he says it all

it’s as if he is afraid of obtaining happiness.

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I told my manager that my grandad died and I'd need an afternoon off. He asked if we were close and said yes, even though our relationship was complicated sometimes, but I'm really going to miss him. Then he scheduled me in on the day of the funeral because according to the manager I said that I wasn't going to miss him and that we weren't close. I went to the funeral anyway and if he says anything I'm making an official complaint.

If he says anything I’ll come shove the schedule, pencil and all, up his nose! I’m sorry about your grandpa. Definitely stand up for yourself and report the jackass. Let us know what happens. I’d like to know if justice happened or if you need advice on what else to do to get it. -Abby

Hey, y’all.  I was hoping to get a little help with something.  I know I’ve talked about my boyfriend on here before, and about how he wants to understand gender, specifically non-binary gender, better.  He was raised in a very conservative household where anything straying from the male-female was regarded as “socialist propaganda” and strongly dismissed, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that the concept of gender theory was even available to him.  Now, he’s very respectful of gender identity and he would never intentionally misgender someone because he’s not a dick, but he feels that he would benefit from understanding the issues surrounding gender in addition to accepting them.

He and I have had countless discussions on the subject.  We tend to agree on most things and we generally reach the same conclusions, but our processes for arriving at those conclusions are different.  He’s very intelligent, but we think differently.  I’m a very abstract and theoretical thinker, but he is more concrete.  It makes for some awesome discussions (y’all should come over for dinner sometime), but it also means that the sources I read to learn about and understand gender theory, those that use very theoretical and abstract language and points, are not helpful to him.

So, this is where you lot come in.  You curious, brilliant people.  I am looking for good articles or journals or even books on gender theory that are helpful to a concrete mind.  Or, if any of my non-binary followers are willing, someone to sit down and patiently have a conversation with the man.  Send me sources!

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You and Shawn just moved in together

“I told you to put the frames away before someone steps on them,” you gripe, bending to pick up the frames yourself with a little more attitude than you probably should. Shawn shakes his head at you from the other side of the room, annoyed.

“Sorry honey,” he says condescendingly, “too busy unloading a fucking million pound headboard all by myself. But yeah, keep organizing picture frames. That’s really important when we don’t even have a mattress yet.”

You grit your teeth. “Oh really baby, that’s really funny because I happen to remember bringing in one pretty important piece of furniture just an hour ago. Pretty thing that sounds nice and has a long neck? Be a shame if I dropped it.” You shrug and saunter past him. You can almost hear his jaw drop, and you smirk at the sound of his footsteps following you into the bedroom. He catches you against the wall and you squeak at the impact.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

Shawn bites at your bottom lip as his hands travel to your hips and he grips them hard, like he wants to leave a mark.

Then he proceeds to show you why you don’t even need a mattress.


characters: Lofty Executor, Lofty Anpassen
pairing: ^ (rating: the concept of personal space does not exist)
words: 727
summary: Executor has bunny ears. Anpassen wants to touch them.

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A Chance

Request:  tyler imagine where y/n is tyler’s best friend and she has a crush on tyler but he’s taken. two years previously, she planned to tell tyler of her crush on him but just as she was about to say it, he introduces her to his girlfriend. then its all angsty n shit

tyler joseph x reader

word count: 588

warnings: angst

          There was something about Tyler. Maybe some witch put a curse on you so you would fall in love with him because it was something you never wanted to do. You can’t believe that you thought you’d have a chance with him.

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You’re passing a horn of mead around the fire when one of the shieldmaidens from another kingdom proposes a salacious game from her homeland. She sets before you Ubbe, Sigurd, and Ivar and tells them to close their eyes and not to move no matter what happens. She instructs you: “choose one of them to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle.” Make your choices, and if you’re brave enough, describe what you do in more detail (Where? How hard? How do they react?)

You ask yourself how you got involved in this. Maybe the delicious mead is to be blamed. Anyway, you’re facing a difficult task. Ubbe has been always so kind to you. You will never forget the fury in his eyes when he heard Lagertha saying she killed his mother. He is the glue that keeps all Ragnar’s sons together. As the eldest of Aslaug and Ragnar children, he feels as he must look after his brothers, especially Ivar. You’re grateful that he is so close to his youngest brother. He needs this attention more than ever. You smile at yourself, thinking about the incredible father Ubbe is going to be one day. You rise your hand to caress his hair tenderly.

Ubbe smiled feeling your touch. “It seems that I’m fortunate. Even though I would like to feel the warmth of your tongue.”

You laugh and notice that Ivar is twisting his face. Maybe, he didn’t like that you caressed his brother, instead of slapping him, or he didn’t appreciate the boldness of Ubbe’s words.

You walk to Sigurd. He is smiling confidently, it seems he is sure you are not going to slap him. His behavior after Aslaug’s death is one that you didn’t expect. The saddest event in the life of all sons and daughters could be an opportunity for Sigurd and Ivar to stick together to honor their mother. Instead, you have been seeing the man who carries the name of one of the most heroic warriors of the sagas not wasting a chance to tease his younger brother. If only he could see how much Aslaug loved all her children. Her expectations about his future, to name him after the father she wished to know, beyond what the sagas have to say. How lonely she was to seek love in the arms of a stranger. You think he needs to wake up, so you raise your hand again, slapping him.

Sigurd opens his eyes in surprise. You smile at him. “I think it’s time for someone to tell you to grow up.”

Ivar laughed mischievously. He was still with his eyes closed. You approach him. Licking your own lip, because you feel your mouth surprisingly dry. You lower yourself a little bit to be at the same height as Ivar. He starts raising his own hand to touch your long hair. You stop him. “The game doesn’t require that you touch me. Keep your hands to yourself.”

You can see that he is not satisfied with you giving him commands. He is used to be the one in charge. Yet, you have the impression he is not going to risk you giving up the game, wasting the chance to feel you so close to him.

You’re having a hard time deciding which part of him will receive your ministrations. You make your decision. You are so close to Ivar, breathing as one. The warmth and scent of his body were too much to handle. You close your eyes, nose to nose with the man in front of you. You run your tongue lightly over his lip. His breathing become erratic, as well yours.

Before you can realize, Ivar’s hands are in your hair, forcing your mouth open with his tongue. Both of you forget about the others watching. After some minutes, the need for air makes you stop.

Ivar is licking his lip, watching you with amusement. “I can’t wait to show you the infinity list of games I know. But, I’m not sure if you will be able to keep up with my pace.”

Your hair is a mess, your skin is burning with a primitive need. You’ve never ran from a challenge. “You would be surprised by the things I can do without breathing.”


Wow she actually apologized???? Marks just being a dick, like seriously all he needs to do is say sorry, Will your friendship ever???

Part 6/? part 1, part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , part 5 

a/n i don’t know when this will end but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!! - look out for some scenarios tomorrow!!!!

Requests are open!!

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larries say louis cheated on all his gfs. i'm not saying he definitively never cheated, bc who knows, but larries insist the "official" narrative is he cheated on hannah with el, on el with that girl in the pool and briana, on briana with danielle (even though they also say briana was a 1night stand???), & on danielle with el. it's like their claims he'd be a terrible/deadbeat dad. they don't care about facts, they just want "het" louis to seem as awful as possible to their larrie followers.


It’s all it is. They want to pretend Louis as a heterosexual would be so terrible to try and make it seem like it’s something you should never consider.

Which is funny because they’re the only ones who say these things. The media isn’t calling Louis a deadbeat or a bad boyfriend. It’s just Larrie blogs.

So if it’s a smear campaign against him then why isn’t The Sun the one running all these view points? Why is it only the Larries……..? Seems like a bit of a wasted $2 million 14 month long smear campaign if you’re not even gonna force the issue in the press. Cowell controls the media yet we’re not hearing how Louis is a rampant cheater and terrible dad, so why not? 

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No one was mad at Justin for "hurting Selena" when he was with hailey or sofia but somehow everyone is being mad at Selena now that shes with Abel and saying shit like she changed cause she finally moved on???

Oh, girl you are so wrong…
1- If you know Jelenators you know damn well that everyone dragged Justin all the times he deserved.

2-We say that Selena is changing because,well is the true.She say a thing but no stay loyal for her own words.Selena  is not being consistent.She say about being private but her new “relationship” is over all the media,for her own choose.I mean,she dragged Justin on IG for being public with Sofia but now Selena is doing the same with abel.Mess.

3-Selena is not moving on.This is a lie,that only Abelena stans believe.Selena still write songs about Justin and was lurking on a jelena page on IG.I’m sorry honey,but this is not what a person who was moving on do.

4-Selena is lost , unhappy and holding Abel like a safe boat.Definitely a relationship meant to be a failure.Sorry not sorry.

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Okay, human wearing cute themed socks (knee length or thigh highs) and just being silly and like "check out these cool socks. Am i seducing you?" Sticking the leggy really far. Just ...picture.

i’m envisioning Starscream being very unfazed by this and just saying “no.” all deadpan-like

he’s not an easily amused mech.

but if you continue being all cute-like he’ll warm up a little and smile and hold you a li’l bit. his precious human is adorable and he wants to snuggle them. c:

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Oh gods what'd the turd do in part 2 that's worse than being a whiny weenie in part 1

He’s kinda all over the goddamn place and talking about how he knows the fandom is learning so much from him…like ????

And saying he’s learning a lot from the fandom too but all he mentioned were all the supportive messages he got. Like my guy, you don’t learn anything from people who tell you everything you’re doing is wonderful and good. You learn from people WHO CHALLENGE YOU. Ugh.

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some reporter is interviewing supergirl and he (bc we all know it would be a man) says something like "haha don't assume my gender!" and she fucking schools him and prefaces the whole rant with "first of all, aliens don't subscribe to earth's western gender binary, so jot that down,"

Yes??? yes yes Yes! y e s!!!!