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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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Meeting the Family

Prompt: Batfam meets Batmom’s large extended family

AN: I interrupt our string of votes to bring you an actual story. Enjoy!

Words: 1490

          You’re more than a little surprised when your brother walks through your office door. Though not technically an employee of Wayne Enterprises, your office space is still in the building, just one of the perks of your husband owning the building. That also means your security is top notch, and well, you haven’t seen anyone from your family in about ten years.

          All of this is what’s running through your mind as your brother, your baby brother just stands there and fidgets. “You’re still drifting off I see.”

          You shrug and point to one of the chairs, on the opposite side of the room. There’s several minutes of silence, as you take in the changes on your brother, before you ask, “What are you doing here, Ricky?”

          “Mom’s in the hospital … It’s bad. She wants to see you.”

          That takes you by surprise. Your fight was never with your mother; it was just a side effect of the war with your father. “What’s wrong?”

          He shrugs. “Kidney failure, she wants to come off treatment. She won’t listen to anyone. The doctors say she still has a chance you know. If she continues her treatments, and waits for a transplant. Either way she wants to see you.” You open your mouth to say something but he stops you “This isn’t about dad, it’s about mom. The fight wasn’t with her, it wasn’t with any of us but dad. It was you who chose to leave. It was you who cut us off.”

          You nod. “You’re right, I did.”

          “She’s your mother, and she’s dying. You should see her.”

          “I won’t make any promises.”

          Your brother stares at you for a moment before laying an envelope on the table, and walking out.

          You debate on going for several days. Bruce is out of town on business for the week, and the boys are all gone as well. It’s just you and Alfred in the manor. And while the butler doesn’t pry he does acknowledge something is wrong.

          It all comes out two nights later about the fight that separated you from your family. The fight that ended up leading you to Bruce. The fight that led the two of you to each of the boys. “It’s weird how a fight that, at that time, nearly ended my world, led me to a brand new one. One I wouldn’t change for the world. “

          Alfred just smiles. “If you called Master Bruce he’d return home to go with you.”

          You shake your head. “No, I think this is something I need to do alone.”

          You’re packed and out the door several hours later. You catch a last minute flight, and you just go. It’s nearly midnight when you get to the hospital, suitcase in tow. You follow the nurse to her room. She leaves you at the door with instructions, to try and not wake her. You agree and slip into the room.

          Your eyes focus on the woman in the bed. She looks frail, and much too thin. Her hair though is still brushed, and delicately styled, your sister’s doing no doubt. And she’s dressed in nice looking pajamas.

          You prop your suitcase against the wall and move to the chair beside her bed. You just sit there staring at her. You study the changes and with a feeling of sadness you realize she’s actually gotten older, not old, just older. At the same time, it hits you. You’ve gotten older too. You have a husband, and kids now. You have a successful business. Things have changed not only for you, but for them as well.

At some point in the night, you turn to a book. You’re nearly halfway through when a voice whispers, “You always did have your nose in a book. Couldn’t get enough of them. You’d always beg her for one more chapter when she’d read to you before bed.”

You book mark your page and turn towards the voice. Your father is still very much like how you remembered him. He’s tall, and wide, but his hair has a lot more gray in it now, and there are more lines along his face.

He gestures with his head and you follow him out. “I didn’t expect you to come.”

You cross your arms. “I wasn’t completely sure I would myself.”

“She’ll be happy to see you.” You just acknowledge the statement with a nod. “I suppose we need to talk.”

You shrug, suddenly feeling like that twenty something again. “I don’t see why. We both said all we needed to all those years ago.”

He looks you in the eye and says, “I want to make things right.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“It’s been ten years.”

“And a lot has changed in those years. Right now, I’m here for Mom.”

“Which means you’re here for me. She wanted you here so we could settle things. She wanted to make sure that you had your family in case something went wrong, or something went right. She wanted you to have us around for when you got married, when you have kids. She’s terrified you’ll be alone.”

“And what do you want?” You ask. He just looks at you confused. You shrug and say, “So far everything has been about what Mom wants. What do you want?”

He stares at you for a minute before he says “I want my daughter back.”

You nod. “Small steps. This was a good first one.”

Without another word, you slip back into the room. Your father is right behind you and he takes the seat on the opposite side of the bed. Neither of you say anything, but you don’t go back to your book either.

          Your mother wakes up at about eight in the morning. She opens her eyes and she comes to life. There’s tears when she sees you, and a lot of saying sorry on both your parts. Your father just watches. You take her hand and don’t let go for several hours.

          Over the next several days you see a lot of family you haven’t seen in a long time. Some greet you with smiles, others with nods. Overall, you spend a lot of time with your mother and siblings. Things start looking up, and then suddenly something happens. No one’s quite sure what, but suddenly her blood pressure starts to drop, and you’re pushed out of the room, as she’s rushed back to emergency surgery.

          You’re a bit disoriented, as you watch the family surround each other. You consider joining in, but they’ve formed this little cocoon, and you can’t help but feel there isn’t a place for you there anymore.

          You watch from the outside, your arms wrapped around yourself. Till a noise you’d know anywhere hits your ears. A very tired looking Bruce rounds the corner, with the boys trailing after him. Dick and Jason are on the lookout for you while Tim and Damian bicker about something.

          You smile as Bruce’s eyes lock onto you. You meet him halfway, and he pulls you into an embrace. That feeling of safeness washes over you, and you allow the tears to come. Bruce guides you away from your family and suddenly the boys are all trying to reach you.

          They’ve never seen you cry, and you imagine it’s a bit unsettling for them. You hug and kiss each of them, before explaining the situation. Bruce disappears, and once you’ve collected yourself, they go with you back to the waiting room.

          You can see the curious looks on your family’s faces. And you do your best to smile and say, “Everyone, these are my sons. This is Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. And my husband Bruce will be along any minute.”

          Almost if by magic, Bruce appears and says, “I’ve got her moved to a better hospital room, a private room. Not a private room, that can be turned into a semi private hospital. I’ve also called Lee, she’s flying in to take a look, and she has some recommendations for doctors that might be able to help her a bit more until she comes up on the transplant list.”

          Before you can even say ‘thank you’, your brother says, “And where the hell is all that money coming from?”

          Bruce just raises an eyebrow and says, “Me. I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Y/N’s husband, Bruce Wayne. I’ve take care of her medical bills, everything is settled. And my company donates quite a bit of money to this hospital every year, so they’ve comped the private room. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get my wife something to eat.”

          Without another word he begins guiding you down the hallway, the boys following behind, with smiles on their faces; and you can’t help but smile, because your family is right here with you.

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Fav long fics?!

Since I don’t know exactly what long fics are to you, here’s a list of my fave 50k+ fics in no particular order :)

Kaleidoscope by Vendelin [E, 54k]

Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever. Stiles tries not to be affected by the mystery guy, but it’s not like anything else happens around here, so really, what did you expect? And when he’s already in too deep, he realises he might even be in way over his head…

Safety in Silence by Survivah [M, 66k]

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Easy Trouble by Survivah [M, 55k]

Derek+Stiles+fairies = love spell

“Make love to me,” Derek demands.


The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) [M, 116k]

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)  

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll, Rahciach [E, 76k]

“Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.

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A long wait

Jimin x reader

Anon requested: CEO Jimin

I hope you like it, anon~

genre: smut, fluff, angst

word count: 3.7k

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Jimin and you had been friends ever since you were able to think. The kindergarten, elementary school, middle and high school you were inseparable. He was a quiet child with high dreams and so were you, except for the time you spent together, playing in the yard or as you went to your first party ever together. Even your first kiss was taken by Jimin as you wanted to know how it felt like. After many years by each others side it was time to go separate paths, long weeks of insomnia following as you missed each other more than your families, crying phone calls in the middle of the night declaring that you needed your friend. But as months and then years went on without seeing Jimin, you both had contained to live without the other, a hole in your heart never closing.

You had to stay home, taking a job as a secretary as Jimin went to college abroad, discovering the world his parents lived in. He had to study where his father made his degrees and after a few years it was time to finally meet your best friend again.

One day you went to work as usual, the boring life you lived making your mood more depressed by the days which passed. But this day should change your daily routine completely. While you checked in you saw how a mob of women built a circle around the CEO’s office, chatting like hell while others just tried to glance inside the room. Curious you tapped your co-worker on her shoulder.

“What’s going on here?”

“You didn’t know? Ah, you were sick last week, right y/n?”, she turned around, a worried expression on her face, but you saw the excitement lingering underneath. “Last week another company bought ours and the new CEO just entered the office and y/n, he is the hottest and youngest CEO I’ve ever seen!”

You nodded, the information sinking down slowly. Your company was brought by some young CEO of another group. Did that mean that you all would be fired? How was your company doing that someone had to buy it? Was its reputation that bad?

“Don’t make such a face, y/n! A paper went around to calm the employees nerves as everything will be as it was before, just the position of our chairman changing. Maybe some old traditions will be exchanged, but don’t worry, we are safe”, she stroked your arm while turning around before you saw that a man exited the bureau.

The new CEO had long legs, a broad back and was dressed in such a costly suit that you registered too late that he stared at you, his plump mouth agape, brown eyes wide awake. His smile was the same some years ago, his plump, pink lips stretched above white teeth which showed a crooked front tooth. The glowing, tanned skin was flushed in red under his high cheekbones and the chocolate almond shaped eyes which crinkled as the smile reached his eyes, you knew better than your own.

How was that possible? Why hadn’t he mailed you in three years? Why had he to stand right in front of you as you were in the middle of all female co-workers? And why the hell had he to smile so brightly at you with his beautiful face while you felt a burning hot fluid pooling in your eyes?

Before you knew it tears streamed down your cheeks, his charming, warm smile changing into shock and pain as you turned around to rush to the women’s toilets. Never had you imagined to see him again after breaking all contacts to you and your family. You were hurt as he went abroad to study, but it was a heartbreaking experience as he never called you the last three years. Of course you called, mailed and even wrote him letters, but you never got an answer all the years.

Time went by, but you didn’t care how long you stayed in front of the mirror, contemplating how to fix your make-up. Maybe twenty minutes maybe one hour, you wobbled out of the toilet, adjusting your skirt and blouse before you faced your co-workers again.

“Y/n!”, a male voice, familiar like the back of your own hand, calling out to you while you tried to rush back to your desk.

But ere you reached the doorknob of the corridor which parted your workplace, arms embraced you from behind. With a solid his grip he turned you around, pulling you into his broad chest.

“I missed you, y/n”, Jimin’s voice shook. “Please, don’t run away from me.”

You were on the verge of tears again while he just held you, his fists enclosed on the fabric on your shoulders. How you missed him, too. His scent, his warmth and his voice.

“J-Jimin..”, you said weakly, pushing your childhood friend away from you. “Why haven’t you ever mailed me again?”, you blurted out, brushing your salty tears away with your palms.

Jimin just looked down on your figure, his heart tightening at your sight, from pain and the love he felt for your being.

“I..I had to cope with a lot of things at that time. My dad passed away, I had to work my ass off and I wanted to make a contract with his company..to live here again. By my best friend’s side!”, the man in his dark suit replied, his hands running through his hair to stay composed.

“I could’ve helped you, Jimin”, you said bitterly, arms crossed in front of your chest.

“It wasn’t that easy. Please, y/n, let me make up for the time I missed the chances to reply and was a big fool to leave you alone for such a long time”, he begged, taking your hands softly out of your position to squeeze them lightly, finally being able to touch you again.

For a while you just glanced at him, he didn’t change much, got a little thinner, but he had the same aura you always adored around him. Even his smile was the same, charming and sweet with a bit of mischief behind it.

“Pick me up at eight. We have a lot to talk about”, you sighed, wanting to slap his pretty face and peck it all over at the same time. Yes, he had hurt you like hell, but every human should be granted a second chance.

“I’ll be there!”, Jimin replied right away ere he remembered something. “Where do you live, y/n?”

Right, he didn’t know as he was gone for too long to know where your new apartment was. Therefore you told him, a shy smile tracing your lips at the thought of spending the evening with your old, lost friend and CEO of your company. You had to ask him so many questions that you thought about making a list, wanting to hear his stories, how he was doing the last years and how your friendship should continue now as he was back.

That night you both talked about everything which pressed on your hearts. He told you how he had to cope with his father’s death and the responsibility this case brought with it. Jimin studied hard to be able to come back as fast as possible to see you again, wherefore he sealed all personal contacts off of him, concentrating to become the heir his family wanted him to be. And just that he did, right now he was ‘free’ to do what he wanted and this contained to buy the company you worked for.

“I see so many lost chances the firm could have gotten. But now that I am leading it, I will make sure that my money was worth spending it on and I swore to my father that I make it successful”, he announced, shoving his fork in his plump mouth. “The most important reason that I spent my money on it was that I knew you were working there.”

While his speech about his past years, his confession right now and the hurt expression on Jimin’ face you cried while listening to him. It was such a long time since you last had seen him that all emotions you had to repress exploded ere you both just stood in the middle of the kitchen, hugging each other tightly. Time passed by and as you lay in his arms on his large couch, Jimin promised to never let his childhood friend go again and so the dark, gloomy days lightened up with every new sunrise, the thought of Jimin making you happier than ever.

A few weeks after your first encounter, you developed the habit to stay over at Jimin’s house, making you both breakfast before rushing to work where you saw him, getting along with his new employees and the position as the company’s CEO. You couldn’t remember a time you were so comfortable at work. But something seeped through your mind slowly, a nagging feeling while your heart clenched, making breathing heavy whenever your eyes locked with Jimin’s. You knew too well what feelings made their way into you, the same damn feelings you had for him the days before his departure, developed by the years he spent by your side. Jimin should never know about your romantic thoughts about him, why you tried not to stay over as many times as his first two weeks back.

“Good morning, y/n”, his usual smile turned his plump lips upwards as he made his daily routine through the company to help his employees with problems. “What held you busy yesterday? I missed your breakfast the last days. You pampered me too much that I can’t eat anything else in the morning!”

You laughed, heat flowing to your cheeks at his words. Why had he to say so sweet things? It made it even harder to repress all the upcoming feelings you felt for him.

“I..I had to visit some friends”, you lied, avoiding his dark eyes.

“Is that so?”, he spoke slowly, not believing your words as he knew if you lied to him immediately. “What about today then?”

You felt eyes burning through your back as your co-workers tried to overhear the conversation you two had, but Jimin made sure that they got back to work with one strict sentence. The last days some female colleagues got suspicious of you two, pressing to spit what was going on between the CEO and you, but you just told them you knew each other, on friendly terms, nothing more. It was the truth, right? A short form of it, but not wrong.

“I don’t think that-”

“Bullshit, y/n. Ten o'clock at my house”, Jimin grinned, patting your head ere he continued his tour through the office.

He was so cheeky, but charming. At that you felt how your heart clenched again, a knot in your stomach tightening as you watched his broad back. You had only two options. Telling him how you started to feel, from high school on, or telling him you needed distance taking your relationship as employer-empolyee as an excuse.

This night you had mixed feelings coursing through your body as you waited for Jimin to open the door. He took his time ere he greeted you, his cute smile taking you by surprise.

“It’s nice to have you sleeping over again, y/n”, Jimin smirked, motioning you to enter his home.

“Y-yeah”, you stuttered, narrowing your eyes to your small bag. “As it’s the weekend I don’t have work, so..”


You looked up at the worry in his low voice. The heartbeat of yours beginning to race as you locked eyes with his. Jimin crossed his arms on his chest, cocking his dark eyebrows up.

“Spit it”, he reprimanded you.

Despite his demand you rounded him to slender to his living room, trying to get more time to choose between your two options. He was your friend, he deserved the truth, didn’t he?

“I love you”, you blurted, hands covering your face at your confession. Well, you wanted to talk to him first, letting the theme sink in, but the panic made you blurting out this embarrassing nonsense. “I-I… god, Jimin. Okay I liked you even back in high school and with every fucking day it gets worse, okay?”

Jimin just stood there, listening to you while a bright grin spread upon his tanned face. You finally said it, admitted what he already knew.

“Calm down, y/n”, he simply said, walking up to your position to take your hands in his, his thumbs circling on your skin. “I knew it. Back in high school you wrote this greasy letter to me”, he looked at your shocked expression, a chuckle escaping him. “Do you really think I can’t recognize the handwriting of my best friend?”

You felt how pink your cheeks had to be, cursing yourself for your stupidity of your high school days. But now that your ‘secret’ was out of the bag you felt insecure, not knowing how he felt and how it changed your newly reunited friendship.

“I’m sorry, Jimin, I just had to tell you. And I totally understand if you don’t return my feelings. Please, take your time to think about it!”

You freed yourself from his grip, rushing back to the door ere you run back home, leaving a perplexed Jimin in the centre of his living room.

Now you had to wait for his answer, regret filling your mind before you shook yourself from the negative thoughts about the outcome of your confession.

On monday you had to drag yourself to work, the nagging feeling of rejection clouding your thoughts while you waited for the bell of the elevator to signal the arrival on your floor. Several co-workers greeted you as you slandered to your desk, falling down on your chair ere your department’s boss knocked on the surface of your desk.

“Good morning, Miss y/l/n. Mr. Park wants to see you in his office, please take your files and follow me”, your boss said while you snatched your reports to follow him to Jimin’s office a few floors above.

“Mr. Park? Your employee, Miss y/l/n, is here”, your boss announced as he knocked on your CEO’s office door.

“Come in, please”, you heard Jimin say, an unknown tune lacing his calm voice. Fear stiffened your limbs as you entered the light illuminated room. Jimin sat behind his desk ere he stood up to greet you.

“Hey, y/n”, he said, eyes crinkled while he shot you his signature smile. Without a warning he reached behind you to turn the key in the lock. Then he turned his attention to you, pulling you into him while pressing his plump, pink lips straight on yours.

Confused and shocked you glanced at him, wide eyes so close to his that you saw how long his black eyelashes lay on his cheeks while he closed his eyes, cupping your face as he deepened the kiss. It was the answer of your confession, you knew it as he delicately moved his mouth on yours, letting you take control. Therefore you pushed him back while never letting his lips go until the back of his legs bumped into his desk.

“Y/n, I always wanted you”, he said, voice hoarse whereas his hands traced down to your waist. You just knew what would follow, sliding your fingers over his costly suit while leaning in on him again to passionately kiss him. Jimin tasted so good you didn’t even care that you stood in the middle of his office, his employees running around only metres away. They landed on his chest, unbuttoning his knobs in heat as you finally could taste him like you always wanted.

“I want you, Jimin. And I waited forever”, you stated as he latched his tongue on your neck, sucking gently on your skin.

“The door’s locked, what do you wait for?”, he teased, voice muffled from your skin while he copied your actions and began to open your blouse, revealing your lacy bra to him.

Now you both couldn’t be held back as you stripped each other as far as you could, mouths clashing onto the other hastily. Lastly Jimin had only his open white shirt on while you stood before him, wearing nothing more than your bra and panties, blood boiling at the sight in front of you.

“You’re beautiful”, he whispered, pulling you in again to pepper more kisses along your collarbones down your stomach ere he slid down your panties, slowly exposing your heat to his hungry eyes. He cupped it, rubbing his palm on your nub, which made you moan a little ere your covered your mouth with your own hand.

“I-I’m already ready for you, Jimin”, you informed him, the previous make-out session and stripping of his clothes got you going and discovering that under his expensive clothes lay a toned, tanned and muscular body was just the icing which fuelled your arousal. Your mouth watering as you saw his freaking thick thighs.

Jimin only nodded, his fingers disappearing between your legs, dipping one in you to feel how wet your pussy already were.

“You’re definitely ready and so I am”, your CEO and childhood friend announced, standing up to lift you into his arms, your legs enclosed around his hips while your heat made contact to his throbbing dick, feeling how warm and thick his length pressed against your folds. How you wished for this to happen ever since high school. And now it finally took place, in his office while he was the CEO of your company and you his employee, but that didn’t matter whereas you both had the same feelings for each other.

The handsome guy sat down, leaning back into his chair while he positioned you on his lap to straddle him, your cores pressed together.

“What if someone wants to come in?”, you felt a tinge of nervousness at that thought, but Jimin just chuckled, caressing your bare ass with his soft hands. He smacked it ere he soothed you with the words that he was the damn CEO and if someone wanted to talk to him they had to wait, being it an important matter or not, he wanted to fuck you right now nothing more and nothing less.

With that you traced a line through your folds to damped his cock in your juices a few times before you slowly sat down on it, feeling his wet tip entering you. Jimin moaned quietly at the sensation as you took him in till he filled you completely, staying still while adjusting to the stretch his dick caused. Your eyes rolled back while he pressed his lips on yours again, his hands grabbing your hips to move tardily up and down, the stretch causing you pain which evolved into arousal pretty fast.

“Jimin”, you moaned his name as you began to roll your hips into his, his cock pressing on your walls with every move, making you cry out his name. Before anyone would hear your loud voice he pulled you down, moving his lips passionately on yours to muffle the lewd sounds coming out of your mouth.

By the time you rocked your hips furiously into his, panting while his throat escaped some grunts. Jimin grabbed you harder, helping you to bounce on his dick as a knock on the door disturbed your love making.

“Mr. Park, I have the files you requested”, a female voice reached through the closed door, Jimin’s forehead pressing against yours as his breathless voice filled the room.

“I’m busy right now. Wait for a while.”

You chuckled, oh he was busy. Therefore you bounced hard on his cock, the friction his skin caused at your clit intensifying, but not as much as you would have loved it to. Jimin on the other side focused on your face, contoured in lust as he felt himself close to his own release. You saw how sweaty his body was as your skin hit his, perverted sounds caused by your juices and the sweat tuning through his office. He bit his plump lower lips while circling your hips on his, making him come with a loud, low moan so near your ear that you got goosebumps. How long you wanted to hear it while his seeds shot into your pussy, sitting down on Jimin until he finished trembling underneath you. He breathed so heavy, letting whimpers out which were more melodious than music in your ears.

Slowly you stood up, some drops of his white semen flowing down his dick as he fell out of you with a loud smack onto his toned abs.

“Y/n, I never said it, but you’re not just my best friend anymore, a long time ago I realized that it is you who I want”, he whispered while kissing your lips after every word. “It has to be our little secret for a while, but I think we can do it, right?”

“If we repeat this if I have my break, then that’s okay”, you winked at him, a light giggle falling from your lips as he looked at you, the common mischief tracing his eyes.

“Firstly you say 'I love you’ to your friend and now you seduce your CEO?”

You laughed, grabbing your clothes ere you dressed yourself. So did he while never letting you go with his dark eyes.

“I have a thing for someone called Park Jimin, so yes”, you answered him while he embraced you from behind.

“Luckily my name is the same”, Jimin grinned. “Now back to work, y/n. Let me do you a favour tonight. Eight o'clock again?”

You turned around, kissing his plump, pink lips again, adjusting his grey tie on it’s place. Now it was set, you were in love with your best friend, secret high school love and at the same time CEO. But you didn’t care what his status was as he kissed you back, smiling into your lips.

Mirror For The Sun - Part 1: The Idea

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2

Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. Part: The set-up.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1442

Author’s Note: Ok, lots of things:

  1. Aaaah I’m going to try something totally new and try a lot of 1st person Bucky POV in this series! This first part is just testing the waters a bit, feedback is much much appreciated.
  2. Changing my mind, this isn’t going to be a drabble series. I just couldn’t cut the parts up that short. It will be a short series though, 7 or 8 parts I think, definitely less than 10.
  3. I am currently road tripping myself and will make a Series Masterlist page once I get to my final destination tonight.
  4. I don’t have photoshop on this computer (waaah!) so if anyone wants to make me a banner for this series… I wouldn’t hate it. Otherwise I’ll try to piece one together with Gimp or some other free crap

Okay enough chatter!

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

“Alright, my turn,” Natasha smirks, taking her stance and firing an impeccably placed dart into the board. Damn it. Why did I agree to play her? She must play Clint all the time. She’s going to beat me.

“Best city for a night out.” She must have known Steve would give a less than satisfactory answer because she raises a finger towards him and specifies, “I mean, pick up a girl, one night stand, kind of night out.” I can’t help but snort thinking about Steve trying to talk himself into leaving after a one night stand. He’s so damn chivalrous.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing about, Buck,” Steve fires at me, “you’ve been on fewer dates than me in the last decade!”

That shut me up. He’s right, I haven’t really gotten back into the swing of it yet, haven’t really tried. I scowl at Steve before picking up my set of darts and flicking one into the target. “New York,” I answer, willfully ignoring Steve’s taunting.

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HYFR - 1.

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok
Genre: Fratboy/Fuckboy AU, comedy, smut and mild angst in later parts
Summary: For the past couple of years, the Phi Kappa Psi boys are quickly rising on the list as the best frat on the USC campus. They’re all gorgeous, intelligent, fit, and just swell dudes. But it’s with their new pledges, the guys they call THE SUPREME SEVEN, that they’ll kick those Lambda Chi Alpha tools off their number one spot.

Chapter 1: They Lovin’ The Crew

It’s a new year, and that means new pledges.

It’s not really a period of time that Kim Seokjin, the president of the Phi Kappa Psi chapter at the University of Southern California, is really thrilled about, but after a disastrous bunch of pledges last year – when only one got initiated to stay in the house – he was glad for this year’s crop of fresh faces. Seokjin calls them the Supreme Seven because all of them seem to exhibit all the qualities that every Phi Kappa Psi brother should have – Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent - or something like that… (Hey, It’s not Seokjin’s fault that Rupaul’s Drag Race is a very entertaining show!)

There were over 350 rushees this year and these seven were some of the best of the bunch. Each of them ranked a place on the list of ‘Top 20 Rushees Every Frat Wanted to Acquire’ and with 20 fraternities on campus, that puts Phi Psi in the lead as the most desirable frat because those seven boys accepted their bid.

Seokjin knows with all his heart and soul that these seven new pledges will bring glory to Phi Psi name – if they get initiated, that is.

So let’s do a little introduction, shall we? Right here, right now, during this killer toga party that only the Phi Psi boys could throw and still make it feel fresh and new even though it has been done and beaten to death a billion times before.

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Happy Birthday am2c!

We apologize that your gift is late @am2c! We hope you had a great Birthday! To help celebrate your special day, the wonderful @ally147writes has written a special Everlark story just for you! Enjoy!

On the Cusp

AN: Happy Birthday to the prompter! I fear this got a little more angsty than what you probably wanted, but I hope I balanced the worry and the fluff enough for you :) Apologies for the rushed end — I had about a thousand problems with my computer you don’t want to know about… But if anyone’s interested, I’ll be expanding on this one in the future.

I did write this with everyone on the cusp of a milestone birthday in mind (including myself), so I hope everyone enjoys it and maybe takes something away.

Rated M-ish for language.

Whenever Peeta Mellark envisioned his thirtieth birthday, back when the occasion was still far-off and hazy with dreams, he imagined a few milestones might have been ticked off his ‘Before Thirty Bucket List’:

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Jack’s wedding ring was cheap. She knew that and had never minded, it was the thought that counted, and she really did love it. It was a plain thing, a silver band that looked like it was made of small sculpted leaves, the silver outlined the small leaves and left the middles of them open, it gave her a rather hilarious tan line in the summer but she rarely took the ring off so it didn’t really matter. Her engagement ring was the same, it was pretty, silver and dainty with a small stone at it’s center, the stone wasn’t a diamond, she knew that, she thought it may have been a white sapphire but had never cared enough to look into it, what really mattered about the ring to her was that inside the band in a pretty cursive script it said ‘King’, which matched a script inside Geoff’s wedding ring that said ‘Queen’. It was the sentiment that counted and Jack was a sentimental woman.

When Geoff had proposed they were still pretty small time, it was just the two of them in his shitty brownstone walk up on the south side of LS that cost way more in rent than it had ever been worth. It was just the two of them, and a two person team, while better than one, could only do so much when it came to hitting banks or doing casing work, when there’s only two you need to stick close and work more on an in and out plan than taking extended time to work. So even though the rings were inexpensive, they still took a chunk of change out of their little nest egg at the time. 

Shortly after Geoff proposed they took in Gavin, and within months they also had Michael, jobs got bigger, they got more dangerous because they had more people to cover them. By the time they got married, just before Christmas not even a full year after Geoff had proposed, they had way more money than they ever could have imagined, but Geoff had bought her wedding ring in a matching set with the engagement ring, and as much as he tried to let Jack replace them before the ceremony, she always refused. 

“I love them” she’d tell him every time, holding her left hand to her chest, teasing him, acting as if he would pry the rings from her fingers if she’d let him, which she knew he never would, all she had to do was pull out her doe eyes and Geoff would relent with mumbled curses about her being too cute for her own good, and he would drop it. Gavin teased Geoff about it constantly, would make jokes about how just the stone on his pinky ring would probably cost more than Jack’s rings combined, Jack always found him funny because, while most of Gavin’s rings were ridiculously expensive, she knew the one he made jokes about was from Claire’s, but Geoff didn’t.

For their five year wedding anniversary Geoff made up for it, even though Jack told him over and over that he didn’t need to. Their numbers had once again gone up by two with Ryan and Jeremy, so they’d been even more successful over time, so Geoff flew them down to Mexico and they renewed their vows on the beach to a small group of friends and friendly business associates, Ryan and Michael stood for Geoff, and Jeremy and Gavin for Jack, it was a lovely affair, and Geoff had bought Jack a new wedding ring that was similar to the one she already wore, and Jack made him put it on her right hand because, while it was pretty, she liked her original one better. 

The issue of the rings drove Geoff to distraction whenever someone brought it up, though it was usually to compliment the rings, although they were sometimes mentioned as distinguishing features on Jack’s police reports as, other than her Gents and tetris tattoos, she had the least amount of visible distinguishing features of the crew, and whenever they were shown in news reports Geoff would always grumble about how all of LS could see the rings and how unimpressive they were, and Jack would always chastise him for it. 

Her wedding rings were the only pieces of jewelry that ever got Geoff’s panties in a twist, there was other jewelry he’d given her before they’d made it big, a pearl choker he’d given her as part of a costume for a casing, that he’d got at a pawn shop, earrings and bracelets and rings that cost much less than her engagement and wedding rings that she wore almost as much, but still it was only those two rings that bothered him. Jack reassured him at every turn that she loved them, that she couldn’t have been happier with them, and that (other than a bracelet the three lads had given her one year on Mother’s Day with the whole crews names engraved inside) they were her favourite pieces of jewelry, and he should know that because she refused to take them off so vehemently that the LSPD listed them as a distinguishing feature for Christ sake! Geoff admitted once that their cheapness bothered him because he knew she deserved more, deserved better, but she wouldn’t hear anything about it, she simply told them that she loved them, and the only way they were coming off is if someone pried them from her cold, dead finger. That argument was the last they’d had about it. Jack’s vehemence that the only way they’d come off was if she was dead clinched it for him that maybe he had made a good decision. 

And really, either way, he’d definitely made a good decision about the woman he chose to marry. 


Title: The Award System.


The art was done by the awesome and super talented @barleytea. You guys should definitely check out their stuff.

For the Spideypool Big Bang 2017, @spideypoolfanfic.

Rating: Mature. No Warnings Apply.

Pairing: Spideypool.

Some of the Tags: Mention of other characters. Established Relationship. Some Smut. Fluff.


Peter’s not entirely surprised that Wade does so well they begin to implement the awards system of theirs. For every month Wade can go without breaking one of their agreed upon rules, he can pick something off their list as his gold star.

He should have started this years ago.

We have to talk about Les Amis & Co. as high school teachers.

  • Enjolras as the government teacher. He, of course, has half the students swooning. (Courf’s ringtone for his is Don’t Stand So Close to Me by the Police. Enjolras does not find this funny).  The other half of the students loathe him. He is strict beyond compare and by far the toughest grader. But he is also unbelievable supportive. If a kid seems to be having trouble, he always goes out of his way to help them out.  He also has a mural of Liberty Leading the People on his wall curtesy of an all-too-willing Grantaire.
  • Combferre as the strict but nurturing philosophy teacher. All his students really like him, but are secretly terrified of him. There are rumors that he is actually omnipotent. He sees everything. Don’t ever try to cheat in his class. Ever. You will fail and you will die.
  • Courfeyrac is an amazing ethics teachers.  All his students adore him. During his lectures, he constantly flip-flops between rants on social justice and terrible puns. He also sponsors the school’s LGBTQ+ club. He always has his door open to talk to students. HE and Jehan are locked in a perennial battle for the title of “Favourite Teacher.”  His tactics involve innumerable amounts of chocolate.
  • Jehan as the eccentric langauge arts teacher.  Every one loves hims.  He introduces his students to both classic and obscure, underrated authors.  He enthusiastically advocates for his students to write more, even offering to edit work that’s not for class. He is incredibly kind and gentle in class, but all his students know about his dark side. One time, a kid called John Keats lame. That day will haunt the school for years to come.
  • Bahorel as the boisterous chemistry teacher. Okay wait, just hear me out. Explosions.
  • Marius as the terribly nerdy calculus teacher.  Before he met Cosette, he professed in a grand speech in the teacher’s lounge that Lady Math was his one true love.  Actually, that’s how they met.  Cosette was laughing her head off in the back.  But seriously.  He does math for fun.  He has a tattoo of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.  
  • Cosette as the always cheerful choir teacher.  She sings like a lark and has a smile unmatched, but once her father came to visit her while she was teaching.  She left to make some copies, leaving him alone with the kids, and ever since they’ve never dared to make any trouble.  She uses this to her advantage.  When she asked Marius out on their first date, she did it by bursting in on one of his classes and having her kids sing to him.  He was red for a week.
  • Musichetta as the Home Ec. teacher.  She can do everything.  It’s fucking amazing.  But unfortunately, one of her boyfriends is not allowed in her classroom ever again. Let’s just say that after the wounds he suffered, stitches would have been redundant.
  • Bossuet as the clumsy French teacher.  He absolutely loves it.  He was born in Toulouse, but his mother’s job took his family to the States when he was five.  He always wished he had more of chance to explore his home country, so exploring his heritage is a dream job.  The only problem is that after speaking in French all day to his students, he sometimes forgets to switch to English around his friends.  (Not Chetta or Joly mind.  They think it's trés attirant). 
  • Joly as the weird-ass biology teacher.  In his classroom, he has a human skeleton he calls Molly, (“Good morning, Molly!” Joly says every morning.  "Good morning to you too, Joly!“ says Joly in a weird voice).  No one knows if Molly is a real skeleton or not.  Whenever someone asks Joly, he just laughs.  Molly has been featured in many a prank. He also teaches the Anatomy and Physiology elective.  There are many rumors about that class.  There are often loud sounds coming from the room, but whenever the students are asked about it, they just laugh. They truly have learned well.
  • Feuilly teaches World History and shop class.  His style is the very definition of tough love.  A lot of his students want to hate him for being so hard on them, but they can’t.  He is a terribly kind and helpful person and they all know his hard-edged style really makes them better students and people.
  • Montparnasse (yes, I’m counting him. He is one of my babies) teaches orchestra.  He loves music and he gets to wear a tux.  He would teach band, but then he’d have to lead the marching band.  Parnasse doesn’t sweat.
  • Eponine is the menacing P.E. teacher with the glint of murder in her eye.  Do not cross her.  The punishment: Pirate Dodge Ball from New Jersey Hell.
  • And finally, Grantaire.  Art teacher and resident nihilist.  Despite his cynicism about humanity as a whole, he is incredibly optimistic about each of his students individually.  His kids are what keep him going.  The light he sees in their eyes when they accomplish something in his class makes him forget- just for a second- all the pain and shit he’s suffered in his life.  His classroom is a bit of a safe haven for many students.  When kids are having problems with any type of substance abuse, they come to R.  He doesn’t feed them the feel-good crap that they’d get from the counselor.  He’s been through the same stuff they have and came out the other side.  He’s been sober since the year before he started teaching and he knows how to really help his kids out.  
Skool Luv Affair Part 2

Pairings: Jikook, Yoonseok, Namjin

Words: 1307

Genre: Hogwarts!au, enemies to lovers

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7  Part 8 Part 9

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Part 2

“You’re doing it again,” Jimin said, smirking at him as he meticulously cut up his bacon into smaller and smaller pieces.

“Doing what?” Yoongi scowled.

“Staring at that Hufflepuff, you in love or something?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He denied casually, “Why do you bother to get bacon if you never eat it?”

“Firstly, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you think you’re being subtle, you’re really not. And secondly, don’t change the subject,”

“Can I remind you that I’m two years older than you?”

“Yeah and two years dumber,” He quipped earning himself a cuff to the back of the head, “Hey!”

“Have some respect, brat,”

“Whatever, hyung, point is, every mealtime I catch you looking at him. It’s weird, you know?”

“It’s not every mealtime,” He protested and Jimin gave him a look, “Fine, ok, but what’s the problem?”

“He’s a Hufflepuff,” He stated matter of factly as if this should be obvious. “Do you like him?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Hoseok is just attractive,” And cute and kind and funny and a whole list of other things.

“Hoseok huh?”

“He’s a chaser and he’s friends with everyone, it’s not strange that I know his name,”

“Hyung, you probably know the names of his pets and what he ate for supper last night, you’re obsessed,”

“I am not obsessed!” He objected, fighting off the oncoming blush.

“Ok, sure I’ll believe you, but first explain to me why you specifically insisted we go to lunch later than usual today. Might it perchance be because their Quidditch team always practices during late morning on a Saturday?”

“It’s a coincidence,” He grumbled, aggressively cutting up his food.

God he could remember when the kid was still an innocent and painfully shy first year, who kept up a façade of haughty arrogance and refused to talk to anyone. He’d never much liked him until he’d found him crying one evening in an alcove of a rarely used corridor and despite his best instincts and usual tendencies to not get involved, he had stopped to comfort him.

Well, if awkwardly asking him questions and pretending to not be interested counted as comforting. Eventually he had managed to extract a confession broken off by hiccups and sobs that he was sure he’d been sorted into the wrong house.

(“Everyone goes to the house they’re meant to be in, the Sorting hat doesn’t make mistakes,”

“I know,” He said, voice cracking. “That’s the worst part,”

“Why? What’s wrong with Slytherin?” He asked, shifting him over so that he could squeeze in beside him.

“None of my family have ever been in Slytherin,” He sniffed, looking at his feet. “I think my dad’s really disappointed,”

“I’m sure that’s not true,”

“Before I came I was so nervous about being sorted and everyone kept saying ‘You have nothing to worry about, it’s not like you’ll be sorted into Slytherin’”

“Oh, well that’s a bit shit,” He conceded, “A lot of people have a bad view of our house from the war, I guess, but it’s a load of rubbish. If they’re disappointed it’s their problem not yours,”

“O-ok,” He replied hesitantly, drying his cheeks with the sleeve of his robes.

“What else is bothering you?”

“I guess, I r-really don’t feel like I belong, I’m worried…” He trailed off.

“Worried what?”

“That no one will accept me,” He muttered.

“Why wouldn’t they?”

“I’m…I’m a half blood,”


Jimin looked up at him shocked, “But… But most Slytherins are purebloods, and I –”

“Judging someone by their blood status is a load of bullshit,” Yoongi interrupted. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’ll be fine, honestly. And if anyone gives you any trouble you can come to me,”

“Really?” He asked, finally starting to look a bit more hopeful. Yoongi already had a bit of a reputation and no one wanted to get on his bad side.

“Sure, kid,”)

Now look at him. He was the most fiercely Slytherin of all of them and had taken the whole house rivalry thing to a new extreme, always coming up with schemes to beat the other houses, especially Gryffindor. He was the most vocal about all the old traditions and stupid prejudices as well.

Yoongi thought it was all a load of crap, who the fuck cared if he wanted to be friends (*cough cough* more than friends *cough cough*) with a Hufflepuff for god’s sake? Who the hell even thought that the whole system was a good idea anyway? Even as a smaller – slightly – eleven year old he had been unimpressed by the idea of being stuck in a stereotype for life by the decisions of a goddamn talking hat.

The exacting delineation of young people by their supposed personality traits would only result in long lasting problems for society. Tensions between houses carried on far into adult life, despite the fact that it was supposed to have died out after the war, and those rivalries and prejudices ended up being passed onto children such that many had a fixed, fairly one dimensional idea of what being in any particular house meant about you as a person. It didn’t help that all students essentially existed within the confines of their house, eating, sleeping and learning together and thus were rarely exposed to other’s points of view.

By this point to him it was just a colour and a reasonable way of deciding on sports teams and whilst it was true that you did get a handful of students who fit the house stereotype so neatly that it was almost comical, the rest could easily be in any.

That was just his rather cynical and pessimistic opinion anyway, not one that many held and certainly not Jimin. He often thought that his fierce rivalrous tendencies were born through his insecurity about his position both in terms of showing his family that he didn’t care what they thought and in order to force his acceptance in the house despite his blood status.

Then again it could entirely be down to one Jeon Jungkook.

The Gryffindor seeker and all round golden boy had taken an almost immediate dislike to Jimin and the feeling was very much mutual. The two fought on a daily basis, hurling abuse at each other across the Quidditch pitch, the classroom or – on bad days – the Great Hall itself.

There were bets running about who would kill the other first. Though disloyal his money was firmly on Jungkook. The kid was 80% muscle and 20% rage.

There were also bets running on who would snap and kiss the other first. Needless to say he made sure Jimin didn’t find out about those, though he couldn’t say that it would surprise him.

Honestly he just wished he didn’t have to hear him complaining about the other practically 24/7, no excuse needed.

It was all “You won’t believe what Jeon did this time, hyung!” or “I’m going to kill him,” or “That’s it! This is the last straw,” or “He’s such an arrogant pig, I can’t stand him,”

“Hey Yoongi, are you listening?” Jimin pouted at him. Oh, what a surprise, he was talking about him again.

“What’s he done now?” He sighed, knowing that he had no choice but to indulge the younger and interject at the right moments with a hum of agreement.

“Look at him, he thinks he’s so great,” He scowled, watching the Gryffindor as he strode confidently across the hall, already garbed in his Quidditch robes for their afternoon practice. It was a waste of breath to point out that he could just ignore the kid and focus on his food. “Would it kill him to not show off for once?”

Yoongi just shook his head. At least he had gotten off the embarrassing topic of Jung Hoseok.

So Ichigo’s feelings obviously got pretty darn strong guys. Because Renji noticed - and as much as I love that red-headed monkey, he can also be a tad dense (just like Ichigo). 

So Renji actually approached Ichigo and told him he should confess. 

Please do not forget the fact that Renji gazed after Rukia for years upon years. But didn’t do anything because he felt she was better off away, or in a different world. (Honestly, I think there’s too much to even list without writing an essay)

And you bet your sweet ass he saw that same look on Ichigo’s face. Because you know Renji saw that look in the mirror every time he thought of Rukia. It wouldn’t be hard for him to spot, now would it? 

Our precious baby men support each other.

Okay I’ve seen this post floating around for a while now and I’ve never commented on it. I want to go ahead and say we should absolutely learn about Leopold as well, I’m not discrediting that fact. Both of them are mass murderers, and both should be discussed, and brought to light what they have done. 

What I don’t agree with here is the misinformation. 

First off, this is Leopold the second … Yet doesn’t indicate which one it is. Since this is not taught, one may assume it is the first. 

Secondly, these statistics are not correct. 

Hitler killed 

6,000,000 Jews
7,000,000 Soviet Civilians
3,000,000 Soviet prisoners
1,800,000 Non-Jewish Polish Civilians
312,000 Serb Civilians
250,000 Disabled in institutions
220,000 Roma (Gypsies)
1,900 Jehovah’s Witnesses
70,000 Repeat criminal offenders
An indeterminate amount of German political opponents and resistance activists
An indeterminate amount of Homosexuals

Not including this indeterminate number of people, that still equals 18,653,900. That’s 8,653,900 more than stated in the picture above. 

Leopold the 2nd 

Killed, murdered and cannibalized 10-15 million people. 

Both of these would be considered genocide, no matter how you look at it.  However, even the Wikipedia page for the History of genocides, never states the genocide that Leopold did in Congo. The reason is simple, Belgium had so much profit and benefits from his ruling over Congo that the name Leopold is never mentioned as a sadist, conquer or dictator. Leopold enforces his ruling with camps, execution, torture and molesting the people of Congo. He also had his private army in the country.

In the words of Marc Twain

Trying to show the world the savage that King Leopold II is, Mark Twain wrote a pamphlet in 1905, titling it “King Leopold’s Soliloguy”. The book was published in four languages, English, German, French and Italian. In the pamphlet, Twain used political satire to criticize Leopold and his rulling over the free state of Congo.

Twain mostly focused on the approach that King Leopold II considered himself to be a person sent by God to evangelize the state of Congo. Leopold claimed he did not use government money for his personal benefits, and that those claims are made by nonbelievers. His sole purpose was to bring Christianity to Congo, and anyone who criticizes him is doing blasphemy.

In the book, Mark Twain also mentions the massacre that Leopold made in 1899 by sending Zappo Zaps to collect taxes. Leopold claimed that his critics mention only the taxes he instituted on Congo, but never mention his role in bringing Christianity to the state.

There is also the fact that Leopold the second ruled  1865 – 1909, he took over Congo in 1908 (110 years ago) where as Hitler was far more recent from 1933 - 1945 (72 years ago) There are still people alive today who remember WWII. 

It’s absolutely bull shit, I think both should be taught and talked about … But unfortunately since one ultimately started an entire world war that was publicized world wide, and had pretty much every country involved, and involved many more deaths in battles other than the ones listed above, it’s far more well known. 

While I agree with the OP pic … I think facts should at least be right. 

Get ready for the Hogwarts Thrawn and Eli AU that nobody asked for! XD

I had a magical influenza induced dream last night that Thrawn and Eli somehow ended up at Hogwarts together and Thrawn was dressed like Percival Graves for some reason and Eli was like ‘dafuq?’ and Palpatine was there… 

It was a good time.

For the Duelling Club Fic Click Here

And then I wrote a little fanfic to go with it and I think it’s fun. Here we go:

Eli trundled through the halls of Hogwarts castle, taking the longest route imaginable to Professor Palpatine’s office. It was the coldest day of winter yet and all the usual outdoor passages were covered in snow and swept by howling winds. So he decided to take a sizable detour through the much warmer hallways. Though warmer, in this case, did not mean entirely warm.

He reached an open window and quickly pulled out his wand to shut it but the icy wind had already covered the sill in snow. Eli shivered, hugging himself and rubbing his hands up and down for warmth.

“Stupid cold,” he thought to himself bitterly.

Eli was born in much warmer climates and had been enjoying the ever changing scenery while his parents moved him from place to place. Along the way he’d picked up a myriad of languages, cultures and friends but then he turned eleven and his magical travelling childhood came to an end. Eli’s parents had been offered a full time position at one of the courier companies in London and upon settling down, a letter from Hogwarts had arrived without delay.

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  • prompt: Rachel wrote a list of the ten things she wanted in her future husband when she was about seven eight. Jesse found it one day, ticked them off, and smugly framed it.

It’s their second day in their new home – a brownstone, like Rachel always dreamed of – and Jesse’s done about 90% of the heavy lifting.  While he lugs in box after box, Rachel skips passed him with small items, a vase, some books, a bag of clothes. A smug smirk, too.

Some would say he’s whipped. Those who wouldn’t would be wrong.

His main task of the day has been to go to Rachel’s storage locker – which she’s had since she returned to New York – to pick up all the things from her childhood home. Her apartment was never big enough to fit her entire life into, but now that they have three floors and seemingly endless space, she’s decided it’s time to bring back the obnoxious yellow and unnecessary amounts of glitter.

Jesse is just thrilled.

Two and a half years into their relationship and a mere six months away from getting married, now seems like the perfect time to upgrade from their old apartment. Rachel moved in with him eighteen months ago, officially, and about two years ago in reality, and Jesse’s decided that his place just isn’t big enough to house the two of them and his Tony Award.

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so i talk a lot about francy and why they’d be good together but i guess i should also make a post why they’re not good together – not because i want to ruin my own ship but tbh sometimes the angst is worth it (also this is a v long list i’m sorry)

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WOW WOW WOW PEOPLE. I can’t with people still thinking it’s 2008.

Shane Dawson has apologized profusely for the extremely racist shit he did in his early YouTube career and has clearly come around to being a more woke person. Yet there are still people I have to block in his tag who think he’s still the same person, when literally his only agenda these days is to fill his pool with ranch dressing (if he could) and buy stupid shit from Amazon. 

He still slips up and says problematic things sometimes (and he should be called out for it, not witch hunted), but he’s also a genuinely good guy with no ill intentions of hurting or alienating anyone.

And for the Jenna Marbles stan in the tags instigating it, she did blackface, too, as well as a bunch of super sketchy shit. FYI I love Jenna Marbles. She’s in my top 5 YouTubers list and I watch every new video she puts out. But if you’re going to accuse Shane of being a bad person for shit he did nearly 10 years ago, please look at your own fav. Because you’re accusing him of the same shit she was guilty of, and I still can’t find receipts of her apologizing or retracting any of it.


anonymous asked:

Based on this season, who do you think should be nominated for an Emmy

First and the most obvious choice is Lena. Yet again she delivered in every scene and completely stole the episode. She is an incredible actress, the best on the show and while she’ll definitely be nominated next year, I’ll be gutted if she doesn’t finally win.
Alfie Allen, and I will always list him no matter how small a role he plays. Was fantastic again in the finale. Does more with no words than some actors on the show do with a monologue and makes actors he has scenes with better.
Peter Dinklage had a much better season than the previous two. Peter delivers no matter what although the writing has been awful for him at times. But he had better writing this season and his scene with Cersei was his best since his trial in season 4 and I’ve missed that acting of his.
Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner as outsiders but continue to grow into very talented young actresses. Take the terrible Winterfell plot away, both of them have been brilliant this season. Sophie in particular in the LF execution scene was incredible I thought and Maisie, although at times I haven’t liked Arya this season, gets better every episode she’s in.
Another outsider is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who again despite bad writing, had some very good scenes as Jaime this season. He portrays the conflicted Jaime amazingly well and I’d like to see him get a nod.
Lena and Peter are almost certain to get a nomination. I’m desperate for Alfie’s work to be recognised and I really think Sophie deserves a nod this season. These are the 6 I think should get a nomination.

MCU Hogwarts AU* pt. 1 (Tony, Bruce, & Peter Parker)

A/N: If you want, feel free to request imagines/ drabbles / whatever else in this universe (reader inserts are highly encouraged because it’s mostly what I do lol). It doesn’t have to be romantic either, I’m totally into doing platonic stuff too. Just remember to specify things for the reader like which House and gender otherwise I’ll pick the House and leave the gender neutral.

*In this AU the Infinity Gauntlet/Stones are pretty much treated like the Deathly Hallows. There is still also a war brewing over blood purity and over the stones too. While Thanos is the big bad in this as the Dark Lord, he’s largely independent besides a few powerful followers. His mission is getting the Stones. HYDRA is another group of dark wizards bent on blood purity, led by Johann Schmidt who is still the Red Skull except a failed potion made him like that.

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Anthony Edward Stark “Tony”

◘ Pureblood

◘ Gryffindor: He only narrowly made it into Gryffindor because he asked, well demanded, to be in any other House besides Slytherin. He outright refused to be in the same house as his Father. He also would have done well in Ravenclaw but decided against it because, as an 11-year-old, he much preferred the combination of red and gold. That preference only grew over time to the point where it’s honestly kind of obnoxious. 

“Who needs a red and gold toaster, Tony? You don’t even know what toaster does!”

“Yeah but it looks cool and I need one for my experiments!”

“Don’t use the dorm as a place for your experiments, Stark. Especially when they involve setting stuff on fire.

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anonymous asked:

You should watch the new season 2 BTS clip, it has a lot of scenes in it, for example a scene of Mike sitting in El's tent and saying "day 352" to the supercom with "eleven" playing in the background and Finn saying that he does that every night for almost a year.

Honestly I’ve missed so much these past four days I cannot believe. I need some sort of list. I JUST watched this clip in the airport and I’m trying really hard not to cry waiting for my plane. The joy this gives me is beyond words because not only is it perfect and beautiful that Mike misses El that much and is S T I L L trying to contact her. But like also because we as a fandom knew that would be the case and doesn’t it feel so good to have that validation? Idk I’m just freaking out!!