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After that beautiful (as always) prompts you made I just wondered what if Amy secretly use glasses but never we're them in front of her friends or other people because mabey of her past of bullying. And one day Sonic discovered her wereing them? (Man you give such happiness when I read your prompts)


Adorable~ and thank you so much my friend >w<


Fighting in the mist of a battle, Sonic summoned up all his strength to deliver the final blow, sending Eggman and his troops of robotic minions off in a hissy fit.

He snickered as he turned around, dusting off his hands for a job well done, before a familiar pink hedgehog graced the scene.

Grace… is just a nice way of putting it…

“Sooniic!!!” she looked like she could stumble over her own feet at any minute.

She leaped to embrace her love, glad the battle was over, and gripped his iron-body tightly agianst her own. “I’m so glad you’re alright! I knew you could do it! Emm~” she rubbed her body against his steely-face… wait…

She blinked her eyes and squinted.

Sonic, watching Amy hug and love on a lamp-post with a spiky bush on the upper-level behind it’s planter, tapped his foot and put his hands to his hips.

Shaking his head, he leaned forward, “I can never understand you…” he then walked off, as Amy saw the error of her ways… or eyes… and quickly jumped down to follow after the blue blob-BLUR. She meant blur…

“Oh, Sonic! I’m so sorry! I-I knew it wasn’t you! I was just pretending! It was a joke, see? Haha…ha…” she waved her hands awkwardly in front of her, as if making it seem like a ‘surprise! did you get it?’ moment, and nervously had her smile twitch at the corners of her lips.

She sweat drop as he looked slightly back over his shoulder to her, before facing forward again and shaking his head.

She pouted, lowering her hands as she realized he wasn’t buying that explanation..

Suddenly, a loud blast was heard as if a rocket had gone off, as Sonic stepped back and halted- the train of him and Amy also merged as Amy crashed into his backside.

“Offph! What was that?” Amy held a hand to his back, as if for placement purposes as she gripped one eye that got shoved into his shoulder, before he protectively held an arm back over her, just in case…

“I thought I heard something…”

“Me too.. it was so loud..” Amy moved closer to Sonic, before his ears picked up on something speeding through the air.

“Amy..” his eyes suddenly widened, “Get down!” he jumped behind him but Amy couldn’t see where he went or what was coming at her, from which direction.

“W-wait, what?!”

“Amy!” he gripped the edge of her dress and threw her down.


Tick-tink! tank-tank-tank…

Something fell from below her dress…

The missle that was launched unexpectedly flew past the two’s head, and crashed into a neighboring part of the city.

Sonic got up, embracing Amy to keep her safe, and then moved her away, gripping her shoulders, “How could you not see that!? It was coming straight at you!”

“I..I..” Amy started to tear up, but pushed it back as she shook her head. “It was moving too fast…”

“I move too fast! That thing was-!” before he could ‘discuss’ his opinions further… he noticed something black and large on the ground.

His eyes shifted to it, and reached out to grab them.


“AH!” Amy reached to lift her dress up a bit, realizing the item she was reaching for was missing… immediately turned back and spread herself out over him to try and reach the glasses. “Don’t look at them!”

He pulled them away, allowing her body to spread over his own as she continued to frantically, almost desperately reach for his hand with the glasses in them..

“…Amy… are these… yours?”

“NOO!!!” she kicked her legs and pushed him more down, having him almost fall backwards without his other arm supporting the two of them up.

He strained, but tilted his body to roll her off of him.

“Ah..!” she cutely let a surprised cry escape her as the weight shift and balance changed for her, as she lightly rolled to the ground.

“H-Heeey…” she whined, getting up and bending her eyebrows back as Sonic examined the glasses more now, getting up and sitting Indian-style, he tried to look through them, having his eyes look zoomed in before pulling them away.

It looked painful, as he blinked one eye at a time, “Yikes!” he rubbed his eyes as Amy shook her fist up and down on her lap.

“Give. them. back. to. me!” she whined, but didn’t look like she was really going for them again.

He pulled the glasses as far from his eyes as possible, looking away before turning back to them. “Dang, Amy.. this is some.. ugh.. heavy-duty stuff..” He looked them over again, before seeing Amy get up and walk away.

“Amy?” He got up quickly, “Don’t you want your ‘gear’ back?” he slightly teased, leaning forward and dangling them by one leg over to her, mockingly.

“…Hmm?” he blinked when he saw her crouch down and hug her legs… turning away from him.

“…Uh-oh…ahh… Amy?” he leaned up, realizing he must have hurt her feelings, and rubbed his hand through his face up to his spiky head, and started to move towards her.

“What’d I do this time?” he sighed.

“…You don’t like girls with Glasses…” she sniffed, rubbing her eyes.

He paused, “…When have I ever said that?” He smiled, charmingly, and lifted his toe up. “I don’t care what anyone looks like… it only matters how they smile.” he beamed a goofy grin, “Seeee?” he joked and played around, trying to make her smile, but she wasn’t look back at him.

He moved closer, ducking himself down even more, making sure she could see, “SEEEEEE~?”

She peeked over her shoulder to him, and giggled, as he laughed too and once again dangled the glasses over and in front of her head.

“I don’t know where you heard that, but if you think glasses don’t look good on ya, we could visit Tails and see what he could do?”

She beamed, turning around and nodding, not even reaching for the glasses. “You mean… he could make me contacts?”

“Contacts?” Sonic moved back, still holding the glasses by one leg and then tapped a finger on his chin. “Hmm…” he looked away, “With our eye shape.. it won’t be easy… more like a windshield wiper, haha! But we can most certainly try!” he winked and gave her a thumbs up.

She looked down, her excitement suddenly gone.

“Huh? Amy?” he lowered his head, as she avoided his curious stare and put her fingers together.

“…Kids would call me that when I wore the glasses..” she moved her foot up, letting it hug the other behind it’s ankle… “They said… Sonic The Hedgehog would never date a girl with four eyes…”

Sonic’s smile left him…

He looked back at the glasses, and put them on her.

She freaked a moment, her hands coming up, but then let him push them fully back on her and watched as her eyes were now huge from his angle.

He chuckled lightly, a small ‘pfft’ before he smiled.

“They help me see your eyes better. How do I look?” he gestured to himself, posing.

She laughed, and nodded, “You look even more handsome than ever~” she fawned, swaying herself left and right and putting her hands to the sides of her face.

“Well, how can you stand to not see me in my true and blue aesthetic without the glasses?” he shrugged in a mocking way, but it was to help her, and she laughed.

“There, now that’s a smile!” he lightly let his finger touch her chin.

She suddenly stopped laughing and looked up at him, feeling the slight tap and push from his finger to look up at him.

He quickly moved the finger, but stared at little longer at her…

“Wow.” his eyes seemed more genuine, as if they were sparkling deep within them.

“…What is it?” she cutely ducked her head, blushing slightly, but never looking away from his eyes…

There was a hesitation… as he simply just… looked.. at her.

He then stepped back and put a finger to his nose, scratching it as if he was nervous.

“I just never noticed how beautiful four eyes can be… Considering two were already a show-stopper.” he turned his head away, putting his arms to his sides.

“Whelp, let’s get you to Tails.” he nonchalantly looked to his foot, as if admiring the shine of his shoes, but clearly was avoiding any further notion of continuing the previous topic, and started walking on.

Amy held her breath, before lightly skimming a touch of her glasses’s rim on her finger tips, then giggling.

She quickly raced after him, looping an arm around his own, and rubbing her head against his shoulder, being coupley~

He side-stepped but seemed to be a bit nervous… though, he just continued walking and let her do what she wanted, turning his head away from her and scratching the tip of his nose again…

Tails made the contacts, happily showing her how to properly place them, and she hasn’t had a real problem tackling the right person ever since~


September 29 2017 (30 Day Back-to-School Challenge)

Day 2: What are you excited about?
I am absolutely stOKED about my lab assistant job idk why lol. Maybe because I’m a functioning member of society that doesn’t cOmPLetely rely on my mum for funding. Also I’m excited to get into some hardcore studying and learning because I like exhausting my brain :)))))))) slight cry

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What if toms introducing Marco to his dad and he's really nice but he looks like some kind of Eldritch abomination and tom has to calm him down

Yeah of course! I hope you like it! This was fun and really different than what I normally write! A nice change of pace from my normal abused Tom headcanon. I hope you like it! BTW I imagine Tom’s dad as the beast from over the garden wall lol. Sorry if this isn’t totally what you wanted, was he trying to calm Marco down? I’m sorry I’m a horrible reader and sometimes things blur together when reading and I don’t understand. Enjoy!

Tom opened the large stone door to the big ominously dark room. Marco followed him, a bit nervous. Tom looked around. “Dad? Are you in here?” He called. He stepped closer in. Marco kept thinking he saw something out of the corner of his eyes, but when he looked it seemed like something was darting away in the darkness. “Sorry for the light, my mom was the fire deity, my dad is the deity of darkness. He lives like this. He’ll die in sunlight.” Tom explained. Marco nodded and took the demon’s hand, trying to be scared.

They came to the end of the room, at this point it was pitch black. Marco gulped and Tom’s eyes glowed, allowing him to see in the total darkness. He reached out and turned on a very soft red light. Marco gulped when he saw a large shadowy figure rising above him. It was like a cloak of darkness with glowing eyes and big twisted horns. Nothing about him was a color but black, except his eyes, which lit up gold, red, and blue.

“Hey dad.” Tom waved. Marco had a face of pure horror as the glowing orbs in Tpm’s father’s eyes landed on Marco.

“Oh, hello there. You must be Marco Diaz. My son has spoken of you… he has spoken of you much.” Tom’s dad spoke. Marco gulped and extended a shaky hand.

“H-h-hello s-sir.” Marco choked out. The eyes looked at Marco’s hand for a long time. They then looked up to examine Tom, who was smiling fondly at Marco.

“How curious. I’m surprised that a human being is capable of earning my son’s affection. Let alone his trust.” The man continued. He then got his eyes very close to Marco, stared for a second, and then examined Tom. “Yes… curious indeed.” He continued. Tom blushed and rolled his eyes, looking a little annoyed.

“Dad, you’re doing it again.” He mumbled. Tom’s father fell back a little. Marco then heard a horrible light sound, like the screeches of the damned echoing up from hell. It was the man’s laugh. “So Marco is super into karate!” Tom told his father. “He really likes combat, he’s good at it too!” Tom added.

“I can see the boy must excel in… human combat…” His father spoke. “But has he seen what you are capable of?” He asked his son. Tom blushed and Marco looked at his curiously.

“Tom? What does he mean?” Marco asked.

“I um… I try not to talk about that around people, dad.” Tom admitted.

“Well if he cannot handle you at your worst he does not deserve you at your best.” His father said. “All demons are gifted warriors and we posses instincts to tell us such. So much so that demons of Tom’s nature cannot control it at times.” He continued. Marco smiled big.

“You mean how he goes feral! I love that it’s adorable!” Marco gushed. The room was quiet.

“What?” Tom asked.

“What?” His father asked.

“Oh yeah! Tom has his feral side! It’s the cutest thing ever, He thinks he;s scary and dangerous but all he does is play with string. It precious.” Marco explained. “I have a million videos on my phone.” He added. Tom blushed deeply and tried to say something, but he was so flustered all he could do was make little noises as fire swirled around his feet.

“Tom, extinguish that flame or leave the room. You know how I am with light.” His father said in an exasperated tone. Tom nodded and took a few deep breaths, slowly putting his fire out. Tom cleared his throat and shuffled a bit. His father narrowed his eyes. “Tom, please excuse us.” He requested. Tom looked up.

“But dad I-”

“Tom, do as I say please.” He repeated. Tom sighed and gave Marco a fast kiss on the head.

“He’s all talk.” Tom whispered. “Don’t let him scare you.” Tom assured. But Marco was already petrified, watching the demon with wide eyes. They heard the door close and Marco stood there alone with the demon father.

“Tom is quite a… person.” The demon said, for lack of better words. Marco gulped and nodded.

“He-he’s an amazing person.” Marco sputtered out.

“I’m not going to talk down my son, I love him, but I also know he can be a bit much for a human to handle. As are all demons.” He continued. The eyes then got closer to Marco and the human gulped. “Tom is much more fragile than he may seem. My son has been through much, and I don’t much care for a human coming into his life, earning his affection, and then throwing it back at his as if it were worthless.” He seethed.

“No! No I would never!” Marco cried. “I-I love Tom! I would never ever hurt him!” Marco promised. The glowing eyes narrowed at him and got closer.

“You have my son’s trust, and if you do anything to betray that trust, know that I will make you regret it.” He hissed. Marco was shaking and he nodded urgently, trying to mutter something else out, the room was so cold and he felt like the demon was somehow choking him without really touching him.

“Dad, you promised you wouldn’t scare him.” Tom said, he had reentered the room.

“I told you to leave us.” Tom’s father reminded. Tom crossed his arms.

“Yeah but then I remembered what you always do, so I came back in.” Tom huffed. “Dad you promised me you wouldn’t try to scare him!” He reminded. His father backed away and looked back at Marco, who was petrified. Tom walked up to him and took Marco’s hand, giving him a kiss on the head. “Mar-Mar, it’s okay, my dad was just trying to scare you.” Tom assured. Marco coughed and backed away with shaky legs.

“He did great…” Marco forced a smile. Tom grumbled and shot a look at his father.

“Let’s go.” Tom smiled and Marco nodded. As soon as the two were about to walk away Tom looked at his dad. “I like him… he’s nice, he won’t hurt me I promise.” Tom whispered very quietly. His father nodded and Tom led Marco out of the room. “Marco… I’m so sorry about that, he’s really intense.” Tom rubbed the back of his head.

“I-it’s okay.” Marco assured. He still seemed very shaken up. “He’s a… threatening guy huh?” Marco asked, forcing a laugh. “I don’t um… did he really think I was going to hurt you like that?” Marco asked. Tom smiled and gave Marco a kiss.

“He doesn’t know you like I do.” He assured. “I trust you, more than anything I trust and love you.” Tom swore. Marco giggled a bit, calming down.

“I think that’s what he’s worried about.” Marco pointed out. Tom giggled.

The first thing you notice is his eyes; they look through you like you’re not there except as prey.  You only exist to give him something, everything.  He’s neither angry nor upset, he’s not even bored.  There’s no open intimidation, no clear cause for concern, yet no mistaking the feel of your gut cinching in panic.

The door locks into place behind you; you flinch, he stares.  “Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody?”  You expect a secondary set of lids to reveal themselves when he blinks in response.  “…Mr Cody, you have to confirm your name for my records.”

“Yeah…” He oozes a wet concrete voice.  “I’m Pope.”

“Do you know why you’re here?”  Another blink and you gather your courage to settle in the chair opposite him.  “Here with me, I mean.”

“You’re gonna get me out.”

“I’m here to determine your competency for trial.”

“You seem nervous.”  Just as he doesn’t see, he doesn’t hear you.  “Scared.  Are ya scared?”

Terrified, but you press on.  “Should I be?”

“One lowly girl in a cage full of animals.”  His eyes stroll the empty, windowless, room, then burrow back into you.  “’S alright if ya are.”

“Are you?”

The question seems to throw him the briefest moment, then he leans onto the table.  “No.  No, I’m not scared.”

So, yeah, I could TOTALLY go on and maybe I will at some point, but for now I just had to get this bit out before it drove me fucking insane, lol!  This is my first time writing Pope - though not necessarily those similar to him haha - so I’m still getting the hang of him, but I’m thinking/hoping I’m on the right track, haha!

(Gif created by @ben-mendelsohn-trash, I believe…certainly where I found it lol!)

Because we talked about it: @wadeyourebarelyalive​, @zoesmama2024, @losethehours  …If I broaden this piece and/or continue from it and you wanna be tagged, just lemme know.

Daesung in I Live Alone

Okay, so I watched I Live Alone yesterday and here are a few observations about Daesung (lol is anyone even surprised anymore):

- He was so giggly. Particularly in the 2nd episode after arriving at Youngbae’s home. I don’t normally like to use that word (“giggle”), especially as it applies to guys, but I’m not sure anything else is a better fit.

- He seemed a bit nervous, a little shy, embarrassed at times. Like, of course, when they were discussing his “sexy” image in the car and again, later on, in the closet (as Youngbae picked out pajamas for him!). And when he sat on the couch hugging that pillow to himself while Youngbae spread out beside him with an arm slung over the back; it’s his home so ofc he’d get comfy quick. I take it Daesung doesn’t spend much time at Youngbae’s place… or possibly with Youngbae at all outside of work (which I do recall Youngbae confirming once, sadly). But I think we all know by now what a homebody he is.

- The way he acts like he’s being attacked when someone compliments him. How his eyes and nose scrunch up and his lips draw back in this strange mix of agony and amusement. It’s like above his nose he’s in pain, while below he’s laughing. “Why are you guys doing this? What’s going on?” like it couldn’t possibly be true, as they piled nice words onto him during dinner.

(Putting the rest behind a cut because this got longer than expected… Will I ever learn to be less long-winded? I have a lot of thoughts okay.)

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Malec Moments 2x20 (Shadowhunter finale)

cr: Ocearielle

So~here we are… the finale for season 2 ;__;

- ‘He didn’t raised the ward for us’.. salty!Alec~..lol..

- I know this is a malec video but damn, Izzy is a badass Queen~! She rules, really~.. and she really has that authoritative presence like Maryse, whether she realizes it or not (Simon dear, she’s gonna eat you alive~! Good luck! ^^). 

- Magnus pretending there was no one standing in front of his door and about to close the door on Alec’s face.. lol

- I love Magnus being sassy/bratty at Alec: making faces, rolling his eyes and his ‘duh’.. Insisting Alec knows that he’s helping coz it will save other people’s lives and certainly not because of Alec and his band of merry Shadowhunters.

I love for all that he is 800 years old, Magnus still have that very human trait to act immature and petty arguing with your partner.

- And I love that throughout their fight ‘period’ and Magnus was being extra salty, Alec looked at him like ‘This brat.. ugh! why did I think you were adorable before again?’ and looking he would love nothing more than to either spank the warlock or strangle him. 

- It was funny when Magnus nearly stumbled out of his own portal while Alec and Izzy walked out like freaking models on runway~ ^^;;

- Magnus looked a wee bit unsure and that was why Alec (the caring!protective!boyfriend who wanted to pretend he doesn’t care but failed miserably) instantly asked if he will be okay… 

- Alec was supposed to cover Magnus.. and ended up~

Alec *frantically while running*: “Magnus! Magnus.. honey~.. I know you said to cover you.. but baby, if you don’t help me right now, we both about to become roasted buffalo wings~”

Magnus: “I’m kinda busy here, Alec~!”

Alec: “I’m serious, Magnus! Buffalo Wings. Not even the nice oven-baked ones, we will be those nasty charred ones if you don’t help me with this now~!” 

Magnus *innerly rolled his eyes*: Fi~ne…

- Magic depletion is real~ 

-…And Alec put his hand on Magnus’s back awfully long time there~ worried!boyfriend ^^

- That part where Alec felt Jace died and all of those memories ran through his mind was really really sad ;__;.. 

- Alec : Magnus, you need to get to safety

Magnus: *ignores* 


- Aww~.. Alec’s face when Magnus was babbling about his home remedy for magic depletion.. 

- Alec’s face when Magnus nervously drinking his drink. Yes, Magnus totally felt the way Alec is looking at him okay~.. he seems nervous and he asked about demons right after.. desperate for anything to stop Alec from continue his staring. and he himself could barely looks straight at Alec

- And Magnus’s soft.. a bit resigned ‘yeah’ when Alec asked if they could talk. The way he sighed and gulped down his drink as if to brace himself on what’s coming.. 

- Alec just dived straight into it. And the way Magnus hold himself when Alec mentioned the Soul Sword like he was remembering the hurt and i don’t know what he thought gonna happen here.. but tbh, Magnus really looked like he was bracing himself to get hurt (not physically ofc!!).

- I honestly believe that this is the first time Magnus to ever have this kind of talk with someone he loves and who loves him back. Someone who thinks their relationship is worth fighting over

- Alec said he can’t think straight since they fight and Magnus looked really unhappy at admitting he can’t stop thinking about Alec (seriously i think this was new experience for Magnus too..)

- Alec straight up said he can’t live without Magnus… and he shakes his head like that’s the fact. No but or if about it. It just what it is. He can’t live without Magnus. period

(personally I think he meant he can lives without Magnus but he doesn’t want to.. They both could function without each other BUT they were miserable)

- Then you can see Magnus let himself go and slowly becoming his normal playful flirty self again.. even tried to make his voice deeper to imitate Alec

- Alec looking relieved at bae’s smiling again~

- Alec letting Magnus comes to him. 


- Alec deep sigh after the kiss.. Like he could breathe easy again.. :)

- Alec looking happy and relieved (again) when Magnus suggested they left. I’m guessing he is in desperate need to reconnect with his lover in private~:).. which we get to read about in multiple fanfics later~:p

Affectionate Cats (Wooyoung)

Original Request: Hey :D can i request a Jun. K, Taec and Khun (If have to choose one just Jun. K) reaction to coming your house first time and seeing you have 5 very affectionate cats (you are in a relationship). In my experience if guys like cats its fun but if they dont like cats it gets awkward lol. I love your blog btw :D

Wooyoung seems like the kind of person who likes cats, but might feel uncomfortable with 5 cats being affectionate with him. It’s not that he doesn’t like your cats individually, he’s just a bit nervous. What if one of them suddenly decides it doesn’t want to be pet anymore and bites him? And what if that starts a chain reaction of them all biting him? Eventually, he’ll warm up to it, though.

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gendryxaryatrash  asked:

Ooooooook third try's a charm right?! (I can figure this out lol) Capernoited for obvs Gendrya!

Slightly intoxicated or tipsy.

Why did you say that?  You’re not my brother.

No, he’s not.

He drinks his wine, but he’s not in peace.  Not even a little bit.  She’s gone, but when she left the whole room seemed to get louder.  The girls are all laughing, and swaying, and bouncing, and Gendry drinks because if he drinks then he doesn’t have to think about why the sight of them makes him feel nervous, somehow.  They’re just girls.  Just girls, but he feels like a boy and not a man when he looks at them.  He felt safer around Arya, protecting her from that old man, than he does now, and of course he’s gone and driven her off.

Why did you say that?  You’re not my brother.

That’s right.  I’m too bloody lowborn to be kin to m'lady high.

Why had he said that?  When she had gone the anger had changed color.  He wasn’t angry with her.  He was angry with…with everything.  He always had been.

She’d never understand, couldn’t really.  The world had been given to her with her name the day she was born.  And Gendry had had nothing, and even when he’d had something, it wasn’t very much.  He’d clung to hopes, and dreams.  Master Mott was a skilled smith, but Gendry was as good an apprentice as he’d ever had.  If Master Mott was good, Gendry could hope, one day, to be better.  Gendry could hope, one day, to have his own smithy, and a pile of gold from commissions, and a name he bought with that gold because you couldn’t be nameless if you had your own smithy, and if you had enough money no one looked twice at you for buying one.  He could have his own house, his own wife, his own son, his own friends–he’d had nothing but hopes and now he didn’t even have those.  He didn’t have anything.  He hadn’t had anything to lose, and yet the war had taken it anyway.

He drinks and remembers Lommy’s throat cut, remembers the stocks at Harrenhal, remembers Arya charging into battle.  He drinks, and remembers his mother, and Master Mott, and everything he’d ever lost.

And now her.

Too bloody lowborn to be kin… she was going back to her family now.  Her real brother, not him.  They’d been friends, yes, but friends because they’d had to be.  They liked each other well enough, but everyone knows you can’t be friends with a bastard smith if you’re a Stark of Winterfell, no matter what.  He’d lose her too, in the end.

Behind him, Tom is singing, and Lem flirting with that black-haired girl, and how does a singer fall in with outlaws.  Surely the outlaws might need a smith.  If she’s going to leave him anyway…

He drinks.  He hates himself for thinking it, but it doesn’t matter what she says.  She could, he does not doubt, find him a place in her household, but it would be her place still, never truly his.  He wouldn’t have earned it, he won’t own it, he won’t have claimed it.  It’ll have the Stark name written all over it, and could be revoked if ever she cooled to him, surely.  He’s always wanted his own, needed to make his own, and all this was just a road to it.  

The wine is bitter in his mouth as he finishes his cup.  He doesn’t like thinking of her as just a part of his journey.  It feels wrong.  He gets up and climbs the stairs to the room that they’d been given and he finds her in there, curled up and already asleep.  He lies down next to her and watches the way her ribs rise and fall with her breathing.  I’m going to lose you too, he tells her in his mind.  I’m not your brother.  I can’t be your brother.  I’ve got to be me.

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*slips you $5* So how about more of that Sho/Agito art...?


(oops it was meant to be a quick sketch…I liked the pic a lot tho so high-res at my dA)


I imagine their abilities affect their daily lives, and in Agito’s case, he probably developed a habit of teleporting when a situation makes him especially nervous (which doesn’t happen much cuz he doesn’t seem like he’s easily ruffled)

Which means when he’s with Sho sometimes he gets a bit more nervous than he’s used to (and Sho often ends up planting face first into the wall or floor)

(please keep me company Lost Dimension shippers I feel terrible for being the only one inserting ship trash into the tag hahaha)

The rest of my ask answers will probably be less colourful/clean LOL it takes too long to keep this up 

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Tythan AU where Mark (in the fashion of nearly every person in a relationship) attempts to set his "single" friends up by repeatedly trying to send them on multiple blind dates before it's revealed that Tyler and Ethan have actually been dating each other the whole time

Sorry this one took forever lol

“Hey guys! How’d your dates go last night?” Mark asked exuberantly as the three men were eating lunch. Tyler and Ethan shared a glance, but Mark didnt seem to notice.

“Ummm,” Ethan began, “mine didn’t go very well, I don’t think I’ll see them again. They weren’t really my type either…” Ethan chuckled but it came out sounding more like nervous laughter. Mark jus tilted his head to the side a bit in confusion. He then shrugged and looked over to Tyler.

“Oh uh- yeah. Same here. Total bust. Sorry none of these blind dates are working out man. Maybe we you should just throw in the towel trying to find someone for us…” Tyler trailed off, attempting to keep it subtle.

“No no no. Not until you two are as happy as me and Amy are. I just want you guys to have some one that loves you like that.” Mark said getting lost in his own thoughts. Ethan nudged Tyler under the table, Tyler received a glance saying, “maybe we should tell him.” They had gotten good at reading each others expressions lately.

“…look Mark, while we are grateful for your attempts at setting us up, I think last night…should be the LAST night.” Tyler smiled at his old friend. Hoping he would understand, or get the hint, or something. Tyler couldn’t stand this.


“GODDAMN MARK ARE YOU THAT CLUELESS? TYLER AND ETHAN ARE THING.” Kathryn yelled out from somewhere in the house. It surprised the men because they didn’t even know she was here.

A look of realization settled on Marks face, soon being replaced with a shit eating grin. Tyler and Ethan looked down sheepishly, both blushing like crazy.

“TYTHAN AWAYYYYYY.” Mark screamed, running out of the room, his food untouched. Tyler rested his head in his hands, this was never going to end now. Ethan placed a reassuring hand on his boyfriends back and kissed his cheek.

Everything would be okay.

anonymous asked:

Could I have a reaction/ scenario for BTS please? They are interested in a '99 liner who will be turning 18 soon, would they pursue a relationship or wait a bit longer? I'm only a year and a bit younger then Jungkook haha.

Hello~ Lol, coincidentally, there’s another request for the exact same scenario^^. Here you go~

BTS REACTION: Falling In Love With A ‘99 Liner



He’d be a bit taken aback by your age, and I do see him waiting a little more to pursue a relationship with you. Or at least when you seem ready.


He would hesitate, constantly changing his mind for every minute. He’d try to confess, but then thinks about it again.


He would be nervous. Like Suga, he would often have second thoughts, but instead of worrying that maybe you’re too young for him, he’ll worry on whether you think he’s too old.

Rap Monster

He wouldn’t really think that age was a bit issue since you’re not that young anyways. He would most likely joke around while flirting a bit.


He wouldn’t be bothered by your age, as it isn’t a huge gap anyways. But his approach might be slightly different than if he were to flirt older girls. He’d probably take the aegyo route.


Pretty much like Jimin, but maybe he would get more into the flirtish type. Especially considering you’ll be legal soon.


Now this guy, he’s only two years older than you and you’ll be legal soon enough so what would be the problem? Well…

How he wants to look:

How he actually does:


Okay~ So there you go^^. Thanks for requesting! I hope you guys liked it.

Feel free to request for anything~

The gifs above are not mine

sims!ladybug: Nino’s shitty day, part 2

aka:  the awkward love triangle

[previous parts]

After the incident with Gabe, Nino leaves the house and I find him hanging out with Alya, who has come home [and immediately tucked into a book she found outside lol]

Seems like as good a time as any to make a move on the cute and feisty roomie you’ve been crushing on for years [and i want it to go really awkward/clumsy, so i select ‘pick up line’ as their first romantic interaction lolol]

Nino gives Alya this sly look like he wants to say something suave, then looks away bashfully [wiggling feet, fingers drumming, just all around adorably nervous looking], looks back at her once more, then finally seems about to say something–

–and suddenly Marcus appears. 

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anonymous asked:

wow that liveshow was just beautiful wasn't it? I mean the pokemon bit, buying a bin, phil's birthday gift... so cute but mixed with interesting dan opinions aswell, and he seemed to be in a really good mood, anyway what did you think? :)

I almost posted screenshots of all the messages similar to this in my inbox because I was so happy to see that so many others felt the same. I 100% agree. I might go as far to say it was one of my favorite Dan shows in a long time? I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Did I mention I loved it? Because yeah…I loved it.

What a pleasantly chill younow show. Dan seemed really laid-back and just generally relaxed…he was so much more open to discussion it seemed. I felt like he wasn’t mincing his words as much? He didn’t seem to second-guess everything he was saying like he can sometimes have the tendency to do. Or if he was, at least it wasn’t all-consuming. It felt natural. Like a conversation (albeit one-sided and obviously a bit superficial) with an old friend. I didn’t worry about the chat the entire time or feel anxious about Dan possibly getting uncomfortable and having to backtrack on something (because I’m me and can’t help but get nervous for him lol). I just enjoyed it. His demeanor and the overall vibe of the show lent itself to a really enjoyable hour.

He came off as just so loveable? lol not that he isn’t usually of course, but I did feel a particular fondness towards him today. Can’t put my finger on it but there was just something really endearing about this one. I think it might be that there was almost an appearance of what I’ll call “sweet, soft, subdued Dan.” (nice alliteration). And that is my favorite Dan. It’s hard to explain without demonstrating with examples but I tend to think that is his default attitude most often in private. But we don’t get to see that side as often on camera so it is always lovely when we are given a glimpse. Almost felt like this show verged on a glimpse. So I was in love.

Some of my favorite moments:

First off, no better way to start the show than answering “I love everything cucumber related” while giving a knowing stare to the camera. Beautiful.


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Bokumono Artwork Printed!

I still haven’t heard from the Nintendo Dream editor lately, but I ordered the August magazine anyway, since it includes a small Bokumono comic book by Igusa Matsuyama. It arrived today after a week in transit, urgh and…guess what’s featured at the bottom of page 16?!

They show almost all the artwork that was submitted! =D 

The section is entitled “Intense Support From Abroad!” and explains that they received a few entries from foreign countries. And they’re grateful for all the foreign love and support for the series! 

Yoshifumi Hashimoto, the series producer, commented upon Charmy and Moony’s entries. On Charmy’s, he said: “That’s a place with beautiful scenery. I’d like to go there sometime.” For Moony’s (which is Chase presenting Maya with some Cuban food), that Cuban food seems fascinating, and he thinks he’s love to try it someday! (Since he added the equivalent of a “lol” at the end of it, I think he might be a bit nervous about it, haha. But I see the same reaction from anyone when I suggest they try Japanese food…and got the same reaction in Japan when suggesting Tex-Mex food.)

I was planning to introduce each fan art submission I received via this blog, beginning in July, if I didn’t hear back from Nintendo Dream. But, even though I’ve heard back, well… I’d still like to feature them, and now that school is out for the summer vacation most of North America and Europe (and other places), thought it would be a great time to work up some more enthusiasm for the series! ^^ …And many students have more time to draw/play games/whatever. 

Otomate Party 2015 Report

I went to both the day and night event yesterday (8/16), so I thought I’d share my experience and what personally stood out to me. Really needed to do this before I completely forget everything lol. Most of it is from the variety corners.

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Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have 'fighting talk' ahead of Soccer Aid
Niall, Louis, Olly Murs and Jack Whitehall have all been limbering up this week ahead of Sunday's 10th annual Soccer Aid match.


“Obviously I am a massive football fan, getting the full England kit is enough for me,” Louis Tomlinson told us.

“I am already super excited to be playing at Old Trafford, it is crazy to even say it, so I am immensely excited.”

He admitted he was a bit nervous about getting involved after boasting about his skills.

“I have advertised myself as an amazing footballer in One Direction, there’s not many great footballers in One Direction so that’s why,” he explained.

So have Louis and Niall been winding each other up now they are on different teams?

It would seem so.

“There has been a bit of fighting talk with him,” Louis said.

“I’ve tried to have a bit of banter, I uploaded quite an embarrassing photo of him to Instagram, I got told off and we weren’t friends for a day.”


I was so nervous at first and forgot to ask them to sign my DWTS anniversary magazine. I went back and managed to ask them to sign it. Meryl said she hadn’t seen the magazine yet and took some time to look at her picture. I told them Charlie was on the next page and then he signed his picture. Meryl commented that the magazine seemed really nice and I hyped up the magazine a little bit and told her it was pretty interesting lol