he seems like an amazing cuddler

Emma Bloom Headcanons

(Author’s Note: this was a request by @kuronekonotamashii //this was fun pps enjoy//)

- Emma is a strong woman. One who becomes brave for others. She has thick skin, which is why it’s very hard to pay attention to who she really is. She’s soft inside. Cares too much. Thinks too much. But she’ll do whatever it takes not to confuse those who are already scared.

- She grits her teeth a lot. She’d grown a habit from it from trying to hold back rage from the people who had treated her like a circus animal. Emma cracks her knuckles and fingers a lot which she had developed from trying to stop the ‘evil fires’ that emitted from her hand, until Miss Peregrine told her how beautiful, unique and important she was. Miss Peregrine had always been her mother until then.

- When she’s cheerful, she likes humming a tune or softly singing, because she doesn’t want anyone to hear. She laughs easily when she’s in the mood to talk and socialize and her laugh makes the boots of everyone else lighter. They like listening to her happy.

- Her huge 'brother’ is Hugh. He’s proud and talkative but she learned to find a spot in him that seemed so much like her. Hugh then saw her as a sister he should protect, which is why his breath gets uneasy everytime Jacob kisses her.

- Emma actually likes wearing Jacob’s clothes. She fit into today’s century so well when she’s a century old. She becomes very fuzzy and cozy wearing his oversized flannels and jackets. She’s an amazing cuddler. But it’s pretty difficult to get it out of her.

- She doesn’t like people who let out their anger on others, so she doesn’t. She burns dying trees or branches and makes the crackle so loud, it’s enough to drown her audible sobbing. She had only been seen once and that’s when everybody started to take in to consider the human side of her, one with actual contained emotions.

- She swears a lot. But makes sure Miss Peregrine doesn’t hear.

- Emma is a realist most of the time, but like the motherly friend she is, she’s learned to be optimistic for everyone else, for her peculiar family.

- If she would be a character of this generation, she’d be classified under 'the type of girls you read in books’.

Avengers Cuddle Preference

Steve Rogers

Steve would be very gentle, always choosing to be the big spoon. He’d speak quietly into your ear as he held your hand; making you feel warm in his embrace.

Tony Stark

Tony was surprisingly a huge cuddler; whenever he had the chance, he’d pull you tightly into his arms. He’d share his day with you and listen as you spoke about yours.


Thor was new to cuddling. He’d hold you gently as he’d trace your freckles with his finger tips. He rarely spoke; instead he enjoyed the silence as he held you.

Clint Barton

Clint loved to cuddle you; he’d play with your hair or hold your hand as he held you tightly. He’d whisper sweet nothings into your ear making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Natasha Romanoff

Nat wasn’t usually a huge cuddler, but she made an exception with you. She’d always choose to be the big spoon; wrapping you in her arms.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda was amazing when it came to cuddling. She always knew how to comfort you; she’d place kisses on your forehead and cheek as she intertwined her fingers with yours.


He doesn’t like to admit it, but he’s a huge softy. He’d pull you tightly into his chest and play with your hair; although he seems very tough, he’d be very gentle with you.

Pietro Maximoff

He’d shower you with kisses as he held you tightly. He always felt protective over you, causing him to wrap you in his arms. He’d hum your favorite song as you pressed your forehead to his chest.

Bruce Banner

Bruce was very careful when holding you; he’d hold you softly as he kissed your face. His fingers would play with your hair as the two of you cuddled in the comforting silence.

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Lev or Asahi boyfriend headcannons??? (I can't chose so you chose!)

how about both?

Haiba Lev

  • 300% excited to be in a relationship with you and would put himself in front of a bullet for you
  • he leaves cute notes for you in your textbooks and notebooks to find when you’re sad or want to read something nice
  • forehead kisses!
  • he does that thing where if you say you’re cold he has no hesitations giving you his jacket (because, let’s be honest here, this boy is like a space heater)
  • wearing his jackets and shirts and he finds it adorable
  • always holding hands and it’s like, amazing, because everyone can tell how much you like each other and it’s so pure
  • when you’re sad he’ll sit with you in his lap and talk to you, and once the serious parts over he’ll cup your face, lean in and pepper and smother your face with tiny kisses that leave you giggling
  • literally the best listener, even though he doesn’t initially seem like it
  • despite him claiming not to know a word of russian he will whisper things to you in russian, like angel and dearest and beautiful
  • this boy is a super cuddler, he loves to hug people, especially you!
  • most of the time lev is the big spoon but if he has had a bad day or just needs to be held you are the big spoon
  • both of you loving each other so much, and you would give each other anything to see the other happy

Azumane Asahi

  • he’s so nervous at first but he gets used to it and then he’s the most in-a-relationship person there ever was
  • eskimo kisses and cheek kisses
  • at first he tries not to let you see when he has a panic attack or when he just feels jittery all together, but after you telling him that you’re there no matter what he hides them less until you can confide anything in each other
  • 3000% supportive and he’d give anything to see you happy and well; and you’d do the same
  • whenever he’s feeling nervous, just take his hands and run your thumb over his knuckles soothingly, he’ll calm down slightly at your touch
  • you buy him hair clips, headbands, bobbles (hair ties) and anything else accessory wise and you go to town on his hair; he loves how the colour of his hair goes with the brightly coloured clips
  • cheering each other on at whatever you’re doing, for him you cheer for him at volleyball, for you he cheers for you at whatever you want to do; you’re each other’s cheerleaders
  • dates at cute cafes and drinking hot chocolate
  • you love wearing his jumpers even though they hand off of you, and even though it makes asahi blush beet red, he loves you in them too
  • nicknames like ‘my ace’ and ‘my love’ for each other
  • looping your arms around his waits and resting your head on his chest, and him looping his arms around you and resting his head on yours
  • sweet kisses
  • loving each other to the ends of the earth and you would give the earth for the other to be content and happy

I love these two so much! ^-^ They give me a lot of emotions, I love them.

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Okay I hope this doesn't sound weird but sometimes I just sit and pretend I'm dating one of the boys and they're sitting right next to me and I talk and act out sorta. Why? Idk It is just a way to feel like they are there I guess. But anyway, normally I'm Niall girl and rn I have major Louis feels so do you mind for the sake of myself just tell me what you think a relationship with Louis would be like or him as a boyfriend or even what type of girl you think he would date? sorry:( thank you!:)

I’m happy to indulge you! (Also, I do the same thing and I have a teddy bear named Har-bear and I snuggle with him every night pretending he’s my actual Harry).

Part of me believes that Louis would date a really quiet girl. I mean a lot of loud in a relationship can’t be great (for anyone around them too) and I think that he greatly appreciates the quietness especially at night when he’s had a long day. I’d imagine Louis just cuddling up to you, burying his face in his neck. “Smell s’good, love,” he’d say. And I think in public, he’d touch you as much as he could without getting shit for it. Like he would hold your hand and around the waist and he’d give you forehead and cheek kisses but I don’t think he would give you a snog or anything. I think Louis is a very private person when it comes to relationships. I imagine him just being so thankful every day you put up with him and when he hides all your make up and tells you that you can’t wear it because you look extra gorgeous au naturel. I bet he plays pranks on you constantly and cackles when you scream and then hit him and he dips you in the middle of the kitchen after he pinched your sides and snuck up behind you. I would assume he takes your sadness very seriously though and makes you tea and tells you to tell him everything that’s bothering you whether it’s him, a coworker, the paps or just yourself and then he just listens for the entire time you ramble and when you’re done talking he’ll softly whisper he loves you and can’t tell you how much he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He’ll make you a second cup of tea and tell you that it’ll all work out and give you a kiss on the forehead.. I imagine it’s a lot of laughs and mostly him making funny faces at you when you’re brushing your teeth and he’s shaving. He probably holds your hand while driving and if you won’t let him he’ll put his hand on your thigh and rub his thumb in small little circles. Louis’ the kind of guy that forgets your anniversary but then spends a week giving you increasingly bigger gifts until he gives you a trip to an island getaway with him. He makes you try new foods and activities and he’s really sweet about it when you’re shy or nervous to do something stupid because you don’t want to look stupid if you mess up. And he’d be very encouraging saying sweet things like “hey, its just me, you can do it, I’m the only one that matters and I think you’re wonderful whether this is a flop or it’s amazing and I love you.” He probably smells like smoke sometimes late at night when he kisses you and has a cold nose in the winter that he likes to nuzzle into your hair. I bet he smells like axe. Louis seems like a boy who still wears axe cologne. He probably talks endlessly into night talking about a million things that pop into his head from the color of seashells and coral down to the bigger things in life like how weird noses are if you look at them too long. Like I said in private, he’s a cuddler and whispers cute things in your ear when you’re about to fall asleep and rubs his fingers over your arm very lightly and tells you that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him and he promises tomorrow he won’t steal your panties even though he really wants to.