he saves me everyday

You were on tour with Tyler and you decided that you wanted to vlog the whole time. The guys weren’t too sure about it but if it was something you wanted to do they were going to let you do it. After awhile they got use to it and actually enjoyed having all the memories to look back on. Of course, Josh and Tyler constantly teased you about having a camera with you at all times. Tyler had even joked a few times in the bedroom asking if you were going to film it. It was the last day of tour which meant the last day of vlogging. You went around to everyone that was part of tour asking what their favorite part of tour was. You saved Josh and Tyler for last, “Okay boys, it’s your turn. What was your favorite part of tour?” Josh looked at the camera, “My favorite part of tour was not having to shower everyday. Saved me a lot of time,” He joked, letting his smile take over his face and squinting his eyes, “No, my favorite part was playing drums every night and seeing all our fans come out to support us.” Tyler looked from Josh then to the camera, “That was a good answer Josh. I knew that it smelt a bit funky in the tour bus. Thanks for that.” He smiled then laughed, “My favorite part of tour was having y/n with us and carrying her dumb camera around. Even though I thought it was weird at first I am glad to have all the memories.” He smiled at you, “And I also enjoyed seeing all our fans beautiful faces and singing along to our songs.” Tyler nodded. Josh looked at him then back at the camera, “Peace out for now.”