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so one day I was just minding my own business when tHIS JERK named freddie fox (his last name is “fox” guys I mean COME ON) decided to come out of the woodwork and get my attention. he looks just like how I pictured my guy andrew minyard looking and I need to know if other people might even feel kind of the same so


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Guy What Takes His Time*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Natasha, Wanda, Sharon (mentioned) and Sam.
Rating: Mature
Summary: Wanda, Natasha and Sam think Steve has feelings for Reader, but she tells them otherwise while actually feeling the same way for the super soldier. One evening,  they all make a plan to make both of them confess the truth.
Word Count: 2.2k
Genre: Fluff/NSFW-ish
Warnings: build-up, suggestive themes, and innuendos, mentions of alcohol, sexual tension, a little bit of roleplay, flirting, Captain kink (?) and Steve being a cute flustered bastard.
Author's Note: It’s a rewrite of the flirty scene between Natasha and Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron (you can expect some references, though). I thought it could be fun to switch sides with Steve and see how it goes. It’s also inspired by Guy What Takes His Time covered by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

  New Avengers Facility, Upstate New  York

“You did a great job, Y/N,” Steve announced in his deep voice as he passed the hallway with you, Natasha, and Wanda. “Ladies.” He stopped in his tracks, standing with this impressive physique, almost towering in front of you as his hands held the brown belt of his- oh, so sexy uniform.

“Thank you, Captain.” You smiled and he nodded slowly as if questioning whether he would stay to have a chat with you or not. He smiled gently and proceeded to take the stairs towards his personal quarters where he’d finally take a well-deserved shower after a hard, but successful mission with you and Sam.

Of course, he would’ve loved to linger awhile and see your smile just a little longer. He enjoyed spending time with you and the feeling was mutual. Maybe that after all these days spent with him, these missions where you saved each other, being partners and all this harmless flirting, there was something between you. Your chemistry was obvious to everyone after all.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Wanda nudged your side and you winced, narrowing your eyes. “Don’t be silly, Steve likes you a lot.”

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This Type Of Thing

“Cotdammit!” Jay’s voice echoed in the studio as he tapped away on his phone.

Chacha who was in front of the sound board walked outside to the receiving area only to see his friend choking a cellphone.

“What’s going on?” he asks Jay.

“She’s not answering any of my texts or calls.” Jay says through his teeth. Huffing and puffing from what seems to be a colossal annoyance.

“Maybe she’s busy? She does have a life outside you, you know.” Chase says in the hopes of calming down his long time buddy.

Jay rarely got riled up but when he did, he usually responds with sarcasm or corny ass jokes. But when it came to you, he found himself getting too mad even for what seemed to be the slightest of reasons.

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♕ - competing for the same prize (w/ mafia!hoseok, racer!you)

This was not at all how you expected for your night to go down but… desperate times calls for desperate measures. Rejecting him more than fifteen times in a row, you decide to just fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen? Hearing the sounds of engines revving was what made you feel the most alive; the beautiful symphony as the gears switch, clutch in the mix and tires screeching across the tracks is something you can go on forever listening to. But when life is coming up with different circumstances for you to play with, finding a job in another industry was the only option.

Which is why you’re telling Jimin you’re a bartender now, not a racer.

But Jimin wouldn’t be Jimin if he didn’t remain stubborn and offered you a price that placed his pride on the line. So what happens when Jimin drops a cheque that doubles up your monthly pay? 

You take it, and you tell him to practice his smile of gloat when you receive the prize.

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Best Boyfriend You’ve Never Had (Bucky x Reader)- Part 5

Summary: Bucky meets your father, your sister and her fiancé. A private moment between the two of you doesn’t result the way you’d hoped at first.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Catherine, OFC Trish, OMC Bill, OMC Thomas

Warnings: none, fluff, very frustrating ending… (but it’s all g)

Word Count: 2491

A/N: Ah, okay I wrote like 200 words on Bucky’s beautiful features’ description alone… is it legal to be so good looking and barely even know it?


Part 4 (Previous)

You could hear an overlap of voices booming in the kitchen as you and Bucky made your way downstairs. As you walked down the hall to the doorway of the kitchen, Bucky reached down, taking your hand in his. He shrugged when you looked up in question, silently telling you to go with it.

You walked through the doorway to see a small group of bodies crowded around the island. Your dad was laughing heartily, one hand in his pocket and a bottle of beer held comfortably in the other. You smiled wide when all eyes turned to you.

“Hey! There she is!” Your dad nodded to you.

You nodded in greeting. “Hey, dad.” There was no question that your aversion to touch came from your dad. Growing up, neither of you were very talkative people, but you’d always seemed to have your own silent language that said everything that needed to be. “Uh, this is Bucky. My boyfriend. Buck, this is Bill, my dad.”

Bucky extended his right hand out to your dad, keeping his sleeve-covered metal arm around your waist. This did not escape your attention, but you pushed the thought away for private discussion later. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” Your dad raised an eyebrow.

“Bucky, huh? That’s the name you go by?” You palmed your forehead.

“God, dad, please.”

Bucky chuckled nervously. “My full name is James Buchanan Barnes, sir, but yes, I go by Bucky. Have since I was a kid.” You glared at your dad, noticing Bucky’s hand was still resting in the air between him and your father. Your dad’s serious facade finally cracked, and he grasped the dark haired soldier’s hand, the two shaking firmly.

“I’m just messin’ with ya, kid. It’s good to meet you. From what Trish here’s told me about you so far, (Y/N) seems to have found a keeper.” Bucky’s face relaxed. But then your father leaned in, still clutching his hand. “But I’ll be the judge of that.” The soldier gulped, eyes not leaving your father’s gaze.

“Yes sir,” he replied. You peered out from between your fingers, mortified at your parents’ first impressions to Bucky.

You sighed, finally taking into account who else was there. The kitchen consisted of you, Bucky, your mother, your father, your sister and who you recognized as her fiancé Thomas. “Catie!” You shifted the attention to your sister, who giggled. In a second she was out of her seat on the stool at the island and her arms were around your neck. She squeezed tight before letting go.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, it’s been so long!” You smiled in excitement.

“I know, congratulations! I’m so happy for you,” you expressed sincerely. You looked over her shoulder at the tall, dirty blonde man behind her. He had kind green eyes and a sweet smile. “Hi, I’m (Y/N), Catie’s sister. You must be Thomas. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Thomas gave you a small wave. “It’s great to meet you too, Cate’s told me so much about you. And you,” his gaze shifted to meet Bucky’s. “It’s kind of awesome to meet you, man. I’m Thomas.” He extended his hand, and Bucky shook it as well, a little taken aback by your sister’s fiancé’s enthusiasm to meeting him. Thomas’s eyes trailed down to the metal digits curled around your waist, a sort of giddy fascination twinkling in his eyes. Catherine smacked his arm.

“Forgive him, Bucky. Thomas is a mechanical engineer.”

Thomas grinned sheepishly. “Sorry. I kinda flipped when Cate told me her sister was bringing the Winter Soldier as her plus one. I- uh, I completely understand if it makes you uncomfortable and you’d rather not, but if it’s okay with you, I’d love to maybe have the chance to check your arm out some time while you guys are here?”  

If Bucky was taken aback before, he was blown back twenty feet and flat on his ass now. You couldn’t help the smirk that tugged at your lips at Thomas’s fanboying of your best friend at the moment. However, you also knew Bucky had been trying so hard lately to shed his image as the Winter Soldier, but Thomas wasn’t afraid. He was fascinated and in awe of the strong, blue eyed man at the moment, and the little voice in your head prodded at you to encourage the soldier to agree.

You nudged Bucky’s side, giving him a look of approval. He shrugged, nodding hesitantly. “Uh, yeah, maybe sometime this week, I guess you can take a look. If you know what you’re doing,” he chuckled. Thomas grinned. He had the kind of smile that made you want to smile. You had only met him five minutes ago, but for someone who had made a career out of reading people’s faces and seeing past their facades, you had a good feeling about this guy. You were happy your sister had found her ‘the one’.

“Great, man! Cool. Really nice to meet you, by the way. Did I already say that? Whatever, I’m gonna say it again.” Thomas shook Bucky’s hand again gleefully, then looked to your sister with excitement glowing in his eyes. You suddenly had a vivid flashback to Scott Lang’s first time meeting Steve when he’d been recruited during the events of the Sokovia Accords. Cate smiled fondly, patting her fiancé’s chest.

“Well that was fun,” Bucky collapsed on your bed, arms thrown above his head across the soft light blue comforter. “Your sister’s fella seems nice. A real brainiac,” he gave you a goofy grin, and you rolled your eyes. “He reminds me of Tony whenever Helen Cho visits with new technology from Seoul.”

“Don’t tease him, he seems like a nice guy.” You scold him. Bucky simply shook his head.

“Not teasing, doll. It was nice having someone look at me and actually want to be around my arm rather than shy away from it. He does seem like a good guy. A real chap,” he nodded affirmatively. You snorted.

’Chap’? Okay, you are now and officially my grandfather.” Bucky sat up onto his elbows. He splayed a hand across his chest, wincing.

“Oh, doll, you hurt me. I think I’m having chest pains. Call the doctor, I’m dyin’…” You snickered, kicking his foot.

“You’re so dramatic, you dork.”

“You’re right. I’m not dying. But I am in pain.” You put your hands on your hips, tilting your head inquisitively. He curled his finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. You rolled your eyes, crawling onto the bed on your hands and knees before settling down beside the burly soldier. He waved you even closer, and you grinned at how adorable he looked with that cheeky smile adorning his lips.

“Where’s the pain, soldier?” You played along. He pouted, tapping a finger on his tempting lips, barely a hair’s breadth away.

I think it moved here, (Y/N)…” he whispered. You blushed. Not sure what to do and entirely convinced he was simply teasing you, you smacked his chest lightly and threw a pillow at his head, pulling back.

“You big flirt,” you joked half-heartedly. “You’re trouble, you know that?” Bucky caught the pillow, and though he laughed, you thought you saw the light in his eyes falter for a split second. Maybe just a trick of the light. He cast his gaze down to the pillow in his lap, playing with the corner.

“Well, now that you think about it, I am technically your boyfriend,” he started, looking back up to you almost hesitantly. “So at some point we’re probably going to have to do something more than hold hands in front of your family- to be convincing, of course.” He rubbed the back of his neck almost nervously. “It might be easier to have practiced, y’know?” He added quietly. Your heart raced relentlessly, and you knew your face was completely red. You stuttered along, not a clue as to what to do with your hands.

“Uh- y-yeah, I guess so- that does make sense…” You took in a breath, regaining your composure. “Yeah, why not? I mean, it shouldn’t be awkward, right? We’re both adults, and best friends, so… yeah. Sure. Okay.” You slowly sank back down and Bucky adjusted himself to be sitting upright beside you.

“So, um, how do you wanna do this?” He muttered, eyes glued to your lips. You licked them self-consciously, letting out a breathy laugh.

“I don’t know, Buck, you’re the one who suggested this,” you gave him an awkward lopsided smile.

“Right, sorry.” The blue-eyed brunette lifted his hands before resting his flesh one on your hip and his metal one on the bed beside you. You frowned, placing your hand over it, running your thumb over the cool vibranium digits. Bucky let out a shaky breath as he met your eyes. “Is it a bad time to say I haven’t dated, let alone kissed a gal since 1945?” You let out surprised laugh, trying to cover some of the relief. With the flirtatious and suave persona Bucky had around you and the few others he was comfortable with, you’d assumed he’d have no problem with the ladies. But in retrospect, you realized that around others with whom he wasn’t as comfortable, he was quite closed off and quiet. Perhaps he wasn’t as confident with women as Steve recalled him being from the forties anymore.

“If it makes you feel better, I haven’t so much as flirted with a guy since the Cretaceous period.” Bucky let a soft chuckle rumble up from his chest. You looked up into his eyes, those kind, crystal blue eyes, clear as ice but warm like the sun. Even in the poor lighting of your room, they twinkled, his long, dark eyelashes casting shadows deep in his glassy irises. Your gaze lowered, taking into account for the first time the tiny freckles dancing across the bridge of his nose, the slight scoop of his nose and the way it rounded at the tip like a button. You smiled a little at this. You’d always though he had a cute nose. You could hardly help yourself as your eyes tugged themselves down to the feature they were most keen to admire up close. His light pink lips were almost always in a slight pout, the cupid’s bow of his upper lip spreading down and meeting the corners of his full bottom lip in a slight quirk upwards. You loved seeing the slow-motion tug of his lips when he smiled fully, pulling back to reveal a dazzling smile you’d have never expecting was waiting just behind that pout. That pout. God, those lips. Ugh, stop it, (Y/N), before you-

“Baby steps,” he muttered, leaning in slowly. He stopped after a second, pulling back ever so slightly to give you the chance to call it off if you so wished, but your chest fluttered at how close he was. You felt the urge to touch him, and though any rational-thinking version of yourself would never be so forward, your heart just wasn’t allowing your brain to function at the moment. You reached your hand up, barely resting against the side of his neck. Your thumb lightly dusted his jawline, and he took in a sharp breath, continuing to shorten the distance between the two of you. Bucky’s eyes fluttered closed and his jaw tilted up just a fraction of an inch; he was so close, you could feel the ghost of his lips over your own. Your heart was hammering in your chest, and you could feel it pounding in your ears. Your mind was racing at a thousand miles a second and yet it was at the same time completely blank. Your breath caught in your throat

(oh, my God, this is really happening)

and you suddenly knew exactly what they

(who’s they?)

(you know, them)

all meant by that perfect moment, the drumroll, that happened right before the actual kiss.

(holy shit, the drumroll’s almost over, get ready for the grand finale, you lucky son of a bitch (y/n), you’re about to kiss your-)

“(Y/N)? Sweetheart?” A crude knock at your door shattered your perfect drumroll finale, and you’d never felt so much frustration for such a kind voice. “Can I come in for a moment?” Bucky froze, eyes squeezed shut and jaw clenched tight in restrained annoyance. You wanted to whimper or shout or scream or cry right now at your unsuspecting mother. You sighed, forcing yourself to pull back. You reluctantly removed your hand from Bucky’s cheek, but not before giving him a look that meant that this was not over. You stood up and headed to the door.

“Yeah, mom, what is it?” You opened it to see your mother holding some folded towels in her hands. She smiled faintly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, hon, was I interrupting something?”

(Um, yes?)

“No…” you responded unconvincingly. Bucky appeared beside you, casting his arm around your waist.

“Okay, well I brought you some towels for the bathroom. I also wanted to let you know we’re all going to brunch tomorrow morning with Thomas’s parents and some of his groomsmen. Give you all an opportunity to get to know each other.” You nodded, taking the towels ruefully.

“Okay, thanks,” plastered on a smile, gripping the door handle. Your mother seemed to get the idea.

“Oh! I’ll get out of your hair,” she gave you an apologetic look. “Goodnight!” She called over her shoulder as she made her way down the hall.

“Night, mom,” you returned before closing the door firmly. You rested your head against the white-painted wood for a moment before turning back to Bucky. You dropped the towels on the desk by the door and smiled sheepishly at him.

He pulled you into a hug, placing his chin on your head. He leaned down to place a kiss on your hair, resting his cheek against it after. It was quiet for a few seconds. You wanted to ask to resume where you had been before your interruption, but feared the moment was passed or Bucky had maybe changed his mind.

“Wanna try again?” he muttered hesitantly, as if he had read your mind. You grinned into his chest, nodding your head. He squeezed your shoulders before pulling back. His clear eyes- soft for no one else but you- gripped your gaze in a firm hold. He gently brushed your hair back before trailing his hand down to cup the side of your neck and trace his thumb along your jaw, as you had previously done to him. His vibranium arm hovered lightly over your hip, still hesitant. You slid your hand up his cool metal forearm, wrapping it gently it around his bicep. The other lifted to rest on his broad chest, and you tilted your chin up. Bucky’s minty breath fanned across your lips, growing warmer with the growing proximity.
You once again closed your eyes, trying to hold back the smile as the deep silence in your room settled into a low buzz.


Part 4 (Previous)

A/N: Okay, idk why, but I really liked writing this one! Although I was literally frustrated with myself as I wrote it, I hope you enjoy! More to come soon!

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SOTTCountdown Day 2 – Others About Harry x

SOTT sponsorship

Kelly Osbourne: “Harry is a really nice, normal guy considering the situation that he’s in. You’d expect him to be a little more affected but he’s not.”

Rihanna: “It’s so natural for him. I had watched their videos and I remember thinking ‘wow he’s a star.’ He seems very sure– like he had been doing this before.”

Alexa Chung: “The thing is though he’s pretty amazing. He’s got a magnetic quality about him and if he looks at you it’s like you’re staring into the face of a lighthouse.”

Mark Rylance: “He is one handsome fella with an incredible smile and eyes.
What’s really surprised me is he’s really witty, really funny — he really makes me laugh. He’s been ever so brave, not making any fuss. 

Haha XD I’ve been shipping this two like a few short weeks after I made my FallenTale AU XD XD For me it’s darn CUTE!!!
Imagine my FallenTale Sans who seems to be all straight & tough and yet he grew a massive crush on his Alternate counterpart.
Sometimes, it’s nice to see a dominant looking fella who’s actually pretty submissive to another submissive fella XD XD (ya get what Im saying? XD)
Anyways, this is not really canon to my AU XD

Undertale © Toby Fox
This Fallentale © Me Check some more of my AU here!

So far, the ship names I’ve thought up are DoubleEdge & FallenEdge (I know it’s bad, still trying to find a good one XD)

Modern Deck Tech: Goblins

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! I’m a little late this week because of work, but the time is always right for a good ol’ modern deck tech! This week we’re looking into an archetype that has been around for a very long time: Goblins. I don’t know if you guys remember when Magic Origins came out and they reprinted Goblin Piledriver? People were going nuts at first, seeing that as the second coming of Christ or something. The speculations were that Goblins would become one of the dominant decks. It didn’t. Is the deck good though? Yes it is. There’s a few interesting things about the Goblin deck; it’s VERY aggressive & can close the game fairly quickly, it’s very consistant, it’s very cheap (especially now that Goblin Guide got reprinted) and for some minor tweaks can be turned into a Legacy deck (sort of like the Merfolk deck we’ve talked about a few weeks later; I’ll try to explore different archetypes like those in the future). Let’s jump into it ad see what the deck is all about.

Big Chief

Let’s start off with the pay-off card. This is at the top of your curve, being at a huge 3 mana (the land can play between 18 to 20 lands). Pumping up your goblins is huge and turns your army of 1/1s into a threat that can finish the game in 1 turn. Plus, haste is awesome.

Master Chief

Your other high-end card is Rabblemaster. This consistently creates tokens to apply pressure and is pretty much a threat that needs to be answered right away to not get out of control.


While your lords help you close-off  the game, Bushwhacker gives you a surprise attack that can very easily win you the game on the spot. Just give all your team a boost and crash through with all your haste creatures for the win!

Finisher 2.0

Same as the other Bushwhacker. Having a total of 8 of those effects is huge because it gives you so much consistency. For only 2cmc you can pump your team and steal the win; if you can cast 2 in the same turn you are ASSURED to win on the spot, seriously.


Obviously a goblin deck would not be the same without our friend Goblin Guide! This hasty creature is just too good; applying early pressure and just being a pain in the ass for your opponent. Good thing it saw a reprint and it caused it’s price to go down a bit!

Wrestling Champ

This card caused an uproar in the modern meta when it saw print in Origins, even though it didn’t live up to it’s expectations, it still takes the goblin deck up a notch. This card becomes HUGE, like, CRAZY HUGE. It’s not AS good in modern than in Legacy because the amount of blue decks is not the same, but the card is still VERY good and becomes a very big threat that needs to be dealt with or it’s going to win you the game.


Just a great little goblin that gives you some extra protection. It makes so that your creatures can’t really be chumped, it gets around Bitterblossom/Lingering Souls strategies and gives you beneficial trades when your opponent wants to block. This card offers some well needed utility to your attacks and helps you plow through the defense line.

War Buddies

Even though this card doesn’t seem like much, it’s really good in the deck. It gives you some little goblins along the way to go just a big wider. It’s not insane or anything, but it’s a nice card that goes well with the deck.

Just an Average Denizen

This little fella doesn’t seem like much, but he gets really annoying for your opponent. It’s consistently getting pumped up and just beats down your opponent’s face. For only 1 mana! This card is surprisingly good, like seriously.

Mandatory Bolt

You’re playing a cheap red deck, there is no way you’re not going to play this.

Goblins Go “Boom”

This card is probably the mvp of the deck. Just sacrifice one of your 1/1s to deal 5 damage to your opponent. FIVE DAMAGE FOR ONE MANA!! Often, games will end up with you bringing your opponent down to 10 life with a mix of small attacks & their fetches and then BOOM double Goblin Grenade. I’ve even played a game where the guy play Krenko’s Command (the card is not in the deck tech but is seen in some builds, same goes for Dragon Fodder; you can play those cards over Goblin Chieftain & Rabblemaster tbh) following by FOUR GODDAMN GOBLIN GRENADES. I was just sitting there like…okay…I guess that happened…


So that was it for the deck tech! Like I said earlier, the deck can easily be tweaked to turn into a Legacy deck, so you can have a 2-for-1. The eternal version is less aggressive and tends to have more expensive (CMC-wise) cards; stuff like Warren Instigator, Mogg Fanatic, Goblin Incinerator, Goblin Lackey, Goblin Matron & Goblin Ringleader. The deck relies more on cheating into play some goblins and out-value your opponent that way. They don’t really rely on Bushwhackers & such, but more on Piledriver, Rabblemaster & Chieftain. The deck does well in both formats and is really fun & simple to play, as well as being fairly cheap.


That’s it for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed the deck tech as much as I did. If I forgot anything let me know & I’ll see you guys next week for a Legacy deck tech!


Sometimes when life seems like the worst (like this week of doozies), you’re reminded in simple ways that some people *do* believe we’re all in this together.

As I boarded my flight home from DC, my seat-mate approached and started some friendly chit-chat as we got settled. A suburban surfer dad from San Diego named Mark, married with kids, former Naval officer, local city councilman, works as a consultant for the government, travels to DC a lot – a super nice, laid back SoCal fella.

He asks what I was doing in DC, we talk a bit about the travel and work I do in the Middle East. He’s equally well-traveled and we compare notes on food, souks, tourist stuff and the like. He mentions his wife often accompanies him on business trips, and I mention the same about my husband; he doesn’t blink and the conversation resumes.

Behind us, a Jordanian couple with their three kids overhears me talking about my Middle East travels. They excitedly ask me about what I liked (everywhere I’ve been has been amazing) and how did I like the hospitality (always awesome). We all chat a bit before takeoff. It’s a nice, genuine moment.

For the rest of the flight, Mark and I alternate between watching TV and chatting – commiserating on 45’s awfulness, talking about how our travel experiences have shaped our (proud liberal snowflake) worldview. He asks if I have kids, and I glowingly tell him about the exploits of my nieces and nephews, and my role as their doting “Gunkle”.

“They’re lucky kids. My Uncle Bob and Uncle Jack basically raised me,” explaining he had a single mom and an absent father and that his gay uncles were his default father figures. He said it so matter-of-fact, it put a lump in my throat. We bonded even more about divorce, and single parents, and creating your own family.

The plane landed, the Jordanian dad gave me his business card and told me to drop him a line next time I’m in Abu Dhabi. As we deplaned into the terminal, I handed my card and offered a handshake to Mark, thanking him for the lovely conversation – and he pulled me into a big hug, offering his own thanks, and saying it’s stuff like this that “renews his faith in humanity.” Me too, I smiled. And I meant it. We both needed it.

Out on the curb, I call for my Lyft; when the driver arrives, I check the app. “Michelle, right?” She smiles and cheekily corrects me, “it’s Mee-shell, the Brazilian pronunciation.” I get in the car and respond by singing “Mee-shell, my belle… blah blah blah blah blah blah something in French, something in French…”

She giggles. I immediately flash on my father, who always (*always*) used to sing-greet someone if they were named after a song. Charmed the birds out of the trees, that guy – and I silently thank him for instilling in me the same instinct to always show kindness and friendliness to strangers.

I softly begin to weep in the back seat on my ride home – my heart heavy thinking of dad, hoping he would be proud of me, and worrying how the weight of the world right now is so achingly heavy.

For a few hours during my trip, all that weight was washed away by kindness and humanity and connection. I’m truly lucky and privileged to do the traveling I do, and to be given the gift of connections like these.

We’ll get through this, but only together.

Drunk in Love

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1.3K

Request: Can you make a imagine/one-shot where the reader is very drunk in a bar and Bucky (who is sober) come for pick her up a request for Steve and he has to put her it on his shoulders because she didn’t want to leave. The two didn’t know each other, barely speak each other and have opposite personalities. The reader confess that she have a crush on him and asks for Bucky (thinking he is Steve) don’t tell for Bucky that she has a crush on him. Something fluffy, please. Thanks! -Anonymous

Warnings: Drunk reader

Originally posted by enochianess

“Steve!” You let out a laughter as you staggered to him, before throwing your arm around his neck and smacking a kiss to his cheek. “How’s it going, Cap?”

“Y/N,“ Steve laughed, pulling you under his arm to keep you steady. “I see that at least you are having fun.”

“Oh, yes I am, sir,” you giggled, taking a sip of your drink, but fell into silence as your eyes hit the man Steve was standing with. You laid the drink carefully to the bar counter, deep smirk taking over your lips as you waved your hand to him. “Hey-aa.”

Bucky let out a laughter, glancing at Steve with amused smirk before nodding his head to you, smiling softly.

“Not very chatty, huh?” You whispered loudly to Steve, who laughed, rolling his eyes.

“Y/N- meet Bucky,” he nodded towards his best friend. “Bucky- this is Y/N. Believe me, she’s way more charming when she’s sober.”

“I won’t forget you saying that, Cap,” you winked, smiling then brightly to Bucky. “Pleasure to meet you, Bucksy- may I call you Bucksy?” You leaned closer to him, tilting your head slightly. “I prefer it more.”

“Pleasure to meet you as well,” Bucky laughed, shrugging slightly, “and yes, whatever makes you feel comfortable, sweetheart.”

“Oh, such a gentleman -I like him,” you chuckled to Steve, before noticing Natasha on the dancefloor. You clapped your hands together, grin taking over your face. “Dancefloor calling, see you later, fellas.”

“Have fun,” Steve called after you with a laugh, as you ran to Natasha, both of you cheering loudly for the reunion.

“Well, she seems nice,” Bucky chuckled, raising his eyebrow at Steve, who let out a deep laugh.

“Believe me when I say, she’s amazing when she’s sober. I’m sure you two would get along better than well.”

Steve frowned as he felt his phone buzzing at the pocket of his jacket and let out a deep sigh after reading the text-message. “I have to go -duty calls,” he grinned to Bucky. “Can you take care of her,” he nodded towards you, laughing as he saw you dancing with Natasha, your hands tangled into your hair and your body moving from side to side, “she might have taken one too many.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Bucky laughed. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll make sure she’s safe.”

Bucky shook his head laughing, leaning to the bar counter and enjoying the show as you sang along with the songs, moved your body easily with the music and jumped up and down as the beat dropped. It had been an hour since Steve left, but you still seemed to have way too much energy.

Bucky finished his drink and walked to you across the dancefloor, pushing people gently out of his way. “Y/N”, he called your name with a laugh, laying his hand carefully on your shoulder from behind. “I think you have danced enough.”

“No,” you whined, without turning around. “Natasha tell Steve I don’t wanna go yet.”

Natasha laughed, shooking her head. “Y/N that’s not-“

“Please tell him,” you begged, blinking your puppy eyes, causing her to quit trying.

“She doesn’t want to leave yet,” Natasha nodded her head, leaning closer to Bucky. “But I think it really is her time to leave, can you please take her to her room? And- If I were you I would really pretend to be Steve -when she’s in that state she never listens to anyone else but him.”

“If she notices that I’m not him and kills me, I’m gonna blame you,” Bucky laughed, before grabbing your legs and throwing you over his shoulder, earning a surprised exclamation.

“I can walk by myself as well, you know,” you laughed, waving at Natasha as Bucky started to make his way to the elevators, your knees pressing against his chest.

“Yes, I am aware of that, doll, but that wouldn’t be very wise considering the amount of alcohol on your blood,” Bucky laughed, rolling his eyes.

“Good point,” you hummed for an answer. “I had a really great night.”

“I saw that. Wanna tell me about it?”

“Yes,” you nodded your head, with bubbling laugh that made Bucky chuckle quietly. “You know that friend of yours- Bucky. No, Bucksy?”

“Yes, I do know him,” he laughed, rolling his eyes.

“I think- I have this feeling that I- I fall –fell, I fell for him. Hard,” you giggled, playing with your fingers. “Don’t you think it’s stupid to say that you are falling in love? You are not really falling,“ you slurred, squinting your eyes. “Luckily. Otherwise I would probably be dead for I fell for him so hard.”

Bucky nipped his bottom lip between his teeth to stop the huge smile taking over his face. He knew that it was just a drunk girl talking, but she had to have a base for her words, right?

“Steve-o,” you called out, frowning, since he had been silent for so long. “Can you promise me that you’ll not tell him what I said,“ you let out a yawn, rubbing your face with your hand, “about the –uhh, the falling in love with him-stuff? I really don’t want to mess this one up.”

“I promise,” Bucky let out a soft laughter, opening the door of your room and carried you straight under your bedcovers, not bothering to turn on the lights. He leaned closer to you, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. “Good night, doll.”

“Steve?” You whispered, wrapping your fingers around his wrist. “Can you stay?”

“I- uhh,“ Bucky let out a nervous laughter, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Please,” you begged, moving on your bed to make him more space to lay next to you. “Just until I fall asleep?”

“I guess I can,” he chuckled, getting to your bed next to you.

You buried your head into the crook of his neck and laid your hand to his chest, falling into a calm sleep with satisfied smile on your lips.

“Oh no,” you breathed out as you opened your eyes at the morning, seeing who else than the best friend of Steve’s laying on your bed right next to you. “No, no, no-“

Bucky snapped awake, pulling quickly further from you. “Oh Y/N, I-“

“Bucky?” You squeaked, burying your face into your hands. “What are you doing on my bed? Please tell me we didn’t-“

“Oh, no -no we didn’t, I promise,” he rushed to say, letting out a nervous laughter. “I –uhh I must have fallen asleep, I’m sorry-“

“It was you?” You breathed out, as you started to do the math. “You took me to my room?”

“Yeah about that-“

“So it was you who carried me here? So that means I told you how I-,“ you bursted into nervous laughter, burying your face back to your hands. “Well this is just great.”

“I kind of thought that you wouldn’t remember that anymore,” Bucky laughed, flashing you an awkward smile.

“Yeah, you have no idea how much I hope I didn’t,” you laughed, wanting to sink to the bottom of the deepest ocean. “Well at least it seems that you didn’t ran away from me as fast as you could?” You raised your eyebrow.

“I mean you were a little bit straight with all that “if falling in love would be literal, I would be dead for I fell for you so hard” talk,“ Bucky harrumphed, rubbing the back of his neck, but bursted into laugh as he saw you blushing deeply. “I’m just kidding, I have to be more than flattered when a girl like you talks about me in that way.”

“Oh, girl like me, huh?” You chuckled, bright smile taking over your face.

“I’m glad you told me,” Bucky nodded with a smile. “Otherwise I might never have gotten enough courage to do this,” he whispered, leaning closer to you to press his lips against yours for a soft and gentle kiss.

lifesustainingmeasures  asked:

For the meme, Reon/Leon Ohira. I'm curious to see if your headcanon is the same as mine and one of my best friends.


First impression

I didn’t have much of an opinion my first watch-through. I mean… I was slightly more interested in the rest of the pretty Shiratori boys IM SORRY REON

Impression now

A SWEETIE PIE. He’s always the dude with the encouraging words to his team mates, he seems like a super reliable player. Like, I would call Reon at 3am to come pick me up because I know he would say yes, cause he’s a nice boy. Also I was surprised that he’s only 5′11 I mean yeah that’s still tall but not as tall as he looks.

Favorite moment

What a nice fella (meanwhile Hinata is so rude lmao)

Idea for a story

I honestly don’t know but one thing I love about Reon is that in his character card his current concern is that “he can’t help but say things like “there we go” when he sits down” and THAT MAKES ME FUCKING GIGGLE (that could be the wine though)

Unpopular opinion

??? I feel like I don’t know enough about him to have an unpopular opinion. I love him though.

Favorite relationship

WOW actually I think I saw some Reon/Nobuyuki (Nekoma Vice Cap) fanart somewhere and I was like WTF THAT’S ADORABLE i wish i could find it… EDIT: HERE IS IS AREN’T THEY SO CUTE

Favorite headcanon

STRONG!!!!!! He can bench press Wakatoshi and Waka lets him


Tendou: “That kid called Reon Benkei” 

Reon: “Sorry to shatter your dreams” lmao


Thanks for asking!! What’s your Reon headcanon?? I’m curious!

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Stuckony prompt? Super soldiers keep using their Brooklyn charm on Tony who can't help but blush because they are way to hot and sincere.

I live for Stuckony tbh

Steve and Bucky came as a package deal. Everyone knew this, the media, the team and basically anyone who watched them for more than five minutes. Thankfully, this closeness resulted in the duo having very similar tastes; In food, in literature and especially in their partners. The common factor in all their past lovers had been a fiery attitude, a quick wit and a sharp mind. And hell if the snarky genius who never backed down from anything didn’t tick every single box.

Tony Stark however was a man who enjoyed many things, especially the finer things in life. He enjoyed fancy rooftop dinners, exotic islands and equally exotic partners. Anything that took him away from his mind for a while. So when the team realised Tony had quite the thing for accents, well it wasn’t a surprise. But once an Italian man had charmed Tony with sweet compliments in a sweet accent enough to warrant a blush, a plan had been formulated.

At first, the soldiers thought it was just an accent that got Tony flushed and smiling- a look they wanted to see him wear more than his fancy suits, no matter how well they suited him. Bucky was especially good at dropping into his thick Brooklyn accent around Tony, so much so it seemed natural.

“Sure you don’t needa hand liftin’ that? Sure looks heavy for a little fella.”

“I’m not weak, Barnes.” Tony had snapped, batting Bucky’s hands away from the two boxes of parts he was carrying. It wasn’t until Steve spoke they realised what they should have been doing the whole time.

“Hey sugar, he didn’t mean nothin’. Just didn’t want a sweet guy like you getting hurt.” It had been a matter of seconds before Tony was red down to his neck and stumbling over his words.

“Oh…well I…thanks I mean, but I uh, I guess you could take the top box, if you really wanted.” He smiled at Steve, looking everywhere but his eyes. Behind him Bucky grinned.

Tony Stark- billionaire, genius and hero- turned to mush at compliments.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 24/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 23

“I’m sorry, babies, mommy kinda lost it for a minute,” you whispered as you lay each of them down in their cribs one by one, placing a soft kiss on their foreheads before pulling up their blankets.  “I’ll put extra in daddy’s swear jar, I promise.”

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Caramel Macchiato 👀

Hiiii bub 🍦🍦🍦 thanks for asking!
Caramel macchiato: you’re travelling the entire world but you can only take one person with you. Who do you take?
Oh goddddddd I’ll cheat and say that I’d bring my two best friends cause I can’t choose one between those two. Or maybe I’ll just take Harry Styles, he seems like a nice fella. How fun.

Cafe asks ☕️

just me rambling about who killed markimoo...

okay guys, the colonel and the detective are both beyond suspicious, so much so that i believe they are both red herrings. the hunt for the murderer *lighting crackles* would be too easy if it was either of them.

unless its a convoluted double bluff that by making them so suspicious that we will dismiss them as red herrings and then one of them turn out to be the killer.

not much can be said about the butler and the chef at this point, they havent had enough focus just yet so it is hard to judge them…

the mayor however is such a sympathetic and charming character, i bet some of us have already fallen in love with him, such a softspoken and troubled fella… but wouldn’t that be a nice twist, or maybe some of us already suspect him because of how nice and innocent he seems that it might turn out that he is the murderer *thunder crack*. as much as i like him he is not off the hook in my eyes!

now the introduction of this lady in black is an interesting developement. we’ll have to see what she is about but nonetheless her appearence is awfully suspicious.

two other theories that it might turn out to be ‘us‘ or the camera’s POV, or in a Murder on the Orient Express manner it was everyone!

i am beyond interested in further developements and i can’t wait to see how this will turn out. happy theorizing and hunt guys!

Even when violent men TELL US what they’re going to do, even when they POST ABOUT IT publicly on the internet, and even when they engage in a PATTERN of violent threats and sociopathic behaviors, the cops STILL say “oh, he seems like a perfectly nice fella to us!”

And that tells you everything you need to know about the level of protection we, as women, can expect from “law enforcement.”

Date me.

I have a lot of time on my hands as it would seem, and I’m not the type of person to just sit around and do nothing. So today, I went on a Tinder date.

Actually, let me rephrase that, it was not a date. I met with someone who had mutual friends with me for a coffee (who I met on Tinder). Hey, don’t judge, I’m bored and curious!

So I met up with this guy, he was a little older and works for a prominent media company here in Sydney. I’ll be 100% honest when I say that I have no intention of anything romantic with this fella, he just seemed like a very interesting person. We met up, we chatted, we talked about what we do, traveling, the city and our mutual friend, and we both went on our way.

THIS is what I’ve missed. I miss being in a city where you can just meet someone who is interesting, have a coffee and chat, learn about them and be on your way. I think I will catch up with him again (as mates), he seemed like a nice guy. Ahhh, to be back in the big city dating world again… Not that this was a date… You know what I mean!

[ @bettybonnett

This shy guitarist was the new kid on the block. new to the band, and they did treat him rather nicely. Even if he was shy, kept to himself and was a bit awkward, he was different. This wasn’t his first band, but it sure seemed like it to many people. More so playing in the studio with the unknown, he was apart of history as some would say. Not many of the young fellas got to say they were a session guitarist, but he could. 

As always they were at a gathering, a small gathering full with important people. But some would manage to sneak in and see the famous band. Soon he found himself wanting to connect with someone, or even have a meaningful conversation. His hair was tucked behind his ear for a short amount of time, before it swayed away and back to cover his ear. He was sitting along with a glass of whiskey