he seemed a bit nervous lol

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what do you think clarke was thinking when she looked at bellamy after mentioning 'together' in her speech? her expression looks almost..wistful? i can't tell if it's just my shipper goggles (probably lol) but it seems to me that she's looking to him for strength, for purpose, because she *wants* him eventually and he's her hope and motivation for tomorrow. That or she's just nervous lol

I feel like she’s really tied to him at this point and he helps her get through these tough decisions. Ever since she came back to the delinquents she’s been looking at him to double check, to make sure he’s with her. So yeah, I agree with that strength and purpose bit. I’m not sure it’s about “wanting” at this point, not in the middle of a speech. I don’t think she wants to do it alone, though. I think he’s her partner, and she values him. 

Welp…it seems the muse had decided to not let his mun mingle as casually as she was, nudging the woman right out in the spotlight.

He figured she could use a little more fun, and gave prompt that she should sing for the crowd. Anything that came to mind. Riley however was very flustered and nervous at the thought. She wanted to hit Darkstache but he’d dashed away quicker than she could swat at him.

‘Just let it happen. Any song at all. Really get into it.’

She sighed, sinking in realizing that she’d been put on the spot what with the various muns and muses who were watching her, wondering what she was to do. So…she might as well. Taking in a deep breath, and the assistance of her muse, she let go and just forgot that there was a vast crowd out there. The many peering eyes (minus a few she actually honed on…that she held familiarity with) were no longer a problem. Zoning out on one particular song and giving it her best.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx_dTSPzXlk )

sims!ladybug: Nino’s shitty day, part 2

aka:  the awkward love triangle

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After the incident with Gabe, Nino leaves the house and I find him hanging out with Alya, who has come home [and immediately tucked into a book she found outside lol]

Seems like as good a time as any to make a move on the cute and feisty roomie you’ve been crushing on for years [and i want it to go really awkward/clumsy, so i select ‘pick up line’ as their first romantic interaction lolol]

Nino gives Alya this sly look like he wants to say something suave, then looks away bashfully [wiggling feet, fingers drumming, just all around adorably nervous looking], looks back at her once more, then finally seems about to say something–

–and suddenly Marcus appears. 

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