he should be cast in a dance movie

Chosen Jacobs

 - He loves performing, he sings and plays the guitar. He started performing opera internationally at SIX so its not surprising

- His cover of A Team is so cute!!! He wants to put out an EP someday and I know I’d buy it

- Not only can he sing, he’s funny as hell. He was the best part of V Team, fight me

- facing the wall: “Does this look mysterious?” *turns around* “oh hi”

- “right now I’m working on my thighs”he says, lifting weights

- When he took Finn’s shoes off his dead body dudiqwdid

- alright moving on from that skit to another, i can’t forget the hidden gem The Chosen Show. He’s a comedian ™

- Campaigned for teen suicide awareness at 14 and feeds the homeless in his spare time, what a man

- got cast in IT after ONE audition tape, holy shit he’s so talented?

- He loves Mike Hanlon so much??? Bring him up in an interview and he will talk about him for 10 minutes. “I feel like my character is sweet. He really cares. He’s a genuine person. He’ll do for you if you do for him. He doesn’t have many friends growing up isolated, black in the ‘80s in a primarily caucasian environment. But he’s got a sweetness about him and he really cares about this friendship because it means the world to him. I think that’s why he’d go and fight a clown.” He just hyped Mike up more than the entire fandom, iconique

- Not only does he really understand Mike, he really understands the story. “This story really is about our friendship and without Pennywise we never would have come together. Pennywise is really just symbolism for all the hard things that happen in life that brings people together… I think this horror film is more than just gore. It’s a coming of age movie” he just described it better than IMDB

- the only cast member who can dance, bless him

- he should be a model, have you SEEN this boys insta? Finn found dead in Miami

- He has such a bright smile it melts my shrivelled heart, look at a picture of Chosen Jacobs smiling and try to feel angry. It’s impossible 

- If I see a single racist comment toward him I will personally eat your liver

- goodnight ONLY to him

Beauty and the Beast review and rant

So I just got out of Beauty and the Beast. So here my opinion seeing as my family’s reaction is to say “you need to let other people have opinions to.” as they ignore me.

I liked:

The opening scene. In fact it’s one of my favorites. The costumes are divine and the choreography is excellent.

The fight scene. OMG I couldn’t breath during the fight scene, every time I thought I stopped laughing I started again.

That one guy smiling when Madame Garderobe dressed him up. Little things make me happy okay. Leave my nb child alone.

Madame Garderobe. All time fave. She and her husband are adorable and my fave ship in this movie. Audra McDonald should have been cast as Belle. Yes I’m salty but that’s for the next part.

Agatha/the Enchantress. I enjoyed how she kept appearing throughout the film.

Gaston. Gaston is at the bottom of my list of villains  (who I rank by song). But Luke Evans and the ensemble managed to make Gaston’s songs my favorite out of the movie.

Lefou. I will fight people for Lefou. He is my son now. The part in the ending where he gets to dance with another boy made my heart swell.

The jewelry they paired with the yellow dress was so pretty and I’ll take two ear cuffs please.

The Potts. I love how they showed the spell made Mr. Potts forget, but even then it was still farmilar

The spell. Yes 8/10 on the world building. The edits to the spell were👌👌👌

The cast. There are so many talented people and such diverse ages and skin colors and ugh I want that ensemble to show up at my funeral and sing me to eternal rest okay that ensemble needs an award.

Things that make me salty:

Emma Watson. This is gonna take a while. Look Emma I love you okay, you are a great Hermione but as Belle well you were missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

Namely stays. And to anyone who tries to tell me that stays or corsets are antifemist, all I can say is: Do you (expect women to) wear bras every day? Because what Emma Watson was doing was basically running around braless.

Honey every other woman on that set was wearing period accurate clothing right down to the underpinnings and the fact that you had a defined bust instead of a smooth front was very obvious. You stood out and not in a good way.

The yellow dress. *insert long line of expletives* GLITTER GLUE?! AND TEAR OFF SKIRT?? GO SIT IN A CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!!

 *deep breath*

The yellow dress isn’t all bad. It moves beautifully and the color is gorgeous.


I could see the zipper in almost every shot. The neckline didn’t lie right. What fabric did they use for the bodice? (Seriously this looks like the monstrosity The Play Moms tried to force me into back in 5th grade.) The glitter glue was as obvious as the lack of stays; (I don’t even give a shit about the panniers that almost every other woman was wearing; just are you kidding me with the stays.) Especially next to the gorgeous embroidery on pretty much ever other costume. The tiers are the completely wrong era and the the silhouette is ridiculously modern.

And then she rode off in her formal attire. And RIPPED THE SKIRT OFF!!!! I’m sorry but as someone who is personally handstitching an authentic 18th century outfit FUCK YOU DO YOU KNOW THAT’S MONTHS OF WORK??!!!! AND WORTH ABOUT AS MUCH AS BELLE’S ENTIRE HOUSE???!! Belle would have known that. Clothing was handmade and a lot more expensive so formal wear wouldn’t have been worn on a ride through the forest!

you have a movie where every one is gorgeously costumed in fairly accurate garb and then your heroine looks like you bought all her costumes at a Halloween Express. Emma Watsons singing. She’s not bad. But next to everyone one else she’s obviously an amateur  (also her technique made me want to scream. Your mouth needs to be rounded not flattened). Seriously I could have done better. In case you couldn’t tell I wouldn’t have cast Emma as Belle. Nope. Audra is my Belle it is mycanon. That Lumiere and Cogsworth weren’t a couple. Cursed!Mrs.Potts and Chip are gonna give me nightmares just saying. Why was everyone speaking with a British accent? They’re French? In France? Speaking French? Like they didn’t even have her be born in England and move to France nope evidently England conquered France when we weren’t looking and everyone in France now speaks with a British accent. In the end it was an enjoyable movie. I would watch it again. But I’m SO tempted to start doing historical costume out of spite.

1940′s Movie Star! Tom AU (first headcanon)

hello and good day. as i’m a huge ass fan of old hollywood and kinda think that tom would have perfectly fit in that time, i decided to make some small AU about him being a film star in the 1940s!

yall can request anything to me!

you guys can also post your own stuff, i’d be happy to read it. let’s just say the tag for it is “1940s! tom”, thank you all very much, stay healthy and fine ♥

  • Despite being born in England, his family quickly moved to the States after his birth. More specifically to New York, where he and his family lived in rather poor conditions
  • Growing up, he didn’t really have that nice childhood, as it was drawn by the constant need of money, which his family didn’t have. His parents did every single job they could find, to provide their kids maybe just a little good life.
  • One thing he always appreciated were the visits to the local theatre, which he and his mother often went to. He was amazed by the way the actors were using only their face and voice to make him laugh, cry or even slightly mad. He also liked the way they danced, more flying than being on the floor.
  • That’s when he decided - he wanted to be an actor.
  • At first, his family wasn’t all that happy. Yet, after his father got a job with a good salary, they could have afforded tap dancing lessons, which Tom proudly took.
  • When he was 17 years old, after years of practicing and perfecting tap dance, he landed a job at the beforehand mentioned theatre
  • He got insanely popular, as everybody was just talking about that crazy talented actor and dancer
  • After some years, he achieved what he had dreamed of. Some casting directors saw him, fell in love with him and decided he should be the star of the next big Hollywood musical.
  • After some screen tests, he was chosen as the lead, landing his first big movie role in a Paramount production at the tender age of 21
  • Obviously that film was a major success, gaining him his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor
  • You were a small actress, only at the start of your career
  • Somehow you got a role in a film, next to the Thomas Holland, everybody was talking about
  • Despite it being another Hollywood blockbuster, your role was pretty tiny
  • Alright, you had to say like two sentences
  • ACTUALLY, you said these two lines to Tom and in that moment, he got so flustered that he forgot his damn lines.

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IT (2017): A quick non-spoilery review

- It’s one of the few Stephen King adaptations that truly respects and embodies the spirit and themes of Stephen King’s work.

- What this story is about: grief, being an outcast, fear, courage, coming of age, abusive parents and loyalty.

- What is not about: a killer clown (although there is one).

- It really is not a scary movie at all, at least in the traditional sense. Because the movie is fully from the point of view of kids, the lliteral scary scenes are also shaped in a more childish way.

- That doesn’t mean this isn’t a horror movie. It is. But for adults it’s a more subtle horror.

- The cast of kids is wonderful. They are all really talented and breathe a lot of life in their characters.

- Bill Skarsgard does a decent job as Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. He’s more terrifying looking and present than the previous encarnation in the 1990 miniseries. That being said, he’s not Tim Curry and not as memorable as he was in the role.

- The movie only covers the kids’ part of the story. We’ll get to see their adult version in Chapter 2, which should start production next year, if greenlit (Considering IT Chapter 1 will be a certain success, it’s bound to happen).

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for the sleepover thing: i feel like mitchell hope doesn't get a lot of credit or lowkey is even shown a lot of love from the cast

true! he plays a very important role in the movie tbh and should get more credit for his acting/singing/dancing. and he’s not even in a lot of interviews?? where’s the mitchell hope fan base he deserves??

It’s a Descendants Sleepover!

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please please PLEASE write more 3848! I love your fics!

On October 26, 2016 at 8:00 PM Vinnie is at the Blackhawks’ annual Halloween party and single.

He was just happy he didn’t have to wear a wig like the other guys. He, along with Tyler, Nick and Ryan, decided to go as the cast of Anchorman and he lucked out with being Steve Carell’s character. All he had to do was put on a suit and some large thin framed glasses.

“There’s no way I’m getting laid tonight,” Ryan says as they head towards the bar. Tyler and Nick have already ditched them for their girlfriends.

“Why?” Vinnie asks. He’s prepared himself to be a wingman given how much Ryan’s been complaining to him lately about needing to get laid. “You don’t see anyone up to your standards?”

Ryan stares at him longer than necessary before shaking his head. “No, because I can’t tell who’s a WAG and who isn’t.”

Vinnie looks around the dimly lit bar. “Yeah, guess so. And you haven’t met everyone’s wife or girlfriend so you’re probably safer not flirting at all.”

Ryan sighs. “Guess I just gotta flirt with you then.”

Vinnie’s heart skips a beat but bounces back in rhythm when he sees Ryan grin. “Ha ha.”

“Those glasses look hot on you,” Ryan says, leaning over and tracing the rim of Vinnie’s glasses.

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websslinger  asked:

We know you didn't like Homecoming, but I'm curious about something now. Since you like Liz Allan so much, and since this was her first adaptation into the movies (from what I can remember),what did you think about Laura Harrier's Liz? Would you like to see her come back? Feel free not to answer if you don't want to!

The funny thing is, back when they announced they were rebooting the Spider-Man films, I actually called that they’d be using Liz as the Love Interest on the basis that they’ve been working backwards. (I believe I also called the Vulture but that was honestly just wishful thinking because I fucking love the Vulture and although Michael Keaton gave a great performance in that movie, I have to say, if we as an audience aren’t ready to see Peter Parker punch a winged senior citizen in the face, we’re not ready for Peter Parker.)

I liked the casting of Laura Harrier a lot and I think she played the role she was given extremely well, although I’m naturally inclined to be sympathetic to the character of Girl Whose Only Mistake Was Giving Boy Who Repeatedly Ditched Her A Billionth Chance because haha, good ol’ Hollywood. Considering how fandom usually likes to discuss the MCU’s problems with how it treats women, I’m surprised how little I’ve seen Homecoming criticized for not allowing women to do anything. Please, my kingdom for a version of this movie where Liz gets to have one single little bit of involvement in taking down her father rather than Peter just flat out ruining her life while she presumably sits depressed by the punch and Nedke spins around in a chair. I would really like us to be past the point where we have scenes where the girl’s reason for going to a dance with the Main Character is “I know you like me”, you feel me?

It’s, I don’t know, it’s a pretty big departure from 616 Liz in high school:

Or even later on, when she gets involved in criminal activities trying to help her step-brother, Mark “The Molten Man” Roxton:

Or, when she threatened Norman Osborn when he tried to get involved in the life of her son, his grandson.

Liz has always been a proactive character and on top of Hot Aunt May (Did We Mention She’s Hot Now), Zendaya’s Michelle having very little screentime, the sidelining of Betty Brant, consistently one of the most important people to Peter, and Karen The Saccharinely Helpful Robot Lady Voice having, to the best of my recollection, more lines than any single female character, to have her so completely sidelined in the destruction of her family and her life for the Greater Good. imho Spider-Man should, at its heart, be about doing the right thing for no reward: taking down her father would have been the right thing, and she certainly would have gotten no reward. Instead, she’s left standing at the dance and the last we see of her is her tearfully telling The Boy she hopes he works it out or whatever. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Let women do stuff in MCU movies even if they don’t have super powers or spy training.

I would like her to come back, because again I did really like the casting and I Love Liz Allan, but honestly, Homecoming’s messages, including the erasure of the gun violence aspect of his backstory and the fact that they’ve taken a vigilante and made his goal Join The Cool REAL Superheroes left me so put off this reimagining of the series that I’m not inclined to see another Spider-Man movie until they reboot it again. (If you heard an obnoxious female voice shout “DOES HE HAVE TO” when Peter Parker Will Return came onscreen at your showing, sorry, you were in a theater with me.) She was good! I hope she comes back and does stuff! If it’s up to these writers, I highly doubt it!

I guess the ideal for me would be if Laura Harrier’s Liz appeared, somehow, in the Venom movie as the ruthlessly pragmatic CEO of Alchemax, somehow, I don’t know, we’re throwing around time skips all over the place these days:

Let women do stuff in movies, basically.

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I have a request please! Having a night in with Harry and showing him your favorite movie but he keeps closing his eyes and you keep yelling at him to wake up and pay attention because he's missing the best part and he's like "I'm just resting my eyes for a second" so you decide to get creative 😏

Finally.  A night alone.  You’d been looking forward to this all week.  Harry texted you about 20 minutes ago saying he was on his way home.  You were giddy with excitement.  It had been ages since the two of you had even a moment to be together much less an entire evening.  

You had it all planned out.  He was bringing home dinner which you would eat by candlelight out on the back patio with a bottle of wine you’d picked up earlier.  Then you’d show him your favorite movie.  Then maybe a bubble bath together where you could talk and discuss your week.

It was going to be the best night of your life.  You just knew it.

Your heart sped up the moment you heard the garage door open.  In moments Harry would be in your arms and there would be nothing to get in the way of your perfect night.

He just about dropped the bags of food he was holding when you threw your arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips the moment he walked through the door.

He smiled as he pulled away,

“Almost made me drop dinner, Love.”

You pecked another kiss to his mouth,

“I am so happy to see you.”

He quirked his brows,


Dinner was everything you imagined and then some.  Harry was affectionate and sweet and talkative and he wanted to know everything about your day and week that he’d missed.  He listened to all of it, even your stupid stories about things happening at the office with Nancy and Daniel, two people you found to be uber annoying yet were forced to work with.

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Hey Marvel Movie Fans!

For whom it may apply (and I know it’s not everyone), why was the mantra, “the best actor should get the role” when Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm, while the possible casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange was met with, “why is he white???”

It’s hard enough to find a well cast superhero movie without us dragging shit about race into it. Let’s make a deal to only complain about superhero movies ‘cause they’re poorly made and/or contain a dance sequence (side-eyes Spiderman 3). Kay?

*sits back and waits to be unfollowed*