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4 Jikook Soulmate AUs

1. Hair Woes

*Jimin loves dying his hair. Cotton candy pink, tangerine orange, platinum blonde, silver, you name it. He’s probably done it. He does so in hopes that he’ll see someone with the exact same shade as him to identify his soulmate.

*Jungkook is simple, he doesn’t plan on changing his black hair but his soulmate has different ideas. 

*He wakes up one day with a shock of baby pink hair and chokes on a scream. Brown was fine, blonde was fine, hell even orange or red was fine. But now he looks like a poofy cone of cotton candy and that totally clashes with the ocean blue t-shirt he was planning on wearing. 

*Jungkook grumbles while he tugs his black sweater sweater over his head, the only thing that looked okay in his eyes. His friends were never going to let him live down his image as the puffball he so vehemently denied being. 

*Jimin walks to his first class with a bounce in his step, feeling fresh with his new hair color. He spots a tuft of pastel pink hair in the distance and frowns because he thought he was the only one on campus to try that hair color first. 

*But then the boy catches sight of him and starts charging in his direction, finger pointed straight at him. Jimin points at his own chest, “Me?”

* “YOU! OF ALL COLORS!” And then it clicks, the fuming boy in front of him (he kind of looks like a puffed up bunny…) is his soulmate, which is why he had the same hair color. So his strategy did work after all. 

*Jimin envelops him in a hug immediately, catching Jungkook off-guard and effectively shutting him up. 

* “Nice to meet you soulmate! My name is Jimin! What’s your name?” The cheeriness drains the irritation out of Jungkook and replaces it with sudden shyness and a tiny squeak of “J-Jungkook.”

*Later, Jimin manages to convince Jungkook to let him keep the pink hair for a few weeks until he dyes it back to a soft hazel brown. He agrees on the condition that Jimin lets him borrow his sweaters since his clothes happen to match the crazy colors better than Jungkook’s collection of plain t-shirts. 

2. Complete the Heart

*Jungkook has half of a black and white chrysanthemum flower imprinted on his wrist, incomplete until he meets his soulmate. At least that’s what the expert who looked at his wrist said. 

*He meets Jimin through Taehyung and feels himself crushing hard immediately.  His face falls in disappointment when he sees that the half of a flower on Jimin’s wrist is a black and white dahlia, the flower he sees all the time on Hoseok hyung’s wrist. 

*But Jimin grabs his wrist once he sees it, eyes lighting up in excitement. “I finally met you! I’ve been looking for my soulmate for years!”

*Jungkook looks at him in confusion, because his soulmate is Hoseok hyung, not him no matter how much he wants it to be. 

*Then Jimin puts their wrists side-by-side and Jungkook’s eyes widen as they complete each other perfectly. “I thought…isn’t your flower a dahlia?”

*Jimin smiles at him, “No, a lot of people mistake it for dahlia flowers, but it’s actually a chrysanthemum. They look really similar don’t they?”

*Jungkook’s mouth quirks up in a smile because he got what he wanted for once in his life. 

3. Mental Link

*Voices start sounding in Jungkook’s head once he turns 18 which means his soulmate had turned 18 before him, his hyung. 

*At first he was annoyed, but he learned to tune it out when necessary. 

*Jimin was pleasantly surprised when he heard a soft, breathy voice in his head beside his. He decided he loved his soulmate’s voice the moment he heard it. 

*They’d met rather quickly, deciding on a cafe they both knew. Jungkook was very thankful he’d gotten lucky enough to meet his wonderful soulmate so early. 

*Their mental connection is rather handy. Jungkook has troubles in math so Jimin tells him what to do in his head during a test. That doesn’t count as cheating…right?

*When Jimin is bored in philosophy class (listening to Namjoon go on and on about the wonders of philosophy), he talks to Jungkook in his head. But that just means he randomly bursts out into laughter which makes everybody look at him weirdly. 

*Jimin gets worried when the voice in his head isn’t there. Turns out Jungkook is just spacing out and literally has no thoughts running through his head which explains the silence. He smacks the younger on the head when they see each other again. 

*Another time Jimin wants to hit his soulmate is when Jungkook reads hardcore smut and forgets that yes, Jimin can hear him reading out loud in his head. What’s worse is that Jimin needs to keep a straight face while he gives this presentation on the male anatomy. 

4. Red Strings

*Jimin has always been fascinated by the thing red string tied to his pinky, seeming to never end until he found his soulmate. 

*On the other hand, Jungkook gets annoyed. He has to tug at it in irritation when it gets caught on the car door or gets tangled up and knotted. But he doesn’t dare cut it loose, scared of breaking the bond.

*Jimin’s side of the string is smooth and intact while Jungkook’s side is frayed and little worn-down but still good. 

*Jimin decides to follow his string on a whim. Jungkook feels a tugging on his pinky and yanks at it, brushing it off. 

*The tugging gets more frequent until he yanks one more time and a small ‘oof’ is heard. He looks up and sees Jimin sprawled on the ground, Jungkook’s sudden yank on the string he was following pulling him down. 

* “Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry!” Jungkook helps him up immediately, not fully registering that he found his soulmate. 

*They spend the time getting to know each other (well Jungkook can’t even look Jimin in the eye yet), swapping phone numbers and promising to text.

*Jungkook plays with his string at night, tugging on it and wondering if Jimin can feel it on the other side. 

*Jimin often fiddles with the string when he’s nervous like he can feel Jungkook’s presence on the other side and relaxes. 

Rockabye (pt.3)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 2.6k

Originally posted by chimchams

You were stupid. Why would you agree to go out with one of the customers? This club was a strictly “business only” one and if you get caught, you lose it all. Jae-Eun meant everything to you and if you lost him over one mistake, all of your hard work would go to waste. The endless nights of stripping and dancing for men but making enough money to support you and your child would all be thrown down the drain. You’ve worked so hard to be where you are now and this one guy that made your heart flutter, would not ruin it for you. Or at least, that’s what you thought.

You were supposed to call Jimin when you felt like meeting up but that private dance happened weeks ago and since then, you were really putting this whole thing to the side. It wasn’t because you didn’t like Jimin, in fact, that was the opposite reason. Jimin made you feel ways that were unexplainable. He made you feel good about yourself, almost as if his confidence was contagious. It rubbed off on you, but hey, you weren’t complaining. Most of the time, especially during private dances, guys made you feel like a toy. They always called you names and spit profanities in your face, continuously.

Jimin, though, never once looked at you like you were something he could use to just have fun with. He didn’t dare to call you anything besides beautiful. Guys don’t understand how much that means to a girl. Being called beautiful opposed to sexy or hot is so much more flattering and respectful. Jimin seemed to know how to treat a woman and the thought of that put you in awe. 

As much as Jimin was all of these things, you had to be careful. One mistake or you get caught with a customer, it is over and that scared you, a lot. 

Today was the warmest day out of the weekend, so you decided to spend one-on-one time with Jae-Eun. You loved taking him on strolls in his stroller around the park and he did too. He giggled and giggled whenever you made funny faces or noises. Peek-a-boo was his all time favorite game, he really seemed to get a kick out of you hiding your face behind your hands and then suddenly appearing out of nowhere. His laugh was the sweetest thing on earth and it kept you motivated, to keep pushing through all of these hard times.

He was already 3 months old. Time has flown by so quickly. You remember holding him that night after you delivered him, looking down at his soft, newborn, face. He had his dads, well, everything. His eyes; one mono eyelid and one double, small but oh-so, kissable lips. He somehow only got your nose while he got the rest of Jungkook’s features. You knew he would be a lady killer when he got older, just like his dad. 

He was a spitting image of Jungkook and it hurt your heart. Whenever you looked at Jae-Eun, it brought back painful, yet so beautiful memories that you will forever cherish. Of course, he didn’t look exactly like Jungkook, since he was still a newborn but you were afraid for when he got older. He would eventually grow into his same body type, broad shoulders, muscular thighs, and tall. It would hurt to even look at your own kid, just because Jungkook did so much damage to your heart. He left you when you needed him the most. He never came back and that only hurt you more. It made you feel not special, not wanted, and alone. 

Jae-Eun couldn’t talk yet but sometimes you used him to talk to, even if he couldn’t understand. He could barely say anything, so he just stuck to his famous giggles, whines, and cries. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes you feel like you are talking to someone and they are actually listening to you when you talk to Jae-Eun. He looks at you, with his deep brown eyes of Jungkook, eyebrows raised high from their original spot, and his face softens as if he truly understands what you are saying. You were excited for him to grow up because Jungkook was always such a good advice giver and knew how to listen to you. You felt that when Jae-Eun gets older, he will pick up those same characteristics and you’d have each other to talk to and get advice from, just like it was with his dad. 

“Okay, my baby Jae, we are here.” You say as your bring the car to a stop and turn off the ignition. You look behind you and there Jae-Eun was, in his blue pants and white shirt, with a big smile on his face. Your heart softened at the sight, he was really going to be a lady killer, you thought to yourself.  

It was a decently nice day but still fairly cold, with clouds covering the sky. It was something about the sky that brought you so much serenity. Every time you look up, you see your dad smiling from heaven, giving you a thumbs up. It brings tears to your eyes to know that such an amazing man was gone, so young and so unexpectedly. He was all you really had as growing up. Not that your mom was bad, she just tended to work a lot, favor your brother, and forget about you. 

Your father was such a humble, hard-working man, and when he died, you felt like the world crashed onto you. You’ll never forget the lifeless, pale, sunken, face of your dead dad, laying in the casket. You lost someone so important to you and your life would never be the same. That was the worst night of your life, even more than Jungkook leaving. 

You had a dad while growing up and a not so supportive mom, the opposite of what Jae-Eun had now. You were dreading the day you would have to tell him, that his dad walked out on the announcement of your pregnancy. A boy needs a male role model in his life, especially when growing up to learn from and grow with but you couldn’t provide that for him. The thought of that shred your heart into pieces but you can’t do anything about it, which only made it that much harder.

When you get out of the car, you carefully unbuckle his seat belt and get the stroller out of the trunk. You set it up and pick up Jae-Eun extremely carefully before placing him down into the stroller and buckling the two straps that held him in place. You were so gentle with him, not because you were scared you would drop him or anything, more so of it just being that, you didn’t want to risk something like that happening if you were too rough or too careless. 

You kneeled down to Jae-Eun's level so he could see you and look at him. You tilted your head to the side and reach out to cup his small, warm, and soft cheek. He really did look like Jungkook so much already and as much as you tried to not see it in him and push it away, you couldn’t.

You still loved Jungkook. He gave you so much to love. Never in a million years did you expect for him to walk out on you so easily or quickly. He didn’t even talk to you about the whole situation, which is his fault because you guys could’ve made it work out, he just didn’t want to.

That night was bad but nowhere near as bad as your fathers funeral. Cancer was indeed, a killer. You remember waking up to Jungkook nowhere in sight, his clothes magically gone and out from the closet, and all of his personal belongings taken by him, except a picture of you two, framed and hung up on the wall. He left nothing, besides a note that broke your heart into fractured pieces, as tears flooded and left your eyes.

      I’m sorry it had to be this way. I can’t be with you anymore. I can’t take care of a baby. I don’t have the recources or stability to help you take care of another human, let alone a newborn . It is too much and I can’t have that kind of stress put on me. I love you, y/n, so much, but we can’t be ‘us’ anymore, there can’t be an ‘us’. I’m sorry.

Stress? Stability? Recourses? Us? Love? What kind of note was that? You’ve never seen Jungkook so selfish in your lifetime. He LEFT you with all of the stresses of being a parent. He LEFT you with a baby when you were obviously not strong enough to do this on your own. He LOVED you, but couldn’t find the pity in his heart to stick with you throughout the hard times, through all of the upcoming years. He SAID that there couldn’t be an us anymore when that was what you’ve always been. He was SORRY but couldn’t stay and talk to you about the problem? He ran out on you. He ran away from responsibilities. He ran out on Jae-Eun, who needs and will need a father, at some point in his life.

Each word on that letter felt like another stab to the heart. You’ve never seen someone be so selfish, let alone the father of your baby. Jungkook was always so nice, so compassionate, so caring, warm, and so admirable but your opinion on him soon changed after he walked out on you. He was an asshole, immature, selfish, and an awful person, for doing what he did to you. But no matter what he did, you still loved him, and that’s what you hated most about the whole thing.

Normally a girl would eventually get over the guy that left and move on but you haven’t. You just needed to find someone to heal the wounds Jungkook left on your heart, someone who would make you forget all the bad that has happened to you, someone who would treat you the way you were supposed to be treated, someone who-

“Earth to y/n???“A familiar voice says while the person waves their hands in front of your face rapidly, trying to get you out of your trance. Your eyes widened as soon as you realized who it was that was standing right in front of you. 


“Sorry, I- how- why- wait, did you follow me?” You suddenly ask. Jimin pulled his lips into a smile, as his eyes formed into crescent moons.

“No, silly, I saw you kneeling down as I was leaving the parking lot,” He paused and then continued after he wiped off his forehead. “I just got done with a business meeting and decided to take a walk, which I am now happy I decided to take one instead of not because I get to see you.“ 

Yep. He never failed to make your heart jump out of your chest. He was just so good with words. 

He had on a blue shirt with a blue blazer and the sight of that, made you shiver. He was not only good with words but he looked good while saying them too.  

You slowly stand up and see that he was glowing. His skin was glowing, his eyes were glowing, his teeth you could now see since he was smiling, were glowing. Jimin was just so beautiful, he literally stuck out in a good way. His eyes glistened with the sunshine and his scent once again had you in a trance. There was something about the way Jimin smelled, it brought some sort of positivity and hospitality into your thoughts. He made you forget what you were thinking just minutes before and that was exactly what you needed.

“Uhm, y/n? Gawking much?” He chuckled and as soon as you realized your mouth was hanging wide open and you were staring at him, a sudden wave of embarrassment flooded you. 

“Ah, sorry, it’s just that-” Really, stuttering, cmon?  "You know what, nevermind.“ You shook your head and gave yourself a mental slap to the face. 

Jimin walked closer to you and stopped as he reached Jae-Eun’s stroller. He turned back to you and his lips formed a smile - no, don’t- there it is, you thought to yourself. His smile killed you. It was so perfect, the way his teeth aligned with his lips and the way his eyes smiled too, almost more than his actual one.

“Who do we have here?” Jimin says as he bends over and tickles Jae-Eun’s stomach, as Jimin received giggles from him in return. Jimin couldn’t stop smiling and that made your heart beat even faster.

He looked so good with kids. He was making Jae-Eun laugh and smile and he just got here. How could a guy be so perfect?

“That’s Jae-Eun.” You reply and look at Jimin while he was now playing peek-a-boo with him.

“Peek-a-boo!” He said in a high-pitched voice and repeated the movements needed to actually play and entertain the kid.

You heart sung, as you saw how good Jimin was with kids.  Mostly guys were good, anyways, but he was just, better. Jimin was always better, now that you think of it.

He eventually stopped and reached his hands back down into the stroller, unbuckling Jae-Eun. “May I hold him?” He asked. 

You nodded and that gave him the green light. He slowly picked up Jae-Eun underneath his armpits and placed a hand under his butt before resting him on his shoulder. Normally Jae-Eun cried when you picked him up but for some reason, he wasn’t with Jimin.  He seemed to really be comfortable with him because soon enough, there he was resting the side of his cheek on Jimin’s shoulder, with his hands wrapped around Jimin’s neck, as he slowly swayed side to side, sending Jae-Eun off to sleep. 

“Wow, he really likes you, a lot, Jimin.” You tilt your head to the side and can’t help but smile. Jimin was being so sweet to him and that made you very happy on the inside to know that he was like this. He wasn’t some guy who hated kids or got annoyed quickly.

“I mean, I AM Park Jimin, nobody can resist me.” You flick the side of his head and his mouth drops open, mouthing the word, “ouch.“ 

"What……. You deserved it.” You reply sarcastically and flick him again in the same spot but before you move your hand away, he reaches out and grasps onto your wrist tightly.

“You know what else I deserve?” You look at him and tilt your head to the side, raising an eyebrow. “A date with you." 

"I already agreed to one." 

"Then, how about I take you out tomorrow night?” He asks while letting go of your wrist. 

“Jimin, I would love to but I would need a babysitter and I can’t afford that right no-” He cuts you off and immediately starts talking. 

“I can pay for the babysitter.” Was he rich or something? He always gave you more money than you needed and now was offering to pay for a babysitter just to take you out? Damn.

“No, Jimin it’s okay, really, you don’t have to, " 

"I know I don’t have to but I want to” And there it was, the smile has returned.

In Training Part 2 (NSFW)

Requested: Yes
Request: Pls more black canary apprentice and Damian Wayne? Maybe Damian takes her to her first Wayne charity ball and she like wows him in what she’s wearing and yadyadayada and since we’ve established that she’s a flirt, she just riles him up the entire time. And because he’s inheriting the Wayne company he has to be present and serious but as soon as he is able to step away, things get steamy. (Also I think black sparrow or just sparrow would be a cute super hero name)
Summary: Things get hot after Damian catches you flirting at a gala.
Word Count: 1387

Warnings: Smutty sex, hickies/lovebites, and very little actual plot… enjoy!

Dating Damian was surprisingly natural. He was a perfect gentleman. He took you out on a date at least once a week. He seemed to like physical contact, always stealing your hand or wrapping his arm around your waist whenever you were in close proximity. It made the days fly by until six months went out the window and the two of you were caught off guard by the paparazzi. The pictures of you were plastered all over Gotham’s tabloids, labeling you as Damian’s newest fling to the public.

“I suppose it is time for the public to know I’m unavailable,” Damian shrugged when you pointed them out to him. You felt your brows furrow together. “There’s a gala coming up this weekend, would you attend it with me?” he asked with that signature Wayne smirk that made you weak.

I would love to,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around him. Damian was an incredibly lover. He seemed to know exactly where and how to touch you. He never failed to turn you into a puddle in his bed.

You spent as much time as you could afford shopping for the perfect dress. Damian had insisted on paying, but that didn’t help you find the dress that you wanted. Between training and patrols, you couldn’t get away for long enough to try on more than two dresses at a time. You were beginning to lose hope. Then you found it. It was a little black dress. It hugged you so perfectly, it seemed it was made exactly for your body. It was low cut, revealing your cleavage, but it was in good taste.

The night of the gala, you donned the dress instead of your uniform. You fixed your hair into a flawless style that revealed your neck and made you look luxurious and sexy. Your makeup was perfect and you looked knock dead gorgeous. Damian was going to have a hard time keeping his hands off of you.

The ride to gala was thick with sexual tension as Damian spent the entire time looking you over with a hunger in his blue eyes. His jaw was tense as he struggled with whatever he wanted to say. You felt smug and confident that you could leave the Prince of Gotham in such as state.

As soon as you stepped out of the limo, cameras began flashing you. You put on the smile Damian had taught you. He draped his arm around your waist possessively and led you towards the front doors. You looked up at him, he was smiling and giving the crowd what they wanted. He looked stunning himself.

Inside the gala was in full swing. Everyone was mingling or dancing. Damian led you around gently and you just got to smile and look pretty while the high rollers questioned Damian about Wayne Enterprises. No one had any interest in the pretty face on the rich boy’s arm. After two hours, your face hurt from all the fake grinning . It wasn’t until a wealthy man and his son approached the group you were mingling with that anyone addressed you directly.

What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a boring place like this?” the son asked while his father began questioning Damian. You glanced at Damian to see his jaw flex, his hand around your waist tightened slightly. He had heard the stranger.

“Well, I think it just got interesting,” you smirked flirtatiously. You could tell from the look in his eyes that he was taking your bait.

I can think of a few things you might like,” he winked his dull brown eyes. You wanted to roll yours but you felt Damian’s arm tighten again. He was livid.

“Is that right?” you bit your lip playfully. Damian cleared his throat, pulling your gaze back up to him.

Excuse us,” he smiled to the group before practically dragging you to the nearest corridor. He pushed your back against the wall and pinned you there with his strong arms. You smirked up at him.

Is someone jealous?” you teased playfully. He smashed his lips to yours in a heated kiss. It left you breathless and lightheaded.

We’re leaving,” he ordered roughly after he pulled away. You raised a brow.

But what about image, oh, Prince of Gotham?” you questioned teasingly. He growled low in his throat.

I don’t give a damn,” he smirked predatorily before snatching another hot kiss that sent fire through your veins. He pulled away and quickly began leading you towards the door. His pace was brisk with his long legs and you practically had to jog to keep up.

The limo couldn’t get there fast enough. He ran his hands over your sides and kept you on the edge of combusting. He planted kisses on your knuckles and hands while the photographers watched like vultures. As soon as the car pulled around, he pulled open the back door and you climbed inside. As soon as he climbed in and slammed the door closed behind him, his mouth was back on yours.

The ride home consisted of an intense make out session that had your blood boiling. He left purple love marks on your neck and collarbone as he ran his hands through your hair, ruining your styling work. The ride didn’t last long at all before he was helping you out of the limo. He swept you off your feet and carried you up the front steps of Wayne manor.

He carried you all the way to his bedroom, were he set you on the grand king size bed. You looked up at him lustfully and licked your lips before pulling his mouth to meet yours. It was a mad gap to get rid of the clothing between you. You heard a rip and you knew sadly that the dress was history.

Very quickly the two of you were bare and he roughly entered you. You couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped your throat. Damian pounded into you with a brutal pace, quickly sending you screaming over the edge. He was relentless. As you called out his name and cursed, he nibbled your ear and sucked more hickies on your slender neck. The second orgasm had your whole body shaking with ecstasy.

Do you think anyone else could make you feel this good?” he whispered against the base of your throat. You shook your head, unable to find real words. “I’m the only one who can touch you like this,” he growled deeply as he continued his rough fucking. “You belong to me,” he said bluntly.

Yes!” you screamed as your body was sent hurtling over the edge for a third time. You cried out his name like a prayer and it didn’t take him long to finish. He laid next to you, curling his arms around you to pull you against his chest. Your body felt like pudding, but his touch felt like heaven.

I love you, (Y/N),” he sighed. You smiled and pushed yourself up to kiss him sweetly and gently.

I love you, Damian,” you replied. He smiled up at you, that genuine smile that melted your heart.

“Robin, come in,” a voice spoke up from the communicator in Damian’s nightstand drawer. He sighed before grabbing the thing.

Robin, here,” he answered.

We need you and Sparrow here in the Watchtower, asap,” Jon spoke clearly.

We’ll be there in ten minutes,” he answered and tossed the communicator aside.

You wasted no time digging out the spare uniform you kept in Damian’s room. You pulled it on and groaned as you saw the purple marks all over your neck, shoulders, and chest. There was no possible way to conceal the marks in the time you were given. You narrowed your eyes at Damian as he pulled on his Robin uniform. He noticed the purple marks and smirked proudly.

Now, no one will doubt that you are mine, beloved,” he told you cheekily. You looked back at your reflection and couldn’t help but stare at the marks. “Let’s go before they send Jon after us,” he chuckled and pulled you away from the mirror. You just hoped no one had the guts to mention the marks. You didn’t feel like beating the shit out of one of your teammates.    

so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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Assumptions - Stiles Stilinski ft. Scott McCall

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“Okay, hot wings or barbecue wings?” Scott pokes his head into his room, covering the mouth piece on the phone with his hand.

You give him a ‘duh’ look. “Both.”

He laughs. “Good call.” He leaves the room and continues his order.

You, Scott, and Stiles had always been best friends. It’d been the three of you since you started walking. Your moms were friends so when they were together you were too. Recently you and Scott had been hanging out a lot. Stiles was always invited, he just chose to hang out with Lydia.

Scott jumps on the bed beside you. “Food’s ordered, they’ll be here in 30.” He sprawls out, putting his legs in your lap.

“It’s nice to have a day off.” You playfully smack his leg.

“A day off?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, from the supernatural world.”

He scoffs. “Oh. I never thought about that.”

You shrug. “Are we watching movies or what?”

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One Year - Steve Rogers x Reader

Anonymous requested this (I lost the original message) : 

1. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken.

Thought maybe I should write something else than only the Batfamily haha..So here some love for Cap’ ! Hope you’ll like it :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


It had been a year already.

A year since you last saw him.

A year since everything was over between you two.

A year since you sided with your brother, Tony Stark, in what people now called the “Avengers’ Civil War” instead of with him, and lost him forever…

Him. Steve Rogers. Captain America. Your boyfriend…Ex-boyfriend.

Recently things seemed to have settled down between your brother and him, they were tolerating each other again, talking on the phone regularly, and even going to the extent of working together on some missions.

The government finally came to its senses and pardoned the entire “Captain America team”, though they made Bucky go through a lot of…psychological check. Just to be safe. You convinced your brother to forgive the man. If you could do it, he could too…After all, Tony wasn’t the only one who lost his parents this day. Who lost his dear mother…

Yes, things were going for the better between the Iron Man and Cap’…But not between you and him.

You avoided every missions with him, and vice versa. You made sure to never cross his path whenever he hanged around the Avengers’ Tower. You even went quite a bit out of your way (and by that I mean literally taking one of your brother’s suit to escape through the sky) whenever there was even a slight chance he could be around.

You couldn’t see him. Face him. Because you betrayed his trust, you fought against him, and you just couldn’t…You couldn’t bear to meet his eyes, probably full of hatred, or at least disdain, distrust and animosity, towards you.

Because you were still in love with him. But what could you have done ? Fight against your brother instead ? Against the only family you had left ? Besides, he lied too. He knew Bucky was responsible (but not really because he was brainwashed into doing it) for your parent’s death, and withdrew this information from both you and Tony. You two had every right to be mad…and yet, you couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Because ultimately, you agreed with him more than with your brother. You were against signing that contract that bound you to the government’s will. But…It was your brother. Your only family. And even though you were head over heels for Steve, you just couldn’t fight against your own brother.

And so for him, for Tony, you ended the only serious relationship you ever had, you left the only man you ever loved.


Sitting on the floor in front of one of the gigantic window in the Avengers’ tower common room, you sighed as you thought once again (for the billion times in a year) about all this ordeal.

It has been a year, a year exactly today, since you told Steve you would stand by your brother, since you had to fight him and his friends. Your friends too…Could you say ex-friends ? You still talked to Natasha and Clint. To Wanda too. And Sam. Hell, the you even spoke to Bucky a few times in those last few weeks…The only one you never talked to was also the only one you really wanted to talk to.

You were looking at NYC skyline when you heard footsteps behind you…and completely ignored it. You were so not in the mood to talk right now.

-You still don’t use chairs or couches I see.

That voice. Did you just dream it ? It was a voice you longed for so much…You don’t turn around, and your heart beat faster at the sound of his steps getting closer and closer.

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anonymous asked:

ok so since it's father's day, could i get a drabble where reader reveals that she's pregnant on by telling daveed Happy Father's Day? i just thought it was a cute idea 😊

Nervous was an understatement. You had tried to tell Daveed the news multiple times but every time you called his name and he looked at you with that sweet smile, the words got caught in your throat and you chickened out. It seemed like talking wasn’t the way to go so you thought maybe there was a better way to get the message across. As you sealed the envelope in your hand you took a deep breath. This was Daveed, your boyfriend of many years. A happy-go-lucky guy who always took whatever life threw at him with ease. He also was in love with you, things would be fine. At least you hoped they would be.

You put the envelope behind your back as you walked into the living room. Daveed was laying on the couch, messing around with his phone. You walked over, ears ringing from how hard your heart was pounding. Daveed glanced over at you as you appeared in his peripheral vision.

“Hey babe. What’s up?” Daveed sat up as you walked over and sat down beside him.

“Nothing much. I have something for you.” 

“Oh? What is it?” Daveed leaned on the back of the couch.

This was it. You handed over the envelope and put your hands in your lap, fidgeting as Daveed ripped it open.

He pulled out the card and read the front of it, eyebrows furrowing as he began to chuckle.

“’Happy Father’s Day’? Babe I know we’ve tested out some wild things in the bedroom-”

“Daveed, it’s not a kink joke.” You laughed, shaking your head.

His joking nature helped ease your nerves a bit. You reached over and grabbed one of his hands.

“Then why the Father’s Day card? I’m not a father.”

“Yes, you are.”

“Y/N, I’m not.” Daveed insisted, confusion still clear on his face.

He wasn’t getting it. So you took his wrist and brought his hand to your stomach.

“Yes…you are.” You repeated, softening your tone.

Daveed glanced at your hand then at you, realization replacing the confused look on his face.

“I’m….I’m gonna be a father?” Daveed whispered, “I’m gonna be a father.”

“I’m gonna be a father!” He jumped off the couch, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna be a fucking father!” 

Daveed’s voice kept rising in volume as he started pacing around the room, running his hands through his hair and smiling like a madman. Suddenly, Daveed stopped yelling and turned to face you. You stood slowly as he approached you.

“We’re gonna start a family.” Daveed said, cupping your cheeks.

You could see in his eyes that he was beyond excited. This couldn’t have gone any better.

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Would you mind writing Gabe and s/o's first date? Like how he asks them, how the date develops and how it ends. Thank you

“You look fine, Gabe.”

He straightened his tie, turning his body this way and that in the mirror.

“It’s a big day, Jackie.”
“What, asking out (Y/N)?”

Gabriel span on his heels, flashing his sparkling teeth at his best friend and commander, who was sitting atop the counter, legs slightly swaying.

“Did you really have to dress up for it?”

Gabe looked down, seeing the dark grey trousers, matching jacket, white shirt and black tie.

“Nobody can resist a man in a suit. Fact.”
“What if they say no?”

Gabriel faultered.

“Why would they say no?”
“Who knows. You’re too confident.”
“And that’s a bad thing?”

Jack sighed.

“Just don’t let it get to your head.”

Your brows furrowed at your holopad; Gabriel had requested you go to his office immediately.

You had been working under his command for the past few months as his admin assistant. On several occasions he had caught you looking at him out of the corner of your eye. To be fair, you couldn’t help it. His arms always seemed to be wanting to burst out of his sleeves and his thighs were were just so thick. Not to mention his dazzling smile and his natural flirtiness. Of course you were attracted to him - who wouldn’t be?

Your steps echoed down the empty hallway, your holopad and hardcopy files being carried in your arms. You managed to slip your right arm free, the weight being passed to your left. You rapped on the door.


You opened the door and stepped through, bumping the door closed with your hip.

“You wanted to see me?”

You moved forwards, placing the files on the edge of Gabriel’s desk. His was relaxed in his chair; elbows on the armrests and fingers clasped loosely in his lap, his right ankle resting on his left knee. He was waiting for you. Your cheeks heated when you saw the fitted charcoal suit he was in. The one he wore only for special occasions. Fuck.

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?”
“Er, not that I’m aware of.”
“Good. I’m taking you to dinner.”
“Reservations have been made at that little Italian place round the corner for 8pm. I’ve heard it’s your favorite.”

Your mouth was slightly agape, eyebrows raised. Gabriel Reyes had just asked you out to dinner.

“Wear something nice. You are dismissed.”
Your body moved automatically, picking up your holopad and darting out of the room. Your feet carried you down the hallway to your office, hurridly closing the door behind you. You leant against the door, the metal cooling your flushed skin.

What the hell just happened?

You hugged your leather jacket around your arms, the breeze making you shiver. Only ten more minutes of waiting for your boss outside of the restaurant. You’d rather be early than late. You still couldn’t get your head around how you ended up in this situation.

A hand on your shoulder brought you out of your daze.

“Not waiting for long, were you?”
“Not at all.”

Gabriel was still wearing that damned suit. You trained your eyes on his, trying not to let them roam over his toned body. He took your hand, a smirk on his lips and guided you into the restaurant.

Once you’d had a drink you began to relax a bit more. You had only ever known Gabriel professionally, and the bitter sweet taste of alcohol let you loosen up.

Dinner was fantastic as always, made even better by your attractive boss sitting opposite you. He enquired into your personal life, the drink making you slightly more loose lipped than usual. You told him your past, why you joined Overwatch and what your goals are. The restaurant seemed to become warmer, Gabriel’s eyes gazing intently and he was just listening to you, fascinated. A light dusting of pink spread across your cheeks when he offered to pay, sealed with a wink.

The cool night air was refreshing, you leaning on Gabriel’s arm for support. You were giggling like a schoolkid at his anecdotes of him and Jack in their earlier years. You really enjoyed his company. Before you knew it, he had walked you to your apartment building.

“This was lovely.” You smiled at him.

“It was. I’d love to do it again sometime.”

You tilted your head, the alcohol pushing your confidence levels.

“So.. What was this? Dinner between two friends? A date?”

His brows furrowed for a split monent.

“I was hoping it was a date.”

Your eyebrows raised, the corners of your lips turning up. You balanced on your toes to peck a kiss on his cheek.

“I was hoping it was too. Thank you for dinner.”

Now it was his turn to blush. He gently grabbed your face with both hands and leant down to place a soft kiss on your lips, making your eyes flutter shut. You felt so warm and fuzzy, a dream come true.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time.”

You nodded, agreeing. You didn’t trust your voice to say anything. His dark pools stared into yours as he reluctantly took his hands away, a pout on your lips.

“Go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Gabe chuckled.
“Goodnight, Gabriel.”
“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“So how’d it go?” Jack asked. He was standing in the doorway of his quarters, oppisite Gabriel’s.

“I don’t kiss and tell.”

Jack rolled his eyes.

“Idiot. You just did.”

Gabe shrugged, a cheeky grin on his face.

“I told you. It’s the suit.”

“Go to bed, Gabe.”

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Have I told you about Jesse's obsession with Hanzo's hair?! Like he will find himself just stroking it as they lie together in bed, watching it slide between his fingers like water. He is forever brushing that lock of hair out of Hanzo's face, pushing it behind his ear before he kisses him. In the shower he loves to wash it for Hanzo, hear Hanzo sigh in delight as Jesse massages his head. Then combs it out before they go to bed. He will wrap it around his fingers, breathe in the smell, smile.

yoooo I’m gonna address this ask with one I got earlier today which is quite similar and equally lovely!

“a mchanzo headcanon, if you are still accepting them: both Jesse and Hanzo secretly love having their hair petted/played with. Jesse will almost purr like a cat if you do it, while Hanzo just goes boneless.”

Hanzo never realised just how amazing it could be to have his hair played with. He’d always tied it back, utilitarian, out of the way, and frequently considered just getting it all cut off sometimes. It would be better for his work, but – and he would never admit this to anyone, he would rather die first – as it was, it completely fit with his aesthetic.

Aesthetic was incredibly important to Hanzo.

Jesse seemed to have a thing for his hair. Hanzo had frequently caught him admiring it, even before they got together, and once Jesse knew he could touch Hanzo however he wanted, all bets were off.

Sitting together in the carrier before and after missions, Jesse’s arm would be around his shoulders, his fingers playing idly with the ends of his hair. In the evenings when they were watching movies, Hanzo’s head on Jesse’s lap, Jesse would comb his fingers through it, separating out a lock and curling it around his finger over and over. It never failed to lull Hanzo to sleep.

In the shower, Hanzo was always quite willing to surrender the task of washing his hair to Jesse. He would close his eyes and lean back, the hot water hitting his chest, as Jesse’s strong fingers carded through his hair, massaging the conditioner in and enjoying the soft sighs of pleasure. Afterwards Jesse would comb it until it was almost dry, leaning in to rest his face against the soft mass and gently inhaling its scent. It relaxed Hanzo like nothing else, and if he woke during the night and couldn’t get back to sleep, all Jesse had to do was stroke his hair and he would be out like a light within minutes.

Jesse claimed not to be bothered by his own hair – he would run his fingers through it in lieu of combing it, but at least he washed it regularly. Hanzo enjoyed petting it, feeling the soft strands catch on his callused fingertips. He would never admit it, but Jesse hummed and purred like his cat, and Hanzo wouldn’t have been surprised to see him start kneading his hands on Hanzo’s leg, just like Tumbleweed did when Jesse gave him a brush.

In their later years, when the urge to have sex all the time had faded almost completely, they still derived great pleasure in playing with each other’s hair. Despite Jesse starting to thin on top and Hanzo’s hair becoming more coarse as it whitened, they could still be found curled up in the evenings, fingers tangled in each other’s hair.

Knots (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW: SMUT, a lil bit of swearing, really fricken smutty

Words: 1,675          

Requested: anon:  Hi!!! Loooooove your fics so so so much! Like I know you’ve only posted a few fics but seriously you’re like the best DEH writer on here! Could I please request number 28 with Evan - maybe he gives the reader a massage and then it gets smutty because Evan gets turned on by the noises she makes?

Disclaimer: I’m sorry that I’ve been writing a lot of smut, lately. It’s just what is mostly requested! I will be writing fluff very soon. <3

 You’ve always been called an old soul. Whether it was when you were caught drinking tea, reading classic novels, or even giving wise advice; that was the first thing anyone said about you. Sometimes it seemed like your brain was 70 years older than the rest of your body. The only physical part of yourself that synced up with your thoughts was your back.

           Your back felt like it could have been old enough to have experienced the Cold War. Every twist, turn, and bend would send thousands of cracks down your spine. Sometimes kinks would appear out of the dust. The worst pain would come when you would sit with no support for a long period of time.

           It was Friday night, and you were at your boyfriend’s house. His mom wasn’t home, and was not going to be until the end of the night. Your boyfriend, Evan, was trying to help you study for your philosophy test. After the first or second hour of sitting on his bed, you felt a familiar pain in your lower back. After the twelfth question answered from your textbook, you felt your shoulders begin to lock. As Evan read another question, you tried to twist your joints in order to feel some relief.

           Evan didn’t notice until he looked at you. Your face was cursed with discomfort. He looked at you with sympathy.

           “A-Are you alright?”

           “Yeah… it’s just my back,” you sighed, still attempting to crack something for a quick relief.

           Evan nodded softly, thinking to himself. He watched you as you squirmed around, placing your hands all over your own back; pressing and massaging it yourself.

           “When I was little, I-I had really bad growing pains. So, uh, my mom would massage my legs with cream. W-Would that help?” he asked nervously, biting onto his bottom lip.

           Your eyes grew wide, “wait are you offering me a massage?”

           “W-Well, yeah, I-I have had a lot of practice?”

           “Evan, you are my HERO!” you exclaimed, throwing your head back. “I don’t remember a time where my spine wasn’t in pain.”

           “I’ll go get some cream, and uh, you can, uh, get yourself ready?” he spoke nervously, walking quickly out of the room, biting his nails.

           You set your books on the floor, tucking your loose papers into your bookbag. Laying on Evan’s bed, you put your head on his pillow. Evan soon came back into his room, shutting the door.

           “Oh, um, you’re gonna need to take your shirt off. Only if you want to- it’s ok if you don’t-“

           You laughed, shaking your head. “Evan, it’s okay.” You sat up, taking off the sweater you had been wearing. Well, really, it was Evan’s sweater. You had stolen it months ago. You had been meaning to give it back, as it didn’t hold the scent that it used to.

           Evan turned around to give you privacy as you stripped down. While you were at it, you took your bra off so it wouldn’t be in the way. You laid back down on his bed, burying your face into the mattress.

           “Ok, Ev, I’m ready,” you spoke, muffled into the pillow.

           You heard Evan’s sock feet patter over to you. He climbed onto his double bed and straddled your bum. He was a bit shaky, but focused. He put a dollop of body cream onto his hands, and started to work on your shoulders. He gasped when he could feel the intense knots.

           “D-Doesn’t this hurt?” he asked, in disbelief.

           “Yeah,” you groaned out. “But, like, the good hurt.”

           “T-Tell me if it hurts too much, okay?”

           You nodded, focusing on the feeling of his hands working on your back. You tried to picture it in your head. His long, bony fingers applying pressure to your soft skin as he straddled you. You giggled at the thought. Just last month, you two had sex for the first time. No matter what the circumstance was, Evan always made sure that you were at maximum comfort.

           Evan’s fingers dug into the painful areas of your spine. You winced, biting the insides of your cheek. As his fingertips continued the same motion, it started to feel the slightest bit better. His fingertip pushed into the knot in a circular motion. After he had gotten it out, he would palm the area to soothe it. Every time he would, a small sigh or whimper would escape from your lips.

           After Evan got the biggest knot out, he palmed it with the flats of his hands. The feeling was so relieving that you let out a moan.

           Evan gulped, staring down at you. You were bare, moaning, and underneath him. The last time that happened was a month ago. Your string of moans were like a symphony to him.

Whenever you couldn’t make it over to his house, to relieve his stress, Evan would have to do it on his own. He was never comfortable with touching himself until you taught him how. On his nights alone, he thought of your moans to bring him to the edge. Of course, he never told you that. 

You continued to whither underneath his touch. Every sigh and sound that escaped your body, made it harder for Evan to focus. He felt the tent in his khakis begin to form. He tried to lift his torso off of you in an attempt to hide it. But it didn’t do anything, when he watched as the silhouette of your naked body lifted to follow his touch. 

He jumped off of you, grabbing your sweatshirt from his bedroom floor. He held it in front of his crotch. 

You looked up from your pillow, pouting in confusion. When you looked at your boyfriend, his cheeks were red and blotchy. His fists clenching the sweater as if his life depended on it

“D-Did you hear the phone ring? I, uh, I think I heard the phone ring,” he stammered, about to run out of the room. You sat up, stopping him.

“Ev, are you…” you began to catch on.

“I, um, yeah,” he gritted his teeth in embarrassment. His eyes darted down to your breasts, that were now on full display. He swallowed hard. 

You stood up, crossing your arms over your chest to cover yourself. 

“Do you want some…help?” you looked up into his eyes, searching for any sign of interest. 

“I, uh, um,” he stammered, getting even more embarrassed. 

“It’s ok, Ev,” you smiled softly, and reassuringly. “This isn’t a new thing to us. And it’s okay that you feel this way. It’s normal,” you tried to comfort him, placing one of your hands on his arm. 

Evan nodded, slowly lowering the sweater that he held to the ground. You removed your arms from your chest, placing your hands on his face, pulling him in for a sweet kiss. You pulled his body against yours, feeling his excitement press against your stomach.

Taking an initiative, you lowered your hand down to his crotch. You set your hand down where he needed you the most, applying pressure. You watched his face as you palmed him through the material of his pants. His eyes fluttered closed. His mouth opened agape as if he was going to say something. He let out a throaty moan. You felt his hands get tangled into your hair, pulling from the new sensation. 

Slowly, you removed your hand from his length. You began to take off his shirt, then removed the khaki coloured pant than caged him. He did the same, removing your leggings, staring at you in wonder. 

“What?” you smiled, looking into his eyes. 

“It’s just that- I don’t know, I-I never thought that I would ever get a girlfriend… let alone being doing this,” he giggled softly, his face turning a soft shade of pink. 

“Me neither,” you admitted, letting out a tiny laugh. 

You guided Evan back to his bed, laying him down. You straddled him, placing his hands gingerly on your waist. He watched you through hooded eyelids, taking in every second of your presence. Reaching down to his chest, your trailed your fingertips all the way down to the hem of his underwear. He was beautiful. You loved his physique. The tiny outlines of his ribs, the small freckles on his biceps, and the tiny bit of pudge beneath his belly button. 

Using your right hand, you pulled down his boxers, revealing the rest of your boyfriend. He sucked in a deep breath, watching you intently. With your left hand, you stretched to the drawer of his bedside table. Opening it, you grabbed a condom. 

“Take them off,” you whispered to your boyfriend, referring to the last bit of material you were wearing. 

He nodded quickly, lowering the silk article, mesmerized by the parts of you that only he would see. You opened the condom, rolling it on to his length. 

“A-Are you sure you want to do it like this?” Evan asked, referring to you being on top. 

“I-I want to try it out,” you admitted sheepishly. Evan smiled shyly, giving you a nod to go further. 

You sunk onto him, letting out a gasp. Evan’s eyes rolled back, his mouth falling wide open. 

“Oh my god,” he spoke loudly. 

You started to move in rhythm. Gliding your hips in a circle, you placed your hands on his chest to stabilize yourself. Evan bucked his hips to meet yours. Sweat collected on his forehead, as he watched you. 

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” he chanted over and over, clearly making his way to his orgasm.

You felt a familiar feeling at the bottom of your stomach. You began to move faster, watching Evan barely holding it together. You told him to wait for a few seconds more. Your moans matched his, your final breaths only lasting seconds. You both reached and came down from your high in unison. 

Climbing off of him, you smiled, out of breath. 

“I think my back feels better.”

Hurt (part 3)

Part 1: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/160635179209/hurt

Part 2: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/160663934994/hurt-part-2

Where Y/N is in an unhealthy relationship, and Harry helps her realize and understand that she should be treated better.

*trigger warning rape, sexual assault, abusive relationship *

Sneak Peak:

“And I would fall for it every time because I thought he loved me.” How stupid you were. All Harry wanted to do was take your pain away. He wanted to show you what Love really feels like. He knew he could give it to you, he already felt it for you.

It was quiet in Harry’s bathroom. All you heard was the sound of Harry turning the water on and off. And the sound of him tearing packets open to clean your hand.

You looked down at your left hand. It was a little blue and swollen but Harry doesn’t think it’s broken. It’s just a bruise that will heal in a week or two he told you.

You didn’t really hear much after that but it was fine because Harry stopped talking. Getting to Harry’s house was a blur. All you remember was crying on the floor, him picking up up, his car, and then you were here.

Honestly you think you passed out multiple time with all that crying and hyperventilating you were doing. All you remember hearing was Harry constantly asking if you were ok but you couldn’t answer.

So now you are here at his house, sitting on his bathroom counter as Harry tends to your hand even though you said it was fine, which it wasn’t.

He grabbed a bandage and carefully wrapped your hand up. Not making it too tight but not making it super loose.

“I’m done now.” He says softly and moves away from you to clean up the first aid supplies. You watched him from the corner of your eye. His jaw line was locked and he seemed on edge.

You didn’t like how quiet he was being. Usually when your together he crack jokes and you all talk. But now it’s different and it’s all your fault.

“I’m So-rry.” You started to say before your sobs got caught in your throat. Harry looked away from what he was doing and looked up at you confused.

“This is all my fault, you didn’t have to bring me here. I don’t want to be a bur-den.” You didn’t know why you were apologizing, it just seemed like the automatic thing to do. Whenever you thought you did something wrong you would just always apologize because you knew Lucas would get upset.

“I should go.” You hopped down from the bathroom counter but you barely took two steps before Harry stopped you.

“Y/N stop.” He takes your unharmed hand. “I’m not letting you leave, your still hurt.” He tells you.

“Really I’m fine-” Harry shakes his head and grabs you by the waist gently and sits you back on the counter. It caught you off by surprise so you almost push him off you until you realized he was just placing you down.

“Your not leaving until I know your fully okay.” Harry looks straight into your glossy eyes and his heart shatters seeing you like this. He has never seen you this upset before and it also makes him want to find that dougebag and slam him into a brick wall. But his doesn’t mention that part to you.

Harry had strong feelings for you. He has for a long time. And seeing you in this state tore him to pieces.

You didn’t fight him so you just sat there in silence. Your eyes were looking down at your swollen hand. You didn’t know what to say or if you even should. Were you okay? You didn’t know if you were. Lucas. His name made you want to vomit. When did things start to get so out of hand.

You could feel Harry staring at you. He was trying to search your face with any emotion he could go off of to help you. But there was nothing. It’s like you weren’t even there. He wanted you to look at him, but you didn’t. Harry sighs.

“You know my sister Gemma.” Harry began. You did know her. There’s pictures of her all over his house. You’ve even met her a few times at family get together when Harry sometimes brings you. She was a lovely lady and extremely beautiful.

“She was in a relationship with this guy in her first year in college. At first my family and I didn’t know about him but soon she introduced him to us. He was a nice fella and treated my sister right. I honestly thought they were going to get married. I knew my sister loved him and he seemed in love with her too.” Harry sighs and shakes his head.

“Then they came to stay for a week and visit us on one of their breaks in school. One night we wanted to all go out for dinner. But for some reason Gemma and her boyfriend weren’t feeling up to it. I remember thinking it was so weird Gemma would miss a family dinner, she loved them. But anyways I decided to stay in too since Gemma bailed while my parents left. But Gemma didn’t know I was still home, she thought I left with my mum.” Every word Harry spoke you could tell there was pain.

“I heard them talking that night. I wasn’t ease dropping or anything. But when they both started raising their voices it was impossible not to hear. Gemma was telling him how she wanted to go to dinner with us and that it was unfair that he wouldn’t let her go. I just kept remembering him telling my sister to shut up. Shut up. Shut the fuck up.” A tear fell from your cheek remembering all the times Lucas told you to shut up. Or that your opinion didn’t matter.

“And then I heard it.” You looked up to Harry to see that he was angry remembering what happened.

“I knew what it was the second I heard it. He slapped her. That bastard hit my sister.”

“Lucas never hit me.” You quickly said. You didn’t know why you went so quick to defend him. You didn’t want to defend him but you always did. Why did you do that?

“Abusing someone doesn’t always have to be physically. It could be mentally too.” Harry says.

“He never did that-” there you went again trying to defend him.

“Then what did he do?”


“What did he do that made you this upset.” Harry asks waiting for your answer. You didn’t want to have this conversation. You just wanted to forget. Forget everything that has happened and start over. So you shook your head and looked down at Harrys tiled floors.

“Y/N, love.” He brings his finger up to your chin to make you look at him. His face was etched with concern.

“Just tell me what happened. I can’t help you unless I know.” You slowly nodded and swallowed the lump that was in your throat.

“He said I was a slut and a whore…” Just saying those words made your stomach turn. You wiped the tears that were falling from your cheeks.

“And why did you think he said that?”

“I don’t know…. He just said he wanted to talk in private, so he took us to the storage room. We got in a huge fight last night because I was with you late, and he was jealous. But he came to apologize and said he lov-ed me and he was just scared of loosing me.” Your voice started to waver.

“But he still thought we were fooling around together.” You swallowed the lump in your throat while you thought of the next thing that happened.

“He was trying to get into my pants and cause a scene with you close by to hear us. So when I got mad at him because of that thats when he said all those mean things.”

“Did you want to?”

“Want to what?”

“Have sex with him?” You looked up at Harry.

“What does that matter? He would still-”

“I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t forcing himself on-” Harry said before you cut him off

“What are you implying?!” You suddenly got upset that Harry was asking these sort of questions.

“Y/N calm down I just want to sure he wasn’t pressuring you. That’s all.”

“I let him though…” you shook your head suddenly feeling embarrassed. “I never said no to him, so it couldn’t be-”

“But did you ever say yes? Do you give him permission?” Harry asks.

All the times you and Lucas had sex played in your mind. Every time you told him you were tired or uncomfortable. Or you didn’t feel up to it. The memory fresh in your mind from early today replayed in your head and every other day.

“I’m sleepy.”

“Not right now”

“Lucas seriously”

“I’m uncomfortable”

“When we get home”

“We can’t”

Every time you refused he wouldn’t listen and just did what he wanted to. You never said “No” because you knew that word meant nothing to him. You tried everything else and you knew he wouldn’t listen. But maybe if you did he would of stopped. You heart started pounding and you felt like you were going to be sick.

“I’ve told him before that I didn’t want to. Or that I was tired. But I never said n-o, and I let him still. I could of pushed him off me, like I did today but before I never di-d.” You wish you did all those times. You wish you would of so badly.

“Why didn’t you then?”

When you thought about the answer, it hit you with the harsh reality. All the times you layed there with him inside you. You weren’t enjoying yourself anymore. He never did ask you what you wanted or if what he was doing hurting you. He never asked if you were ok. Or if what he was doing was ok.

You looked up to Harry with tears streaming from yours eyes and finally answered the question

“Because I knew he would still do it any-ways.”

You placed your head in your hands and started sobbing uncontrollably. All these recent years of being together with him you didn’t realize what he was doing to you.

“Why would he do that!? Why would he do that and say that he loves me.” Harry hugged your shaking frame and let you cry it out. Harry hated him. He hated him with everything he had. He didn’t know the answer to her questions because there are some people in the world who do horrible things.

“He didn’t love you Y/N, because if you truly love someone you would never hurt them.” He told you while slowly rubbing your back.

You now started to understand. Every memory of him was coming back.
“He would always be so possessive and get jealous over the smallest thing. And when I tried confronting him he would turn it all on me and make me look like the bad guy.” You said into Harry’s chest.

“The only time he would be nice or apologize was when he wanted me. But after that he would just go back to his old self.” You shook your head.

“And I would fall for it every time because I thought he loved me.” How stupid you were.

All Harry wanted to do was take your pain away. He wanted to show you what Love really feels like. He knew he could give it to you, he already felt it for you.

“My sister didn’t know at first. She told me the same thing when I confronted her about her bruised cheek, which she tried to hide with makeup. She told me he didn’t mean to and that he loved her. I told her I would tell mum and she flipped shit. She said if I did she would hate me and never forgive me, even though I did. I don’t know why she was protecting that prick. She didn’t realize he was manipulating her, until after she broke up with him.”

“She was in love with what he use to be. But what she didn’t realize was that he was long gone and never coming back.”

That’s what you were doing all along.

No matter how hard you try to hold onto someones old self, you can’t. You have to let go, and not be trapped trying to rekindle something that’s not only been broken but burned into ashes.

You have to find the strength to know that you are worthy of something better. You are worth it. You aren’t a bad person for getting away.

You are a better person for making the decision to set yourself free.

I hope if anyone is ever in a relationship like Lucas and Y/N that you get out immediately. No one should be treated like this and these are just a few signs of a unhealthy relationship. Sometimes the signs are hidden but they are still there. I hope this story sheds a little light on that to help anyone or just to educate someone.

Who wants one more part with a happy ending?!?!?! Tell me what you think of the story!

Learning to trust

Originally posted by yikeshood

Words: 2100
Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond 
Part Four - A new wolf

It had taken everything in you to trust the pack, it was a hard uphill struggle that you were constantly on the edge of losing. Every time their play fighting got too rough or their voices to loud you’d jump up and spring away from them and it hurt them so much. You could see Embry’s heart break a little every time you flinched away from him or Paul’s jaw clench with anger any time Jacob spoke to you because in his mind it was Jacob’s fault for giving you such a poor introduction to their…lifestyle.

It had torn at rift in the pack, mostly leaving Jacob on his own even though you tried to insist that you would be fine when you got used to it all. Embry felt like he was going insane. You’d not let him touch you since that night in your backyard and a few nights a go they’d caught the scent of leech a few streets from you and it set him on edge. Any Vampire worth their sparkles would be able to smell him and the pack, what if they followed that scent back to you? He’d phased a few times thinking about it.

You were sat at Emily and Sam’s place, as seemed the usual now, you’d pushed yourself into the corner of a couch and made polite conversation with the guys with a small, tight smile.
They left you alone as Paul came over and dropped himself down next to you and flopped his arms out of that his hand landed near yours. He’s been doing this since you’d found out, so that he could be close to you but only if you were feeling up to it.

You slipped your hand into his and you could see him visibly relax.
“How’re you doing Y/N?” He asked and ran his thumb along your knuckles.
“It’s hard.” You admitted.
“You seem fine with me.” Paul answered honestly.
“I’m not shackled to you forever.” You mumbled and Paul’s head shot up from where it was resting back on the back of the coach.

“What are you talking about?” He asked his brow furrowed in confusion.
You gave him a bored look, “I grew up with these legends Paul, I know I’m stuck with Embry and I’ve got to give him babies.

Paul sat up straight and gave your hand a squeeze, “No Y/N that’s not how it works.”
You gave him a bored look, “What part of any of this screams choice?”
Paul leaned forward and pecked a kiss to your forehead, “Leave this to your bestest big brother.”
“You’re not my brother Paul.” You laughed softly as he jumped up and started towards the kitchen, he leaned back over his shoulder laughing, “Yeah I am, you’re my lil sister and you’ll like it.”

When Paul burst into the kitchen he tried not to laugh at Emily, as small as she was in comparison, reaching up to brush Embry’s hair to one side in an effort to make him more presentable.
“You need a serious talk with your girl Em.” Paul advised as he dropped himself down at the table next to Jared.
“Whats happened ? Is she okay?” Embry panicked almost instantly.
“She’s fine, Y/N’s just being a bit fatalistic about the imprint. Thinks she needs to be everything for you.” Paul explained and Embry’s face fell.
He’d convinced you to go out with him, Emily was just fixing his hair and then he planned to take you a walk down the beach and have a picnic that the other imprints had put together for you both. He figured it would be perfect for you, an intimate setting where you could both just properly talk but physical closeness could still be at a minimum to help you stay feeling comfortable. He kissed Emily’s cheek in goodbye and hit Paul and Jared in the back of the head as he went to see if you were still up for your picnic.


You’d walked for maybe twenty minutes when Embry broke the thick silence and suggested you both take a seat. You waited patiently as he struggled against the breeze to lay down the picnic blanket on the sand, you couldn’t help but giggle at his attempts and it turned into a full laugh when he gave you a playful glare over his shoulder. Damn wolf hearing.

You both settled down and the awkward silence rolled back over you both.
Embry let out a small cough, “So er Y/N, Paul let me know that some things got lost in translation.”
You didn’t say anything so he got onto his knees and shimmed around, with more grace than you’d give him credit for, so that he blocked your view of the water.

“Y/N when it comes to you and me, you’ve got the reins.” He tried to explain.
You gave him a disbelieving look and he caught your hands in his and ignored the way that you had to stop yourself from flinching.

“Y/N the imprint can be an amazing thing and yes it does mean that I love you but,” He swallowed hard, “But you don’t have to love me, I’m never going to force you to do anything like that. You chose what you need me to be for you, I can just be a friend if that what you want. Whatever happens, I will always protect you, that’s a given.”

You let the information wash over you and tried to ignore the pull on your heartstrings at his words or how the heat from his hands that held yours seemed to demand attention.
“I don’t know what to say.” You admitted after a moment.
You were free, well not free. But from the legends you’d assumed you were stuck having to play wife for Embry with no say and no enjoyment on your part. But here he was telling you that, yes he would love you to be together but his happiness meant more. You highly doubted that if you started dating someone else that Embry wouldn’t beat him up but you felt relief none the less.

You looked up at him and it was almost like when you first met, before you knew about his furry secret identity.
“You never did take me on that date you know.” You started quietly and watched as his face lit up slowly as though he was worried that you may take it back.
“I’ll get on planning that.” He assured and ran his thumbs over the back of your hands.
“As long as you don’t do this.” You teased and took one hand back from him to ruffle his still styled hair back into the mess that you were used too. He grinned and leaned forwards to rub his nose against yours with an Eskimo kiss.

“Don’t be adorable, it makes it hard to be disgusted by you.” You laughed as he continued to rub his nose against you.
“Well in that case.” He laughed as his hands caught your sides so that he could tickle you as he put his face into the side of your neck and began nuzzling you making you laugh.


It had been two weeks since you and Embry had your chat on the beach and things were finally starting to settle for you. You didn’t flinch around the boys anymore but they were still careful not to get to rowdy near you in case it got too much. Well apart from Paul who continued to throw you over his shoulder at any given moment and Embry who always seemed to have an arm around you or your hand in his.
You and Jake were talking again and things were slowly getting back to normal between you and your best friend after a brief shouting match were he’d admitted that he was an idiot. Now you were working on getting the boys to get back on track with Jacob and he seemed to back on good terms with everyone apart from Embry who was still being grouchy about the whole thing.

Not that you blamed him.
In your efforts to bring everyone back together you’d even offered to hang out with Bella so now you were sat at her house, watching Romeo and Juliet making polite awkward conversation. You were supposed to be going to Sam and Emily’s to hang out with everyone tonight but Embry had rang in a panic to say it was all hands on deck as they’d smelt a Leech in the area and he gave you strict instructions not to move or leave Bella’s unless one of the guys fetched you.

You heard the front door click and raised an eyebrow at Bella, Charlie wasn’t due home for a while yet.
“Edward has a key.” Bella shrugged, the door opened it definitely wasn’t Edward.
Two red eyed men stood in the doorway, “Honey we’re home.” One grinned.

Everything was a blur then.
Edward and Emmet appeared behind them faster than you could blink and began to wrestle the men back out of the room, they moved faster than you could follow them.
You caught Bella by the arm and pulled her back to the edge of the room and after knocking everything off of a small coffee table next to you held up it up as a pathetic wooden shield between you both and the fighting.

It was over almost as soon as it started when you heard the growling. The wolf pack was here. Your chest heaved with breaths that threaten to spur on a panic attack, you could feel sweat from adrenalin and fear clinging to your skin and your stomach churched from the sound of ripping clothing and flesh.

You stayed back against the wall using your weight to keep Bella back as well since she insisted on squirming to try to get towards the fight, surely this girl had a death wish.
Then you heard Embry shouting and you dropped the coffee table and took tender steps towards the doorway.
“Do you really think she’d want to see you dude? You’re wearing a dead guy’s jeans, doesn’t the smell bother you?” Emmet’s deep voice rumbled through the house.
“I’ll deal with the smell later I need to know that Y/N is alright!” Embry snarled and you took off running away from Bella and through the doorway. You ducked underneath Emmet’s arm that he’d been using to block off the doorway and threw yourself into Embry’s arms.

He locked your arms around you and patted his hands across you to check for wounds. The Cullen men excused themselves and went to check on Bella.

“I was so scared.” You admitted into his chest where you’d buried yourself.
He stroked your hair and continued to murmur that he was there and that you were safe.

He took you home not long after and the wolves left the Cullens to fix Bella’s house or come up with an excuse for Charlie since it turned out to be their fault.  You got out of his truck to find the rest of the pack waiting outside your house, thankfully all human though they wrinkled their noses from the smell of Embry’s Jeans.

Leah rushed forward and caught your face in her hands as she checked you over for injuries.
You laughed and brushed her off before addressing them, “What are you all doing here?”
“We know you’re home alone, figured we’d crash here in case you weren’t feeling up to being home alone, if that’s okay?” Embry asked and you gave him a small nod and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“You got any food in?” Paul asked seriously as he took your keys from you and made his way into your house.
“Probably only enough to fill you all for only tonight.” You called after him laughing.
You’d been left outside with Embry and Jacob, the later went to join the others inside when Embry caught him and stopped him.
“If you hadn’t caught their trail, we might not have got there in time. Thank you brother.” Embry gave him an honest smile which Jacob returned and the pair embraced and for the first time in a long time everything felt how it should.

“Hey Embry you’re supposed to be my boyfriend, not Jakes.”  You laughed and the excitable puppy that he was, as soon was Embry heard the word boyfriend he turned and lifted you up and span you around while you laughed.

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Making Friends

Jughead Jones x Reader

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on this blog, so I hope you all like it! I hope to be able to post a new imagine daily, but we’ll just have to see where things go from here. Anyway, thanks for reading!
Summary: Y/N Y/L/N is one of the most well known girls in Riverdale. On the cheer squad, invited to all the parties, liked by all the jocks… But one day, in the student lounge, she does something…unexpected. All Jughead wants to know is: why?
Word Count: 1122


Reggie was an asshole. No one could deny that. But today, for some reason, he was being exceptionally asshole-ish.
“And Sheriff Keller’s grilling me, Mantle the Magnificent. ‘Cause I’d want Blossom dead. When he was, like, the only good quarterback we had,” Reggie comments. I don’t even attempt to hide the eye-roll I give him.
“I mean, let’s think about it. If a kid at Riverdale killed Jason, it’s not gonna be a jock, right? Now, let’s be honest. Isn’t it always some spooky, scrawny, pathetic Internet troll, too busy writing his manifestos to get laid? Some smug, moody, serial killer fanboy freak… like Jughead?”
Now that caught my attention. Jughead? Really? I don’t really know him too well, but he’s always seemed like a cool guy to me. There was no logical reason to drag him into this. But that’s the thing about Reggie, I guess. He doesn’t even know what logic is.
“What was it like, Suicide Squad? When you shot Jason? You didn’t do stuff to the body, did you? Like, after?”
I looked over at Jughead to see him leaning against the wall, rolling his eyes. “It’s called necrophilia, Reggie, can you spell it?”
I couldn’t help the laugh that slips past my lips. Reggie looks back at me, then turns to face Jughead. He leaps over the couch, saying, “Come here, you little-”
“Oh, come on, Reggie,” I say loudly. His head whips back around to look at me, so I continue.
“What are you doing here? Putting on a little display of power because he hurt your feelings?” My eyes flick over to Jughead, and I see the ghost of a smile dance across his lips. I stand up, gathering my things. “Really, it’s kind of pathetic, if I’m being honest,” I tell him. “You have to be a jerk to other people to feel good about yourself, and then when they don’t let you make them feel bad, you get yourself suspended from school because you have to hit them to make sure your little posse doesn’t think less of you?” I shrug, making eye-contact with him. “Personally, I like Jughead,” I smile. “He’s different. Honest. Real,” I say, avoiding his gaze. “And he’s nothing like you,” I spit. His eyes widen. Then, I give him my sweetest smile, and say, “But that’s just my opinion.” I flip my hair over my shoulder and strut out of the room, everyone’s eyes on me.


I opted out of the party at Cheryl’s tonight. On top of the fact that I really didn’t feel like going anyway, I don’t think people have gotten over the whole scene with Reggie from earlier today. Cheryl Blossom’s house is really the last place I want to be right now.
That’s why I came to Pop’s instead. The smell of fries wafting through the air hits me as soon as I walk in to the little diner. I pull out a seat at the bar, and order some fries with a chocolate milkshake. After a few minutes of waiting, my food is delivered to me. I begin dipping my fries in my shake when somebody comes over and sits down next to me, stealing some of my fries. I look up to find the one and only Jughead, laptop and all, looking at me curiously. I mimic his facial expression, furrowing my eyebrows and looking at him intensely.
“Why did you do that?” he asks sternly.
“Do what?” I reply, copying his tone of voice.
“You know what,” he tells me, rolling his eyes.
“Put Reggie in his place, you mean?” He doesn’t respond, just takes more of my fries and looks at me expectantly. “It was the truth,” I say with a shrug. “He’s a jerk and I’m tired of his shit. So called him out on it,” I finish, looking him in the eyes.
“Yes, but he’s a jerk all the time, to everyone. So why today?” he presses.
I tuck my hair behind my ear. “He was being an asshole. He called you out for no reason. It was ridiculous.”
“You don’t even know me. I could really be some- how did he put it- serial killer fanboy freak?”
For a second, I think that might be a smirk on his face. “Well,” I tell him, “that would be a shame.”
“Why’s that?” he asks quizzically.
“Because that would mean that I’d have to admit that Reggie was right, which would probably crush my soul.”
A real smile graces his features, and he even laughs. “You know, you’re not like them,” he tells me. I raise my eyebrows in question. “Like those other popular kids you’re always around. They’re nothing like you.”
“As in they’re bitches and I’m not?” I ask playfully, taking a sip of my shake. Again, the corners of his mouth twitch upward in a half-grin.
“Kind of, yeah, I guess. You’re just…not what I expected you to be,” he says honestly.
“And what did you expect? Some snobby, stuck-up rich bitch who doesn’t care about other people?”
“Not exactly…” he says unconvincingly.
I scoff. “Sorry to disappoint.”
He gives me that “really?” look, tilted head and all, and I just grin.
“I just hate that people assume the kind of person I am based on the people they see me around. They don’t even know me.”
“Well, I’m getting to know you,” he says, “and you’re definitely not like them.”
I smile and pretend to glance down at a watch that I’m not wearing. “Look at us, Jones. Our first fight and make up in under a minute. I think we could really pull this off.”
He smirks. “Pull what off?”
“Anything,” I tell him, my eyes gleaming with excitement. “But when you have something specific in mind, let me know.”
He stares at me for a second, then says, “How about friends?”
I smile at him. “Friends it is then.”
And that’s that. We sit there at Pop’s, my new friend Jughead and I, sipping on milkshakes and sharing fries. And I finally realize what it’s like to have a real friend.

Disclaimer: If you’re here to trash on my blog, don’t waste your time, I don’t give a fuck :)

One anon sent me 6 different prompts in one message, so I don’t wanna answer directly to their message. But this prompt is “teasing dyl at school like giving him a handjob under the table”. Sorry if my fluff writing is way better than my smut because I feel like it is.

The bell rang, signaling that it was lunch time. Eager students flooded the halls of Columbine, following the smell of mediocre school food. Your class was close to the cafeteria, so you always made it there before your friends.

You sat there, pulling out your notebook to doodle until company arrived. You started sketching Dylan, one of your closest friends. You were probably closer than the average friends, having kissed before. You two were often teasing each other, seeing whose skin would turn bright red first. Your favorite thing to do was get him flustered so much that he got a boner. He would leave the cafeteria horny and embarrassed. You loved having that power over him.

Just then you felt a tap on your left shoulder. You looked to your left, but no one was there. Another hand darted in from the right and messed up your hair.

“Hey y/n!” Eric said, on the right of you. He grinned and started laughing, obviously amused with himself. Dylan stood to the left of him, laughing as well.

“Ha ha ha, you two are so original”

Dylan smiled at you, and you returned it with a mischievous one. His smile dropped and he gave you a look of warning. He knew what you were capable of. The rest of the table slowly gained more random friends, some who you didn’t know. Dylan was sitting next to you, but keeping his distance. He may have appeared to be an innocent boy on the outside, but you knew what he thought about.

“Wooh, it’s getting hot in here, isn’t it Dylan?”, you said, taking your jacket off, leaving only a skimpy tank top on. You stared at Dylan and watched his throat move as he gulped. He shifted in his seat and you smirked.

He looked at you with dark eyes and mouthed the words “Don’t get any ideas”.

You leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, “I know you want me to touch you, Dylan. I know how hard you get when I tease you. I think it’s time I fix your problem, yeah?”

You turned your head slightly to look directly at Dylan, his eyes were wide as you moved your hand to his inner thigh. You moved your fingertips gently, barely touching him, but enough to make him shift again. His eyes trailed to your hand touching him, and he scooted in closer to the table when he noticed his growing boner. His head shot up, nervous about Eric and the others seeing, but everyone was in their own conversations.

Your hand traveled closer and closer to the now obvious bulge in his jeans, finally finding your way to his dick. Dylan took a deep inhale of breath, gritting his teeth like he was in pain from the anticipation. You rubbed your hand against the warm denim material, making him jerk his hips up into your hand.

You looked up to see his eyes glossed over, and his mouth slightly hanging open. He looked so, so submissive. His look of utter defeat and acceptance pushed you to pull his zipper down. You leaned over to his ear once again, “Y’know for someone who didn’t want me to do this, you sure seem desperate Dyl”. You popped open the single button at the top of his pants, and slid your hand into his boxers, “Is this what you want me to touch? Your cock?”. Dylan gasped, louder than he should have.

Eric looked over with a confused expression, “Hey Dylan, you okay?”

Dylan gritted his teeth and mumbled out an “I…u-uh…”

“Dylan just forgot to do his math homework I asked about”, you spoke while applying gentle but rhythmic pressure to his cock, “silly guy always gives up when things get too hard”.

Eric chuckled and resumed to his conversation. You caught Dylan off guard, as he was still watching Eric, making sure he wasn’t paying attention. Your hand slipped inside his boxers and pulled out his leaking dick. Dylan spread his legs further apart and let out a needy whimper. You stroked your hand up and down his shaft, your tight grip gliding smoothly thanks to his pre-cum.

You continued for a minute, teasing him with small and slow strokes. He thrust his hips up into your hand, desperate for more friction. His head lowered down to the table, hiding his facial expressions that so clearly showed the immense pleasure he was feeling.

He desperately grabbed at your arm, urging your hand to move faster. His short fingernails dug into your arms, leaving small crescent indentions.

You leaned forward to his ear, covered by thick hair.

“You’re such a dirty boy Dylan.”

He let out a stuttered breath.

“And you just love my hand touching your cock like this, don’t you?”  You ran your thumb over the tip of his head in one unexpected motion and he was done.

Muted moans and groans and gasps filled your ear as he tensed. You felt the warm liquid spill out into your hand. His fists clenched as you finished him off, slowing your rhythm. He slowed his breathing as you wiped your hand off on the waistband of his boxers.

He lifted his head from the table, still flushed from his orgasm. You looked at him quickly but with seduction still lingering in your eyes. He hurriedly buttoned his pants back up, eyeing everyone at the table, oblivious to what had just happened. Dylan sighed and leaned back in his chair, still in a post-orgasm haze. You smirked to yourself, content with your days’ work.

Confession Time!

Anonymous said:
Prompts for a girl who’s in love with her best friend, but any time she tries to confess she ends up hurting his feelings?

Anonymous said:
Do you have any prompts where a girl confesses her love to her best friend?

 smerbled said to the-modern-typewriter:
I was wondering if you could give me some dialogue prompts on how a generally aloof, moody guy would confess his feelings to a girl? He’s that type of person who’s REALLY awkward when it comes to “lovey-dovey” things, simply because it’s icky and he isn’t used to expressing feelings other than… well, aloofness!

1) “You’re just so bloody goofy,” she said. She meant it as a compliment. “You and your stupid hair.” Read; you and your perfect hair, and your adorable way of running your fingers through it when you’re nervous. Read; bright ball of sunshine, you light up my world and make my chest light, make me laugh like nothing else you.
The look on his face was utterly wounded.

2) “I don’t expect you to feel the same way-” she began. 
“Oh thank god.”
She both froze. 
Her best friend froze, before their eyes widened. “Not as in oh thank god I hate that you love me! I mean thank god-”
“Who said anything about love,” she bristled.
“I mean I love you!” 
They both froze all over again. 
Their best friend stood up and walked out. “We’re doing this again, don’t move.”

3) “You’re the most brilliant person I’ve ever met,” he said. And it was such a difference to his normal impassiveness in the face of everything that her insides flipped. He swallowed hard, cheeks burning even as he tried really hard to maintain his cool and confident demeanour. His hands twisted in front of him, nervously. He wet his lips. “God,” his voice cracked and he looked down. “If you knew how much I loved you…” He couldn’t do this. He stumbled back a step, flustered all over.
She took a step forward and caught his wrist to stop him, before the touch gentled. “Tell me.” 

4) Their relationship had all but fallen apart. Every time she tried to say how she felt, she seemed to only make things worse because she’d get awkward in the last second and flub out and say something cruel so it wasn’t too mushy. So, in the end, she kept her goddamn mouth shut and simply wrote three words on a piece of paper, shoved them against his chest and bolted. 

5)  “It’s always been you.”

6) “We could never work out,” he said, talking all the reasons it would be a terrible idea because that would make the ‘I love you’ bursting in his mouth less frightening. “I’d only hurt you.”
She looked at him, utterly unimpressed. “Wow. You really need to work on your love confessions and grow the fuck up.” 

New Beginnings, Part One

Chapter One
“Not Too Insane For You”


Doctor!Sam x Patient!Reader

Word Count: 920

No Warnings (this time)

Beta: @trexrambling​ and @the-winchesterboys[I heart y’all a thousandfold!]

Summary: Dr. Sam Winchester is a forensic psychologist who specializes in the criminally insane committed for life at a local asylum in Lawrence, Kansas. The reader killed her entire family and then burned down her childhood home to cover the evidence. She was recently found not guilty by reason of insanity and ordered by the court to be committed to the asylum for the rest of her life. Dr. Winchester is assigned the reader’s case and his primary goal is to help her work through her issues so that she can come to terms with her crimes and underlining mental illness. But when his continued interactions with her ultimately lead to him falling in love with her, it puts his career in dire jeopardy. Will Sam choose to follow his career path as it was meant to be? Or will he choose to follow his heart? 

A/N:  This first chapter is gonna be a back story to Sam and his family. Next chapter will be the reader’s backstory and how she got where she is. Seeing how this is an AU, I think this is an appropriate way to start off the series.

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If you asked Sam’s older brother Dean about the year 1983, he’d tell you he wished the Earth would’ve disintegrated that year, particularly around May 2nd. He swears everything was right in the world in 1979 and it could’ve ended with no regrets. Of course Sam knew that he was a dumbass because the world ending meant Dean would be gone too, as well as their mother and father. Idiot. But if you asked Sam’s mother Mary and father John about 1983, they’d tell you it was one of the best years in their lives because Mary gave birth to their second healthy baby boy.

Sam had a relatively nominal childhood. Dad was a rookie cop for Lawrence PD working his way up in the ranks while Mom stayed home to raise him and Dean. He got to do everything a normal young boy wanted to do. He went to school, played soccer and basketball, got good grades, and enough friends to make any kid feel wanted. His older brother wanted to be perceived as the ‘bad boy’ of the class. He tried to play pranks and do mischievous little boy things, but being the son of a cop, that didn’t exactly work out in his favor. It only took one phone call from the principal for Dean to get his ass handed to him by John for his short-lived career as a bad boy to end.

Sam always had a knack for helping others. Especially helping others with problems that weren’t always clear to see. It seemed to be in his nature. When he was 12 he’d caught wind of one of his classmates saying she was ‘being told’ to kill herself because ‘my dead sister is lonely’. Not only did he managed to talk her out of jumping off the roof, he convinced her to talk to the principal about getting professional help. He really didn’t want her to die, but more than that, he was interested in a mentally disturbed person’s thought process. What makes them do the things they do on a psychological level? How did their perception of what they believed to be reality clash with what actually was reality?

His brother wasn’t so different, except he got excited when he saw one of his classmates fall off the monkey bars at recess and break his arm. A pretty nasty compound fracture, no less. Dean was the first one to run over and help the poor kid up, but upon seeing his arm all banged up, he ran all over the playground to try and find a splint. But not before he tried, and failed because a teacher thought he was bullying him, to set his arm bone back in place.

So it wasn’t a shock to either of their parents when they both said they wanted to go into the medical field. Sam had his heart set on something psychology related, while Dean fancied the emergency medical side. When Dean got a full ride to Stanford’s medical school, Sam was inspired to apply after he graduated from Lawrence High School as his class’ valedictorian. John and Mary weren’t surprised at all when he not only got accepted into the program, but was also offered a full ride. When Sam and Mary took a trip to California and ultimately toured the campus, Sam had a hard time deciding if he wanted to be a doctor…or a lawyer. 

“Well Sammy,” Mary said, “you do have a full ride. You can pursue anything you want here. Stanford is an excellent school. There’s no stopping you from fulfilling your educational dreams.”

Sam decided he could have his cake and eat it too. He chose to become a forensic psychologist. Working within the criminal justice system as a licensed medical professional. He knew he had a lot of schooling ahead of him to acquire all of the licenses and degrees necessary to be what he wanted to be. Right around the time Dean was finishing up his internship at Douglas County Regional Medical Center and working towards residency in the ER, Sam finally earned his final degree. He walked across the stage, dressed in his cardinal and white cap and gown, his parents the proud witnesses to his accomplishments. He was no longer just Samuel Winchester. He officially became Dr. Samuel Winchester, MD. He had a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Psychology, and minors in forensic science and psychiatry.

Shortly after the graduation celebrations ended, Sam was packing up his studio apartment in Palo Alto and heading back to Lawrence, where he’d caught wind of an psychologist opening at the local asylum. He wanted to have a long distance relationship with his girlfriend Jessica Moore, who was a nursing major with one more year left to go, but she didn’t want that. She wanted him to stay in California with her. But they just never saw eye to eye on it. So they decided to mutually end their relationship. It was tough at first, but he knew it was for the best for both of them. Sam knew if he went back to Lawrence, he’d never see her again anyway. And she knew that. Why else would she want him to stay in Cali?

Driving into city limits of his hometown was like a breath of fresh air. He’d always loved how beautiful and free being in California felt, but like the movie lines go, “there’s no place like home.” 

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Dally Imagine: Teach Me To Fight.

“Why, doll?” Dally asked looking over at you. You two were sitting outside your house talking and you had asked him to teach you to fight.

“Do I need a special reason? I just feel like I should know, alright?” You snapped at him defensively. The truth was that your little brother had been beaten up pretty badly a couple of days ago by a bunch of soc’s. You wouldn’t tell Dally that though. You knew it would make him do something stupid and the last thing you wanted was for him to get thrown in the cooler again, especially since he just got out.

“Alright fine.” Dally muttered lighting up a cigarette. “But I don’t understand why you need to know how to fight when you know I’d take care of anyone who tried to hurt you.”

You sighed a bit. You really wanted to tell him, you just couldn’t. “Well maybe if you’d stop getting yourself into trouble all of the time you’d actually be around long enough to protect me.” You teased him with a small smirk before getting up to walk away. Dally got up to and so you ran away from him laughing and he ran after you, picking you up from behind when he caught up to you. He spun you around and when he out you down you kissed.

“Alright so teach me.” You said to him after you both pulled away and he nodded. It took him a little while to figure out how he would go about teaching you since fighting was something he seemed to just always know how to do. He got the hang of the teaching thing after a while and had you throwing a good punch in no time.

When night started to fall you decided to stop the lesson and continue the next day. You planned on going over to the Curtis’s house for dinner with him but before you two could leave your yard you saw your brother coming up the walkway. Dally was messing with his matches trying to get a stubborn one to light and you hoped your brother would pass before he saw him but you weren’t that lucky. Dally glanced up and saw that your brothers face was covered in cuts and bruises and you saw your boyfriend visibly tense.

“What the hell?!” he demanded to your brother. “Who did this to you? Who were they? Did this just happen?”

“N-no..” your brother stammered nervously. Dally had always scared him a bit but now that your boyfriend was shaking with rage even you were scared. “Didn’t.. Didn’t Y/N tell you?”

Dally’s head snapped over to you. “Tell me what?”

“It.. It was some socs. We were walking home from school. I tried to help him but they held me back.” you muttered quietly. You were looking into Dally’s eyes and you saw the realization come over him. He didn’t say anything more he just began storming away from you. You told your brother to call the Curtis’s so they could come help you stop Dally from finding those guys but as you ran after him you were pretty sure nothing could hold him back anymore.

jaebum texts: part 2

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a continuation of jaebum texts requested by anon!

Jaebum was so close that you had difficulties breathing, and you tore away from his alluring eyes. Everything seemed so quiet and the only thing you could hear was his breathing and the sound of your thumping heart. Your eyes were fixed on the corner of his room, and you stood still.

Jaebum was hovering over you and even though you weren’t looking at him, you felt his pair of dark eyes pinning you down, like a predator ready to devour its prey. You took a quick look at him and when your eyes met his again, he was leaning in closer than you’ve expected. He was going to kiss you. You waited for everything to unfold by itself when all of a sudden jackson screamed in the living hall. Jaebum shifted himself away from you instantly and he became really shy about what just happened earlier. You stood by the door and placed one hand over the other arm looking everywhere but jaebum. He ran his hand through his hair and sat on the edge of his bed.

“Sorry,” he glanced briefly at you and apologised, knowing he probably put you in a difficult spot just now.

“It’s fine,” you shook your head and said softly.

You thought it was better if you take your leave and join the rest outside, but you spotted a whole row of bart simpsons figurines on his shelf, in which you smiled. You had never thought that a chic and cool guy like jaebum would collect figurines, much less of bart simpsons. Jaebum caught you smiling to yourself and the confused him asked what was it that was so funny.

“I didn’t know you like bart,” you pointed to his shelf.

“What’s so funny about that?” he turned his head and faced you while asking.

“Didn’t expect a guy like you to do this,” you chuckled.

“What do you mean a guy like me? I can’t decipher if you’re describing me in a  good or bad way,”

“Well, it’s up to your interpretation,” you smiled and walked over to the shelf, wanting to touch the figurines when a sudden thought popped in your mind. “Can I?” you asked for permission, remembering that jaebum didn’t like people in his room in the first place, and he definitely wouldn’t fancy it if they touch his things.

“Go ahead,” jaebum nodded his head and flashed you a warm smile.

After looking around, you spotted many things that interest you; things that you didn’t expect jaebum to be into. The both of you were just talking when there was a knock on the door.

“Jaebum,” mark’s voice sounded through the door.

You panicked, not wanting the boys to know you were in jaebum’s room, knowing that they would misunderstand. You shook your head and pointed to yourself, signalling for him not to let mark know your existence in the room. As jaebum went to open the door, you hid behind his bed.

“Have you seen y/n? She disappeared,” mark asked.

“Nope,” jaebum gave a quick reply.

“Okay this is weird she can’t possibly vanish into thin air. Jackson and bambam are looking for her. By the way the movie is starting soon,”

“I’ll be out in a minute,”

You let out a sigh of relief and stood up when jaebum closed the door. “Why do you have to hide?” the boy asked.

“Because they’ll misunderstand us,”

“Do you really think this is just a misunderstanding?” jaebum blurted out and you weren’t quite understanding what he was trying to say. “Why do you think I even let you in in the first place?”


“Isn’t it clear enough? That I like you?” the same aura he had earlier returned. He had you targeted, and he was not letting the chance of getting you slip away again. You weren’t expecting a confession and before you could form a reply in your head, you heard jackson and bambam shouting for you. Why are they always ruining things for you and jaebum?

“You should get going before they tear this place down,” jaebum didn’t wait for your reply and opened the door slightly, keeping the boys in view before signalling you that it was safe to leave. You wanted to tell him that the feelings are mutual, but he seemed to be avoiding your answer, afraid that you’d reject him. Before you took a step out, you gathered your courage and leaned in real quick, giving him a peck on his cheek.

“I like you too, feisty boy,” you smiled. Jaebum was caught off guard by your action and broke into a smile later - the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen, and before he let you go, he whispered into your ears with his husky voice,

“Just know that my room is always open for you,”