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Can I have slow, long and teasing 2009!Phan smut please !!

this is latelatelate

i added daddy kink bc i’m trash

ew this is shit but it’s 2 am shut up


Dan watched carefully from the doorway as Phil sat down on the edge of his bed, stretching his arms above his head.

He bit at his nails; a bad nervous habit he had developed recently, and gazed at him from under the hair falling in his eyes.

Phil realized after a second that Dan was still just standing there, and raised his eyebrows, sitting up.

“Well c'mon,” he said, patting the spot next to him on the bed; oblivious. “Don’t get shy now, it’s not like you haven’t been in my room before.” He flashed Dan a crooked grin.

Dan let his gaze fall to his feet. Fuck, he was already blushing.

“Hey… what’s up?” Phil asked, finally noticing something may not be right with the younger boy. “Did I say something? I’m really sorry if I did, I-”

“No,” Dan said finally, his voice coming out shakier than he would have liked. “Y-You didn’t say anything. It’s n-not that.”

“So what is it?” Phil shifted on the bed, tilting his head to the side and arching his eyebrows in question. Dan swallowed.

“Do you not want to have sex with me?” Dan blurted, his eyes widening and his face going dark red the second the words were out.

There was incredibly painful awkward silence, as Phil stared at Dan and Dan tried not to cry from the tension.

“What?” Phil finally asked, his voice breaking. Dan avoided his eyes.

“Do you not… want to have… sex with me…?” He repeated, slower. “Do you not, like, see me that way?”

More silence, and Dan felt as if his head would explode.

“Come here.”

He looked up, biting his lip and meeting Phil’s eyes.


“C'mere,” Phil repeated, motioning to him.

Dan inched forward, slowly edging towards Phil as if he was scared he would bite him. He moved to sit next to him, but Phil grabbed his wrist.

“Not there. Here,” he mumbled, tugging the boy down and onto his lap, so he was straddling him. Dan let out a soft gasp.


“Dan.” Phil cupped his face, holding his cheeks in both hands, and searched his eyes. “Of course I want to have sex with you.”

Dan blinked. “Y-You do…?”

“Of course!” Phil smiled. “I just didn’t want to… I didn’t want to push anything.” He shrugged. “I didn’t think you were ready.”

“Are you kidding?” Dan squeaked, placing his hands over Phil’s. “I’ve been ready since I met you. I’ve been really, really ready, and I’m tired of waiting.”

Phil laughed softly, letting one hand fall to Dan’s hip, the other staying on his face. “I just thought-”

“Well don’t think,” Dan breathed, pressing his lips to Phil’s abruptly. Phil froze, before melting into the touch. His hand moved to Dan’s lower back, pulling him closer and licking at his lower lip.

“Dan,” Phil gasped, pulling back and resting their foreheads together. Dan’s mind raced, filled with endless possibilities of what they could do, what he had wanted to do for so long. Maybe he was finally going to get what he wanted. “Dan, you have to be completely positive you want this. I am not stealing your first time, that would make me feel terrible.”

Dan blushed. Phil knew he was a virgin; it had been one of the first things they had talked about.

“I want it,” he whispered, licking his lips, his eyelashes fanning his pink-tinted cheeks. “I swear, I want it so bad. I want you.”

Phil slowly intertwined his fingers with Dan’s, sliding his hand into his. “I think we should go slow.”

Dan nodded, smiling. He wanted this, he really did, but that didn’t keep him from being nervous. Phil seemed so damn experienced, he was so much more mature in Dan’s eyes, he still couldn’t believe he was really in this situation in the first place. In Phil Lester’s bedroom, about to…

Jesus. His heart was just about jumping out of his chest.

“Thank you,” he muttered.

Phil hummed, nodding and mapping out a small area of Dan’s neck with his fingers, tracing the skin. Dan shivered, taking a shaky breath when Phil dipped his head, planting his lips to the spot and sucking.

“Oh…” he breathed, choking on the words. Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist, holding him closer, and damn, he really seemed to know what he was doing.

Phil really didn’t know what he was doing, not a bit. All he knew was he had dreamed of having Dan in a situation just like this, and now that they were here, he was combining his pure desperate lust with his need to just kiss Dan’s skin as gently as possible, and making it into… whatever he was doing right now.

Phil nipped at Dan’s throat, and Dan tilted his head back, gripping Phil’s shoulders for balance, he whimpered, closing his eyes and focusing on the feeling of Phil’s mouth and lips and tongue on his skin. He was also focusing on not jizzing his pants.

Phil slid his hands over Dan’s bum, squeezing gently, and a high pitched moan fell from Dan’s lips. He immediately covered his mouth, his eyes widening; embarrassed.

“I-” he started, but Phil just shook his head.

“Do it again.”


Phil kneaded his ass again, sucking at the same spot on his neck, harder. Dan squeaked, moaning loudly and automatically rutting against Phil’s thigh.

“There we go,” Phil hummed, pinching Dan’s flesh and making him jump. “Good boy.”

Dan whimpered at the praise, moaning again and wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist, clinging to him.

“You’re shaking.” Phil kissed his nose, and Dan caught his lower lip between his teeth.

“Am I?” He whispered back. Phil nodded.

Phil gently tugged at the hem of Dan’s shirt, and Dan lifted his arms above his head. Phil pulled it off, tossing it aside and ridding himself of his own shirt.

In one movement Phil stood, holding Dan up and turning, pinning him to the bed so that now he was on top of him, hovering over him.

“I think you’re shaking too,” Dan breathed, kissing the side of Phil’s mouth.

“Sorry.” Phil laughed nervously. “I just really don’t want to mess this up.”

“You won’t.”

Phil bit his lip. “I could.”

Dan ran his hands over Phil’s shoulders, trying to calm his nerves. It helped to see that Phil was just as scared by this as he was, for whatever reason.

“But you won’t.” Dan pressed kiss after kiss on Phil’s cheeks. “Tell me something.”

“Hm?” Phil mumbled, his fingers gliding over Dan’s stomach.

“Tell me something. Like, something I don’t know.”

Phil chuckled breathily, running his fingertips over Dan’s button and tugging. “I’m slightly allergic to cats.”

“Really?” Dan put his hands on Phil’s, helping him unbutton his jeans, trying to ignore the fire in his stomach. He knew that already. He wasn’t sure there was anything about Phil he didn’t know.

“Mhm.” Phil nodded, his eyes brightening. He slowly and carefully pushed Dan’s jeans down his hips. “My middle name is Michael. But you knew that one.” He licked his lips. “I made a game when I was fourteen. I was really into programming I guess. Still kind of am.”

Dan gasped as Phil’s fingers brushed over his bulge, clinging to him. “That’s- so cool,” he breathed, digging his nails into Phil’s shoulders.


“Don’t back out now.” Dan whined softly. “Please, Phil, need you inside me.”

Phil moaned, nodding slightly and pulling at Dan’s boxers. Dan had no time to even think about being self conscious; Phil had his hand wrapped around Dan’s cock in seconds, his boxers clinging to his hips. Dan whimpered loudly, automatically bucking up into the touch.

Dan desperately tugged at Phil’s zipper, messily pushing his jeans down, and Phil removed them completely.

“How much,” Phil whispered, biting down on Dan’s neck, listening to his soft noises of desperation. “How much do you need me?”

“So much,” Dan gasped, scratching down Phil’s back. “So much, daddy, please-!”

A growl fell from Phil’s lips and he was sucking on his fingers, before pushing Dan’s legs up and circling his hole.

Dan whimpered, whining and squirming as Phil held him still, moaning when Phil pushed a finger in.

“Daddy,” he breathed again, and Phil groaned. He pumped his finger, digging his nails into Dan’s thigh with the other one.

“Dan, Jesus.”

Dan smirked, grinning at him and licking his lips. Phil leaned up to kiss him deeply, licking into his mouth as he carefully added another finger; stretching him.

Phil was not too quick with the stretching; it was Dan’s first time, and it really had to be perfect. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that Dan had chosen him for this…

He was always amazed that Dan liked him in the first place.

The next few minutes were filled with soft kisses and moans, clinging to each other like if they let go, it would all be over.

It took Dan a moment but he soon got used to Phil’s fingers, pushing back on them.

“Daddy, please,” he whimpered, meeting Phil’s eyes. “Want your cock, Phil.”

Phil took a shaky breath, and nodded.

“Are you sure you-”

“Yes, damn it!”

Phil laughed. “Alright, fine. Just making sure baby.”

Phil slicked himself up, lining up with Dan so that their hips were aligned, hovering over him. He kissed him softly, slowly pushing in.

Dan gasped, immediately tending up and clinging to Phil’s shoulders like his life support. Phil hummed, kissing his cheeks and all down his jaw.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Focus on me. Focus on the pleasure.” He slowly wrapped his hand around Dan’s dick, rubbing him in time to the thrusts, and soon he was moaning and squirming under his touch.

“Shit,” Dan hissed through his teeth. “Phil…”

“Good boy,” Phil mumbled, slowly thrusting, aiming for the places he knew would make Dan scream. “Doing so well, such a good boy for me, I- fuck…”

Dan moaned loudly, throwing his head back, practically drooling. Okay. Now he got it. It felt really fucking good.

Phil sped up, watching Dan’s face carefully and letting out quiet grunts ever time he moved. Soft noises of pleasure and the creaking of bedsprings filled the room.

“I-I can’t last much longer,” Dan whined, scratching his nails down Phil’s back. “Harder, go harder.”

“Baby I-”


And then Dan let out a noise that was probably the most angelic thing Phil had ever heard, and he was pounding into him, snapping his hips roughly as he fucked into him. Dan shrieked, a continuous wordless stream of moaning falling from his lips.

“I’m gonna- I love you, I love you so much, Phil, fuck-!”

Dan came over Phil’s hand and his stomach, whining loud and high pitched, and Phil gasped.

“Holy fuck,” he managed to groan, burying his face in Dan’s neck and letting go inside him, his hips twitching.

They stayed like that for a moment, Dan gasping for breath, his noises shaky, soaking in what he had done. Phil slowly pulled out, but they stayed tangled up together, all heat and sweat and pure exhaustion.

“I meant it.”

Phil looked up, brushing hair out of Dan’s eyes. “Hm…?”

“I meant it,” he repeated, grinning. “I really do love you, I don’t care if that’s weird.”

Phil’s entire face lit up.

“I love you too,” he breathed. “And I definitely don’t care if that’s weird either.”

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2D and Mudz with a s/o who's super innocent in public and around others but is freaky as hell in bed?

I love this. I love it so much.

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He knew it all along. He knew if he was as interested in someone as he was in you, you had to be some level of freaky. The element of surprise is an added perk for him.
  • Just because you don’t know certain phrases or terms doesn’t make you innocent, as he quickly realizes. You might not know about something when it’s mentioned but you prove to him that you definitely know the techniques.
  • He slowly teaches you what certain things mean, and he loves when it comes up in conversation. When you ask “what does that mean?” in front of the other band members, he quickly takes the opportunity to say “It’s what you did to me that one time…” Much to the discomfort of the others.

Stu Pot (2D):

  • Shock and surprise are the theme of the night. He loves your personality and had no idea how different you could be in bed. Different in this case, is very welcome.
  • At first, he had every intention taking things slowly because you didn’t seem as experienced. So when he suggested going easy on you, you turn him down immediately and show him some of your own ideas.
  • When you’re talking to everyone else and something risque comes up, he picks up a habit of looking at you and wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive way. No one else picks up on this because of how you act in public, but you file away the conversation to surprise him with later.

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Hi can u do a how kissing Daniel and Jihoon would be like please hehe I love your page so much, makes my heartu go boom boom jkdgfkdh hehe ;)


  • would place his hands on your back slowly and stare at your lips for a consistent period of time before carefully inching in for a kiss
  • he kind of tests the water to see if you’re up for a kiss as well
  • always wary of your reactions
  • “close your eyes”
  • sometimes he’d be really shy when he initiates a long kiss-
  • most of the time it would be long and passionate
  • gives you too much butterflies that your hands would shake and niel would just know so he’ll intertwine his hands with yours in an reassuring manner and smile “you’re cute”
  • when you do close your eyes he’d immediately dive in for the kiss
  • on days where you don’t and stare at him back with a smile he’d laugh at your adorable demeanor and stalls time while smiling until you’re on your limits and question him why he isn’t ki-
  • he’ll cut you off with a kiss
  • just like that.
  • smooth.
  • he seems like the experienced type but sometimes he can get so into it that he accidentally bruises your lip sometime and you’d whine and tap his chest repeatedly and he’ll get it
  • “…i’m sorry” he’d look like a kicked puppy
  • you would be like “i don’t mind it- i mean i do- well not too much- but it hurts!” you’d be conflicted with your feelings
  • he’d look up with a blank expression
  • “i’ll be more gentler next time i promise”
  • you smile knowingly
  • “yes… sure”
  • “hey!”

Originally posted by ichnite


  • jihoon seems like a more waist person
  • would pull you really really rEALLY CLOSE
  • until there’s literally no space between the two of you
  • likes to pull you in in one swift move
  • you’re literally breathless when he does that
  • he would wink his signature wink and smile at you cheekily
  • likes to spice his kisses up
  • yesterday’s kiss would be v different from today
  • "i’ve saved the kiss in my heart” you would joke after the both of you part
  • he’d pull of a ‘lets-not-go-there’ look and shake his head “go home you’re drunk”
  • “…. if i was going to make this cheesy then i’d say that i was drunk on you but-”
  • kisses you again
  • “say that again”
  • “….jihoon go home you’re drunk”
  • “i was drunk on you”
  • /facepalm.

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Soft; Sirius Black x Reader

It was a well known fact around Hogwarts that Sirius Black was a flirt. It seemed like every time someone saw him he had his arm draped around someone new and a cheeky pickup line falling from his lips. The girls that Sirius usually went after were full of witty comebacks and suggestive comments,so when he fell for the quiet hufflepuff that sat in the back of the class most of his wizarding peers were confused. No one could seem to believe that the legendary Sirius Black was so hung up on a girl that would get flustered when a teacher called on her in class.

It was true that she was shy. She always had been. She didn’t see anything wrong with it. Sure, sometimes it would be nice to not get so nervous all the time but overall she was content to bury her head in a book and keep to herself. She asked Remus if he could tutor her when she was struggling with astronomy. That was how she met the mysterious Black boy. He seemed to turn up to their study sessions more and more frequently and she couldn’t help how intrigued she was by him. Every time he walked though the library doors she tried her hardest to concentrate but his presence seemed to command her attention. He flirted with her at first and she would be lying if she said it didn’t work. He had charm and he knew how to use it well. He started chasing her down in the hallways and even found himself in her common room on a couple occasions. Every smooth word that left his lips caused to cheeks to resemble the color of her cherry chapstick.

He was nothing but a bundle of nerves the day he finally asked her out to Hogsmeade. He actually stuttered. He was so sure that he ruined his chances so when she smiled and said “yes.” He almost didn’t believe it. It was the best Saturday of his life. His afternoon was filled with flushed cheeks, soft giggles and a little bit of spilled butterbeer. He was not the kind of guy that believed in soulmates but whenever he looked at her he couldn’t help but think that some people are just meant to be in your life and it felt like she was handmade for his.

It was true that she was quiet. It usually didn’t bother her. Although, one time it really did. She was just as quiet in private as she was in public. It was one thing she couldn’t get over. Sirius was the first person she had ever been intimate with but even when she was alone, behind locked doors pleasuring herself under her sheets, she was still quiet. It was the one insecurity she couldn’t let go. She wasn’t completely innocent though. Once she got comfortable with Sirius she would easily throw out sarcastic comments with his friends. Most people would probably be surprised to learn that she initiated sex between them just as often as he did. She was well aware of Sirius’ reputation. She knew that there had been other girls before her and she accepted it. Although, she couldn’t help but wonder if they were better than her. She was sure that they were certainly louder than her in bed and she was curious if he preferred that over what he had with her. What if he missed fiery, bright eyed girls and rushed kisses? What if he was bored with her?

Little did she know, boredom was the furthest thing from Sirius’ mind. He loved the fact that she was quiet. It was far more intimate that way. It was true that girls he had previously been with had been louder in bed and that was fine. But this was different. This was better. She was everything that Sirius wasn’t. Sirius was all rough edges. She was nothing but soft curves. He was firewhiskey and cigarette smoke. She was vanilla, honey, and sugar. Everytime they intertwined themselves between his sheets, he felt like he was getting a shot of sunshine into his veins. A soft moan would escape her lips and fill the air and it knocked the wind out of his body. His name tumbled out of her mouth so sweetly, like a old song that he was learning to love all over again. He loved the fact that she was quiet. No one else could hear her. Her sounds of pleasure traveled directly from her lips to his ear. It was like her love was made for only him to experience. It was slow, it was passionate. She would lightly trail her fingers across his skin and place kisses on his jaw and he found shelter in her body. Moonlight would pour through the window and bathe her body. His heart would skip for a beat or two and he couldn’t believe this was his reality. She was a masterpiece in human form. How did so many things in the universe manage to go right to allow him to experience this? He would lean down and press soft kisses to the stretch marks on her stomach. Normally, she would be trying to cover them up but she was so caught up in what he was doing to her that she wasn’t focused on her imperfections. Every mark, every scar, every blemish that graced her skin was breathtaking to him. She might not agree but the fact of the matter is, if even just one tiny thing about her had been different, she wouldn’t be the girl he loved.

Sirius Black had never been in love before. He wasn’t really sure what that meant. He used to roll his eyes at the word. But when you meet a person synonymous with the word love, it doesn’t seem so ridiculous anymore. He had never experienced it before but if he had to describe the feeling that he gets when he feels her eyelash flutter against his skin, love seemed like a pretty good word for it.


— About 1000 words —

Imagine The Pack and you go to a dance and you have an amazing time but then Hayden comes and ruins everything by letting out the secret that you are an Alpha and The Pack asks questions. After that, you and Hayden get into a fight, which Liam then breaks up.

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supporting Trevor when he's getting frustrated w a project he's been working on n just telling him how much he's grown as a creator?? aHH

AHHHHHHHH lets have a chat abt this my good dude 

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Monsta X reaction to: Their S/O gives them the silent treatment for days after being told to shut up.

Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it, if i missed something that you wanted, let me know and i will re-write it!


Originally posted by gthir

Shownu would probably get everything worse and giving one day more to the list everytime he tried to fix it. Because he is the older and the lider of the group, he is used to the fact that he is the one who should calm the boys down when they are being too loud and extra, aka, tell them to shut up. So he kept wondering what he did wrong for you to give him the silent treatmeant and he would list everything he did “Was it because i was late to a date? Did you did something on your hair and i didn’t noticed?” but he would’ never guess. You will need to tell him that he was rude and he got the mental note to always be very cautions to what he said.


Originally posted by wonhontology

Wonho is kind of tantrum (Sorry if this came out wrong, english is not my first language and google didn’t helped). If you gave him the silent treatmeant he would try to ignore you aswell and keep his mindset as if you deserved it, even if a small part of his brain where screaming “But you didn’t needed to be rude!”. But if you are really strong and kept ignoring him for a long time, he would apoligise even feeling like he wasn’t guilty because he would miss you A LOT. He is a very emotional guy.


Originally posted by monbebeici

Minhyuk probably says this a lot, he is a very impulsive person and he probably doesn’t even says this out of anger, only because he likes exagerating some reactions. When you firstly started ignoring him he tought you were just kidding to do some kind of grumpy aegyo, so he said a lot of cheesy things while hugging you to see how long you would ignore him. But after you kept ignoring him for more days he would slowly start to became really worried. He would go serious to you pretending that was angry saying things like “I think you are being a little too much. Please stop and talk to me right now.” and if you STILL ignored him (wow, you’re strong minded) he would be super sad in a dramatic way and send his members to talk to you “Ask them if they are breaking up with me. Tell them to talk to me. Tell them that you saw me and i am really sorry” and you would go back to talk to him while laughing.


Originally posted by 93kihyun

He would be really sad but wouldn’t try to apologise verbally because he would be scared that he might annoy you and you would ignore him more. He doesn’t seems to be experienced in dating, so he would be super stressed wondering if he should stick with you or give you space. You would forgave him after seeing him looking at you with apollogetic puppy-like eyes all day long. Would only say sorry after you already forgave him. Would fill your face with kisses while saying “i am sorry” and would never tell you to shut up again.


Originally posted by bangtan-monsta

As soon as he said it and looked at your face he tought “Oh.” and he knew you were going to ignore him. He knows you too well. But he just kept with a blank face and didn’t had the courage to go apologise to you, he kept looking at you and thinking “If i go there s/he is going to ignore me”. He tries to apologise without talking to you. He would fix your bed, buy you snacks and let them in somewhere you see and left notes with “i am sorry” “please talk to me" . You tought he was trying to be romantic to win you heart again, but he just gets really hurt in being upfront ignored and was trying to avoid it.


Originally posted by jo0heonie

When Jooheon get annoyed he gets quiet, so he feels like it’s accumulating stress and is really common he burst and say things like that. However, he would regret INSTANTLY because he knows that he said without meaning. As soon as he said and saw your expression change he would run to your direction to hold your hand while apologising, and he wouldn’t let you go until you looked at him and said you forgave him, if you meant it or not. It would be really difficult to ignore him and i don’t think you will succed for a couple days or even the first day.


Originally posted by kyungso

He would feel TERRIBLE. He is the most likely to feel super bad to the point that he would be ashemed of himself and it would be super hard for him to face you and apologize. He is the type of person that think that nobody overreact in things like that and if you’re ignoring him is because he deserves it. When he found courage to talk to you and you apologised him, he felt so relived in listen to your voice that he wondered why did he wanted you to stop talking in the first place.

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Could you maybe write a Byeler oneshot where Will is talking to Jonathan about Jonathan's feelings for Nancy, and he realises that he's in love with Mike? And then he goes to the Wheeler's and confesses? I love your blog!

Aw thank you! also, thank you for suggesting! I really hope you enjoy this and it’s on the tracks of what you were looking for :) 

(sorry if there’s any typos or grammar mistakes)

If you want to suggest more, write to me here :)

“Will,” he heard his name ringing out from the other room “i’ve got a few songs i want you to listen to!” He made his way to Jonathan’s room and opened the door to Jonathan with his radio on full blast, listening to whatever strange British punk band he had found this time. Will sat down and, after some time of listening with curiosity to whatever song Jonathan was showing him, he nervously blurted out “how do you know if you like someone?” Jonathan stopped the music.


“How do you know if you… like someone… more than a friend?”

“Who are we talking about?”

“NO ONE- i just… how did you know you liked Nancy in that way?”

Jonathan smirked, knowing this conversation he was having with his little brother, Will, wasn’t entirely hypothetical.

He proceeded to explain that it just happens and can take a while or it can happen instantly.

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Black cat with white markings is Thog, white cat w grey is Ashe (Ashwing), golden kitty is Markus (warriors name pending), the big tabby friend markus is cuddling is Kyr (warriors name pending) and the brown kitty with the heart is Gregor (Heartpaw)

more details under the cut im so sorry mobile users njdsfjkndsfjndsf

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Jumin Han x MC

||Hey guys! This is my first fanfic. I wrote it for myself but then I decided to share it with you haha||
Extreme smut|| Kink|| Nswf content.
Enjoy!! :)

“Jumin, what are you doing?” I ask, wiggling. I had been tied to the bed, my arms above my head and my legs spread apart.
“Oh, just a little surprise”, Jumin said, giving me an evil smile.
I managed to upset Jumin (idk how, we were talking about Elizabeth Third and I politely mentioned how his obsession with the cat was unhealthy).
*Few minutes earlier*
Jumin: “(Y/N), I know that you are worried about me, *gets up from his chair ditching his dinner and approaches me on the other end of the table, takes my chin in his hand and lifts it up towards his face* but, it’s kind of getting annoying with everybody nagging at me”.
MC: “I didnt mean to upset you..”
Jumin: “You? Upset me? Oh that’s impossible. However, I’d love to teach you a thing or two about not nagging me…”
MC: “What do you mean?”
Jumin grabbed my hand, led me through his endless hall, his huge ass dining room with the glass walls and black and white sofas, up the stairs, into a large room.
Wait, that’s his bedroom….. right?
I could see a big bed placed in the middle, with two side tables, a dressing table with some creams, and that’s it. It was an empty room. What a waste of such space.
He picked me up in his arms, lay me down on his bed.
Incase you’re wondering, no, we have never had sex, just kissed.
MC: “Jumi-”
I was interrupted by a pair of lips meeting mine. I closed my eyes , wrapped my arms around him, and we kissed passionately as he lay me on the bed. He got up, opened his side table’s drawers, and pulled out one of his ties that was shoved in there
Currently, Jumin was dressed in his white office shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and his black suit pants.
MC: “What are you doing?”
Jumin: “Oh, just a little something I want to try out”, he said, giving me his seductive smile. Oh how much I love this man.
“Hold out your arms together”.
I held out both my arms, he put the tie around my wrists and tied my hands together.
Then, he looked at me with lust oozing out of his eyes. Suddenly, the atmosphere felt a little different. As if he had released the demons. He held my arms above my head, pushed me on the bed, and started kissing me wildly. He tried to push his tongue into my mouth, my lips parted and made way and soon our tongues were dancing together. I let out a little moan.
He stops kissing, looks deep into my eyes as if staring into my soul, and in his deep,seductive voice, says, “If you will make such funny sounds, I won’t be able to hold back”.
I looked into his eyes, bit my lip, and said, “Then dont”. That did it for him. The lip bite, the words were all it took for Jumin Han to completely let out his inner demon. He got up, went into his dressing room, and came out with 2 more ties. He took my arms, and this time tied them to the bed’s rod above my head. He demanded me to spread my legs apart, so I did.
MC: “Jumin, what are you doing?” I said, wiggling my body. I hate to admit that I was getting aroused by this little play.
Jumin: “Oh, you will see”, he said, with a devilish smirk.
He then unbuttoned his shirt, exposing my eyes to his well built body. He didn’t have abs, but he was fit, had some biceps and triceps, broad shoulders, a well toned stomach, and his nipples were erect. The sight was heavenly. I suddenly felt my love juices stirring up inside me.
He dimmed the lights a bit, grabbed a candle, lit it up, and kept it beside us.
MC: “Jumin, I’m a virgin”.
He froze.
Jumin: “What?”
MC: “Yeah. I am a virgin, I have never had sex before”.
Jumin: “You should have told me nefore!”
I rolled my eyes.
MC: “And which before are we talking about?”
Jumin sighed, disappointed. Then, with a serious expression,he stared at me, and said “I won’t be able to hold back anymore”.
MC: “Then who’s stopping you?”
He smiled at me, came towards me, and started kissing me passionately again. Our tongues danced together, our mouths making wet sounds. I wanted his saliva. I loved his taste. He tasted too good.
Then, he kissed my chin, my neck, he started biting on my neck, I moaned slightly, he left two-three hickies on my neck. He trailed down my neck, then stopped. He unbuttoned my shirt, while staring deep into my eyes with his serious expression. He opened up my shirt, unhooked my bra from behind, lifted it up.
Jumin: “Shit.”
MC: “What?”
Jumin: “Should’ve taken off your clothes before tying you up”.
I laughed.
Jumin: “Don’t laugh, I have never done this before”.
He untied my hands, took off my shirt and bra, then tied me up again.
He started with the kisses again; first the lips, then the neck, then he reached my chest. He backed up a bit, stared at my boobs, and let out a sigh.
MC: “What happened?”
Jumin: “Can’t believe these are mine”.
I giggled as he dug in. He started to twist my left boob’s nipple and sucked on my right boob’s nipple. I started moving, moaning. He bit my nipple, then gave it little licks. He switched sides, did the same to my left boob. I was feeling soooooo good. His mouth felt so fucking good on my boobs. I could feel his soft, velvety lips just sucking on my boobs.
He left a hickie on both my boobs, then proceeded to leave a trail of kisses on my tummy, and stopped again. I let out a deep breath. OhMyGod, he will see my pussy.
Jumin: “May I?” He asked. What a gentleman.
I smiled and said, “Yes, you may”.
He got up, took the tie he had brought earlier, and tied it around my head, covering my eyes.
MC: “Oi! What are you doing?”
Jumin: “I don’t want you to see anything now. It’ll be more exciting. Oh and, I hope you’re ready for a little pain”, I heard him giggle.
MC: “Pain? What pain??” I asked.
Jumin: “Oh, you’ll know it when you feel it”.
I can’t believe this guy has never done this kind of stuff. He seems so experienced.
I was blinded. I could only hear stuff. Like that would help. I felt Jumin taking off my underwear slowly. The fact that I couldn’t see anything happening to me arouse me more. He sighed once again, and said “You’re very beautiful”. I blushed and giggled. Then I felt him kissing my inner thighs. I started breathing heavily, and I could hear him breathe heavily too. He slowly kissed & bit his way in and he stopped just near my pussy lips. I was sweating!!
He then got up, I heard him grab something, then I felt something extremely hot drip onto my boobs.
MC: “Aaahh!!”
I let out a deep moan. I…. kind of liked it…..
“Jumin, what was that???”
Jumin: “Oh nothing, just something I wanted to experiment”. Then I heard him put that thing back. It had to be the candle.
Then I heard him unzip his pants, and take them off. Then he probably took off his underwear too.
Jumin: “MC, are you really ready for this?”
MC: “As ready as I will ever be”.
He kissed my pussy, then he kissed my clit. I let out a slight moan again. He started licking my clit, and that’s when I lost it. My back arched as he left little licks on my clit. The pleasure was too much.
MC: “Jumin! Aaahhh! It f-feels s-soo goo-oood” i moaned.
I could feel Jumin’s smile forming over there!!!! Omg!!!
He then started to insert his finger inside me. I moaned a bit more than before as he slid it in. Then he started moving his finger inside me while licking my clit. I could hear his heavy breaths.
Jumin: “MC, you taste too damn good”. I smiled & blushed.
He kept this on for a while.
Then, he stopped.
“You are so wet, if you saw my dick you would probably scream. It’s so hungry for you”.
MC: “Since i can’t see it, why not make me feel it’s hunger?”
Jumin: “You know if you keep saying stuff like this, I might attack you like an animal?”
I felt myself grow hotter and hotter each minute.
I heard Jumin come on top of me, he then took off my blindfold and untied me.
Jumin: “Since it’s your first time, I want you to see everything”, he said.
I looked down on my chest and sure enough, there was candle wax on it.
“Oh, let me clean that off for you”.
He went to the bathroom and brought a wet cloth. He then wiped the wax off. He set the cloth aside.
He got on top of me, kissing me passionately all over again, then he put his dick on my pussy. We both moaned. He started rubbing his dick slowly against it, rubbing my clit. I was going crazy!!
MC: “Aaahhh Jumin” i moaned.
Jumin: “Can i put it in?” He asked between pants.
I smiled and nodded. He took his dick, positioned it on my pussy, then said “Could you please put it in? I don’t know how to find your hole….” he looked so embarrassed and cute haha. I held his dick, and guided it to my hole.
MC: “Do it”.
He then slowly tried to insert it.
It hurt a bit, and it was only the head. I held in my screams.
Jumin: “I want to hear everything. Please don’t hold back.”
He started to push in more, half of it, then all of it, while I was moaning real loud and he was panting like an animal.
Jumin: “You’re so tight MC”
I dug my nails into his flesh. I could feel blood trickling out of my pussy. He started moving slowly at first, letting my pussy get accustomed to the movements. Then he started to gain some speed. He kissed me deeply while thrusting in hard, harder, and i was moaning loudly into his mouth Snr he was panting deeply into mine. I hugged him real tight and wrapped my legs around him.
Jumin: “Ahh ahh haaa haa oh fucking MC you feel so fucking good haa haa”
MC: “Jumin your dick haa haaa is so haa haa biggg haaa haaaa i can feel it sliding ahhh in and ahhhh out. Fuuuuccckkkk”.
Jumin: “You keep making those sounds and I will fuck you like there is no tomorrow”.
With that his speed increased more and he thrusted more deep. Tears started welling up into my eyes. This pleasure was too much for me to bear. The wet sounds were being heard from his dick thrusting into my pussy and that was more hotter.
MC: “Ju-Jumin ahh ahhh ahhhh F-f-fuck ahhhh fuck me DADDYYYYY!!!!”
Jumin: “Oh God why did you call me daddy now I won’t stop”.
With that he continued to thrust real hard into me. Our bodies got extremely sweaty, the heat rising, my pussy throbbing on the inside. I could feel his dick pumping up.
We were so in the moment, he kept staring at my face while I was making those moans and weird expressions.
MC: “Jumin, s-stop ahhh looking at m-me ahhhhhhh”.
Jumin: “Your face is more of a turn on haaaaaaa”.
Eventually, we both were at our ending points.
Jumin: “MC, I’m gonna haa haa haa cum! Haa haa haa”
MC: “Me haa haa haa too haa haa haa”
With that, he gained extra speed and thrusted way deep into me and I was screaming and pushing him into me more with my legs wrapped around him and his moans were going crazy and eventually he gave his last thrust and cummed on my boobs.
He then lay upon me with his dick back in me, both of us panting like mad crazy.
Jumin: “MC?”
MC: “Yeah?”
Jumin: “Ready for round 2?”
MC: “You bet”.


Newt's Girl





(A/N: Sorry for not updating the past couple of days, guys. I’ll be posting more tomorrow hopefully and if not then, through out the weekend.)

It was just another day in the Glade and yet another “injury” to tend to. Ever since you were given this position more and more boys seem to be getting hurt to seek her aid.  The last boy had attempted to fondle your breasts and you quickly shooed him off and reprimanded him for being so crude, especially since he wasn’t Newt.

Some of the boys jeered and cheered him on when Newt came up by his  side and pulled him back causing him to land on his ass. The others were shocked. No one would think that Newt would be strong enough to move a boy like Gally.

If it’s not the fact that you’re being fondled it’s the boys looking at you as if you’re a piece of meat. Licking their lips and making crude remarks about how good it would feel to use you for their own pleasure. The good part was that they weren’t all like that and that your boyfriend was good at protecting you.

“I’m getting sick and tired of those bloody shanks messing with you.” He grunts and pulls his shirt over his head.

You’re in your room getting ready for bed at this point and Newt is still fuming. When you finally place your hand on his shoulder he stops abruptly and relaxes. You massage his shoulders and he lets out a deep groan.

“You’re really tense, Newt. Maybe we should fix that?”

He looks you up and down and licks his lips.

“Oh yeah? How should we fix it?”

You trail your hands down from his shoulders, delicately gliding them past his abdomen, and stopping just before the waist band of his pants.You slip a finger into his waist band and move it along his mid section playfully biting your lip.

“I don’t know. I mean, maybe you can find some form of release. Deep inside me.”

You reach up and bite his lip and he wraps his hands around your waist. You can feel him harden and you giggle at the sensation. You love how he makes your core tighten and moisten.


You whimper as he lets one of his hands explore past your waist band and probe you with his fingers. He pushes a second finger inside you and you scream out when he moves in and out of you faster. You press your forehead to his shoulder whimpering softly as he continues fingering you, running his thumb past your clit  causes you to bite down into his skin.

“No,” He growls, “I want to hear you.”


You can barely form the words.

“What’s that baby? I can’t hear you. You need to be much louder than that.”

“Fuck me!”

It comes out raw and throaty. He smirks and pulls his fingers out quickly licking them clean and pushing you back onto the bed. He pulls your top over your head and rips your bra off. His hands quickly reach for you pants and slip them off along with your panties. You’re left completely exposed and he takes you in, carefully tracing his thumb around your nipple.

“Newt, please fuck me.”

He pulls down his pants and you could clearly see his member straining against the material of his boxers. He slides on top of you, his bare chest heating up yours, and your core is rubbing against his bulge. His mouth is quick to make it to your neck and he starts nipping and sucking. You could feel the skin starting to swell from how raw he was making it. A trail that lead from the top of your neck all the way past your cleavage and stopping at your breasts.

He pulls down his boxers and enters you quickly, not giving you much time to adjust before plowing into you. You grip onto the sheets and can’t seem to stop yourself from letting the loud moans of pure ecstasy escape past your lips. You’ve never experienced him like this, he seemed so determined, and he was normally always sure to be gentle with you.

“Newt…I’m about to cum.”

You let out a shaky breath and his lips connect to yours and you feel yourself tighten around him. Screaming his name seemed to get him off, he had managed to find his release with in the few minutes that passed and you were slowly coming down from your high.

“That was shucking amazing.” You giggled, “What the hell came over you?”

“Now those bloody idiots know you’re my girl.” He pants, “And you’ve got the marks to prove it.”

anonymous asked:

headcanons for taking law's, sabo's, ace's and zoro's virginity pretty please? you can get as nsfw as you want, highly appreciated!

Im assuming these are not hook-ups. :)

Laws Virginity Headcanons

  • He wouldn’t really care if you were a experienced
  • It seems like he wasn’t a virgin because what he whisper to you, and the way he moved his hands seems oh so experienced 
  • law would take control, because thats how he likes to be is almost all situations. He does love you, and he come to trust you even more when you guys finally have sex in your relationship
  • He really, I mean, really surprised when you start to lick and suck on his dick. He did not expect it to feel that good. 
  • His pre-cum started to leak out, and he looking down at you blushing, but he had his predator eyes on
  • He spends some time on foreplay because he seriously just recognized how gorgeous and sexy you were. He’s thinking why didn’t he do this earlier 
  • He fondles your ass and tits alot. His hands are big, and you feel you could cum from his touch alone. (Is he really a virgin)
  • The first 2 minutes are going to start off with you easing yourself on top of him, and he has his arms on your waist, guiding you. He’s panting already, letting out small curses of how amazingly tight you are.
  • He flips you over because damn he was ready, and he felt he adjusted to the point he won’t cum right off the bat 
  • He was wrong, and the 10 seconds after he started thrusting he came outside and smeared all his cum across your stomach
  • He kisses your cheek and just holds you because he’s shy and a bit emabrassed
  • He finishes you off with his fingers. In this moment he knew he had taken for fingering 

Sabo’s virginity Headcanons

  • One of the cutest virgins ever(But next time its going to be like, where did know nothing virgin go?)
  • He is so vocal, so very very vocal
  • He will tug on your hair or back either one, moaning or panting your name 
  • He Stutters through this process most of the time
  •  his hands are always wondering, and he came to find out he looked the feeling of breast in his hands, big or small 
  • He moves his head down to start suck and playing with your breast. He could all time down there but he was eager. 
  • He then mumbles something about food play on you
  • Your on top of him grinding, and you could just feel his dick, and damn you didn’t think he be that hard
  • When you touch his thing, he closes his eyes because it feels blissful to him
  • He came like 2 and a half times because his thing was energetic
  • He came when you gave him a hand job. You teased him while doing it and he just gave you this look, and then you start to rub yourself 
  • You actually swallow because you love this guy. But you weren’t expecting him to release so much when you did
  • He apologized because he had his hands on your head, and lightly pushed down, but you liked it. You barely felt it
  • When you actually started to has sex, you rode him gasping his name, and he came inside you without warning. However that was your first time someone came inside you and it felt amazing. You still scolded him though.

Ace’s Virginity Headcanons

  • Other cutest virgin ever
  • He maintains eye contact, when he can. And wow you even thought could get you this wet 
  • He ask you really hesitantly and shyly if you wanted to make love. When you turned around and kissed him, his boner hardened because your kiss got him going
  • He is also very vocal, and will moan your name loudly. He doesn’t care, 
  • He took his own pants off, and you were on your knees in front of him. His dick sprang out and lightly smacked you on the face
  • Keep in mind, his was already leaking. He ended up blushing a thousand shades. But that caused you two to actually start lightly laughing, and that really eased the tension
  • When you blew and licked the tip of his dick, He just relaxed moaned 
  • You found out he’s very sensitive to blowjobs, especially around his balls 
  • He actually lifts you up and ask if he could go down on you
  • You were surprised, and he was so bold. And when he started, his fingers and tongue were a bit sloppy, but they got you off faster than you think
  • When to you got ready to move on to the main event, he whispered in your ear to take it slow because he wanted to make it last with you
  • You guys are both sitting down, but both of your backs are up, and you easily slid down on him
  • You have your hands intertwined with his
  • Both of you guys are meetings each others thrust, with a slow passionate tempo
  • You actually let him cum inside, and that brought you over the edge. T
  • Then this cheeky boy asked for round two 10 minutes later, but ended up asleep before then

Zoro’s Virginity Headcanons 

  • Zoro is a tsundere, and it only heightens because he’s now finally losing his virginity 
  • This guy trains a lot, so his endurance is like number one. He a virgin, but he can recover quickly 
  • Hes blushing since you kissed, all the way to the end
  • This tsundere kisses and holds you like you’ll break if he’s to rough
  • There is little to no words exchanged, you guide him by moving his hands to your breast which puts his face him
  • Then he moves his hand to your ass to carry somewhere private, and he loooooooves the feeling of your ass in his hands 
  • He groans a bit at that, fondlingly your ass a bit roughly
  • Can skip the whole foreplay, but is into body touching and grinding
  • He actually does top, and He has a bit of trouble because he’s having inner turmoil to release already
  • You were patient, but your flipped him over so you were on top, Kissing him the entire time 
  • You rode him at a slow-medium tempo, and you felt him harden inside of you, and his groaning became louder so you lifted off of him
  • Zoro looked at you confused and blushing, but your started to jerk him off 
  • He turned you around gently so he could cum on your ass 
  • Cumming on your ass is now his favorite spot
  • Imagine your surprise at how this tsundere virgin was hard again 10 minutes, blushing and not saying what he really wants 
  • You giggle, emabrassing him. But you get on your hands and knees 
  • You just brought out the predator look in him, and he is a bit rougher
  • After this though, he will always be shy, never initiating sex, but more confident during it
PiccoNail Oneshot - Both Ways

Author’s Note:-
This is my first PiccoNail fic n_n I never really shipped these two before, but I’ve been reading the fics of @agirlnameded and they’re all so well-written and cute that I wanted to try my own. Since being on tumblr I’m really starting to like this pairing! So, I hope I did a good job. Please leave your feedback and reblog if you like it, thank you :)

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anonymous asked:

Greetings! Random question, in the green witch arc it was explained that Shinigamis are dead people who died from suicide, so that means they were human before becoming a Shinigami. what if Claudia's Husband(the 1 with the "Ros" initial) had committed suicide and was reincarnated as a Shinigami as Undertaker? What if that Ros guy was actually Undertaker who was turned into a death god? His wife was Claudia thats why he have her locket. Vincent took the "Phantomhive" initial

Continuation of my theory of Undertaker being Cedric Ros… He commited suicide(his date of death was covered by a bubble text) in so he could revive Claudia by becoming a Shinigami who can manipulate the “cinematic” to create a “Bizzarre doll”. And maybe Sebastian had something to do with Vincents soul, which he might’ve placed it on the dead body of Ciel(he can manipulate Ciels memories) thats why Undertaker said that “Earl is still here with us”

Hello Anon! :)

I’ve discussed the idea of Undertaker being Cedric K. Ros… before (here).

If that theory was true it would answer some questions regarding Undertaker, e.g. why the Phantomhives are so important to him. If he was part of the family (and he would be Ciel’s grandfather in that case) it would be no wonder why he has Claudia’s mourning locket, why he cried over Vincent’s death and why he might wanna save Ciel from Sebastian.

However, I still have a few problems with Undertaker being Cedric.

First of all, when Claudia was alive (1830-1866) Undertaker must have already been a shinigami. In the Campania arc he said that he hasn’t been called a shinigami for at least 50 years, meaning that he probably left the Shinigami Dispatch around 1840 (or even sooner).

Before that, he had worked as a shinigami for a long time which might be another 50 years or maybe even (a lot) more. (He seems quite experienced so I think he was working for quite some time.)

That means that when he met Claudia, Undertaker was already a shinigami, probably even already a deserter. So the theory that Cedric = Undertaker committed suicide because he wanted to become a shinigami in order to revive Claudia, cannot be true. In that case he would have become a shinigami after 1866 (Claudia’s death) and I think we can be sure that Undertaker is much older (for the reasons stated above). 

But like you said, the dates of birth and death of Cedric are not completely visible in the family tree:

And since the dates of his parents are too blurred to make out, it’s possible that Cedric was alive (as a human) centuries ago. He might have “died”, let’s say, in 1600 and could have become a shinigami (”Undertaker”) who, 150 years later, met Claudia and fell in love with her. 

But then that would mean that shinigami are able to reproduce. I know this is up for discussion, but personally, I don’t think shinigami can have children. As humans, they are already dead and they stand for the exact opposite of life. It would be death creating life and I don’t really see that happening.

For me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t think that Cedric and Undertaker are the same person.

And about your idea of Sebastian placing Vincent’s soul in Ciel’s body: Again, I don’t think it’s possible. The human soul seems to be very complex. Undertaker couldn’t create Bizarre Dolls with souls; he even said that they can’t make another one’s soul their own and I don’t think a demon can place one soul in another body, either.

Also, in Sebastian’s Cinematic Record we’ve seen the scene when Sebastian and Ciel form the contract. I think he really only appeared at that time and that was one month after Vincent’s death. To me, Sebastian seems very clueless about all that’s going on with the Phantomhives. He was probably just a demon around and took the chance that presented itself.

I’m interpreting the sentence “the Earl of Phantomhive is still with us” differently.

I think Undertaker really is referring to Ciel here. In the past, he always called Ciel “Earl”:

And Ciel officially got the title from the Queen. So why would Undertaker now mean someone else with “Earl Phantomhive”?

I think Undertaker once made a promise to Claudia (or maybe only to himself) that he would protect the Phantomhives so that the lineage doesn’t die out. But he failed several times. First, Claudia died at the young age of 36. Then, Vincent was killed. Now, the only one left is Ciel. And the only way for Undertaker to keep his promise is to save Ciel whose fate seems sealed because of the contract with Sebastian. No wonder Undertaker is depressed. But with that sentence “the Earl of Phantomhive is still with us, after all” Undertaker could mean that there’s still one Phantomhive left, namely Ciel. So there’s still a chance for him to make up for his failed attempt to protect Claudia and Vincent by saving Ciel. 

Of course this is only a headcanon for now, so I could be completely wrong about that. But for now, this is my interpretation of Undertaker’s words.

Thank you for your message (and sorry for my rambling^^). Have a nice weekend! :)

After the event of the masquerade, the sanctuary had once become a dull miserable existence. There was little to excite Caspian, if it weren’t involving killing someone, and he doubted that the fights could provide the thrill that he needed. Old age getting to him, it seemed, he saw and experienced nothing that he hadn’t done so before. His life, while caged inside this goldfish bowl, was entirely fruitless. The only thing to make people seem more interesting was liquor, and even at that, he needed to consume ten times the amount anyone else needed to consume in order to even get tipsy.

Caspian sat at an empty table, looking at the others chatting away, dancing, laughing in front of him in Incognito. Glancing down at his drink, he lifted it up and downed it in one go, the warmth of it coating his throat. It was then when someone had decided to sit near opposite him at the empty seat beside him. Perhaps they didn’t even notice him sitting there considering how still he was being, as solid as a basilisk. 

“If you’re going to sit there, at least do something useful. Care to entertain me in conversation? Or perhaps you have a cigarette I can lend?”

#17: 10 Years As An Escort, And This Was Not In My Job Description

By: EZmisery

Length: Super long

My name is Sean, and I will come out and say it – I am a sex worker. Have been for over ten years. My website lists myself as an “escort” but I am not ashamed of my job. I love what I do. To be fair, I am a very expensive companion. If you don’t know how much I mean when I say ‘very expensive’ then you definitely can’t afford me. Most of my career is spent in beautiful clothing acting as a partner to some rich man who doesn’t have time to date. This means fancy hotels, amazing food, and an unlimited spending limit. The actual sex part is very little of what I do.

Although, I won’t lie, my blow jobs are better than anything you’ve ever had.

Most of my clientele are regulars. Some are married men who need a pretty companion for a night. Some are businessmen who take me to fancy events and fly me around the world. I get a few new clients each month who save up for a few hours of my time. All in all they are totally harmless and deliciously obsessed with me.

You might have noticed that all of my clients are men. This probably doesn’t surprise you. But recently I got my first female client, and this is the one I need to write about.

She said her name was Hope. She contacted me on my website asking if we could speak over the phone about possibly setting up a date. Before speaking to anyone I thoroughly vet them. I ran her name through a variety of databases. No crimes. Definitely not a cop. From the data I found she was a housewife in New Jersey.

I agreed to talk to her and called her from my burner phone. She sounded nice. Her voice wavered a little, which is understandable. Most ordinary housewives probably don’t call professional escorts. Our conversation was odd. She kept asking me what I looked like, even though I knew she had seen my website (there were no shortage of photos on there).

“I’m 5’6”,” I explained to her. “Slim waist and a killer ass. I can have any color hair you’d prefer.” I used my sexiest voice, “What are you into, baby?”

She laughed nervously. “Oh, it’s not for me. It’s for my son, Harold.”

I had some other escort friends who’ve done jobs like this. An overly open-minded parent wants their kid’s first time to be with a professional.

“Ok honey, no problem. He has to be over 18 though.”

“Don’t worry about that.” She cleared her throat. “I noticed you didn’t list any pricing on your website, but money is not an issue for us. We would like to fly you out as soon as possible.”

I checked my schedule. It turned out my weekend was wide open. We decided that I would fly in on a Saturday, stay the night, and then fly home Sunday evening. My accommodations had to be first-class, obviously. I would not sleep at their home. I needed a five star hotel room as well as spending money. This was all on top of my fee.

The flight was easy. I love flying, especially since I get free drinks and first-class treatment. I checked a few bags (full of costumes and toys). I got to New Jersey, gathered my things, and went to go hail a cab. But surprisingly there was a limo driver with my name. This was going to be even more lavish than usual! I graciously accepted the champagne the driver offered me. I must have drank more than expected because I drifted to sleep.

I woke up in a luxurious room. The bed spread out beneath me and my heart swelled with the thought of a perfect hotel room. I sat up and quickly realized I was naked. Obviously I was confused. The last thing I remembered was drinking in the limo. Cautiously I explored my surroundings. The bed was huge. Heavy purple curtains covered the walls. Hanging from the ceiling was an ornate chandelier. There were no desks or dressers. The only other thing in the room was a velvet loveseat. Draped across it was a cheap French maid outfit.

I wrapped a blanket around my waist and opened the only door. It was empty. “Housekeeping?” I called down the hall. No answer. I took a few steps outside. Although the room looked like a fancy hotel, the outside looked disgusting. The rugs were stained and covered in dust. There were no other doors I could see. “Hello?” I yelled again, feeling more desperate.

“Oh, you’re awake!”

I spun around. A woman had been standing behind the door to the room. She’d been watching me this whole time. She was wearing a fur coat with a kitchen apron underneath. Her wild black hair stuck out statically from her scalp. She looked to be maybe Middle Eastern, although I couldn’t be sure. Gaudy jewelry adorned her ears and neck. When she spoke, it came out as an angry politeness.

“Good morning. I hope you slept well.”

I clutched the blanket. “Where are my things?”

“Don’t worry, they are safe. But for now please put on the costume. We would like to get started.”

“So this isn’t a hotel? Are you Hope?”

She stopped smiling. “Yes. My name is Hope.”

Growing annoyed, I said, “I specifically said I needed a hotel room and-”

“You need to stop talking.” She stepped towards me. “Put on the costume.”

“Listen lady, I don’t care how much you’re paying me, you have to-”

“Shut up!” She slapped me across the face. Her long acrylic nails stung against my skin. She opened her coat to reveal a large shotgun tucked into a pocket of the apron. “If you don’t do as I say, I will open a pit in your forehead and then let my son fuck the bloody hole.”

The silence that followed was interrupted by my heavy breathing. My mind raced. My sister Jesse was my safe person, who knew the address and times where I was meeting my clients. Every 12 hours (10am and 10pm) I would text her to tell her I was okay. But that didn’t help much now. I had to bide time until she missed my text and would call the police.

I swallowed and put on my fake sexy voice. “Okay sweetie, no problem. Give me a few moments to get ready.”

She smiled again. “Once you’re prepared, follow the hall down to the dining room. Harold is eager to meet you.”

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The Colony Part 1 - Stranger

First of all I wanted to thank you guys for all the responses I got on my Gilmore Girls post and I´m even more glad that so many people apparently are Team Logan too.

Today I started writing and I really just intended to do a short Imagine, something cute and yet exciting.
And what happened?
I wrote the first Chapter to a new series.
Even though I didn´t plan it, it´s kind of convenient, because Roommates is coming to and end soon, and I need another series to follow it.

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Summary: A little over a year ago, the Zombies came and everything went to hell. You survived and somehow ended up in a small camp in southern Oregon, together with a few other survivors.
Life is hard, but you´re good at fighting and as long as you are looking for food or killing Zombies to protect your new family, everything is okay and you are fine with the fact that one day you are gonna die.
But when one day a handsome stranger appears and saves your life and you end up taking him home with you, you learn, that there is still more to the world than surviving.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: Zombie!AU

Length: 790 Words

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You were just pulling back the knife with which you had just beheaded the zombie right in front of you, when another one suddenly appeared out of an alley and knocked you to the ground with his full weight.
You cursed, as your back hit the ground hard, making you lose your blade and it slid just out of reach.
With both hands, you tried to hold back the creature´s jaw from your face and it was very hard, given the fact, that he was super heavy.
Just when you thought, that you couldn´t hold him any longer, that this was it, that this was the moment you were going to die, after fighting in this god forsaken world for over a year now, you heard a muffled noise and suddenly the zombie dropped dead, right on top off you.
Surprised and also alerted, because you had no idea who had killed your attacker, you pushed the corpse off you and grabbed your blade before jumping to your feet.
Standing only a few feet away, his gun still raised, was a pretty handsome guy you had never seen before in your live.
He didn´t live in The Colony, wasn´t part of what you now had closest to family since it all began.
“You could have hit me”, you stated, as you realized that he had fired a bullet on a target that was only inches away from your head.
He shrugged: “I didn´t.”
He said it matter-of-factly and after all he was right so even though you still felt mildly threatened by the stranger, you said: “Well, thanks, I guess.”
Now the guy put away his gun, which you took as a good sign, and started grinning: “You guess? I just saved your bacon.”
“My bacon didn´t need saving”, you stated even though you knew it was a lie.
He never stopped grinning: “Well, you´re welcome anyways”, he said while he bent down to check the pockets of the creature.
You only then noticed, that the zombie looked a lot better than most of them did, probably a fresh turn.
Deciding, that there really wasn´t any danger coming from your savior, you put your weapon back into your belt and thought about what to do.
“So, where are you from?”, he asked now, his back still facing you.
You weren´t sure what to say, didn´t want to just give away your camp´s location. Sure, usually you took in strangers, but this one seemed so … experienced. He was no scared woman or a lost family. He looked like he knew how to fight, which could be handy or really, really dangerous.
“I´m from around here”, you admitted vaguely, still trying to decide what to do.
He got up now, sliding a briefcase into his pocket: “So you´re from that camp just out of town?”
He knew about The Colony?
Starting to feel a little uncomfortable, you shrugged: “Maybe. How do you know about us?”
He shrugged: “There are high walls. Mostly that means there is a camp behind those walls.”
You couldn´t argue with that, so you tried to focus the conversation on him: “Are you alone?”
The guy shook his head: “No, I´m out here with my brother and my best friend. We´re coming from Kansas.”
Your eyes widened: “Then what the hell brings you to Oregon?”
“We´re always on the move, trying to find the right place”, he explained, “and I have the feeling it might be yours.”
“I can´t just bring a stranger with me to camp”, you said with an uneasy feeling in your stomach, “let alone invite people in I never met, like your brother and friend.”
The guy smiled now, you liked his smile.
“I saved your life, isn´t that something?”, he offered. You still weren´t sure: “I don´t even know your name.”
“Dean”, he said immediately, “I would give you my last name, but what are they worth in a world like this?”
That attitude you liked: “Okay Dean, I guess I could organize you a meeting with our leader.  But just you. Your group has to wait where they are until we confirm that you´re alright.”
Dean nodded: “Alright. Lead the way…”
“(Y/N)”, you offered.
He smiled: “Lead the way (Y/N).”
You started walking into the right direction and he followed you.
You could feel his eyes roaming over your body, not in a perverted way, but definitely in an admiring one.
“What?”, you asked a little unpleased, but not really scared of him anymore.
“It´s a really nice bacon”, he explained and grinned.
At first you were confused, then you sighed: “Are you always this smug?”
“Only on days that end with a –y”, he joked and you decided, that you liked him.

Dance With Me.

I had been trying to steal glances at him ever since he walked into the room but it seemed every time I looked up, he was looking directly at me which only caused me to cower in my seat and dart my eyes away timidly.

“What the hell is David Luiz doing in our class?” I questioned my friend Laurie who was seated next to me in our drama class. With the mention of his name, Laurie couldn’t help but look over to where David sat and shrugged as if it was no big deal.

“He knows Tony. They’re friends or something of the sort.” Of course she wasn’t fangirling on the inside like I was. Laurie wasn’t too much of a football fan. She was able to recognize the well-known players but aside from that if you asked her, she probably didn’t even know what team David was currently on.

Meanwhile I was going insane inside because this was the man I had spent the summer admiring as Brazil’s national team played. It was odd to be this close to him now. When I walked in class to see him seated and talking casually, a smile on his face I literally stopped in my tracks until Laurie pulled me along with her to our usual seats.

“Guess I should become better friends with Tony,” I mumbled under my breath to her, causing her to chuckle. Our conversation didn’t get the opportunity to continue for much longer as our professor clapped her hands to gather everyone’s attention and began talking.

“Class, today will be all about taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Relaxing, being comfortable and confident, stepping out of your normal self. We have a special guest joining our class,” she smiled as she pointed off toward David who sat on the other side of the room who simply offered a small shy-like smile in return.

“I’d like to involve him in this class since he’s visiting so David, could you please come up here?” David didn’t shy away from the attention. Instead he stood up confidently and walked closer to the professor, standing on her other side while he waited for instructions. “Are you good at dancing?” she questioned him.

He offered a simple shrug. “I’d like to think so.”

“Perfect. Then you can help with this next exercise. I need a volunteer to help out David with this.” Immediately, the other women in the class anxiously raised their hands to volunteer but our professor’s eyes already seemed to be glued to me. I tried my best to avoid her gaze without being obvious but it was too late as she called out my name. “Y/N. You’d be perfect for this. Come up here,” she said as she motioned me over with her hand.

I internally groaned to myself as I reluctantly left my seat, Laurie giggling and pushing me slightly in my back for encouragement.

“I want you two to dance. Salsa, specifically. I don’t care if you’re good at it or even know how. Figure it out. Step out of your comfort zone.” I knew the last portion of her statement was directed specifically towards me. The only reason I was in this drama class was because of Laurie nearly forcing me into it. I wasn’t outgoing enough to volunteer myself to go up and embarrass myself in front of the class so it was rare I was ever up here. I guess our professor decided today was the day.

Of course. Why not embarrass the shyest person in the class by making her show her dancing skills, or lack thereof, with professional footballer David Luiz?

Great, huh?

She stepped away to leave the two of us standing alone in front of the anxious eyes of the rest of the class. A soft tone of salsa music began to play out the speakers and David held out his hand to me with a wide grin on his face.

I wanted to admit to him right then that I was a horrible dancer and I was about to embarrass the both of us but instead I swallowed away my doubts and said a silent prayer to myself that I at least wouldn’t trip over my own two feet in front of everyone.

I placed my hand into his and he held out his right as well, which I took next. We were now standing face to face and he peered down at me, never breaking our gaze.

He started off with a basic movement and though it wasn’t very basic for me at first, I seemed to get it as I stepped back with my right foot and he stepped forward to fill in the gap, moving our hands to the rhythm of the music. Without warning, he brought his hand up and over my head, landing behind me.

“Hips,” he uttered lowly into my ear.

“Huh?” I whispered back but instead of verbally responding, he just closed the gap between us and guided my hips to the right and then to the left with his own body. Beginning to get the movement, I moved my hips on my own though I welcomed his help as the feeling of his body closing in on mine made the hair on my body stand on end.

“Ready?” He questioned lowly and I nodded. From there, he withdrew from behind me to send our arms untangling, meanwhile unwinding me. Nearly facing each other, his face broke into a smile as he spoke again. “Step back with your left first.”

I followed his instruction and did such, beginning to feel comfortable with the way he was guiding me. He seemed so relaxed and experienced and the positive vibes were starting to rub off on me. Even my hips began to drop to the rhythm of the music which I never knew I could do.

He drew us closer together for a moment, taking the time to whisper something else in my ear. “I’m about to dip you. Slide out your left leg when I tap your right.”

We continued our current movement for a bit longer before I felt his foot lightly tap the bottom portion of my leg and foot to signal to me the dip was coming soon. As I felt him lowering my body, I dropped my back and slid out my left leg. I was only caught by David’s hands cradling the small of my back.

With the stop of our movement, it gave me time to truly admire David as his face was close to mine, his eyes searching mine just as mine was searching his. My chest moved up and down as my breathing became shorter but I didn’t notice just like I didn’t notice or hear the rest of the class cheering as they watched our dancing come to an end.

David didn’t seem to either until I saw a flicker in his eyes and that was when it seemed he realized he had been staring at me. He lifted me up and dropped his hand back to my back. “Good job,” he leaned closer to my ear and commented which made me break into an undeniable smile.

“Great job you two,” my professor stated proudly as she got up from her seat beside the stage and walked over towards us. “You can return to your seats now.”

David gave me one final look before returning to his seat by his friend and I did the same, seeing Laurie’s giddy face for the first time. “Ahhhh, that was so cute!”

All I could do was giggle in response as I got in my seat. “I guess.” I was simply trying to downplay it but inside I was screaming like crazy. I now couldn’t keep my eyes off of him the remainder of the class and I didn’t try to hide it this time, gracefully accepting the smiles David was throwing my way as well.

“Hey! Hey!” I was walking out of the classroom as the ending time finally came but was stopped by someone calling after me. Immediately, both Laurie and I stopped walking and turned in the direction of the voice to see David jogging over to us.

He spoke again once he was closer. “You walk pretty fast,” he joked with a chuckle.

“Anxious to get out of class, I guess.” Laurie gave me a smirk which I knew was code for ‘Here’s your opportunity’ and that meant she was about to say something to worm her way out of this current threesome.

“Well, I’ll go grab our spot in line at the café. Meet you thereeee,” she sang out with glee before skipping off. I knew she wasn’t in a particular rush but just wanted to get away. David seemed thankful as he waved her off before looking at me.

“I never got your name.”


“Ah, I’m David.” He held out his hand which I took, expecting him to shake, but he instead raised it closer to his lips and placed a kiss to my skin before dropping my hand back down.

“I’m aware,” I blushed.

His eyebrow rose with curiosity. “Really? Are you a big fan? Leave comments on my Instagram posts?” he poked.

Even if I did, I would never admit it. “No, no. I’m not that type of fan but I’m aware of who you are.”

“I see. Well this makes this a little less awkward. There’s this new restaurant in town I’d really like to try out but there’s just one problem.” He gave a mischievous grin that immediately made me become the questioning one.

“What’s that?”

“I have no one to go with.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to join poor little ol’ me so I don’t have to go alone.” He put on the most charming smile he could but it was useless. He had a yes from me before he even asked and I was too excited to play the hard to get role.

“Sure. I’d love to.”

He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. “Perfect. I’ll give you my number.” At his request, I fished my phone out of my bag and handed it over to him, watching as he began to type in what I assumed to be his number.

He handed it back over once he was finished with that charming smile still on his face. “Just text me and we can figure out a day.”

“Okay. I’ll do that.”

“See ya.” He offered a gentle kiss to my cheek before jogging off. I stared down at my phone, still displaying the new contact information of David Luiz under the cutest name and label ever.

‘Salsa Partner’.

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It’s late. I should be asleep, but I started and thought, “might as well keep the ball rolling”. I hope you like it at least?

4- “I’m flirting with you.”

“I’ve tried everything,” Ace groaned, resting his head on the mess hall table.

Izo set his drink down, a slight frown appearing on his lips. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Well, there are other things to try.”

Ace’s cheeks lit up red, knowing exactly what methods Izo was referring to. “For the last time, I’m not giving Marco a lap dance!” he hissed, hoping that no one else was listening in on them.

“Whatever you say, dear.”

When Ace decided to follow through on his little crush for Marco, he honestly thought it would be easier than this. He tried everything from cheesy pickup lines (Marco had laughed at least) to bringing Marco little presents, and nothing worked. It wasn’t that Marco was rejected his advances or that he didn’t like men (Izo had confirmed this fact), but rather, somehow Marco had been absolutely oblivious to his flirting.

The fact still hadn’t really processed in his mind. Marco seemed so cool and experienced! How could he not understand what Ace was getting at?

Even Izo didn’t know the full reason why. “His obliviousness sort of just turns on and off,” he had said when Ace asked before. “And unfortunately for you, it seems to be on right now.”

“I just don’t know what to do anymore!” Ace exclaimed. “I feel like I should just go up to him and say ‘I’m flirting with you, Marco!”” 

Izo jaw suddenly dropped, and then…

“Excuse me, yoi?!”

Ace froze, wishing that the ground would swallow him up right there. How was he supposed to know that Marco had entered the room and was standing right behind him at that moment?

Izo jolted out of his seat, taking hi tea with him. “I think you two need some time alone,” he said as he left the room.

Ace took a deep breath, reluctant to look at Marco. There was no telling how the other would react, but he had to do it eventually, right?  So he turned, turned…

Only to find Marco with a blushing face. “Uh… should we talk?”

Marco nodded slowly. “Yes, but not here, yoi.”

They ended up in Marco’s room, sitting next to each other on the bed. Neither of them were sure what to say, but eventually, Ace spoke.

“So, you uh- know now,” he said. “Does it bother you?” He didn’t want to ask that, but he had to confirm or deny his fears.

Marco shook his head, and Ace sighed in relief. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” he answered. “Honestly, if I had noticed, I would’ve liked it. I guess I like it, yoi.”

Ace perked up at these words, warmth growing in his heart. “You like it?”

In that moment Marco seemed to blush brighter than before. “For some reason, I just- I tend not to notice when someone I like flirts with me,” he admitted, looking away from Ace. “Ah- Thatch noticed it before I did actually.”  

So Marco really was just oblivious? The thought of this being true made a laugh bubble up in Ace’s throat and he just couldn’t contain it.

But Marco scowled at him. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s just so unlike you!” Ace laughed. “But I think I like that about you! It’s kinda cute.”

“Cute?!” Marco gasped. “I think you’re supposed to be the cute one here.”

“Hey!” Ace jokingly pouted for a moment until he realized what Marco just said, and he beamed again. “It’s nice to see you flirting for once!”

Marco was able to bring out his own grin. “You should get used to it, yoi. There’s a lot more where that came from.”

Oh, Ace  definitely would get used to it.

The Boy in My Poetry Class

There is a boy in my poetry class who can make words feel like the warmest sweater, who can spin sentences like spindle, who can make me feel like I’m home.


There is a boy in my poetry class who does not speak a word that isn’t beautiful. There is a boy in my poetry class who shakes every time he is about to recite, but then speaks so powerfully. There is a boy in my poetry class who has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

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