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today on overthinking the trading card anime

So the whole Kaiba-calling-Joey-a-dog thing is pretty infamous, to the point that it’s the source of their ship name. And the dub may have played it up a little, but it’s still definitely a thing in the original.

Which is why it’s notable that in the subs, there’s one other time that Kaiba brings up dogs:

When he’s talking about himself in relation to Gozaburo.

And we get the same connection in the manga, too, with this panel of Gozaburo (literally or metaphorically? it’s all in Mokuba’s head, so it’s a little hard to tell) forcing a young Seto to wear a dog collar.

There’s definitely some interesting stuff we could take from this. We could be dealing with an example of the classic “abused kid becomes a bully by turning their abuser’s tactics on other people” (and if we take some of the stuff Kaiba says to Joey as paraphrased versions of things Gozaburo said to mini!Seto…ouch). But it’s also interesting to look at in the context of Joey and Kaiba as foils.

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currents | (m)

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pairing: jung hoseok x reader
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst (this is low-key cute and sad at the same time, my heart)
words: 5,959
summary: you’ve been in a long-distance friendship with Hoseok for a couple of years, hiding feelings that you think he may also reciprocate. What happens when you finally cross paths with him again…
note. based on a request. Named after this song here. Also, periods of italics indicate the characters are speaking English!

a/n: by the way, who’s shocked I managed to write something under 6k…Has this ever happened before?! Also, this is really different for me because I don’t usually like writing so close to reality, but I loved the idea so much, I had to write it!

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nettlestonenell  asked:

Any meta thoughts on wig wearing and Turn characters? Particularly in the wake of Hewlett in photos with his real hair? Culpers seem to wear them the least (then again, Richard never wears one), and Hewlett always wore one until he was kidnapped. Andre had his brief debut in one and then never again. And Simcoe--well, what do you think? Does wearing a wig/false hair signal anything to the audience about characters on Turn?

This is SUCH a fun question, thank you! Disclaimer: I am soooo not a fashion or military historian. I’m not any kind of historian, in fact, and as such, I feared I wouldn’t be able to answer because I simply don’t know enough about wig-wearing habits of the 18th century. INCREDIBLY, though, I actually DO know a totally concrete answer to at least ONE of these character’s situations, because JJ Feild told USA Today last year:

[Andre] did have the wig early on, but Feild was able to ditch it after asking executive producer Craig Silverstein, “‘Do you really want that for your seducer/lover for the next three years? And he said, ‘No, not really.’”

So, where Andre is concerned, the answer is — yes! His wiglessness was much more a narrative choice than a historical one, and it absolutely signals something to the audience! It signals, “You Are Supposed To Fall In Love With This Man And His Sexy Hair”!

(pictured: HAHAHA NO.)

Feild also said that he wanted to ditch the wig because he wanted the audience to see Andre, born to immigrant merchant parents, as an outsider among his fellow officers, who are largely of gentle birth. This is more of an in-universe explanation than the sexiness principle, but it was still definitely a conscious choice intended to influence audience perception. So overall, I suppose the question is: Does TURN give its men wigs based on historical accuracy to their social class, military rank, etc.? (Aka, an in-universe justification?) Or is TURN more concerned with the overall impression of a character’s costuming than with strict historical accuracy?

…TURN being not particularly known for its historical accuracy, I kind of already have my suspicions. But I’m also not discounting the historical element entirely; I think that does play a part. Let’s see…

Powdered wigs were expensive and troublesome to maintain. As such, I would expect to see them only on men of means, status, and/or a keen sense of fashion, and broadly speaking, TURN … kind of holds true to this principle. Most of the civilians we see are wigless, as are the Continentals. Makes sense; these are colonists, after all, provincials, many of them country folk. Even GWash powders his own hair for formal occasions rather than donning a peruke. A notable civilian exception is Rivington and a notable Continental exception Lafayette; I think both can be justified in-universe by Rivington’s pretentiousness and Lafayette’s status as foreign aristocracy. (There’s also Freddy! Who’s just stylish.)

Where things might get a little shakier is the British army. While there are background redcoats who wear their natural hair, I’ve seen it opined that TURN honestly features far too many wigs being worn by soldiers who would have more likely just treated their own hair with grease and powder and styled it into some sort of queue or plait. Again, Hewlett and Simcoe we can forgive on the basis of their social class, but what about orphaned Baker? What about all the other background common soldiers in their expensive, troublesome-to-maintain perukes? 

The overall trend — though with definite exceptions — seems to be a not strictly historical effort on TURN’s part to associate wigs with British rule and wiglessness with the colonists. More abstractly, these expensive, fussy wigs are associated with the old-money wealth, social hierarchy, and pomp implied by British rule, while the colonists are made to seem more down-to-earth, more egalitarian, less pretentious. It’s alllllmost a way of coding Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, at least in s1, when that was more clear-cut — but that’s a complicated issue. Again, there are practical, in-universe reasons for this. I mean, the Continentals are broke, they couldn’t afford wigs even if they wanted them! But I really do think that the general principle goes back to what JJ Feild said about Andre. Andre is allowed to go wigless even from the beginning because we’re meant to dissociate him from the wealth, status, and pomp (and … villainy?) of the rest of the British army. Rivington, although a colonist (an English immigrant, but still a colonist), does wear a wig because he’s pretentious and at least ostensibly a Tory. Lafayette’s wig likewise signals wealth and status.

Okay, what about the other exceptions, then. Simcoe and Rogers. British soldiers, yeah. But wildcards. They — and the Rangers in general — are Irregulars, with a sort of wild, woodsy, feral lawlessness that sets them apart from the fussiness and ceremony of the Regulars. Also, as far as I can tell, historical Rangers just legit did not wear wigs. But I still think it fits the theme, especially since historical Regulars apparently probably wouldn’t have either. Certainly Simcoe’s shift from Regular to Irregular is essentially one in which he’s let off his leash, free from the constraints of regular military hierarchy that kept him somewhat in check in season 1.

And then there’s Hewlett. Of COURSE I have thoughts about Hewlett.

Honestly, ever since the photos of him with natural hair came out, my mind keeps going back to that JJ Feild quote. Like, I don’t want to sound like a crazy shipper fangirl here, but the evolution of Hewlett’s wig situation over these four seasons has been notable, and I think that it’s very much been about influencing audience perception of him. I mean, look:

Season 1: The Worst Wig. The poofiest wig. I can’t look at it, it’s so tragic. But it’s also no better than I’d expect, because at this point, Hewlett is essentially a non-villainous antagonist whom we’re meant to find a bit ridiculous — and, of course, the absolute epitome of that upper-class old-money fussiness that’s being contrasted with salt-of-the-earth ‘Merica.

…But then suddenly. Holy shit. Suddenly, someone decides that this guy should be a love interest. A love interest for a major protagonist. And like JJ Feild said, you can’t have your love interest looking like … that. You have to make him attractive! You have to give him a much more dignified, more understated wig that flatters the shape of his face!

And is it coincidence that part of season 2′s process for making Hewlett more likable involves revealing that, oh, actually, he’s not the epitome of old-world wealth and status? That he’s a gentleman, sure, but his family’s broke, and he’s just trying to support himself and his parents, and actually he’s big into the kind of Enlightenment thinking that (particularly in Scotland, which is where he’s, uh, from, suddenly?) was concerned with social progress? …Weird.

As part of this humanization, s2 also gives us our first glimpse of his actual hair, which I am … more than okay with, even considering the circumstances.

Season 3 is either the same wig or a very similar one, which makes sense given that Hewlett does not have any major beats of character development between 2 and 3. But then season 3 smacks him with some MAJOR disillusionment and personal tragedy, and thus … The Hair!

I still suspect that the in-universe explanation for this is that he’s been demoted to some extent, if we’re to believe what he said about resigning his commission and being cashiered. But I seriously cannot shake the sincere suspicion that this development is FAR more about making him more appealing to viewers than about anything in-universe. It’s another step in the same progression of character development that has, since 2.01, been continually positioning Hewlett as more sympathetic, more down-to-earth, more at home in the colonies, and — critically, if my theory about the overall wig theme holds true — less certain about his devotion to the British cause. And if there’s Annlett this season, the hair will also be part of his progression as love interest.

Again, I’m definitely coming at this from the perspective of a storyteller, not the perspective of a historian. I would love to hear from anyone who can give a better opinion on TURN’s wig accuracy and how much of a role historical fact plays in determining which characters wear wigs. But the more I think about it, the more I think that there is some sort of general characterization trend here and that the costumers are conscious of how audiences will perceive men who wear wigs versus those who don’t.

Theories about Rey's lineage

Rey is the central figure of the Sequel Trilogy, so it’s not surprising that the identity of her parents is the hot topic. After TFA came out there was only one dominating theory abour Rey’s bloodline (the one I hate with passion of the thousands suns), but since TFA was released on DVD and Blu-Ray, Bloodline came out and we’ve been exposed to many spoilers the balance among theorists have shifted significantly and I decided to explore and comment on all existing theories about Rey’s parents and how they may affect her character arc in future movies considering all existing information.

Rey Solo

This theory is dead and thank God for that! 

Not only it would’ve been a character assassination for Han/Leia - it simply never made any sense in the context of the  movie. You would think that Han or Leia would comment on the fact that Ben is not their only child and they left their younger daughter in a desert with some creep because…. reasons. I mean…. Ulkar and Jakku itself was a much bigger threat for Rey’s safety than Ben himself, so either Han and Leia are very stupid or they decided to get rid of their daughter just in case she becomes Dark too. 

And this theory also made no sense for Rey’s character development. The whole point of the TFA was to make Rey move on from the idea that she needs to wait for her family. She must continue to move forward in order to create new relationships in her life and create her own family, which she kinda did - with FInn, Chewy and Leia (and I am sure Poe wouldn’t mind to join her friend circle too). So it made no sense for her to overcome her own fears of abandonment so in the end she could stumble upon the people who abandoned her in the first place. And this would happen in the first part of her journey! 


What an awkward reunion it would’ve been for Ben and his sis though…

I understand why it existed before TFA was released. But why did this theory existed for so long after? I have no idea.

Rey Skywalker

A lot of people I know (relatives, friends, colleagues) came to me after watching TFA with that crazy theory that Luke is Rey’s father.

My reaction:

Yeah…. If your average Joe immediately finds out the answer for your most guarded plot twist in the Trilogy, it’s not a very good plot twist. It’s actually laughable and pathetic. But apparently most of the fandom prefers to believe that the writers are that incompetent and they made the answer for this question THAT obvious. 

The problem is while this answer sounds obvious -  in reality this theory is as crazy and ridiculous as the previous one.

We know that the “destruction” of Jedi Temple (presumably caused by Ben Solo) happened long after Rey was born. So…. Why Luke sent his daughter off to Jakku? If it was her mother, why did she hide the fact from Luke? Why Jakku of all places? Why Luke didn’t even bother to find his child and was chilling in Anch-To? Why Leia and Kylo didn’t recognise her as a Skywalker? Why Luke would keep it a secret - even after Rey reunited with him (considering the fact that we know that Rey’s parents identity will be revealed in Episode IX if we to believe Colin Trevorrow)? Why the hell did they made every Rey’s interaction with Kylo filled with so much sexual tension and subtext if they are related? What will be the point of this reveal if Rey have already met her father in the end of the first part of her journey? How will it influence her story? What is the point of hiding presumed Luke’s fatherhood still? 

If this theory is true than the writers are so lazy it’s not even funny. Even reveal that Palpatine is the Emperor would be more shocking than this one.

But people still believe it. Apparently Luke is going to choose Kylo over Rey and it would lead her to the Dark Side which explains the recent filming spoilers and it totally makes sense and Reylo can never be canon so…. Yeah….

Originally posted by lgbbq

Rey Erso

They are both white women with brown hair which automatically means that they are related. Cause God forbid for female characters to exist without them being someone’s baby mom!

No, guys. I will believe Daisy and Pablo on this one. This theory is false.

Rey Kenobi

This theory is the most legit one. The fact that Rey and Obi Wan have a lot of parallels - the biggest one being between Reylo’s snow fight and the last fights between Anakin and Obi Wan; the fact that Ewan McGregor was invited to the studio to record his words to Rey and they even edited Alec Guiness lines, so he could call Rey by name -  all of this leads me to believe that this theory is true.

The reveal itself won’t affect Rey too much - she never knew her ancestor but it may influence her relationship with Luke and Kylo (who is actually named after Obi Wan) and there would be a lot of great thematic callbacks to both prequels and original Trilogy if Rey is truly a Kenobi. 

It would be so fitting for Kenobi and Skywalker’s feud to end with their grandchildren mending the bridges…. among other things.

But there are more theories to explore.

Rey Palpatine/Dark Origins

This one is…. tricky. There is not a lot of evidence supporting this theory. Some say that Rey’s fighting style resembles Sheev’s (I’d say it resembles Kylo’s because Force Bond but it’s debatable). Also there is the fact that her parents left her on Jakku and if they were targeted because they were Imperial royalty it would make sense for them to dump her in Jakku - a place where noone would think to seek a young princess and an heir of Palpatine’s legacy. But… It’s all just a speculation.

Although this reveal would shake Rey’s worldview greatly. She cares about her family so much and the fact that she associates herself with her family’s enemies (or even worse - their possible killers) would make her question a lot of things. 

Enter Kylo - the guy who is ready to open her eyes to “the true nature” of the good guys and we have a very interesting plot possibilities here.

And thematically it would add so much to her being a complete foil to Kylo - she is “Light” with Dark origins and he is “Dark” with Light origins.

It would be even cooler if she actually seduces him back to the LIght which would mirror her granddparent’s actions when he seduced Anakin to the Dark Side.

Besides, it would prove that Skywalkers just can’t stay away from Palpatines and their…. allure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

God can’t help me now

Rey Random

I like this theory a lot because it would prove once and for all that it’s not our bloodline that makes us special - it’s our own actions and decisions.

“Just a scavenger” kicking everyone’s asses - that’s something I can get behind!


After all this drama and JJ’s mystery box this answer would feel…. not satisfying for many people

And we have this quote from Colin Trevorrow - the director of Episode IX:

“I’ve seen all of the theories… What I do know is that we’re going to make sure that that answer is deeply and profoundly satisfying, because Rey is a character that is important in this universe, not just in the context of The Force Awakens but in the entire galaxy, and she deserves it. So we’ll make sure that that answer is something that feels like it was—it’s something that happened a long time ago [in a galaxy] far, far away, we’re just telling you what happened.”

It seems that the plot twist will be a little more than Rey’s parents were Jane and John Whites - for better or worse.

Rey is the Child of the Force/the reincarnation of Anakin/the Chosen One

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well…. We already have Sokka (Finn) and Zuko (Kylo) in this story. May as well add Aang and his past lives to this mix!

But, to be honest, this theory would be hard to pull off if it’s true. It demands a lot of explanation and we’ll have to return to prequels and the fact that Anakin was a Space Jesus gone wrong again which many fans won’t like too much.

It would explain why Rey’s awakening was so prominent that every Force user had felt it. And it would calm the cries of bitter fans who can’t understand why Rey is so good in the Force.

But it feels like cheating. 

Creating new “Space Jesus” figure to rehash the same storyline that was given to Anakin but this time with parts of Luke’s story bits and, maybe, with a different ending… That’s not very creative. But it’s still possible, so I won’t dismiss this theory yet.

The conclusion

As you can see, despite the fact that not long ago Rey Skywalker was considered to be the only true option, nowadays we have much more to choose from. And I didn’t even mention the possible Finn’s theories that can also change the story dramatically.

But whatever theory will be proven to be right, I hope that it won’t interfere with Rey’s character development and it will allow her to shine on her own.

Rey deserves it after all!!!

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I saw a post the other day that said people seem to forget this: and then quoted "Zayn": "There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members" and I was thinking: People really seem to forget (or didn't really ever recognize) the ‘I won't mind’ lyrics. I know it's kind of an old topic but I think about this song so much! It's so beautiful and so telling and so obvious! But so many people don't see it. And I don't know it just baffles me so much... (1)

I mean he says he loves this person (“Don’t look around cause love is blind, and darling right now I can’t see you”) and that they are committed to each other (“we found the one thing we said we could never ever live without“) but it’s something hidden/secret (“we are who we are when no one’s watching“) and he’s “not allowed to talk about it”!!!… What or who else could this be about!? (2)

And the song had to be “leaked” with the words “Let the music do the talking” so Zayn definitely wanted to get the message out there… I think songs/lyrics are more truthful than interviews… and I think Zayns lyrics tell so much! I really really liked your analysis of the Mind of Mine lyrics! But I couldn’t find anything about I won’t mind… And I want to know what you think about that song and the lyrics? Or If you have made any posts about it could you please link me? Thank you:)) (3)

Hello!  The funny thing is that when I was done listening to Mind of Mine, my first thought was, “My favorite of Zayn’s solo music is still I Won’t Mind”.  The remix that Eminik made is really good, so I listen to that a lot on my mp3.

I’m not sure that it was leaked by Zayn exactly.  I think the Twitter fight between Naughty Boy and Louis was set up in order to draw attention to the drop and since that fed into the Zayn vs OT4 narrative and eventually the Zayn vs Naughty Boy fight, it was part of the official narrative.  

It was an official release framed as a leak.  They needed something to legitimize Zayn as a solo artist and put distance between him and One Direction in the public eye since his actual music wouldn’t be released for almost a year.

There are many ways for songs to be interpreted, but some are more direct and detailed than others.  The more details a song has, the harder it is to make multiple interpretations fit it.  I think “I Won’t Mind” is probably somewhere in the middle range.

I did a full interpretation below the cut XD

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meowlluu  asked:

Yass write that kaider, you go- how about, "This dress won't let me breathe- some help,please?" Or "I didn't know you could cook!" OR BOTH WHY NOT BECAUSE IM TRASH

Cinder stared at her reflection in the mirror. In less than two hours, she would be presented in front of millions of Lunar and Earthen citizens at the very first Lunar Peace Ball. To say she was nervous was an understatement. It didn’t help that the particular dress she was being fitted into—she’d wanted to wear an old dress, or maybe even pants, but Iko wouldn’t let her have it—was actually suffocating her. The dress was great for the Ball, but awful for breathing.

She squinted at her large closet where the seamstress must be. One could get lost in the various rows of dresses and colors, so it was only fair that Cinder couldn’t find the seamstress through the labyrinth. She pursed her lips in thought.

“This dress won’t let me breathe,” She muttered. “I’ll be dead before I even make an entrance.” Louder, she said, “Could someone help, please?”

She waited a beat before she heard a response. And it came from behind her. And it was from a man.

“I’m not sure how much help I can be. I’m only good for talking, you know.” Cinder whipped around to meet Kai. She hadn’t heard him step in. Her retina display was already listing the drastic changes in her body temperature. “And dancing,” he added almost like an afterthought. The tips of his ears had turned pink. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes on just her face.

“Kai?” It was a stupid thing to ask when he was standing right in front of her. But her optics were going crazy and she felt her brain becoming frazzled. She didn’t think he was going to make it for the Lunar Ball. Konn-dahren’s husband was facing medical troubles, and Kai wasn’t sure whether to leave him alone right now. Cinder felt ashamed for being happy after remembering what the situation was. “When did you…?”

“I just arrived. Sorry I’m so late,” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I came to find you as soon as we landed. I forgot you could have been…” His ears flared red.  

Changing. Stars, was Cinder lucky she couldn’t blush.

“It’s alright,” She said quickly. “’We’?”

He threw on one of his princely grins and she felt her heart wince. “Torin and Suho came with me. They both saw how much I wanted to be with you tonight, and they were both feeling better… And I haven’t been giving you dance lessons just so you could dance with other guys, Cinder.”

She stifled a giggle. Great stars, could you believe that? Kai made her want to giggle. She quickly recovered and surveyed him. He seemed happy. Less worried. She smiled. “Everything’s alright, then?”

His grin melted into a soft smile, and his eyes crinkled thoughtfully at the corners. She always loved it when she could see his appreciation of her in his eyes. He was always expressing things through his gazes. Cinder loved that about him. “Everything’s alright.”

“Good,” Cinder said. Then laughed, “Stars, this dress is killing me.”

He laughed, “I was going to say something about you being absolutely breathtaking, but thought that might have been a little too literal.”

“I would have killed you,” She said, laughing harder.

“I know.” He was looking at her harder now. It looked like he was fighting some internal battle, and Cinder’s heart leaped. She decided to be daring. After all, it’d been months since their last dance lesson.

“Are you going to stand here,” She said after a pause, “or are you going to kiss me?”

Kai exhaled, and pulled her into his arms. “It’s been too long,” He said and smiled into her hair. He tugged on her chin and she looked at him expectantly. He grinned and their mouths connected in seconds. It had been too long, way too long, Cinder thought. How could she have let so much time slip between them?

The seamstress dismissed herself from the room. Cinder would just have to wear one of her old dresses.

Or maybe she’d wear pants.

Iko would hate that.

But Kai wouldn’t care.



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prompt: riley sets lucas free so he won't have to choose anymore. when lucas realizes that riley isn't there (not literally) anymore, he starts missing her.

a/n: This was sent to me pre ski lodge so sorry taking so long to get to it! Lets just say Ski Lodge never happened and triangle is still sharp :D!
Altered the prompt a little but I hope you still enjoy it anon! :)

Word count: 1625

♡ ♡ ♡
Freshman year comes to a close and Summer Vacation is upon them.

It’s only a few days into Summer and everyone is having a nice time together. The group went and saw a movie and stop for a quick bite to eat.

Lucas sits between Riley and Maya like he’d been doing all year and tried to respectfully give them both attention, even though it’s exhausting him.

After the movie Lucas notices Riley looks deflated and isn’t her usual bubbly self during dinner.

Riley gets up as their meal was nearing an end and goes to the bathroom.
Lucas follows shortly after to check if she was okay.
He waits for her by the restrooms and upon exiting Riley is startled by Lucas on the other side of the door.

Instinctively he reaches out a hand to still her body when it jerked in fright. “I didnt mean to scare you.”

Riley laughs softly at herself for jumping. “That’s okay, sorry if I was holding you up.” 

“I don’t use the ladies room.” He laughs pointing at the door.

“Right.” Riley, shakes her head.

“I just wanted to check and see if you were alright.” He rubs her shoulder soothingly but became aware of his actions and stops immediately. Riley watches as he buried his fits into his jacket pockets.

“I’m not feeling very well.” Riley mumbles. “I think I might head home.”

“I can walk you?” Lucas offers.

Riley looks as if she’s contemplating something but agrees. The pair go back to their other friends and announce they’re leaving. Maya offers to come home with Riley but she insists her friend should stay behind and have fun.

Lucas and Riley make their way onto the street and the two walk together. Lucas tries to make small talk but he can tell Riley’s head is elsewhere. A few minutes of quiet pass before Lucas speaks up.

“Talk to me?” Lucas pleas. “Something’s on your mind.”

”I’m leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow.” Riley blurts out.

”What?” Lucas laughed, confused. “Like…for good?”

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Hi! I'd love it if u make a scenario or one shot about v and reader, after going on a group trip, they all sleep in the car, but v is getting car sick so u try helping him to fall asleep so he won't feel sick anymore (or idk). As fluffy as you can~ thank you and love you guys :)

I tried to make it extra fluffy, so I hope you enjoy!!~
- Devi (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

comfortable discomfort 

word count: 1917

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I don't know if you're taking prompts and if you aren't you can totally ignore this. But you said in one of your tags that you need to write smut so how about Oliver not being allowed to touch. Maybe at the foundry or work or something and felicity gives into the sex but she won't let him use his hands.

[somebody sent this to me aaaaaaages ago and I ended up writing it with rosietwiggs in mind. it was going to be a lot longer, but it took me forever to write/finish so i decided this worked too. literally pure smut, so, enjoy!]


Don’t get her wrong. There were few things that Felicity liked more than Oliver’s hands. He was a tactile person. Always touching, reaching, gripping. She could watch the flex of his fingers for hours; how they straightened and curled and plucked at the taught string of his bow. She had long memorized how they felt on her skin, the callused pads of his fingertips dragging down her arms or skimming along the slope of her stomach. She knew, with pinpoint accuracy, where every scar was on his hands, she knew the paths each vein took, and the intersecting lines of his palm. Felicity loved his hands. She loved the way they fit around hers, how his fingers slotted between her own, how he pressed his palm into hers as if expecting it to mold and fit to his like a puzzle piece it’d been searching for and finally found.

Oliver liked to touch her. That was evidenced in how his hand always found an elbow or a shoulder or the small of her back as soon as she was within reach. And those little touches were nice, they kept her grounded. The heavy touches though… He liked to take his time, to touch everything, every part of her as reverently as if it were the first time. And she loved that. She loved how lost she could get in the way he mapped out her body, that furrow in his brows, that determined set to his mouth as he found new ways to make her feel appreciated. As he found new spots that made her squirm and laugh and beg him to fuck her.

He always got her to beg.

Now it was her turn.

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anonymous asked:

Potterlock prompt: Sherlock's parents are traveling to the USA for the holidays and he doesn't want to spend Christmas with Mycroft so he stays at Hogwarts. Molly won't let her friend spend Christmas alone.

Despite his often rude manner, Sherlock Holmes was not particularly vulgar in his language, so when he muttered “fuck” after reading a letter from his mother, Molly knew something was significantly wrong.

“What is it?” she asked, eyes wide, lowering her copy of Advanced Potion Making.  Her mind began coming up with all sorts of horrible explanations.

“My parents are going to America for the holidays, which means that if I go home, there’ll be nobody there but Mycroft and Swidgy.  It’ll be nothing but nagging for me every waking hour.  If I stay, though, I’ll die of boredom,” Sherlock complained and Molly instantly relaxed knowing things weren’t as bad as she had anticipated.

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anonymous asked:

Okay hey help me. Tomorrow I have a drive ahead of me and a long wait so I was wondering if you could rec me a few Larry fics! Any amount really, just need something to pick from. Fics that pull you in immediately and won't let you leave. Maybe hate to love, needy harry, friends to lovers, smut or fluff maybe some mild angst, hipster harry, punk Louis or punk Harry.I just need your personal recommendations that fit any of these possibilities.

Oooh I love this kind of requests !! Let’s say :

-These Constant Stars : Louis’ career has nowhere to go but up. He’s living at the height of New York City on the precipice of an epic promotion. Life is good and only getting better. And then one day, things turn disastrous.This is a story about life, death, and punk rockers turned guardian angels. (31k)

- somewhere only we know  : Personal assistant Louis knows something is up with his best friend and employer Harry. And it’s not just his big tour coming up or the ever-increasing womanizing rumors about the popstar. To get to the bottom of Harry’s moodiness, Louis decides he has to kidnap him and take him on a roadtrip up the California coast to Portland.The roadtrippiest road trip fic ever written. Basically an excuse for gratuitous fluff and smut with a pinch of angst tossed in for good measure. (44k) 

- Long Before We Both Thought The Same Thing  :“So are you admitting you love Harry yet?”Louis pauses in the middle of his story about the movie he and Harry went to see last night to raise an incredulous eyebrow. “What are you on about? Of course I love Harry.”Has Zayn lost his mind? He’s been friends with Louis for nearly seven years and Harry for six, under what circumstances did it appear like they didn’t love each other? “Okay, let me rephrase,” Zayn says, an amused little quirk to his mouth like he knows something Louis doesn’t. “Are you admitting you’re in love with Harry yet?” Louis stares at him in bewilderment, mouth working as he tries to form a response. “I…what?”*Or, Louis maybe, sort of realises he’s in love with his best friend of almost twenty years and he maybe, sort of thinks that said best friend could love him back? (36k)

- language or the kiss:  “I’ve heard about you, Louis.”Louis just looked back at him, hands on his small hips, foot tapping out an angry beat on the hardwood floor, a verse just under his tongue, waiting to spill out.  “Yeah?  What have you heard?”  Harry slowly stood up, his long lean body feline as he came forward, slowly closing the two feet between them.  “Yeah…I’ve heard about you.” Harry whispered, so close Louis could smell his cologne, something spicy and fruity, soft and wild.  “You’re the one.”Louis looked up at him; unfortunately he had to look up.  The fucker had about three to four inches on him.  “The one what?”  His eyes flickered from Harry’s intent stare to his wet obscene lips.  Louis wasn’t proud.  But his dick may have twitched a little.  Just a little. “You’re the one to beat.”OR the one where Louis’ the best at everything until Harry comes along and makes him think twice.  About everything. (31k)

- Just Hear This and Then I’ll Go : Former boy band member Louis Tomlinson can’t stand pompous indie artist Harry Styles, but with a new record label to launch he is going to have to endure his pretensions to snag up and coming new artist Liam Payne, who happens to be Harry’s oldest friend. Luckily, Liam seems to be very interested in 78 Records and maybe a little more than interested in Louis’ best friend. Too bad Harry won’t be making this easy on any of them. Or a modern day Pride and Prejudice–Louis is Elizabeth, Harry is Mr. Darcy, Zayn is Jane, and Liam is Mr. Bingley. Oh, and Niall is Mrs. Bennett. Obviously.   (44k)

- never shut us down: Tumblr!AU. Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love. (32k,)

- even with our oath , Though Harry is glad Liam cares about him, he also really hates that Liam cares about him. Liam’s coworker Louis really isn’t Harry’s type - he probably even listens to commercial radio, for God’s sake.In which Harry and Louis go to great lengths to appease Liam, Louis’s taste in music broadens dramatically, and Harry stops pretending to be a Huge Pretentious Douche all the time. (20k)

Also If you can handle rough sex and Daddy kink, read this (because it’s gonna pull you immediately, this is not angsty, smut is awesome, and hipster Harry,  and it’s long enough for a long drive travel)

- The Night Sky is Changing Overhead : Um, sorry, but I believe that’s actually mine,” Harry said a bit awkwardly, pointing at the cup. The man huffed, slightly narrowing his blue eyes, “Nope, large Americano, dash of cream.” He held the coffee up closer to Harry and honestly, Harry knew exactly what was in the cup because it was his  coffee. “Right,” Harry slowly drawled out as if he was talking to a toddler, “Which would make that mine.”“Look, I really don’t have time for this, I’m running late. And this,” he said before he took a sip from the cup, “Is mine.” Harry’s jaw dropped and he held his hands out, failing them slightly, “Wha-you can’t just drink it!” “Well I did, so, do you still want it or can I be on my way?” The man challenged.  Harry shook his head disbelievingly, “Take it, but for the record, it says Harry  on it.” The man turned the cup around and a sharp laugh came out of his mouth, “Well, shit.” He looked at Harry, a smile stretched across his face as crinkles formed next to his eyes. “Thanks, Harry.” (124k)

New Inquisition Interview with Mike Laidlaw and Mark Darrah up on IGN Sweden
  • Original link here (In Swedish): http://se.ign.com/dragon-age-iii/68632/interview/intervju-med-mike-laidlaw-och-mark-darrah
  • Kajsa Lundqvist: By now, you've worked on this game for four years and you've said that it's the Dragon Age game you've always wanted to make. Why is this and how will be able to feel it?
  • Mike Laidlaw: One of the things we especially wanted to go to back to was to find a mix of story and discovery. There's a childlike joy in discovering the world around you, especially when nobody has explicitly told you what to do. We looked at frostbite and realised we could make something great with it. By mixing discovery with storytelling and making it perfect, I think we have made a fantastic Fantasy experience.
  • Kajsa: I can imagine it's been pretty difficult to mix the two?
  • Mark Darrah: Yea, you're right. But the way Dragon Age: Inquisition is portrayed is absolutely built to be able to do that. Going from going out in the wild to become stronger, to later be able to use your Inquisition to do something that's more focused on the story. Open World-games aren't exactly new, but it's a genre where there's no language yet. It's not very well understood, so what we're trying to do with this game is to figure out what makes the discovery fun, what the ingredients are to make it entertaining.
  • Mike: At the core it is to understand the context in this huge game. Does the player have the motivation to go here or there? Does s/he feel that it gives her/him something to discover? It's exactly that that's the strength of the Inquisition, an organisation that grows from the ground and up. It's a pretty ragged band when the game starts, you have no castles or armies. This is something we did intentionally, as it's supposed to be the player that makes it grow. So when' you're out in the world you're constantly increasing the Inquisition's influence. When you have influence, you have power, which in turn makes the story progress. The idea is that you're always supposed to have a greater goal you want to achieve. That's how we've let the story and the discovery meet, having a heavy story but also having a lot of freedom.
  • Kajsa: In the earlier games, especially in the first, we've seen how there are many different endings depending on what choices you've made. Among other things it was determined by what kind of character type you chose to play as, how have you looked at this?
  • Mike: Well of course your character type will play a large role during the entire game. Sometimes it just pops up once or twice and other times it has a large effect from the start. I don't want to spoil too much, but other factors than your character type are of course there, among other things what choices you make. It works like rings on water where the choices you make early in the game have a direct effect later. Which is very satisfying as it makes you feel that…
  • Kajsa: You've actually done something?
  • Mike: Exactly! I feel like that's something we've grown more comfortable with. I'm going to say something that sounds very 2014, but the experience of gaming is something you really can share with your friends. I find it very satisfying that you may have seen entirely different stuff depending on how you've played. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's an example where if you choose one path you get information about… a thing. If you choose a different path you don't get that information. But the game works anyway. I'm hoping that the people who completed the game will be able to meet and discuss the game. So you can share your experiences with each other.
  • Mark: The entire game is very much based on what choices you make, what character type you play as, who you allied with and what order everything is in. All of this and more will be tied together and create an ending based on the choices you made.
  • Kajsa: So Thedas is in chaos, how politically will you be able to act in the game?
  • Mike: There are some explicitly political missions in the game. There are those times where it's not enough to fight, but instead you must talk your way out of things. There are three advisors in Inquisition who work at this. We have a general who handles your armies, a spymaster who handles your assassins and lastly we have a diplomat who helps you tackle Kings and Empresses. What you do in the game is to try to answer questions and understand what is going on. Though there are situations where your advisors can handle the situation instead. That's when you start playing more politically. Which fits as Orlais has a large role in this game, a country that is very careful with all its connections.
  • Kajsa: What vision did you have when you created the look of the game?
  • Mark: We knew we wanted to have something special. When you see a picture from Dragon Age I'd like you to instantly be able to identify it as a Dragon Age game. When we started development we wanted to have more dampened colours, everything looked pretty raw back then. It's interesting how in other forms of media you can see how colourful everything has become, like in ''The Hobbit'' or in ''Guardians of the Galaxy''. We changed our mind as well, we wanted the colour back, it just so happened that everyone else did it at the same time.
  • Kajsa: I just have to bring this up. I was shocked when I realised that I could jump, but I presume that's another part of the discovery.
  • Mike: There are NO invisible walls any more! When you want to go up something it's actually possible to do so.
  • Kajsa: But it's not really open-world, is it?
  • Mike: Nah, we call it ''multiregion open world'', it was Mark who coined that expression.
  • Mark: Every area is larger than anything we've done previously. It's about as large as all the earlier areas put together. But we still have different regions, with differing environments like deserts and marshes. This also makes it possible to have places with a specific meaning, even though things around can be distracting.
  • Kajsa: From what I've seen there also seems to be possibilities to craft?
  • Mike: Yes! We understand that not everyone wants to be hardcore-craftsmen. Some want to upgrade their armour, others want to enchant it. There's also alchemy, which probably will be especially important as the amount of drinks (Note: They probably mean potions here) you'll be able to travel with is limited. There's also a deeper level, like when you want to craft an entirely new sword. Let's say you find a sword at the start of the game, that may not be the best in the world but on the other hand is the best-looking in the world. Later in the game you can use some of the best materials in the game like dragon bone or something like that, but make it look like the old sword. So you can have the same look with your armour or your sword the entire game, but make it as good as it's gonna get at the same time.
  • Kajsa: And this also applies to your companions?
  • Mike: Yep! Everything their class can wear, they can also wear. There are no limits as to weapons either. If they're a rogue they can use a bow or daggers, even Varric can stop using Bianca. Not a bow though, he's got some dignity.
  • Kajsa: But now we get to the romances! I know you've said they'll be more realistic, how will be able to notice that?
  • Mike: We've moved away from the staleness in the earlier romances. If you say something your companions will still react to it. If you say something mean to an elf the character Solas won't like it, but it won't say ''-10'' any more. There are numbers that get taken off like earlier. It made the experience feel a bit cheap. Something that was huge for me was that many of the characters have their own motivations, they have different goals och things they want to get to. Cassandra, as an example, searches for information on the ''the seekers''. Should you choose to help her she'll like you more. It helps you understand the characters, not just by talking with them, but instead by seeing everything that interests them. It feels, to me, like a very natural way to get to know someone.
  • Kajsa: There seems to have been some doubt whether fan favourite Varric will have a romance, can you say anything more today?
  • Mark: There'll probably be no way to have a romance with him. But there's a reason.
  • Mike: This is probably the first time we've said this, so you'll get to handle the fans' tears! He also has someone, so to speak.
  • Mike: It's something we're very careful with, when we started developing Inquisition we put a lot of weight behind the fans' feedback. We went with our gut feeling over what people seemed to hold dear when it comes to the Dragon Age-series. We know that if we take away some things the fans won't be happy. Varric is such a case, a lot of fans want to be able to fall in love with him, but some others don't want to. So when we say no now, it's a meaningful no.
  • Kajsa: To wrap it up, I'd like to know what's been the most fun when developing Dragon Age Inquisition:
  • Mark: For me it's been getting the discovery back. Games that are more based on exploring are easy to jump in and enjoy. It's made me feel more for this game than ever.
  • Mike: For me it's been working with the combat team, to find the balance between the real time fights and the more tactical game. I get excited and tense every time I draw my sword, cause I love to plan my fights. The end result is fantastic!

I actually have this story up on my FFN account, but I decided that maybe I should also post it here too. You know, really spread the pain around. So yeah, this story is based on a guilty pleasure AU I have. The first 3 chapters won’t show what’s AU about the story. The AU part will come with chapter 4. But, until chapter 4 shows up, you can enjoy the rest. I only made 2 chapter so far, so here’s chapter 1! Chapter 2 may get posted later today on this site. I plan on uploading chapter 3 on FFN later today too, so I’ll maybe upload the chapter on this site tomorrow or something. We’ll see! Well, let’s get on with the tale~!

Title: Twist of Fate Chapter 1

Chapter Title: You and Me

Fandom: Big Hero 6

Summary: Big Hero 6 AU. A small twist of fate can change quite a lot about a story. But, in the end, a brother still grieves. A story that looks to offer a different but familiar approach to the story if a certain something had happened differently.

Warnings: While not present in this chapter, movie spoilers will appear in later chapters.


“Tadashi, honey, don’t be like that…”

Six year old Tadashi Hamada’s pout grew bigger at his mother’s words. He drew himself up into a tighter ball as he lay on the couch, fiddling away with the toy robot his father had gotten him for his birthday the week before.

He heard his parents sighing. He wasn’t taking the news as they had expected, but he didn’t care. You see, Tomeo and Marie Hamada had come back from the doctor’s office with what they thought was exciting news.

Tadashi Hamada was going to be a big brother…and he didn’t like that at all.

Tadashi had heard about what it was like to be an older sibling from the other kids at school. He’d seen what it was like too. Parents never had time for the oldest anymore, focusing all their attention on the new baby. They spoiled the baby rotten while the older one got left behind. A boy in his class had told him about how his little sister always got away with messing up his stuff since she’s his parents’ “precious angel”. One of the girls talked about how her little brother’s crying has kept her up all night. Tadashi had seen a couple younger siblings do something wrong, only to get the older sibling in trouble. Because it was the older sibling’s “job” to look out for the younger ones.

If that was how being a big brother was like, then Tadashi wanted no part of it. He wanted his parents’ love all to himself, thank you very much.

“Tadashi,” his mother said softly, taking a seat beside where he was curled up on the couch, “C'mon, sweetie, I know you’ll be a wonderful big brother.”

“I don’t want a baby,” the six year old mumbled, a frown planted firmly on his face as he twisted his robot’s arm this way and that, “Cancel the order.”

“Tadashi, that…isn’t exactly how it works,” his father replied, amusement in his voice, “You’ll love your new brother or sister, I’m sure you will.”

“No, I won’t,” Tadashi answered, sitting up and glaring at his father, “Being a big brother won’t be any fun. The other kids said so.”

“Well, they’re new to being older siblings,” Mr. Hamada pointed out, “I probably would’ve acted the same way if I ever had a sibling.”

“I was that way,” Mrs. Hamada added, “You know how your Aunt Cass is my little sister, right, Tadashi? Oh, I remember crying and begging my parents to take her back when I first saw her at the hospital.”

“Marie…” Mr. Hamada began warningly, looking at the way Tadashi stared at his mother.

“She never seemed to stop crying either!” Mrs. Hamada continued on, too lost in memories, “I was practically falling asleep in class for the whole first year!”


“And that little weasel was always drooling over all my stuff. I got so mad when I saw her chewing on my favorite book.”


“And do not get me started on that time with the go-kart and that ice cream truck! My parents never let me hear the end of that one-”


Mrs. Hamada jumped at her husband’s shout before following his finger, pointed at their son. She chuckled sheepishly at the horrified expression on Tadashi’s face.

“Yup,” Tadashi decided as he jumped off the couch, “I don’t want a baby!”

With that he ran out of the living room, headed towards his own bedroom. That decided it. There was no way Tadashi would ever like this new baby. He only hoped his parents would understand and decide to cancel their order after all.


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angryavengerbees  asked:

Clint shrugged. “Look, Stark, I am telling you this because you are supremely drunk and probably won't remember. But Nat and I are kind of... She's my North star. She's the only stable thing in my world. The continents can move, governments could fall, the world could reorder itself, but Nat is my lodestar. And I wanna be hers. So we didn't work together, as lovers, that doesn't change the fact that she's still Nat. And I'm still me." (I can't fit the entire passage here, but you get the gist!)

“And I wanna be hers. So we didn’t work together, as lovers, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still Nat. And I’m still me. So I fully expect to either die in her arms or die with her gun pressed to my forehead, and eh, everyone’s gotta go sometime,” Clint said, philosophical.

Tony considered that through the booze fog. “You need therapy,” he said after a long moment.

“Oh, like I’m going to take mental health advice from you.”

From “The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation”

I really loved the hints of a relationship that we get in The Avengers between Clint and Natasha.  They don’t fall into each other’s arms, there’s barely any hint of physical contact between them.  Are they lovers, are they partners, are they friends, are they colleagues?  

They’re none of that, and yet, they’re all of it.

There’s something very simplistic, and very deep, about the way they are with each other that fascinates me.  I like to think that they were lovers, at some point, that there is a physical intimacy there, and it didn’t work.  That they couldn’t make that work, but they couldn’t let each other go entirely.

So instead of breaking up, the sexual aspect of it just kind of went by the wayside.  They’re still in love, they’re just not lovers.

I write them both as people who are very careful about the people they trust.  They both have their reasons, they both have their pasts.  And in each other, they’ve found a bedrock, a place to stand their ground.  

In this particular scene, I wanted to deal with the concept of what happens when a relationship ends.  We have two men, one drunk, one aiming to be in the same state in short order, and because of that, they’re both being a little more honest than they might be otherwise.  

I wanted to make it clear that breaking up with someone doesn’t mean losing them.  That Pepper still has a place in this world, that Pepper is still Tony’s friend, still his most loyal supporter, still his rock.  She is still Pepper Potts, and Tony can grow up a little bit.  He’s nursing a broken heart here, he’s nursing the fear that he will be alone, that he’s lost something irreplaceable.

And Clint is saying, there’s another way.  If you’re tough enough to take it.

Also, taking advice from Clint Barton on relationships is really stupid, but you know what?  In The Avengers, Tony and Bruce and Steve and Thor came for the Tessaract.  The Tessaract in Steve’s folder, and a holograph in Tony’s hand and the phone in Bruce’s, and Thor chasing it and Loki across the dimensional rift.

But Natasha came for Clint.  Natasha came for one line: “Barton’s been compromised.”

So he’s got to be doing something right. 8)

Parallels and Mirrors: Why Cas won't save Dean alone

First and foremost, I’m going to start out by disagreeing with pretty much everyone on the topic of Cain’s declaration that Dean will “live [Cain’s] life in reverse.” I don’t think the purpose of that statement was to say unequivocally since Sam equals Abel, Cas must be Colette and Destiel is definitely going to happen; I think he’s getting at something else, and in fact, this extension is flawed for several reasons:

  1. The question of how Crowley fits in: if there is a true one-to-one correspondence, there should be a clear idea of who the Crowley is in Cain’s life. Is it demons in general? Is it Abaddon? Is it Lucifer? I’ve seen all argued and none are particularly convincing or generally accepted. I’ve also seen Crowley doesn’t fit into the metaphor, which weakens the argument that Cas = Colette since it makes the one-to-one correspondence only work in specified circumstances.
  2. The fact that Cain killed people (most likely a lot of people) between killing Abel and killing Colette: This doesn’t completely destroy the metaphor, since it can be argued that only significant people in Cain’s or Dean’s lives count, but it does weaken it.
  3. Colette crucially didn’t save Cain, not in the end, at least.
  4. The nature of parallels/mirrors, which could account for three, if that was the argument (which I’ve yet to see).

For the purposes of this meta, I’m going to hone in on the last point: parallels and mirrors. Before I get into the meat of it, let me define my terms:

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever read Plato's "Republic"? In it, he tells of a so-called "noble lie" that could be used to keep a lower class at bay in a Utopian society. The lie basically states that some people are just better made than others, and thus they are more fit to rule the less well-made people. The thought is that, by adhering to this, lower working classes won't question their position, and thus peace will be maintained. Do you think that this idea inspired how Homeworld works?

[Poet nerding out]: When I was young, Republic was my crude guide to “how everything should be.” (I’m more critical now that I’m older but a lot of what Plato wrote still resonates with me)

For those who haven’t yet read the text, Socrates talks about how the ideal city is one in which everyone is divided into three classes: Rulers, soldiers, and craftsmen. And he goes on to say it would be optimal for everyone to remain in only their roles and not aspire for others, because society would be disorderly should they do that. In order to make sure people are willing to stay in the class they were in, a “noble lie” would have to be perpetuated.

The “lie” is that the way they were brought up and educated is something like a dream. The truth is that before they came to be, when they were still being made “in the earth within,” they were being fashioned with one of the three particular roles in mind. As such, since mother earth designed them this way, they should embrace their roles so that they can benefit all of their “brothers,” who are basically everyone else. 

The passage also ends with the idea that among the offspring of a particular group, sometimes, they will not be of the same “metal” in their souls as their parents. For instance, rulers, whom Socrates designates as “gold,” may have silver or bronze children somewhere down the line. What is important is that they are assigned where they belong, and not take the position which they do not have the nature for. 

In the same way, should a worker or soldier prove themselves to be of gold value, they should be rewarded accordingly and move up to the ruling class.

Given the passage, I would say there are definitely similarities between the ideal city Socrates is describing with gem civilisation. 

There is an emphasis on the order of things (very Foucault but let’s talk about him some other time) and the roles certain groups are given. In broad strokes, we’ve even seen these classes in gem society: The Diamonds, Soldiers, and Civilians. 

At the same time, there are a lot of similarities when looking at the reasoning for why these classes must exist. For Socrates, each must play a part to make society work. The lie is that our parts are determined by our natures, not nurture. He would tell people that everything we are capable of, and capable of doing best, has all been predetermined. Our education, socialisation, and upbringing are all just foggy dreams; they aren’t real and don’t have any tangible effect on who we are.

The thing with gem society that I would put in stark contrast with Republic is that there really is a gem-etic basis for why gems are given their roles. Also while they’re “in the earth,” gems are designed in a particular way to do particular things better than can other gems. Where the “lie” takes place in probably the ideology that these roles limit even non-state affairs, like personal relationships. That’s why fusion between two different types of gems is taboo.

And something I find really nuances the noble lie in a unique way, is that the rulers themselves believe this lie. The Diamonds are distant from everyone, and to everyone they have to be perfect, completely impartial, always thinking about Homeworld and only Homeworld. Gems like Peridot, Lapis, and Jasper count on them, look up to them, to the point that they have to deny their personal feelings and personalities many times, and as we’ve seen in Message Received, that kind of repression doesn’t bode well for the Diamonds and their constituents. 

Something else about Homeworld which is reflected in Republic, though, is that there is room for meritocracy, albeit not as mobile as that in Socrates’ telling. That gems like Doc can differentiate themselves by becoming the leader of the Ruby Squad despite not being the oldest means that gems can move above their peers on Homeworld. It gives gems incentives to work and and do better while at the same time maintaining the order that their society believes makes everything optimal.

That said, a difference here would be in their treatment of those born with less valuable “metal” than their design. When gems like Era 2 Peridots come out much less able to do things their Era 1 peers can, they aren’t demoted to say, Pearl status. Rather, Homeworld, contrary to Socrates’ prescription, equips them with the assistive technology they need to do their job. That’s significant because we then see a society that cares for their people. 

In Earthlings, Jasper likens stripping Peridot of her enhancers to stripping her of her dignity. This mean that on Homeworld, limb enhancers don’t carry as negative a connotation as we’re led to believe. And again, it goes back to the goals of their society. They value utility, functionality, and optimisation. To be able to do things that help Homeworld is a noble task. To be stripped of what allowed one to do things is dishonourable. 

And common to both theoretical societies is that same idea. To let our people thrive, to protect them, and to let them live in harmony, this is the kind of rule we must have. To most liberal democracies, this is a terrifying prospect, but to me, that’s why some countries go with certain forms of government. There is no perfect form of government, and I personally still believe in democracy because it errs on the side of giving people freedoms, but to others there is an appeal in this order, as there was hundreds of years ago.

vernalrose  asked:

oh my god honestly you're right though (Ford's reaction will probably be the same either way so) I mean Dipper is gonna be sooo pissed at Ford (and probs a little at himself cus it's Dipper) and I just. one of these eps Dipper's gonna stop acting like a mini me of Ford and Ford isn't gonna take that lightly and I'm 100% sure Ford blaming Mabel is what's gonna do it for Dip (of course he isn't full Ford right now either he never has been but Ford won't see that until Dipper stands up to him)

Yes! This also increases my need to see Dipper do what Ford could (can) not and let go of his research, the journals, for his sibling. Ford couldn’t burn them even if that was the best way of keeping Bill from ever finding them, but Dipper can. Dipper can let go of them. The biggest difference between Ford and Dipper’s characters is the lengths that they’ll go to for the people they love. Dipper will go far, in some cases he’s downright selfless, but Ford won’t. He’s self-centered. (And this would balance things out between Dipper and Mabel’s learning lessons here–Mabel can’t keep her summer friends and Dipper can’t keep the journals. They both have to let stuff go; they both have to move on.)

I’m still convinced that the knowledge within the journals is destructive and trying to figure out how the supernatural works is impossible. Stan’s right to try to keep the kids away from it, and he’s right to tell Dipper to only use the journals for self-defense. Protecting people from the supernatural is fine, but trying to understand it and the universe is only going to lead to your destruction, as it has to countless others in this story alone.

I also can’t help but feel that as long as those dumb journals are around, Bill’s still manipulating Dipper and Ford with their obsessive need to know how everything works and subsequently destroying their sanities and relationships with others. It’s just an endless cycle of horrible mistakes (although unlike Dipper, Ford won’t admit that he is making mistakes). And considering how much Stan and Bill are alike and seem to have similar ways of thinking, I truly think Stan has the right idea about burning the journals to either weaken or defeat Bill Cipher and help save the universe.

As much as I enjoy Dipper feeling more self-assured, it’s not happening in the right way. Ford pushing Dipper until he agrees to something Dipper initially said no to, being his apprentice, isn’t right (sounds a lot like Bill pushing Dipper to make a deal despite how many times Dipper denied him actually). I mean Ford totally ignored everything Dipper said about not leaving Mabel and his dream to start a ghost hunting tv show and then stomped on it all! That’s not okay!!

Ford saying Dipper is better than the others because he’s intelligent also isn’t right (especially because it was in fact Mabel who discovered many of the journals’ new additions; not Dipper). Ford saying Dipper is smart to be paranoid and not trust anyone, including his family, isn’t right. Ford assuming Dipper feels suffocated by Mabel when they’re actually best friends and love each other and help each other be the best they can possibly be isn’t right. Ford pushing Dipper to not just abandon Mabel, but literally abandon his whole family and rest of his childhood isn’t right. Ford projecting himself on to Dipper, an impressionable young kid who’s more than eager at the moment to listen to Ford’s every word and take it to heart and not argue for fear of upsetting him, is not right. Ford needs to realize that, and so does Dipper. I’m not sure if it will make Ford change who he is since at this point I think he’s past the point of growing up, but I know it will change Dipper’s perspective and bring him back down to Earth.

Mabel is wrong to never want to move forward from this point in her life, but Dipper is wrong to want to move forward too quickly. You HAVE to get older, it’s the natural way of the universe, but you have to live your life at a natural pace as well. You can’t jump straight to adulthood; you NEED that growth and maturity to gradually happen over your childhood and adolescence. Even Ford lived his whole childhood.

If Dipper were 18, this would be a different story (although Ford is honestly a terrible influence on Dipper and Dipper growing up/living with just Ford alone as a parent/friend would result in a Dipper we don’t recognize, one with a superiority complex who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but his research–basically a mini Ford, especially considering how much Dipper has adopted some of Ford’s behaviors already. Bill may be the antagonist, but Ford is certainly a Disney villain that needs to be stopped.), but Dipper is 12. He’s just a kid and Alex has said Dipper is meant to be a kid and Mabel helps keep him there. He and Mabel are very young and still need one another.

The happy medium for them both is letting go of their summer friends/ambitions and then going home together, growing up together, and pursuing different lives when they’re adults (unless Mabel stays Dipper’s cameraman/ghost hunting buddy) without a problem. They’re both gonna have learned their lesson that just because they’re adults going in different ways doesn’t mean they have to drift apart or even give up their child-like spirits. Nobody ever really stops being a kid.

I’m also kind of DYING to see how Dipper reacts to finding out Ford is kicking Stan out of the Shack at the end of the summer and consequently giving Wendy and Soos no jobs and Stan no job, no home, or family to turn to. I think that’ll blow over about as well as Ford calling Mabel stupid and incompetent for breaking the rift after she almost dies because he encouraged Dipper to lie to her about it would. And if Ford tries to throw a fit after that, I want Dipper to fucking figuratively destroy him honestly.

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You know, I hope Bryan won't touch the coat thing because it doesn't fit Hannibal's character at all. Like a lot of people already said, it would be the worst out of character gesture from Hannibal. I hope Mads won't let him do it. Also, it's too late to change the coat design, and they'll need to reshoot all the Will scenes with the coat as it's fitting him perfectly and Mads is taller and larger (and his own coat was too big...).

We already know that they went back and reshot some stuff from “Mizumono,” apparently on Mads’s birthday. And they didn’t need to change anything they’ve already shot—just have him have the coat later on. So they could do whatever they want, though from the sounds of it, they haven’t, and I would hope that Mads would object and they would listen to him.

Would it be the smoothest thing in the world, in terms of continuity? Nope. Do I want them to do it? Nope. I like it better the way it is.

But would it be out of character for Hannibal to have done that?

Also nope.

They played the scene so that Hannibal steps over Alana without looking at her, and he cleanses himself in the rain, which is symbolic of washing away the old and being born again anew, into his new life. It emphasizes how heartless Hannibal can be, his ability to turn loose those things that came before and to detach himself. Later, when we see him on the plane with Bedelia, this idea is somewhat reinforced: he’s moved on to someone else, and he smiles a little when he closes his eyes and puts his head back. With the death of the Ravenstag in between, Will’s breath slowing and his vision fading to black, and what Bryan called the “heavenly” image of the sky, it invites a reading of the story wherein Will dies (and probably Jack and Abigail) and Hannibal moves on (Alana still looked the heartiest when he left her, and the paramedics were right there—finally). This would have been the most reasonable way to understand the story if it had been the end of the series, had they not gotten a renewal for a third season.

But they also played it to keep things open for them to come back. In this reading, we see that the cleansing only went so far: it allows Hannibal to walk away, but when he rounds the corner onto the sidewalk and straightens the coat around his shoulders, you can see by the ravaged look in his face that “rebirths can only ever be symbolic.” Bedelia’s gaze on him is concerned, and his reassuring smile toward her is hollow. As he sips his champagne, his eyes are haunted, staring before him, abstracted and unseeing. That he retreats into his memory palace demonstrates that his cleansing in the rain didn’t successfully wash away the taint of those soiled relationships. Like he told Will earlier, in those moments, he couldn’t overcome his surroundings. He had to “make it all go away.” The smile he gives is then part of the performance: a performance meant, this time, for an audience consisting only of himself, as he tries to come to terms with having endured this teacup—which is togetherness, which is family—shattering for a second time in his life, with as drastic and life-altering of consequences. As the story of the two seasons demonstrated, Hannibal doesn’t actually move on well at all: he dismissed and subjugated the entirety of his carefully constructed life for the opportunity to turn back time, once he believed such a thing could be possible.

The show divided these two readings very neatly down the middle (and much kudos to Mads’s performance, the writing, and especially the editing for bringing it all together and making both exist simultaneously) in order to allow for whatever came of the show to occur. Since we are in fact getting a third season, though, the second reading now dominates: Will doesn’t die and Hannibal doesn’t actually move on, in spite of his Herculean effort to do so.

Under this reading, then, had Hannibal stooped down and taken that coat off of Alana, it would have been representative of this inability to move on from these pivotal moments of his life, even as he can heartlessly and simultaneously dismiss others he cared about, once. He takes and takes and takes, and then he takes again.  That he has to keep one piece of Will—a trophy, you might say—and is willing to coldly rob a dying Alana of her protection from the rain to do so…well, all that would work as reinforcement of him being both the devourer and the devil…as well as a very lonely man.

It isn’t the action that makes it in or out of character, especially for someone like Hannibal. And this is true of all characters in all writing: it’s how they rationalize the action that makes it in or out of character. Hannibal has a rather remarkable ability to rationalize just about anything. He could certainly have justified taking that coat for himself, just as he could justify walking over Alana without a backward glance, or cutting into Abigail’s throat when she had never wronged him in any way and didn’t even offer him any threat.

He’s a very selfish and sometimes very petty man.

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Oh sorry. Its just that I analyze Klaus a lot and I notice that his patterns and I understand his psyche. So its just a pattern I've picked up. The more he's scared of feeling anything for you, or if he knows you'll be a huge weakness to him emotionally he's very cruel and pretends he doesn't care about you. Its his defense mechanism to push people away and so he won't fall in love with them or care. With Cami he doesn't really try not to fall in love with her. Kissing her won't make him (1/2)

fall in love with her. I really think that from the looks of it, Klaus isn’t scared of falling in love with Cami. He seems more scared that he’ll hurt her. Now if Klaus was scared of falling in love with Cami, he’d really mean to her, REALLY mean. He’d do his best to push her away and be very distant. I don’t think Cami and Caroline are the same I think in some ways he views them the same because of what they represent to him, purity, goodness, etc… But he knows they have a dark side too. Oh wait I forgot. We have seen Klaus in love and we have seen him fall in love. Rebekah is some Klaus is in love with, not romantically. But the way he treats his family, he again is very cruel. His sister is one and also we saw Klaus fall in love with his daughter. He at first tried to kill the baby, yet when he heard the heartbeat he cried. He knew if he fell in love it would be a huge weakness. So he denied he cared, tried not to care, tried to have it killed, then well…you know the rest this is why I say the way Klaus treats Cami it doesn’t look like he’s trying not to fall in love with her, because if he was going to it would’ve happened already. He’s let her in and been vulnerable enough with her for him to fall in love with her despite him not wanting to, because like I said, You can’t control falling in love, and you can’t really prevent it from happening unless you push the person away entirely, particularly in Klaus’s case. That’s just how I know Klaus as a character.

I really just don’t agree with you and while I understand that you probably pay more attention to Klaus than I do I think you’re wrong about him not being scared of falling in love with Cami and pushing her away. While yes Klaus tends to be cruel to people he cares about because he sees love as a weakness but I don’t think that means he doesn’t love Cami, I think its actually showing growth on his part for NOT being cruel to someone he cares about. Also lets just focus on the scene between them in the finale where Klaus basically admits to Cami that “he would have found her” because fate would have brought them together in his eyes and then he runs away before he kisses her. Can you honestly tell me that he isn’t running away from his obvious romantic feelings for her in that moment? Kissing someone is one of the first intimate things you can do with someone and it does indeed open yourself up to them because you become connected to the person on a physical level. I believe you can absolutely realize that you are in love with someone when you first kiss them especially if at that moment you’re allowing yourself to be so open emotionally (because you can obviously have make outs with some you just met.)

Klaus not being mean to Cami doesn’t mean that it’s because he isn’t falling in love with her it means that he actually respects her and wants to protect her. Klaus bit Cami and he actually apologized to her, in the what 4+ seasons we’ve known Klaus has he EVER apologized to anyone? In fact he bit Cami to save her life because if he didn’t Dahlia was going to kill her. I’d also point out that Cami is one of the first people beyond Klaus family who actually tried to protect him and was visibly upset when she thought he was dead (the fight with Mikael can’t remember the episode number) so there’s a mutual want to protect each other.

Also you can’t compare Klaus learning to love Hope with him falling in love or being in love with someone, nor can you compare it to Rebekah because Klaus has always loved Rebekah from what we’ve seen because they’re siblings. Klaus tried to reject Hope when he first found out about her but when she was born he obviously felt the connection. He realized that he did indeed love his daughter and wanted to protect her but that can’t be compared to being in love with someone romantically. The ONLY person you could say he fell in love with romantically was Caroline (Tatia too I guess but we never saw it happen) but I will always argue that he fell in love with the idea of Caroline and he never took the time to get to know her or understand her. Klaus pushed his own wants and desires onto Caroline trying to convince her that it was what she wanted so she fit into the idea of what he believed he was in love with. Klaus is completely different with Cami, because there is a mutual understanding between them and Klaus doesn’t try to change Cami to fit whatever mold he sees fit. Cami also has spent time listening to Klaus and learning to understand him and why he is the way he is and I think she as well has started to fall in love with him but she’s also trying to push those feelings away because she knows how awful he is.

So I’m sorry but I stand my ground on the fact that Klaus is actively falling in love with Cami but he is still not opening himself up enough to be in love. Even though I don’t analyze Klaus that much that’s basic human nature in my opinion. I feel like you’re viewing this in a way that you believe Klaus can’t experience any growth but that’s essential for him to ever be in love with someone. Klaus can’t treat people like shit for the rest of eternity and just expect people to put up with it (even though his siblings constantly excuse him) and I feel like he was on that journey last season even if it derailed a bit at the end.