he seems like a nice fella


so one day I was just minding my own business when tHIS JERK named freddie fox (his last name is “fox” guys I mean COME ON) decided to come out of the woodwork and get my attention. he looks just like how I pictured my guy andrew minyard looking and I need to know if other people might even feel kind of the same so


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[ @bettybonnett

This shy guitarist was the new kid on the block. new to the band, and they did treat him rather nicely. Even if he was shy, kept to himself and was a bit awkward, he was different. This wasn’t his first band, but it sure seemed like it to many people. More so playing in the studio with the unknown, he was apart of history as some would say. Not many of the young fellas got to say they were a session guitarist, but he could. 

As always they were at a gathering, a small gathering full with important people. But some would manage to sneak in and see the famous band. Soon he found himself wanting to connect with someone, or even have a meaningful conversation. His hair was tucked behind his ear for a short amount of time, before it swayed away and back to cover his ear. He was sitting along with a glass of whiskey