the Medal of Freedom.

re: that post about Ewan

I feel the need to make a statement. People often use alcoholism as a way to be like “look they’re not perfect” and like, duh, literally no person is perfect. But alcoholism in itself should not be listed under the “cons” column of a person’s pros and cons list.

If we knew he had been an abusive alcoholic, then that would warrant a different reaction.

Simply drinking heavily every single day does not make you a bad person.

My uncle died nearly five years ago from cirrhosis of the liver from years of heavy drinking. He was not a bad person. He wasn’t a mean person. He was just an alcoholic because he was self-medicating his depression.

Because Ewan was an alcoholic does not diminish his worth or his reputation.

I will stand here and say that he’s a pretty damn near perfect person on the whole “being a decent human to other humans” spectrum.

Alcoholism is not a reason to put a demerit next to someone’s name to say “they’re only slightly problematic”. Everyone should know better than that.

Usually, when your dead mother comes back from the grave she doesn’t pin you down, threatening a broken arm.

There’s soil in his nostrils and there’s flashes of escaping a six foot tomb, straight outta hell.

Dean knows, knows every date Dad drunkenly spouted off with military precision. Led Zepplin brought him closer to a mother he longed for.

He lived life like his momma was never coming back.


An embrace.

And damn, he’s four again.

Everything dies around him, anyway. Let’s add his name to the list.

Years of busted pipes should have him acclimated to a cold shower. The bunker has him pampered, spoiled little shit with hot showers when he wants them.

His hair is plastered to his head, along with his clothes. This was one of his good shirts and he’ll end up dead in it before he gives up any information.

“You really gonna make me do this?”

He heard something once, in passing.

Those damn Winchester’s just won’t quit.

Ex-lovers and parents echo off the cracks in his skull.

But Dean’s the one that  makes baby brother wanna slit his throat and keep fighting all the same.

There’s a point where he’s gotta stop fighting for the night, but don’t go easy.

Don’t go easy, brother.

He’s got to wait for someone, something to save him. It doesn’t bother him much if nothing does.


Top 10 Transformative Actors

10. Tom Hardy

This list is all about actors and actresses who disappear into EVERY SINGLE ROLE. As the list goes on and on, it’ll become more obvious what I’m talking about. Tom Hardy mostly makes the list because I didn’t know he was Bane until like, a year ago, but I still think he is an amazing actor, and he should’ve won the Oscar for the Revenant.