he saves me everyday

  • me: *in a crowded mall* oh no i can't find the emos
  • me: *clears throat* PETE WENTZ SUCKS
  • me: found them

“ more people start to say me and Mystery aren’t good togheter…

Can you leave him alone? I really love him, he save me everyday, I fucking love his actions and his words, he is a beautiful husband!

I’m really happy with him, I can’t ask another man, Mystery is my husband of my dreams!!!!

So please, don’t say this and accept the fact I’m in love with him, thank you ❤ ”

Hellfire - Part 2

Summary: Dean and Y/N meet in hell, befriending each other, trying to hold onto their humanity. What happens when Dean gets saved and Y/N doesn’t?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1663

Warnings: Angst, torture, violence, ya know, things that happen in Hell

A/N: This series would not have happened if it weren’t for @impala-dreamer. She beta’d this whole thing, listened to me whine about it, and made this kick ass aesthetic for it!



Much to your annoyance, you became Alastair’s little pet. He became obsessed with teaching you all the different ways of torture. That was the only thing keeping you going, the thrill of using a person’s body against them. There wasn’t one human or demon that you couldn’t get information out of. Alastair was always pleased with your work, so much so that he let you leave hell. You left and returned as you pleased. As long as you tortured whoever was put in front of you, Alastair let you do whatever you wanted.

You decided to find Dean Winchester. It was his fault you were like this. Alastair told you he was alive and had an angel working with him. You watched the Winchesters from afar, never letting them know of your presence. You saw the poor, pathetic angel who saved Dean from hell. You watched as Sam drank demon blood and went mad.

You saw Sam kill your mentor, Alastair. He was the only demon you answered to so you were free then, free to do whatever you wanted. You watched as Sam killed Lilith, breaking the final seal, freeing Lucifer from his cage. You watched as the war between the Angels and the Demons continued. You saw Crowley hand over The Colt and its bullets in hopes that it would kill Lucifer. You followed them to the town where Ellen and Jo had died and where they failed to kill Lucifer. You sat and watch as Dean got beat so bad that he was almost unrecognizable. You watched as Sam jumped into the pit. Dean’s world was crumbling around him and that brought you great joy. Then Dean chickened out; he quit the hunting life.

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You were on tour with Tyler and you decided that you wanted to vlog the whole time. The guys weren’t too sure about it but if it was something you wanted to do they were going to let you do it. After awhile they got use to it and actually enjoyed having all the memories to look back on. Of course, Josh and Tyler constantly teased you about having a camera with you at all times. Tyler had even joked a few times in the bedroom asking if you were going to film it. It was the last day of tour which meant the last day of vlogging. You went around to everyone that was part of tour asking what their favorite part of tour was. You saved Josh and Tyler for last, “Okay boys, it’s your turn. What was your favorite part of tour?” Josh looked at the camera, “My favorite part of tour was not having to shower everyday. Saved me a lot of time,” He joked, letting his smile take over his face and squinting his eyes, “No, my favorite part was playing drums every night and seeing all our fans come out to support us.” Tyler looked from Josh then to the camera, “That was a good answer Josh. I knew that it smelt a bit funky in the tour bus. Thanks for that.” He smiled then laughed, “My favorite part of tour was having y/n with us and carrying her dumb camera around. Even though I thought it was weird at first I am glad to have all the memories.” He smiled at you, “And I also enjoyed seeing all our fans beautiful faces and singing along to our songs.” Tyler nodded. Josh looked at him then back at the camera, “Peace out for now.”


These nuggets… To start off I found therealalexbertie first. I was questioning even breathing everyday so I guess in a way he saved me. He also pushed me to start art when he had no idea I existed. Then comes along ishipthat into Alex’s life. I’m really glad Alex introduced us to him because he is an amazing person. I can’t imagine going out with someone at least a thousand people fan over. They are so adorable together and honestly they’re my OTP. After watching Alex struggle from even just what he showed us without his personal life it is so amazing to see him so happy with someone without having to worry about his fanbase not liking Jake. Lets be honest if you don’t like Jake I’m just going to assume you don’t like adorable things. They’re my heroes. They are why I do what I do on a day to day basis. They are the type of people everyone needs in their life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they make mistakes all the time but its okay to be human. Just to see what they post when they have to go a few days without seeing each other melts my heart.  Did I mention they are totally adorable nerds? Yup… bye!

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You are so, undeniably brainwashed. Do you understand what you're basing your faith of off? Nothing. Nothing but what's been shoved down your throat likely since you were a child. If you born in say, India, for example. You would be a Hindu or Sikh. Afghanistan, a Muslim, most likely. Think for yourself, my friend. Yeah, you go ahead and pray for me, I'll think for you.

God is so real in every single moment. I do think for myself. And what is real is that God saves me everyday from all i do. And he can save you too. I am really wishing the best for you. I honestly have the best intentions to be a decent human being. No judgement or hate. Much love to you regardless of your opinions about God. I hope that one day you find God, He’s looking for you!